By Patricia R.D.

To Saber Shadowkitten, whose "Little Bit" inspired this story. To Vanessa and Anneris (Buffy & Angel 4-Ever!). To, Buffy, Angel and Spike everywhere.


He had to see her again.

Ever since they had met, Spike couldn't stop thinking about her. It was like a cold fever. A bolt shooting through his lifeless body every time he thought about her. He had never felt that way before. Wrong, he had.

Twice, once with Drusilla and the other one... No. He couldn't... or could he? Damn it, he was supposed to be looking for Dru, not falling for another crazy vamp!

Maybe it wasn't love. After all, they had met when they were both very lonely and drunk. They had talked about themselves. Well, Spike had done most of the talking. Kathleen_beautiful name, Kathleen_ listened. She had talked very little about herself: She was backpacking across the States, looking for her father. They hadn't seen each other in almost nine years and she missed him terribly. He had talked about Dru, and the Slayer, and Angel.

It hadn't mattered what she thought about his story. He was planning to kill her anyway. Well, maybe not kill her. He had found himself really attracted to the beautiful brunette. And she had potential... * She would make one hell of a vamp, and I could use the company,* Spike had thought later in the alley. Kathleen had already buttoned her blouse and combed her dark hair with her fingers. He had stood behind her, his long fangs ready to sink into the delicate skin of her neck. And she had turned..., showing him her own sharp canines. And everything had gone black after that.

He had returned to consciousness in a small hotel room, under a very cold shower. Kathleen had been there, rubbing his dirty face with a sponge. She had told him then she was leaving LA, that she would probably go to Sunnydale and meet the "tiny blonde slayer," and she had told Spike to get an unlife. The vampire had told her to sod off and asked her to tell Angel... what was that message again? He couldn't remember.

And then she was gone.

Spike had tried to forget about the whole incident, but he couldn't. He had found himself thinking about her a lot, wondering if the slayer had... Only thinking about it filled him with dread. He had to know if she was alright. And he knew what he had to do, where to go.

Home. Sweet Home...


Kathleen left her backpack on her bed and took her jacket off. She slept in what had been Drusilla's bedroom, minus the dolls, chains and clothes, that she and her father had moved to a never-used room. It was a pretty nice room now, filled with her own clothes, books, laptop, and even a small CD player. It was the first time in more than fifty years that she had her own room and it felt really good.

"Little Bit?" Angel called from outside the bedroom.

"Im here, Dad," she said.

Angel entered the room and wrapped his arms around his daughter. "How was Monterrey?" he asked.

"A little bit hot. I even got a tan. Did Oz tell you he saw me?"

"Yes, he did. Im going to the library, want to come?"

"Just to say hi. Then Ill grab a little bit to eat and go to bed." She grabbed her jacket again and led the way out of her room. "So, anything happened while I was out of town?"

"Nothing unusual," her father said. "Well, there was that vampire Willow..."


They found Cordelia about to enter the library. She had met Kathleen the week before at the Bronze, before she left to visit her friends in Monterrey.

"Hello, Angel. Kathleen," she said.

"Hi, Cordelia," said Angel.

"Hey, C.C," Kathleen greeted.

"That smiling thing," said Cordelia. "That's from your mothers side, isn't it? Angel doesn't do it a lot..., well, ever."

"Yeah. I got that from my Mom. But I can do the brooding thing a little bit." Her smiled disappeared from her face, being replaced with a serious, brooding look, that brought a smile to Angels face. "Then again, the old coot surprises you every once in a while."

Angel groaned and hugged her. "Its hard not to smile when you're around, Little Bit."

"Anyone for vomit?" Cordelia said as she opened the library doors and entered. Angel and Kathleen followed her.

Willow was behind the counter, typing on the computer. Xander and Oz were with Giles in the stacks. The slayers were sitting in front of Wesley, who was talking about something they weren't even listening to. Buffy's face lit up when she saw her boyfriend coming to her.

Angel put his hands on Buffy's shoulders and kissed her lips. "Hi."

"Hi, Angel," Buffy said softly.

Faith made a face, then centered her attention on the very tall brunette standing next to him. "Hello. Who are you?"

"Im Kathleen. Angel's daughter," Kathleen replied.

Faith chuckled. "No, really. Who are you?"

"My daughter, Faith. She's staying in Sunnydale for a while."

The slayer looked at Angel, then at Kathleen, then at Angel, than at Kathleen again. "Wow. Are you a vampire?"





"Very well, then. Im sure Kathleen has better things to do than interrupt our lesson," said Wesley. Kathleen shrugged and went to talk with Willow.

"Lesson? This was actually a lesson?" asked Buffy. Wesley sighed. "Maybe we should go patrolling now?" The slayers stood and started walking towards the exit.

Kathleen waved to her father. "I'll see you later," she said.

"Sure," Angel said. "Good night, guys." He turned and followed Buffy out the doors.


It was a slow night. Three vamps that Buffy, Angel and Faith dusted while Princess Margaret hid behind a stone bench.

"That was fast," Angel said as he hugged Buffy and kissed her.

Faith made a face. "Get a room."

"Are we finished?" Buffy asked. "I have to... study." Buffy's smile told Angel the only thing she wanted to study was his anatomy.

"Ill walk you home," he said, his own smile meaning they were going to his home.

"Excuse me? I haven't said were finished," said Wesley. They looked at him. "And were finished. Buffy, Faith, tomorrow at five we shall continue our training."

"Yeah. Whatever," Faith looked at Buffy and Angel. "Good night, guys."

"Bye, Faith," said Buffy. She turned to Wesley. "So. Need us to walk you home?"

"Actually. I..." The wind seemed to howled at that very moment. "...would appreciate the escort."

"I knew it. Let's go."


Kathleen finished her hamburger and threw the bag in a garbage can teen feet away from the park bench she was sitting in. The paper bag feel exactly in the middle. Now she would finish her coke and go home. She couldn't help thinking about Faith. There was something about her that Kathleen didn't like. Her father had already told her Faiths story, and after meeting her, she had decided the girl was bad news.

Then again, not all bad news was that bad. Take Spike, for example. She knew he was her fathers enemy, but she couldn't help liking him. She found him fascinating... in a psychopath kind of way that made him really sexy

*Bad girl,* Kathleen thought. No more thinking about Spike!

A movement in the bushes made her turn, stake in hand. "Show yourself," she demanded. And he did, and she dropped the stake as she stared at him. He smiled and walked towards her.

"Hello, Kats," Spike said with his best smile. "Miss me?"


Buffy laid her head on Angels chest and closed her eyes. He felt so good, she couldn't believe he was for real. Angel stroke her hair and kissed the top on her head.

"This is nice. I like being here with you," she said.

"So do I. I love you." They kissed. Buffy rubbed her legs against him and felt his hardness. "You're happy to see me."

"Always." His was kissing her neck now, and Buffy knew he wouldn't stop until he got to her most intimate parts. Only thinking about it made her moan softly, anticipating the rush of pleasure he was about to give her. Then again, she could think of something even better...

"Honey , come here," Buffy said. "I want you inside of me."

Angel looked at her hungry eyes and smiled. Soon he was kissing her lips, his hard shaft ready to sink into her wetness. She loved it. She loved his tenderness every time they made love, how he worshipped every inch of her body. And he loved the way her inner walls stretched to take him. She cried his name as she wrapped her legs around him, bringing him deeper, making his cold shaft burn with her heat.

One of his hands slid down their bodies, finding her clit and rubbing until she came screaming out his name over and over. His own orgasm hit him right there, as he filled her warm insides with his cold seed. With a soft groan, Angel came out of her gently and laid beside her, wrapping her in his arms.

"You know what I would like now?"

"Again? You're going to kill me!"

She laughed. "You are already death. Besides, its not that. My Moms latest art opening is this Thursday, and I want her to meet Kathleen. So, I figured you guys could come."

"Ill talk to Little Bit tomorrow. But are you sure you want your mother to meet her? She's already having trouble accepting her daughters dating a 244 year old vampire with a 94 year daughter. Meeting her now..."

"She has to meet her sooner or later. Besides, I already told her you guys would come so I was hoping you would say yes now." She put on her pouty mouth, knowing that her boyfriend couldn't resist.

"Cheater," Angel said. "Alright. Count me in. And Im sure Kathleen will come as well. Every once in a while shell do what I asked her to."


Kathleen laid on the soft grass beside Spike, her eyes closed and her hands on the back of her neck. Spike was smoking a cigarette, gazing a the stars. "Want a cig?" he asked suddenly.

She shook her head, her eyes still closed. "No thanks."

"Im glad I found you. I was afraid Rebecca of Sunnyhell Farm had already staked you," he said.


"The Slayer."

"Oh." She opened her eyes and sat up. He did the same. "Actually, Spike, I... dont do that."

He was kissing her neck, his hands stroking her hair. "Youre a vampire. Yet youre so warm... Ive missed you, Kats."

"It was a one night thing, Spike. You cant miss that."

"It was more than that. I... I think Im falling in love with you."

She stood up, finishing the buttons of her blouse. "You are just infatuated with me, Spike. It will go away."

He stood up next to her. "But I dont want it to go away! I like it. I never thought I would feel this way again, but I do. I came back here for you, Kats. Lets get out of this town before the Slayer find us. We can go wherever you want to. We..."

"No! Listen to me, youre just a little bit infatuated with me, Spike. You were lonely when we met and you think its love, but its not. Now be a good boy and leave. If Da... he finds out youre here, hell kill you."


"Nevermind. Spike, theres a lot about me you dont know, and believe me when I tell you you dont want to know. Please, just... go." Before he could reply she was running away from him, struggling with her mixed emotions.


"His daughter?" Mayor Wilkins couldnt believe what Faith was telling him.

"Yeah, I thought 'No Way,' too, but Angel was pretty sure about it. Shes half-vamp and immortal, boss."

The Mayor offered Faith another cookie, and she took it. "Now, now. A creature like that could be a problem. The strength of a vampire, the advantages of humanity... Well have to take care of her."

"You mean, like, killing her? We tried that with Willow and didnt work out."

"Dont worry. This time we wont fail." He nodded to a medium-size box in a corner of his office. "If shes half-vampire like you say, this little baby will take care not only of her, but her dear Daddy as well. Right, boy?"

The box started shaking violently, whatever was inside of it growling. Faith looked carefully and saw a pair of blood-red eyes glowing, along with a long line of sharp razor-like teeth.


Kathleen threw herself on her bed with a loud groan. Spike was in town, and was looking for her. And she was actually glad.

She knew he was one of the bad guys. An enemy of her Fathers. But she couldnt stop thinking. She was really good spotting a liar, and he didnt sound like one. Maybe he did love her, maybe. And she cared about him. She wanted him to leave town was because Buffy or her Dad would kill him if they saw him. And she didnt like the idea of Spike dead. Not a little bit...

"Little Bit?"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Come in."

Angel entered and sat on the bed next to her. "Are you sure?"

"Yep. Its nothing. Just a little bit tired, a little bit frustrated... I could use a hot bath right now."

"Will you settle for the shower instead? Buffy want us to take a bath and you know..."

"Its okay. Good night, Dad."

"Good night, Little Bit." He kissed her cheek and stood up.

Kathleen called to him before he reached the door. "Dad?"


"I love you"

"I love you, too, Little Bit. Always."


They met again the next night, in the same place, at the same hour. She even brought him some fresh cows blood, and he was thankful for that. Willie couldnt tell the difference between new blood and last weeks supply, and he had to keep a low profile while he was in town, hence the no-killing humans part. But he has growing restless, and Kathleen knew he wouldnt leave until he received at least an explanation. And she was planning on giving him one. If not the whole thruth, at least a small part.

"So," Spike said after he finished his McBloodys. "Lets start with the basics: Can you tell me what you are?"

"Yes," she said. "Im a 94 year old half-vampire."


"My father was a vampire. My mother was human. I was born February 23, 1905, in Europe. My parents and I came to America around 1916. My mother died in 1924 and I stopped growing old right then. After she died, my father and I started moving around, never staying too long in one place. We went our separate ways in 1947. We still saw each other, but a little bit less. Anyway, the thing is we are two different creatures, Spike, and this relantionship doesnt have a future. I..."

"I dont care if you're the bloody Pope! I still want you with me, Kats. Everyone has skeletons in their closets, Luv. I have a few of my own, and I can only hope you are willing to accept them as part of me."


"Lets make a deal. Ill fill you in The Wonderful World of Spike. Youll see what I mean, then. Deal?"

"I..." Kathleen stopped. If he wanted to talk about himself, maybe she could find out... "Deal."

"Very good, then. Lets find someplace where we can talk."

"I like it here."

"The slayer could drop by."

"I dont think so. It seems like the vampires are hiding or something. Present company excluded, I havent seen one vamp all night... But stop talking about that. Lets start with your sire, what kind of vampire was he?"


"Not a single vampire," Buffy said as she sipped her iced latte in the Bronze. She was sitting comfortably in Angels lap, and her vampire boyfriend didnt seem to mind.

Xander shrugged. "Maybe its a vampire holiday. What do you say, Dead Boy? Are you guys celebrating Saint Fango Day or something?"

"Do not call me that," Angel said. "And Im as surprised as you are, guys. I mean, first we fight three way too easy to kill vampires, and the next night there are no vampires. Im afraid theyre up to something."

"Well. Until we figure out what that something is, I say we enjoy the our night off," Buffy said, leaving her latte on the table. She stood and grabbed Angels hands. "Dance with me?"

"You guys go, Im fine," said Xander as they went to the dance floor. "Ill just stay here, enjoying my loneliness. Have fun. Dont worry about poor, lonely Xander. Im cool here."

On the dance floor, Buffy laid her head on Angels shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her. "Tell me is everyday going to be like this?" she asked.

"Every night," he said. "And well make it be this way."

"You promise?"

"I promise."


Outside the Bronze, inside the Mayors Limo, Faith and the driver sat down and waited. Beside her, the box shook like it contained a small earthquake. The red eyes of the creature trapped inside of it glowed with a sinister light.

"Good boy," said Faith. "Do you smell the vampire? Youll have him tomorrow night. He and his baby will be yours." The creature growled. Faith could tell it was happy... and couldnt hardly wait.


After the Bronze, Buffy and Angel had wanted to go see a movie. Xander knew it was his cue to stop being the third wheel and head home. As he walked the dark, deserted streets of Sunnydale, he started thinking about Cordy. As much as he hated to admit it, he missed her. Actually, he missed the company. Having someone to go to the movies with, to talk to, to make-out with...

He was passing through the park, taking the shortcut to his house, when he heard two well-known voices. One belonged to the Jolly Brunette Giant, Angels daughter.

The other one was Spikes voice.

Carefully, he looked from behind a tree and saw them sitting in a park bench, talking. He couldnt hear what they were talking about, but Kathleen seemed pretty interested in what the blond vampire had to say.

*This cant be good,* Xander thought, walking away from them, carefully so they wouldnt hear him.


"Hey, Dead boy," Xander greeted. "Got a minute?"

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" Angel said, closing the book he was reading and nodding towards an empty chair in front of him. "Shouldnt you be in school?"

"Skip it," Xander said, taking the seat. "I just wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

"Well, you know... What movie did you guys see?"

"Cruel Intentions. I think it was supposed to be Dangerous Liasons with high school kids."

"But you liked it?"

"It wasnt that bad." Angel was actually thinking the actress playing Kathryn Mertuil was really cute, but he wasnt going to tell Xander that. "Why do I suspect you are here for something more serious than my movie critic?"

"Because I am," Xander cleared his throat. "When I was heading home last night I saw Spike."

"Shit. Where?"

"In the park."

"We have to tell Buffy. Well, youll have to tell her since its daylight and..."

"Theres more."


"He wasnt alone, Angel."



Angels dark eyes turned even darker, and Xander quickly stood up, ready to run in case Dead Boy tried to eat him right there. When he spoke, every word was like it was a sentence itself. "No.... Theres... no... way... my.... daughter..."

"Apparently, there is a way. They looked..." Angel held up a hand in front of him and covered his face with the other one. "Theres gotta be an explanation. Ill talk to her. Dont talk to anyone about this until tonight. Understand?"

Xander nodded. Angel stood up and went to the fireplace. "You can go now, boy. Ill take care of my daughter."



He obeyed. Angel could tell he would run and wont stop until he got to the school. He stayed in front of the fireplace, staring at the flames.

Little Bit, you better not have slept with that good for nothing, peroxide...


Kathleen wasnt in her room. She had spent the night out. Angel waited for her until sundown. When she didnt arrive he left her a note:

Kathleen: Ill be at the library. Meet me there.

She would know it was serious. He never called her by her name. Just "Little Bit".

Everyone was in the library when he arrived, all dressed up for Joyces Gallery opening. He hated to bring bad news in a moment like that, but he had no other choice.

Kathleen arrived to the library at seven. She was wearing velvet black pants, a red silk shirt and a black velvet jacket. She was ready for the art opening. But her serious expression meant she knew something was up.

"Take a seat, Kathleen," Angel said, offering her his own chair. She sat up and looked at his father. She had never seen him like that before.

"This is about Spike, isnt it?" She wanted to be clear since the beginning.

"Yes. This is about Spike. Xander saw you with him last night. And you werent in your room this morning."

"No, I wasnt. We were still talking."

"About what?"

"Little bit of this, little bit of that." Her voice was cool. She knew screaming wouldnt help her.

"You know who he is."

"Yes. I do."

"And still you 'talk' with him." Angels voice was dangerously low. Giles started to talk, hoping to ease the reigning tension.

"Kathleen. What your fathers trying to say is that hes worried about you. Spikes a vicious creature, and his company would be nothing but trouble to you."

"I know that, but I can control him. And I cant see why Dads like this. I mean, he knows I slept with him..."

"A one night thing, Kathleen! You're not supposed to see him like a boyfriend."

"Why not? If he likes me and I like him..."

"Because I said so, Kathleen Emily Gardenson!" Angels voice was a growl now, and he could feel his handsome features changing. Buffy came beside him. "Back off! This is between my daughter and me."



"Let her talk. Lets just listen to what she have to say, and then well see." His golden eyes stared at Buffy, the at Kathleen. "Alright. Talk."

"He says he loves me," Kathleen started. Angel rolled his eyes. "And he doesnt care Im half-vampire."

"Does he know Im your father?"


"And you think hell like that. We are sworn enemies, child. We hate each other..."

"Thats not what he says."

"What do you mean?"

"He told me hes only been in love twice: Once with Drusilla, and the other with you."

"Nonsense." Angel looked nervous now, like he was he one on trial here.

"Then answer me this, were you or were you not Spikes lover?"

Everyone leaned closer to them. Buffy covered her mouth with her hand. Giles and Wesley took their glasses off. Willow and Oz held hands. Xander looked at the floor. Cordelia bit her lip.


"Were you guys lovers, Daddy? Because Spike says so. Id like to hear what you have to say about it."

They stared at each other. Father and daughter. Vampire and half-vampire. Their similar brown eyes questioning each other.

Angel was the first one to look the other way, his eyes filled with tears.


Giles wondered if it had been a good idea to come to the art opening anyway. Everyone was so tense at the moment that he had thought coming would relax them. But he was wrong.

Buffy wouldnt let Angel come near her. And the vampire looked like he was holding a really big weight over his shoulders and was about to fall, crushed under it.

In a way, it was true.

As for Kathleen..., the girl had left the library right there, probably not realizing what she had done to her fathers heart. He could feel the tension in the gallery.

Cordelia asked for a glass of white wine and one of whiskey. She had no problem at all, since her green and black tight dress made her look like an older girl. She walked around the gallery until she spotted him outside, in the parking lot, sitting in the hood of a car, with his head on his hands. She walked towards him and stood there, until he looked up with his weeping eyes.

"If you dont mind, Id like to be alone now," Angel said.

"No way. I brought you a drink." She offered him the whiskey. Angel took it and finished it at once.

"Help me sit," she said. Angel did it, not knowing why. "You know. I have a cousin who cheated on his wife, and she kicked him out of the house, but forgave him in the long run because she loved him and knew that he had learned his lesson."

"My sin goes a little bit beyond infidelity." Little Bit...

"Homosexuality isnt worse than killing eveyone, and yet she forgave you that one. You have to give her time."

"Maybe." He took Cordelias glass. "May I?"

"Be my guest."

He took a small sip, then gazed at the stars. "When youve done the kinds of things that Ive done, the last thing you want is your child following the same path."

"I think all parents want that for their kids," said Cordelia. "Maybe its not too late for you guys."

Angel realized then Kathleen was in front of them.

"Im gonna look for Wesley," Cordelia said leaving them alone. Kathleen occupied the space she had just left.

"Im sorry. I swear, the last thing I wanted was to hurt you."

"I know that. But you understand how I feel about Spike."

"Do you really hate him that much?"

Angel shook his head. "Actually, no. He was my favorite childe and I still care about him... a little bit."

"So, you understand what I feel too?"

"Yeah. I guess I do. Im sure we can work things out. Whatever happens, just remember Im doing this because I love you, Little Bit."

"I love you too, Daddy."

They hugged.

"Daddy? Hes your daddy?"

Spike couldnt believe it. The newfound love of his unlife was his sires daughter. Talk about bloody family ties!

They didnt notice Faith on the other side of the parking lot opening the box. The creature inside of it jumped out and started running towards the trio.

When they saw it, it was almost too late...


Cordelia saw it just before she entered the gallery. She quickly got inside and found Buffy.

"A big, hairy, Taz-like things about to eat Angel and Kathleen!" She said as soon as she found her. Buffy, the Scooby Gang and the two Watchers ran to the parking lot.


"Split!" Angel cried, pushing Kathleen and Spike to the left and ducking in the opposite direction. His children ran. Good, that gave them a few seconds.


"Giles, what is that?" asked Buffy.

"Oh, Lord. Its a Ashood," Wesley said. "Its a demon from India that feeds on vampires' blood and internal organs."

The Ashood was confused for a second when its prey ran. But it was a smart creature. He ran in the direction of the closest one: Angel. He would have the other two later.

Angel was running as fast as he could, putting the parked cars between him and the demon. But he knew it was a matter of minutes, maybe seconds. He saw Buffy running towards him and ordered her to get away.

Big mistake.

He hit the hood of car and fell, seeing everything black for a few seconds, the time the demon needed to fell above him, his long claws ready to ripped his cold heart out of his body.

Angel closed his eyes.

*So, this is how I die...*

"Hey, you fucking demon, leave my sire alone!"

The Ashoood turned just in time to see the ax coming to its head. Before he could do anything about it, the blond vampire cut its head with a fast clean swing.

Kathleen was kneeling beside her father when Buffy and the others arrived. Angel was okay. A couple of bruises and a cut on his cheek, maybe a few broken ribs from his fall, but he would be okay. He looked up at the vampire holding the ax.


His childe. His former lover and companion.

The man that loved his daughter.

Not caring what everyone else would think or say, he stood up with Kathleen and Buffys help and held Spike in a hug.


"So, Spike killed my pet with an ax," said the Mayor.

"Cut his head off, boss."

"Pity. I liked it. A little dirty for my taste, but he was a faithful fella. Well, well think of something. Lets just call our vampires and tell them they came go out again. Theres a lot to be done before my ascension. Would you like a Banana Split after that, Faith?"


"No more feeding on humans," Spike repeated.

"Thats right," said Angel.

"No more tormenting the innocent."


"And I have to help your girlfriend and company to protect this bloody town from creatures such as myself. Oh, bugger. The things I do for the love of a woman."

"You dont have to help us, Spike. Just step aside during our fights and well be happy." Angel stood up. "Man, this hurts."

"The ribs?"

"Yeah. Giles said theyll be fine by this afternoon. A good thing came out of this, though. Buffys talking to me again."

"She forgave our little fling?"

"Yeah. Still, I would be very thankful if you stop hugging me everytime we see each other."

"I cant help it. I never thought the idea of you dying would scare me that much. Im glad youre alive."


"Shut your hole."

"Hey! Thats no way to talk to your girlfriends dad."

"When will you stop using that excuse?"

"Probably by the end of the world."

"This going to be so fun."

"Probably." Angel shook Spikes hand. "Son, welcome to the family. For Im not losing a daughter, Im winning my favorite childe back."