by John Cope
Sequel to Bad

Willow awoke slowly as her unnatural instincts alerted her to the nearness of the sunset. She ran her fingers through her sweat and sex-tousseled hair and smiled as the memories of the night and early morning came back to her.

Her demonic twin's body was cold against hers, but it felt as smooth and as good as the black silk sheet that covered her body. Had it only been two months since that night that had ended her mortal life and changed her whole world forever?

*Such a sweet sister, so loving.* Willow gently stroked the fingers of her right hand down her alternate's flank. *Not like any Sire I've ever read about.*

And it was true she had not been used, been treated like a toy, she had been loved since the moment of her rising. Many vampires rose to find themselves alone. She had looked into the same beautiful but twisted smile that was the last memory of what now seemed to her to have been an oh-so-very dull mortal life.

They'd gone out and hunted straight away, the older vampiress catching the prey and selflessly feeding it to her new Minion.

"Hi Mom I forgot my key........can I come in?" What had there been that wasn't fun about that night? She shivered deliciously as the memories of the screams made her wet for what seemed like the thousandth time. Her left hand went low across her own stomach her index finger delicately probing her sex the cold depths, still sensitive from the frantic love making of the night before.

They had left the house three hours before sunset and gone to another dwelling in Sunnydale to acquire another toy.

Willow gasped as she rubbed the tip of her finger over her engorged clit, it felt on fire after her twin's administrations to it with tongue, fingers and blunt teeth. Yet for all the ache she wanted more, so much more.

She heard an answering moan and looked towards the wall and the figure shackled there. *He's awake.* She grinned wickedly. *Poor Percy......I wonder if he's still up?*

*That first night was so marvelous, I wonder if he remembers it as fondly as I do?*


Oh he'd been scared alright, even before she'd laid her hands on him, he'd been petrified to see this girl he'd been attacked by sat on the roof of his houses porch, staring in through his bedroom window.

"Hi Percy, I'm sorry about what happened earlier," Willow said to him leaning in as near to the barrier as she could. "You just made me cranky, claiming you owned my ass."

Beside her, hidden from Percy's view by the wall of the house, her demonic leather-clad twin stuck her hand in her mouth to restrain the urge to laugh, this was the most fun she'd had since her turning.

Willow looked around at the pile of textbooks on the bed, the screwed up sheets of paper and the harassed look on the boy's face. "Percy are you still working?"

"Kinda," Percy gulped as he managed to spit the word out. Willow was looking at him a whole lot differently than the way she had in Snyder's office. A whole lot differently than girls usually did period. There was no blushing, no shying away from direct eye contact, it was unnerving but at the same time it was giving him a hell of a hard on.

Willow had eaten, along with her sister, draining the blood from three adult victims between them but still the sound of Percy's heart beating made her mouth salivate. And at the same time her juices were starting to flow elsewhere, he would be her first, but on her terms not his.

"Kinda?" She raised an enquiring eyebrow. "Say you're not working on that history project are ya?"

"Yeah, well you know......." He paused, not prepared to admit how badly she'd scared him. "It kinda didn't seem right no more.....havin' you do it for me."

"That's good Percy, I'm so glad you learned something tonight....." Her Sister mimed a yawn and mouthed two words. 'Bored now.'

"You wanna learn some more?" Willow asked running her left hand across her stomach and onto her thigh.

"Waddya mean?"

"You know....." Willow's eyes were running all over Percy's body, her panties were damp. She wondered what left over vestige of her mortality had made her keep them on. "Come on Percy.....don't tell me you don't know?"

"Sure....." Percy felt his face start to go a bright shade of pink and fought against the blush for all he was worth. "Sure I know, but ain't you supposed to be with Oz?"

"Yes......" Willow knew she had the boy and, though her Sire was looking increasingly petulant, she was finding this game to be such fun. "But I've been thinking about my teaching methods."

"Your what?"

"How I'm gonna teach you." Bringing the hand back up her body she cupped her left breast through her sweater. "You do wanna be taught don't you Percy?"

Percy gulped then whispered, "You sure I'd be the one gettin' taught?"

"Oh yeah, there's so much about me you don't know. " Goddess being a vampiress was the most. "But my teaching methods are simple, a system of reward and punishment really, the punishment you've already had......wanna talk about the rewards?"

Her Sire's face had changed, her bored look had gone and been replaced by a smile. 'Bad girl.' The vampiress mouthed.

"Rewards." Percy stood up and moved nearer to the girl. "What kinda rewards?"

"Depends on your grades." Willow looked at the bulge in Percy's sweats and liked what she saw. "If you get a passing grade I'll give you a handjob, get a C and you get a blowjob."

"And if I get higher than a C?" Percy whispered just the other side of the window now. "Then what?"

"Assuming you've done the work and not cheated then I get naked with you. And we spend a night fucking." Willow licked her lips and watched Percy's reaction avidly, he seemed almost to shudder with lust. "And Percy I so want you to get a B."

"Girl you're something else, you wanna come in?" Percy stepped back to make room for her. "Grade my paper."

"Why not." She held her arms out. "Give me your hands kind sir, help the lady in."

"Sure...." Hands like ice locked round his. "Hey Rosenberg not so........"

Willow pulled her victim straight out the window and sent him tumbling onto the front lawn. "Look at that, strong already." She nodded to her Sire. "There you go he's all yours."

"Thanks." The leather-clad vampiress leaned across and kissed Willow briefly on the mouth, her tongue clashing lightly with her Childe's. "Be quick."

Willow slid into Percy's room looked for a bag and set to work tossing the place. "A few clothes, money and plastic.....then the fun!"

Percy shook his head as he tried to sit up, he'd landed on his back the force of the impact knocking all the air from his lungs. "Jeeze the bitch."

A noise behind him made him turn to look.

"Didn't your Mommy tell you it's not nice to call girls naughty names?" Willow was standing there but not sweater and skirt wearing Willow who'd just thrown him off his porch roof. Standing there now was the leather-clad Willow from the Bronze. The dominatrix Willow.

"How the fuck did you?.....What the..." He shook his head, unable to make any sense of it. "Nobody could change that fast."

"Neat huh, kinda like magic." Willow stepped a little closer. "But we'll talk more later after the fun parts."

Stunned still by the drop, Percy had no time to react to Willow's lightning fast move. The last thing he saw before it all went black was the incoming toe of her boot.

The newly turned Willow got back to the window in time to see her Sire rip a sewer cover up out of the street with apparent ease. "Wow I wonder if I'm that strong? It'll be fun finding out."

She climbed out of the window and back onto the porch roof, tossing the light bag she'd packed down onto the lawn she stood up and looked over the edge. It looked along way. "Oh."

"Come on little girl." Her Sire shouted no longer caring about the neighbors. "Don't keep me waiting, just think cat and jump."

"Cats!" Willow cleared her mind of all other thoughts than one. *They always land on their feet!*

And she jumped.

She landed lightly, her newly enhanced muscles barely jarred by the impact, her body seemingly adapting itself for the role of a night time hunter. *Guess I'm buff like Buff.....gee I wish she was with me."

But best not to keep her Sire waiting though. Picking up the bag Willow ran over to join her demonic twin.

"Did ya think it?" her Sire asked.

"Meeeooww," the Childe responded with a grin.

"Good girl." Willow grinned wickedly and gave Percy's body a prod with her boot. "Let's you and me get this boy underground then and we'll see about us kittens gettin' some cream."


It hadn't taken them long but it had been a revelation to Willow.

She'd realized she was strong, some of the stuff she'd done at her Mom and Dad's house had shown her that. Breaking bones with your bare hands is an eye-opening accomplishment. But to find that without any difficulty she could pick up a full grown man and drop him through a manhole cover to be caught by her Sire waiting down below was still a shock. She slid down the ladder into the darkness below.

"Mind you don't land in the crap." Teeth flashed in the darkness as her Sire smiled at her. "I won't wanna fuck ya if you're all smelly."

*Wow.* Willow grinned back . *I'm gonna get it on with a guy and with my Sire again, with myself! Say ain't that just masturbation? Still we got Percy so I guess I get the whole variety all at once.*

But what she actually said was, "This is real cool, I'm strong and kinda ruthless and there's the whole sex thing. I think this is all gonna be such fun."

"Fun, you ain't even started yet...." Willow stopped speaking as she contemplated something about her new Childe. "Say, are you still smart?"

The new demoness contemplated the question using Willow's brain to do it. "Yeah I think so, you don't mind do you?"

"It's okay I guess." The Sire threw Percy's body over her shoulder and walked on adding. "But I wasn't anywhere near as smart after turning as I was before."

"Age." Willow found her head was still full of useful vampire lore. "You were just sixteen when you got turned from what you said earlier. I was eighteen, the older you are when you're turned the more your personality sticks."

"Great, so you get bigger boobs and more brains." For the first time Willow found herself resenting her Childe. "And why am I doing the carrying?"

"Oh." Willow looked at Willow and held out her arms. "Sorry Mistress."

"Mistress." The alternate Willows mouth dampened with saliva. "Say that again sweet girl."

"Mistress," Willow whispered it low and seductive.

"Little girl." Easily holding Percy's unconscious form clear of the sewers contents with one hand, Willow cupped her Childe's chin. "Do you know how badly I yearn for a switch right now?"

A flicker of fear ran through Willow as her barely repressed humanity contemplated the pain, but then her demoness began to whisper to her explaining the joy of pleasure mixed with pain. "Oh Mistress I so wish you had one too."

The alternate grabbed her Childe's hand and pulling her behind nearly ran down towards the nearest side tunnel. It stood four feet above the walkway and looked reasonable clean and dry. She threw Percy up onto the brickwork and then turning put her hands on her Childe's hips and easily lifted Willow up into the air and sat her facing towards her.

Instinctively the fledgling knew what to do, lifting her hips she pulled her skirt back up so that her sex was exposed even as her Sire was pulling her panties down over her thighs and then off over her sneakered feet. Balling the garment up the older vampiress tossed them into the sewer. "Last time you're ever wearing those Missie."

"I think I like going commando." Willow grinned only to be answered with a stern look.

"Now don't you go thinking I'm going to be getting you off like this very often little girl." As Willow spoke she traced her clawed fingers up and down the skin of Willow's upper thighs always stopping short of touching the slick flesh in the apex of her legs. "But just this once you can come first."

"Thank you Mistress." Willow sat back a little letting her weight rest on her elbows as she opened her legs wide. She felt so naughty spreading herself like this for another girl but at the same time so loved that her Sire would treat her like this. "I'll always be faithful to you."

Willow swallowed saliva as her world stopped for a second. She had thought she loved Xander, she had felt a lust mixed with loathing for her Sire and torturing Puppy had provided her with hours of pleasure, but this was different. This was love.

Her eyes locked with the brown eyes of her Childe for her a second, her lover to be was biting her lip in anticipation. *Good.*

Far more gently that she had intended to Willow inserted the tips of two of her fingers into the pink slick core of her Childe, slowly she slid them into the hidden depths even as a long drawn out moan escaped from this planes Willow's mouth. A thumb brushed a hardening clit making the girl shiver. "My my a virgin pussy. How tight you are."

*Well technically not quite virgin.* Willow thought in her head as her walls opened out a little further to let her Sire's fingers probe her as deeply as they would go. *Oz has been down there a few times with his fingers even if we haven't done it, but this.....*

"Oh Mistress.....please."

"Please." The vampiress brought her other hand into play catching her Childe's clit between two fingers and gently rolling the now engorged nubbin between them. "Please what?"

"Fuck me." Willows penetrating fingers were pistoning into her now that her muscles had stretched to accommodate the intrusion. "Please...."

"Fuck you how?"

"With your tongue, please Mistress fuck me.....Ooohhh!"

Sliding her cold wet fingers under Willow's ass, the alternate lifted Willow's hips up to meet her descending mouth. Her tongue delved deeply into the cold channel that opened before her even as she wormed a digit into Willows puckered anus making her fledgling cry out at the duel penetration.

Grinning at the effect she was producing, Willow began to use her tongue like a cock thrusting the pointed tip hard into the fledglings wide-open sex. Every gasp and moan sent a shiver down her spine even as her own secretions began to run down her inner thighs making the leather slick.

She moved her mouth up a little moving her free hand, the one that wasn't busy finger fucking Willow's ass to again slip her fingers into her Childe. Now as her talented tongue began to use all the skills Darla had so painfully taught her to lap at Willow's clitoris. The girl was keening, her orgasm almost on her, the Sire speeded up wanting it to be an unforgettable one.

Her lolled back, eyes closed, Willow was breathing harder than she ever had in life. She felt on fire and her Sire's tongue and fingers were the center of her heat. Her lips opened as what seemed like a thousand volts of electricity coursed up her back and exploded in her head sending her into convulsions even as her juices dripped from the alternate Willow's chin.


Willow looked up smirking her fingers still working in her Childe's orifices. "Goddess? Why thank you that's even nicer than being called Mistress."

*Not what I meant actually.* The vampire Wiccan however kept silent about her remembrances of her religion as she leaned forward to lick her own secretions of the black nail varnished fingers Willow extended towards her. "Tastes good."

With a pop Willow eased her other finger out of Willows ass then gently indicated she should close her legs. With the strength her powerful parentage bestowed on her she jumped up onto the ledge were Willow sat and surveyed her prisoner. "Hey sleepy aren't you awake yet?"

Humans weren't supposed to fight back. There were very few in the alternate Sunnydale who were prepared to, so the Lady was taken completely by surprise when Percy's legs suddenly shot out. They tripped her and sending her crashing back against the wall. In an instant Percy was on his feet and ready to run towards the open end of the tunnel.

Her Sire attacked, their mortal prisoner having the arrogant belief that he was better than them, that he was able to beat them! A cold ball of anger formed in Wiccan Willow's stomach as Percy jumped to try to clear her.

Willow's hands came up and it seemed that energy suddenly flowed into her from all around and then was expelled through her palms. The air seemed to shimmer between her and Percy as with a scream he was sent flying back ten feet to slam into the brickwork of the tunnel floor.

She sat open mouthed then turned her hands over to look at her palms. They looked the same as usual, they weren't giving off any smoke or sparks. *What the hell?*

"Wow!" The leather-clad vampiress had been about to give the soon to be unfortunate Mr West a demonstration of how quickly a mature vampire could move but instead he had traveled faster?

*How did she do that?* She got up and walked across to sit in front of her Childe. She took her hands in hers and looked down into Willow's confused, scared-looking eyes.

"The other one, the one in the Bronze she said you brought me here." She bent and kissed her Childe on the forehead. "Is that true?"

"Yes." Looking into her Sire's eyes, Willow knew that what she saw reflected there was love. "With magic."

"And you can still?" She kissed her Childe's eyes each in turn. "Do magic?"

"Yes." She shook her head confused. "But never like that, and how, why would the Goddess let me a demoness have that kind of power?"

Lips locked with lips as her Sire kissed her deeply. Hands that had been grasped by tender loving hands were freed to caress her Sire's neck.

"When you get turned you get strong," Willow whispered to Willow when the kiss was broken. "I don't know why but you still can. Were you ever that powerful before?"

"No never." Willow looked at her hands again. "There's nothing I can't do is there?"

"Dunno." Pulling the red material that covered her forearms up Willow traced the blue veins that showed. "The blood of the Master flows here, it makes us strong, stronger than most other vampires. But with what you have no one can stop us, no one."

"Which means?" Willow pictured Buffy dead at her hand, in so many ways it felt good. But in others....

"Do you love me?"

"You know I do, more than life, more than anyone else."

"And I love you my Childe." She traced her fingers down Willow's cheeks. "We'll go East to New York, we'll feed and play and get strong. You'll practice your magic everyday and when we're ready we'll bring down the world, just you and me together."

*She doesn't want to go after Buffy.* Part of her had wanted to, so much of her wanted Buffy. As a victim, a meal, a fledgling, a sex toy, as a lover, as mate. But what did all that matter in the face of this beautiful creature who embraced her now. "Yes please Mistress that will be so nice."

"Sweet girl." Willow unclipped the front of her leather bodice and hands moving swiftly eased the leather garment off to leave herself half naked. "I hope you haven't broken that boy."

"You mean we're still going too...!"

"Oh yes Sister." Turning she cast the stunned but conscious boy a look of pure evil. "After all we still got a cherry to bust."


That first time had been good, so had the second, and the third. Percy had had to work real hard not to have the dominatrix do to him all the things she had threatened, especially as the Sire took her share of pleasure, too.

Touching herself she remembered watching Percy being turned. How his blood had tasted as she and her Sister come Sire had sunk their fangs into either side of his neck, embracing as they drank his sweet blood down.

Then the hunt the three of them together. So sweet that blood too, but swift in a town where a Slayer roamed.

LA, San Francisco, Denver, Kansas City, St Louis and a dozen other towns and cities had passed by. In each of them the Master Vampires had tried to impose their will upon the two Willows and their slave, tried to acquire two such beautiful daughters of darkness for their own pleasures. They had failed.

The older Sister could, it seemed, outfight almost any vampire sent against her, male or female, her boots and claws wrought havoc in every fight. And the Childe?

Willow had had such fun, she had thrown vampires through plate glass windows. She had cracked vampire skulls with baseball bats from thirty yards away just with her will. She had set vampires on fire with a click of her fingers. She was feared.

But now here they were at journeys end. New York.

She heard another muffled groan from Percy and giggled at the fun they were having here already. *Being a vampiress is so nice.*

"Starting without me's no fair." A voice suddenly whispered snapping her eyes back to her Sire, she was smiling her hair just as messed up as her Childe's they had gone at it so wildly the night before. "You checked on him?"

"No." In the half light she could see him hanging naked in the chains that secured him to the wall. "Do you think he's sorry now?"

"Yes, but he'll never be sorry enough," Willow hissed. Her Childe had had the audacity to make a Childe of his own without her consent, he was lucky not to be a pile of ash. "So we'll make him sorrier."

The girl was seventeen at the most. She had an exciting body, firm high breasts, a shapely ass and killer legs. Her hair was cut in a blond bob and her face once it regained its human features would the Sisters were convinced be as beautiful as her body. She lay curled in a ball in a corner of the room, chained via a steel collar round her neck that ran to another bolt in the wall.

Dominating her had been such fun that the Willows had decided to let Percy live, for now.

The scars from the whipping had healed to narrow red lines. The dried blood smeared over his body coupled by the patterns left by fire and holy water showed how severely they had tortured him. As did the blood smeared on the wall from the brutal assaults the Sisterhood had made on his ass with their strap-ons.

But what drew there attention now was something else.

Together they padded naked across the room and knelt before him starring avidly at the engorged purple phallus that jutted upward before them.

"Told you it would work." The dominatrix in chief ran her fingers ideally up and down their captives length, a white drop of pre cum squeezed from his glans and rolled down the blood filled flesh. "Cock rings are such fun."

Percy tried to beg but the red ball gag that was jammed into his mouth prevented a word he said from being understood. All the same the younger vampiress sighed in sympathy. "Mistress?"

"What?" Her Sire teasingly ran the tip of her tongue from base to tip sending Percy up on his toes from the pain in his swollen balls.

"Shouldn't we get him off before we go out." She touched the buckle that secured the ring with her finger tips. "I could do with a salty mouth wash even if you couldn't."

"I suppose." Willow eyed Willow and added, "But that means tonight you wear your collar and leash sweet girl, so everyone in that club is going to know whose property you are."

"Yes Mistress." Then she unstrapped the cock ring. She gave Percy a meaningful look. "You're on probation Mr. Let me take my time, come too fast and I just might bite."

A cat of nine tails made a sudden vicious impact on Percy's broad chest as Willow's mouth closed over him. He screamed against the gag at the sudden shock of the skin tearing blow.

"Oh sorry I'm just trying to take your mind off her." The whip slashed again. "No actually I'm just having fun."

Bored now Willow went to the wardrobe and lifted out first her leather pants and bodice and then the red leather mini dress her Childe would wear. She looked back and smiled at her Sister's bobbing head, her hair contrasted so prettily with the fresh blood that ran down Percy's body. *Almost like art.*

A collar and leash from the chest in which they kept their toys and she was ready. They had the extreme good fortune to be a block up from an S & M club. Tonight they would check out the scene.

Tossing a bag of blood to the prone girl she looked at her again. "I've no doubt you can make yourself useful at least. In fact you're the most fun we've had here......though that will change."

Another muffled scream came from Percy but this time of pleasure. Willow turned away from him licking her lips as she did so. "Do we feed him?"

"Waste good blood on that bad boy hell no." She saw the look in his eyes knowing he must already be in pain from hunger. "It'll be tomorrow night before he tastes a drop."

Her Childe pouted a little it seemed. Willow gave her a warning glare. "It's your spoiling him that's made him do this. I catch you giving him any blood and it's two dozen on each cheek with the studded paddle and no supper for you either."

"Oh I wouldn't." She gaze Percy a look as if to say, 'What can I do'. "He's been bad and must be punished, and hurting him is the most fun."

"That's nothing compared to what you're going to see." Holding up the dress Willow went on. "Who knows who we might meet in that dungeon....shall we go?"

"Oh yes please." Another adventure, another night of sex, violence and death. "Sunnydale pah, who needs a Hellmouth with so many millions of mortals to kill here."

"Who needs it indeed?"

To be Continued........very subsequently.