I Only Have Eyes For Dru


I gave her everything
Inside one heart could find
I gave her passion
My very soul
I gave her promises
And secrets so untold

I watch her as she digs, so intent on her inane purpose. I don't know why she's doing it—never did know, she's so bloody crazy. I hear her say something about sleeping underground, and give an appropriate response, that her dress will get dirty. Not like I care about her stupid dress, but I think I've gotten so used to her ramblings that I can have a whole conversation with her and not really hear any of it. I more enjoy watching her face, how it can light up when she's excited or cast its own shadow when I've angered her. I rest my head on my hand and watch her, wondering what's going on inside her head. My eyes flicker over to Angel, Angelus, whatever the hell he wants to be called. He's watching her too, and I don't like it one bit.

"Then I'll sleep naked, like the animals do," Dru replies to me. This definitely snaps me to attention, and I can feel all of my muscles stiffen when Angel says, "You know, I'm suddenly liking this plan." The simple fact that I can finally feel the muscles in my legs tightening as well helps me repress the urge to march over to him and let my boot connect with his chin.

But my mouth doesn't seem to be under the same command as my legs. "Fortunately, nobody cares what you like," I say, then add with menace, "Mate."

"Oh yeah? Let's ask Dru," he challenges me. I feel frustration seep into me when Angel is completely unaffected by my tone. Damn it all to bloody hell, he never is. Never was, even before when Dru wasn't between us and we were friends—well, as much as two vamps such as us could be. Angel always had an edge over me, and still does now. He's the only one, vamp or human, who ever has. "Honour thy father," I think, not quite managing the bitter smile I'm feeling.

I'm distracted from my thoughts by the sound of Dru laughing. I'm always amazed at how her laugh can affect me. Anyone who doesn't know me wouldn't dream that it could make me melt. Which I'm perfectly fine with.

She came at me in sections
With the eyes of desire
I fell trapped into her
web of sin
A touch, a kiss
a whisper of love
I was at the point
of no return
Deep in the darkness
of passion's insanity
I felt taken by lust's
Strange inhumanity
And then it happened
She touched me
For the lips of
a strange woman
drop as a honeycomb
And her mouth was
smoother than oil
But her inner spirit
was as sharp as
a two-edged sword
But I loved it
'Cause it's dangerous

"There's a gate. It's opening," Dru says gleefully.

"Incoming! I love it when she does this," Angel tells me as he crawls across the floor towards her. I ignore him—damn immature he is sometimes for a 200+ year old bloke—and speak to Dru seriously.

"What gate, Pet?" I ask. "What do you see?" Dru sits back on her heels and bounces with delight. Normally I'd love this, if Angel didn't find it so intriguing himself.

"It's black," she says in her cryptic manner, humming between her sentences. "It wants her."

I watch, feeling helpless as Angel whispers into her ear, questioning her.

"Wants who?"

"The Slayer," Dru answers triumphantly.

"Is that all?" I think, looking away in exasperation as Dru dances and babbles. I'm so bloody sick of that Slayer. Angel could have killed her now if he wasn't so damn caught up in torturing her. That really does get old after awhile.

"Big deal, he won't do anything," I say, pointing out what should be an obvious fact. "Our man Angel here likes to talk, but he's not much for action." Angel locks eyes with me, but he can go to hell if he thinks that I'm afraid of him. "All hat and no cat."

Suddenly Angel violently pulls Dru close to him, her back pressing against his chest, and I know I pushed too far. "I don't know about that," he says, quickly turning Dru around by her hips and looking into her eyes. I look away as the hurt and embarrassment washes over me. Damn him, he knows exactly where to push. Even when he was the Slayer's lapdog he knew where to push. I remember the night when he was supposed to die to give Dru back her strength. Shit, he almost succeeded in getting me to bloody kill him first, dooming Dru, simply by insinuating that he knew how to pleasure her more than I did. "I think this whole Slayer thing has run its course." Angel has now moved on. He is lowering himself slowly down Dru's body, looking at me the whole way, mocking me. When his head is level with her hips, he says, "I'm ready to focus me energy elsewhere," obviously talking about Dru—my Dru.

And she promised me forever
And a day we'd live as one
We made our vows
We'd live a life anew
And she promised me in secret
That she'd love me for all time
It's a promise so untrue
Tell me what will I do?

"Really?" I reply softly, not wanting an answer. A riptide of emotions are consuming me right now. It's not just anger, no. As much as I'd like to rip Angel's throat out right now, what is killing me is the tense look of passion on Dru's face as she looks down at him.

"Oh yeah," Angel says, as if it should be obvious. "What with you being Special Needs Boy..." My throat get dry and tight when I see Angel walking his fingers seductively up Dru's thigh, and then her stomach. I no longer see Angel, just the look of rapture on Dru's face, a look that has been reserved for me for the last century. A look I longed to see when we were a family before Angel's curse, but had never experienced. She had been right when she said things would go back to the way they were before. Back then her world had revolved around him. She had only become mine when he had left. I can feel her slipping from me now, returning to him. "...I figure I should stick close to home. You and Dru can always use another pair of hands..."

I am the damned
I am the dead
I am the agony inside
The dying head
This is injustice
Woe unto thee
I pray this punishment
Would have mercy on me

Every one of his words sting. Not because of the words alone, but because I know in my heart that Dru would gladly succumb to the meaning behind them. I am unable to tear my eyes away from her, with her head thrown back and a blissful smile on her face, and the pain dominates any evil part of me. At this moment I feel utterly and completely human.