To Sire, With Love

by Rebecca

Part One - William


I knew he called me. It would be proper to stop whatever I was doing and answer him straight away.

I didn't look up from the book I was reading.

Angelus came to stand at the doorway. Even though he was outside of my line of sight, I knew he was there. No-one can command a room's presence like my Sire.

"Ahh, there y'are." The Irish lilt cut through the still night, over the soft crackling of the fire in front of me. It's the first time I'd heard it in a few days. He strode in with that purposeful, powerful stride that make any and all others pale in comparison. Arrogance and pride are only undesirable when the possessor cannot back up their grand claims with deeds.

He came to stand by my right hand that was busy flipping pages ever so quietly. Even though I tried not to show it, his nearness prickled my skin with warmth more than the cheery fire I was lying in front of ever could. Angelus waited for me to acknowledge his presence, and was predictably put out when I did not immediately do so.

I looked up lazily, a slightly irritated expression carefully on my face at being interrupted. It was hard to keep though, and I was glad I was on my stomach, as my body instinctively reacted to him. He was magnificent. My Sire wore a dark brown jacket and breeches, with a matching brocade vest, intricately embroidered with gold patterns I couldn't name. I heard him brag to Darla about it the other week. They were Scandinavian in origin, or some other such country he considered exotic. Fierce looking creatures danced playfully as the flickering firelight reflected off the gold, making them seem alive. The cream-coloured shirt made of Chinese silk poked out from beneath the vest. Shoulder-length lustrous dark brown hair was immaculately brushed down, and fell about his neck. I always fancied it looked like the mane of a lion.

A particularly brutal lion.

Although, he didn't need long hair to look every inch the predator.

I kicked my bent legs in a restless manner. "Yes?" I let the annoyance in my voice be heard.

"Get dressed." His face was inscrutable. I didn't move from my position. A slight frown creased his brow, but his pink lips curled up in *that* smile. The smile that wasn't really more than a smirk -- a slight turning up of the lips on one side -- but it said so much. The smile that both terrified and thrilled me. "Are ye're hard of hearing, Childe? Do I haveta tell ye again?" It came out in a conversational tone, but the subtext told me it would be extremely painful for me to disobey. I made moves to get up.

"In yer finest, me boy. Tonight we're going t' a ball for some very weathly people, and 'tis important t' look yer best."

"Look like a stuck-up wanker, y'mean-" I mumbled before the pain of his polished boot crushing my right hand shot through my arm, and caused me to stop talking. I growled and snapped my head up to find his lips still turned up in that smirk. After a moment of searing eye contact with him, I had to duck my head down, not able to withstand the intensity of his gaze. Angelus casually took his foot away from my throbbing hand.

"Stand." He said in that deceptively soft tone. The one which commanded more than a raised voice ever could. I got up slowly, cradling my bruising hand. My Sire studied me in silence. I began to itch under his relentless gaze and toyed with the hem of my oversized shirt.

"I think yer navy blue jacket will do nicely. Make sure ye tie yer hair back an' change that dirty shirt. I'll no' take a ragamuffin out in public."

I moved slowly to the wardrobe and located the clothing he requested, not able to tear my gaze away from his deep, rich brown eyes. I saw a spark of dark lust when I lifted the shirt over my head. Without the protection it offered, I knew the bulge in my breeches was obvious. Despite my open reluctance to go anywhere, I was actually looking forward to going out. Not only was it just feeding, it was a learning experience. Angelus used our outings as field trips... he took great pains to set aside time to teach me his knowledge.

In more ways than one.

My mind drifted back to the last social event we had attended together, where he had spent half the evening pounding into me from behind out on one of the terraces. That was, until Darla walked out and...

The smile that had been curling my lips as I got dressed quickly faded. Darla made no pretenses about not liking me. She didn't like anyone or anything that took her precious Angelus' attention away from her.

Which of course, I did. And she *hated* me for it

Darla didn't hide the fact that she disapproved of me to the other vampires. Any time Angelus was out and she happened to be around, I made sure I locked myself in his room. I remembered all too well it took me days to fully recover after her last assault. Angelus never asked me where my injuries came from. I suspected he knew, but even if he didn't approve, there wasn't a lot he could do.

Fucking wench.

Might I add I liked her about as much as she liked me. Funny thing is, the reason we didn't like each other was the same -- Angelus.

Jealousy's a curse, isn't it?

I turned back to look at the man in question. He was leaning against the fireplace, watching me change. The firelight flickered in his eyes, making them seem more expressive and deep than they already were.

"So, we going to be alone?" I asked as I pulled a clean shirt over my head, well aware it wasn't the most subtle of hints. Angelus' eyes clouded over for a moment, and I knew the answer was no. And if the answer was no, the question as to who else was coming was Darla, being the only other vampire around that wasn't of the brainless minion variety.

Well, that was a matter of opinion.

"Darla'll be accompanying us," he said unnecessarily, knowing I'd already figured it out by my carefully controlled mask of neutrality.

Which lasted about 3 seconds.

I stopped buttoning up my crisp, white shirt. "I'm not going." I stated in a low voice. Angelus just raised one dark eyebrow and inclined his head slightly, as if he hadn't heard right.

"You heard me, y'ponce, I'm not going." I said again, this time louder and clearer, folding my hands across my chest for emphasis. My Sire's eyes flashed in anger and he walks towards me slowly, carefully, feet not making a sound on the Persian rug. He reached my position and stood a few inches away from me, so I either had to look directly into his chest, or strain my neck up to meet his eyes. His tone was measured and precise.

"Get. Dressed. Now."

"No." I looked up defiantly into his face, my jaw set. And in two seconds, my jaw buzzed in pain at the force of a blow I never saw coming. I staggered back clutching it, feeling blood run over my lip where my teeth had torn at the skin. Angelus advanced on me slowly and steadily again.

"Now." he stated in that soft, commanding, tone. I knew from past experience this was the last verbal warning I'd get.

"Fuck you," I spat, blood running down my chin. I saw the second blow coming, but it was still too fast to dodge effectively. Angelus had a mean right cross. The scent of my blood hit my nostrils. It streamed from the corner of my mouth and dripped onto the front of my clean white shirt. Angelus shook his head disapprovingly.

"Don't speak again." he intoned quietly, eyes daring me to disobey. I dearly wanted to, but the pain in my jaw told me I was already in for punishment, why make it worse. I dropped my head in submission. Angelus gestured to his huge four poster bed that was centerpiece of the room. My Sire pointed to one of the posts. I knew what was coming. I took my now stained shirt off and wrapped my arms around the wooden column and waited.

I heard the sounds of Angelus taking off his belt and inwardly sighed in relief. Last time we'd had a fire burning and I'd gotten insolent, he'd been interested in the hot pokers...

All thoughts were driven forcefully from my skull as the leather cracked over my back, leaving a large red welt. Every few seconds an new welt appeared. Hard enough to hurt like all buggery now, but mild enough so as they should be pretty much healed in a few hours. He really got off on this. I could smell his arousal permeating the air, and I couldn't not be affected by that. My breeches stretched across my throbbing erection painfully, but not as painfully as the belt across my back.

Angelus stopped for a moment. I didn't dare turn around, I just stayed, arms wrapped tightly around the post, knuckles white, head bowed and raging hard on. When my stolen blood stopped roaring in my ears, I heard the distinct sound of Angelus undoing the fastenings of his breeches. Then, a draft hit the back of my legs as my own were forcefully yanked down my thighs. Freeing his magnificent cock from the confines of his pants, he placed tip between my cheeks, nudging at the concealed ringed entry.

But just as I shut my eyes and winced at the thought of him buggering me dry, I yelped in surprise as his fangs sank into the flesh of my shoulder. Angelus removed his mouth and dipped his hand into my blood, before coating his solid erection with it, effectively lubricating it.

Before I knew it his cock had pushed past the entry and was pounding into me. His thrusts were hard and unforgiving, and I could feel myself getting right bruised. My own cock was painfully hard, but I didn't dare touch it without permission. As if reading my mind, Angelus reached around with one hand and began stroking my aching shaft.

"God..Angelus.." I moaned as he ran his fingers over the sensitive underside in a dizzying rhythm, all the while his hips slapping into my arse ruthlessly. I felt my balls tighten and knew I was going to come at any moment, but as if reading my mind again, Angelus moved his hand to the base of my cock, effectively ceasing my orgasm.

Cruel bastard.

He never stopped thrusting into me, but the way I whimpered when he stopped me from coming gave him the satisfaction to. He shot his dead seed into me with a grunt, although he kept pumping away. My erection was aching like it was on fire. I couldn't bear the torture, I needed to come so badly, so I did exactly what he was waiting for.

I begged.

"Please... Angelus.. please... oh god Sire please!!" I cried out. He moved his lips to my ear, scraping his fangs down over the lobe none too gently.

"Know your place, boy." Angelus hissed, making a shiver slide up and down my spine.

"I do.. I know..oh..fuck Angelus..." At the sound of his name, he growled softly and bit into my ear. I felt the blood trickle down my neck.

"What is my name?" I gasped in pain when one of his hands travelled down and squeezed my balls painfully when I didn't answer straight away.

"Sire" I choked out.

"And what is yours?"

"Boy... bloody fucking hell Sire.. *please*." I pleaded with him, desperate for him to let me go. My head swam and my balls felt like someone had them in a steel press.

And I knew what that was like.

He acquiesced and released his firm grip at the base of my shaft, pumping it a few times before allowing my orgasm. I came and went weak at the knees from weariness. By the time I could pick myself up and turn around, eyes lowered, Angelus had already slipped back into his handsome human visage, straightened up his clothes and was dusting some imaginary speck from his immaculate lapel.

"Y'll be gettin' cleaned up an' dressed now. We leave as soon as ye're ready." he said. I nodded once and began to clean myself up as best I could and scrounge for unsoiled clothes. When I was finally dressed in the blue jacket with matching shirt and breeches, I found that Angelus had been watching me.

"Y'wanted me to get angry, didn't ye?"

I just looked back at him, blank expression carefully in place. It was no use, he could read my eyes. My little attention-getting stunt was obvious to him. He stepped towards me and placed a finger under my chin, lifting it.

"I know I've been away from ye for a little while, boy-"

"You haven't just been away," I murmured. "You've been with **her**." Angelus sighed heavily.

"Just like you have obligations t' yer Sire, so do I," he answered. "Y'already know that, Will..." It was my turn to sigh. "But y'also know y'ere me favourite, and Darla has no say in that." To strengthen his point, he leant forward and brushed his lips against mine. I instantly parted them, and our tongues met in a lazy duel. I tasted the coppery tang of my blood in his mouth. He pulled away from me and touched our foreheads together. I looked into those fathomless dark eyes and saw power, and pride, and self-assurance and.. truth and affection. It made my stomach flip.

"Well, come on then. It's time to learn a thing or two," he said, standing up straight and patting me on the back. "We're already more than fashionably late, Darla'll be quite the scornful lady."

I grinned ruefully. "Good."

Angelus' rich laughter echoed in my ears.

Part Two - Angelus

By the time William and I had reached the entry, Darla was nowhere to be seen. A minion hesitantly approached me, eyes lowered. I tapped my foot impatiently.


"D-darla grew tired of-f waiting and took a coach to the F-farrington's Manor. She said you and h-he-" the young vampire gestured to William "would be able to make your own way there." With his message delivered, he scuttled away as fast as his legs would carry him. I saw my Childe look out the corner of his eye at me and raise a slight eyebrow. But he knew better than to say anything.

"Ah well," I patted him on the shoulder, directly onto one of his healing back wounds, and smirked when he winced slightly. "looks like we'll be walkin' ourselves t' this here ball. Ydon't mind now, do ye boy?" Will shook his head emphatically, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips, the pain forgotten. He didn't mind. And I couldn't say I did, either. It gave us a chance for some time alone, which we hadn't been able to have for a while. So we walked out into the chill night air and onto the cobbled streets in companiable silence.

When I'd first sired William, Darla had been titillated with my choice. A handsome, fiery lad with a sharp tongue and a sharper mind. Like her, I was drawn to the attractive, passionate ones. More often than not, they made the best Master Vampires given time. She indulged in my going off for weeks on end with my new Childe, to begin to teach him what I knew in order to survive. During that time I witnessed first-hand his resourcefulness and culpability as a vampire, and I knew he was something special. His manner was brash and impassioned, yet when the situation called for it, insightful, cautious and discriminating. That, and being a stunningly good-looking boy.

But ever since I'd made it known he was my favourite, Darla had gone out of her way to make things difficult for him. It seemed she resented the amount of time I spent with him. A few weeks ago she sent me on a fool's errand which kept me away from my Childe for a week. When I got back, I would have been foolish not to notice the array of healing wounds that marred his pale skin -- wounds that were most definitely not there when I left.

At first I'd thought he'd just been fighting with the minions, but after Darla reassured me in that smugly innocent way that she'd taken 'special care of dear William', I knew it was she who had inflicted them.

I was furious. Irrationally so. Darla was his grand-Sire, I shouldn't have been so upset. Maybe a little put out that she took to disciplining my Childe while I was purposely away, but I should never have been feeling the utter malice towards her actions that I did.

I glanced next to me and watched Will as he strolled along, sharp blue eyes fixing on anything that might make a noise or pose a threat, cheekbones defining as he unconsciously ground his jaw. The lamplight played off his features, making his milky skin gleam with an unnatural light. His lean frame was encased in fine blue velvet, making him look every inch respectable. I chuckled as, even as that thought occurred, he pulled at the stiff, high collar uncomfortably.

My god he was beautiful. I could feel my cock harden just observing his cat-like grace when he walked, and it took all my willpower not to drag him into a dark alley and fuck him blind. That thought only incensed my anger towards Darla further that she had the audacity to manhandle my Childe.

*My*. Childe.

No-one touched him but me.

I shook my head slightly. Only Will seemed able to spark this intense possessive streak within me. My walking stilted as I changed pace slightly, my hard on making it difficult to keep my previous speed. Will picked up on my different pace immediately and changed to suit.

"So, what trouble have ye been getting' yerself int' while I was away?" I asked, hoping to take my mind off how tight my breeches were becoming. No such luck. Watching my boy talk, observing how his tongue darted out to wet those pink lips before he spoke, hearing his baritone voice, speech peppered with slang and curses it was almost unbearable. Nevertheless I tried to focus on what he was saying. By the time I could bring myself to actually listen to his words, he was already in the middle of some tirade.

"and the dozy bint bit my hand and started screamin'. I mean, *really* hollering. Crikey, enough to wake the dead, so to speak. No-one 'eard 'er over the drunk gits, but she was getting to be a pain in the hole. So I thought artistry be damned, an' ripped 'er throat out."

"Now me boy, I appreciate the need fer a quick kill, but a little class separates us from others of our kind. I've taught ye better."

"I know that's why I propped 'er up in a booth with a pint. Made 'er look like she'd just nodded off." I smiled genuinely.

"Now *that's* what I like to hear." He shot me a dazzling grin, eyes twinkling.

"I know."

My undead heart constricted and made my chest ache, a feeling that I only recently identified as happening whenever my boy smiled at me like that. The time spent away from him was too long. I was fast becoming aware that even though I dominated him, he had influence over me.

Cue my ardent anger at Darla's abuse.

Cue her intense dislike of our relationship.

We continued walking. Boots made hollow sounds on the cobblestoned street as we crossed to the other side. I watched in amusement as Will, ever energetic and restless, swung around one of the lamp-posts in an impromptu display of childishness. I kept walking and inwardly smiled when he jogged to catch up to me.

"Ye keep on with shenanigans like tha' an' we'll be thrown outta th' Farrington's fer sure." Will snorted.

"Like that bothers you."


"Aye, 'tis always fun to get thrown out, I'll admit, but-"

"-Darla won't like it." He finished for me. I barely nodded. A slight sneer curled Will's lips at the mention of my Sire and at the prospect of having to behave and curb his destructive tendencies. An uncomfortable silence descended. After a moment, he asked a question by his body language he'd been wanting to ask for a fair while.

"Did you get it then?" I crinkled my brow.

"Get what?"

My Childe waved his hand dismissively. "That bloody bit of rock you an' her went traipsing all over for."

"The Gem of Amarra?"

He sniffed and did his best to look as though he didn't care. "Yeah."

Darla heard rumours that the legendary 'Holy Grail' of the vampire world might be in Europe somewhere. She requested the pleasure of my company in following up this lead. In this, I was forced to accompany her, as her favoured Childe. The rumour turned out to be quite obviously false, it was a wonder that Darla paid any attention to it at all. After a few days, I decided the search was fruitless and chose to return to London. My Sire had suggested we stay abroad for a few weeks, enjoying each other's company, but I had declined. Quite put out, she chose to return as well.

"'t seems it's not quite so easily found. Our trail proved false." Will snorted derisively again. I gave him a sharp glance and he dropped his eyes slightly.

"Sorry Angelus, it's just that any ninny who'd done an ounce of actual research would know there's no rumours of the Gem bein' anywhere around here." I raised my eyebrow in surprise.

"Ye've done research on th' Gem?" Will nodded succintly, fixing his eyes on the lamplight off in the distance. I recalled him lying in front of the fireplace with a book. Definitely not a common occurrence.

"There's nothing at all to indicate it's anywhere near Europe. I found some notes referring to its resting place as being somewhere called 'the Valley of the Sun'. Didn't strike me or any of those geezers who wrote the books that that could *possibly* be anywhere near here. Probably in sodding Africa or something."

"Where d'you think it is, then?"

"Dunno," Will sidestepped a puddle of dirty water from someone's laundry. "Somewhere where it doesn't rain every fucking five minutes." After a moment he added "I'm surprised you didn't know yourself."

My stride slowed to a stop. "Darla didn'a say..." I murmured more to myself than Will. "She had t'have known, though..." my voice trailed off as the implication of her dragging me off purposely separate my Childe and I sunk in. Will stopped walking and stood beside me, watching impassively.

Anger bubbled up inside me that I strained to force down. I changed the direction of the conversation slightly and took up walking again. Will fell into step almost immediately. "Since when d'ye research vampire legend then, boy?"

This time he was the one to stop. Will studied his scuffed shoes and mumbled something I was unable to hear. I turned and studied his face. "Speak up, lad, I dinnae hear ye." He raised his voice so I could just make out his whispered words.

"Since they take you away from me." The world seemed to fade away when he met my eyes with his brilliant azure orbs. My heard constricted again. He looked as if to speak, but a noisy carriage trundling past broke the spell. I scowled in irritation at the ornate coach and watched as it turned into a courtyard about a yard away.

The Farrington's Manor.

Will noticed too and coughed, stepping back. I acknowledged his want to change the subject and obliged him.

"That didnae take very long." I commented. He cleared his throat and nodded in agreement. We entered the large stone courtyard. The Farrington's palatial house was lit up. Gay music and laughter filtered into the night air. I cast a sidelong glance at my boy. His usual sardonic expression was back in place.

"It'll be nice t'spend a while here, but I don't imagine us wasting tha' much time here." I remarked casually. Will's head snapped up and questioned me silently, confusion on his features. Just before we reached the other side of the courtyard I stopped and cupped the side of his perfectly sculpted face with my hand.

"'t seems we have some catchin' up t' do, and I dinnae want t' spend all our time at a party fer..." I smirked, using his term. " 'stuck-up wankers'?" My Childe's face lit up in delight. We reached the door where a servant greeted us and I handed him our coats, idley hoping Will's rampant sexuality wouldn't bring me to my knees in front of all the guests. I chuckled silently to myself.

Although, it would make for a memorable pre-dinner show....

Part Three - Angelus

The Farrington's home was a veritable seething mass of humanity. People were everywhere, talking, laughing, mingling. I grimaced slightly and looked to Will, who shared with me a moment of pain and adjustment. It was always an assault to our hypersensitive bodies when entering an establishment full of humans. The roar of blood rushing through veins became like raging rivers, the multiple pulse-beats were an orchestra of timpanis sounding out their life's-rhythm. It always took a few seconds to 'readjust' our senses from what one might call 'general' to 'local' -- picking up on the living beings only in the direct vicinity. It was always wise to do. The euphoria experienced by not narrowing down the senses in such a situation -- to feel and hear the living essences of everyone in such a crowded place -- could literally drive a vampire mad.

After this initial transition, Will and I soon fell into the swing of things. To mortals, this was a social gathering of the highest order, considering the company. The best of the best, meaning not the most worthy persons, but the most *wealthy* -- coming together to trade stories with like-minded souls, have a drink and a dance, and go home sated in the knowledge they were the kings of the world.

But to vampires...

Ahh.. to *vampires*...

These gatherings were the ultimate showcase of human weakness and vanity. Frivolous affairs that were joyfully attended by the undead -- it was like walking into an expensive meat-market, where the meals walked and talked and wore pretty wrappers. We would regularly attend these sorts of functions, trade stories with fellow vampires, have a drink and a dance, and go home sated in the knowledge that we were kings of the world.

What an age we exist in, eh?

"Mister Angelus!" A booming voice proclaimed.

I was shaken out of my reverie by an astonishingly uptight looking man with a greying moustache that curled at the ends. He wore an expensive suit made of velvet, similar to mine, but far more pretentious. Will looked him up and down quickly and stifled his derisive snort at my warning gaze. I nodded politely.

"Mister Farrington," I acknowledged.

"So good of you to come to our little gathering," he gestured grandiosely to the tiers of his home swarming with guests.

"Aye, 'tis a pleasure to take advantage of ye're hospitality yet again," I answered, allowing myself a small smirk. For his part, Will took to studying the crowd and locating potential targets.

"Always a delight to play host to a man of such undoubted good breeding," he chortled in a superior way. His gaze fell upon Will. "And who might we have here this evening?" I tugged on the blue velvet sleeve and brought him to attention.

"Ah, 'tis with extreme *pleasure*," I practically purred out the word, and watched as Will shivered involuntarily. "that I present Master William to ye. He is me protegè, of sorts." I waited patiently as protocol sunk in and Will bowed somewhat jerkily. I patted his shoulder in a silent gesture of praise and he smiled slightly, pleased that I recognized how difficult it was for him. Farrington inclined his head.

"Master William," he greeted pompously. "I do hope your company is as entertaining as your two companions."

"Two?" he queried. Farrington returned his gaze to me, before continuing to talk, eyes focused elsewhere.

"You know, Mister Angelus, you should not leave such a beauty to arrive by herself, you really don't know *what* company she might keep," I followed Farrington's lust-filled gaze to where Darla was keeping court in a corner, surrounded by admirers. But by the smoldering look she shot the host, and the way his moustache twitched manically, I expect the company she'd been keeping before our arrival had been him. My Sire winked coquettishly and Farrington smiled, although the gesture was directed towards me. Will shifted from foot to foot in agitation.

"But I suppose you'll have your hands full tonight," Farrington continued, not tearing his eyes away from Darla. "you always seem to be able to charm the attentions of the prettiest thing in the house, when they won't give others the time of day." I moved my hand to the base of Will's spine, and traced my fingers lightly over the velvet.

"Aye, 'tis a trend I hope will continue tonight." A finger slipped up under the half-tucked white shirt and made contact with cool skin. Will sucked in a gasp, the implication of my words and actions not lost on him. I continued talking to Farrington. "I leave Miss Darla in yer capable hands then, seein' as prior commitments will probably force me t' depart from yer company earlier than originally intended." Will leaned back into my hand, face blank, but eyes ablaze with pleasure and passion. The host finally ripped his gaze away from Darla, who had been watching our exchange.

"That's a terrible shame," his voice ringing with insincerity at the thought of being left alone with Darla. "Well, enjoy the atmosphere for as long as you are able, Sir. You know you are always welcome in my home." I allowed a smirk.

"A generous offer, to be sure. I fully intend on takin' y' up on it. Thank ye, Sir."

He nodded stiffly and walked away to greet another guest. I turned to face my Childe who looked back with a mixture of desire, excitement and hunger. I dropped my voice to a low murmur.

"Well dear boy, let us no' disappoint our gracious host."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I leant against the bar in the ballroom, with an Irish whiskey, cigar in hand, watching my Will charm a young noblewoman. The last two hours had been.. interesting in more ways than one. The dinner in itself was a fascinating struggle with power and self-control. Farrington, obviously besotted by Darla, changed the seating plan so that she sat on his left. By the look on his lady-wife's face, this was neither the first time this had happened, nor would it be the last. But after studying Darla's ravenous glances at him, I wondered whether it *would* be the last time.

And it seemed Darla was taking advantage and exercising her influence. I was to sit across from her, and she had requested our host to move Will further away, something about him 'not being of the same class' as her and I, therefore he shouldn't sit in such a privileged position. Farrington had relented, but quickly changed his mind when I stated quite firmly that Will was my responsibility, and it was my duty to teach him etiquette, which wasn't at all possible when he was sitting two tables away. Our host backed down, and Darla was less than impressed. But Will took it upon himself to play with the material of my pants leg under the table during the meal, which made it all worthwhile.

In fact, so successful were his attempts at appreciation for my standing against Darla, I had to excuse him and myself from the dinner half-way through. I dragged him into a small empty powder room where he immediately tore at the buckle of the belt securing my breeches.

The very same belt I had beat him with just hours before.

All thoughts were lost to me, however, when, after releasing my rock-hard member, he kissed away the pre-cum slowly beginning to accumulate at the bulbous tip. I groaned inwardly as his skilled tongue danced along the length of my shaft, sometimes wildly teasing the purple, mushroom head, sometimes sensuously dallying at the sensitive underside. When I felt a cool hand begin to knead my balls, I could not stop the moan of pleasure that escaped my lips. I fought my urge to grab the back of his head and thrust into his mouth violently, deciding to give my boy an opportunity to do the work.

I felt his mouth smile around my erection, causing his teeth to scrape over the already taunt skin. I dug my elegantly manicured fingernails into my palms savagely, drawing blood.

That was it.

The scent of blood inflamed the senses, both his and mine, and without warning, he deepthroated my cock, the tip of his nose pressed against my abdomen.

I lost the tenuous grasp I had on my human face, releasing my demon as I came into his mouth. He swallowed all of my seed and continued to suck gently until my penis began to soften in his mouth.

I am such a great teacher.

Will slowly pulled away and sat on his haunches in front of me, smiling brilliantly. I began to straighten up my clothes as he watched in amusement.

"Dinnae sit there lookin' like th' Cheshire Cat, y' should be thinkin' of a sound reason as explanation fer me draggin' ye off like tha'". Will's brow crinkled slightly.

"A *what* cat?" He stood and I put an arm around his shoulders.

"'tis the fanciful creation of a new writer, who just happens t' be in attendance tonight. His name is Dodgson, but I believe his writing's carry the moniker 'Carroll'.. ye must read his work, my boy"

Shaken back to thoughts of the present by raucous laughter of a few men close by, and my throbbing erection, I sought Will out with my eyes through the masses yet again. I saw my boy in the middle of the floor with the girl, leading her in a slow-paced dance. I watched as he curled his fingers ever so slightly around hers, stroking them. He danced far closer than what was considered 'proper', shifting from one leg to the other, moving his body up against hers. He often dipped his head to whisper in her ear, which was always greeted with either tinkling laughter or a deep pink flush.

Will turned slowly so that her back was towards me, and looked at me over her shoulder. His dark eyes met mine, and he shot me one of those blinding smiles, with equal parts lust, wickedness and hunger. The ache clutched at my heart again, and I wished to be far, far away from all of these mortals who meant nothing to me, where I could be alone with the immortal who meant everything.

I felt a cool hand come to rest on mine. Darla.

"It looks as if dear William is coping rather well, doesn't it?"

"Will is a smart lad." I stated flatly, never taking my eyes away from his, although anger joined the emotions present in my boy's eyes. Darla picked up his emotions loud and clear, and sidled up next to me, pressing her soft, sweet-smelling body against mine. I could not help glancing at her.

Big mistake.

My Sire's form was draped in expensive satin, silk and lace. The dress was a deep emerald green -- a colour she knew I loved -- with a scooped neckline. The way she pressed herself up against me pushed her full creamy breasts together, making for a most pleasant sight to look down upon. I could not help wetting my lips that had instantly dried. She walked her fingers up over my chest.

"Yes, he is," her voice was like honey. "Old enough to take care of himself even... he is no longer a fledgling. I'm *sure* he won't mind if you spend some time with me," she pouted seductively. An image of that mouth twisted in a sinister smile as she tortured Will flashed in my mind and I visibly recoiled. She looked startled for a moment. I glanced out onto the dancefloor quickly, but Will was nowhere to be seen. He must have been watching everything and seen enough. "Angelus?" Darla asked, confusion and annoyance evident in her voice.

"Is he no' supposed to mind the way I'm no' supposed to mind when ye take yer hand t'him while I'm away?"

"Is that all you're upset about?" She cooed as her hand continued its upward movement from my chest to my hair. I caught her wrist and held it fast, pulling her face close to mine.

"He's *mine*, Darla, I willna have ye touchin' him. No' now, no' ever again." I whispered sibilantly to her face. My Sire's face hardened instantly, the coldness in her eyes almost more than I could bear.

"You are too attached to that boy, Angelus," she extricated herself from my grip. "Mark my words, *Childe*," she said, emphasizing my inferior status in relation to hers "that can only lead to disaster." Darla gave me a piercing glance before sashaying off to find some mortal sap.

Probably Farrington.

I growled and downing the last of my whiskey, I stormed off to find Will.

I had had enough.

Will was in the garden, savagely drinking from his unwitting dance partner. His eyes shot up, anger and hurt evident even in his demon golden orbs. He tossed the lifeless body of the girl in a hedge and looked at me. Blood pooled at the corners of his mouth. I strode forward slowly and wiped the fluid away and tasted it. Will flinched momentarily, but stopped moving away when I covered his mouth with my own. The coppery tang of the girl's blood filled my mouth and it was exhilarating.

It was a short, conciliatory joining of mouths, but I broke off lazily, resting my face against his.

My Childe drew in a deep unneeded breath. "Are you here to tell me you're stayin' 'ere with 'er tonight?"

"I'm here t' tell ye tha' I think we should be goin'. The night is young, an' I have far more interestin' ways t' spend it than wit' a room full o' paradin' peacocks." Will's face morphed back into its human mask, and his stormy blue eyes held all of his questions.

"But Darla-"

"-wanted me t' stay. Aye, I wilna lie, but *I* think we should be goin'. Yer no' disobeyin' me again, are ye, boy?" Will shook his head vehemently before he scooted out from underneath my arms and began to run, leaving me standing there, open-mouthed. He stopped and turned, grinning at me from the edge of the cobbled courtyard before running down the driveway and around the corner.

"Ye're goin' t' be hurtin' on the morrow, William," I whispered, rather stunned, before ignoring propriety and taking off after the laughter of my boy carrying on the breeze.

Part Four - William

Kneeling on my hands and knees in front of the fireplace, I desperately puffed onto dying embers of the fire. My cheeks ballooned out, flushed with exertion.

Damn not needing to breathe.

I had run at full tilt from the Farrington's party, hoping to beat my Sire home. Once there, I headed straight for Angelus' luxurious bedroom. I cleared away any reminders of my insolence a few hours previously -- kicked the book I had been reading under a small table, and balled up my bloodstained shirt in the corner of the chestnut wardrobe. I knew I'd have to get rid of it later, lest I get in big trouble, but that could wait, and time was of the essence.

I had begun planning my Sire's return almost immediately after he had left. What with Darla purposely dragging him away any moment she could, I needed something to do with myself besides research on her latest fool's mission, and the regular maiming and killing.

The minions of Darla, Angelus and myself who lived in and around our current opulent residence invited me to join them on their nightly hunting parties, but I always declined, feeling Angelus' absence profoundly. I had decided long ago -- when Darla had first taken a dislike to me -- that I would either hunt at Angelus' side, or I would hunt alone.

The only vaguely good thing that came out of Angelus being away and hunting alone, was the opportunity to acquire certain items without his knowledge. Like a bottle of rare Bordeaux that we had particularly enjoyed the last time we were in Paris. Or a recording for his old phonograph of his favourite sonata; 'The Devil's Trill' by Tartini. Items like that were not easy to procure, but were good outlets for expending pent up frustration and anger.

The embers in the fireplace ignited and soon turned into a hot blaze. I sighed in relief and nudged fuel further into the heart of the flames with a gilt cast-iron poker. I gauged that I had been home for approximately five minutes.

I didn't have much time.

I took my velvet jacket off and, thinking a moment draped it over a chair. Angelus would possibly overlook a book under a table and a shirt in the corner, but not my expensive jacket crumpled on the floor. I toed each of my scuffed shoes off and undid the top few buttons of my shirt.

Damn that felt better.

Sprinting down the hall to my room, I took the precious wine and recording out of a trap door that I'd discovered in a false floor of my wardrobe. I raced back and put Tartini on the phonograph. The soft strains of violins filtered through the room and I smiled to myself as I uncorked the Bordeaux and sniffed the richness of the alcohol. It threw me back to our Paris visit, where after enjoying a few glasses of the wine in a conventional manner, Angelus discovered a much more pleasurable way for it to be consumed...

I stopped myself from running with that train of thought, as I felt the front of my breeches tighten.

There would be plenty of time for that later.

I carefully poured some wine into two glasses and left them on a small ornate table by the fireplace before turning to the bed. The carved four-poster was covered in soft dark cotton sheets, with a fanciful bedcover I think he said came from somewhere around Rumania. Made by gypsy-beggars or something. Angelus promised to take me with him next time.

The sheets were warm and inviting on cool skin. I ran my fingers across them gently. Over the past few nights, I had taken to sneaking into Angelus' room early in the morning and sleeping in his bed, if only to be closer to him in some respect. I lifted a pillow and smelt it, the masculine scent of my Sire embedded in the fabric. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, before replacing the pillow and pulling back the bedcover.

It was at that moment Angelus appeared at the doorway. I straightened and walked around the side of the bed to lean on one of the posts. He walked with measured strides into the room, taking in everything with those dark eyes. Angelus cocked his head to the side.

"Tartini." he stated, not really a question. I nodded almost dumbly, cursing his ability to sometimes make me forget whether I'm even standing or sitting. His eyes closed, and he swayed with the violins for a moment, before opening them again and devouring me with his gaze. I shifted from foot to foot nervously, making the muscles work under my jaw.

His attention was drawn to the small table and the wine. Angelus walked to it and ran a finger over the polished wood and up the stem of the wineglass. He swished it around before touching it to his lips. A slow, lazy smile spread across his features as he recognised the taste. My Sire gestured to me to pick up the other glass and drink with him.

I walked over to the table and picked up my wine, gulping it down rather quickly. Angelus watched my Adam's apple bob up and down, seemingly amused by my nervousness. He took a few long moments to survey the atmosphere of the room -- wine, music, fire, downturned bed, me half-dressed...

He carefully placed his glass back down on the table and went to stand next to the phonograph, eyes closed, enraptured by the sublime shrill strains of the violins. I refilled our glasses, and hastily gulped down mine, before deciding to go through with what I had planned to do for a long time.

*I* was going to seduce *him*.

I crept up slowly to him, stockinged feet not making a sound over the thick carpet and stopped just in front of my Sire's large frame. A smirk played at his lips, although he never opened his eyes. I reached up and brushed my thumbs over the soft fabric of his lapels. Angelus parted his lips slightly to speak, but I placed a slender silencing finger over them. He cocked his head to the side, as if thinking over whether to let me have my way.

By the manner in which his tongue darted out and licked my finger, it looked like he was going to acquiesce. I stroked the fabric lightly, barely making contact, before I pushed it off his broad shoulders. As it was falling I stuck my foot out and snagged it before it fell to the ground. He chuckled in amusement as I deposited the jacket across the chair with my own.

I tugged at each button of his cream coloured silk shirt and pressed my lips to every newly exposed inch of pale, flawless skin. Angelus' chest rumbled and a low sound of approval permeated the room. When I reached his navel, I stuck my tongue into it, swirling it around and in an out in an erotic pattern. His stomach muscles twitched involuntarily and I smiled, pleased at the effect I was having on him. I continued down and undid his belt and breeches once again, planting bites all the way down his tender lower belly until I reached the dark thatch of curls which surrounded his manhood.

I straightened and pushed the shirt away from his shoulders to the tune of an annoyed hiss. Angelus opened one eye in an irritated fashion but that annoyance was stifled when I removed his shoes and tore away at his breeches unceremoniously. I stood back to admire my Sire's nude, perfect form. He stood, legs slightly apart in a relaxed stance, erection jutting proudly from his body.

It was a tremendous feeling of power to have my naked Sire in front of me and being still close to fully clothed... it often happened in the reverse order. I decided I would play with him like this for as long as I could.

My own erection pressed painfully into the seam of my pants.

Might not be too long, though.

Resolve, William.

I walked back to the table and poured myself another glass of wine and moved to stand in front of him, handing him one. Angelus took it slowly, one eyebrow raised slightly in unasked question. I did all I could to repress laughing delightedly at the carefully guarded confusion in his eyes.

I knew for a fact that he hadn't really eaten at the Farrington's, content to watch me dispatch annoying guests instead. Thus any alcohol in his system would suffuse what little blood coursing through his body fairly quickly.

In essence, he'd be a pushover to get drunk.

"What shall we drink to?" I asked.

Angelus thought for a moment, before answering in his smooth, deep voice.

"To long nights such as these stretchin' from now until infinity's end." His deep brown eyes voiced unspoken volumes of his affection and fondness for me over any other vampire he had ever created. I gulped down my wine and placed the glass on the table.

My resolve was crumbling.

Sire's and Childer often had close bonds. It was not unusual at all for them to become lovers, like Darla and Angelus had. But it *was* unusual to have such a possessive, intense relationship. It had not gone unnoticed that Angelus was rather solicitous of me, insisting I go with him everywhere. Many Childer would have been making their own way in the world by now, but Angelus insisted I stay. Aside from attending obligatory trips with Darla alone, we had never been separated.

But it wasn't as though I was unhappy with the arrangement.

On the contrary, a no more perfect father, companion and lover could have been dreamt up for me. He gave me what had been sorely lacking in my mortal life, and then some. The borders of my world were circumnavigated by his strong arms. I loved him as much as I could love any being, and it frightened me that he had that sort of power.

Resolve almost gone...

I snatched the glass from his hands and threw it away. I heard the glass smash and tinkle as I pushed him backwards and onto the bed. Angelus caught my wrists as pulled me down on top of him. I crushed my lips to his, desperate to feel the familiarity of his mouth. He tasted of wine and whiskey and cigars and something that was purely my Sire.

*My*. Sire.

Angelus did not immediately demand dominance, but let me lead. His lips parted and my tongue swept into his mouth and into a lazy duel.

I almost jumped when his cool fingers raked up my back, dragging my shirt along with it. We separated for the briefest of moments while he removed my shirt and threw it onto the floor. I pulled away from his mouth, panting.

"Now that wasn't very industrious of you," I wheezed.

"Fuck that." Angelus said shortly, dragging my mouth back down to his, grinding his pelvis against mine.

Resolve officially dust.

Angelus pivoted, rolling us over to be on top of me. His eyes were molten pools of desire, but his hands were methodical and steady, ever so deliberately and leisurely unfastening my breeches. He pulled them slowly down my legs and threw the clothing away, exposing my swollen erection. My Sire looked down at me, a smile touching his lips. He got off the bed, eyes never breaking their electric contact with mine, and grabbed the half-finished bottle of Bordeaux.

"So beautiful..." he murmured upon returning, caressing my hip with a feather-light touch. I could not help but shudder, which turned into a surprised gasp when he poured a small amount of the wine onto my quivering stomach muscles. Angelus shot me a devilish look and, still not breaking his eyes away from mine, bent forward to lick and drink the alcohol that pooled on my skin. I let out a small whimper when his tongue followed the same path mine had earlier and sank into my navel. He too trailed down over my lower abdomen, but unlike me, did not stop.

When Angelus wrapped his lips around my cock it was like dying all over again. His skilled mouth moved up and down my aching shaft, nipping at the sensitive underside, hand reaching to massage my balls. I could not stand such delicious attention for long. I came into his mouth crying his name. He swallowed all of my cold semen until my cock went flaccid in his mouth.

I panted heavily. This wasn't going exactly the way I pictured, but I wasn't about to complain. Angelus dragged his mouth back up my body, stopping to lick and bite each one of my peaked nipples. His mouth covering mine in a passionate kiss stifling my moan. His marble erection dug into my hip and I shifted to create friction. Angelus made a growling noise into my mouth and we parted lips. I looked up into his face; my cheeks and lips flushed from kissing, eyes heavy with desire. Angelus looked down at me, a tender smile curving his lips.

He caressed my face with one large hand. "Ah me sweet William, if I dinnae get inside ye right now I think mayhaps I will go mad." My Sire's face was so honest at that moment, I nearly had to choke back a sob. He spread my thighs and grabbed pillows from the top of the bed. I lifted my hips and he stuffed them under, elevating my body. When his icy fingers touched the tender opening between my arse cheeks I gasped.

Angelus took the bottle of wine and poured some over my hardening cock. The alcohol trickled down over my balls and perineum, making its way to my tender entryway. He poured an amount over his hard on and, pausing only momentarily to set the bottle on the floor, pushed his way inside. I arched in pleasure as Angelus started a languid, steady rhythm. His thrusts were paced and all together too slow.

"Angelus, please," I murmured and began to meet his hips with my own. My Sire sped up his pace. We had been away from each other from days, but it had felt like lifetimes. Angelus growled, which steadily became louder as he was closer to coming. With a snarl, I felt my Sire pierce my neck with his canines, which was enough to tip him over the edge, and his cold seed filled my aching channel.

I was so close to coming myself, my vision had gone quite blurry, so I didn't immediately see when Angelus covered my body with his own, how he sank his fangs into his wrist and held it to my mouth. I caught the scent of his blood and willed my eyes back into focus. I grabbed his bleeding wrist with both hands and fastened my mouth over the wound. Almost the instant his potent blood hit my tongue, laced with alcohol and tobacco, I came, splashing semen over both our stomaches. I willed myself to stop drinking once I had orgasmed.

Angelus leant down and captured my lips in the sweetest kiss I might have possibly ever experienced. My head was buzzing and even though I was exhausted, the power of my Sire's blood made my mind race. Angelus sucked gently on my lower lip before sliding out and next to me. He pulled me into his strong arms. Once again, I felt so safe. I knew I would never need to know anything outside the confines of his embrace.

I hoped I would never need to know anything outside the confines of his embrace.

I could not stifle a yawn that my night's exertions and the alcohol induced. Angelus reached up a hand and brushed a stray lock of hair from my forehead, before kissing it.

"Sleep now, me sweet boy. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Always?" I asked.

"Always." He replied, pulling up the bedcovers.

Morpheus began to draw his veil over my eyes. I curled up next to my Sire, flinging an arm across his broad chest.

"Love you...Angelus..." I murmured quietly, all around me going dark. But just before everything went black, I heard a soft whisper in reply.

"I love ye too, me beautiful William. I love ye too."

At that moment, nothing else in the world had any meaning for me. No matter what happened -- whether he had to go on a thousand trips with Darla, whether his feelings towards me ever changed, whether someone else came between us -- I knew I would remember his gentle words until the night of my final death.

A contented smile on my face, my low purrs mingling with his, I drifted off into peaceful slumber in the arms of my Sire.


When all is done and said, in the end thus shall you find
He most of all doth bathe in bliss that hath a quiet mind.
And, clear from worldly cares, to deem can be content
The sweetest time in all his life is thinking to be spent.

Thomas, Lord Vaux