If You Wrong Us, Do We Not Revenge?
(a/k/a Spike, the Patriot)

by John Cope

"There's another one Giles."

Buffy was reading the LA Times as she had done ever since it had started, seeing if there had been any more mysterious deaths amongst the populace and employees of Hollywood. "Another of the writers has been found with his throat cut."

"Cut as in ripped open with fangs we can assume." Giles came out of his kitchen shaking his head. "I'd hoped we'd seen the last of it after the director but it looks like he intends to kill everyone involved in it."

"Why couldn't he have spared Matthew and Jon?" Anya still grief stricken over the stars deaths felt the tears starting again and Xander's comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure they didn't know they'd caused offence."

The cast and crew of U-571 were dying and had been doing so for over a month. All of them were found with throat traumas and all of them Angel had eventually discovered from a reluctant Kate had a small printed card about their bodies inscribed with the words. 'Get the bleedin' facts straight!'

Everybody knew who was behind it, ever since the chip had stopped working Spike had gone back to his old ways but with a purpose.

A deadly one.

Of course his first action had been to try to kill Buffy. A mission in which he'd been somewhat hindered by the fact that having used his sudden freedom to hurt to get the drop on her and stun her with a punch he'd been rather more interested in kissing her than biting her.

Buffy had waited her chance. (Ten minutes heavy petting had more then lulled the vampire into a false sense of security though possibly twenty, sex a movie and more sex might have been safer). Then she'd pummeled him but as usual hadn't had the heart to do the stake thing. "Get it into your head Spike this town isn't healthy for you, go find Dru or go find Harmony but if I see you here again....."

The way she flourished Mr Pointy had been enough to convince him that despite her heavy breathing and the heat of the passion coursing through her she had a deadly intent. With a sneer on his bruised face he had backed away, the demolished leaving Sunnydale sign that the Scooby gang had discovered the next morning told it's own story. The vampire had indeed left town.

And that had been though to be that, case closed Spike gone. No one had believed that he wouldn't be back but certainly they'd expected that he'd leave the country, maybe find Harmony and take her to Paris. Or go back to Brazil to try once again to regain Dru's affections.

Then the killings had started.

It had been Angel who had identified the culprit. Even though a metropolis in vampiric terms LA was still a small town and the name of the culprit hadn't been hard to discover. Spike's actions were hardly making him popular in the vampiric community either since the targeting of celebrities was deemed to be too liable to cause an uproar and strongly discouraged.

But despite the word being firmly on the street Spike had proven elusive to the gangs increasing distress. "Why can't Angel find the guy?" Xander asked for the third time since the morning meeting had begun. "He found him fast enough last time."

"I think that was primarily because Spike wanted to be found." Giles answered patiently. "For all that he look's like Billy Idol and should stand out in any crowd Spike is Wesley informs me proving an extremely elusive vampire this time round."

"Giles if only...." Willow began only to be silenced by the hurt look on Giles face, he thought that they blamed him. And unfortunately he was right.

It all stemmed from Rupert Giles being overheard by Spike complaining about the historical inaccuracy that was U-571. That Hollywood had had the cheek to make a film showing the USN capturing the Enigma coding device in 1942 when in historical fact the Royal Navy had done it in 1941 before America had even entered the war. A debate had almost raged between the former faculty member and his completely uninterested former students and the subject had been dropped due to complete lack of interest within three minutes.

Or at least that was what everyone had though at the time later though the attempted lecture was remembered and Giles received some rather black looks.

Giles contended that it wasn't his fault that Spike had been sat quietly in a sun free corner of the house. The nice as pie, please don't stake me for helping Adam Spike, he who had kept a low and useful profile in the days following the massacre in the Initiative's secret HQ so nobody really noticed how much attention he paid to the conversation. Or the look on his face.

Buffy had been patrolling with Riley two nights later and thus not concentrating 100% on the job when they'd bumped into Spike as he left the Sun Cinema, he had looked angry and barged past the two of them without a word. A cry of. "Rude much," hadn't evoked any response either.

A week later Spike was gone the Initiatives central computer system had been closed down Riley came to the conclusion that any chips planted had ceased to function.

Spike was once again free.

"Well we'll just have to pray that he's gotten bored with it." Giles sat heavily amongst his depressed looking friends. "After all there are surely very few people left alive who have a connection to the film."

"Have you checked out the closing titles for a movie recently Giles." Willow couldn't keep a note of horror out of her voice. "They can go on for ten minutes or so, if he really starts on the crew......"

"If he does then I'm just going to have to go and help Angel look for him and if Riley doesn't like then he'll just have to lump it." Buffy had though all along that two vampire hunters were better than one but her boyfriend hadn't been enthusiastic about letting her go and Angel didn't sound to keen on the phone on having temptation around town. Well the boys would just have to make do. "If he carrys on killing he's going to have a Slayer to deal with."


Spike came out of the cinema shaking his head surrounded by a happy throng of thrill seekers discussing the 'Historical Drama' they had just seen.

*Historical drama my arse.*

Hastening away pausing only to spit in the gutter and light a cigarette in contravention of various by laws Spike reflected on what he'd seen and let his anger rise.

"Crowdin' women and kids into a church and settin' light to it!"

"Shootin' kids in the back!"

"Actin' like fuckin' demons!"


"What they did when they was fightin' Indians is one thing but accusin' our army of doin' stuff they never did, well that's a bit rich. Made 'em look like the Waffen fuckin' SS. And after all the 'elp we've give em recently too the ungrateful' bleeders."

Brooding darkly Spike extracted a small box from his dusters pocket and opening it took out a handful of small embossed cards. "Pubs used to be full of old blokes who'd fought in that war when I was a nipper, wonder what they'd think if they saw that crap. I fink a certain Aussie is gonna 'ave to be taught that Pommie bashin' isn't nice."

Grim faced Spike set off for his car. His work of revenge for U-571 was finished now he had a new list to work his way through.

"The Patriot! I'll show the buggers a patriot." He grinned evilly. "And if I keep going Peaches'll be the first vampire to cop it from a coronary, chasin' me round like a blue arsed fly."

Being a movie critic was fun, Spike couldn't wait to do some more reviewing.....Of the cast's throats. "Fun to be had in Tinseltown tonight alright."

And with that the darkness beckoned and Spike was gone.

The End