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-Kendra, "What's My Line, Part 2"

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Real Life
Why fiction is better than fact.
Willow/Spike (Rated PG)
by: Alrisha

A Stitch In Time ((**outside link**))
Willow performs a spell and, as usual, it gets messed up, sending her and Xander back in time.
Alternates Xander/Willow POV
Season 4
(Rated NC-17)
By: Angela

Mom, I'm *Not* Gay((**outside link**))
Xander's mother puts two and two together, and gets a queen.
Post The Replacement
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Angela

An Officer and A Vampire((**outside link**))
Xander is an officer assigned to the new Initiative.
Post Primeval
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Angela

Alexandria Brown Fic ((**outside link**))
Xander/Spike, other pairings

Wagering History
A game of spades provides high stakes and reveals everything.
Post Intervention
Buffy/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Sanctuary Series

A place for the night-people to let loose without worry.
Post Season 3
Willow/Spike (Rated R)
By: Anya

On My Way Home
Willow heads home from the Sanctuary, and runs into trouble.
Post Season 3
(Rated PG-13)
By: Anya

Twilight's Children
Spike wants to see Willow again at any lengths.
Post Season 3
(Rated PG-13)
By: Anya

Seeking Asylum
Willow wants to go out and she tries to explain how she's changed.
Post Season3
by: Anya (Rated PG-13)

Burning Bright
Buffy is on the warpath, Angel is harried, Willow is a tease and Spike is going batty. Isn't opening night fun?
Post Season 3
Willow/Spike (Rated PG-13)

Love Is Blind ((**outside link**))
When Buffy is blinded, Spike, of all people, becomes her only hope.
Post Chip
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Avalon
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Blood Moon
A look at William being turned.
William/Angelus/Drusilla (Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

To Sire, With Love
A look at the uncommonly close relationship between Angelus and William.
William/Angelus (Rated NC-17)
By: Avarice

Crimson Thrall
Prose. Spike's POV.
(Rated PG)
By: Avarice

What will keep William amused if dragged to the opera by his sire?
William/Angelus(Rated NC-17)
By: Avarice

Recalled Emotional Memories

Angel takes an unscheduled trip to Sunnydale and calls in on everyone's favourite neutered vampire.
Series: R.E.M 1
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

One Week
Spike goes on a mission to LA.
Series: R.E.M 2
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

Just Like Old Times
The boys go fight a demon, and it's just like old times.
Series: R.E.M 3
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

The Nature of the Beast
Angel and Spike both muse over their past relationship.
Series: R.E.M 4
Spike/Angel(Rated PG)
By: Avarice

Angel and Spike don't talk.
Series: R.E.M 5
Spike/Angel(Rated PG)
By: Avarice

Forgive, Forget, Forsake, Forfeit
Angel speaks with Cordelia, Spike snoops around the basement.
Series: R.E.M 6
Spike/Angel(Rated PG)
By: Avarice

Severed Dreams
The aftermath of Spike finding the book.
Series: R.E.M 7
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

Interludes and Examinations
More aftermath of Spike finding the book.
Series: R.E.M 8
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

Spike has had enough.
Series: R.E.M 9
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

Angel is mad.
Series: R.E.M 10
Spike/Angel(Rated PG-13)
By: Avarice

One Last Goodbye
Angel finds Spike to tell him one last goodbye.
Series: R.E.M 11
Spike/Angel(Rated R)
By: Rebecca

Always Means Forever
Angel and Spike decide on a future.
Series: R.E.M 12
Spike/Angel(Rated PG)
By: Avarice

Arcade Anarchy
Part of The Odd Couple series of dialogue ficlets.
Angel/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by: Avarice & Saber ShadowKitten

Another part of The Odd Couple series.
Angel/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by: Avarice & Saber ShadowKitten

Stuck With A Mirror ((**Outside Link**))
Spike comes to terms with himself.
Happens during The Replacement
Spike/William (Rated PG)
by The Brat Queen

Take Your Time ((**Outside Link**))
Spike drags Willow back in time to change the course of history.
Post Becoming
Spike/Willow, Angelus/Willow (Rated R)
by Carrie

Chelle Storey's Fan Fiction ((**outside link**))
Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, various

Spike wants Kathleen.
Sequel to Saber ShadowKitten's Little Bit
by: Chyler (Rated PG)

Love, Give, Forgive
Buffy returns to care for Spike after Glory roughed him up.
Post Intervention
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Cody Nelson

In the wake of death, two think about what it really means to die.
Post The Body
Song: Nightswimming, by REM
Warning: Character death.
Dawn, Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Collie

Four-Eyes and the Leprechan on Steroids
Two vampires sharing a quiet evening at home.
Post Fool For Love/Darla
Angel/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Collie

Sex, Specs, and Mrs. Smith
Spike and Angel finally *do* bag the research and get around to a little more fun.
Sequel to Four-Eyes and the Leprechan on Steroids
Post Fool For Love/Darla
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Collie

Mad As A March Vampire
A spring mating ritual hits the vampires of Sunnydale, and Willow is right in the path.
Willow/Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Constance

Spring Fever
Willow learns more about the bond and the Scooby Gang finds out.
Sequel to Mad As A March Vampire
Willow/Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Constance

April's Fools
Spike's fears are revealed and Willow claims her dominance.
Sequel to Spring Fever
Willow/Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Constance

Crash Course In Mechanics ((**Outside Link**))
While the mice are away, the Slayer gets her own Spikebot.
Buffy/Spikebot; Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: The Cryptic Twins

Happiness Curse((**Outside Link**))
A complex Buffy/Spike series set in Season 4. Spike aids Buffy with her slaying, and they grow closer together.
Various Parings and Ratings
By: Cursed Happiness

Anurag((**Outside Link**))
Spike and Angel celebrate Angel's Death Day.
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Darcy

A Recipe For Zany Smut
Spike is quite drunk and wants to shag like a minx.
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Dare H

The Vulnerability of Faith
She was chosen for a reason. To protect and save the world from evil. She shunned her calling and welcomed the darkness. Who knew she was the one that could save the world from the evil that actually could end it; evil that had a face of a friend.
WARNING: Character deaths.
Post Season 2,5/Alternate Universe
Crossover with Highlander
Faith/Angel; includes others (Rated R)
by: Demona

(Donna's) Kita's Fan Fiction ((**outside link**))
Primarily A/S

Days Of Our Unlives ((**Outside Link**))
Small slices of everyday life between Angel & Spike.
Rated NC-17
by Kita & Jessica

Two Parts The Same ((**Outside Link**))
Spike and Angel re-ignite their relationship and re-learn what it is to love.
Post Season 4/Season 1
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Dru

Sensory ((**Outside Link**))
Buffy slowly copes with her mother's death with Spike's help.
General season 5
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Dru

Bringing Him Back ((**Outside Link**))
After the events of AtS:Reunion, Angel goes off the deep end and disappears.
Only his Childe and the love of his life can save him from madness.
Alternate Universe fic - Spoilers for BtVS Seasons 1-5 up to Into the Woods, and AtS Seasons 1 & 2 up to Reunion
Content warning: Contains explicit sex (m/f, m/m, m/f/m), torture, substance abuse, bloodplay, disturbing imagery, violence, gratuitous mush
B/S, B/A, A/Other,Wm/Aus A/S, B/A/S, da/Aus (Rated NC-17)
By Ducks

The Storm ((**Outside Link**))
Spike is afraid of thunderstorms. Angel comforts him.
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Ducks

Harry's AAA ((**Outside Link**))
Spike gets Angel to take him to his favorite store for his un-birthday. Then they open presents.
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Ducks

The Way We Were Series
Spike & Angel play a game of control.
Post Pangs/I Will Remember You
NC-17 Series

Angel's POV
by: Elektra

Spike's POV
by: Elektra

Angel's POV
by: Elektra

Spike's POV
by: Elektra

Angel's POV
by: Elektra

The Stranger Things Series (**Outside link**)
X/S, A/Doyle (Rated NC-17)

Better Than Dreaming
Spike is contemplating what he's been reduced to.
Post Into The Woods
Lyrics: Melissa Etheridge
Spike/Buffy (Rated PG)
By: Evil Willow

Angel's Bad Night
Angel has a really bad night... his friends have a plan to cheer him up. So does someone else.
Post Epiphany/The Body
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Evil Willow

Fun With Spike and Xander
In which this author perverts another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander.
Reading Series, Level One (Level Two, (Level Three)
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Firehorse

Of Bubble Baths & Backup Disks
Spike and Angel have rebuilt their friendship, now Spike induces more.
Season 4/Angel implied
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Flowermouse

I Hate You, My Love
Poem. Spike's POV.
Post Triangle
Buffy/Spike (Rated PG)
By: Gillian Silverlight

The Knit Wit Series

101 Things to do With a Crochet Hook
Spike wants to learn how to knit to win over Buffy.
General Season 5
Xander/Spike, Buffy/Spike (Rated PG-13)
Knitting Pretty 1
by: Goddess Heather
You Stuck a Knitting Needle Where?!
Spike really gets into knitting.
General Season 5
Xander/Spike(Rated PG-13)
Knitting Pretty 2
by: Goddess Heather
Did You Say Knitting Needles?
Beware the undergarments of evil.
General Season 5
Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)
Knitting Pretty 3
by: Goddess Heather

Under My Skin

Freaky Friday
Willow tried to do a spell to anchor Angel's soul, and things went horribly wrong.
Under My Skin 1
Post Hush/Parting Gifts
Willow/Angel (Rated R)
by: Hush

The Emperor's New Clothes - Angel's Monday
Angel, in Willow's body, heads back to Sunnydale to start his life as a girl.
Guess which peroxide-blond is the first 'person' he meets?
Under My Skin 2
Post Hush/Parting Gifts
Angel/Spike(Rated R+)
by: Hush

Spanking Willow
Cordelia gets a vision, which means it's Willow to the rescue!
Under My Skin 3
Post Hush/Parting Gifts
Willow/Angel (Rated R)
by: Hush

The Big Bad
Angel, in Willow's body, plays with Spike, but Spike finds himself growing more attached to 'her' than he wanted.
Under My Skin 4
Post Hush/Parting Gifts
Spike/"Willow"(Angel)(Rated NC-17)
by: Hush

Going Once, Going Twice ((**Outside Link**))
Spike bets the gang he would be the one to make the most money at a bachelor auction
and he involves Willow in his scheme to win
Post Season 4
Willow/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Inell

Sands Of Time ((**outside link**))
Xander finds a new home with Giles and a new love with Spike.
Alternate Universe/General Seasons 1-4
Multiple stories within a large series
Xander/Spike, Xander/Giles (Rated NC-17)
by James Walkswithwind and Wolfling

The Way of It
Cordelia and Spike meet in the cemetery a few weeks after Lover's Walk.
Post Lover's Walk
Cordelia/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by: Jenna

Between the Days
Continuation of The Way of It. Cordelia and Spike share their pain & form a bond of friendship.
Post Lover's Walk
Cordelia/Spike (Rated R)
By: Jenna

Tell Me
Angelus' plans to drive Buffy crazy are working.
Note: While this is Fourth Season,
hardly anything in Third Season happened in this buffyverse.
Basically- Buffy came back, Joyce has dealt
with the Slaying issue and is suddenly a lot more compassionate,
Cordy has no money, Graduation was nothing special
and Angel is still bad, and Buffy still can't kill him.
Buffy/Angelus/Spike (Rated R)
First in a series
By: Jenna

How Come?
Spike is having trouble sleeping, thus giving Angel sleeping problems.
Angel/Spike (Rated R)
by Jenny

Angel Investigations gets invited to a costume party, where the guests are to come as their heros.
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Jenny

The Experiment
Spike, Angel, and Wesley are trapped in the dark.
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Jenny

Dear Wesley
Wesley goes to England, Angel goes nuts.
Angel/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Jenny

Dear Angel
Giles takes Spike to England, Angel goes nuts.
Sequel to Dear Wesley
Angel/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Jenny

The Graves
Future fic. What happens to Spike after the years pass by.
Buffy/Spike implied
By: John Cope (Rated PG)

Challenge fic: Joyce throws Spike a birthday party.
Season 4 implied
Buffy/Spike, Joyce/Giles, Angel/Cordelia (Rated NC-17)
By: John Cope

One Wild Ride
Three remaining members of The Wild Bunch - Pike, Dutch and Angel - head to Sunnydale to take over the Hellmouth. Spike is on his way there, too...for an entirely different, and much blonder, reason.
The results - well, read and find out!
Crossover: BtVS/Dusk Til Dawn/Wild Bunch (see summary)
Warning: Contains issues of rape and violence
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: John Cope

Do You Remember Spain...?
A glimpse of a night in Spike's past.
Spike/Drusilla (Rated PG-13)
By: John Cope

"Want to be bad?" -Evil Willow/Dopplegangland
By: John Cope. (Rated PG-13)

"Want to be bad?" -Evil Willow/Dopplegangland
Sequel to Bad
By: John Cope. (Rated NC-17)

"Want to be bad?" -Evil Willow/dopplegangland
Sequel to Worse
By: John Cope. (Rated NC-17)

If You Wrong Us, Do We Not Revenge? (a/k/a Spike, the Patriot)
Spike is none-too-happy about the events in the movie U-571.
Spike (Rated PG-13)
By: John Cope

It's Me, Isn't It?
Willow is depressed because she thinks she's the reason.
Takes place during The Initiative
Willow/Spike (Rated R+)
By: John Cope.

Spike has a deal with the Devil herself.
Takes place during Who Are You?
Crossover with the movie: Bedazzled
Spike/Satan (Rated R+)
By: John Cope.

Faust II
Spike's deal continues.
Takes place between Superstar and Where the Wild Things Are
Crossover with the movie: Bedazzled
Spike/Satan (Rated R+)
By: John Cope.

How It Was and Is To Be
Spike meets a future version of himself, and they share how the world has changed.
Post Spiral
Spike/Buffy, Spike/Valeandra(/Spike) (Rated NC-17)
By: John Cope

Well, What's The Worst That Could Happen?
Willow wants to see if she can fix the Buffybot. She succeeds too well.
Post Season 5 AU (i.e. Buffy's not dead)
Buffybot/Willow; Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by John Cope

"It's about power."
Post Lessons
The First(Buffy)/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by John Cope

Spike In The City Of Angels

Starring: Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike
Including: Xander/Anya, Willow/Oz, Giles/Karen
Also including: Browne, Cordelia, Doyle, Wesley & Joyce
All stories rated NC-17

Drink Me
What would happen if Angel went too far when he fed from Buffy?
Happens mid-Graduation 2
by: John Cope

Spike in the City of Angels, Episode One: A Soul
Spike and Browne invade Los Angeles, Buffy deals with being a vampiress, wackiness ensues.
By: John Cope

Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Two: Welcome To Sunnyhell
Spike & Browne head to Sunnydale, Buffy & Spike end up going to a Wishesque world,
more wackiness ensues.
By: John Cope

Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Three: In Hope Of A New Beginning
Violence, swearing and sex, what more could a vampiress ask for? More wackiness ensuing, of course!
By: John Cope

Spike in the City of Angels, Episode Four: Choices
Buffy and Spike return to the real Sunnydale in time to find out Giles has been kidnapped
by a group of Watchers with help from the Initiative.
To top it all off, Buffy is in possession of a spell that will turn her back into a human...
By: John Cope

Spike in the City of Angels: Buffy's Vacation: Sex, Violence and Karaoke
Another night on the job for Spike & Browne and the peroxide blond's favorite Slayer goes to LA for a visit.
Alternate Universe set in the SITCOA world.
By: John Cope

Spike in the City of Angels: Buffy's Vacation 2: First Base
Buffy & Spike role play. PWP.
Alternate Universe set in the SITCOA world.
By: John Cope

Hot Chocolate ((**outside link**))
Spike and Buffy spend some quality time fighting a child snatching snot monster.
Post Intervention
Buffy/Spike (Rated R)
by Julia

No More Coffee
Doyle thinks about Cordelia.
Post I Fall To Pieces
by: Karen (Rated G)

The Bathroom's Always Open
Devon is looking for Oz, and finds Spike instead.
Post Pangs, but Oz never left
by: Karen (Rated PG-13)

Insomnia Sucks aka The Devil in the Blue Jeans
Xander can't sleep because his brain is evil
Post Chip
Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Karen McDonald

Making Up
Xander tapes over Spike's Sex Pistols videocassette, and makes it up to him... unfortunately for Spike.
Post Chip
Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)
by Karen McDonald

The One who Loves Him
Spike goes to the one who loves him best and finds comfort there.
Post The Gift/There's No Place...
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Kathlyn O'Brien

Death Becomes Them((**outside link**))
Death comes to everyone...just not always in the way we would have anticipated.
Post Season 4
Xander/Spike, and a whole slew of others (Rated NC-17)
by: Kayla

The Viking Series

((**Outside Links**))

Spike brings out the Viking in Xander
Post The Yoko Factor
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Kaz

The Viking
Welcome To Vahalla
Never Cage A Viking
Raiding Party
Legend of the Black Knorr

Black Widow
Spike's perspective in the Faith-in-Buffy/Spike scene in the episode Who Are You?
Happens during Who Are You?
Spike/Buffy implied (Rated R)
By: Kereia

Who Ya Gonna Call? ((**Outside Link**))
Xander goes to stay with his Uncle Peter, in New York.
Post The Body
Xander/Spike&William (Rated R)
by Kirasmommy

Mermaid's Steam ((**Outside Link**))
Xander has a giant secret that he didn't want anyone to ever find out.
General Season 5
Xander/Anya, Spike/Xander (Rated R)
by Kirasmommy

The Reunion ((**Outside Link**))
Xander's... family... is holding a reunion, in Sunnydale.
General Season 4
Xander/Spike (Rated R)
by Kirasmommy

Buffy's POV during "Triangle." An explaination for her truly weird behavor in that episode.
Post Triangle
Buffy (/Angel, /Riley) (Rated PG)
By: Kizmet

Buffy is back from the dead and goes to L.A. to tell Angel.
The Long Night 1
Post Season 5
Buffy/Spike implied, Buffy/Angel implied (Rated PG-13)
By L.A. Ward

Code of Conduct ((**outside link**))
Spike at Caritas and. . .stuff happens.
The Long Night 2
Post Season 5
Buffy/Spike implied, Buffy/Angel implied (Rated PG-13)
By L.A. Ward

Human Weakness
Things don't always turn out like they're supposed to.
Warning: Character death

Xander/Spike (Rated R)
by: Laikokae

And You're How Old?
A short, humorous fic making fun of
Joss & Co for their inattention to details and their contradictions.
Post Fool For Love/Darla
Rated PG-13
by Laura

Life Is But A Dream
This is a response to a challenge - Something happens and everyone's dreams get mixed up. Someone wakes up screaming.
Someone blushes when they see Willow the next morning. Someone has insomnia.
Post Something Blue/Heroes
Buffy/Angel; Willow/Spike; Xander/Anya (Rated PG-13)
by: Lightles

Hell On Wheels
Spike is fed up with the goings on in the mansion and decides to take matters into his own hands.
Lyrics: Eve 6
Alternate Becoming
Drusilla/Angelus implied(Rated NC-17)
The Chains Series
By: Lynn

Desperate Measures
Spike puts his plan to get rid of Angelus once and for all into action.
Lyrics: Madonna
The Chains Series
Alternate Becoming
Buffy/Spike; Drusilla/Angelus implied (Rated NC-17)
By: Lynn

Reflections In The Light Of Day
The morning after Desperate Measures.
Lyrics: Poe
The Chains Series
Alternate Becoming
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Lynn

Secrets & Lies (incomplete)
Buffy and Spike's relationship evolves, and a link to a past Slayer is discovered.
Lyrics: Jan Arden; NIN; AC/DC; Sarah MacLachlan; Third Eye Blind; Depeche Mode
The Chains Series
Alternative Becoming
Buffy/Spike, Willow/Giles implied, Willow/Oz implied (Rated NC-17)
by: Lynn

Darkest Hour
Spike has to deal with the consequences of sending Angel after Riley.
Based on Rumors for The Yoko Factor
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Maayan

Check out Maayan's site for her fabulous Heaven Trilogy (unfinished)

Penance Series ((**outside link**))
A dark and detailed look at Angel's, Spike's and Drusilla's past.
Semi-cannon (Rated R)
By: Mace

Capere Nox ((**outside link**))
A continuation of the Penance Series.
Post Season 4
Cannon (Rated R)
By: Mace

The Mad Poetess ((**Outside Link**))

The Curse
Spike attacks Willow and she gets revenge by cursing him with a soul.
by: Morgana (Rated R)

Spike reacts to the curse, as does Angel.
Follows The Curse
by: Morgana (Rated PG-13)

Spike finds a way to stop his pain.
Follows Atrocities
by: Morgana (Rated PG-13)

Willow converses with herself and then breaks the curse.
Follows Wounds
by: Morgana (Rated NC-17)

A Private Spot
Spike and Angel reminisce.
Spike/Angel (Rated R)
By: Mylissah

NautiBitz Fanfiction

A Bunny In The Oven
Buffy & Spike's Bunnycapades have some unforeseen circumstances.
Sequel to Humping Like Bunnies, by Saber
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by NautiBitz

Dark Reflections Universe ((**outside link**))
In 1999 the heart of the Scooby Gang suffered a lethal blow. A warrior of the light fell and from that moment on, things were never been the same.

In year 2002, the past returns to Sunnydale in search for answers, payback and redemption while a danger from the very depths of time comes to turn the life interesting again in the Hellmouth.

Will love and friendship be enough to save the world?

Post Season 3/Alternate Universe/Highlander
Xander/Cordelia and others
by Nick Midian

Inside Out
Spike has 'Implant' trouble - Angel has 'Spike' trouble.
Post The Yoko Factor/In The Dark
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Vixen

I Only Have Eyes For Dru
A scene from I Only Have Eyes For You from Spike's P.O.V.
by: NightBloom (Rated PG)

Darkest Before Dawn ((**Outside Link**))

Glory is on the rampage, Spike is human???, and Angel's bite turns humans into vampires with souls. It's a crazy, crazy world.
***WARNING: Semi-graphic description of torture***
Post I Was Made To Love You
Buffy/Spike primarily
By: NMissi

Battle Scars
Alternative ending to Saber's story The Rain
Enraged by what has happened to Spike, Angel plays avenging angel. But can he cope with the consequences?
Angel's POV.
Angel/Spike (Rated R)
by: Noctiluca

An insightful look as to why Buffy and Spike can never really be.
Buffy/Spike (Rated R)
by Ozmandayus

Kathleen Gardenson returns to Sunnydale...and so does Spike.
Sequel to:Little Bit
Buffy/Angel; Spike/Kathleen (Rated NC-17)
by: Patricia R.D.

Angel, Spike and Kathleen are stuck at Buffy's house for the day.
Sequel to Kats
Happens Post Earshot
Buffy/Angel; Spike/Kathleen (Rated PG-13)
by: Patricia R.D.

Heart to Heart
Spike knows something is wrong with Angel and goes to help him.
Post Lovers Walk
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Patricia R.D.

Buffy goes to Angel's after Slayerfest 98, and finds that he's leaving.
Post Homecoming
Angel/Buffy (Rated NC-17)
by: Patricia R.D.

Restoration Series

Somewhwere Else To Be
Angel meets up with Harriett after Doyle's death.
Lyrics: Vast
Series: Restoration 1
Post Heroes
Angel/Buffy; Angel/Harriett (Rated NC-17)
by: Patricia R.D.

Good Enough
Spike and Buffy help each other.
Lyrics: Sarah MacLachlan
Series: Restoration 2
Post Pangs
Angel/Buffy; Spike/Angel; Buffy/Spike (Rated Pg-13)
by: Patricia R.D.

Free To Fly
Angel has fallen into deep depression, Cordelia wants to help him.
Lyrics: Savage Garden
Series: Restoration 3
Post Expecting
Angel/Buffy; Angel/Cordelia (Rated Pg-13)
by: Patricia R.D.

Spike realizes he's in love with Buffy.
Lyrics: Vast
Series: Restoration 4
Post Expecting
Buffy/Spike(Rated Pg-13)
by: Patricia R.D.

Angel comes to town to get rid of Buffy's Spike problem.
Post Epiphany/The Body
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Pet

Buffy's Spike problem is now ANGEL'S Spike problem.
Post Epiphany/The Body
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Pet

Stories based off of Saber ShadowKitten's original story Puppy (Rated PG-13)

That's Gunn, with 2 N's
Angel has a crush.
Post Angel: season 1
Angel/Gunn (Rated PG-13)
by Rabbit

Dreams Series

Surprise Endings
Buffy has a dream she's marrying Angel, but someone persuades her not to.
Series: Dreams, story 1
Buffy/Spike (Rated PG-13)
By: Rae

Finding the Truth
Spike has a dream Buffy's is marrying Angel, but he persuades her not to.
Series: Dreams, story 2
Buffy/Spike (Rated PG-13)
By: Rae

Of Lust and Dream Weddings
Buffy and Spike confront each other after the dreams.
Series: Dreams, story 3
Buffy/Spike (Rated R)
By: Rae

Of Hot Chocolate & Romance Movies
Spike decides it's time to confront Buffy.
Series: Dreams, story 4
Buffy/Spike (Rated PG-13)
By: Rae

Of Fights & Admissions of Love
Buffy and Spike admit their feelings for one another
Series: Dreams, story 5
Buffy/Spike (Rated R)
By: Rae

Origins Series

Post The Body Series
by Ripe Wicked Plum

I Hate You (Stupid...Bloody...Bitch)
Companion poem to Master Of Puppets
by: Rose Kat

For Your Viewing Pleasure
Spike is invited to watch a video.
Graduation 1 spoilers (Rated PG-13)
By: Sandra S.

Mrs. Harris((**outside link**))
When Giles becomes concerned about Spike living with Xander, he tries to pump Mrs. Harris for information on the boys...
Xander/Spike (Rated R)
by Scorpio

The Beginning of Forever ((**Outside Link**))
The aftermath of a fierce battle throws Xander into a whole new world, and he unwittingly drags Spike and Angel into it with him...
General Season 4
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Scorpio

Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike ((**Outside Link**))
Xander stumbles into the middle of Willow & Tara's spell and sets predestined events in motion.
General Season 4
Xander/Spike implied (Rated R)
by Scorpio

Horrorslash@mega-lists.com ((**Outside Link**))
Xander joins a slash list: HorrorSlash@mega-lists.com
Post Dracula
Xander/Dracula, Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by Scorpio

The Answer Is No
This was written as a gut reaction to Saber Shadowkitten's story
Tales to Astonish which is #4 of the Brass Knackers Series she has written.
This poem is written from Spike's POV in regard to the events that happened in "Tales to Astonish"
and happens directly after that fic ends.
by Scorpio

Spike's Morning After
Spike wakes up the morning after to find a still-alive mortal in his bed.
Post Chip
Spike/Other (Rated PG-13)
By: Shelly

Spike has more feelings for Buffy than he let on during Something Blue.
Post Something Blue
Buffy/Spike (Rated PG-13)
By: Slade

Emotion Sickness (**outside link**)
Sequel to Changed.
by: Slade

The Vampire Song: Everybody's Free (To Drink Blood)
Song Parody (Rated G)
by: Soulsinger

The Clockwork Vampire
Spike goes to Angel after escaping from the Initiative, and they build a new relationship together.
Continualstory - Divided into "episodes."
Post Initiative/all Angel episodes
Spike/Angel (Rated NC-17)
By: Spirit
Season One
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23, Pt. 1
Episode 23, Pt. 2
End - Season One
Beyond Season One
Episode 1

"The wounds invisible that loves keen arrows make."

-As You Like It, Shakespeare

Sins of the Father
Angel gets a call from Buffy and goes to confront Spike.
Post Initiative Implied
Series: Wounds Invisible 1
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)

Spike goes to Angel's and deliberately provokes him.
Post Something Blue Implied
Series: Wounds Invisible 2
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Tinkerbell

Doors and Windows
Buffy has died, and Angel returns to Sunnydale for the funeral.
Post Season 4/Angel
Series: Wounds Invisible 3
Angel/Spike (Rated PG-13)
By: Tinkerbell

Doors and Windows II
Angel looks through the window.
Post Season 4/Angel
Series: Wounds Invisible 4
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Tinkerbell

Strange Bedfellows
Cordelia finds out about Spike
Post Season 4/Angel
Series: Wounds Invisible 5
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Tinkerbell

Casual Observers
Angel and Spike take matters into their own < ahem > hands.
Series: Wounds Invisible 6
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

Spike drinks something he shouldn't have.
Series: Wounds Invisible 7
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

Angel makes a mistake that hurts the one he loves.
Series: Wounds Invisible 8
Angel/Spike some Angel/Cordelia (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

It's what Spike means, that's important.
Series: Wounds Invisible 9
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

Miscommunications are a way of life.
Series: Wounds Invisible 10
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

On the anniversary of Buffy's death, is it okay to remember, or forget?
Series: Wounds Invisible 11
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

Angel needs something.
Series: Wounds Invisible 12
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
by: Tinkerbell

He Wants To F*ck Me
Spike's reactions to Angel's...fervor.
Season 4/Angel
Companion piece to I Want To F*ck Him by Saber
Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By: Tinkerbell

Taking The Dead
Angel waylays Spike before the blond vampire reaches Giles's house,
and the two of them are captured by the Initiative.
Rough AU. Starts during Pangs (the Buffy Thanksgiving ep.),
although we messed around a lot with the ep.

Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By Tinkerbell, cowritten with Saber ShadowKitten

Here, Suck On This
Spike gives up cigarettes, cold turkey.
Alt. Universe
Xander/Spike/Angel(/Willow) (Rated NC-17)
by Tj Goldstein

Xanderslut ((**Outside Link**))
A Restless-esque, surreal story about a spell cast on Xander that makes him irresistable.
Xander/Scooby Gang+ (Rated NC-17)
by Webrain

Blood Rain

Your World In Dreams
In part one of "Blood Rain", a prophecy will make itself come true, Willow will go through some weird stuff, and bad things will happen all around.
Post Gingerbread Only
Willow/Spike (Rated R/NC-17)
by: Which Witch

A Past Familiar Face
A woman named Angela comes to Sunnydale, and she is very familiar to two specific vampires.
Xover with Highlander (Rated PG-13)
By: Xreader & Saber ShadowKitten

I Met Him At The Stop And Rob ((**Outside Link**))
Spike saves Xander from a demon, Xander thanks him.
Post Chip
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By Zadi

Daddy Knows Best ((**Outside Link**))
Several months after Spike saves Xander from the Kharlish demon, they travel to Los Angeles to ask for Angel's blessing on their union.
Sequel To I Met Him At The Stop And Rob
Post Chip
Xander/Spike (Rated NC-17)
By Zadi

Naked Burn
Spike lets go of the past.
Season 4 implied (Rated PG)
by: Zero

Sangre y Cigarrillos
Spike and Dru come to terms with their relationship.
Set sometime after Lovers Walk (Rated PG)
by: Zero

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