A Private Spot

by Mylissah

Spike was laying on his back in the middle of the park. He was staring up at the stars, humming a little tune to himself, seriously contemplating getting drunk, or getting off. Or both.

"Choices, choices," he muttered under his breath. He tapped his upper thigh with one impatient finger. The getting off choice was becoming the most appealing of the two.

"In a public place. no less. Thought she was supposed to be upholding the public good," he thought back to about twenty minutes ago when he'd caught the Slayer and his sire making out, hot and heavy, in the cemetery. They'd really been going at it, and he'd settled down for a discreet jerk off session when Angel had abruptly pushed the Slayer away. She lay there, sprawled out on her back, panting, totally dishevelled.

The Slayer wasn't the only one left panting. Spike felt like he'd really enjoy punching his idiot of a sire for making them both aroused, then failing to follow through. His hand snaked down to his crotch.

"What the hell are you doing?" a familiar voice snapped him out of his reverie. Standing over him, hands on his hips, was Angel. Spike thought he detected more than a little frustration in his sire's voice. It made him happy.

"Jerkin' off," he said cheerfully.

"I can SEE that," Angel said, throughly exasperated.

"What the devil'd you ask me for then," Spike muttered under his breath.

"It's a public place...you're in a public place..." Angel sputtered.

Spike couldn't help it, he began to laugh. "Uh, yeah. That's good. Rich in fact. How long do you think it've been 'til I saw the Slayer's head bobbin' up and down if you hadn't pushed her away?" He crossed his arms behind his head, awaiting a reaction.

Angel's mouth opened. Closed. Opened again. Closed again.

"Yeah, bad old me. I watched." He frowned. "Not that there was really that much to actually watch in the end." He glanced up at his sire. "I think you need to sit down."

Indeed, his sire did not look good. All the better to tease him.

Angel folded beside him in the cool night grass. His lips pursed as Spike's hand slid back down to his apparent hard on.

"How about a helping hand?" Spike asked wickedly.

"Fuck you," Angel coldly returned.

"I hadn't thought to get THAT much help," he grinned unrepentingly, and placed a hand on his sire's thigh. It was immediately slapped off.

Which caused him to put it right back on again. And have it slapped off once more, but this time Spike was ready. He whipped up into a sitting position, gripping his sire's chin, forcing it close to his face. He did nothing, just held Angel there, staring into his sire's eyes until he felt him relax. "Remember?" He said quietly.

Angel slowly nodded. Spike scooted around, putting his head in his sire's lap, laying comfortably on his back. "It wasn't all bad...." Angel admitted.

"No," Spike grinned, tracing Angel's bottom lip with his finger.

Engrossed in each other Angel didn't hear the muffled squeak from the bushes.

"The first time--" Spike began, and broke off as Angel began to chuckle.

"We both fell in that alley. I thought the smell of garbage would never come off."

"If you hadn't been so anxious, mate," Spike mused. "I could've got us to a proper bed. But no, himself didn't know what he wanted. Kiss me, kill me--"

"I did BOTH Spike--"

"Don't interrupt. Two of us rolling 'round and 'round in the muck, not caring. Like a couple of hogs." He snorted. "Lucky for you I know the proper way't do things."

"The crap you spread is unbelievable."

"And not the only thing I know how to spread," Spike amiably returned, stroking Angel's thigh.

The bushes rattled.

"It's nice to know you learned something useful," Angel dryly observed.

Spike's lips twitched. "Remember the back room in that tavern that one night? Remember how I said, 'Let's wait', eh? What happened next, I ask you? What happened?"

"I was on my knees sucking you off when Dru and Darla walked in on us," he said ruefully.

A soft thump, like a person dropping suddenly to the ground came from the bushes.

"I told you to tell them. Right pissed, weren't they? Threatened to castrate the both of us--thought we were holding out on them."

"Then it turned out they'd been screwing in the private rooms above and didn't want us to know." Angel grinned.

"And how many times after that? One of us on top of the other. On top of, underneath of--" Spike sat up, brushing his lips against Angels'. "On our hands and knees..." He trailed off. "Here, there, anywhere we wanted..." He cupped his sire's face, drawing him near, gently kissing the firm mouth. Angel resisted a moment, then pulled him close, leaning into the kiss--then broke away.

"No. No, Spike"

Surprisingly his childe sat back on his heels. "All right then." He touched his lips. "But I think you'd better go."

Nodding, Angel stood on shaky legs and left.

Spike shifted his throbbing hard on to a more comfortable position. He rose gracefully to his feet and left for a more private spot.

A spot that did not include the Slayer and her flabbergasted friends hiding in the bushes.