by John Cope


Vampire Willow: “Wanna be bad?”





The two Willows strolled along the sidewalk on their way to the club. Both girls had their party going outfits covered by coats but any close observer would have seen that the senior vampiress had her beautiful childe on a leash, held very loosely and casually but there all the same.


Not that that many people paid close enough attention to see that detail. Oh yes they looked the cute red haired ‘twins’ up and down but such sights weren’t that unusual in this party part of town.


The Lady Red, as the alternate dimensions Willow preferred to call herself to avoid confusion, attempted to suppress a pout at the greater share of the looks she could tell her child was getting. She knew why as well, it was all the fault of the outfit she had picked out for her.


Under her coat she was wearing boots, tight leather pants and in a concession to where they were going a leather bra in place of her usual corset top. You couldn’t see any of this dimensions Willow’s mini dress even below the short tails of her coat, but what you could see was a pair of very pretty legs and very sexy laced up high heeled red PVC boots that came up to just below the knee. “Do you think I should stop wearing pants all the time.


“But Mistress you never wear pants....” Willow had noticed the pouting and being so attuned to her Sire had guessed why, so she had thrown in the Mistress deliberately, knowing how being addressed like that turned Red on. “Oh you mean your trousers. Well isn’t that how you’ve always dressed since you were turned?”


“Yes, as a tribute to the master.” She shrugged though. “But why do I carry on with it, I’m my own independent undead person now, I’m unliving free in America, why shouldn’t I show off my legs just like you are my sweet girl.”


“None that I can think of.” Willow started to run daring outfits she’d really like to see her Sire in through her mind, she had never been makeover gal in life but in undeath....”Oh Mistress we must go shopping, get you some really pretty things. How about we start off with a black dress like my red one and boots like these, then we really would look like twin sisters and nobody would be able to resist us.”


“Nobody can for long anyway.” The Lady murmured, inwardly the though hit her again, why am I still standing in the Masters shadow, I’m free here in this world, I’m in love, I have my own clan almost. Well four vampires since that fool Percy made that cute blond girl his childe, the one I fucked so hard last night between torturing him and doing my Willow. Why don’t I dress different and party more. “Yes, lets go shopping next time we get a chance, I’m bored always dressing the same.”


They came to a gap between buildings, a straight alleyway opened off the main thoroughfare. “Its down there I think.”


“It looks dark down there Mistress and it looks so very very unsafe.” Willow leaned in close whispering in the lady’s ear. “There might be muggers or worse.”


“We can but hope. I could do with a snack.” They weren’t exactly superheroes but guys who tried to rob or force themselves on girls out in really stupid places after dark were certainly on their list of targets, though of course if a mugger wasn’t handy but a girl in a really stupid place was the dinner gong still sounded. “Have to say I’m not too impressed by the location, this place is probably going to be boring.”


“Well we’ve walked round here now Mistre....” Suddenly Willow was pulled down the alleyway as the Lady yanked her along on the leash. Then she was pulled in behind a dumpster. “Mistress is everything ok?”


“Oh Willow baby do you know how much you calling mistress turns me on.” The Lady pressed her mouth against Willows sharing with her a long penetrating kiss. “But please stop for now honey cause I have juice running down the legs of my pants and its going to chaff.”


“Oh is Mommy uncomfortable.” Willow leaned in and traced the tip of her tongue down the side of her demonic twins neck. “Would my lover like me to get down in there and lick her clean.


“Stop it,” The lady begged despite herself. “Please can’t you wait till we’re some place I can be naked. Don’t you have any problems like this yourself!?”


“In this outfit, no.” Willow pulled the tails of her coat up at the front showing the hem of her dress that covered only the top half inch of her thighs. “Any gal juice your turning on of me causes just drips down onto the sidewalk or runs down my thighs and dries in the air. And why can’t you get naked here, if anyone walks up on us they can watch, if they try to do anything else we don’t dig they can die. I don’t have to kneel in the dirt I can just squat back on my heels, you drop your pants and away I go....Front or back, whatever!”


“Well ok I guess......” Being a demon and having no inhibitions could be such fun, the lady started to unbutton her coat even as her child dropped down opening her legs so prettily as she sat back as promised on her heels. Then somebody/thing kicked a trash can further down the street. “.....Oh damn it what was that.”


“Big rat?” Willow could see very little from her position. Pouting a little at potential fun spoilage she closed her legs and stood up. “Big cat chasing a big rat.”


“I’ll be a monkeys sire if it is.” The ‘twins’ shifted round behind the dumpster, not through any sense of fear but due the tradition of ambushers hiding rather than standing in plain sight. “Shush for now, it might be someone tasty.”


Suddenly a voice echoed down the alleyway, a familiar whiny hated with flaming vengeance voice they’d hoped never to hear again. Unless that was the owner of it was chained up in a torture chamber and doing lots of screaming.


“You promised me that we’d go out to a club, I can’t believe that you’ve lied to me again. God damit WHY do I believe a word you ever say to me, you promised to take me to Paris but no here we are in New York, and then you promise to take me out to a club and instead we wind up in....there!”


“That is a bloody club you stupid bint, its got a bloody bar, its got a dance floor, its got dim lights, what more do you want!”


The two red heads exchanged a startled look, the Lady knew Spike from a trip he had made to the Hellmouth to get Dru cured, it had worked and he hadn’t stayed long, he’d been to a few parties and she’d seen him in action, though only with the cured Dru. **Monogamy, whatever!**


Willow remembered Spike’s disastrous forays to Sunnydale in this reality, and she really remembered a conversation in the cellar at the factory, one that had led to so many nightmares it her brief remaining mortal life, and so many wet dreams over what might have been in her unlife. She shivered at the thought of the vampire who’d almost been her first standing so close to her. **Oh I’m so glad I’m not wearing pants and can just drip!**


“Spike you bastard that’s NOT the kind of club I mean’t and you so know it, I meant a proper club with a proper dance floor, and real people not freaks. I was hoping that we might see some celebrities not lots of fat people in sweaty leather and PVC and old guys in diapers.”


“There were lots of beautiful.....” Harmony came into sight now even as Spike shouted after her. She was wearing a tight black off the shoulder dress, the red heads exchanged glances, they remembered Harmony as a tormenting presence, someone who used to tease them about being a worthless nerd loser, while failing to notice she was one of the worst losers in the school herself. Neither of them therefore in their different reality’s had taken in what a fine looking body the blond had.


“Women!” Harmony turned and snarled back, giving the now increasingly interested twins a view of how the tight dresses material did nothing to conceal the fine curve of her ass. “Yeah I noticed, I also noticed all those Goth freaks, so reminiscence for you of Drudezilla I’m sure, do you think I can’t see through your game Spikey!”


“What bloody game you airhead Californian idiot!” Spike swayed into view, a half empty bottle of liquor in his right hand, he had a load on that was obvious. “We’re vampires we are allowed to play with our food you know.”


“Yeah, I know, and if it was just a little bit of molestation and torture I’d say ok, but I am not going to stand round watching while you turn some skanky Goth chick and then share you with her!”


“But that’s another thing vampires do, create other vampires for group sex purposes, bloody hell luv if you want to Sire someone go ahead, have fun with him, take your time and enjoy the bloody honeymoon.” Spike took a shot of his drink hoping Harmony would finally see through the irony to the point, which was. **Stop clinging to me!**


Harmony’s face took on a hurt confused look, she lost the ranting tone. “But Blondie bear I don’t want anyone else but you.....”


Two red heads looked at each other and mouthed the words. ‘Blondie bear!’


“......I love you don’t you see, I don’t want to share you with another vampire male or female. Well unless he was really buff or Charlize Theron got somehow turned, but even so Spikie I don’t see why you can’t just make do with me.”


“Luv this just in, your pretty I don’t deny, what you lack in experience you make up for with enthusiasm on the sex front so ok, but you are the dimest most irritating bint I have ever met.“ Spike could see the damage that his well-chosen words were causing and just didn’t care. “You don’t seem to be able to grasp the fact that your not human anymore, your a bloody vampire and with vampires anything goes!”


“Bastard, you were faithful to her for a century but you can’t do that for my!” Harmony started to cry but then after a stiletto heel endangering foot stamp stormed off shouting back at him. “Fine then if that’s all you think of me I’ll go to a club on my own, find a nice looking guy, turn him and LEAVE YOU!”


Spike waited until Harmony’s storming off had taken her beyond earshot and then raised his bottle to the sky. “Cheers God, but please this time let ‘er bloody mean it!”


But he sighed then as he began to stumble of back to his lair, he knew Harmony would be back before dawn upset because she couldn’t even get the simple task of turning ‘a nice looking’ guy right. He also knew that by then he’d be more than willing to do the sixty seconds of sweet talking that would be necessary to get her to get naked and let him do it to her anyway. “Well any old port in a storm.”


Just a few seconds after he disappeared from sight the Willow’s left their cover. “Oh Mistress can you believe somebody made HARMONY immortal. God it must have been some freak accident, or maybe somebody just saw the body and did her before she could speak and they realized what they were doing!”


“And they’ve probably staked themselves since to get away from her, or in shame.” The lady didn’t care that much, if Harmony crossed her path she’d just torture her for a fortnight then be on her way......No actually why bother, torturing vampires was so much less fun, their demons always ensured that no matter how brutally you punished them they at least partly enjoyed it. Now if she could get Harmony cursed with a soul...... “Whatever, what’s more important is there’s Spike all alone after falling out with his girlfriend!”


“Oh have you ever met him?” Willow had been stood there frantically trying to think of the best way to persuade her Sire to agree to let her satisfy hormones that were screaming to be Spiked! “I did while I was alive and he made quite the impression.”


“He is very pretty. But he was Mr Monogamy with Dru the whole time, now in this reality by the sound of things things are different.” The Lady Red linked arms with her childe and started off after Spike. “But its not necessarily the fact that its Spike as such that makes me want to go after him, its the fact he’s a Master vampire, let me tell you my sweet girl there is nothing better in the world of vamp sex than a well hung old one. Percy is ok but has no staying power, just couple of hours a night each tops. Even a drunk like Spike with his years behind him will be more than able to satisfy us both tonight.”


“If that’s so why do we always avoid old ones, or kill them?”


“Because they’d want to own us silly.” Red adopted a more evil than usual smirk. “But Spike will be amenable to just a one night stand, I’m sure with your history you’ll convince him easy, you’ll break him like an egg.”


“I really will, but not his eggs we don’t want to break those!”


“Amen sister.” The lady really was feeling uncomfortable due to dampness now as she thought back to her very young unlife. “God I remember this time with Luke in my first few weeks after I was turned. He rode me from sunrise to sunset on a bed in the back of the Bronze for something to do, it was the best sex ever with a guy. You probably missed out on the fun that’s seeing what he packs, it really matches the rest of him and I took it everywhere. And I’ve seen Spike with Dru and he’s no slouch either. I can hardly wait.”


“Me neither.” Willow swollowed saliva at the even better than before mental pictures she was now getting. “Here I come baby, no need for threats this time I’m going to be all yours!”




Spike had taken a route through Prospect Park to get back to his current cellar of choice. It was a starry night so he sat on a bench to admire the cosmos and drink what was left of his bottle. And as usual mope about Dru. “We were eternal!”


“Ok,” Willow took of her coat and handed it to her sire, leaving herself in just the boots the collar and the mini dress. Which didn’t just reveal her entire supply of legs but also moulded to her hips, ass and midriff, her back was bare and her breasts though they might not be to Harmony’s dimensions were lifted and separated into a quite impressive cleavage. Her make up and hair were both perfect anyway as she had made an effort for their first appearance on the local scene. “Here I go then.”


Blowing a kiss behind her to Red Willow set off up the footpath, stilettos clicking on the asphalt deliberately hard. She swept her hair back to show plenty of bare white neck and shoulder. As she moved up into the area of the path lit by the light Spike was sat under she saw him turn to look, then look again, then just stare dumfounded.


“Hey stud this bench taken.” It seemed as good a line as any, not waiting for an answer she sat down, crossing her legs and rested her hands on her upper thigh.


“W....Will...W....” Spike found himself at a loss too entranced by the sight before him to actually omit the whole word.


“W_ill_ow, that’s me!” The vampiress gave him just a sideward glance as she slowly traced the fingers of her right hand up and down the smooth skin of her right thigh. “God Spike it’s been so long since we last met, how’s it hanging?”


Willow, your a v....v.....vamp.......”


“Vampire!” Gently Willow moved the delicate white hand that Spike had been watching move up and down off her leg and laid it lightly on his thigh instead. “You ok baby, you’ve not taken a blow to the head or something cause you seem a little out of it.”


“No kitten, I’m just bloody amazed, flabbergasted.” Spike closed his eyes and counted to three then opened them, yes the brown eyed, red haired almost undressed vision of loveliness was still there. Not only looking good enough to eat but having every appearance of being about to offer him a spoon. “Yeah I’ve got definite flabber in me gast. You look.....Great Willow, how the bloody hell did this happen though and how did you get ‘ere.”

“Well I got bite, I drank deep of my sires blood, I got turned and car.” She leaned in a little closer her face within an inch of his she noticed he didn’t flinch. “Pretty much of a duh wouldn’t you say baby.”


“Yeah pretty bloody much.” Old alcohol dulled memories came back to Spike of him making nasty threats in a cellar. “Sorry bout that whole bottle thing luv I wasn’t myself.”


“No need silly I’m not that girl anymore. I mean you scared me then what with that and the ‘having’ implications.” Willow closed the gap that separated their lips and kissed the not unstartled vampire briefly. “Now lover I really want the having, do you still want me. I know I’m the not virginal little innocent warm blooded Willow that I was, and that could have been what you craved, but if not would you let cold decadent naughty vampire Willow show you the time of your unlife?”


“That’s alot of unlife you’d be competing with pet.” Spike did nothing to resist as the redhead gracefully moved from the bench to his lap, straddling him her knees on the bench. “Think you’re up to it?”


“I’m certain I am,” leaning back a little she ran her palms over the PVC front of her dress. “I don’t like to brag but I think I have some advantages on that score that I can surprise you with.”


“I luv to brag and you won’t be disappointed either kitten.” Harmony and he were on a break at the moment, as of their last argument, Dru was wherever. And if you can’t be with the one you luv and a bloody gorgeous piece comes onto you......well as Willow had said. **Duh!** But formalities still had to be addressed. “So you in town on your own baby or do I have some annoying Sire I’m going to have to stake later to stop you gettin’ in trouble?”


“Yes I’m here with my Sire and she’s not going to be jealous.” Willow knew that down the track her Sire would be, ‘bored now’. And that she needed to get to the introductions. “In fact she very much wants to meet you too, and she’s just as cute as me.”


“I dunno luv I think I’d be happy with just you and me.” Spike took a little bit more initiative; his hands trailed up Willows smooth legs and over the PVC that barely covering her bottom.


“Oh in a way it would just be you and me!” Willow turned her face away from Spike’s and looked down the path. “In fact here she is now.”


The lady had stashed both of the coats and walked up now in just the bra and leather pants, the black leather contrasted sharply with her white skin. She walked past the couple and asked simply. “Hey gorgeous mind if I sit down?”


“What the......your......I mean.......huh?” Spike looked back and too between the two vampires, he was seeing double again, it couldn’t be the DT’s however, the DT’s wouldn’t fill the palms of his hands with cute curvaceous ass, or would they. “Why the fuck are there two Willows.”


“Well Spike its like this.” Willow began. “There was this girl in school called Anya who was actually a vengeance demon who had lost her special necklace that gave her her powers. She told me just that she’d lost this precious heirloom and wanted to retrieve it.”


“Actually it was in a different world were I was a vampire.” The lady added.


“The spell went wrong and I pulled me through into this reality.”


“I really didn’t like it, so I went to the Bronze looking for the Master who ruled my Sunnydale, instead I found Xander and Buffy.”


“They saw me as a vampire and were really suprised later to find me alive.”


“Meanwhile I rounded up a crew and took over the Bronze, that’s where I spoke to Anya who told me about the mortal me on this plane.”


Me and the gang were going to go and rescue the people in the Bronze and I thought about taking a dart gun to tranquillise me, so I went back to the library alone.”


“Just as I got they’re looking for me, well I took one look at me and I had to have me.”


“I was terrified, I tried to dart me but the damn gun was left unloaded.”


“So I knocked me out and dragged me into the nearest sewer and turned me to the night......” The lady leaned across and gave her child a long hard kiss before concluding. “And that’s how me became we!”


“Well that’s ok then.” Spike was doing the math and coming up with two of everything. This might be very interesting indeed. “Tell me then luv ‘ave you and I ever met?”


“Yeah you put in an appearance.” The lady decided not to mention Dru, “I didn’t get any though, too far down the pecking order to get a look in.”


“God me from the other reality must be an idiot.” Spike took the black clad vampiresses hand. “Would there be any way I could make it up to you.”


“I think between the three of us we could work something out.” The lady addressed her childe. “Couldn’t we Will.”


“Darn tootin.” Willow eased back off the vampire. “Should we give him a little demonstration of what he can expect?”


“I see no reason why not.” Mentally cursing the fact she was wearing trousers and so Willow was going to have to be the one on the receiving end Red indicated that she should stand in front of her. “Back to me please Missie and hands behind your knees.”


“Yes mistress.” Willow assumed the position, legs apart, and wasn’t in the least bit suprised when her Sire pushed her skirt up at the back exposing her ass to the night air. She shivered with anticipation of what was to come.


The Lady lent forward and put a hand on each of Willows cheeks pressing them open, giving Spike a better view of her both Willow’s pussy and the rosette of her ass. “Real pretty huh.


She ran the tip of her tongue right down from the base of Willow’s spine to her glistening vagina. “Tastes good too.”


Gently she slid a finger in between her childe’s lower lips, drawing a moan from Willow at the penetration. “Just think vampire, not one pretty pussy too fuck but two.”


The index finger of her other hand began to probe at Willow’s anus, slowly pushing against the ring of muscle and up the vampiresses back passage. “Two tight asses to fuck as well. Does Harmony ever let you put it up there?”


“Harmony.” Spike’s attention snapped from the free show to the redhead doing the fingering. “How do you know about ‘er!”


“Saw you with her in the alley.” The lady switched from one finger to two on both her twin assaults. “Bet she still thinks anal’s dirty doesn’t see. Even though an ass is no use to a vampire except as an extra place to stick stuff. We couldn’t believe it when we saw you with her by the way.”


“We think you should know shame.....oh mistress.” Willow was thrusting her hips back against the questing fingers now.


“Any old port in a storm.” Spike wheeled out the excuse he’d earlier used in his own mind. “But anyway do you have a problem with me cheating on Harm with you?”


“As if.” Willow moaned.


“Of course we don’t.” The lady took the fingers she was probing her childe ass with out. “Bet you’ve never see Harmony ever do anything like THIS!”


Making a point with her tongue the vampiress applied its tip directly to the stretched distended rosette of Willow’s ass. Spike watched fixatedly as red worked her tongue slowly into its target. Willow between moans added “Mistress eats ass so well Spike, we could do that to you, and we’ll play games like this for you all the time your not doing one of us!”


“I’m bloody sold girls!” Spike could feel an urgent need to get on with things before he had an accident. “Shall we be off back to your place an all get out of these constricting clothes?”


Despite Willow’s moan of disappointment Red took her tongue out of the now spit soaked ass. “No need to complain girlie you’ll get lots more later.”


She pulled the dress back down. “Want your coat or shall we walk back dressed as is?”


“I don’t think my modesty will be a problem thanks.” Willow gave the stunned still drunk Spike a hand up whilst her Sire went to retrieve the garments anyway. Her free hand ‘accidentally’ copped a good feel of his crotch just as she got him vertical. “Wow, nice package!”


“Very bloody cramped nice package pet.” He grinned all eyes and cheekbones nearly sending the very hyped up vampiress over the edge there and then. “Hope we don’t ‘ave too far to walk far as I don’t think I’ve got much blood in my legs.”


“Ten minutes tops.” The lady answered as she joined them the coats under one arm. She offered him her free right arm. “But lets hurry.”


An identical red head on each arm and his sensitive nostrils full of the scents of two very aroused fems Spike hurried.




They were almost running by the time they reached the cellar so keen had all three of them become to get to a bed.


Even a vampire of Spike’s years couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the tableaux that greeted him when the lights went on. One naked and very abused male vampire hanging from the ceiling by manacles to his wrists, one naked and very used looking vampiress chained by a neck collar to a ring cemented into the floor across the cellar from him.


“Our minions.” The lady explained dismissively.


“That one.” Willow decided to give a bit more explanation and pointed at Percy. Then at the new childe. “Made that one without asking our permission first, you interested in anything you see cause we could unchain them.”


“Naarrr.” Spike didn’t fancy sharing the treat and had more than enough vampiress to fill his evening as things stood. “Why fill up on the bread when you’ve got such a main course to look forward too,”


“Courses Spike there’ll be a lot more than one.” The Lady unzipped her childes dress and unceremoniously stripped her down to just her boots. “Willow entertain our guest while I clear up around here.”


Quickly she went over to the newly risen blond and unchained her, then threw her the little black dress she’d been wearing on arrival. Then she went to release Percy, pausing on route to watch Willow trying to undress Spike whilst simultaneously frenching him and being played with. **What pretty breasts we both have!**


Letting lose the chain that held her minion up she dropped him to the ground then unchained the wrist manacles. She took in the looks he was throwing at Spike and growled. “Don’t you dare look jealous you bastard, you permanently added some girl you turned without a word to us to our family last night. Ok she’s gorgeous so I forbore, but that means you don’t have the right you never had to look pissed if Willow and I bring a date home.”


“Sorry Mistress.” He croaked from a throat that had seen too much recent screaming.


“As you should be, now take your girl and find something to eat, and don’t bring it back, the meal that is we’re keeping the blond but no more!” The lady looked at the clock on the wall. “Four and a half hours till dawn, I don’t expect to see you back here with less than ten minutes to spare.”


Turning without further comment she went over to her closet, passed a Willow who was standing against a wall with Spike’s face between her legs. Quickly she stripped off her bra trousers and boots and pulled some toys out of a very well filled hold all. Looking back at her childe who was now leading Spike by the cock towards the bed she couldn’t how much more toned Willows legs looked in her high heeled boots. There was a pair of Willow’s strappy stilettos by the wardrobe. **Well why not.**


Sitting on the sofa fastening the thin leather straps that held the high heels in place around her ankles the Lady watched as Willow had her throat forced with almost all nine inches of Spikes now spit glistening cock. **Deep throat, huh, humans have no idea!**


Standing proved to be difficult, Red had been a Willow used to sneakers who had moved straight onto boots. But after some slipping and sliding and an almost falling on her ass she got the hang of it. **Ok lets get this show on the road!**


After smearing lube on the first toy she walked over and stood behind Spike looking down around his shoulder at the spit and pre cum dripping face of her childe. “You cuties wanna move this show to the bed, Spike on your back, Willow on your knees between his legs with your ass in the air.”


Moments later the lady was standing behind her cock sucking childe gently screwing a butt plug into her ass. “How you holding up Spike, wanna pussy to fuck or do you want to cum in my sweet sluts mouth.”


“I’ll fuck your pussy now luv and cum in both your mouths later.” Spike leered wickedly down at the busily head bobbing Willow in front of him and then back up at the one who was behind her. “But you might want to stop yourself suckin’ me if you don’t want to ‘ave to wait the ten seconds it’ll take me to get it up again.”


“Hey!” There was a crack as Willow took a slap on one of her ass cheeks. “Move, go sit on Spikes face while I get some.”


Walking on her knees Willow moved noting the lustful looks her sire gave her and stifling moans at the sensations being caused by the butt plug as it moved in her ass. Knowing how effective it would be Willow paused and gave her ass a wiggle before asking low voice. “May I have cream pie when your finished mistress!”


“Yes since you ask so nicely.” The Lady moved up poised above Spike’s cock. “Now get sat where you’re supposed to be.”


“Okie dokie.” Slipping one leg over Spikes head Willow brought the soaking junction of her thighs over his mouth taking a position facing her sire even as she shifted herself so that she had Spike’s spike ready to enter her. “Ready set ohhhhh.”


Both the fems groaned as Spike’s tongue and cock were introduced to their respective cold but so turned on as to be supernovae vaginas.


“I love this part!”


“Mistress you love all the parts!”


“Oh god Spike you eat pussy so well.” Willow ground her shaven snatch down hard on Spikes questing tongue then almost screamed with passion as the vampire grabbing hold of the base of the butt plug began pumping it in and out of her. “Oh you dirty bastard, yes that’s it fuck my ass Spike, fuck it hard!”


Despite hardly being touched all night Red was in a fever of passion, with the sight of her child writhing in ecstasy on Spike’s face in front of her she came after just a few seconds.


“Oh god this feels so good!” Willow threw back her head as she came as well. Her senses were torn between the sensation of Spike’s tongue working away on her sex and the flexible plastic of the butt plug moving in and out of her back passage. Also there was the delicious sight of her Sire bouncing up and down on what looked like nearly ten inches of hard cock, and the oh so dirty anticipation of the fact that that cock would shortly be rammed up her ass. She moved herself forward a little not breaking either contact with Spike. “Kiss me mommy.”


Adjusting her balance a little Red moved forward to meet her, locking her lips Willows. The vampiresses frenched each other hard even as then continued to be pleasured by Spike. The vampire too was having a fine time what with having cold smooth wet snatch to lick and a finely curved tight ass to bugger, if only currently with plastic. Whilst his cock was being expertly milked by the firm muscles of Red’s vagina. His hips began to thrust upward as his own orgasm rushed to its peak, then he sent jets of cold semen into her depths, the Lady came again almost simultaneously closely followed by Willow, the two fems mutual moans of pleasure stifled somewhat by each others tongues.


Red remembering her childe’s request dropped her right hand down between her legs as she slid herself up off the vampires oh so very satisfactory looking still fully erect cock. Holding as much of his cum inside her as she could she positioned herself on her back, hips raised, with her head strategically placed so that it was directly opposite Spike’s hips. The bed was big group sex for the use of. “You creampie’s ready baby.”


“Oh goodie.” Willow back off of Spikes face she paused and bent down to kiss him then added. “Thanks lover you give great head.”


“No problem pet from earlier I can tell you do too.”


“Spike roll on your side.” Red ordered. “Let me suck your cock.”


Willow knelt down between her Sires legs. “Oh yummy cum filled cunt.” Licking and slurping noises took over from words, as she got busy eating out the deposited vamp chowder mixed in with Red’s own juices.


The angle she was working at might be a little awkward but Red also got back to work She managed to get three inches of Spike’s cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck it avariciously, but she went slowly, even a Master Vampire could only come so many times a night and she had lots of plans for him. Vampiresses on the other hand could keep cumming much longer as she proved when Willow’s ministrations brought her off again.


“There you are mistress all cleaned up.” Willow whiped a hand across her gooey dripping chin as she rose back to her knees. She watched the fellatio with interest for a brief while the pouting just a little asked. “Could I get my ass fucked now please?”


“Of course you can sweetie.” The lady answered after emptying her mouth. “Fancy it Spike?”


“Too bloody right I do!” Spike answered enthusiastically, the girls had delicious looking derrieres after all. Red got up and got the lube, she tossed it over to Spike who caught it one handed and got to greasing, the Lady stood behind her child and reaching round in front of her began to play with her breasts whilst both fems watched the show.


“You’re going to love this!” Red rubbed her own nipples across Willows toned back. “That big cock pumping in and out of your tight ass.”


“Darn tootin.” Willow pressed the base of the plug against one of the lady’s thighs and began too work her hips. “Want me to grease this puppy up and stick it up your butt for later?”


“In a while.” Red turned Willow around and bent her over so that her ass was pointed at the vampire who was about to get the pleasure of fucking it. “So Spike, want me too uncork this pretty whore for you?”


“Sure, pull it.” Spike could see Willow was almost trembling with anticipation, and looked to be literally dripping from another orifice, her thighs glistening with moisture.


The plug came out with a pop, Willow’s rosette stayed stretched and open as she backed up towards Spikes lap. He guided her into position with his hands as she straddled him Willow positioned her feet either side of Spikes legs and put her hands on his thighs holding herself in place above him.


Red turned away and went back over to the supply of toys, found what she was looking for and started to get busy with straps.


Spike placed the glans of his cock into Willows anus; she eased down as he gradually thrust up. Both groaned simultaneously, Willow at the painful further stretching of her ring to accommodate him, Spike at the tightness of her back passage.


“Oh Goddess your big!”


“Work it up there kitten, it gets bigger!”


Red watched now as Willow did as she was told, riding the cock inch by inch up her ass. She grinned at the blissful expression on her girls face. **Lucky bitch!**


Still getting used to the stilettos the lady tottered over towards them, Willows eyes were closed as she moaned out loud as for the first time she lifted her hips back up seven inches just keeping the top of Spikes cock inside her and the slowly back down reburying every inch of him. Red leaned in, her tongue connecting with Willow’s wet snatch. She moved her mouth up and down matching Willows movements as she eat her out, her tongue pleasuring her childe even as Willow fucked herself on Spike’s cock. Willow opened her eyes at the extra contact. “Oh thank you Mistress.”


“Don’t mention it dearie.” Red stood back up revealing the eight-inch plastic knobbled phallus she had strapped on. “See what else I have for your pussy darling.”

“Yes please mommy!” Willow supported by the firm grip Spikes hands now had on her thighs lifted one hand and used two fingers too spread the lips of her sex. “Please stick it in!”


Red moved up onto the bed and got the dildo positioned, slowly she slid it in, Spike paused his own movements. Both vampires moaned deeply, Willow felt as full as a vampiress could be, Spike felt his own already tight position get tighter as the artificial cock rubbed against him through the thin sheath of flesh separating Willow vagina and sphincter.


“Oh fuck luv’s that feels good.”


“Darn.....oh Goddess....tootin!” Willow orgasmed at the extra penetration on Red’s first full thrust. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.....!


“Bloody hell!” As Willow’s ass tightened around him Spike had to fight hard not to follow suite, somehow he held back, holding Willow tightly whilst Red pounded the wailing vampiress. He held on despite the constant friction caused by the strap on, then counted down one to ten before lifting Willow up again and plunging her back down onto his cock.


“Oh Spike.....yes.....fuck my ass!”


She’s loving this!” Red was in a giving frame of mind, though the ribbed base of the strap on was rubbing against her own sex the stimulation of her own engorged clit wasn’t enough to get her off, unusually though that didn’t matter. The sight of her childe’s lust crazed face and her cries of pleasure were enough. Plus of course the fact that further down the orgy she fully intended to be a recipient of a similar buggering. “Lets do her harder!”


“Oh yes, yes please!”


Willow came again as her lovers stepped up their rhythm, then again causing Spike to finally lose it, his cock jetting a stream of cold semen into Willows sphincter even as she howled out her pleasure before collapsing back limp onto Spike’s heaving chest.


The lady stepped back and quickly got the strap on pulled down to mid thigh, that she frantically masturbated for the few seconds it took to put herself over the edge. She noticing the rapidly recovering Spike watching the show licked her fingers and gave him a wink. He had stayed hard and his cock was still jammed up Willows rectum. “Turn her over for me Spike.”


Carefully, not wanting a damaged cock Spike manoeuvred the supine red head over onto her stomach and uncorked her ass. Red moved in behind her quickly taking in the sight of Willow’s still gaping ring and its gooey filling. “Yummy.”


She extended her tongue and worked it in; Willow stirred and moaned in ecstasy at this new intrusion. “Oh Mistress that’s so dirty.”


Red was too busy slurping and licking to bother to argue that as Willow’s ass hadn’t been used for any purpose other than sex for over a year it was nothing of the kind, and she really should have lost that mindset by now. But she just kept going at her task until she’d cleaned out every drop she could then turned and after whiting her spit and semen drenched chin on her wrist told the vampire. “Spike your spunk sure tastes good.”


“Why not try some straight from the pump then luv!” Spike paused the low key wanking he’d been indulging himself in whilst he watched Red eat his sperm out of her writhing orgasming childes rear. He moved to stand before them hips thrust forward a little.” How bout it ladies?”


“Yummy.” Willow answered sitting back on her knees on the bed and stretching.


“Why ever not darling.” Red smiled however as another thought crossed her perverted mind. “Spike you go sit on the couch over there and Will you stand in front off him bent over while you suck him, and make it last I want my share of the cream too!”


“Ok Mistress.” Was all Willow could reply in the circumstances knowing her place but Spike paused for a second before deciding to go with the flow, whatever Red had planned might be interesting. When Willow bent over before him he took a fist full of her sweat soaked hair and gently guided her movements keeping her facing forward all the time.


The Lady went back over to the cupboard, her fingers closed around the handle of a cat, not a barbed or knotted cat, one that she might use for serious disciplining situations or for torture, but one that ended in nine lengths of soft leather. A whip designed just to mark skin rather than rend it. She gave it an experimental swing letting the lashes crack. “Heeeeerrrrrmm just right.”


Spike looked a little concerned. “’Ere is that a good idea pet, what if she bites when it connects?”


“Wheen fwhat connects.” Willow had her mouth partly full; Spike resumed his guidance making sure it was wholly full again.


“Don’t worry dearie she’s very disciplined,” Red walked over towards them languidly swaying her hips to improve the already beautiful show. “Even though she does do rude things like talk with her mouth full.”


The whip whistled through the air and connected with a sharp crack across Willows buttocks.


“Owwww.” Willow managed despite her mouthful, then just went on sucking.


Spike impressed by all that was going on just sat back, enjoying the skilful blowjob and admiring Red’s toned body as she brought her arm back for another swing. He winked at her as future plans formed in his own mind. “You were right not so much as a nip.”

“Told you!” Red swung again hard, then again then three more times. Then turned around and cutback six times so that the lash marks crossed. “There now your butts so pretty and pink, turn around and show Spike.”


Willow stopped sucking and stood up pouting at the interruption. She did as she was told though anyway; her ass was indeed reddening where the blows had landed. Her white skin above and below contrasted sharply, Spike could also see the handprints on her hips were he had gripped them as he ass fucked her. Red moved up beside Willow and stroked her hands over her ass then ordered. “Ok back to work, you kneel on the right I’ll take the left.”


Both gals moved into Position sitting down on their heels, Willow a little more gingerly than Red with all the recent abuse her ass had taken. Next thing two eager tongues were licking up and down Spikes shaft, and then the vampiress’s started taking it in turns too suck his cock or lick his balls. Though they both made every effort they could to make it last it only took a few minutes before Spike came again, shooting another load into their mouths and across their faces. Giggling together they licked the mess off each other.


“How bout a beer and fag break then girls, if that is you’ve got any.” Even Spike with a century of inter vampire lust behind him needed a breather after that. Though the close presence of two beautiful fems who were positively dripping for him was making things stir again more or less straight away.


“Beers in the fridge, there’s a pack of cigs on the table over there.” Red answered as she bent and retrieved her whip. “Willow dear put your hands above your head.”


“Okie dokie Mistress.” Willow struck the required pose and waited expectantly for the flogging to begin.


Spike was at risk of walking into things as he tried to retrieve three beers and the pack of smokes and watch the action. Red started off by lashing her childe across her shoulder blades then worked her way right down to the bottom of her thighs before give the same treatment to the front of her legs and her flat toned stomach. He couldn't help but contrast Will’s now marked up skin with the pristine whiteness of the lady. A wicked smile crossed his face as he went back to join them as Red discarded the whip onto the sofa. He handed her one of the beers which she took giving his cock a quick stroke with her freehand. Willow did the same adding a kiss.


“Too unlife.” Spike toasted before taking a swig.


“To handsome well hung vampires.” Willow answered.


“Too sex blood and anything goes,” her Sire added.


When they had finished their beers and lit up Spike looked at Willow. “Will luv be a pet and go find that butt plug and grease it up ready to go up Red’s arse.”


“Sure.” She answered but still gave her Sire a look as if to say should I do as he says. Red nodded and then her eyes widened as Spike picked up her whip and flicked it a couple of times.


“You got plans for that honey?”


“Well kitten I can tell your into the whole dominatrix thing in a big way but do you like to receive as well as to give, I know what it can be like when your the boss...”


“And no self respecting Sire can let a Childe do that to you no matter how much you love her.” Red suddenly felt more turned on than she had felt all day. “Oh Spike its been so long since I’ve been able to relax and let my guard down and let somebody treat me. So go on sir give me your worst.”


Conscious of how he was taking in her beauty as she slowly raised her arms and stuck out her butt and drew in unnecessary breath to help lift up her chest. Poising for a few seconds of anticipation. “Do it!”


“Your wish.......” The whip once again swung back the struck.




Harmony strolled through Prospect Park disconsolate, She was trying to use her underdeveloped vampire senses and not having much luck. She had failed dismally in her quest to make herself a new vampire boyfriend. She had tried but got carried away with the drinking; the guy had died before she had got to the mixing her blood with his stage. **I need to learn to Sire vampires, I can’t believe that I can’t even manage that. It looks so easy!**


She moped on, wondering how on earth she was going to be able to persuade Spike to help her do it so she could leave him, but at the same time dreading the fact that he might leap at the chance to be rid of her and almost burst into tears at the thought. **Oh Blondie bear why must you always be so mean to me!**


Going back to the hideout and not finding him lying on the floor dead drunk had gotten her worried, his things were still there so he obviously hadn’t packed and moved on So why wasn’t he there so they could kiss and make up once he came too. “He might be face down in a gutter somewhere, completely out of it and vulnerable, due to fry at sun up. Or tried attacking someone and been dusted cause he was too drunk to do it properly.”


So after a half an hours sulking in the old warehouse the were squatting in Harmony had gone back to the alleyway they had fought in, then she had, despite the many unpleasant background aromas tried to pick up Spike’s scent and follow it.


And here she was now wandering through Prospect, ahead of her was a bench with six cigarette butts lying on the path in front of it. Spike had probably stopped there to mop about Drudezilla. Suddenly her senses pricked up, as she suddenly smelt something else. The scent of other vampires, female ones. There seemed something familiar about it too, something she couldn’t quite place, but then she realized she didn’t need too as she did the math. “That bastard!”


Fury focused her inherited tracking abilities, Harmony set off after the combined scents.




After the Lady Red had received and enjoyed her flagellation and had her butt stuffed full of plug Spike went down on each of then fems in turn, the Willow’s helped out by using a dildo on which ever pussy wasn’t getting licked whilst they kissed and caressed each other.


Then the plug got pulled and the threesome repeated their earlier position, but with Red getting buggered this time while Willow wore the strap on. With so much of Spike’s edge having been taken her ass got double the length of fucking than her childe’s had.


The Lady was an exhausted sweaty whip marked mess by the time they had finished. She lay on her back panting for unneeded breath whilst in front of her, and against his own expectations Willow fellated Spike’s by now rather sore cock back up to full erection.


“Will you fuck my pussy now Spike, it’s the only hole you haven’t fucked that you could.”


Spike was feeling pretty shagged out but was above all else a gentleman, and at least the orifice in question would be naturally lubricated. “All right luv, your wish and so on. Kneel back up on the bed ass in the air.”


Smiling broadly Willow did as she was told, Spreading her sires legs she got into position between them, she sunk her tongue into Red’s snatch even as Spike’s cock penetrated hers.


“Thank you honey.” Her sire whispered.


“Your welcome Mistress........oh Spike yes.”


As Spike began to build up a rhythm orgasm began to slowly build up in her core again, he was so good, she wanted to shout about it, tell him how good it felt but instead she continued to use her mouth to pleasure the Lady.


All three were locked in their mutual enjoyment of each others bodies when the door suddenly crashed in and heels clattered on the stairs followed by a shout from a familiar voice. “YOU BASTARD IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!”


Harmony got to the bottom of the stairs and grabbed a wooden chair meaning to swing it against a wall and use the broken parts as stakes. But then she focused on the scene and saw who was kneeling on the bed and getting fucked by her ‘boyfriend.’ “WILLOW, why you man stealing bitch I can’t believe that.....”

Then the Lady raised her head and looked into Harmony’s wild eyes. “But Harmony he’s so much man why would I not steal him!”


“OH MY GOD!” Harmony felt as if she was slipping into insanity, Willow had never had a twin, but what did it matter, she made to swing the chair again.


“Custodia.” Willow, despite the fact that Spike hadn’t even paused in his pleasuring of her still managed effortlessly to freeze Harmony just before the chair connected with the wall. “Harm don’t break up our furniture, we only just got here and we haven’t had time to steal that much yet, and Spike that feels so goooood.......please baby keep fucking me!”


“No worries there pet.” He gave Harmony a wink, the girl was going to get all the vampire education she needed for the rest of the night of that much he was certain.


Your going to make me watch you doing them you bastard, your actually going to mheerfffh....” Willow despite the fact that she was about to cum took a second to use her magics again, picking up Spike’s discarded tee-shirt from the floor she made it fly across the room and gagged Harmony with it. “Hush, can’t you see we need to concentrate.....Oh fuck me!”


Harmony had to watch then as Willow came around Spike’s thrusting prick and then after a frantic upsurge of tongue fucking the exhausted lady came again. Spike however held off hammering away at the cute willing body kneeling before him while throwing smiles at his frozen ‘girlfriend.’


Though she could still speak, muffled though that would have been, and think Harmony couldn’t do anything else, she couldn’t shut her eyes and make the sex go away, and looking out at what was happening was a demon who wished it had got there sooner. It had been frustrated for months at being placed inside the airhead Californian, trying to override the personality of shadow that remained of her former humanity and failing. Now it began to push all the buttons it could find and to Harmony’s horror she began on top of everything else to feel very turned on. **What the hell is happening to me!**


Willow thrust back to meet the growing tempo of Spikes movements; she could tell he was nearing the edge again. She also stepped up her oral efforts, rolling her Sires clit between her right index finger and thumb even as her tongue darted in and out of Red’s well-used sex. The moans of pleasure from all three parties rose in intensity.


Red went off just ahead of Willow whimpering as she writhed on the bed, too tired still to make much more of a reaction. Then Willow felt a multiple orgasm begin to rip through her she almost fainted but still retained enough awareness to feel Spike pull out and then cold fluid splashing onto her ass and up her lower back as the vampire came on her. **Oh neat idea, cumshot for Harm’s benefit. And oh Goddess to think of all the extra fun I can have now!**


Spike collapsed off the bed onto the floor and dropped onto his knees. Pleasantly conscious of Spike chowder slowly running down her back and onto her thighs as she stood up Willow smiled down at him. Then helped her over used Sired off the bed and back onto her feet. The two red heads then helped Spike up and across to the couch, he collapsed on it, Red sat beside him and settled herself down resting her face against his shoulder even as she stroked his chest and abs. “This as all been so good baby.”


“I know.” Willow agreed standing before them, she had had just as much sex but still felt like plenty more. “Can I play with Harmony now Mistress?”


“May she?” Red asked Spike, giving the side of his face a lick. “Show her a good time.”


“Why not she could do with findin’ out what vampires are supposed to do with one another.” He might well regret it but the girl had to get properly initiated at some stage. “But be gentle with her.”


Willow strolled very slowly over to the gagged blonde making sure that she had time to take in the full beauty of her toned body, sex marked and dripping with cum though it might be. And Harmony at present wasn’t needing the demon to tell her the red head was just as pretty as Charlize. “My Harmony you look good in that dress, how do you look out of it, let me find out.”


She took the chair off the blond then moved her arms back to her sides, Willow got right in Harm’s face looking her deep in the eyes then with a smirk looked straight down the front of her dress. “Oh what a nice rack.”


Will moved behind her working the zipper and then pulling the shoulder straps down, before easing the dress off to reveal that Harmony was underwear free. She reached round her victim and cupped Harmony’s breasts. “Nice everything, lets get you positioned.”


Whether it was the Ladies gentle caresses, or the pre show across the room from him it was difficult to tell but the Spike had to Red’s slight surprise resurrected. She played with him gently now just slowly running her palm up and down his length. “So why have you come back to the States lover, from what Willow told me you went off to Brazil when you were last heard from looking for Dru?”


“I did but it didn’t work out.” He brought his right hand up across his body and began to play with her right breast. “But then I ‘eard about a treasure buried in Sunnydale, were folk always seem to ‘ave been buryin’ stuff since time immemorial. So now I’m going back there for it.”


“Back to dear old Buffy.” Red snorted. “Hummmph, not someone I’d want to be seen undead near.”


Seeing that Spike was obviously suprised she added. “I have my reasons.”


“What are they then pet.” Spike looked back across to where Willow was now chaining Harmony from the ceiling with the equipment Percy had been occupying when he had arrived. “I would ‘ave thought that between you you could easily take ‘er.”


“Have you ever heard any of the legends about turned Slayers Spike?” Even as she spoke with increasing seriousness she continued to casually jerk Spike off.


“Enough to know that turnin’ ones a really bad idea. Everythin’ from super strength, to bein’ able to walk in daylight or keepin’ their souls.” Spike’s caressing hand drifted down across Red’s impressively hard abs towards the junction of her legs. “I know enough not to ever even consider doin’ anythin that stupid no matter ‘ow....mmmm... why you wouldn’t be thinkin’ of it yourself....?”


“I wouldn’t but.....” Red looked across at Willow. “I know for a fact she would if chance presented, and I don’t want to have to share my bed and my lover with Buffy Summers. Knowing that Willow was devoted to me by force of my being her sire and to Buffy out of love.”


“You mean you’d let ‘er, I mean your ‘er Sire, her boss, you’d just tell ‘er no and.....”


“Spike sweetie your a lovely sensitive vampire who spends a lot of time hiding that fact but despite it you still don’t know vampiresses.” Red looked down at what she was working on and really wanted to end the now embarrassing conversation by filling her mouth with it. ”I love my pretty red head Spike and I couldn’t deny her that if she wanted it, I’d let her turn Buffy and unlive with the consequences. So best way to avoid temptation is to keep it along way from her face.”


With that the Lady got up onto her knees on the couch and concluded the conversation by taking the cock of a frankly amazed vampire into her mouth and began deep throating him in a determined ask me no further questions way.


**Well blimey you never know do you she seems so in charge.** But then he looked across at Willow who had finished her positioning of Harmony and was kneeling at her feet staring up intently at her sex. **But then again if I was in ‘er place I might well be able to see what she means.**


Willow was virtually drooling at the sight of the suspended Harmony. “Wow if I’d known you were so pretty I might have tried magically putting someone else’s personality in your body then turned you myself. I mean obviously if I’d turned you you then you would have driven me crazy by now but a different you with this body......Still you won’t get too irritating if I just play with you for a couple of hours then give you back to Spike.”


With a flick of her finger Willow disposed of the tee-shirt gag. “So honey got anything you’d like to try, any particular turn on’s or fetishes, I’ll happily take requests?”


“Yes you vamp dike bitch keep the hell away from me!” Harm pulled hard on the handcuffs rattling the chains above her. “And let me down from up here.”


“Let you down.” Willow pouted. “You don’t mean that, you don’t mean the dyke thing either, your dripping Harmony, you so want me, your nipples are hard and your cheeks are flushed with lust not blushing with embarrassment. You so want to try me.”


“I so don’t.” Harmony however felt tremendously turned on but didn’t know why. “Ohhhhh its just that Spike’s naked, Spike is naked right over there, Spike being naked always turns me on. Its nothing to do with you!”


“Oh is that so.” Willow stood up and gently rubbed her face in the deep cleavage before her. “Really, your certain. There’s not say some little voice in your mind that says, ‘Go for it.’?”


“No, not a chance.....not at all.” Harmony answered in denial of her demon which was urging her to let it go and to try all kinds of wicked new things. “Oh god.....Ok yes there is, what is it?”


“Its your demon pretty airhead girl, your frustrated running up the walls of its cell damned bored demon.“ Willow stood up on tiptoe and kissed Harmony and was delighted when she didn’t even try to turn away. “It wants you to play nastier games than you’ve been letting it and it doesn’t just want to play with boys. It will so make sure that you enjoy what we do, not that we’ll need its help lover cause I’m so good at it.”


Harm looked across at Spike, Spike who was being deep throated by the other Willow. Why were there two Willows anyway. She felt she should ask, but the other Willow was standing straight in front of her, naked and really pretty, red haired and brown eyed and reeking of cum......**Oh why waste time with questions.** “Alright, maybe just one night of bisexuality just to see how it feels.”


“Good girl I love a volunteer.” Willow dropped back and knelt again before her no longer victim. “Don’t mind if I leave you up there though do you, let you experience suspension, I bet you’ve never tried it before have you?”


“No I’ve not.” Harmony’s stomach flipped with nervousness as the pickie face of the Wiccan vampiress moved into the junction of her thighs, then Willow’s tongue made contact for the first time with her slit. “Ohhhhhhh......”


“I know sweetie.” Willow answered, then got seriously to work.


Spike watched enthralled as Harm got into it, writing in the chains, head thrown back and eyes closed as she moaned in ecstasy. He patted Red gently on the top of her bobbing head. “How bout reverse cowgirl on the bed kitten, right in her line of sight?”


“Why the hell not, that always makes for a great show.”


Harm came after just a couple of minutes even though Willow was taking her time, her demon however was busy running up her libido making her feel really good about what was happening. She opened her eyes and looked towards the bed, she could see Spike’s legs and Spikes balls and to some extent Spike’s cock, that part anyway that wasn’t rammed into the other Willow’s snatch. And all of the otherWillow, she found to her amazement that she wasn’t at all jealous, just very appreciative of the show. “How do you both keep your abs so toned?”


“We’re just naturally blessed, but low carb diet and lots of sexercise help. Harm’s current Willow answered as she knelt back on her heels whipeing excess gal juice and spit of her chin onto her wrist. She looked round. “Heeerrrrmmm, classic porno position, Goddess if only someone had thought to get a camcorder we could have done a home made that would sell for thousands.”


“Please lick me again.” Harm couldn’t believe she was begging Willow of all people for it, but then again why not. “I....I so enjoyed it.”


“Later baby.” Willow stood up and walked round behind her admiring her curvaceous ass. “Ever had a cock up your ass Harm, ever had it spanked or whipped?”


“No of course not, what do you think I am some kind of.....” Harmony paused as she realised Willow probably thought that she was whatever it was she had been about to say. “Anal’s dirty and it would hurt and why would I want to be whipped?”


“Cause it feels good if your a demon inhabited technically dead person, makes everything feel so warm, and girlfriend this just in....” Willow knelt and ran the tip of her tongue up the crack of Harmony’s ass. “There’s nothing dirty about it, you don’t use your ass for shitting anymore so you might as well use it for something, and a cock or a tongue or toys up there can feel good, doesn’t matter if it hurts, doesn’t matter if it makes you bleed a little, the smell of blood while your fucking can be so delightful don’t you find.”


“Let me demonstrate.” Willow put a dainty palm on each cheek opening things up and then began to subject Harmony’s ass to its first ever rimming. And pretty soon Harmony was moaning with pleasure just as much as she had been when it had been her vagina Willow had been exploring with her tongue.


Abruptly it stopped. “God Willow please go on I really.....”


“Like it, told you you would, don’t worry I’ll come back to that, but first lets try something else.” Willow stood up and walked over to the so often delved into supply of toys. Harmony watched nervously as she pulled a paddle out by its handle, a two foot long six inch wide strip of leather. She smiled sweetly back at her captive as she rubbed the long hard strip of leather up and down between her legs, before walking back round behind her hips swaying to full effect. “This as you may be aware is a paddle, it works like this.”


There was a swish and Harmony felt a sharp sting as it impacted across both her buttocks. “Owwww!!”


The pain wasn’t that intense but the effect was, the shock of it travelled up her back to her brain, and the demon hiding inside her pulled out all the stops sending waves of pleasure back down to her dripping core. Harmony felt like she had almost orgasmed just from that one stroke. “Oh bitch do it again!”


“Your wish.” Willow grinned as she began to lay it on giving the blond a round two dozen and to her pleasant surprise having her come twice during the course of the beating. “Was my command.”


The Lady came again, her oh so pleasantly well-used vagina spurted out a jet of cold fluid to splash onto Spike’s balls and onto the already stained sheets. He held onto her hips and paused managing not to go with her, when she had calmed down he started in again thrusting his hips upward penetrating her depths.


“Hey Blondie bear save at least a little for me.“ Harmony shouted petulantly then blushed as crimson as she could when both her fellow vampiresses burst out laughing. “What its just a nickname.”


“Sure sweetie.” Willow dropped the paddle and stroked her fingers across Harmony’s now reddening ass cheeks, then knelt again and ran the tip of her tongue along some of the welts before adding. “Would you like me to go back to eating your ass out now, then I could stick a plug up here and fuck your pussy with a strap on, make you feel like you have two dicks in you at once.”


It all sounded so incredibly dirty, or at least it would have done an hour ago. Harmony bit her lip wondering what the hell had just happened in her unlife but then just answered. “Oh.....ok.”




In the alleyway above Percy and his new childe were smooching against a dumpster, making best use of the remaining few minutes before sunrise would see them allowed back into their Mistresses lair.


After initially feeling he had been a complete dumb ass for risking his unlife and experiencing a world of pain for turning Zoe he now had a whole new outlook on the matter. He’d experienced the pleasure of teaching her to hunt, and helped her make her first kill, and the joys to be experienced in having her all to himself, after the second post kill outbreak of sex with her he’d considered being Jersey bound, but loyalty to his Sires (the Red heads had both mixed their blood with his), had pulled at him and so here he was. Fully aware he’d be putting himself firmly back on the leash and be condemned to barely get a look in with his new blond love toy.


“Did you like the things they were doing to you.” Percy asked her. “They made you cum a whole lot.”


“Yeah I enjoyed it all, but I didn’t like having to watch how terribly mean they were being to you. Zoe ran her hands around her Sires tight toned body. “I mean they really liked me so why weren’t they grateful to you for making me?”


“Baby your supposed to ask permission before you go increasing the size of a family like ours, more mouths you have to feed more trouble you have keeping out of trouble with humans. Though its a real pretty mouth.” He paused to kiss it. “And then you’ve got to remember their heavily into the S and M so when there’s no captive vampires or human prey around to play with I often get it even when they don’t have a good excuse.”


“I think it was awful......But then you had a hard on the whole time so.” Zoe nervously licked her lips. “Did you enjoy it and do you think if they did stuff like that to me I might too?”


Your a vampiress now so like yeah, your pain thresholds have gone up and though you might still think a little like a human you’ll soon find that everything is like different. If the girls aren’t totally tired out by this Spike guy they dragged home maybe we could play a little more this morning.” Percy looked up at the sky, which was now noticeably lightening to the east. “We better go in now and face up to any music they might have planned.”




The Lady was lying beside Spike on the bed, she had cum a couple more times, her pussy and ass were now both equally sore and she was for once in her unlife feeling completely sated. Her internal vampire was telling her than the sun was rising outside even without looking at a timepiece. She would it seemed have houseguests for the day and be more than ready to play with them again by dusk.


Spike, feeling at least a little loyalty for his girl had kept at least one last shot back for her, his girl who was currently getting fucked by the seemingly unstoppable Willow. Harmony was still hanging from the manacles with two plastic phalluses in her, one jammed in her butt and the other a strap on was being used on her pussy by the resilient red head. The blond was shouting wildly overwhelmed by how full she felt. “Oh god you bitch, ohhhh fuck yes!!”


The cellar door opened again and Percy and Zoe came in pausing on the landing at the top of the stairs taking in the scene of general nakedness. They exchanged a look then Zoe walked around her Sire, stopped just long enough to get the back of her dress unzipped and drop it and then walked down the steps in just her heels.


“Oh hey Percy I didn’t know you were a vampire!” Harmony thought back to High School when she’d got nowhere with the jock community except for an occasional mild dalliance with Cordie’s cast offs. Percy hadn’t even looked twice at her Sunnydale and didn’t deserve any now, but then again Spike was worn out and by the looks of the bulge in his pants Percy wasn’t. The blond he was with was hot too, beautiful face and a fantastic body. **Maybe I’ll try licking her pussy later......Cock first!** “Percy want to fuck my ass?”


“Harmony, like hey long time no see, and sure.....If that’s ok Mistresses?”


“Whatever.” Red’s attention was all focussed on Zoe she beckoned the naked blond over a look of renewed interest in her eyes.


Its a spare hole far as I’m concerned so go for it.” Willow went back to thrusting even as she peered around the writhing Harmony to watch Percy strip. He might not be the sharpest chisel in the toolset but he was well equipped and knew how to use what he’d got. **And though I hate to admit it he has a great taste in minion.**


Zoe went straight over to the bed and walked up it on her knees pausing between the two vampires who occupied it. Red stuck a hand straight up between the blonde’s legs and started to finger her sex. Spike also took a hand, two in fact, which he applied to the firm rack that was so much almost in his face.


“Hey pretty have you had fun?” Red asked her even though she could tell that the new girl had been very recently fucked, probably in the alley above their hideout. For a moment she wished she hadn’t ordered the minions out, there had been times when an extra real prick would have come in handy, but all and all they’d made the most of things.


Red tried to blot out the now far louder sounds of Harmony as she was buggered for the firm time in her unlife, she slid in a second finger, even as Zoe made a declaration to Spike. “Hi Sir, You’ve got a big cock.”


“Pretty and straight to the point, and call me Spike.” Spike treated her to the full grin with added cheekbones, pretty young and blond so many of his boxes were ticked. Harmony now seeming to be busy elsewhere it seemed a pity to waste what might be the last hard on he’d manage till evening. “Like to have a go on it kitten, that’s if Red ‘ere thinks you deserve a treat?”


“Do I mistress?” Zoe thrust her hips down to meet the upward thrust of Red’s fingers. “Have I been good?”


“You sure have sweet girl, you know despite Percy having been so naughty I’m really pleased you’ve joined us.”


“I like being with you as well, especially doing stuff like this, God my human life seems so dull now.” The already stained sheets were gaining another damp patch. “I love being a vampire, I’d like to try all kinds of other things about being one, and Percy says we like pain, it turns us on. Lady could you please teach me about that?”


“Darling you don’t have to ask me to do that, unless it’s just to please me.” The grin was so very wicked. Then Red took her fingers out and slowly licked them clean. “Tonight dearie I’ll flog you till you scream, but for now get Spike’s cock down your throat!”




Later five vampires lay on the bed, three of them deeply asleep but the two Red haired hosts were still awake and snuggling. “Well this has been nice, so much better I think than that S and M club might have been.”


“Darn tootin Mistress.” Willow whispered back, she still wanted to check it out but to see if the Lady still wanted to go shopping first and find themselves matching mini dresses. “Mommy do you think we could persuade Spike, and I can’t believe I’m saying it, Harmony to stay with us?”

“No honey their off back to Sunnydale.” Willow pouted as red knew she would and then her face took on a familiar wistful expression. “Where we are not going back too and you know why not.”


“I know I sometimes wish we could though.” Willows favourite fantasy involved a very large bed, Red, herself, Buffy, goddess help her Cordelia and Giles and Xander and Oz and Percy all naked and in a wide variety of combinations, now she was trying to work Spike and goddess help her even more Harmony and with less difficulty Zoe into the mix and finding it oh so pleasant a picture. “Its not like we’d be turning anyone ugly or fat.”


“Sweetie aren’t we good enough together.” Red gently ran her fingers through her childes hair. “But now we are three girls to one boy why don’t you and I treat ourselves to another stud, pick up a guy and if he meets requirements turn him together like we did Percy/”


“Sure that would be fun, some big muscular type of guy hung like a stallion obviously, and by that I mean a really big working horse kind of stallion. Cause Percy is pretty but on his own he just can’t lug the furniture without our help, remember that one time when I broke a nail and.......”


Fade to black.


The End


And gentle readers could we possibly descend into the black pit of vampire orgy any further than this......Goddess help us indeed.