Well, What's the Worst That Could Happen?

by John Cope

Borrowed keys rattled in the lock of the Magic Shop door. A dark clad figure snook in and swiftly keyed the disarming code into the keypad for the alarm system. "There we go, simple as that."

A torch was turned on illuminating surroundings that were familiar to the intruder. She might have risked sneaking through light free but didn't want to risk somebody having left something lying around that she could trip over. *Better safe that sorry.*

Swiftly making her way to the rear of the store and Buffy's training room the possible burglar found and turned on the lights then pulled of the really inconspicious balaclava she was wearing to reveal the red hair of.....

Willow Rosenberg.

"God I can't believe I actually wore that thing." She whispered shaking the tangles out of her hair. "I mean if a cop had seen me there'd have been a combination big trouble and difficult explanations to Giles."

But much worse would have been being caught on camera working her way through the store. As things were Giles would in the morning find nothing gone and just rewind the tape. If he did glance at it he'd see a burglar who decided not to take anything not a naughty science geek doing something her best friend had told her not too.

"But I just want to see if I'm right." Willow murmured to herself as she approached the locked cupboard at the end of the room. "Whether I can fix her or not?"

Lightly shaking fingers reached for the handle of the unlocked door, hesitation showed how nervous Willow was about her venture. But computer science had to be served, the knowledge had to be gained. Taking a deep breath Willow gripped the handle and opened the door.

"Hi there missie how are you?"

The dust sheet covered figure propped against the cupboards rear wall didn't answer but then Willow wasn't expecting her too. Quickly Willow pulled the sheet up and off the figure revealing the Buffybot underneath it.

Once again the wiccan stood in wonder. Once again she admired the sheer unflawed brilliance of the copy, whatever real Buffy might think robotic Buffy was her identical twin. "Wow, to think that a geek like Warren could be responsible for something looking as good as this?"

Carefully Willow lifted the surprisingly light robot and eased her back out through the door. Her arms being under the Buffybot's arms as she raised her up Willow wound up blushing scarlet as she discovered just how realistic the robots breasts felt pressed against her face. "Ok putting her down now."

"Gee, talk about realism." She was suddenly very glad that Buffy had stuck the Bot's pink top and skirt back on before shoving her in the cupboard. "And an eeewww is called for when you wonder how he researched to get it that lifelike."

Moving a chair in front of the bot Willow bent her over it then pulled the robots top halfway up her back to gain access to the maintenance panel. She had to feel around to find the well concealed edges of the panel but eventually recollection struck her and she pressed one of two tiny brown moles that were the only things marring the otherwise blemish free silk smooth skin. Three thin lines showed and very gingerly Willow pulled the sheet of what was despite appearances plastic clear.

"Just going to rest these here Buffy." Willow explained to the robot as she balanced her tool kit and a box of spare wires on the bot's shoulder blades. Then she smiled to herself as she realized that she was talking to an inanimate object and calling it by her best friends name. "This is the absolute weirdest."

The insides of the robot were complicated to say the least. Willow began to slowly study the circuits directly under the panel looking for what she hoped would be there. Almost straight away she found it. "Aha!"

"An on/off switch, I knew that after what happened last time the sneaky little rat would have installed one. Allowing the 'boyfriend' to turn the poor girl.....robot off if she got inconvenient. Rat bastard men." A quick replacement of the paneling revealed that the pressure point that shut the bot down was under the second mole. "Press here and off goes the girlfriend then you can shove her in the cupboard."

"And we all know what that means." Willow asked the circle of imaginary disapproving friends. "It means that I Willow Rosenberg can after carefully studying the robot fix her but then switch her off before she embarrasses Buffy and nobody need know about it."

She grinned as she bent forward to start her work. "Well what's the worst that could happen?"

*She gets out runs off and shags Spike.* Her subconscious muttered. *And after all the help he's been giving Buffy recently he deserves the sex, but not with her. She's getting too close to that vampire solid demon or not. Maybe a distractions needed.*

Willow frowned and shook her head. *That's not why I'm doing this at all, if Buffy decides that she wants that kind of a relationship with Spike I'll support her however much I hate the idea. But you know just as a maybe if a certain sweet, good intentioned robot, where to find her way into the crypt and talk him into leaving town with her where's the bad.*

"Buffy's heart gets slightly more broken cause somebody she was considering romance with leaves without saying goodbye." Willow spelled out to herself as she removed the first burned out wire. "She then finds that the Buffybot is missing, puts two and two together and doesn't speak to me for a month. Which is maybe better than she see's Spike and gets to like Spike and his chip stops working unbeknown. He takes advantage of the fact by turning her and just before we all die at their hands the gang turn to me and say, 'Willow why didn't you fix the Buffybot so he could leave with her?'"

She shook her head. "I'm thinking about this way to hard now. I just fix the bot then switch her off and put her back in the cupboard. Maybe over the summer I can reprogram her so she stops wanting Spike boinkage and we can just use her as a helper for Buffy. Let her take some time off to meet new people who arn't blond vampires!"

Resolute that she wasn't doing anything technically wrong Willow started to remove wires from the burned out section of the Buffybot's controls. *Not enough insulation and it's a pretty cheap kind of wiring, and to think that Spike was sticking...ahem..... himself in here......Probably in more than one place, hardly surprising that his hairs gone more standuppy.*

But that wasn't supposed to be something she was thinking about or visualizing. Carefully Willow removed every last trace of damaged wire, then equally carefully she replaced them with the wire she'd brought with her, stripping plastic and winding copper and then applying solder. Pretty soon the simple task of fixing was done Willow put her tools back in her black jackets pockets and then carefully slotted the back over the access panel admiring how smoothly natural the complete skin looked. "Can't see the join that's for sure."

She slightly traced her fingers up the silk smooth skin of the Buffybot's back. Then blushed crimson as she realized what she was subconsciously doing. Carefully she pressed the on switch mole and pulled the bot's top down over it.

Nothing happened.

"Damn." Willow had expected that the bot would more or less immediately spring to life, she reached back into her jackets inside pocket for tools as she asked herself. "I wonder what I've done wrong."

Back forward the couple of steps required to reach the robot went the Wiccan only to stop short at the words. "Where am I?"

The bot straightened up sharply her hazel eyes boring it seemed into Willow's soul. "Willow where did the Hobbit creatures go, why am I here, where is here and where is Spike?"

"Errrr," Willow suddenly realized that she was alone with a stern faced robot with issues. "Glory dropped down dead so her minions got really depressed and are probably drunk at Willy's, which is where they've been for the past two weeks. You had an accident and you broke and I've fixed you, here is your.....Buffy's training room. Spike is either at his crypt or patrolling with the none robotic Buffy."

"This is my training room, I train here with weapons." Suddenly the frown was gone replaced by a smile Willow had to call sweet. One that Buffy had seldom had cause to make since Riley left and her Mom died. "And you fixed me Willow, you are my best friend and I love you."

"Well thanks that's...." The breath left Willow's lungs as the bot threw her arms around her, it was shock rather than any feeling of danger. The bot's hug was restrained and not crushing. "No problem."

"And now I must go and find Spike." The robot looked round excitedly. "He will be pleased to see me and we will have sex."

But then she looked down at herself. "My clothing is dirty, I cannot go and see Spike in this clothing. I had best go to my house and get more."

"No." Willow hastily stepped in front of a robot who was turning for the door. "Buffy...." She realized she was calling the bot by name but what the hell Dawn didn't need the major wiggins of meeting the bot. "Buffy, the regular Buffy keeps a couple of changes of clothing in that cupboard over there, just in case of nearby fight clothing damage incidents. Why don't we see what you can borrow from there."

She went over and checked the cupboards contents. A white blouse and a pair of black leather pants. *Buffy is going to hate me.* "Oh look here you go."

"Thank you Willow, you are so very smart and my best friend." Willow couldn't help but be effected by how sweetly the Buffybot smiled at her, suddenly it dawned on her that her reprogramming plans would neuter the robot or worse. *Take away all her freedom and her fun, I'm just going to have to switch her off and forget about this arn't I.*

So just sneak up on her. Willow had turned away for a couple of seconds now she turned back intending to gently place a hand on Buffybot's back in the spot where she knew that supposed off switch was situated. But she froze now to this spot as a result of what she saw. *Yipes!*

The Bot's arms were above her head as she lifted her top up and off her long fair hair going up with it. To say that the bot was toned was an under statement, to say she was living underwear free wasn't. The pink skirt was now being unzipped just as fast and then dropped. Curvaceous bottom, naked, plus lovely golden skinned toned thighs and calves vampire lust for the use of. *Oh darn she's cute.*

Definitely not wanting to touch the bot, or look at the bot Willow turned away again squeaking. "Buffy don't you have any underwear."

"No." The bot answered in a serious tone to the accompaniment of the sound of leather pants being squeezed on. "Spike was taking me out tomorrow......" There was a pause whilst she thought. "However many nights ago it was to buy sexy knickers and sweaters and some leather pants, like these I guess. They feel very sexy, do they look sexy."

Willow looked back at the topless robot for a second. "Yes." Before hastily looking away.

"That's good, Spike will like them and I'm certain the other Buffy won't mind me borrowing them till I get my own." More sounds as the blouse was pulled on and Willow risked a peek to see the bot clothed if barefooted. "I wish to be her friend but I don't think she likes me, do you think that she might want to be my friend eventually?"

"Well I think she was more mad at Spike than at you." The wiccan hoped that she was telling the truth, now that the bot had turned and was looking at her button pressing was going to be difficult. she'd just have to keep things moving along. "I think if your nice to her and don't do stuff that might be too embarrassing she might get over that and start liking you gradually."

"I hope so." A new folder appeared on the bot's visual display, Warren having fitted her with a learning capability she was able to learn from new experiences as she went along and make folders to keep the knowledge in. 'Buffy Do's and Don't's', was the title. "What should I not do that would embarrass her?"

"Well you look exactly the same so....." Willow thought frantically. "Getting drunk and smashing up bars is a no no. Doing drugs, running naked round Sunnydale, screwing guys all round town, stealing cars...."

"Willow those are all silly things that I would never do." The Bot interrupted not even to input the items. "They would embarrass Spike and are things that a good girlfriend should not do."

"Oh right." With a gulp Willow moved on. "Well see then there's Spike. Normal Buffy isn't dating Spike, if your seen round town pretty much all over him it will embarrass her. Smooching him or worse in the Bronze or on campus or on her street wouldn't be a good."


'Overt public affection to Spike_ avoid'



'Behave_self_Revello Drive.'

"I will try to do those things, and if I do will Buffy like me?"

The smile was so innocent of any guile, the Buffybot wasn't to blame for Spike forcing Warren to make her. Willow pictured Buffy's reaction to seeing the Buffybot walking around. *Oh Goddess I have to shut her down, I have to switch her off. But what if I can't, Warren couldn't switch off his bot, what have I done. I'm responsible for her, I'm going to have to beg Buffy to forgive me and not hate the poor bot too much.*

"It will take her some time to get used to you." Willow answered thickly."But....I guess if I ask her...."

Crossing the floor at a run the bot hugged the Wiccan to her again. "Oh thank you Willow you are my best friend."

Willow patted Buffy low on the back. Nothing happened, she considered punching her there but didn't have the courage to face a strong angry Slayer droid. "I know Buffybot I know."

"However my files contain very little information about you." The display of;

'Best friend,'

'Gay (1999-present),'


'Good with computers,'

Flashed up on the bot's display once more. And just as suddenly a file named ,'Willow,' materialized below it, the folder opened and four pages flew across the screen the details forming a neat list beneath the folder. "You are very happy are you not, especially for the past two years?"


"You are gay?" The Buffy bot smiled as since Willow was so happy she would appreciate that. "Hence you are happy?"

"No," Willow saw the Buffybot change from happy face to sad face in a second. "Though I'm not unhappy, gay in this context means that I'm a lesbian."

"Oh!" Buffy checked her inbuilt dictionary of terms that Warren had bothered to program into her and found nothing. She shrugged and added. 'Lesbian_learn more,' to the bottom of the list. "What is a witch?"

"A woman who practices magic, I'm a white witch, I use my magic for healing and for fighting evil. There are some other witches though that we meet from time to time who use their powers for darkness. But most are good people." Willow looked at the fixed smile of the bot and wonder what was going on in there. "We practice a religion called Wicca, we worship some of the older gods of nature. I'd have to sit you down and talk to you for hours to explain that properly though."







'Wicca_Willow's religion_learn more'

"That will be great fun, I look forward to learning more about Wicca." Buffy clicked back into the conversation after a second recording the points on interest into Willow's new file. "You are good with computers, how did you learn that skill?"

"At Sunnydale High School where we met." Willow began to smile now as she got comfie with standing there helpincomfybot to learn. "I even taught the class for a few months there after poor Ms Calender got killed. I hack into computer systems to find stuff out for us. The police, City council, the morgue, the Initiatives systems you name it I've been there."

'Sunnydale High_learn more'

'School friend_Schooldays_learn more'

'Teacher_very clever'

'Ms Calendar_learn more'

'Hack_learn more.'

'Initiative_Finn,Riley_white bread_bloody poof_nancyboy_GIJoe....'

"I am so glad that I have someone as nice and as clever as you as my best friend Willow." The bot smiled on despite the ever-lengthening list of derogatory comments listed after the term 'Initiative' in her memory banks. Then she got down to the first of her new topics on which she was to learn more. "What is a lesbian?"

"A lesbian." Thrown by the question Willow answered without thinking. "Oh it just means girls who likes to have sex with other girls rather than with boys."

Willow paused as she saw the bot's eyebrows rise high then the smile was replaced by a look of what she hoped wasn't appraisal. And realized that that would have been a good time to say Lesbian's were girls who liked flower arranging or playing bridge.


'Lesbian_girl who has sex with girls?'

'Sex with boys_very nice_enjoyable_fun_orgasms result of'

'Sex with girls?_Learn more'

There was a gap as the computer struggled to move onto the next topic before the sex drive function that Warren had carefully programmed into the bot's mainframe kicked in with a vengence. A new folder appeared on the display, 'Make Willow Happy,' and the extra command appeared.

'Learn more_now!


"Laugh at me again and I swear I will kill you!"

Despite the green blood stained axe in Buffy's hand and the steel in her voice Spike couldn't help himself, he fell over the park bench he'd been fighting on and literally rolled on the floor laughing hysterically.

"This is so not funny!" Buffy had Langdresh demon blood in her hair, splattered across her face, running down her bare arms and all over her lovely black silk top. "And you are really pissing me off vampire!"

"S...Sorry love but you gotta admit that the way that demon's blood sprayed out when you chopped 'is 'ead off was funny. The look on your face." Suddenly a small boot clad foot was pressing firmly on Spike's chest will a green gore dripping axe was poised above his head. "Now Kitten let's not get....."

"Don't...Kitten...Me!" The words were spoken slowly and with authority, Buffy's anger obvious. "My very expensive very cute top is ruined. Now why do you suppose I was wearing this valued garment on patrol tonight?"

"I dunno....Owww." The pressure on Spike's rib cage mounted. "Hey Pet watch you don't break a rib!"

"Would you like to maybe think on that answer some more?" Buffy asked her voice full of mock sweetness. "Possible consider for whose benefit I might have made myself look so pretty?"

"Errrrr, oh I see." Spike was suddenly very sorry that Buffy had been splattered with demon blood and put out of the mood, very very sorry indeed. "You mean that you dressed up all pretty for me, oh pet I'm really sorry....."

"Sorry!" Buffy removed her foot and turning walked away swinging her hips very slightly to focus his attention. From ten feet away she stopped and looked back at him. "You only get round to telling me that I looked pretty after my look and outfit get ruined, and your sorry. Learn something from tonight Spike, for mortal girls a suggestive leer isn't enough, you need to compliment them too."

"I've learned luv." Spike leered suggestively as he sat up. "Why don't I take you home and help you shower that off pet."

"Ha!" Buffy considered a contemptuous hair toss but it was full of demon gore so that wasn't a good idea. "You have so much ground to make up before you get to see me naked Mr. I would suggest that you start thinking of ways in which I can be compensated for tonight, flowers, dinner, romantic date type ways. Do you follow me?"

"Date!" Spike's jaw dropped. "You want me to take you out on a date?"

But Buffy with another hip swing just half turned and walked away axe carried easily at her side. Spike sat there in the grass mouth still open and watched her walk away conscious that she had just said date. Then the other implications of the word reached his brain and the blood rushed from his legs as one cell.

"Bloody hell!"


*Ok nothing about that that wasn't fun.* Buffy though as she strolled casually away ignoring her nagging need to go back drag Spike back to his cemetery strip off and be boinked by him across a tomb stone. She hated to have to admit it but not worrying about Glory anymore combined with the gradually less mind numbing grief over her Mom's death was leading to a gradual reawakening of certain restrained passions. *One of these days I'm going to look at Spike and think. 'I haven't had any since Riley left,' and the next think you know he'll have very jumped bones.*

She stopped swinging her axe gently from side to side and looked down at her top. Fortunately it was black and the demon blood wasn't eating through it or irritating her skin. *None toxic, none skin absorbing, maybe water solvent, might not even stain if I wash it quick enough. Got to get out of it and get it into water. And the nearest place I can get clean clothes is the magic store.*

Reaching into her back pocket for the key with her cleanest axe-free hand she had Buffy set off in that direction not exactly whistling a happy tune but with a spring in her step. Spike had been converted to date mode, this could very possibly be a good. 'Make Willow Happy_Learn more'

The Buffybot advanced even as Willow retreated before her knowing, excited, sexy smile. The bot's computer ran programs and found nothing in the Willow database that would help her. But then the self teaching aspects of her programming came into the fore, she reran the events of her physical encounters with Spike, removed the sections dealing with male penetration and concluded.








The list went on off the display, Spike had done so many things to pleasure her. Licking her lips she asked simply. "Is it fun having sex with other girls?"

The wall was closing in fast behind her Willow could almost feel it. The bot was looking at her like she wanted to eat her, and all the time dark fantasies where boiling through Willows brain saying. *Let her, she's Buffy but she's not Buffy, do what a part of you's dreamed about for months.*

*A very tiny sick part, I love Tara and Buffy's my best friend, I cannot do this.* But at the same time she knew that a negative answer wouldn't compute, the bot wouldn't believe she had sex with girls and didn't enjoy it. "Yes, b..but...."

The word was muffled by the bot's questing mouth, her hands pressed to the wall either side of Willow's body pinning her to the spot. Willow fought hard not to open her mouth but the pressure was irresistible, the scent of the robot was so Buffy, the strength of the robot so Buffy the eyes looking into hers so Buffy. *Goddess Spike must love her to know her this well.* She managed to think just as the bot's tongue entered her mouth.

It tasted normal and felt normal, now the scientist in her started leaping and shouting. *Hey how did Warren do this!*

But when Willow managed to break free of the Bot's mouth her words were. "No please Buffy I can't do this. I have a girlfriend....Tara, I can't be untrue to her, I can't do this with you."


Shot across Buffybot's display, but then vanished along with her smile, Spike would only object to her sleeping with boys and Tara barely featured on her programming, Willow on the other hand was her best friend and as such should help her research. What replaced it was a frown followed rapidly by a pout and then a drop of water began to run down each of the bot's cheeks. "Don't you want me Willow, don't you like me?"

"Oh my your crying." Spike must have had Warren really do a job this time, and from what Buffy had told her about April's programming included so many more human touches. "And please don't do it, I do like you Buffybot it's just that...."

"You like me." Lips pressed to lips again blocking off Willow's protests. A leather clad knee slid up between Willow's thighs and pressed lightly into the apex of her legs, the pressure on her sex sending unwelcome signals of lust up the Wiccan's back. Willow Pressed her hands to the bot's shoulders trying to push her back but found her treacherous hands sliding up over the robot's back to tangle in her silken hair and press her nearer. Next thing Willow knew her tongue was in the robot's mouth as her subconscious screamed. *HEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!*

She didn't know, she didn't care at that second, the bot's breasts pressed against hers, the bot's hands went to her hips as the robot rubbed her knee lightly against Willow's crotch, dampness began to form in the Wiccan's core as her arousal accelerated. The part of her brain that retained some shred of control muffled by the fantasies she'd been denying for well over a year, the thoughts of the power in her best friends firm toned lithe frame, the thoughts of submitting to that power and reveling in it.

The bot wasn't Buffy but she was soft in the right places and hard in the right places, and boy could she kiss. And as she wasn't Buffy and she wasn't human couldn't she be had with a clear conscience, neither Buffy nor Tara need ever know.

*No no no no no!* Somehow though her hands were digging into Buffybot's cleverly faked flesh and her natural instincts were making her start to rub herself against the bot's knee Willow broke her mouth clear and whispered. "Please don't."

Tears began to run down Willows face now. "Please!"



Gently, so very gently the bot kissed the tears away, her knee dropped slightly easing the pressure on Willow's sex, her hands moved from hips to the Wiccan's back. "There, there Willow, please stop crying, your make up will run and you will be less pretty than you are. And you are very pretty my darling."

"Buffy please don't make me do this." Something about it still felt so right even though everything was wrong, how many times had she wondered what might have happened if Riley hadn't come along for Buffy and Tara for her. If they'd developed these feelings for each other. *Sick, this is a robot copy of your best friend, your very straight not gay friend!*

"I will not make you do anything you do not wish to Willow." The bot still sent a shiver of lust down Willow's spine as she delicately licked off the next tear. "Rape is wrong and I would never force you to make love to me. So maybe you should just tell me and not show me."

The bot's hands left Willow's back and she eased clear just a little though her leather covered hips stayed faintly pressing against Willow's black denim coated ones. The Wiccan breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes. "I guess we could talk about it, but you know there's so many more important things to talk about, like Slaying and Spike and expanding your ability to plan..."


'Willow_curious_inquisitive_work with this'

The sound of something soft falling onto the floor made Willow open her eyes. The Buffybot had not only opened but also taken off and dropped to the floor her blouse. "I know I need to know all that Willow but wouldn't you really really prefer to show me, we'll be so much more comfie talking after, lying in each others arms, you all tired and happy. I will not make you do anything you do not wish too. But as an experiment why don't you touch my breasts?"

Willow tried to reply but all that came out was a restrained whimper. That turned into a kind of low moan as the bot took her wrists in her hands and raised them to her breasts pressing the palms of redheads hand's to them. "I'm not that different from you am I Willow, I may be a robot but I'm still built the same. Do I feel any different?"

"Noooo." Un-able to stop herself Willow lightly squeezed the breasts, they didn't feel wrong in fact they felt very right, nipples hardened against her palms, her hands shaking she withdrew them slightly then stopped then rubbed the tips of her index fingers against the now erect nubbins. "Wow how the hell did Warren make this happen?"

"He was very clever Spike told me." Buffybot remembered the brief explanation clearly now though it hadn't sunk in properly at the time. "For a nasty little degenerate sick bugger who shouldn't be trusted near a real girl. He's a bloody wack job who'd be dead now if Spike weren't chipped."

Willow looked up and the righteousness of the comment hit her.

"You see you are smiling now, you are gay." The bot smiled back. "The thing that you are doing to me is making my body hot, making me feel more sexy. It is also having other effects, as a scientist Willow would you like me to show them too you?"

"Yeah....I guess." Willow's hands suddenly froze as the cold reality of what she was doing struck her. And of what the only thing the bot could possibly mean hit home too. "No please don't...."

A couple of clips had been undone and a zip pulled down and the bot was wriggling out of the pants she'd so recently wriggled into, blond curls were coming into view. "Why not, I just want you to see what happens when I get sexually excited Willow, arn't you curious too know?"

*No you're not.* Her subconscious screamed, *can't you see what she's doing to you.*

*But how, how has he made her so she has skin so like a normal girl's, hair and eyes and breasts and hands so normal. What does she feel like down there?* As if out of her control her right hand trailed down the robots torso and curved round as it ran through the silken curls that lightly covered her sex. There was a dampness there, her fingers wet with it Willow drew them back and delicately sniffed them, then licked. "Taste's like honey."

"I believe so, Spike called it my honeypot, I believe he was naughty and made Warren add flavour Spike went down on me over and over again when we made love to taste it." The bot curiously watched Willow's face turn a shade of pink. "But please touch me inside, see what I feel like."

Nearly fainting from fear, desperate to run but unable to stop herself Willow returned the hand to the apex of the bot's legs. There her fingers lightly ran along the lips of the artificial sex, finding that the entrance was as silk like as the rest of the bot's skin. *Gosh think how that would feel to a guy, wet and soft yet tight and.....*

Then she felt the muscles grip her and realized in horror that without even thinking she'd slid her index finger straight in and had started pumping it. "Oh Willow that feels so nice, please try with two fingers, and see my clit is becoming erect like I said it does."

"Oh wow it actually does......" Willow was interrupted by another Buffy voice, a Buffy voice from the doorway.

"Oh my god!"

Willow looked across the nude shoulder of the over half nude Buffybot she was undeniably pleasuring with her fingers and saw the blushing open mouth horrified face of her currently demon blood splattered best friend. Her world seemed to break into pieces around her as she realized that she was totally and completely screwed, the floor was not going to open and swallow her, she was not going to wake up and find this was just a sick dream. "Buffy oh my god this is not....."

'Buffy_real Buffy_way pretty'

'Slayer_evilfighter_bestever hero'

'Buffy_does and don't's_checked'

This ran across the Buffybot's display in a second before the extra circuits Warren had installed this time round kicked in and the Bot saw.



'Willow_is a lesbian.'

'Buffy_sexuality_learn more'


Twisting round dragging Willow with her Buffybot smiled her biggest smile at Buffy. "Buffy your here too now. I am pleased to see you, we are both still very pretty. Willow was teaching me about Lesbianism, do you know about lesbianism because if you do not we could learn together. Would that not be fun....." Suddenly something hit the bot hard in the back and it felt almost as if her skin was peeling off. She looked with horror into Willow's eye's as she felt the Wiccan's left hand slide into her back. "Willow what are you do....."

The wire Willow had grabbed pulled free and the bot stopped still mouth open eye's wide with what, fear? "I'm so sorry I had to do that."

"Willow how could you?"

The bot had pulled her round which meant that Buffy could see precisely what Willow had been doing with the fingers of her right hand. Fingers that came clear now sticky with the bot's flavoured secretions. Holding them in front of her like a mark of shame Willow could just stare at Buffy open mouthed with horror at this discovery. She wanted to speak, she had to sob out some kind of explanation but it was like a sheath of ice had surrounded her vocal cords.

"How could you." Buffy sounded so cold so distant. Willow stretched out a hand only to see Buffy turn her back walk through the door and slam it behind her.

"Oh no!" Willow collapsed to her knees hot tears running down her cheeks. "What have I done."

A few seconds passed silently the only noise being Willow's low sobs. Then wiping her face on her sleeve she stood and moved behind the bot. Carefully after making sure that the loose wire wouldn't catch or short she replaced the rear cover. Then went and got the bot's pink skirt and top of the chair. "Buffy's come her for the shower and her clothes I guess so I better make you decent and get them for her before I go try to make a peace with her."

She sighed heavily. "If a peace is possible that is." "How could she do it." Buffy asked herself for the hundredth time as she paced up and down between the two sets of shelves in the front of the progressively knocked through store. "How the fuck could she do it?"

That wasn't the central question that was flowing through Buffy's mind but it was the only one that she wanted to think about. The other one was too sordid sounding to vocalize. *For how long has she wanted me?*

And even worse. *Has she only been Tara's girlfriend cause she couldn't be mine?*

Catching Willow doing that to the bot was like some sick twisted nightmare wasn't it?

But did she totally think that voices were chanting from distant corners of her mind. *Men keep letting you down but if Willow loves you well why not try her and see how you feel afterwards?*

"Oh God how could she do it." Buffy put her hands over her face to try to block out the image of her best friends fingers jammed in.....it's vagina. But with her eyes closed they just got worse. "Oh what's keeping her, if she doesn't come out here soon to face me I'm going too.....!"

*Do what?* Buffy asked herself. *With how your feeling slapping her silly is a possibility and all that will lead to is a broken friendship, you need to fix this tonight.*

That thought in mind she just went back to pacing and waiting for Willow to emerge.


The bot was dressed in her old clothes once more. Buffy's blouse and pants were shaken out and piled neatly on the chair she'd left in the middle of the room. The bot was back in her cupboard covered once again by her dust sheets. Willow had managed to remove the open mouth look of horror from it's face but they eyes had still stared accusingly the whole time.

"I'm so sorry." The Wiccan could only whisper to the shrouded figure as she closed and then locked the door. "Now I better go face the music I guess."

With a shaking hand she gripped the handle of the door she was about to open. "Oh Goddess don't let this be too bad."

"Buffy I'm sorry...." Her explanation halted at the sight of a really pissed off Slayer heading straight down the long room towards her. For the first time in their friendship she felt true fear of her friend and reacted instinctively. "Denso."

"You bitch how could you....." Buffy suddenly felt as if she'd walked into a wall as a shimmering purple circle surrounded her, the air seemed to get thick and impossible to walk through. "Hey!"

"I'm sorry Buffy but your not in control." Willow held her hand out exerting her will. "I'm sorry for doing this on top of everything else but we need to talk not for me to get beaten to a bloody pulp. A bloody pulp you'd feel really sorry for tomorrow I kinda hope?"

"I was not going to beat you into a bloody pulp." Buffy's denial was hot. "I was maybe going to righteously bitch slap you the once or grab you and shake you some but your still just barely my best friend." Her tone changed to hurt sadness. "Do you really think I'd hurt you Will?"

"No." Even more ashamed now Willow relaxed her will. The force field dropped away allowing the Slayer to step through even as Willow's resolve broke and she began to cry once more. "I'm sorry."

"I heard that part." The words were spoken coldly, far too coldly. Willow turned away unable to face this obvious wrath. Her shoulders shook as she began to really sob. She could face death, face demons face anything but this, this betrayal of her friend overwhelmed her and she covered her face with her hands.

"Willow," her name was spoken sternly but the hand that came to rest on her right shoulder was soothing. "Will you please cease with the waterworks. It's not that bad currently your only eight out of ten on the Will's not my friend anymore-ometer. So sit down and honestly answer my questions and we'll see whether that score goes up or down."

"O...ok," Willow sat and watched as Buffy went behind the counter for paper tissues. Coming back the Slayer dumped a handful in front of her then swing herself up onto the table sitting cross legged in the centre adding physical high ground to moral.

"So question and answer session." She waited whilst Willow blew her nose. "You ready?"

"I guess." Willow felt sick but knew that she had to do this. "Go on."

"Fixing the robot Will why did you do it, was it just so that you and it could have sex?"

"Noooo." Willow contemplated truth or half truth and opted for truth. "I wanted to fix her so you'd have someone else to help with the slaying and, and so that she'd distract Spike from you."

"I see." Buffy gave her the very definite look. "Well that's a point on for uninvited interference in my love life but I'll take two off for the sex not being premeditated."

"Thanks," Willow whispered startled by the use of the term. 'Love life.'

"How did it happen then, did you initiate it or did the robot?"

"It happened like this." The Wiccan took a deep breath and went on with the full truth. "She has a learning capability in her hardware, she wanted to know more about me, asked me questions about the not much stuff Spike bothered to program into her. Asked me wasn't I very happy being as I was gay. So I told her that gay in my case means that I'm a lesbian. She moves on with more questions before coming back and asking me what a lesbian is."

"And of course you didn't think to lie." Buffy couldn't resist a half smile at the look of contrition on Willow's face.

"No, and I see that that's where I went wrong now ok. If I'd said mural painting you might have just walked in to disturb us in mid art." Willow's eye's dropped away from her friends. "As it was I said, 'A lesbian is a girl who likes to have sex with girls.' And from then on she was pretty much all over me."

"So she initiated it?"

"And how, pinned me up against the wall even though I begged her to stop, started kissing me and touching me and jamming her knee up between my legs in a way that really hit the right button if you get me." Noting a blush on Buffy's cheeks Willow decided that she'd been got. "All the time I was saying no though."

"So she raped you Will, that's not how it looked when I walked in?"

"No, not really, she worked her evil robot wiles on me you see."

"Evil robot wiles she was dim as a post from what I saw of her." Buffy's half smile turned to a frown. "She tricked you?"

"Not really, it was more of an overpowering seduction thing, but what started it off was the crying." This wasn't going well Willow pictured a rising points score. "She started crying cause she said I didn't love her, I got sympathetic and said we're just friends, she takes advantage of that to get me thinking that were just going to talk, but then before I can stop her she's topless and is pressing my hands to her boobs. Her nipples actually get erect when their stimulated you know."

"Willow!" Buffy raised a hand to indicate she should stop. "I'm not needing to know this."

"I know it's sounds like a horrid picture of depravity and I was screaming at me to stop, but I'm knowledge girl remember and so I was also mostly thinking wow how did Warren program this!" Willow's eyes dropped again as she went on embarrassed beyond measure. "And it was her talking about other effects stimulation might have that got me into the situation you saw when you walked in. Science was my undoing Buffy, I wasn't getting any sex pleasure just science pleasure I promise."

"Science pleasure huh?" Buffy took a deep breath and sent over the question that had haunted her for the past twenty minutes. "Tara, are you just dating because you can't have me?"

"No, no absolutely not." Willow felt the tears coming again at that implication. "I love Tara, I mean I love you but as a friend I love Tara as a lover."

"Good you just swung back two more points." Reaching down Buffy picked up a handkerchief and passed it to her. "So you've never ever thought about me in that way?"

"I......I maybe post liking girls have once or twice caught myself thinking 'Oh Buffy' but I've never had any full blown torrid sex fantasies." Willow began to wonder if it was possible to blush any brighter. "I know your just a friend to me, I never for one second while I was coming here to fix the bot thought now's my chance for Buffylove, I was jumped plain and simple."

"Ok, stand up." Willow stood as Buffy got onto her knees on the table and leaning gave her best friend a brief hug. "I forgive you the tremendous gut wrencher of a wiggins you gave me, and the image that will haunt me for at least the next year. Now go home and if Tara wakes up do stuff to take your mind of this."

Buffy help up a tress of still blood besmirched hair. "I have to try and wash this out while I can still try to salvage the do."

"You really forgive me?" Willow managed a brave soldier smile. "Despite the......image?"

"Yes, more or less absolutely," Buffy made a heart crossing motion. "Please leave so that I can shower."

"And you won't tell....." The name stuck in Willow's throat. "You know...."

"Tara?" Willow just nodded so Buffy went on. "No, why should I cause her pain, why should I also ruin the friendship that I and the rest of the gang are building with her. Cause after all your, **Never,** going near that robot again are you Will?"

"No not ever." Willow aware that she'd be baking cookies for Buffy for a month at least could at this point only smile some more. "Thank you."

"Ok," The Slayer held up the impaired tress again. "Now go please my looks life depends on showering. Therefore depart this very moment!"

"Goodnight then Buffy." Willow turned and walked, then stopped and turned back and waved. Then ran heading in the direction of Tara's room .


Running the shower at full blast Buffy used the jet to rinse out the last of the suds from the second shampooing her hair had received. The blood had fortunately proven a lot more easily removed once dry than human. "I think that's that mission accomplished."

She put the shower nozzle back in its bracket and turned the water pressure down, she rang some of the water out of her hair and carefully used a rubberband to secure it in a pony tail. Then she reached for the bottle of vanilla scented bodywash that sat beside the shampoo splashing a little on her hands and began to lather the soap onto her body.

Her mind drifted as she soaped herself, as was so often the case at such moments she remembered in vivid detail mutual showerings at Riley Finn's apartment, his strong hands massaging the soap into her even as she returned the favour. But he was gone and without a word of contact since. "Oh god I hope he's ok, I mean to say those demons might be tougher than they thought, or maybe something else happened."

Despite just wanting to cry over it all Buffy had eventually looked up Belize on the net discovering that it was Ex-British Empire and still garrisoned to protect it from Guatemala. "They could have gotten killed by mistake by the British then buried in the jungle for all I know, or arrested for sticking their noses in and be in secret military detention someplace."

Remembering the feeling of Riley's hands on her body wasn't to bad a thought though despite her fears, her right hand left off the lather spreading to reach for the shower nozzle even as her left drifted to between her legs. "Not all bad memories, not all bad at all."

Then suddenly just as Buffy lightly ran her fingertips over the lips of her sex and even as the water washed the soap suds off her skin a thought ran unbidden across her brain, and with it came a sight, a sight of the lust filled eye's of the Buffybot as Willow pleasured her with her fingers. And the sight of the Wiccan's hand jammed between the robot's legs.

"Oh no, don't you dare think about that." Buffy pressed her hand against her sex and then eased a finger into herself. Tried to replace the image with Riley pinning her against the shower wall, Riley going down on her, her going down on Riley, a marathon sexual encounter they'd shared just before his chip came out. But every time she got going with her fantasy up popped the robot's face and Willow's hand. "Oh fuck and damn!"

*No no no no no!* She though her left hand leaving her body and slapping against the shower wall behind her with each word. "I am not going to permit that damn image to stay in my brain."

"I need to think about something else." Suddenly the image of a blond man with distinctive cheekbones jumped to the fore, Buffy bit her lip as she reflected on potential positions for rampant sex with a rampant demon. Her left hand stayed on the wall even as her right maneuvered the shower nozzle so it was over her vagina and pressed down before starting to rub it up and down slowly letting the pressure and movement of the water stimulate her.

In her minds eye Spike was kneeling at her feet, his blond hair damp from the shower water as he ate her out using a couple of centuries of expertise. "Oh that's good."

The just as abruptly as before the image changed, blond hair turned to red and it was Willow down their pleasuring her. "OH CRAP!"

There was a crack like a pistol shot as Buffy's latest hand slap against the wall broke a tile. She let go of the nozzle and turning round lent her face against the wall as the water sluiced round her feet. "Oh fuck it so now I can't have even a fantasy sex life, that damn robot!"

*And whose to blame for it.* She thought pulling herself together and picking up the nozzle from the floor of the cubicle and began washing off the last of the soap. *Spike for having the damn thing built. She got boinked like crazy by him while I'm reduced to shower nozzle masturbation. And now she's almost jumped Willow in front of me filling my head with visions I do not need. I need to get these frickin' images out of my head, and the best way to do that is to get something else in their place.*

"I need a man tonight!" She exclaimed resolutely as she put the shower nozzle back in it's bracket once more and turned off the water. "But since I don't have one to hand a vampire is just going to have to do!"

Buffy opened the shower closet door and grabbed towels from the rail outside, wrapped her hair in one she set to drying her body with the other. "Three hours to sunrise, Dawn's on a sleep over at Lisa's anyway. That means with a fast ten minute walk over there and a thirty minute walk home I've got two hours of serious Spike ravishing time and I can still get back in time to make my bed looked slept in. Time to Carpe Spike but on my terms and how I like it. That boy really doesn't know what's about too hit him."


Spike sat in front of the inane pointless rubbish that the TV was broadcasting at that time in the almost morning and contemplated his unlife. Today he had had the strongest ever hint from the Slayer that she wanted to move their relationship to Romanceville California, thus before him stood the actual prospect of having permission to undress Buffy and shag her senseless.

It scared him.

"Actual bloody human girl, whose not going to be into chains and kinky stuff like that." He raised the bottle of beer he was holding in his right hand and took a swig. "Joint sharing of mutual pleasure with nobody dominatin' anyone, so very not the last two centuries of my unlife. God it's been a long bloody time."

Ideally he scratched the bare skin of his chest, he'd thrown off his slightly blood splattered tee and his boots stood beside the chair, he was ready for bed intending to get up early the following afternoon and start scanning the local press for Slayer date venues. "I mean what the hell does she like to do. Where the devil do you take pretty girls on first real dates these days."

'Slam,' went the door behind him, something hit the floor and then, 'slam,' it went again. Spike was up and turning in an instant the axe he had propped against the side of his armchair in his hand. But instead of the invading demon bent on revenge what he saw was a barefoot Slayer, standing in white blouse and leather pants, besides the boots she'd thrown on the floor.

"Mornin' Summers did you forget something?" He looked at her puzzled she was panting like she'd been running and her eyes were wild. "You ok, everythin' alright kitten?"

"No." Bare footed she crossed the room heading straight for him. Her left hand took the axe haft her right the beer bottle, she tossed them both into a far corner of the crypt. "You don't need those."

"Hey I was....." Buffy's hands locked round the back of Spike's neck and she pulled his mouth down to hers. A deep bruising kiss ensued her tongue in his mouth in a second he unable to do a thing but caress it with his own and suck it lightly. When they parted to her gasps for breath he could only stare mouth open in shock.

"Hey how are you." Buffy smiled up at him nervously as she considered the speech she'd made up on the way over. Could she use it and ever look him in the eye again. *Oh crap!*

"What?" Spike was stunned, he was supposed to be having to court Buffy for weeks but instead here she was all over him. "Buffy what is going on?"

*Oh what the hell, in for a penny.* Buffy dropped the smile and grabbing Spike by the upper arms turned him and pushed him back into his chair. Standing in front of him she began. "Spike listen to me......."

"Hey Slayer easy on the flesh." Buffy had major grip and he could picture his impending finger mark shaped bruises already. "What the hell is wrong with you......"

"Shut up!" Buffy's voice took on a low deadly intent. "I'm going to say something very important if you do not listen to me now I will leave. And when at some later date you discover why I came here you will deeply regret not listening to me. Just nod if we're clear?"

Spike nodded.

"I've come here tonight for one purpose Spike, sexual gratification." His mouth fell open then snapped shut at her look. "Mine let us be clear on that from the get go. I require you to provide me with a succession of orgasms for the next two hours, you will do me how I say and in the exact manner in which I order it. You will not answer me back or grin like your now doing, in fact you will not speak without my permission. You will do what I am very aware vampires are capable of, namely, maintain a constant erection during the full course of our sexual marathon. And once it is over you will not mention this event again and we will revert to the plan where you spend however long I deem fit wooing me before we have sex."

Spike opened his mouth to speak but then slammed it shut as Buffy frowned indicating she hadn't finished. "Though the purpose of this encounter is to provide me with the fullest possible satisfaction of my sexual needs please understand that I am not ungenerous. I will at intervals and simultaneous to my own release permit you to discharge into my soon to be naked body hopefully large quantities of cold vampire semen. This will mostly be into my vagina, if you please me I may at the end of this liaison allow you to cum in my mouth, at no point will you attempt or even suggest anal penetration of my body."

*He really looks like he might faint.* She caught his chin with her right hand holding his head still as her eyes bored into his. "Are we clear?"

Spike said nothing and Buffy smiled once more the bent and kissed him before straightening and adding. "Good boy, you may speak, are we clear."

"Crystal." Spike's world had gone askew, Buffy had had an attack of the dominatrix, he didn't know why and he didn't know how but he didn't care either. She was going to use him as a sex toy, he was very ready to be used. "Shall I take me pants off now?"

"No keep them on." She looked round wondering what to get him to do first. The inspiration lead her to point to the nearest wall of the crypt. "Go kneel three feet in front of that wall, facing towards it. Do not look round."

"Yes mistress!" Spike moved fast, before Buffy even had chance to register what he'd called her he was on his knees exactly where ordered.

*Mistress....eeekk.* Buffy started unbuttoning her blouse with shaking hands. *God he's so into this already, I mean I knew that vampiricly this would seem like a cool thing but Mistress, me!*

Buffy had been intending to let the dominatrix act drop after the first sex act she had planned, now however she had to ask herself. *Can you keep up the front for two hours, I think he'll be disappointed if you don't?*

But meanwhile Spike was kneeling patiently and time was wasting. Fast as she could Buffy stripped off the leather trousers. Keeping the blouse on she just made sure that the material hung either side of her breasts keeping them bared for Spike's adoration as with a confidence that surprised her she walked round him and stood with her back to the wall legs apart.

"You know what your to do." Her back protected from the stone by the blouse Buffy slip her shoulders down the wall thrusting her hips forward as she did so. Spike didn't hesitate his face was instantly pressed into the junction of the Slayer's thighs, his tongue immediately lapping at her labia making her moan with need and delight. "Exactly, eat me Spike, go down on me and don't stop till I've cum twice."

Looking down at the blond hair on the vampires head Buffy grinned at the way her earlier sex fantasy had come true. She let her shoulders slide a little further pressing her groin into even tighter contact with Spike's mouth. Then gasped as the vampire's hands came round beneath her to grab the twin globes of her ass even as he rammed the length of his tongue up between the silken lips that opened to receive him.

"Oh god Spike that feels good."

The vampire didn't stop or pause during the next fifteen minutes, his tongue and mouth and nose and fingers were all put to expert use. The vampires tongue seemed to go further into her than she'd ever experienced before and catch every drop of the hot sticky emissions that were the result of this so pleasurable contact. His nose seemed to catch her clit with every upward thrust of his tongue, fingers that slid into her hot wet essence every time he switched to licking and sucking on her aching lust engorged clit.

Buffy's hands were above her head by now almost scrabbling to grip the wall, sweat was running down her face as Spike exceeded his orders, she had already experienced four intense orgasms and could feel a fifth hastily approaching that felt like it might kill her with it's all consuming power. Half of her wanted to scream for mercy and beg him to stop the other half to beg him for that oblivion.

"Oh Spiiiikkkkeee, oh you are so the big bad!"

Spike almost stopped what he was doing at the sound of those programmed words, for one second convinced that somehow his bot had come back to him. But Buffy tasted pleasantly of normal girl, not the artificially sweetened lubricant that his robots vagina had been filled with. The panting and gasping that was filling his ears also spoke of humanity. Sensing that she must be about to cum again he speeded up his licking and once again brought one hand away from her now thoroughly kneaded buttocks and used his fingers to stimulate her clit.

Buffy felt like her body was on fire, like her head was going to explode. "Oh GOOOOOODDDD!" She screamed as the orgasm tore her control apart. It rolled on and on almost making her faint there and then as she writhed her upper body against the unmoving stone her hips gyrating hard and nearly tearing Spike's tongue loose

And Spike still didn't stop.

Wanting it to go on but not wanting to be reduced to a melted puddle of slayer all over Spike's crypt floor Buffy somehow managed to bring her right hand down to rest on top of Spike's head, then desperately she tightened her grip on the fine short hair pulling him back. His upper lip and chin where slick with moisture mainly hers, through a throat almost horse from shouting she managed to force. "Spike, stop now." And as with an evil grin he stuck his tongue out again she added almost begging. "Please stop!"

Spike sat back on his heels and stared up into her eyes. He didn't look like his exertions had taken the slightest trace of edge off. The bulge she could see in the front of his pants spoke of hours of good loving to come. *And I wondering whether he could keep up with me, I think this could get pretty grueling even if that is in a fun way.*

*Okay, deep breath and command.* Buffy straightened and stretched, then shucked the blouse and balling it accurately lobbed it onto the armchair where her pants lay. "That was very nice Spike you did well. Now take off your pant's and show me what else you have for me."

"Certainly Mistress." Spike's pant's felt so tight around the crotch that he was having difficulty staying in his current position, it was an extreme relief to be able to stand up and ease the pressure by starting to unbutton them.

Buffy stood there naked watching the process avidly. He was barely at the stage of pulling his pants down his thighs before her hot little hand was around him and pulling gently up and down his veined skin. Buffy listened to his sharp intake of breath and looked up into his eyes grinning as she cruelly whispered. "Having trouble holding on dearest, my my vampire how are you going to last when your in my hot, tight, body if just a little handjob takes you right to the edge."

A drop of pre-come oozed from his slit, Buffy caught it on the finger tips of her free hand and brought them to her lips licking it off. "Salty, but almost sweet, different from....."

She saw the look on his face and still playing the dominatrix issued a decree. "If you wish to speak you may do so?."

"Mistress your standing there suggestin' that I can't hold it till I've got you off?" Spike spoke condescendingly as if to a child. "Talkin' to me as if I was some namby pamby bloody 'uman and not a demon who can hold it till judgement day if the lady isn't vocally screamin' an orgasm out in his ear."

"I see." Buffy took her hand away and walked straight over to the bed Spike had had fitted at the far end of the crypt. Lying down on it she spread her legs invitingly. "A promising boast to make but the proofs in the boinking, so come over here and prove it."

"Yes mistress." The black jeans hit the floor and just as naked as Buffy Spike strolled confidently across the room and onto the bed beside her, then he was between her thighs pressing the head of his cock into her it seemed to him near boiling cleft. The earlier ministrations and the erotic excitement of it all had left the Slayer more than ready for him, he slid in easily encasing himself in her heat. His hips jerked involuntarily as he fought against what the sensation did to him, Buffy gripped him with her inner walls a slightly cruel looking smile on her face.

"Having problems?" She milked him, clenching and unclenching her muscles around him even as she gripped his hips with her thighs holding him in.

"Noooo." Spike felt his orgasm surge, soar, he hadn't felt the heat of a mortal girl surround him in years. Rape had never appealed to him and Dru had taken a dim view of human pets or playthings. Somehow however he held and as his orgasm subsided it was his turn to give a cruel smile. *Girl your going to pay for that, by the time I've finished with you you won't walk straight for a week!*

Reaching up above her head Spike pulled one of the pillows loose. "Raise your hips please mistress."

Buffy arched her back lifting her butt off the mattress and allowing Spike to slip the pillow underneath it. She wondered why he'd put it there until his first thrust went home eliciting an. "Oooohhh."

The trust had hit her g-spot head on and Spikes new angle of penetration meant that he kept on hitting it time after time after time. Buffy could barely believe how good it felt. "Ohhhh Spike."


An hour and ten minutes later Buffy literally whimpered as she came for the eleventh time that night. She was kneeling on the rolled up mattress on the floor as Spike pounded his seemingly permanent erection into her tired aching body from behind. Again she felt that cold shock to her womb as his semen gushed out inside her. "Oh god."

Her face was flushed and red, sweat was almost running down her body and literally dripping off her nose onto the cloth below her. Her thighs where sticky and icky with her own and the vampires body fluids. She had ordered the vampire to make her cum for two hours solid, she hadn't expected him to take her this seriously.

Her clit felt like it might explode it was so sore, her vagina ached from far far too much good sex. Yet every time the now constantly grinning vampire changed her position and thrust himself home the fires relighted and she was off again.

"Mistress?" Spike asked simply as he withdrew, smirking too himself as Buffy collapsed onto her front with an exhausted groan. Reaching across he picked up one of two bottles of water that he'd pulled out of his refrigerator during an earlier sixty second break. Opening the half empty two litre bottle he took a mouthful to keep himself lubricated and then poured a stream of it along Buffy's backbone.

"Ohhhh....cold." But for all that it felt good. Buffy reached back blindly and grasped the bottle he thrust into her hand, she bought it round to her mouth as she sat up swallowing slowly to replace lost fluid. "God I'm....."

"Ready for another go already." Spike knew she was about to say tired but wasn't having any of that. "Well Mistress we have a quarter of an hour or so left, just tell me how you'd like it?"

The Slayer had to fight really hard to suppress another whimper, she simply could not manage it again. She might have the strength of ten women but after a long day and night she was simply exhausted. But for all that she wasn't going to admit defeat. "Go and stand where I stood by the wall."

*Thank god I promised him a blowjob.* With a struggle Buffy got to her feet and picked up the now rather soiled pillow that Spike had kept positioning under her whenever he needed to alter the angle of penetration to gain maximum effect. A little unsteady due to exhaustion she walked as sexily as she could over to the vampire and dropped the pillow at his feet dropping to her knees on top of it.

"And now just like I promised you get a reward." Buffy took a light grip of the base of Spike's cock to hold it steady then began to lightly trace the tip of her tongue over his glans. His hisses of pleasure showed that he was just as sore from too much sex as she. *Vampires and their high pain tolerance.*

Licks of the head turned to licks up and down the length, the she switched to sucking listening to the vampire moan and sigh and groan at the sensations she created. Buffy was in no hurry she didn't want to risk the vampire having the time left to dare her into another sexual bout.

Carefully she relaxed her throat and took him deeper controlling her urge to gag. The palm of her left hand came up to rest on his groin, holding him steady to restrain any urge he might have to thrust. Slowly with slow deep as possible strokes the Slayer deep throated her former mortal enemy there against the wall of his dingy little crypt.

Spike was really having to keep an iron grip on his self control now, part of him just wanted to let go and then have the Slayer have to admit she couldn't take anymore, but that hardly seemed like a humiliation to inflict on a girl who'd thrown herself so wholeheartedly into enjoying the ride. The majority opinion was hold back and let her do it to him for as long as he could bear it.

And hold on he did, finally however a relieved Buffy aware that the clock had ticked down switched from slow to fast, and then to add to the pressure one hot little hand moved underneath him to caress his balls whilst the other began to stroke his length faster and faster as Buffy withdrew her mouth so that just the head was inside her mouth her tongue rolling around it.

"God Buffy god yes!" Spike aware from her actions what is lover wanted relaxed his control and let his orgasm boil over into the Slayers mouth, looking down into her upturned eyes he watched as she drank down every drop of his emission then sat back on her heels smiling up at him. "Kitten your so good."

"So I've been told." She gratefully accepted the hand up he offered her and the kiss he placed on her lips, then she stepped and still holding his hand walked to the chair and her clothes. "Thank you, you were wonderful, and you've very skillfully fulfilled your task."

"Which was embarked on why luv?" Spike had wanted to ask her all through their sex but had been enjoying it to much to risk a walkout. "Why did you come in here and order me to give you the full works like you've never 'ad 'em before."

"Can't tell you the why. Let's just say I saw something that I wanted to blot out. And the best way to blot it out was to get the ride of my life from you." She saw the confusion her words were causing written all over Spike's face and laughed as she pulled her pants up. "Oh come on why are you looking like that. I desperately needed sex and I chose to have it with you, is there a problem with that concept in your mind?"

"None at all." He watched regretfully as the blouse covered the breasts he'd spent do much time kissing and caressing. "Except now I'm going to have to go through that whole romantic wooin' thing, I mean not that I've got a problem with it but with this on my mind well....."

Buffy put her palms on his still dead chest and looked up into his eyes as she answered. "Spike you are going to have to do the romantic wooing cause it's expected amongst people, but after what we've just shared you can safely expect me to be......easy!"

Then with a grin Buffy turned grabbed up her boots and bolted for the door leaving the vampire staring after her for the second time that night his mouth open in shock. "Easy?"

"Bloody 'ell!"


"So I wind up with Spike as a boyfriend." Boots on Buffy set of for home a spring in her tired over exerted step. "Well what's the worst that could happen?"

She smiled anticipating all the good times that were to come. *He's going to get months of normal boyfriend girlfriend love but maybe one day I'll let him be in charge like I was tonight, but on a strict no pain infliction basis. If I do it I'm really thinkin' that I'm going to need knee pads that night though.*

Willow would be tucked up in bed with her honey by now, and bed was where Buffy was going. "But first I'm going to shower again and fantasize about Spike!"

The End