By Patricia R.D.


Angel wasnīt in the living room when Buffy arrived. But there was an ugly black hat on one of the couches. Whose hat, she didnīt know and didnīt care for the moment. She was too tired to think. Wrapping her arms around her badly beaten form, she went directly to his room. He wasnīt there, but she found two green duffel bags full of clothes and still open on the floor. She knelt and ran her fingers through one of the sweaters on top of one fo the duffels. So soft...

"Buffy?" A voice called behind her.

She jumped and turned around. Angel was there, his blue velvet shirt open, revealing his muscular chest. She contained herself when all she wanted was to run to his arms and sink her tongue into his beautiful mouth.

"What happened?" he asked putting his hands on her shoulders, staring at her dirty dress and sad expression. She shivered.

"Nothing," she answered as he removed his hands off her. "You know, I battled the forces of evil and I won... most of it." Most of it, really. She and Cordelia had survived Slayerfest 98, but lost the Homecoming Crown to Holly and Michelle. Sheīd rather have died in the fest.

"Oh Buffy," Angel said holding her hand and guiding her through the mansion corridors. Buffy didnīt say anything until they entered a bathroom.


"You can take a shower here," he said, gesturing towards the nicely decorated bathroom. "Thereīs clean clothes in the basket."


"Itīs okay. I wonīt bother you. I need to finish packing. You can shower, put some clean clothes on and go home. Youīll feel better then.

Buffy sighed. She was really tired, and a shower would be be so good...

"Well I... Packing? Where are you going?"

Angel shrugged. "Remember Whistler?" She nodded, the night she had to send the man she loved to Hell coming back to her now. "Well, he came by today. He said if I needed to go away, he could find me a job in New York. Iīd have to leave tomorrow night."

"Oh." He was leaving.

She was going to lose him again.

"Heīll be back before that. He forgot that piece of cloth he likes to call hat." He chuckled, then looked sadly at her. "If you need anything... just call me." He started to leave, but stopped. "Howīs... Scott?"


"Your boyfriend."

"Oh Scott" They guy that had left her, but that didnīt mattered that much to her since Angel was back. "Heīs okay," she said. He was leaving anyway. It was too late for them.

"Okay," Angel repeated. He left without another word and closed the door after him.


Buffy took a long shower, letting the water wash away the dirt and blood from her body. It had been a long night. The only thing she wanted now was to lay her head on a soft bed and sleep for a whole week. She found the clothes Angel had promised her: black sweatpants and a white tank top. They were his. After she put them on she decided to go away silently. Saying goodbye would too painful for her, for both of them. She was making her way through the corridors when she saw a door open. She didnīt remembered it open before, so she decided to take a look.

It was a beautiful room, full of... dolls. Drusillaīs. Buffy felt a knot forming in her throat. So this was where she and Angel probably... She entered and opened the closets. So many pretty dresses, the dresses of a mad little girl. She was going to burn them after he was gone. Better yet, she was going to burn the whole mansion down after Angel left. Fighting the tears forming in her eyes, she laid on Drusillaīs bed and sobbed like a little girl. It was too much for her. Way too much.

Buffy was tired of being the strong one. For once, she would like to be the one being protected.

She didnīt remember falling asleep. But somehow, she knew she was dreaming.

She was a little baby again. Someone was holding her, rocking her and singing softly in an unknown language. She cuddled against the cold body and smile. Suddenly she realized she was growing, but whoever was holding her didnīt seen to notice, or didnīt mind. He continued singing. She continued to grow until she was eighteen year old Buffy again. She realized she was waking up then and cursed under her breath. The love she had felt during her dream, the sensation of being protected and loved by someone powerful, were going to disappear, and she didnīt want them to.

But they didnīt leave when she opened her eyes.

It was dark. She tried to move, but a gentle weight prevented her from doing so. She felt cold lips brushing against her own, a feather-light touch that made her tremble with desire, as she felt herself becoming suddenly very aroused. The lips started kissing her jaw and neck, always so soft before gently biting her earlobe.

"Whistler says hi," the voice whispered.



"Whistler says hi," Angel repeated. He went back to her lips. "I told you he was here." His kisses went down her collarbone. Buffy tangled her fingers through his hair, feeling him underneath her. He was naked and aroused, pulling her tank top off her body. She helped him, and then lifted her hips so he could pull the sweatpants away from her. She felt him pulling the covers around them before kissing her again. This time, his tongue found his way inside her mouth, wrestling against her own tongue.

"God Buffy," he whispered when he broke the kiss. "You are so beautiful." He lifted his hips and she felt his cold hard sex just outside her moist core. Before she could say anything, he claimed her mouth again as he slowly entered her. She moaned as her inner walls stretched, taking him completely.

"God Iīve missed this," Angel said. "The feeling of your warmth around me, your touch, your kisses."

"Me too."

"I love you."

"I love you too." She was dizzy. He felt so good. So big and deep. She ran her fingers through his bare back as he started to thrust slowly. Suddenly, she came back to reality.

"Angel... we... canīt..."

"Itīs okay. Whistler says itīs over. No more happiness clause." He continued to thrust into her, savoring her like the long denied nourishment she was. "Iīm leaving. I have to leave. Thereīs nothing for me here. You deserve more that I can give you... But just... Let me have tonight... please..."

She wrapped her legs around his waist and brought him deeper, arching into him. He hissed. "Yes." He was going deeper now, faster and faster as she met him. This was probably the last time they would be together and Angel wanted it to be everything their first time had never been. When he felt her tiny muscles gripping him, he slid a hand between their joining bodies and found her clit begging for his attention. He gently rubbed until she came with his name on her lips. He had never seen something so beautiful, and that was enough to bring him over the edge as well. He came with a scream of pleasure, spilling his seed inside her and pressing his weight against her.

He came out of her gently and laid beside her. She cuddled against his chest and closed her eyes.

"Itīs over," she said.

"I know."

"I mean between me and Scott. Itīs been over for a few weeks."

Angel looked down at her.

"Are you serious?"


"Oh. I... Sorry."

"Itīs okay. Thereīs someone else."

Angel felt his heart break a little more.

"The problem is... heīs leaving me. Heīs going to New York. Apparently, he now has a job there as a..."

"Art buyer," Angel said, his eyes moist.

"Right. I guess that job is a cover for another... job."


"So I guess Iīm alone again, unless this guy loves me enough to stay. What do you th...Ummph!"

Her question was cut short by his mouth pressing against hers, his hands roaming against her soft skin. This time it was wild, passionate, full of hunger and primal desire. Buffy had dreamed of Angel making love to her like that, but never thought it possible after everything what had happened to them. And now her dream had come true.

"Iīll stay," Angel said afterwards, when they laid sweaty and sated in each otherīs arms. "God I have to stay, Buffy."

She stroke his cheek gently. "If you go, Iīll follow you. All those months without you, knowing I sent you to Hell were torture for me. I..."

"Itīs okay. I understand."

They kissed again.

"So. I guess Iīll have to talk to Whistler... and Giles. They have a right to know Iīm back."

"Weīll tell them, Honey. Soon." She shifted so he was spooning her. "Right now, I just want to sleep and wake up in your arms."

Smiling, he kissed her neck and closed his eyes. "Good night, my love."

"Good night, Angel."


Whistler picked up his hat and put it on. He hoped Angel would finish packing before the time agreed. It was a long trip and he wanted to be as far away from Sunnydale as they could by the next morning. Not for him, thought, but for Angel. He knew the lass would be better off away, now that the Slayer was seeing other guys. Maybe if they left now...

He went to Angelīs bedroom and found it empty. He started to open a close doors, looking for the ensouled vampire. It didnīt take him long.

There he was.

Sleeping in another room, in another bed.

The Slayer sleeping in his embrace.

Smiling, he carefully stepped out of the room and decided to leave. He would talk with Angel later.

Because judging by their smiles, Angel wasnīt leaving Sunnydale anymore.