by Morgana

Who tells sadder stories?
Tears in broken eyes
Telling ‘bout the worries,
Search for cure from whys.

A something to believe in, not leaving, still living.
There must have been a reason for all, she said.

Fading hours of pleasure and pain,
Trust me now, it wasn't in vain.
In this life some things will remain
From fading hours.

["Fading hours" by Rage]

Part one

They attacked from behind.

One of them nearly got Buffy but Angel pushed her aside just in time. They spun around to face their attackers.

It were six of them. Vampires.

Buffy took three and left the other half for Angel. She punched the first one in the face causing him to stumble backwards. The second flew through the air and landed hard on the ground after he'd caught a kick in the gut.

The third vampire grabbed her from behind but she got rid of him by pushing her elbow into his solar plexus. While he was gasping for unneeded air she plunged a stake through his chest and he turned to dust.

Angel had some more problems. His three vampires attacked simultaneously. That wouldn't have bothered him normally, but he hadn't fed after he'd calmed his childe. Therefore he didn't possess his full strength at that moment.

He managed to kick one vampire in the face sending him to the ground with a broken nose. Ducking under a punch he spun around and thrust a stake into the second attacker's heart. Then turned to face the third one.

Just as he'd staked him he felt a kick in the back sending him to the floor. He tried to ward it off but was not quick enough. So the following brutal punch hit his jaw, dazing him. The attacker grabbed the stake, ready to plunge it into Angel's chest.

Meanwhile Buffy had staked another vampire and was busy with her last one. After a few punches and kicks she had him on the ground and staked him. Turning to Angel she saw her love on the ground. Obviously dazed and not aware of the stake pointing towards his heart.

"ANGEL!" she cried out as the remaining attacker pushed the wood downwards. She started to run but knew she wouldn't be quick enough...

Suddenly the vampire froze a surprised expression on his face. Then he turned to dust.

Spike grinned at the confused Slayer. "That's timing, isn't it?" He chuckled while helping his sire to his feet.


Xander jumped from his seat, cross in hand. Spike jerked back and growled low in his throat.

"He's with us, Xander, so put it down." Buffy commanded as she entered the library behind her former enemy, followed by Angel.

"You brought this KILLER with you? Are you crazy?!" Xander sputtered still holding the cross up.

"Someday I'm going to kill this sod." Spike muttered under his breath. Angel heard him and gave him a strange look but said nothing.

"Okay, short version: he's got his soul, he's on our side and a few minutes ago he saved Angel. - Now would you PLEASE put this thing away?!" Buffy asked impatiently. Xander looked at her in confusion but took the cross away.

Buffy and Angel sat down at the table. "I need a smoke. Going to join you later." Spike explained as he turned to leave.

Cordelia chose this moment to enter the library. "What..." she started as she bumped into a lean but muscular chest. She stepped back to see whom she run in.

"Spike!" she squeaked with a terrified expression on her face.

"In the flesh." Spike replied dryly.

"I leave it to you to fill her in", he added facing the Slayer. He looked at Cordelia again and shook his head while his eyes turned upwards in an annoyed gesture.

Cordelia jerked back as he passed by and Buffy started to laugh. Spike just sighed and left.

"I... was this... This was Spike!" Cordelia eventually managed to say.

"You don't say." Buffy mocked her eyes widened with fake astonishment.


"Hi Will, you wouldn't believe..." Xander started as the red head entered the library, but was cut off by her.

"Hi everyone. - Where's Spike?"

"You know?" Xander's eyes were about to pop out of his head. Willow didn't reply because the answer was obvious.

"Spike has gone outside to smoke. Didn't you meet him when you came here?" Angel asked with worry.

"No, but I didn't search for him either."


Spike put the two things back in the pocket of his duster carefully. He took another deep unneeded breath in order to control the burning pain inside his body. Finally he walked back towards the library, feeling much better. His mind once again free from the agony of his memories.

Part two

Willow smiled at Spike. She really liked him despite what he'd done to her and they'd become close friends in the past weeks. They spent most of their time together whether patrolling or researching. If they didn't do any of these they went to the Bronze joining the others and having fun.

The others had accepted Spike even though he was almost back to `his good old annoying self' as Buffy had put it. (I'm so glad the spell didn't have any further hooks...)

"Want to dance?" Spike interrupted her thoughts. She nodded and he led her towards the dance floor. As they reached it the music turned soft and Spike looked at her questioningly. Willow grinned at him and put her arms around his neck. Gently he encircled her waist and they started to shove to the music.

She liked it. His cold skin under her fingertips, his lean muscular body pressed against her own...

He pulled her closer wanting to feel her warm body, her breasts rubbing against his chest... Spike looked down at the woman in his arms. Her eyes were closed and her head rested on his shoulder.

He lift one hand and caressed her beautiful red hair. She opened her eyes and looked at him. Green orbs focusing on blue ones. Slowly Spike started to bent his head for a kiss and Willow turned her face up to welcome him.

His lips brushed her mouth softly in a tender question for more. She opened her lips in response allowing his tongue to enter. Spike deepened the kiss and her hands wove into his hair holding him to her mouth.

Finally he broke away. Though he needed no air he breathed as heavily as she did. They walked back to their table, desire still burning in their eyes.


"He's recovered quite quickly." Buffy mentioned as she sat down on Angel's couch.

"Yeah, he's even able to feed from blood-bags. - I think it's strange." Buffy frowned and he started to explain. "As he got his soul he was nearly starving because he didn't feed for over two month. He was haunted by nightmares and couldn't feed from any blood but mine. And then from one instant to another..."

"... he's back to his good old annoying self." Buffy completed the sentence.

"Do you..." she hesitated. "Do you think he lost his soul again?"

"No, it's still there it just seems to hurt him no more. - Enviable if you ask me." Angel gave her a sad smile.

"But how did he manage this?" Her eyes narrowed. "Did he hurt himself? - I mean you once told me he might do that in order to ease the mental pain."

"This thought came to my mind as well, but I don't think so."

"Why?" Buffy asked.

"If he did so there would be marks on his body but there are none."

Buffy nodded. "I see. Perhaps he's stronger than we supposed."

Angel gave her a doubtful look then shrugged. "Perhaps", he eventually agreed.

Part three

His hands were trembling. His body ached with need. He pricked the needle through the lid and filled a syringe with the liquid the bottle contained. He pulled the thong around his upper arm tight and proceeded to open and close his fist until he could see the vein. Injecting the liquid he breathed heavily as pain started to radiate through his entire body. After he'd regained control he leant back against the wall in relief.

Spike didn't notice the pair of green eyes watching him through the chink.


Willow closed the door to Spike's apartment behind her silently and put the key back into her pocket.

She was shocked about what she'd just seen. (Oh my God, he's a junkie!) It shot through her mind, but as hard she tried she couldn't figure out why.

(I've to know what kind of drug it is.)

Because she could hardly ask him, she decided to snatch the bottle and take it to Giles. (Perhaps he'll be able to tell what it is.)

She unlocked the door again and opened it. "Hi Spike!" Willow called out, pretending she just had arrived.


"Anything?" Willow asked as she entered the library a few days later.

"Lab-report is on the table, but I haven't read it yet", Giles replied from the stacks.

Willow took the papers out from underneath the bottle with the liquid in question and started to read.

"The lab-report?" Buffy suggested as she came in. Willow glanced at her and nodded.

"What does it say?" Angel asked while he examined the bottle.

"It's only water." Willow informed as she'd finished reading, a confused expression on her face.

"But for what reason would Spike inject himself water?" Buffy's eyes widened. "Unless..."

"... it is holy water." Angel added while rubbing his burned fingertips.

Part four

She slumped on her bed, tears streaming down her pale face.

(Oh God, what have I done?!)

[You made him suffer just like you wanted.]

(But I didn't want to hurt him this much!)

[What did you think his soul would do to him? - Itch a little?]

(No, but I thought he'd be like Angel. Brooding and sad and...)

[Don't expect me to believe what you're saying. You don't even believe it yourself!]

Willow closed her eyes in anguish.

(That's not true!)

[Sure it is. As you cast the spell you knew exactly what you did.]

(But I didn't recognize it's ambiguous. If I'd known...)

[... you wouldn't have changed a thing.]

(No, I'd never have cast the spell if I'd known the effects.)

[Whom are you kidding?]

(I'm serious!)

[And pigs can fly. - I guess to remember you were searching for the worst you could do to Spike, because you hate him. So where's the problem?]

She clutched a pillow to her chest and started to sob.

(But I don't hate him.)

[Wait a second, you DON'T hate him?]


[Then why the hell did you curse him?]

(No clue.)


(Okay, okay, perhaps I was a bit angry.)

[Right, and hell is a nice place for a summer vacation.]

Willow growled and punched the pillow.

(Damn, yes! - Yes, I hated him for what he'd done to me. Yes, I wanted him suffer. - Are you happy now?)

[Just if you tell me what changed your mind.]

(I came to the conclusion he'd suffered enough for his deeds.)

[Oh, and here I was sure to remember something like "be punished for all eternity" and "damned until the end of all days". Sorry, my bad. Besides, your view of "eternity" is quite short, you know.]

Her fist hit the pillow again.

(Oohh, just shut up!)


(Why not?)

[Too much fun.]

(Ha, see me laugh!)

[I won't go until you're honest with yourself.]

(I am.)

[Are not.]

(Am too.)

[Are not.]

(Am too.)

[... You know what? This is annoying.]

(Then go, I don't hold you.)

[Okay, I'll leave. - For now.]

Part five

Spike woke up. His head hurt. He moved carefully in a sitting position and looked around. (Why the bloody hell am I in a cage?)

"He's awake." Spike turned his head to see who was speaking. "Good. I was already afraid you'd hit him too hard." Buffy said. Angel just shrugged.

"Would someone mind to fill me in? Is this a bad joke or something like that?"

"Nope. We're going to help you." Buffy answered.

"And for what reason you're sure it'd help me to stick in a bloody cage?"

"We'll need the cage to keep you under control during your treatment for drug addiction." Angel explained.

"My WHAT?" Spike looked at him with surprise.

"It's not the smartest thing for a vampire to inject himself holy water." Buffy mentioned.

Spike's eyes widened with horror as he realized what that meant. "Let me out of here, immediately!" he yelled while jolting the bars.

"Not until you're clean."

He laid his forehead against the cage-door and sighed. (Shit!)


"How is he?" Willow asked as she entered the mansion later that evening.

"Surprisingly quiet and bearable considering we're talking about Spike." Buffy answered and nodded towards the cowered figure inside the cage.

"Spike?" Willow crouched down next to the trapped vampire.

His hopeful gaze met hers. "Will you let me out of here?" She shook her head sadly. "Then leave me the bloody hell alone!" Spike hissed and turned away.

Startled by his harsh statement Willow flinched slightly. "Just ignore him." Angel suggested.

"I'm off for patrol." Buffy nodded towards Angel. "He's going to stay and help you with Spike."

"Okay." Willow agreed and stood.

Angel sat down on the couch while Willow started to pace in front of the cage. "Have a seat." Angel offered after a while and patted the couch.

She shook her head and kept pacing. She was too nervous to sit still. Angel shrugged and started to read because watching her made him feel dizzy.

"Just the bloody hell sit down! You're driving me CRAZY!" Spike growled eventually.

Willow jumped in surprise but did as requested after she'd shot Angel a sheepish grin.


Spike wanted to cry out in agony, but he didn't. He'd kept his control for hours but now the pain had become unbearable. (At least the memories don't hurt yet.) Knowing the anguish would return after the physical pain had vanished, this thought was only a slight comfort. But a comfort nevertheless.

He laid down and curled into a ball. His arms protectively clutched around his bent legs. His knees touching his chest.

His whole body ached with need and he started to tremble violently from the agony. It was worse than the holy water had ever been.

(Who would have thought a vampire could become dependent on holy water. Might be a funny thought if it just didn't hurt that much! - Oh fuck!)

Spike panted heavily in order to suppress the pain as good as he could. But it wasn't enough. Sweat mixed with tears streamed down his face.

He bit his lower lip to keep himself from whimpering. By the taste of blood in his mouth his stomach turned and he needed all his will-power to prevent himself from heaving.

Finally he couldn't take anymore. He just wanted to die.

The first muffled sob emanated from his clenched teeth.

Part six

Willow watched the suffering figure inside the cage.

[Oh, he's all suffering and crying. A nice sight, don't you agree?]


[Come on, enjoy it. There's nothing better than someone suffering from a torture you've caused.]

(I caused this?)


(But the spell should only cause mental pain not physical one.) [As you said: it's ambiguous.]

(What do you mean?)

[Oh, I'm just talking about a little sentence in the spell which says "never without agony". - What do you think does it mean?]

She heard Spike whimper and flinched.

(Oh God!)

[I take it you understood. As long as he's tormented by physical pain his memories won't haunt him, but afterwards...]

(That's cruel.)

[It is, isn't it?! I've to admit you're very talented in torturing your victims. Now sit back and let us enjoy the show.]

(Are you crazy?! - There must be something to help him, something to break the spell...)

[Pfft, you're boring.]

(Get lost!)

[My intention anyway.]


He would do everything. Even beg though he'd never begged in his whole unlife.

Spike forced himself into a sitting position and rested his trunk against the bars. He gritted his teeth in order not to scream as a new pain raced through his body.

"Please", he eventually managed to say. His voice barely more than a whisper.

But Willow heard it. "What do you want?" she asked in a soft voice as she approached the cage.

"I..." Spike clenched his teeth as another wave of pain flooded over his system.

"Are you hungry?" Willow suggested.

In fear she'd bring him some blood he shook his head hastily. The sudden movement caused the pain to explode inside his head and he closed his eyes in agony.

"What is it?" she asked with worry as she saw tears streaming down his cheeks.

Spike opened his eyes slowly and looked at her. Then his gaze drifted away and focused on something behind her. Seeing the longing in his eyes Willow knew what he was looking at. The bottle with holy water on the shelf. She only shook her head in response to his silent question.

Spike suddenly jumped to his feet. Fear and anger gave him strength. "Why not?" he yelled startling Willow. She opened her mouth to answer but he went on. "It's my body and I treat it like I'm pleased. It's none of your bloody business! Now give me that bottle!"

His human mask flickered and disappeared unveiling his demonic features, but Willow stayed steadfast. "No."

"As soon as I'm out of here I'll kill you for that", he hissed.

Willow was shocked about this last sentence even though she knew Spike wasn't in his right mind. She watched him collapse on the floor as the wrath vanished and left him in despair.

"He didn't mean it." Angel comforted her.

"I know."

At the sound of his sire's voice Spike raised his head. "Please." Angel shook his head.

"I... I'll do everything, just give me the bottle." Spike begged his imploring blue eyes focusing on his sire.


Spike swallowed heavily and took a deep unneeded breath. His last try took him a lot strength of mind. "You..." he swallowed again.

"You can have me", he finally stated as he started to unbutton his shirt not caring about Willow.

Angel was shocked. It had to be worse than he'd thought if his childe made such an offer. Spike hated being fucked by a male, therefore Angelus had used to rape him very often. Angel closed his eyes at the pain of the memory. "Stop it, instantly!" he eventually managed to say.

Spike flinched at the harsh tone but stopped. He lowered his hands slowly from his half-buttoned shirt and bowed his head, both in submission and despair. He'd offered all he had to give and had been denied.

Willow decided not to ask. At least not yet.

Part seven

Angel opened the cage-door. The last weeks had been hard. They had forced him to drinking some blood. Spike had cried, begged and raged but eventually he'd defeated the addiction.

The blond vampire didn't look at his sire as he left the cage. His head hung down and his shoulders slumped with the weight of his guilt. His gaze never left the floor as he walked towards the door. It was a pitiful sight.

"Spike?" He winced as Willow's soft voice reached him. Images of tortured bodies shot through his head and reminded him of how he got this name.

"Please don't call me that", he said in a quiet voice and left without looking back.


[Now we're back to mental pain. Not bad as well.]

(You're disgusting.)

[Thank you.]

(This wasn't meant as a compliment.)

[But I took it as one.]

(You're morbid.)

[As much as I like being flattered but I've to know what you're going to do next.]

She came to the conclusion her evil side was annoying.

(None of your business.)

[Come on, tell me!]





(... Okay, okay, I'm going to visit Spike.)

[He don't like being called Spike anymore, remember? - I think it's a shame. It was such a cute nickname!]

Willow shivered. This part of her mind was really frightening.

[So why do you want to visit him at all?]

(I cursed him, therefore I feel responsible.)

[We already went this way but I want to know the truth.]

Her evil side started to hum the song to which she'd danced with Spike weeks ago.

(It's got nothing to do with that.)

[Then why did your breathing increase?]

(Did not!)

[Did too. - Now tell me, what does he mean to you?]


[And you expect me to believe this in earnest?]

Willow sighed.

(Perhaps I like him. Just a little. - I mean he's gentle and courteous and witty and sexy and...)

[There we are!]


[You said he's sexy.]

(No I didn't. Did I?)

[One hundred percent positive.]

(And that's really all. I- I never said I'm in love with him.)

[But you are.]


Her head shot up.

(I am? How is this possible? We're talking about SPIKE! - The sexiest vampire on the planet. Oh, bad Willow!)

[Hey, it was my job to say this!]

(I love him!)

[Did it hurt much?]


[Admitting it.]

A smile crossed Willow's face as she opened the door to Spike's apartment with trembling hands.

(I love him!)

[You already mentioned this.]

(Just get lost.)


The music was deafening.

Willow closed the door and listened to the lyrics of the heavy metal song.

Live in darkest dreams; Drugs roam in my head
Nothing's like it seems; Still the blood is red
Myself is what I hate; My living and my lie
I bow to my fate; Never change it, never try

I hate myself, don't call my name

She watched as Spike started to bob his head to the music.


Knowing the lyrics expressed his feelings she kept listening.

The shit of all the years, it lies upon my soul
Depressions and my fears, things I can't control
The days are painted grey, I never see the light
I throw myself away, give up, never fight

He still hadn't observed her. She looked at him. As usual he was dressed all black. Since he got his soul he didn't wear his favorite red button-down shirt anymore, because it reminded him of the blood of his victims.


The sun sometimes shines, upon my wretched mind
But I just close my eyes, and hate is what I find
Hope is what I need, despair is what I give
Hate is what I feel, hate is what I live

["Hate" by Gravedigger]

She walked towards the stereo and switched it off. Astonished by the sudden silence Spike looked up.

"Hi Spi- em, William." Willow greeted shyly. He tensed as his mind added "the Bloody". (At least she didn't call me Spike.)

"Leave me alone!" he whispered his eyes holding nothing but pain. It broke her heart.

She couldn't tell why but suddenly she found herself kissing him passionately. He was surprised but didn't try to shove her away. After a while he returned the kiss.

His hands slipped under her t-shirt. She didn't wear a bra and he moaned in pleasure as he caressed her breasts. She pulled at the buttons of his shirt, tearing them off if they didn't open quick enough.

Spike stood and removed his clothing then he returned to the bed and got rid of hers as well.

He kissed and licked his way down her neck towards her breasts. Eventually his mouth captured one of her pebble-like nipples while his fingers twisted the other. She threw her head back and groaned.

He could smell her arousal and brought one hand down between her tights. She gasped as his fingers stroked her clit making her juices flow. Spike's mouth went down her body until his tongue licked her silken folds. He felt her stiffen beneath him and sucked her clit making her explode into orgasm.

He kissed her again allowing her to taste herself. Willow could feel his hard shaft rubbing against her hot entrance. Teasing her. She grabbed his hips and tried to pull him closer.

Spike growled and thrust into her. She groaned and bit his shoulder in order not to scream as he tore the thin membrane. Caused by the feeling of her blunt teeth in his shoulder, the damp warmth surrounding his cock and the smell of her virgin-blood he lost the little control he'd kept.

He growled low in his chest as his game face appeared. With a groan of pleasure he sank his fangs into her neck while he thrust in and out of her.

Willow climaxed a second time and the feeling of her clenching vaginal muscles around his shaft and the sweet taste of her blood in his mouth sent him over the edge as well.

Spike removed his fangs carefully from her neck and laid down next to her. After he'd covered them both with a blanket he pulled her heated body against his cool chest.

She snuggled up in his embrace, loving the feeling of his muscular body against hers. He started to lick the twin puncture wounds on her neck. She knew his game face was still prevalent because she could feel the ridges brushing over her neck. A very female smile appeared on Willow's face as she realized that it was her who caused him to lose his self-control completely.

"I love you", she whispered. In response he started to purr and she drifted to sleep.

Part eight

She opened her eyes to see him standing in the doorway. With a yawn Willow got up into a sitting position and looked at her love. As usual he was wearing black jeans, red button-down shirt and... RED button-down shirt?!

"William?" she asked uncertainly. Spike grinned at her.

"I've worked very hard on getting my nickname, therefore I'd appreciate it if you'd use it."

She paled. (Oh God, he's lost his soul the same way Angel did. - Wait a moment, there wasn't any happiness-clause in the spell.)

[I'm sorry but this isn't fully correct.]

(You mean there was one?)

[Something similar.]


[Think yourself!]


[Because I'm not going to tell you.]

(That's mean!)

[Hey, I'm your evil side, so what did you expect?]

Willow recalled the spell and analyzed it again. Spike watched with amusement as her inner conflict began to show on her face.

(There's nothing. Actually his soul should have been constantly.)

[As you see, it wasn't. - Next try.]

Willow just shrugged.

[Your luck I'm such a nice guy. - Okay, perhaps you should try the part after "always haunted by his sins".]

(That would be "alone, never able to break free"... I see absolutely no connection.)

[Are you sure there was a comma within the sentence?]



"Spike..." she started.

"Oh, I'm honored you still remember my name even though it took you quite a long time." He gave her a mischievous grin. In her mind she went back to their first meeting after he'd returned to Sunnydale. At that time he'd said something similar.

She held her hands up in defense as he approached the bed causing the blanket to slide down her body. "Just let me explain..."

"Nice tits", he stated.

Willow's face turned red as she pulled the cover over her breasts. "I'm so sorry. I really didn't want to curse you..."

Spike arched an eyebrow.

"I mean actually I wanted because otherwise I wouldn't have cast the spell. It's not like someone gets cursed by accident..."

[Oh yeah, that was really smart. If he didn't want to kill you first he'll do it now for sure!]

"Willow, you're babbling." Spike interrupted as he sat down on the bed.

"Please don't kill me."

He looked at her with astonishment. "Why the bloody hell should I kill you?"

Willow was speechless. "You, em, you mean you don't want to kill me?" she finally managed to say. Spike nodded. "But why not?"

[Are you trying to convince him to do so? - Otherwise shut up!]

"Actually I have lots of better ideas to spend my time with you."

She saw the desire burning in his blue eyes and her vaginal muscles clenched in anticipation. "I- I don't understand this. - I mean Angelus..."

"Don't compare me to that wanker!" Spike snarled.

"S-sorry!" Willow squeaked.

Spike sighed. "Okay, I'll explain it. - We mated, they didn't."

"We WHAT?"

"Mated, pet."

"But they had...- you know what I mean - as well. So were's the difference... Oh..." she trailed off as her hand touched the twin puncture wounds on her neck. "And what exactly is the meaning of "mated"?" Willow asked shyly after a while.

"It means that both the demon and I are in love with you and therefore it's unimportant if I have a soul or not."

"You're in love with me?!" Willow gasped.

"Yes, and I'd rather die than hurt you."

"What's about my friends?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want you to hurt them."

"Not even a tiny pummeling with the Slayer or my sire, the wanker?"


He pouted. "Okay. Let me guess, it's the same with Xander?"

Willow nodded and grinned. "I want you to play nice with all of them."

"No bloody way. You can call yourself happy if I don't try to kill them!"

"Please?" Willow looked at him imploringly.

He lowered his head in defeat. "You got me."

"And about your feeding..." she continued.

His head shot up. "Don't even think about it. I. Won't. Fed. From. Blood-bags!"

"But you promised not to hurt me." Spike gaze met hers. She read confusion in his eyes. "It hurts me if you kill humans."

"That's blackmail!" he growled. She smiled. "Okay, I'll only feed from them and try not to kill them."


"All right, then I WON'T kill them. Happy now?"

"I'd prefer the blood-bags."


"But..." He cut her off with a passionate kiss.

(I'll work on this later, much later. - Ohh, Spiiike!)


The night is gone,
The time has come
To find a new day has begun,
An' it promises to stay...
To soothe the pain of wasted years
An' kiss away the bitter tears,
A love to light the way...
And from the darkness
Comes a smile,
That reaches out for many miles,
Touching everyone...
No more shadows of the past,
Your spirit free to fly at last,
Shining in the sun...

Like rolling thunder
I feel the power of love,
It's a gift from heaven
And the Lord above...

We walk toward desire,
Hand and hand
Through fields of fire...
With only love to light the way
On the road to Judgment Day...

Take it easy, take it slow,
I'll take you anywhere you wanna go,
Places never seen before...
‘Cos I love you, an' I need you,
I'll do my best to please you,
My love can open any door...

When you hear the thunder
In your darkest night,
I'll be there to hold you
When the lightning strikes...

So don't you worry,
You can ease your mind,
‘Cos we'll still be dancing
At the end of time...

Who loves you, who needs you,
Who'll do his best to please you,
I love you, I need you
I'll get down on my knees...

We walk toward desire,
Hand and hand
Through fields of fire...
With only love to light the way
On the road to Judgment Day...

["Judgment Day" by Whitesnake]