Sex, Violence and Karaoke

by John Cope

Part Three

"Hi Dad." Buffy gave her Dad a dutiful kiss and hug as he met her on the drive. As usual, he gave the vehicle a questioning look, wondering how she could afford it even on two generous allowances. "Nice to see you."

"Hi honey, it's been too long. How was your trip?" He missed her, and he felt once again the guilt he felt over how little he saw of her. And the guilt at how little time his work left him to spend with her. *I thought it was for the best, I thought it was to provide for her, but now I have a daughter who I hardly know.*

"Good, weather was nice duh it being California, and we relaxed on route." She turned towards her friends. "Dad you've met Will before and this is Tara."

"Hi Willow, hi Tara I'm very pleased to meet you." They looked kinda flower powery to Hank and were nothing like Buffy's old friends from Hemery. And on very brief reflection that was definitely no bad thing. "We'll we best get your luggage in, dinners on the go even as I speak."

With Buffy hauling that didn't take long. Certainly she tried the 'daughter letting Daddy carry her things in' routine but he took so long about it that her patience snapped and her Slayer strength came to the fore. *Screw ladylike, I'm hungry."

Her bedroom in her new house in Sunnydale was medium sized. Her bedroom in her Mom's house was slightly bigger, her bedroom in LA was palatial in comparison. Her regrets about her parents divorce were numerous but the loss of that precious space and en suite facilities, though low on her list, still featured. *But then again if they hadn't I would still have been a Slayer, but a Slayer on her own and probably dead along time ago. Or gone like Faith.*

Currently though the room wasn't that big, her dad having moved her old double slightly to make room for a single as well. "Err, Tara do you want to take the single and Will and I will share the double?"

An unnoticed look passed between the two Wiccans. "Well Buff you might have to do some Slaying and some sneaking in late, might be best if you have the single." Willow noted the look on Tara's face and pictured the possible future embarrassment but... "We'll be ok."

"Makes sense." Rapidly she raided a suitcase for clothing and started to undress, unaware of the hasty departure of her friends for the bathroom. "We're just gonna freshen up," was Willow's only delivered excuse.

"Okay I'll use the main bathroom." With three girls in the house it was a good thing they had two. Slipping a robe on and carefully carrying her folded clean clothes under her arm, she left the room. As a result her sensitive Slayer hearing did not detect the following:

"Why were you looking at her like that?"

Tara blushed at the implication. "I was not looking at her like anything, what do you mean, 'like that?'"

"Well, she's Buff." Willow took her turn to blush. "You might like her more....?"

Tara's lips silenced Willow's. The kiss was light, the tongue not passing 'The Wedding Singers' definition of 'Church Tongue,' but it was still there. After the kiss broke Tara whispered, "Willow Rosenberg, are you jealous?"

"Absolutely not!" Now there was a concept. "It's just Buffy's straight, not that I'm not straight, but Buffy's definitely straight and she's our friend and we shouldn't be thinking about her like that."

"I don't," Tara replied in all seriousness. "I only think about you......" She paused blushing deeper before continuing lightheartedly, "Honest Willow, Buffy's virtue is safe with me."

Then she blushed even deeper than she had before realizing how bold her last statement sounded.

Being friends with Willow had really changed her, she had become less shy and had gained in confidence in what she could do, could become. But for all that, she still was hesitant around her new friend. Still unsure if she should call what she felt for her fellow Wiccan love, she turned away and opened the shower cubicle. "Do you want to use it first or shall I?"

"You go first." Willow wanted some time to think about the kiss and about what Buffy's reaction might be if she'd seen it. *And about how good it felt.*

*********************************************************************** ********************

Later, as they sat round the dinner table making Hank feel decidedly outnumbered and old, he got to have a closer look at his daughter. She was thinner and looked tired, probably the stress of hard work at College he supposed, and she seemed to have eaten her share of the food. *I'll have to make sure she spends her time relaxing. And maybe see if I can add a pound or five.*

"So what are you girls planning on doing?" He smiled at them encouragingly. "I here rumours that there are mall's and beaches and night clubs in the city someplace, do you think you'll be able to find them after all these years Buffy?"

"I think I can." She smiled, though a corner of her mind was desperate to point that if she had forgotten it was his fault. "Shop, sightsee for the girls here, shop, beach. Catch up with old Sunnydale friends, shop, beach and nightlife. I have a full two week programme planned out. Then I'll spend quality time with you and catch up with my Hemery connections in the last two weeks."

"Sounds like you've planned it all well." Hank had even more guilt over the relief he felt, he'd be able to get the quarterlies finished on schedule if he'd stuck to that plan. "Pity your boyfriend couldn't have come up for part of that second fortnight."

"He has this real busy time round now," Buffy lied. "His club has to be covered whilst his staff take their vacation time."


"The Bronze, it's the main nightclub in Sunnydale."

"Aimed at teens and early twenties." Willow recognized the expression on Hank's face from her conversations with Ira about bands. "Strictly no alcohol without ID and no fighting ever, it's a really cool place."

"Which Angel owns," Buffy emphasized. "Lock, stock and barrel."

"And your dating him Buffy?" There was a but in Hanks voice. "He must be.....?"

"A lot older," Willow began before Buffy could even speak. "He inherited a lot of old money from his folks, he owns the Bronze and a big mansion and some real estate."

"He's twenty four and he loves me." Buffy regained control and trimmed two years off Angel's age at turning. "I know it's five years, but I'm nineteen Dad. I think I'm old enough to know my own mind."

"And Angel's real nice," Tara said, blushing and half-expecting a kick under the table. Instead she got a half-smile

"That's good then, I'm glad you girls both approve of my daughter's choice." Joyce had not been all that forthcoming with information, making him feel that she did not approve of the man his daughter loved. "So when do you intend to introduce him to your old man?"

"Well winter seemed like the best time." Buffy was getting to the difficult part the part she'd planned out with Willow in advance. "There are reason's why summers are not good."

"Summers not good?"

"He has sun allergies."

"Allergies to the sun?" Hank looked back at her curiously. "What is he, a vampire?"

To say that Buffy's jaw dropped would be an understatement. Had it not been for convenient skin and tendons it would have hit her plate and skittered across the floor. There was a two second silence before Willow quickly stepped in.

"No Mr Summers, vampires don't actually exist." Her fingers were crossed real hard. "What Angel has is a type which isn't one of the worse sun allergies but pretty bad. He doesn't burst into flames or explode into dust like vampires are supposed to, but he does get a really nasty rash. And other stuff I can't discuss straight after dinner."

"Willow's possibly heading towards pre-med, or computers, or being a psychotherapist, or a computer genius, or a teacher," Buffy explained to get off topic. "She has a real stringy bow."

"It's a real difficult choice." Willow was moving back towards teaching, the difficulty was what subject. Computing, or maybe running courses on Wiccanism, or both, but then again there was doing the computer programming thing first for a few years and thus earning enough to be able to pick and choose. "I'm going to think about it over the summer."

"I want to teach school, elementary," Tara declared hesitantly. "Kids that age are so sweet, don't you think?"

*Oh crap!* mentally declared the girl who knew who was going to be asked what question next. *Ohhh!*

"Say honey, have you decided what you're going to do once you graduate?"

*Shit I just knew it.* Buffy had a career path alright. Guard the hellmouth till she died or it sealed up. That was a possibility Giles assured her, it could close and the evil emanating from it cease. The other gates of hell were locked tight, maybe she'd get lucky. Oh what was it that dumb test at High School had predicted for her? "Law enforcement?"

"What?" Hank looked very surprised. "As in legal as in prosecutor, or as in my little girl the cop?"

"As in your not so little anymore daughter the cop." Conscious that they had guests in her quasi home, Buffy resisted the urge to ask Hank where he got off dismissing her abilities so readily. "And it's just an idea."

"Oh don't say that Buff," Willow teased. "Xander can't wait to see you in the hat."

"Well I may wind up wearing one or I may not." Buffy shrugged as she silently considered dying young or living off Angel's money and the loot. *Actually I don't think I'm still allowed to do that, new century, ewww.*

"You've got the summer to think about it honey." Hank didn't make any effort to point out she could follow in her father's footsteps. She'd experienced the results of his high pressure job firsthand enough already. "And there's always your Mom's gallery."

*Oh great so the only way I can get a job is if my Mom.....Wait a second!* Buffy suddenly saw her Hellmouth guarding days secured. *Idea!*

"Do you want me to wash up?" Subject closed. Buffy started gathering used plates and cutlery. Tara was quicker off the mark than Willow with a "Let me help."

*Rats!* Willow contemplated whether three people could all get away with using the same excuse to avoid a conversation that was growing increasingly difficult. And how do you relaunch same, the silence was awkward. Willow needed an opening gambit. *Aha!*

"So Mr Summers, how was your day?"

*********************************************************************** ****************

They had washed up, they had talked and watched some TV. Buffy had managed to steer her father clear of Angel, her future, her friends in LA who were vampires, and slaying in general. This hadn't left that much in her life to talk about which was another good reason to have brought Willow along since she succeeded in filling in some blanks.

Buffy stole away a little after sunset and made a quick call back to a certain vampire of her acquaintance in Sunnydale "Just to see how he's getting on without me."

They'd gone to their room early anyway. All three had unpacking and transferred their clothes to closets, that had taken awhile as closet space was at a premium. A compromise was eventually reached with less essential garments going into the spare room and the three girls took it in turn to use the bathrooms.

*Do I snore?* Buffy was snug in the single bed. She'd gotten used to one in her much envied and commented on off campus house. *Not that that's more than five nights a week, rest of the time I'm at Angel's. And the cool thing about vampires is you're never gonna have snoring issues ever.....Cool thing, hey that's quite funny.*

And with that Buffy forgot about her father, her friends and her troubles and drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep.

Tara and Willow on the other hand lay awake, pretending to Buffy and each other that they were asleep. Neither however was.

*I'm in bed with her!* Willow had to admit that she'd thought about it. Considered how it might be in comparison to being in bed with Oz and come back with "Too weird."

But so far it was no different that sharing a bed with Buffy those times that hiding had been necessary. There had been no snuggling, no attempts at sneaky maneuvers with hands under the sheets. Willow was vaguely disappointed.

*I'm in bed with her!* Tara had thought that it would never happen, but it was impossible for her to do anything about it. *She freaks, Buffy hears and I get branded as skanky. Or we find that time as a vampiress gave the Slayer a far more open mind than Willow's given her credit for. Which could be more fun than I'd like?*

*Perhaps we should just stick to the magic, perhaps I should use magic to net her a stud. Perhaps if I just ease a little closer.*

Willow was drowsy and acted naturally, her body fitted down the side of Tara's, as her friends hand rested gently on her side. And snuggled, the two Wiccans drifted off to sleep.

*********************************************************************** ***********************************

"Oh hey it's you." Cordelia was trying her best to sound enthusiastic and failing dismally. She ignored Willow save for a look of pity at her clothing. "Now can we be clear here, you are human right?"

"No Cordie I'm a leprechaun." Buffy held her wrist out over the desk. "Here want to feel?"

"Feel what?" Cordelia had a look of horror on her face, she'd heard stuff about vampiresses and it might have caught. "I'll pass if it's all the same."

"My pulse." Buffy took her wrist back and decided to ignore the annoying ex-cheerleader. "Spike in?"

"No he's had to make a trip through LA's lovely sewer system to see Mr Gelfman. He'll be back in an hour or so. Browne's downstairs if you want to see him. Wesley's in the back room, Willow you go near him and I'll kill you."

"Darn that's my morning's seduction plans ruined." Since Cordelia wasn't going to ask, Willow decided to go ahead and make the introductions. "Tara this is Cordelia, Cordelia this is our friend Tara."

"Hi." It was a brief word but it meant volumes. Like. 'Dressed like that it's no surprise you're her friend.' Or 'If you had a boyfriend, and please denote my sarcasm, do you realize you're friends with a man stealer!?'

"Hullo I've heard so much about you." Tara wondered what sadness in Cordelia's life could have aged her so. From her perspective, the girl looked at least three or four years older than her former schoolmates. "I gotta say you...."

"We'll go talk to Wes whilst Cordelia answers the phone." Willow didn't exactly drag her friend away but the intent was there. "We've taken up enough of her valuable time."

"And while you do that, I'll go talk to Browne." Buffy looked round. "How do I get to the basement?"

*********************************************************************** *******************************

The location of the lift having been established, Buffy was quickly down into a comfortable looking vampire dwelling place. There was a kitchen, a couple of bedrooms and a lounge visible from where she stood. But what drew her attention was a large dark-wooded closet and what was in it.

Tulwars, short swords, axes, flails, maces, crossbows, throwing knives and stars, all basic Slayer stuff. M-16's and other firearms however weren't. Nor normally was the rocket launcher that she recognized from her Judge destruction. *Yep, James Cahill Browne definitely lives here.*

"Ullo Bahadur, 'ow are you?" he asked suddenly from almost behind her.

"Jeeze." She wheeled and stared at what he was carrying. "Where did you get that from and what the hell is it?"

"M-60." Browne replied matter of factly. "An' I bought it."

"Not even in America is that possible...," she began then paused for a second, ", don't tell me there's a way you bought that big bastard legally?"

"Well now I didn't say nothin' 'bout legal." There was the look, plain as day. "Alright before you tell me to spill, I'll spill. I met a civilian security guard on a California National Guard weapons depot. For a not unconsiderable fee 'im and 'is mates gave me a half an hour alone in their h'establishment. With a station wagon to fill."

"And you do what with these?" Actually she'd read the paper. "Do you seriously slay vampires with that?"

"Occasionally." He hefted the gun and put it back in the arms cupboard before closing and locking the door. "Though you 'as to be real careful not to fire it towards populated areas."

"And how do you fund the arsenal of democracy?" She gave him a harder look. "With Gelfman's money?"

"Well." Browne smiled benignly. "There's this little airfield out by Midland in the Mc Coy Mountains in South Eastern California to which the Mexican cartels fly their coke."

"What?" Her horror was plain but Browne held up a hand.

"We got the tip via Doyle, the shipment flew in at night. We scragged the perimeter guards and hit the strip, guns blazing as the plane landed."

"You paid for this lot with drugs?"

"No we paid for it with the large quantity of laundered used notes the customers for the product had at the strip, three briefcases full." He smirked as he recalled Spike's face on seeing that much gelt. "We burned the drugs still on the plane along with..."

"Not needing to know that part." Buffy had gone pale. Browne was a mass murderer and she condoned him. *Does that make me bad?*

"Your slaying's still too noisy, though." Buffy still had a problem with wanting to be cross with Browne, his doing heroic stuff left her feeling difficult over telling him off. "But good, LA Times's front page is liable to give Giles an aneurism as it is counterbalanced by, hey, real bad vamps."

"Giles." Browne shook his head. "Why can't 'e grasp the fact that we don't 'ave to be what 'e wants us to be? We're demons, we're violent. A'int that so luv?"

"Not anymore." Buffy went over to the kitchen table and picked up one of the captured Initiative demon detectors and turned it on. "See just one Browne sized beep and an echo of Spike in here, at least that's what it must be."

"Faint tracings crops up everywhere." Browne noted an edge in her voice. "There any reason why they worry you Buffy?"

"No, not really." She put the gizmo down though and looked around, her eyes falling on a framed photograph on a side table. A photograph of a woman. "Who's that?"

*Now that's an edge, I wish to god I could put a sharp that fine on a blade. Oh she still has a yen for our Billy.* Browne smiled as Buffy picked up the photo. "That's Jeannie."

Jet black hair cut in a page boy. Brown eyes that seemed to sparkle even from a photograph. Mid twenties, gorgeous, dressed like a movie star. "What's a picture of her doing here?"

"She's my girl." He left unspoken, *And thus not Spike's.*


"There's no need to shout." Browne sounded hurt by the shock. "She's an actress, she has a show over here in which she plays English doctor working in an LA 'ospital. I met her during slayage, some h'occurances h'occured you know about. some h'occurances you don't know about 'h'occred also. H'and as a result time later....."

"She got to liking you, and you got..." Buffy decided to omit the last word at the look on his face. "So, we thinking permanent deal here?"

"She's got some bloke back home, chinless wonder, public school, probably a shirt lifter." Browne dismissed his competition with full on contempt. "But when she's in LA...."

"You're her," Buffy searched for a term and remembered an old lyric, "downtown man. Her back street guy?"

Browne actually blushed. "Bahadur, what Jeannie and I..., ohhh I see, Billy Joel." *Quick change the subject.* "Errrr is Willow and this Tara bird upstairs?"

*So she takes vampires up the ass?* Buffy smiled sweetly trying not to give away the fact she'd spotted the misunderstanding on the vampire's part. *What's to be embarrassed over?*

"Yep, do you want to go meet them?"

"Yes luv." Browne looked at his watch. "Spike should be emerging from the sewers any minute, you wait 'ere Buffy and I'll go talk to Red and her fellow Wiccan."

Buffy was about to protest when the creaking of metal showed that Spike was early. She straightened her hair and blushed faintly, making herself look even more human.

"Mate, that was a hell of an earner." Spike shouted exuberantly. "Gelfman's voted the team a 20% salary bonus."

His eyes widened with shock as he saw her. His throat dried and, despite his nature, he was unable to resist the urge to take a deep breath. "Buffy."

"Hi Spike." Buffy couldn't believe how flustered she sounded. "How are you?"

"To quote a crap film's title 'Dead and Loving it'." He smirked as only he could. "And yourself Slayer? Oh and the poof?"

"The Poof......Angel is as per the film title." She paused for thought. "Ok I'm lying slightly, but he's as happy as Angel can be. And I'm okay aside from stuff I need to talk about."

*Ah yes the slap.* Spike looked significantly at his partner in vigilantism. "Have you got some paperwork to get on with mate?"

"I was just leavin' to talk to Willow an' 'er chum." Browne grinned at the couple as he left. "Be good, but if you can't be good, be careful."

"Piss off." Spike spoke good naturedly enough, but Browne hastened to obey for once. He had no desire to get caught in the middle.

Silence fell at once.

"We need to talk." Buffy began since he made no move to address her. "I have something I need to ask you."

"If it's to forgive you, by all means." Spike grinned evilly. "I have just the cellar cross town, you meet me there tomorrow..."

"Naked except for a collar wasn't it?" Buffy shook her head. "I'm Buffy not Faith, I don't do S&M.... Least not if I'm the M. And that's not what I need to ask you."

"Alright what's so all fired important?" Spike was pouting heavily by now. "What do you need to ask me that you can't ask Giles or the ponce?"

Buffy went and got the demon detector and brought it over to him. "Turn that on and tell me something."

He took in gingerly. "Tell you what? That I'm a vampire. Baby you know that."

"Turn it on and tell me......." Her voice was emphatic. "How many demons there are in this room."

The machine clicked into life and Spike looked at it. Then looked at it again. "Oh shit!"

Part Four

*Wow don't they look snug.* Buffy was up and about to go get ready before her roommates had even awoken. They were snuggled up in the bed, their arms obviously having crept around each other in the night. *I better not disturb them.*

She had a busy day planned, she reflected as she showered. First, take the girls to the cities largest, coolest mall with a couple of grand each that Browne had given them. Then leave them there to go have an in depth with Spike about her difficulty. *And I guess I'll have to do something to make amends to that boy.*

She was meeting him in his cellar. The purpose of the meeting was discussion of her problem, it was not supposed to be anything to do with sex but, as she now ran her hands over her nude body, she couldn't help but think, *Never say never, I am really going to have to concentrate on being good.*

She got out of the shower and began to dry herself. *But the problem is my reason for going to see him, that's what I've got to remember.*

*********************************************************************** **********

"Buffy are you ok?" Willow asked, her friend wasn't saying much this morning. Okay concentrating on driving but still quiet. "You look tired, is something worrying you?"

"No more than usual." Willow and Tara were also acting kinda quiet today, Buffy noted. She hoped it wasn't her fault. "You guys looking forward to your shopping?"

"Yes. But it would be better if you were coming with." Willow had a desperate desire for an outfit to make the boys go non-verbal. And Buffy was just the girl to help her pick it. *I think I might need it fast too.*

"We can go again later in the week, spend our own money as we're spending a vampire's today." A curious thought crossed her mind. *Wouldn't it have been great if I'd been wearing a garter and a shortish skirt, I could have rolled said over garmet up a little and secured said roll of cash under the garter when Browne handed it to me.*

Her face twisted a little. *But not in a stripper way. Ohhhh is Browne becoming our sugar Daddy?*

"I'm going to spend a little of mine on presents." Willow smiled. "Seems wrong to use what Browne's given us to buy gifts for friends and family."

"Small personal stuff anyway." Tara nodded. "But something really fancy for my Aunt might be nice."

"True." Willow went on excitedly. "Oh and guess what I'm getting Giles?"

"What?" The other two girls asked together.

"A new mug." She grinned. "I'm going to replace his librarian mug."

"With a what?" Buffy knew the one she meant. She used to use it for her blood if she felt hungry at Giles. Which suggested he didn't like it.

"Kiss the Nice Ex-Librarian."

"Snappy. I like it." That was a lie. "Kiss the Nice Book Store Owner would need too big of a mug."

"He'll like it, I'm going to get him some other stuff to though with the loot." Willow had looked a little puzzled by the wad of twenties she had been passed. "Strange how they keep finding vampires with big money despite all those guys they've already slain in LA."

"Isn't it?" Buffy had of course never mentioned the organized crime outage. "Guess in a city this size.......And sometimes they travel."

"Oh that might explain what Tara's picked up on the net." Willow smiled at her fellow witch glad of a chance to bring her into the conversation. "Tell Buffy what you read."

"Oh it was just on one of those vampires really exist sites that Giles hates." Tara almost felt as if she could feel the frown she knew was on the Slayer's face. Buffy was sick of being referred to as a six foot amazon, shortish people were just as tough as tall ones. "Someone's slaying a lot of vampires in San Diego."

"Could be the guys." Buffy shrugged. They were entering the mall lot, a time for concentration in her book. "I'll ask Spike later."

*********************************************************************** *****************************************

The address turned out to be a lot nicer than she thought it would be. *Oh well I guess even plush places like this have cellars.*

She nervously adjusted her hair. She was wearing black jeans and a white tee, low heels completed the ensemble. Nothing sexually provocative, she was here to talk. Unless things got out of hand.

The key fit, she was at the right house. Going into the hall she saw a piece of white paper pinned to the wall. On it was an arrow and one word. 'Cellar'.

Following the crude directions Buffy came to another door on which was pinned another sheet of paper. 'Guess where this leads?'

"Oh great a comedian." She opened it and walked through. "Spike you in here?"

There was no reply, she snuck down an unlit staircase and was halfway down before he turned the light on and replied, "Hullo kitten, my don't you look sweet."

He was sat on a hard chain in a corner of the room. He was wearing black jeans and a black tee plus the usual boots. He wasn't smiling.

The room was tidy. There were three chairs another like Spike's and a faded red upholstered arm chair. There was a long wall cabinet down one way and a large iron framed bed. The bed had no covers and the single sheet that cover the mattress was black satin.

The curious things, other than the one she was coming to, were the hooks in the wall opposite the bed and the one in the ceiling. From that hung a metal bar on either end of which where chains. Obviously adjustable for height the intent seemed to be to hang a person there on tip toe by the wrists. The dried blood on the floor suggested it had been used recently.

"Wow look at you in the torture chamber. " Buffy gave what almost passed for a smirk. "You been bringing those sad cases from the Palamino here?"

"Some of them enjoy a bit of discipline with their insatiable vamp." He shrugged, unhappy that she had expressed no interest in the room's features other than seemingly to mock him. "And there are others besides."

*Others besides?* She could see by his change of expression that he'd let something slip he didn't mean to. *Get to that later.*

Without being asked, she went and sat on the armchair. She crossed the few feet with a very slight hip sway, conscious that he was running his eyes over her body. Just before she sat down she extracted a carefully wrapped computer disc from her back pocket and tossed it in his lap.

"What's this ducks?" He held it up curiously like it might bite him.

"Spell of restoration."

Spike's eyes widened with horror and he dropped the disc back into his lap as if it had grown fangs. "You've got to be bleedin kiddin' luv. Christ Slayer this is like a loaded gun that you want me too...."

"It's not for you, you blond idiot." She interrupted him. "Can't you guess that it's for me?"

"For you?"

"You get yourself an orb and if you hear I get killed you immediately cast the spell." She looked at him cooly. "And I mean immediately."

"Hold on a second." His mind was awhirl. "You mean you're goin' to leave your demoness in you? Exorcism would seem to be the solution here pet." He held the disc up. "Not this."

"That can be dangerous, for me and for the person performing it." She raised a conspiratorial eyebrow. "And the point is Mr Vampire who wants to die?"

"You......" Spike paused then went on. "You're thinking that if you die, you rise again. I give you your soul and it's back to old times. You're taking a lot on trust arn't you?"

"Because of the fact my demoness has a real old yen for you?" Buffy spoke matter of factly. "And that might tempt you to be naughty and not cast it and be standing at my graveside when I rise?"

"Too true." Spike smiled despite himself. "But you've left Giles a letter to be opened in the event of your death, haven't you?"

"As Willow would put it, darn tootin."

"Bloody hell." The disc felt far heavier than it should be. "It would be nice to have you back, not that I want you to die. Hope you live to be a hundred......Which will make you a bloody old vampire!"

"Angel will wig." She saw the hurt look in his eyes at that. "Oh come on Spike, if I get reborn as the Vampire Queen I promise I'll make him share. That would be fun wouldn't it?"

"Eh...." Spike realized she meant share as in both at once. "Yes, that could 'ave possibilities."

"Fine then, I'm glad I'm having this conversation with you Spike." She gave him that half smile. "Everyone else would have tried to reason with me, or just done the exorcism behind my back."

"That's alright kitten, anytime." Nirvana might be a decade or two away but it was there.

"Gee." Buffy looked at her watch. "Look at the time."

"Oh Buffy you're not....."

Buffy cut off the. "Going already?" Smiling seductively she leaned towards him her eyes locked on his. "I scheduled two hours of arguing time and here you are agreeing with me straight away like this. Now what shall we do?"

"I really couldn't say."

"What say I make the slap up to you?" She toed off her shoes. "How does conventional consensual sex sound to you?"

"Very nice." He pointed to the cupboard. "But who knows how your mind might get broadened."

"We'll look in there later." Slowly she pulled her tee up out of her jeans. "What say you get naked and sit there in the arm chair? Actually no, get naked and give me the key to the cupboard."

She pulled the tee up over her head. A white lace wonderbra full it seemed almost to overflowing came into sight. Spike sat holding the key out. As Buffy leaned deliberately low to retrieve it, he was able to look her full in the breasts.

"Am I going to be pleased, shocked or horrified?" she asked key in hand.

"All three I hope." He started taking off his own shirt and it was half way over his head when he heard a loud:


"Oh there you are luv." He could see the mix of horror and interest on her face. "Like what you see?"

There where whips, bullwhips, riding crops, canes of varying lengths. Collars, handcuffs, dildos and strap ons, some quite enormous. She picked an item out a flat leather covered item like a rectangular ping pong bat. "What's this?"

"A paddle luv."

"Oh, what's it for?"

"Don't play the innocent with me Buffy." He walked over to her jeans half undone his erection already visible, taking the implement off her he slapped it against his palm. "Spankin'!"

Buffy reached behind her and unclasped her bra. "How interesting."

Watching intently as the heavy globes of her breasts came into sight, it was with strangled tones he asked, "So kitten how would six of the best grab you? Three on each cheek."

"It wouldn't, I'm staying at my Dad's, with company. I'm not saying I'm necessarily going to be walking round nude in front of Willow and Tara but if they see......" She looked at him speculatively. "You do mean my cheeks I take it?"

"Yes and you can forget about so much as spankin' mine with your hand if you won't play." As she turned he came up behind her gently nipping her neck with his blunt teeth even as he cupped her breasts tweaking the already erect nipples as he did so. "That good?"

"Oh yes, but get undressed already." Gently she moved his hands. "Go on scat."

Sighing with a soon to be relieved frustration, he proceeded to get naked, a speedy process in his commando like state. Looking back, he saw Buffy wriggling out of her almost too tight jeans by the still open cupboard door. And as her bottom came into view he saw a surprising sight. "Buffy where are your knickers?"

"My panties." She looked back smiling at the obvious effect she was having on him. He stood hard and proud as it were. "Back in the drawer in my dresser at Dad's where they belong."

"You...." He grinned. "I mean to say you were gonna fuck me all along!"

"Uh-huh." She moved along the cupboard till she found what she was looking for. "Complaining?"

"Hell no." His eyes were lit up with curiosity. "What are you looking at pet?"

They were inlaid silver, the inside faces lined with leather to protect the skin. Buffy lifted out the first manacle and fastened it round her right wrist, then did the same with the left. The silver rings attached to them jangled slightly as she got the matching collar and carefully fastened it round her neck, it wasn't too tight a fit fortunately.

Two lengths of rope were tossed onto the bed as she turned and struck a Wonder Woman pose wrists crossed in front of her. "Well?"

"Very nice indeed darlin'." He ran appreciative eyes up and down her body. "Bondage games?"

"Yes please." She walked cat like towards him and bent to kiss him. His fingers ran from her thighs up around her flanks and over her stomach to caress her breasts once more.

"Sit back and enjoy my love." Bending further, her hands dropped to his knees and forced them apart as she sat on her heels before him. Her mouth went straight to its target, her tongue extended to lick his glans. Then, cupping his balls with one hand whilst gently easing back his foreskin with the other, she began to whirl her tongue around delighting in the taste of the pre-come that oozed from it.

Spike was being teased and not finding it unpleasent but for all that he wanted the feeling of her hot mouth engulfing him. He put his hand on the back of her head to guide her only to be met with an angry glance up. "Hands on my shoulders or the chair arms Mr, girls don't like that!"

"Sorry." The line of spit that ran from her lip to the tip of his cock almost made him cum in her face. He gritted his teeth as she took the hint and engulfed him.

He tasted good after all this time. Vampires generally did. *Ok.* She thought. *I've only blown two but it's the principle that counts. I guess it's the not urinating or eating spicy foods.*

She was getting turned on as hell, her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair was damp with anticipation. She speeded up knowing that he couldn't last long.

Mentally running down a list of the FA Cup winning sides for the past fifty years Spike tried to hold on. Hot mouth was so sensational for a vampire and between them, Angel and he had made Buffy an expert at fellatio. "Oh baby I love you soooo!"

As his balls emptied Buffy swallowed as fast as she could. When the effusions had ceased she looked up again smiling sweetly. "Yummy, might have to do that again later."

Bending forward he kissed her deeply, the taste of himself in her mouth not bothering him in the least. Their tongues wrestled for supremacy but eventually she let him win sucking his tongue lick she'd just sucked his cock as his hands ran over her body. Her fingers meanwhile stroked him rapidly back to full hardness.

She broke free a flush of anticipation visible on her face. "Tie me up then."

"In front or underneath?" He asked matter of factly getting up and taking the ropes off the bed.

"On my knees." She hopped onto the bed and walked on said knees to the far end. It was a simple matter for Spike to thread the ropes through the rings on the manacles and secure her hands not to far apart to the iron frame bedstead.

"Can I interest you in a blindfold?" he asked, running his hands up her thighs the heady scent of her arousal filling his nostrils. "Or a ball gag or a bit?"

"If I'm blindfolded I can't see your nice wall." She looked back at him with a wicked glint in her eye. "And if I'm gagged I can't shout out.'Oh baby you're so fine!'."

"True," he placed the palms of his hands on her buttocks and pressed them apart. "Tied up like this...."

"You could spank me." Buffy smiled and raised an eyebrow. "And with my strength how many seconds would it take me to.....ohhhh."

His tongue ran from her anus down to her outer lips. His fingers seeking her clit and finding it already erect. She was very ready. He began to lap, wanting to make her orgasm even before he penetrated her.

"I don't need the pre-show Spike." Buffy begged. "Please fuck me now."

"Impatient hussy. Still do as the lady pleases." He parted her lips with his fingertips and easily slid inside her passage was so damp and ready for him.

Buffy felt his hands grasp her hips as he began to slowly pump back and to. She gasped with pleasure her mind a whirl. *Helpless prisoner, oh this is so not me, hence the fun.*

She came quickly, faster than he, the anticipation had been filling her for days that this event was going to occur. She had to admit to herself finally that having sex with Spike had been a pre-planned highlight. She sagged against the ropes gasping, "Oh yes!"

"Well." Spike began to say in time with his thrusts. "I... think... that... I... can... safely... say... that... you... are.... one... one... well... and... truly... forgiven..."

The grip her muscles began to take on him once she recovered drove him over the edge as he shouted out one word. "SLAYER!"

The End.