The Answer is No

by Scorpio
Companion story to Brass Knackers 4: Tales To Astonishby Saber ShadowKitten

Pale moonlight leaching all color from the world. 
Stark street. 
Bleak thoughts. 
Dead heart. 

Hollow footsteps echoing along the pavement. 
Glowing embers. 
Drifting ashes. 
Habitual comfort. 

Division between love and hate fades and blurs. 
Torn mind. 
Split loyalties. 
Dripping tears. 

Contented happiness ripped to tattered shreds. 
Mortal enemy. 
Forsaken lover. 
Alone again. 

Aching emptiness that claws and bites deep. 
Lost dreams. 
Shorn hope. 
Whispered lies. 

Haunted by dark eyes and darker soul. 
Love me? 
The answer? 
Always no.