The Clockwork Vampire

by Spirit

'Stop moping.' Wesley stared at the screen, oblivious to anything going on above his head. 'Wesley?' No reaction. Cordelia shrugged and walked into Angel's office. 'Can't you do something about him?' Angel and Doyle were looking over the details of the latest case, completely oblivious to what was going on in the outer office. Angel looked up to the girl, confused. 'Do something about who?' She sat down on the desk, utching Doyle over, but he didn't mind, she was wearing that skirt, and Doyle's mind went elsewhere when she was wearing that skirt. Everything he'd just heard Angel say went out the window and all he could think of was how good it would feel with her pressed up against his sofa when she was wearing that skirt. 'Doyle?' She threw her hands up. 'What is it with the men around here? No one pays attention!' 'What was that Princess?' She glared at him. 'I was just asking you two if you could do something about Mr vampire wannabe in there.' Angel looked past her to where Wesley was tapping absently through demons, demons, demons. He turned back to her. 'He looks fine to me. A bit distracted, maybe.' 'Yes, exactly,' pounced Cordelia. 'He's distracted.' 'I know how he feels,' murmured Doyle, looking at Cordelia's legs. 'You do? Well can you jolly him out of it?' Angel shook his head. 'I'm lost here. Wesley's upset?' She looked at him as though he was the last idiot in the class. 'Well yeah, cause his girlfriend's leaving for England in a couple of days.' 'And then he'll be even more down,' concluded Doyle. 'Yeah, I get why he's upset.' 'She's going?' asked Angel. 'Spike didn't say anything.' They both looked at him and he let out an 'ah' of understanding. 'Yeah, he's not very.........involved with the whole family thing.' 'He said he didn't care if she dropped dead tomorrow as long as he didn't have to clear up the body.' 'Well actually Princess, he said that he'd drink her dry if she died on his property.' 'Spike doesn't have any property,' said Cordelia frowning. Angel shook his head. 'So how come she's leaving?' Cordelia assumed that school marm look again. 'Well Angel, I realise that vampires don't have to worry about immigration laws but there's this thing called a Green card that the living need to stay in this country.' 'I know what a green card is,' said Angel. 'Yeah? Well he's got one.........she hasn't.' 'Oh,' said Angel. 'Can't she get one?' They both looked at him, then. 'It's not that easy,' said Doyle. Loads of bureaucracy.' 'Is there no way around it?' Cordelia looked at him. 'Well she could become a vampire. I don't know what the protocol is on the dead walking in LA.' He raised an eyebrow at her. 'That was a little uncalled for.' 'Yeah? Well all this is pointless anyway. You know about impossible love, can't you say something to him?' Angel blinked, the memory coming to him was not what Cordelia might have expected. He knew they avoided talking about Buffy, possibly because of Spike, maybe because of Angel's love for the girl. He had loved Buffy, he wasn't denying it, but what sprung to mind when she spoke of impossible love was how he had felt without his soul, being in love with his childe. Vampire lore was very clear on how a sire was supposed to feel towards his or her childe. There was an allowable bond between two vampires, expressed in passion and in the kill. That much was understood and commended. It was even heard of to love one's offspring, perhaps not with the paternal concern a human might bestow, but with an incestuous pleasure. But to admit fallibility, that you could place the desires of another above your own was admitting a loss of power. And vampires liked power. When he had realised that, in spite of his own callous nature, he was in love with Will, he had taken a frightened pleasure in tormenting the passionate vampire. We don't love, he'd told him, but what he should have said was that love was too human a quality to admit to. They were demons, evil by definition, and love was an emotion driven by the heart, by the good within a person. It was something expected to die along with their souls. For the few vampires who retained that ability, it was a torture, loving and never being able to admit it. Hell had never designed more pure torment than this. 'Angel?' The vampire shook his head and paid attention to Cordelia. 'Maybe we can work something out.' 'Got a problem, Pet?' Spike leaned against the door of the office and lit up a cigarette, aware that they were all looking at him and appreciating the audience. He winked at Angel and gestured to Wesley. 'Let me guess, Weasly's all upset cause his tart's leaving the country.' Angel stared at him. 'Why didn't you tell me?' 'Wasn't important,' sniffed Spike. 'She's buggering off. End of story.' 'It really doesn't bother you?' 'Should it?' asked Spike. 'I only met the silly cow a few weeks ago. It's not like it's going to be a tearful farewell.' 'Well it's good to know you're all heart,' said Cordelia. Spike grinned. 'I'm a vampire, Pet. We're not known for our compassion for the pathetic.' 'Give him a break,' said Doyle to Spike. 'The man needs someone in his life.' 'He's got Rosie Palm,' said Spike with relish, 'What more does he need.' Angel looked through the window as Wesley sighed and tapped onto the next web page. 'Someone to love,' he said quietly. Spike snorted. 'He just wants to get his leg over, Pet. I don't think who it is matters all that much.' Angel looked at him. 'You don't believe that.' Spike inhaled deeply and regarded his lover. 'What I believe doesn't make any difference. You're all sitting in here talking about it whilst he's in their brooding. Nothing gets done!' 'Well why don't you go cheer him up then,' said Doyle. 'I'm sure a "don't worry man, you can still have a wank" speech will go down perfect!' They looked at the half demon, surprised by his outburst and Spike wondered if he was still harbouring feelings about the Englishman. He didn't think they'd ever resolved anything from that kiss, and if this was any indication, Doyle at least had some work to do on the matter. 'Right then,' said Spike. 'I bloody will.' He walked over to the door, passing Cordelia his coat and grinning as she let out a 'psht' in annoyance. Wesley was still sitting in front of the screen, seeing and yet not seeing the information before him. He didn't notice Spike, even when the vampire sat down next to him and started puffing smoke in his direction. Oh shit, thought Spike, it's more bloody involved than I thought. Silly bastard's hooked. He prodded him. 'Huh. What? I'm on it,' said Wesley, startled. Spike grinned at him. 'That's more like it.' Wesley adjusted his glasses and sat up. 'What was that? More like what?' 'More like the wanker I've got used to.' Wesley raised an eyebrow. 'I'm not in the mood to listen to you bitch and complain today, Spike. So if you could just leave me alone to get on with this.........?' Spike hit the switch on the monitor and turned it off. 'Oh, very mature, Spike. Anything else you wish to destroy?' 'It's not destroyed, it's just off whilst you and me have a little chat.' Wesley looked at him suspiciously. 'This isn't another one of those conversations where you try and convince me that letting you bite me is good for the soul?' 'Not this time, Pet. Although, if you've changed your mind.........' 'No.' 'Thought not.' Spike got out a small bottle of whisky and passed it to Wesley, who looked at it. 'It's not poison. Drink it, Ducks!' 'Why do I want to?' Spike gestured to Angel's office where the three of them hurriedly looked away and pretended not to be listening in. The vampire got up and pointedly closed the door, much to Cordelia's dismay. He settled back into the seat and continued talking to Wesley. 'Them lot think that you're pissed off cause your bird's going home.' 'She hasn't got a home,' said Wesley morbidly. 'She's leaving because she has to.' Spike was surprised. 'Thought she was the sole heir or something.' Wesley snorted. 'To what? She spent all the money she had left after funeral expenses to escape from.........' he looked at Spike and read the expression. It clearly said, don't go there. 'To escape. I don't think there's anything left.' Spike took the whisky back off him and slugged a shot or two back. 'So why's she leaving?' Wesley grabbed the bottle and drank from it. 'No money, no legal way of staying, no home. Pretty much covers it.' 'So marry her,' said Spike whilst Wesley choked. He thumped him on the back as much to get rid of the choking as because it was as close as he could get to hurting humans without the pain kicking in. 'It's not as simple as that Spike. One doesn't propose marriage just like that. Especially not so soon.' 'What, cause you've only known her a few weeks?' 'Exactly,' said Wesley, feeling a little more assured. 'These things take time.' 'Says who,' asked Spike. 'Where?' Wesley took another slug and regarded Spike again. 'Everything's simple to you isn't it?' 'Most of it. The stuff that should be simple - yeah.' 'And romance should be simple?' Spike leaned back in his chair. 'It can be as bloody complex as you'd like. But the basic crap is always the same. You love them, they love you. Everything after that's just wallpaper.' 'Wallpaper,' said Wesley considering, 'Everything you do with Angel is wallpaper?' Spike grinned. 'Didn't say it was boring wallpaper, did I, Ducks?' 'I suppose not. More of a Mary Quant affair?' 'Well I was thinking black paint with lots of posters, but the style's optional.' Wesley took another drink, then he sighed. 'Marriage.........I always thought it would be more poetic somehow.' 'So buy her flowers and posies.' Wesley shook his head. ''No, I mean, however you put it, you're talking about committing your life to someone. I'm not sure if I'm ready to say I want to do that with anyone, yet.' Spike shrugged. 'You either know or you don't.' 'You did with.........Him?' The blond vampire flashed Wesley his dirtiest grin. 'Look, Pet. I'm dead. Marriage isn't exactly an option.' 'And with both of you being men,' put in Wesley, 'Is there an undead Gay organisation?' Spike shot him a look and snatched the bottle back. 'Vampires don't do the whole I do thing. What're we gonna say? Till death us do part? That part's already over, Pet.' 'Till dust we do become,' mused Wesley. 'I suppose for you, that's a long time, theoretically.' 'Bloody hope so,' said Spike. 'Don't fancy being road dirt just yet.' 'See, that's what I mean,' said Wesley slightly unsteadily, 'It's simple for you. You don't have to think of things like marriage and commitment.' Spike raised an eyebrow. 'Just because Angel's not itching to wear a big white dress, doesn't mean that I haven't thought about the whole forever thing, Ducks.' 'Oh?' 'Yeah,' said Spike and Wesley waited a minute before realising that the sharing session was over. 'Well, I suppose I'd better get used to her going,' he concluded. 'Try and make the most of what time we have left.' Spike snorted and got up. 'You're giving up too quick, Pet. If you love the woman, marry her. If you don't, say ta ta and move on.' Wesley looked at him for a moment before shaking his head. 'I wish it was that easy,' he said. Spike winked and looked up at Angel's office, meeting the other vampire's eyes. 'It is.' * The door slammed shut on the microwave and Angel wondered if vampiric strength was sometimes as much a curse as a blessing. He misjudged things sometimes, literally forgetting how strong he was. After two and a half centuries, he had expected to be a better judge of his own might, but he was forever crushing things when he didn't concentrate. Spike wandered down into the kitchen, saw lunch was on and sat down with the paper at the table. He flicked through the first few pages, seeing that they never interested him. He really wasn't bothered which film star had lost which partner to whichever rock star. He'd read Penny Dreadfuls and they'd been a lot more truthful. Spike liked all the lifestyle pages, all the ones that showed you how to become a better person, better lover and better interior decorator. Sitting there, reading such guff with clinically asexual terms gave him the giggles for hours. They may as well have typed insert tab A into slot B and have done with it. 'You reading that crap again?' 'Yeah, Pet. We're learning how to "treat your partner with respect".' Angel huffed and waited for the ping of the microwave. 'You should write a column. Tell them how to annoy for your country.' Spike smiled seductively. 'You were listening.' 'Might have been.' The microwave pinged and Angel withdrew both mugs. 'It's not like I look good in white anyway.' Spike slowly looked the vampire up and down. 'I think,' he said with a come fuck me grin, 'That you'd look good in anything.' Angel laughed and handed the mug to his lover. 'Oh yeah?' 'Yeah,' agreed Spike, 'But if I had my way, you'd never wear a stitch again.' 'What, nothing?' 'Not a sausage,' chuckled Spike. They drank, their faces shifting as blood slipped down their throats. 'I think he's in love with her,' said Angel slowly. Spike shrugged. 'If he is, he's going to muff it.' 'Muffet?' 'Muff it. Screw it up.' 'Oh,' said Angel and sipped again. 'Why?' 'Because, Peaches, he's not going to tell her how he feels, let her step on the plane and then be your stand in brooding boy for the next year or so.' Angel swirled the sticky substance round in his mouth and considered. 'Did you ever ask anyone to marry you?' 'Back in the day? Nah. Didn't want a woman hanging around the whole time. Got in the way of business.' Angel laughed. 'You old romantic, you.' Spike grinned. 'That's me, Love, practical.' Angel shook his head and finished up his blood. When Spike spoke again, it was as though his voice came from far away and the dark vampire strained to listen. 'Dru heard about something once. A bonding ceremony between sires and their children. She quite fancied it at the time.' He looked up at Angel and smiled easily. 'Course the following week she wanted to go join the Mormons. She got caught up in stuff, did Dru.' 'I'm sorry I couldn't do it for you,' murmured Angel. Spike shook his head. 'Couldn't be helped, Pet. Nothing lasts forever, does it?' 'Except us,' said Angel. 'Yeah, Pet, except us.' He looked up at Angel. 'And now I'm done moping for the next fifty years, how about you come prove to me how sorry you are?' Angel laughed and put both mugs in the basin, washing them out. 'You've got a dirty mind, Spike.' 'You love it.' 'Yeah, doesn't change the fact though, does it, Spike?' There was no answer. 'Spike?' Angel walked, confused around the apartment, taking in the smell of his lover, unable to pinpoint where he was. He moved, lithe across the floor, suspecting this was a game, but worried nevertheless. He realised he liked knowing where Spike was at all times, had grown used to feeling his closeness, being able to reach out and hug the man. Still, there was something about this that aroused more than just his curiosity. He moved into the bedroom. 'Spike?' Immediately, something lassoed round his neck and Angel's fingers flew to his throat. He could smell his lover behind him and felt the strength in the noose, but something was off about it. He didn't feel scared, he felt aroused and he could smell something he hadn't expected. 'Strawberry?' 'Be quiet and do what you're told, mate,' came Spike's guttural tones. 'Be a good boy and you'll get the top prize.' 'Top prize?' There was a slap on his ass and Angel flinched, the noose tightening uncomfortably. 'Next time, I'm not going to be so nice, Pet.' Angel bit his lip and kept quiet. He didn't like playing bondage games, they got too violent and he tried to make a visible division between things he did with and without a soul. But he couldn't deny that it excited him and when Spike started steering him towards the bed, he went passively, hoping that his lover wouldn't take this anywhere that would shame him. Angel thought Spike understood, he knew that gentleness, at least in the manner of consent was all important to the besouled vampire. Pushing those barriers could only end in Angel's disgrace, and that was somewhere he had no desire to go. He needn't have worried. Spike forced his lover to lie spread-eagled on the bed and started to tie his hands and feet to the four corners. He was grinning like mad, and seemed to have managed to shed most of his clothes silently and in his usual split second timing. And he was fastening each appendage with......... 'Shoelaces? Strawberry shoelaces?' Spike finished fastening his ankle up and flicked out a blade. 'Which is fine,' Angel went on, 'But it isn't exactly very.........' 'Strong, Pet?' asked Spike, trailing the knife slowly up Angel's leg. 'Exactly,' said Angel. 'It's easy to snap.' 'That's the point, Love,' said Spike as he began to slide the blade through the material of Angel's shirt. 'If you don't break the bonds, then you and I will have a bit of fun, and I'll make you cum so hard your eyes'll pop out.' Angel laughed at the image and then felt his cock throb as the very tip of steel touched his skin. 'And if I do?' Spike grinned and cut the shirt free, exposing Angel's creamy chest and belly to his gaze. 'Then you're a bad lad and I'll have to punish you.' 'Punish me?' Spike winked and pointed to the bottles on the side board. 'I've got Baileys there, Pet. Ever had oral sex with Baileys?' Angel shook his head, barely moving as his excitement grew. Spike leaned in close, shredding his sleeves and removing every scrap of fabric from his upper body. 'It's great, Love. Feels all creamy round your cock, coating it in cool slippery foam. But that's not the best bit. Caused the alcohol kicks in after a few seconds and it's hot creamy foam around your cock.' He sat up and dumped the last of Angel's shirt on the floor. 'And if you're a bad boy, that'll be the first thing I won't do to you.' Angel shivered and looked up into the coolly perceptive blue eyes. 'Can I talk?' Spike nodded. 'Prefer it if you moaned, Pet.' Angel giggled and felt Spike's fingers brush over his belly. 'Don't think there's going to be a problem there,' he managed. 'Good,' said Spike and bent forward to kiss him. 'You can do anything you want, as long as you don't break those bonds. Do that and the game's over.' Angel grinned at him. 'Where do you come up with these ideas?' Spike grinned and moved the knife over Angel's jeans. 'Lifestyle section.' 'Really? I'm going to have to read that one of these days.' 'Not,' said Spike as he sliced through the denim, 'Today.' Angel pushed his hips up and felt the tightly bound laces stretch and threaten to break as he strained. He relaxed almost immediately and realised this was going to be a trickier game than he'd expected. 'Having trouble, Pet?' 'You tied me tight.' 'Yeah,' grinned Spike, 'I did.' 'Not easy,' admitted Angel as the vampire cut away his jeans. Spike sliced down Angel's left leg, pleased to see his sire's erection throbbing away happily. 'Love, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.' He stripped the remainder of Angel's clothes off and sat between the outstretched thighs to admire his handiwork. 'See,' he said, 'Much better without anything on at all.' Angel laughed. 'Good job it wasn't anything I liked much,' murmured Angel. 'See how you like this,' said Spike and picked up a wet artist's paintbrush. He started daubing a pattern across Angel's chest, twirling the soft hairs across his nipples, grinning every time that the vampire jumped and twitched. He looked at the shoelaces, but they appeared to be holding and he could feel the tension in his lover building as he realised how little he could move. 'Like that do you?' asked Spike as Angel gave out a hefty moan. 'Mmm,' answered Angel and closed his eyes. He heard Spike unwrapping something and looked up, seeing the vampire holding a thin straw full of what seemed to be lemon sherbet. 'You been raiding the candy store?' Spike grinned and started to sprinkle the sugary dust over the wet patches. It stuck instantly and Angel tried to see what Spike had been painting. 'You've drawn a smiley face.' 'Yep.' 'With fangs.' 'Yep.' Angel bit down the giggles and looked up at his lover. 'You're very strange.' 'Oh really,' said Spike with relish. 'Then you wouldn't want me to do this?' He bent down and traced every inch of sherbet with his tongue, sucking up a goodly quantity into his mouth as Angel squirmed and moaned beneath him. He looked at the shoelace on his right wrist and grinned. It was holding, just. 'Almost breaking that one, Peaches. You want to calm down.' Angel groaned and fought to get himself back under control. 'That's better, Love. Now as a reward, how d'you feel about this?' He lowered his sherbet filled mouth round the end of Angel's cock and blew slightly, letting the crackling substance settle on the sensitive flesh. '' 'I'll settle for Lord and Master, Pet. I think Gods have to behave better,' said Spike, taking his mouth away. 'Don't stop,' hissed Angel and the other vampire reached back down to the throbbing cock, enclosing it in his mouth again. Fighting against thrusting his hips up was torture, but as Spike swirled his tongue around, the sherbet spilling and frothing around the tip, Angel bit down hard on his lip and forced his ass to stay against the mattress. Slowly, so slowly, Spike slid his mouth down the shaft and up again, making an agonising rhythm that Angel struggled not to join in. Just as he was certain he couldn't take any more, Spike took his mouth away and sat up. 'I'm not sure if you're into this, Pet. I'd expected at least one of those strands to have gone by now. Angel panted hard and looked up at his lover, his eyes clouding over with lust. 'You bastard,' he managed. Spike grinned. 'Close were you?' 'You know I was.' Spike sat back, making sure that Angel could see him and started to stroke the hard length of his cock, making long languid movements, and enjoying the Hell out of it. He used both his hands, to keep up a steady beat, feeling his cock pulse under his hand, knowing that the vampire in front of him was breathing faster, a sure sign with Angel that he wanted to fuck. Spike used the tips of his fingers to trace patterns over the head, well aware that he couldn't do this for too long. He could cum anytime, but he didn't want to. He wanted Angel to do something first. The dark vampire watched as his lover closed his eyes, apparently lost in deep pleasure as he stroked his cock. He wanted, God he wanted to touch him, but that wasn't in the bloody rules. He could hear himself panting, knowing that Spike could hear it too, knew how much he wanted to fuck. What he wanted right now was to have Spike fuck him hard, feeling that luscious cock between his ass, knowing that he could bring him to breaking point. Loving him. 'Will,' he hissed through clenched teeth. Spike didn't react, just continued to pump away at his pulsating cock. 'Will!' He demanded and Spike looked up at him, his face one mass of lust and need. 'What?' 'Let me touch you,' panted Angel. Spike chuckled. 'Nah, I like you tied up.' 'Let. Me. Touch. You.' Spike shook his head, and started squeezing more firmly around the head, dragging his foreskin up and groaning as the first lick of pre-cum slipped over his fingers. 'Will! Let me touch you!' Spike looked at him, 'Beg,' he demanded. Angel breathed out heavily and clenched his fists. 'I don't beg.' Spike groaned and picked up the pace. 'Beg, or I'll finish it now.' Angel growled, feeling more feral than he'd done in a long time. 'Will, let me touch you now.' 'That's not begging.' Angel threw back his head, almost insane with lust. 'Please?' Spike laughed and leaned back against the foot of the bed, releasing his reddened penis. 'okay,' he said lightly. Angel growled and sprang forward, snapping each lace in one movement. His mouth sunk around Spike's cock and he drew as much as he could into his mouth, eager to take more of the English vampire, wanting, needing to bring this to a much needed climax. Almost immediately Spike pushed him off and grabbed hold of Angel's mouth, sloshing the Bailey's into his mouth. Angel spluttered, but met his lover's gaze as he sunk his mouth back round Spike's cock. The younger vampire howled in pleasure, before twisting under Angel's educated tongue. 'Get on your knees,' he growled. Angel forced himself to move, unwilling to relinquish Spike's body, but aware that what came next was going to be even more rewarding. As he felt the probing cock, lathed in liquor, against his as, he pushed back, needing to feel Spike inside him, wanting more, needing more from this beautiful vampire who held his heart. 'Fuck me,' roared Angel and Spike sunk forwards, burying himself to the hilt in one push. Angel screamed in delight and Spike pounded away harshly at his lover, his fingers gripping the firm hips so hard they were bruising as he looked. Not that he could focus well. His balls were throbbing and he was being massaged so tightly by his sire's ass. It was almost unbearable but each time he pushed forward, Angel thrust back and he panted hard, his breathing matching the vampire beneath him. 'Oh fuck!' screamed Spike and spilled inside his lover. With each consecutive thrust, Spike felt Angel tense and then gave out a husky scream as the bed below them was drenched. Both vampires shuddered hard and as Angel gave way, Spike collapsed and rolled off him. Before he could lie flat, Angel's arms were round him, drawing him into his body. His very sticky body. Spike chuckled and met his sire's warm gaze. 'You were very bad there, Love.' Angel smiled sleepily. 'I snapped the shoelaces.' 'Yeah,' grinned Spike, 'No trips to the candy store you, you bad lad.' Angel chuckled. 'I think, I need a bath. And the blanket needs changing.' 'Again.' 'Yeah, again.' 'I'll go do it now,' said Angel and didn't move. 'Yeah, watching you go,' said Spike as his eyes closed. 'Make it a deep one, would you, Love. I could use a wash.' 'Sure,' said Angel as he drifted to sleep. 'Good,' murmured Spike, 'See that you do.' And they slept on the sugar coated mattress.