The Clockwork Vampire

by Spirit

'We actually have to be here?' Doyle nodded. 'Look, if it was just me, I'd let you go, you know that.' Spike shook his head and looked at the other three men. 'I'm only going in if I can throw popcorn.' 'Spike,' said Angel, a vague hint of warning in his voice. Not too much though - his mind was a bit preoccupied by the idea of Spike going "Boo" in the not so crowded theatre. Spike shrugged. 'If she's crap, she's crap. I don't want to see it.' Wesley looked around them and spotted the bar. 'Look, why don't Spike and I go in there. You have to watch the play, Doyle, and Angel.........well, she expects you to be there.' 'Do you have to remind me?' Wesley carried on regardless. 'But she doesn't know I'm back in the country yet and I'm quite sure she doesn't want Spike and his rotten tomatoes.........' 'Popcorn.' '.........Exactly. So why don't you two go watch and Spike and I will have a drink whilst you're gone?' Spike grinned at the forlorn look on Angel's face. 'Never mind, Pet. You can always escape to the bar at half time.' 'That's the interval, Spike,' said Wesley. Spike shrugged. 'Cordelia acting? That's all out warfare, mate. Total bloody football. It's half time and you'll be dealing out the oranges.' The vampire slapped Angel on the ass and headed out in the direction of the bar. Wesley looked at the others a moment, before following Spike silently. Angel watched them go longingly and turned to Doyle. 'Come on then, let's get this over with.' Doyle nodded and moved to the foyer. 'She might not be bad, Man.' Angel patted him on the shoulder. 'Keep that positive thinking, Doyle. We're gonna need it.' They went in. * 'You know what's the best thing about England?' Spike sank his third beer and looked at the watcher. 'Dog racing?' Wesley shook his head and wished he hadn't. 'No, although, I prefer Ascot myself. Horses are so graceful.' 'You just wanna ponce at the Queen.' Wesley tapped his beer mat on the edge of the bar. 'No. I was thinking of the architecture. So beautiful.' Spike thought about the buildings. 'You mean that RAC building?' Wesley looked at him, a fine haze starting to come between him and the vampire. 'No,' he exclaimed, shaking his head. 'The older structures. Nelson's column.' 'Bird crap magnet,' said Spike flatly. 'Well that is true, admitted Wesley. He smiled dreamily. 'Megan likes the Houses of Parliament.' Spike thought about the gothic buildings. They just looked noncy to him. 'Why?' he finally said. 'We hired a boat to go down the Thames,' mused Wesley. 'And.........?' Wesley slugged back the rest of the bottle. 'I've never made love on a boat before.' The penny dropped. 'You shagged her in front of Parliament! Nice one!' Wesley ordered another couple of beers and sat back on his stool, wobbling a little. 'You're always doing that.' 'Doing what?' Wesley gestured wildly, knocking against the pillar. 'Taking the romance out of things.' 'Wallpaper,' growled Spike. 'You want me to say you made love. Noncy.' 'It is not noncy,' said Wesley. 'I mean, what do you and Angel do?' Spike grinned. 'Shag like bunnies, mate.' 'Well yes, I suppose you do,' admitted Wesley. 'But you love Angel. It's not just sex.' Spike rolled his bottle round in his hands and knocked it back. 'Not in total share mode here, Pet.' 'Doesn't matter. I know you love him.' Several men at the bar stared at them both and Wesley turned his back. 'You know what I mean, though,' he said more quietly. 'Yeah, I know.' He stared at the bar, seeing the empty mirror behind it and wondering if he was still the same good looking bloke he'd always been. 'She good then?' 'What?' 'Megan. She got the old rattle and roll?' 'The what?' Spike slurped back half of his next bottle. 'Sex, mate. Can she rock it about a bit?' Wesley raised an eyebrow, trying for superior and managing drunk companion. 'She's related to you. You're not supposed to ask.........' 'Never been much of one for supposed to, Pet.' He grinned. 'Just want to know if all my good qualities have been passed on.' 'Oh,' said Wesley. 'It's a gene thing, is it?' 'You're taking the piss.' 'Aren't you?' Spike nodded. 'Maybe a bit.' He shrugged back the beer and ordered another. 'Come on then Wesley. How good we talking?' 'In relation to what?' 'Me.' 'I've never had you,' smirked Wesley, the alcohol, as always removing his inhibitions one by one. Spike was a good person to do that with, because he had so precious few in the first place. Besides, he had never actually lied to him, even when Spike had considered him a meal he couldn't eat. There was something very frank about Spike, refreshing amongst the tactful world Wesley had inhabited. The Watcher's council had been very clear about what was right and what was wrong. It was a stark place without a single shade of grey. Vampires were bad, so you killed them. Simple. And then there was Angel, a grey area to those who knew him, but still, just a vampire. What bothered Wesley most, was that the Council had good intentions. They were trying to save the world, protect the innocent and banish the evil. They weren't bad men, just.........misguided, no longer close enough to the people they needed to protect. What would the council make of Spike? He almost laughed. A year ago, what would he have made of Spike? Not really a question. He would have identified him as a vampire, and a particularly brutal one at that, and sent either Slayer to kill him. The fact that Spike could no longer harm humans was of no consequence. It just made the kill easier. Of course, judging Spike wasn't exactly an easy thing. The vampire showed no remorse whatsoever for the people he had killed. His demon was hardly tempered, and from what Wesley had gathered from both Megan and Angel, Spike the man had been very similar. And yet......... He was fighting on their side now, had protected Angel.........and the rest of them on an almost regular basis. He was capable of making rational decisions, and although the rest of humanity might be fair game if he ever got his fangs back, Wesley was certain that his neck would never be on the menu. God, he thought, I must be getting drunk to think like that. 'What were you saying?' 'Megan' grinned Spike. 'How many times in one night.' 'A gentleman does not kiss and tell,' said Wesley easily. 'But you're not a gentleman,' said Spike pointedly, 'You're a bloke and I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.' Wesley giggled. 'That's very childish.' 'Yep, so humour me.' Oh, okay,' grinned Wesley. 'Ummm, define the time period.' 'I said a night, Pet.' 'Yes, but does that mean when it's dark, or from seven til seven, or.........' Spike wrapped one arm round Wesley's shoulders and squeezed, roughly. 'Mate, in a twenty four hour time limit, how many times did you shag her?' Wesley giggled and laid his head down on the bar. Its surface felt so pleasantly cool beneath his face and he could still feel Spike's hands on him. I'm being hugged by a vampire. I must be sozzled. He mumbled something into the cool marble. 'What was that, Ducks?' Wesley turned his head to the side, keeping his eyes closed. 'Seven.' Spike threw his head back and roared with laughter. 'You randy old dog, Weasly. Seven times! I bet she couldn't bloody walk!' Wesley grinned amiably against the counter. 'Would have been eight, but she insisted on showing me this thing with Irish cream.' Spike patted the Watcher on the back. 'Seven times and a good bit of oral. My fucking genes rock!' The barman walked over. 'Can you keep it down a bit, please. Some people are trying to think.' 'Not you though, mate,' grinned Spike. 'I don't have to take that,' said the tender. 'Any more and you're out.' Spike wished, not for the first time that he could kill the annoying people he still encountered. If he ever got his chip out, he was going to find each and every one of them and tear their sodding heads off, making sure the last thing they ever heard was him telling them to get a bloody sense of humour. As it was......... 'Come on, Pet,' he said to Wesley. 'Irish and.........huh, Irish'll be ages yet. You and I have a duty to go get hammered.' 'Duty accomplished,' murmured Wesley, not moving. 'Come on,' said Spike and hauled the Englishman out of the bar. 'I know this place, you'll like it. They serve real ale.' 'Oh no,' said Wesley, wagging his finger as Spike carried him out the door. 'I'll get drunk.' 'Yup,' grinned Spike. 'Then you can tell me how many different positions you got into.' ''M a gentleman, mumbled Wesley. 'Not when you're pissed,' said Spike, getting his bearing, 'then you're a beast, just like the rest of us.' * 'So was I good?' Angel and Doyle mooched down the street alongside the excitable Miss Chase. She was still buzzing from being on stage and showing off her craft. They were still buzzing from having to sit through it, both rapidly redefining their private concepts of Hell. And since Angel had actually been there, it was a difficult task to judge where watching Cordelia act came on the 'Tortures I never want to feel again' list. 'Knocked me out, Princess, you really did,' said Doyle. She grinned at him and he thanked God that some comments could be both true and misleading. 'Angel?' 'Hmmm,' said the vampire, wondering where Spike was and if Wesley still had all his limbs in tact. The barman said they'd both been pretty drunk when they'd left, and that had been over an hour ago, (and it so felt like longer.........) so Angel didn't really want to think what a drunk demon hunter and a vampire would be like by now. He had the worst suspicion that he already knew. 'Angel!' 'What?' he asked Cordelia. 'The play. Was I any good?' He looked at Doyle and figured the ambiguous comment was the way to go. 'I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.' 'Thanks!' Her face darkened. 'You didn't say it.' 'I didn't?' He was struggling to think how to follow that up without out and out lying when her face lit up at something she could see across the street. She 'eeked' excitedly and pointed. 'That's Oliver Simon!' 'Sure it is,' said Doyle, with enthusiasm. 'And he's.........?' 'Only one of the most important talent managers in this town! I was at a party with him.' She turned to Angel. 'You were there.' Angel looked over to the little man who carried so much weight in Cordelia's eyes. 'Right.........He gave me his card.' The girl stopped and laid a hand on his arm. 'Wait, I was working him all night and he gave *you* his card?' Angel shrugged and looked at the agent. 'He thought I had a quality.' Cordelia glared at him a moment and as Doyle moved a hand to her shoulder, about to tell her she had all the qualities he was looking for she shrieked in delight again. 'Look who he's with! Rebecca Lowell!' Doyle looked and nodded appreciatively. He'd seen the actress before, although 'On your own' had never been one of his favourite shows. Still, he wasn't immune to the media, and her finely chiselled face was imbedded on his consciousness, a part of the stock set of people he regarded as celebrities. Angel looked nonplussed. 'Who?' 'Raven! She played Raven in 'On Your Own?' Big hit television show that was only on for like nine and a half years?' Angel merely shook his head, and Cordelia rolled her eyes. 'Do you even own a television?' He nodded. 'Spike has one, but I.........' 'He doesn't watch all that much,' put in Doyle, 'Cept them payperview that Spike keeps ordering.' Angel looked at Doyle, surprised. 'How do you know about that?' The half demon grinned, his Irish charm very much in evidence. 'He tapes them for me.' Angel shook his head. 'I can't believe I'm sharing the adult channel.' 'And then Wesley gets it after me.' Angel turned, looking anywhere but that knowing grin. He saw the car on the far side of the road, revving as Rebecca stepped forward, away from the crowd. He could hear Cordelia talking, a shade of cheerleader in her enthusiasm. It was a seminal show. Cancelled by the idiot network. I was going to picket them but I didn't have any comfortable shoes.........' She trailed off as Angel clambered over the hood of the car next to them and pushed Rebecca out of the way. The speeding car hit him hard, but the vampire was used to rolling and ignored the instant bruising, letting himself go limp, feeling the crunch as he hit the pavement. Ow As he lay on the ground, winded, he looked after the car, catching the numberplate and memorising it. Cordelia and Doyle rushed over to see if he was okay, or rather, Doyle wanted to make sure he was okay and Cordelia, sensing a passing chance at associated fame, rushed to see if Rebecca was uninjured. 'Y'okay, Man?' asked Doyle, lending a hand. Angel nodded and got to his feet. Cordelia was fussing over Rebecca, who was ignoring the girl and staring at him. Oh great, Angel, he thought, made yourself a hero with a pretty girl. Spike would not be happy if he knew. She walked over, Cordelia still excitedly blabbering away. 'Are you all right?' Angel nodded again and wondered if he came across as goofy as he felt. Cordelia butted in. 'Oh he's fine. It was such an honour to save you, Miss Lowell!' Doyle flinched. He loved her, but the girl could even think in exclamation marks. Rebecca didn't seem to notice, she was too busy admiring Angel's tall dark.........Angelness. 'Thank you,' she paused and held her hand out regally, 'I didn't get your name.' 'Cordelia Chase,' snapped in the enthusiastic girl, then realised it wasn't her Rebecca was interested in, 'Oh, he doesn't even know who you are.' Angel suddenly felt the urge to get gone, but this actress still held his hand and she didn't look like she wanted to let go. 'You don't know me?' Angel shook his head as Oliver drew out his wallet. 'Sure he doesn't. I'm sure he'll accept a small reward anyway.........' 'No thanks,' said Angel quickly. The agent seemed impatient at Angel's inability to be bought. He turned abruptly to Rebecca. 'We're not going to be held up here.' She didn't look at him, seemingly captivated by Angel's beauty. 'Oliver, down. He doesn't know who I am.' Cordelia giggled and tried to hold onto her career opportunities, but she couldn't help it. 'He's culturally retarded that way!' The actress withdrew her hand and smiled in a way that had kept her in the public eye. 'I'm Rebecca.' The vampire nodded, 'Angel,' he said eventually. 'So - you make a habit of this sort of thing, Angel?" As Angel was trying to work out how to extricate himself, Cordelia helpfully butted in again. 'Oh, it's only like his purpose in life! Angel is the Dark Avenger.........only not too dark - happy dark! I have a card in here somewhere.........' Doyle handed Cordelia her purse and smiled generally at the rich and famous. Excuse me for being here with my congenitally rich orientated girlfriend, he wanted to say, but didn't. She's lovely really, she's just got the disadvantage of a spoilt upbringing. They heard the snap of cameras and Rebecca whirled, her celebrity training kicking in and turning her toward the lights. 'Oh God, who called ET?' 'They're here for the party,' said Oliver, making sure his client was showing her best side. 'This will be all over the tabs come morning, Bec. We might as well just put our own spin on it first, right?' She nodded and turned back to where Angel had been. 'Listen, I'd like to apologise.........' Cordelia's perpetually cheery grin was back in her face. 'Oh, he does that. Here is our card. If you ever need rescuing, or want to pal around or something - call us!' Doyle nodded and grabbed her by the arm, leading her away from the overcome star. 'Cordy, Princess, let the nice lady go, okay?' She moved to shift out of his grasp, then her senses kicked in. No point being seen as a stalker. She let him lead her away, aware as they were leaving that Rebecca wasn't looking at either of them, her gaze fixed on the vampire turning the corner. 'Why's she looking at him,' she grumbled, 'It's not like he'd be interested anyway.' ''In a beautiful woman with a knockout body?' She glared at him and Doyle hastily rethought his last sentence. 'Look, sweetheart, you and I know that Angel's not exactly in the game these days, but a man doesn't stop looking just cause he's got a honey at home.' She raised her eyebrows and Doyle winced. 'Not that I.........I mean, I don't look at other women, like as in, at all.........' She started to walk off. 'Save it Doyle, I know what you meant.' 'Cordy.........' 'I mean he's gay!' Doyle shrugged. 'Well not exclusively, 'I mean there was that Buffy thing.' She waved her hands, pshaw! 'He and Spike, they're a thing. Tight.' Doyle nodded. 'Yeah, they're.........tight. Oh.........that's a place I didn't want to go. But my point is that Angel's a looker, And women notice.' 'Yeah, I know,' said Cordelia. Doyle stared at her. 'What? So I'm not allowed to notice either?' The Irishman grinned. 'As long as you notice me more.' She smiled and held her hand out. 'Come on then Irish, come show me how much I should attention I should pay you.' They walked off into the night. * 'Oooh! You've got Def Leppard!' Spike sank down onto the sofa and let the suddenly hyper demon hunter rifle through the collection. They'd visited two bars Spike was familiar with and wandered into a Peep show club that he didn't. Normally, Spike would have quite liked watching the women squiggling around, but when Wesley kept comparing each one to his absent lover, he'd grown bored. 'Just take a bloody picture of her naked then!' he'd yelled. Wesley had smiled knowingly and patted his wallet. 'Got one.' Spike rolled his eyes. 'Wonderful, Pet.' They'd decided that enough was enough and retired to Spike and Angel's apartment to continue their drinking in more civilised setting. Or that's the reason Wesley had come up with. Spike was growing increasingly horny, and hoped that Angel had got back from the theatre, eager for some adult entertainment. As he lay back on the sofa, the vampire in question came in from the bedroom, dressed only in the sweats he slept in when he thought they might have company. He looked sleepy, and if Wesley hadn't been there, Spike would have ripped the material from his body, slavishly devoting all his attention to his delicious cock. 'Hello gorgeous,' he grinned, in a more pronounced cockney twang. 'Keeping you up?' Angel nodded and looked at them both. 'You smell like a brewery.' Spike grinned. 'Funny that, Love. Cause we were in a brothel.' 'Huh?' Spike stretched and Angel wished the vampire didn't look so damn fuckable when he was drunk. 'Well,' said Spike, 'Close enough.' He gestured to the man pilfering through their CDs. 'Wesley's been congratulating me on my fuckable genes.' 'What?' exclaimed Angel, his gaze dropping to Spike's hips. 'Genes! With a G.' He grinned drunkenly and shifted his position, unconsciously bucking his hips up and causing stirrings under Angel's sweats. 'Turns out Megs is a great shag.' 'I really didn't want to know that,' said Angel sitting down on the sofa. 'Is he okay?' Spike looked over to where Wesley had collapsed face first into the CD player. 'He'll be fine, Love. I found a place that did Theakston's old Peculiar and he didn't know when to say no.' Angel was constantly surprised by Spike. He'd been in this city for longer, but Spike was the one who'd found a bar that imported one of the most potent real ales to be found in England. Some things never changed, and Spike's ability to locate strong beer was one of them. Angel got to his feet and walked over to his cupboard, pulling out blankets. 'Help me lift him onto the sofa, then come to bed.' Spike didn't make any move and Angel wondered if he'd fallen asleep. 'Spike?' He moved over him, trying to see if he was still conscious. 'Spike?' The blue eyes opened and a hand snaked up, pulling Angel down into a very beery kiss, potent with desire and drunken need. Angel didn't want to pull away, his own need too strong for that, but there was Wesley to consider. He didn't fancy the watcher avoiding his gaze for the next week or longer. 'Come on,' he said, and picked Spike up, the vampire swinging his hips onto his own, holding on and wiggling in a distractingly erotic way. 'Just stop until I can sort this out,' Angel smiled, but Spike wasn't easily put off, his fingers straying tantalizingly up and down the older vampire's neck. 'Spike,' he growled, then dropped him onto the bed. The English vampire just lay there on the bed, his erection a pronounced tent beneath his jeans. Angel let out a happy little sigh and forced himself back into the living room, grabbing the prone Wesley and depositing him unceremoniously onto the sofa. He twitched in his sleep, moaning gently and shifting his hips in a manner a little too close to Spike's own. Angel covered Wesley up with a blanket and removed the man's glasses. We're both involved with the same family, he thought, we're both attracted to that blunt, sharp humour. He huffed to himself. And we're both fond of that insatiable sex drive. Wesley rolled over and moaned whilst Angel looked toward the bedroom longingly. And that could be both our downfalls. He turned on his heel and headed to the bedroom, where Spike had somehow managed to shed his clothes and was lying with both hands behind his head, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 'Hello, Lover,' seduced the Londoner. Angel rolled his eyes, but he couldn't help the grin that crossed his face. 'You've got a dirty grin, Spike.' Spike grinned and raised a lazy eye. 'Got lots of clean bits if you'd care to explore.' Angel chuckled and knelt on the edge of the bed. 'So where did you two go?' 'About,' sniffed Spike, 'Got drunk, basically. What about you and Garbo?' Angel started sliding his hand up and down Spike's leg slowly. 'We watched her play.' 'Which sucked,' said Spike cheerfully. 'Like you wouldn't believe,' admitted Angel. He shifted his position so that he could stroke a little higher up Spike's thigh. Although their sex life was basically back on track since Cribb's interference, Spike had done all the arousing without ever physically being the one to initiate sex. Angel hadn't even been aware of it, until Spike had spent over an hour teasing him in the shower without laying a finger on his body. As soon as Angel responded, the younger vampire had assumed him to be fair game, but the first move had to be Angel's. And that was something that wouldn't change in the near future. That woman this evening.........she'd been like a lot of women Angel had met, beautiful, bright, aware of her own attractions. It was nothing new to Angel, and though in the past he'd taken advantage of such confidence, it no longer served to excite him. She didn't have Spike's fire, or his disrespectful charm. He grinned.........she didn't have his ass either, and that was a major consideration. He'd known what she wanted, felt her arousal just from his heroics and knew that if he'd wanted, he could be sharing a different bed tonight. Spike shifted and stretched out whilst Angel smiled. But what he wanted was right here, and no movie star could provide that. Spike opened his eyes. 'You gonna suck it, Pet?' Angel laughed. 'I might...........if you're good.' Spike grinned, predatory, seductive. 'I'm not changing my schtick now, Pet. Have me bad,' he trailed his finger up Angel's chest to his lips, 'It's better.' Angel slid the digit inside his mouth and sucked it hungrily. Then he pulled it out and started to kiss his way up from Spike's inner knee, tracing the faint hairs on his legs. He felt the vampire shudder beneath him and grinned, using his tongue to search out the line that covered his testicles. As he licked at it, the younger vampire chuckled and Angel lifted his head. 'I didn't know you were ticklish there.' Spike grinned. 'Been keeping it under wraps, Peaches. Now show me what you can do.' Angel grinned and sucked a hairy globe into his mouth, flicking the edge of his tongue over the soft flesh. Spike moaned and Angel switched to the other side, flicking between them as Spike's erection grew harder. When the Englishman started to buck his hips, Angel slid his tongue up the length, sliding the tip across the end, tasting Spike's pre-cum, feeling him shudder. He swirled around the head, dipping down slightly, moving his hands to stroke the length, feeding it into his mouth, Spike's hands grasping at the pillow, the covers and finally, at Angel's hair. As he felt his lover's fingers curl around his dark strands, Angel bent lower, taking the length of his cock deep inside his mouth. The howl Spike gave out was worth it, body bucking furiously under Angel's mouth. The older vampire slid his hands down under the straining hips and pulled sharply upwards, the head burying itself down Angel's throat. Spike gave out animal noises, his mind absent from the moment, needing only to feel, giving in to every emotion that flooded his system. With a final howl, Spike came hard, flooding Angel's throat with sticky fluid, sated in his lover's arms. Before Angel could reach his face to kiss him, the younger vampire had fallen asleep, the night's events having taken in out of him, Angel's attentions draining him in more ways than one. Angel rolled his eyes, his own erection still proud, but suddenly less important than wrapping himself round Spike to sleep. He curled up in bed and kept his arms around the blond, deciding that the next time Spike went drinking, he'd be along for the ride. And then he'd find out how fuckable Spike's genes were too. He grinned. Like he didn't already know. *

'Oh, hey Angel.' Angel kept his eyes closed as the now familiar English accent washed over him. He lay the phone next to his ear and hoped, being that she was out of the country, she wouldn't be on for long. 'Hello Megan.' There was a husky chuckle and Angel cursed whatever Gods had seen fit to make Spike a father, that his genes had been passed on quite so intact. 'You sound damn fine for this time of day.' 'Megan.........Why are you phoning me?' He swore he could hear the grin. 'Well I tried Doyle's place, and got Cordelia having annoyed sex at me.' 'Hmm,' Angel managed.' Spike was stirring in his arms and Angel hoped his salvation was at hand, but the English vampire rolled over and raised a bloodshot eye to him. He grinned and closed them again, feigning sleep. But his hands weren't anywhere near as lethargic. 'So I thought Wes might be with you guys.' Angel blinked as he felt Spike's fingers tracing over his stomach, sending little tickly currents all over his body. He hadn't the energy to turn and look, and he could hear Megan's low voice on the other end of the phone. 'Say.........are you two having sex?' Spike chuckled and Angel gasped at the phone, the fingers on his belly brushing against his rapidly growing erection. 'What? Megan, it's.........' he turned and looked at the clock, 'eight in the morning, I'm just sleepy.' 'Bollocks,' came the cheerful reply, 'Vampires don't need all that much sleep. I knew that when I was a kid.' Aware that he was being drawn into a conversation he didn't want, Angel tried to rationalise with himself and hang up the phone. But Spike's fingers were becoming more insistent and there was, he admitted, something of an illicit thrill in this. He guessed some humans tried to get away with sexual acts whilst on the phone to friends and family. Well, Megan was technically family, even if he wasn't getting away with it very well. 'I'm not having sex.' Spike pushed back the blanket and exposed Angel's throbbing cock. His educated fingers started acting out faint patterns over the vampire's thighs and belly, carefully ignoring the twitching shaft in front of him. 'Oh sure you're not,' grinned Megan. 'And those little moans you keep giving off are what? Yawns?' Spike sat up and reached out to the bottle of baby oil on the side of the bed. There wasn't an awful lot left, but he covered his hands in it and started kneading his way up and down Angel's penis with a teasing rhythm. The prone vampire shuddered and felt his hips buck up under Spike's ministrations. 'I'm just sleepy, you woke me up.' 'Angel,' came the rational reply, 'I'm back here, on my own, no carnal contact for hundreds of miles. I'm so fucking attuned to sex right now that I can almost smell it.' Her voice seemed a little strained. 'Least you could do is admit you're getting some.' The rhythm between Spike's fingers was getting faster and Angel had pant to keep any semblance of control. He wondered why he always reverted to his human side when he was struggling to hold back, breathing, when he didn't need the air, but that was a discussion for another day. Right now he was trying to do two things at once, like patting his head and rubbing his belly.........only a little lower. 'Megan, I.........' he managed, 'Why do you want to know?' 'Cause I'm not getting any,' she chuckled. 'And it's kind of a turn on.' Angel's eyes almost crossed as Spike took his spare hand and covered it in the remainder of the oil. The older vampire didn't need much encouraging, and soon his fingers were stretching Spike's ass as the Englishman threw back his head and growled. They could both hear the gentle sigh on the other end of the line and Angel grabbed the phone, pulling it to his ear again. 'Oh My God,' he mumbled, wondering why it made him throb harder. He pulled the phone away and gestured to Spike. 'I think she's.........' Spike laughed and picked the phone up off his lover, easing his legs over Angel's thighs and allowing the older vampire to push up into his body. He listened to the quiet, but definite moaning on the other end and grinned. 'Megs? You being a bad girl, Pet?' There was a bit of a pause and then a decidedly breathy voice spoke. 'Let me talk to Wesley?' Spike started moving slowly up and down, feeling one of Angel's hands around his cock, the other cupping his ass, bouncing him gently. Every time Megan moaned deeply, hitting a similar note to Spike, Angel throbbed, and the younger vampire chuckled. 'Yeah, hang on a moment, Pet, I don't think the poof can handle much more of this.' Angel tried to glare at him, but Spike was working up to an almost painfully tight beat and any expression other than goofy seemed inappropriate. Spike yelled for the ex-watcher and Angel realised that the younger vampire wasn't going to do any covering up, was just going to let Wesley walk in on them. Wesley flung the door open, glasses thankfully missing, a sofa imprint on the side of his face. His eyes were barely open, and Angel realised that he'd reacted on instinct, and was probably not even fully awake yet. 'Oi, Weasly, the tart's on the phone.' Wesley tried to clear his vision and his head, but it had been a long time since he'd got irreconcilably drunk and he wasn't coping well. He held his hand out for the phone, hoping that they'd just drop it in his palm and wrap his fist around it. He'd heard a noise which was clarifying itself as squeaky bedsprings and as realisation dawned, he closed his eyes and aimed in what he hoped was the right direction. 'Give me the phone, Spike.' The vampire chuckled and slapped the cordless in Wesley's hand. 'Thanks, Pet. Word of warning though, I don't think Megs is in the mood for bleary talk.' 'What?' Angel struggled to suppress a groan as Spike squeezed him, and the human noticed. 'Right, yes, whatever, I shall speak to you both later.' He turned to leave and in his hurry, cracked the side of his head on the doorframe. Wesley didn't stop though, making his way out as though the hounds of Hell were on his tail, or his vampire employers were having rampant sex. Whichever was worse. He wasn't sure yet. Spike turned back to Angel's sweating body. He was sleek with desire and Spike had no intention of wasting any opportunity. He swivelled slowly, listening to Angel groan and making sure that it wasn't in pain. It only took him a minute, but Spike had managed to turn so that Angel's leg muscles were clenching and unclenching in front of him. He reached between his own thighs and found the soft globes of Angel's balls, massaging them with his fingers, hearing his sire struggle against the scream that so obviously wanted to come. 'Angel,' Spike grinned, 'They know you're having nookie.' Angel almost laughed. It had been so long since anyone had used that phrase to him. But his loins felt as though they were on fire in what seemed to be a blissful furnace and laughter seemed very far away. He couldn't have stopped his hips bucking if he'd tried, and the change in position had rendered Spike's already tight ass into a grasping tunnel. 'Will, just shush and fuck me will you?' Spike chuckled. 'You're a foul mouthed old bastard, you know?' 'Yeah, I'm terrible person, now please?' Spike laughed hard and struggled to keep his balance. Angel's hands grasping at his hips helped, and he had to remember not to use the vampire's balls as an anchor. Righting himself, Spike picked up the pace, growling as Angel's nails dug in, creating fresh rivulets of blood down his thighs. It hurt, but not very much, and Spike knew it meant that Angel was all that closer to his animal side. As the older vampire pushed harder, Spike gathered what was left of his control and started thinking about anything that would stop him shooting out over Angel's thighs. Puppies, royalty, snooty bars, Cordelia sans makeup, Cordelia generally......... 'Oh God.........' Spike grinned fiercely as he felt him let go, Angel's shuddering body clinging to his own. It took a good while before the vampire had calmed enough to release his lover, and when he did, pulling the younger vampire up to his chest, Angel finally realised that Spike hadn't cum. 'Will?' Spike grinned and ruffled Angel's hair, chuckling at the automatic response, the older vampire smoothing it back into its carefully messed up look. God he wanted this man, wanted to hold him body and ha ha, soul, but right now, he wanted to test how far back they'd come after Cribb. 'Yeah, Love?' Angel closed his eyes and kissed Spike's forehead. He had a suspicion about what Spike was up to, had expected it to come up over the past few weeks. He wanted to, and knew that if he wasn't filling Spike, the only thing that compared was having Spike inside him. But every time they'd come close.........that Spike had brushed against his ass, that he'd grown relaxed enough to contemplate it, he'd seen Cribb's mocking face and tensed up. Spike hadn't said anything about it, had acted as though it was all no problem, not a big deal and they'd get round to it eventually, but Angel knew that it still stood between them, and wasn't sure if he was ready to deal. Spike kissed his way round Angel's chin, then started up the angles of his face, feeling the bones beneath his cheek. He was aware, if only momentarily that he was acting more animal like in his caress, and didn't quite care, only knowing that it felt right. When Angel started to respond, he let his hands stray, teasing his way over Angel's chest, damp perspiration slicking his fingers, touching his nipples and feeling them stiffen. But as soon as he slipped his hand round to Angel's back, the vampire stiffened. 'It's okay, Love,' murmured Spike, 'It's me, you don't have to.........' 'Angel?' Spike threw his head back as Cordelia's excited voice came crashing through their quiet. 'Angel, are you decent?' 'No he's not,' growled Spike. 'We're both stark bollock naked so Bog off!' 'Then get dressed,' she exclaimed, 'I just got in and Rebecca Lowell's here! She wants to employ us!' Spike looked at Angel's sad expression. 'Since when are you hanging round with TV totty?' Angel broke out of his reverie and looked at his lover. 'You've heard of her?' 'Sure, Pet. Raven, right? Used to try that smouldering look on the telly.' He sat up, guessing play time was over for the while. Angel sure as Hell wasn't into it, he knew that. Biting down on the urge to force the issue, he found his pants and started pulling them on. 'She never got it right though, maybe she's come to ask you for lessons?' Angel sensed the unusual tact in Spike's actions and was grateful. He could beat this, he didn't want Cribb to spoil everything, but it was going to take time, and at least that was something that they had plenty of. Spike was still waiting for an explanation and Angel picked up his clothes, guessing that Rebecca was looking for something more than his advertised services. 'When we came back from' he used the word in its loosest sense, 'We saw her across the street. Some car was heading for her and I knocked her out of the way.' 'Yeah!' came the impatient voice behind the door, 'You're the big hero, now come upstairs and make some money!' Spike rolled his eyes. 'He'll be there in a minute, Pet. Now go.........file your head or something.' Angel smiled at Cordelia's irritated huff, but heard her leave. 'I'm guessing she has a stalker, and I can't see Cordelia letting me turn the case down.........' 'Why would you want to do that, Love?' Angel turned his back and slipped his clothes back on, but he could feel Spike's gaze boring into his neck. 'She seemed......... kind of.........' 'Oh,' said Spike, 'Wants to jump your bones.' Angel shook his head. 'I don't think it's like that.' 'No? What is it like then, Love?' Angel pulled his sweater down and looked back at Spike. This wasn't about some TV star and her passion for his body. He knew Spike was bothered about before, and he would talk about it, just.........when he'd had time to think, to sort it out in his own head. 'I've got to go.........take the case, or something.' Spike raised an eyebrow, but nodded, he needed some time too. 'I'll see you later then, Pet.' Angel looked at him, hurt. 'You're going somewhere?' Spike lit one up and puffed away, muscles twitching as he sat, shirtless on the bed. 'Got a few things to take care of.' He gestured to his cigarette. 'Need more fags for one.' He saw Angel's automatic worry and grinned. 'Don't worry, Pet. I'll watch out for the sun and anyone with a dodgy wooden leg.' Angel shook his head and walked to the door. He looked back and smiled softly. 'About the worrying, I can't help it.........not when it's you.' Angel closed the door behind him and Spike leaned back on the bed. He was sticky and achey and something cold was leaking out of his ass and sticking his legs to his jeans. Wonderful. But none of this really mattered to the vampire. Things weren't right between Angel and him, and that concerned Spike more than he'd really like. He had to do something about it. 'Spike?' Spike puffed hard and rolled onto his side. He had to do something. 'Spike, I know you're in there. I thought you might want your phone back.' The vampire chuckled. 'Come on in, Wes.' The Englishman walked in, a flush covering his face and the veins in his head standing out. Spike's grin didn't help the redness and Wesley swore to himself that he'd never go drinking with someone who could consume gallons of Draino for fun. He put the phone down next to the bed and finally noticed that Spike did not look happy. Wesley was becoming something of an expert on Spike's moods. At first it had been necessary, working out whether he was particularly aggressive and therefore prone to killing everyone. And then, when he'd finally accepted that Spike was physically incapable of harming any human, he'd started listening to the perceptive vampire's speech, trying to understand what kept him here. He could understand the connection to Angel, although the tenderness expressed in the relationship surprised him. Given their history, Wesley had expected the vampires to be at each others throats, quite literally. But, as he'd begun to see after the fiasco with Buffy and Faith, nothing was quite as clear cut as that. The text book approach had failed with both Slayers and Vampires and Wesley was willing to learn, if not admit to everyone that he was doing so. The vampires were more in tune with one another than anyone else Wesley had met. The bond between the pair was growing stronger each day, and since Spike was not only harmless to humans, but had also been known to act on the side of good every now and then. Okay, so most of the times his actions had been incidental. Spike never got up and said 'Oh, today I'm gonna try and save the world, Pet.' And if anyone accidentally got saved, it was because the alternative would have caused harm to Angel. Or Angel would have done it anyway, taking precious time away from Spiketime, something that never seemed permissible. And he'd saved the three of them every now and then, but usually huffed afterwards what useless cretins they were. Spike was nasty, arrogant and self-serving, but he was capable of making his own decisions, love meaning more to him than evil. Today's mood seemed to come under 'Emotion 7 - Angel's out and I'm not getting any' with a touch of 'Emotion 1 - I need a demon to beat up'. Wesley sat down on the bed and wondered if walking into the lions den was further proof that he was losing his mind. He could take a chance. 'Is everything all right, Spike?' The vampire grinned, and Wesley shuddered inwardly at the predatory expression. Demon to kick the shit out of and now. 'It's fine, Pet.' 'Really? You seem somewhat preoccupied.' Spike looked at him and Wesley shook his head. 'I'm not talking about sex. Is there something I can help with?' Spike considered a moment. 'Yeah, Pet. I think there is. How d'you fancy coming and kicking the shit out of the biggest piece of crap to walk the tunnels?' Wesley raised an eyebrow. 'Does Angel know about this?' Spike shook his head. 'Let's call it a surprise present.' *