The Clockwork Vampire

by Spirit

'And you're certain Miss Lowell will recover?' Wesley listened as the hospital gave him the 'She's as well as can be expected' line. 'I take it that's a yes, then. He hung up quickly on the hospital and walked back downstairs, where Angel was heavily chained to the bed. Doyle, Cordelia and Spike sat in a semi circle, waiting to see who awoke. 'Nothing?' asked Wesley taking his seat. 'Sod all, yet,' answered Spike. 'The tart okay?' 'Well they wouldn't give me details, but since she's not dead, I'd say we got her there in time.' 'Why are you so keen anyway?' asked Cordelia. 'She was trying to seduce him, remember? This is all her fault.' 'Yeah, Pet, but if I'm gonna do something all heroic, I want that silly bugger,' he gestured to the bed, 'To know about it.' 'I can't believe you didn't drink her,' said Doyle quietly, 'You must have more self control than me.' 'Well firstly, eww,' said Cordelia, 'and secondly, I'm not talking to you right now anyway and thirdly, Spike's hardly going to kill someone if he wants Angel to stick around with him.' Doyle shushed, aware she hadn't spoken more than three words directly to him and that Wesley didn't know their secret was out. But they were all questions for later. Right now, they had to be sure their employer was still the man he used to be. 'He's waking up.' Angel blinked a few times, feeling the pain in his head slowly subsiding and tried to focus on the others in the room. The blur slowly cleared and he saw the four people he relied on in front of him. 'Are you still evil?' asked Cordelia. Uh oh! 'Oh God, I'm so sorry.' 'Can I get another reading on that line, please?' asked Cordelia snippily. Angel looked at Spike, remembering what had happened and not quite understanding it all. 'Rebecca, what happened?' Spike shrugged. 'In hospital, recovering from mild anaemia.' 'But you.........smelled of her blood.' Spike snorted. 'Yeah, well, slapping a bandage across a gaping wound isn't my favourite way to wake up either, Love.' You saved her, Angel thought to himself. She caused all this and you saved her. Wesley stood up. 'Right, well, if everything's back to normal I'm going home.' He turned wearily and headed for the door. 'If the world ends.........wake me tomorrow.' 'Wait, Wesley,' said Angel, 'I need to apologise - to all of you.' 'There's no need,' said Wesley, before Cordelia let out an indignant hmmph. Wesley shook his head. 'It was the drugs, couldn't be helped. Things were said, it's true, but - I think it best if we simply out it behind us - move on.' He looked at Angel and then at Spike, once more finding that his greatest loyalty was to a couple of vampires. It was strange, but then, life was like that. 'You walk a fine line. I don't envy you.' He walked out. 'Okay,' said Cordelia, getting to her feet. 'Don't think any of you are weasling your way out of this so easily. You,' she said to Angel, 'Are not responsible for Angellus, so I'm forgetting that, but he was honest with me.' She stared at him. 'Shouldn't I expect the same from the not evil version of my friends?' Angel nodded and looked at her. 'So we're okay then?' She tossed her hair back and moved to the door. 'I'm too big of a person to let something so petty get in the way of our relationship.' She walked up the stairs Doyle got to his feet. 'Doyle? We okay?' The Irishman turned to look at him. ''We're cool, man. I just don't have a little speech.' Angel almost smiled. 'So what are you going to do now?' Doyle shrugged. 'Crawl on my knees until she forgives me for not telling her?' He pulled on his coat and headed for the stairs. Which left Angel alone with Spike. The younger vampire leaned back and lit one up. 'I can't leave you alone for a minute before you get yourself in shit, can I?' Angel shrugged, as much as anyone could under that many chains. 'Guess not.' Spike blew out a pretty neat smoke ring. 'So I'd better keep your ass in my sight the whole time. Right?' Angel tried to nod. 'That would help.' There was a pause, during which Angel wanted to scratch the end of his nose. 'Spike, about what Angellus said.........' 'Forget it, Love,' said Spike shortly, 'If you think I'm a wuss, you just have to say. I'm sure I can smack some sense back in you.' 'You're not a wuss.' Spike snorted. 'I know. I'm the one who beat the crap out of you, remember?' Another pause. 'Are you going to unchain me?' Spike picked up a bottle of Baileys and laid it on the pillow next to Angel's head. 'Might do later.' The younger vampire got up and walked out of sight into the kitchen, whilst Angel recalled what Spike had said he could do with the creamy liquid. 'That's not fair, Spike.' There was a low chuckle and Angel could hear Spike switching on the television in the other room. He heard the faint fizz of a beer bottle top coming off. 'Spike?' There was a lull and then Angel could recognise the sounds of a soccer match Spike must have picked up on pay per view. And those things lasted an hour and a half. An hour and a half during which Angel would remained chained to the bed with a bottle of Baileys inches from his face. He groaned. Waiting for Spike's touch - now that was eternity. *

Spike sat at the kitchen table, waiting for the right moment. It seemed like he'd been doing that forever, choosing the time to land yet another bombshell on the people he knew. When he was human, it had usually come with a fair amount of violence. 'You've been talking, mate' was the first thing they heard before he'd produced a sledgehammer, or perhaps a screwdriver. If it got the job done, Spike liked using it. After a century and more of utilising his vampire strength, Spike still hadn't given up on the weapons. It wasn't just that he was sticking with what he knew, well.........okay, part of it was that, but Spike liked the fear humans gave off when they recognised something familiar, and knew it was going to cause their death. He'd gone through a stage where he tried using the least offensive implement he could find to kill them. When he'd got to the electric toothbrush affair, Spike had quit doing it. Tickling someone to death was not his idea of fun - he'd got bored with it and just torn his throat out, ending that day's fun. But torture was the last thing he wanted to do right now. It was confession time with Angel and Spike couldn't decide whether to tell him about Cribb whilst he was still chained up, or release him and take the consequences. It wasn't as though Angel would be heart-broken to hear that Cribb was dead, but he wasn't sure how Angel would feel knowing that Spike had been the one to do it. And there was that whole Angellus thing to deal with as well. Spike shook his head and downed the last of the beer, switching off the TV and returning to the bedroom, where Angel still lay. Spike almost laughed at the comic position his lover was in. He'd done a little chaining up in his day, but it had usually been of the spread-eagled, come do wicked things to me variety, not taped to the bed like this. He picked up the keys and sat on the mattress, carefully unfastening each padlock and dumping it on the floor. Angel watched him, seeing the pained expression and wondering how deeply Angellus' words had cut. 'Spike?' Spike tossed another chain onto the floor and started on the next, not meeting his sire's eyes. 'What is it, Angel?' Angel clicked his tongue against his mouth and pressed on, waiting for the outburst he was sure would come. 'You know he.........I was just being cruel.' Spike nodded and worked the key into another lock. 'I know. And it was him, not you.' As the chain came off, Angel flexed his wrist, pleased to have some movement again. Better put it to good use. He stroked Spike's arm, aware of the flinch. 'I don't think of you like that.' 'Like what?' Angel pressed his fingers carefully against Spike's upper arms, his thumb caressing the muscle. So tense, he thought, I've made him so tense. 'You're not a stand in.' Spike snorted and clunked another chain off the vampire. 'Yeah, I know that.' 'Good,' said Angel. It didn't seem to be enough. Spike looked up at him then and Angel flinched. There was no escaping the clarity Spike gave you, no turning back and Angel tried to understand, tried to work out what had hurt his lover so badly that all the fire in his eyes had dimmed. He sighed. 'Spike, are we going to spend the next hour with me playing guessing games, trying to work out exactly what I said that upset you?' Spike sat back and pulled another chain free. 'Well I don't know, Love. Maybe we can start with the fact that you've made me soft.' 'Soft?' asked Angel incredulously, 'You know Angellus was trying to get a rise out of you.' 'Bloody worked, didn't it,' said Spike flatly, 'Didn't even kill the easy meal.' He paused and remembered the intoxicating scent of her blood. So sweet, fear tinged and ready for the taking. He could have drunk. He could have tasted human blood again, but he hadn't. He hadn't because his human side had taken over and assured him that love was more important. And his lover thought he was becoming weak. 'Don't worry about it,' he said to Angel. 'It's not important.' 'You're stressed because you didn't kill Rebecca?' 'I don't want to know her name, Angel,' said Spike. Angel winced at hearing his own name. Spike rarely used it, preferring little terms of endearment - Pet; Peaches; Ducks; Love......... What had he done? 'She was just a case, Spike.' The last of the chains came off. 'Yeah. And we always invite the meat to come have a night cap.' 'You were away! I got.........I worried, Spike.' Spike got off the bed and searched in his coat for a fresh packet of cigarettes. 'So worried that you let the first bit of female flesh come and give you a happy. Yeah,' said Spike, 'You were worried.' Angel growled and sat on the side of the bed. 'That's crap and you know it.' Spike pulled one out and lit up, staring at Angel through the smoke. 'Really? Cause you knew what she wanted and still you had a little party.' Angel closed his eyes a second. He had known what she was after, or rather, part of what she was after. He hadn't realised that she wanted Eternity until it was too late. But he had known she wanted his body, and although she hadn't come in danger of getting that side of the bargain, he had encouraged her, more or less. Angel hadn't turned her down at any point, hadn't told her about Spike. Hadn't mentioned that he was in love. 'Okay,' he said slowly, 'It was a mistake, I know. I shouldn't have let her get involved, but you know nothing happened.' Spike raised an eyebrow. 'Well, aside from my soul drifting off for a few hours.' He looked at Spike. 'You know that, don't you?' Spike puffed a few times and reached across the table for the bottle of whiskey. 'Yeah I know.' He huffed. 'Listen to me. Angellus was fucking right. I do get jealous.' Angel wanted to move over and touch him. It was so stupid, he'd spent the past few days wanting him within reach and now he seemed further away than ever. If he could just hold him it would all be all right. 'You're the only thing I think about.' Spike grinned and looked at him. 'Me and saving the world, right?' Angel threw up his hands. 'I can't win here, Spike. I trying to tell you that I love you and only you and you're not listening.' Spike sniffed and stubbed out the cigarette. 'I'm listening.' Then why aren't you here with that annoyingly sexy body draped over mine? 'And where were you anyway?' Spike took a swig from the bottle. 'I had business to take care of.' 'Business? You?' Spike turned at the amusement in Angel's voice. 'Yeah, I had stuff I needed to do.' 'What?' I killed the demon who raped you, who made this big divide between us. I tried to pour out every moment I've thought about what he did to you on his body. I ripped him and hurt him until he couldn't even feel it anymore. And it doesn't matter, cause it didn't make me feel any better and I don't think I can touch you without you flinching. 'Spike? What did you do?' The younger vampire stared at the bottle for a moment, looking for an answer that wouldn't destroy everything. There was nothing. 'I killed Cribb,' he said quietly. 'What?' Angel wasn't sure if he'd heard him right. Killed Cribb? He'd kept Angel in the dark because he was off killing that bastard. He'd killed the demon and come back to face one who could do more damage. And he was still standing. 'I'd ask why, but that would be dumb, right?' Spike nodded. Angel put his hand to his forehead and tried to think. 'You didn't have to kill him.' 'Yeah, actually Angel, I did.' 'Because he.........' he couldn't say it, all this time and he couldn't say it. 'Because of what he did.' 'Yeah,' snapped Spike, 'Because he raped you. Because he's a bastard. Because the sky is fucking blue.' He closed his eyes. 'He's dead. Why, doesn't matter.' 'Matters to me,' whispered Angel. Spike got up and grabbed hold of Angel, quickly pinning him to the bed. The older vampire squirmed quickly out of his grasp and pulled away, before realising what he was doing. Spike stared at him for a minute before nodding slowly. 'Because I can't touch you any more.' 'That's not true, we've made've touched me.........' Spike shook his head. 'Yeah, we've had sex.' Angel cringed at the change of term. 'But only when you were in control.' Spike moved forward, his hand reaching up ready to stroke Angel's cheek. 'I don't want to ask permission to hold you, Love. I don't want to know that the only way you can lose control is to be Angellus.' 'It's not,' said Angel, willing Spike to touch his face. Spike traced a pattern in the air next to Angel's cheek. So close. 'Can you trust me?' he whispered. Angel met the eyes of his lover. So much pain there. They'd caused a great deal of it over their existence and neither had come anywhere near making up for all that they had been. But Spike hadn't killed Rebecca when he could and the only reason Angel could come up with was loyalty. The vampire had been forced into making a choice between his feral nature and love. Spike had made his decision. Now it was his turn. 'I trust you,' said Angel. As the cool fingers descended on his cheek, the vampire felt a rush flood through him. He forced himself to still as Spike explored his face, touching and caressing with a tenderness the vampire so rarely showed. Fingers etched a line from his temple to his chin, brushing over his cheek, feeling the faint hollow before moving to his mouth. Angel ran his tongue out as the slightly salty tips stroked his lip, moistening them before they travelled again, touching his neck and brushing against the neck of his shirt. The first button undone, Spike traced the line of Angel's collarbone, his eyes never leaving his lover's. He moved his fingers back and forth until he saw Angel's lips part, then ran his hand back up, feeling the suppleness of his mouth. Angel licked the finger ends, then drew them into his mouth, coating them in his saliva, as he tasted Spike. He licked up and down each finger, feeling rather than hearing the low moan Spike gave out. Spike pulled his hand away and moved in closer, moving his fingers to Angel's shirt and slowly unfastening it, careful not to touch any bare flesh. The brown eyes he met were softening, becoming more relaxed and he didn't want to blow it. Perhaps Angel wasn't the only one who had to learn to let go. As the last button fell undone, Spike slid his hands up and pulled the shirt down over Angel's arms, feeling the distinct shape of his muscles beneath the fabric. He dropped it to the floor and drew his fingers insistently over Angel's mouth, willing him to wet them again. The soft tongue flicked out as if reading his mind, and when Spike pulled away, the thread of saliva hung between Angel's mouth and his fingers. Resisting the urge to kiss him, Spike moved his hands down the firm torso, lightly touching his chest until he reached the already hardening nipples. He ran his forefinger round the edge, tracing the little lumps and bumps, memorising how it felt under his hand. Spike heard the low intake of un-needed breath and felt his cock twitch in rhythm. They matched, he and Angel, they fit together in a way that they couldn't with anyone else. He smiled softly as he squeezed in, drawing the nubs into his fingertips, aware that Angel was reacting to him. Always, only ever to him. 'Turn around,' murmured Spike. 'What?' Angel's voice was muffled, as though he was waking from a long sleep. 'Turn around,' repeated Spike. 'I want to see your back.' Angel looked at him, a little confused, but then he slowly turned, revealing his broad shoulders and back to the younger vampire. Spike looked at him for a moment, enjoying the sight of his lover's supple, pale flesh, muscles still under that velvety expanse. He started feeling his way down the ridges of Angel's spine, murmuring gently as Angel twitched under his attention. When he put his tongue to the nape of Angel's neck, the older vampire shuddered, but he didn't pull away. Drawing down his back, Spike tasted the light sweat that coated Angel's skin. He inhaled deeply with each pass, trying to gather all the smells of his lover. The salty tang was most prevalent, but he could smell the soap from the bathroom, the faintest tinge of blood and something he thought was his own aftershave. He almost smiled at that - Angel hated the cheap brands that Spike liked the smell of, but he'd worn it anyway. As he worked his way to the small of Angel's back, Spike noticed that the vampire was pressing back against him. Flush with desire, Spike worked his way down his lover's legs, reaching his boots and unfastening them with his teeth. As he pulled his sock off, Spike gave Angel's foot a quick lick, causing a chuckle from above. He looked up. 'Liked that did you, Pet?' Angel gave him a lop-sided grin. 'Yeah. I never knew you had a foot fetish.' Spike grinned - low down, dirty. 'I don't, Love.' He stood up and slid his hands to Angel's belt. 'I have an Angel fetish.' Angel laughed then and as the cold fingers flicked open the buckle and drew his belt off, he realized he was feeling comfortable. No worry here. He wasn't afraid, or thinking of anything else except Spike. He could stay here forever. Spike unfastened the fly on Angel's jeans and started easing them down over his sire's narrow hips. It was a little tricky, because of the erection that prodded happily through his boxers, but Spike didn't mind that at all. He drew the pants down and off, tossing them into the same messy pile as his shirt, before standing back up. Spike bent in and kissed the Angel's lips briefly, suckling the bottom one for a little longer, feeling the low hum of blood beneath the skin. 'Think you can take my clothes off now, Pet?' Angel nodded and ran his hand to the bottom of Spike's T-shirt. 'I think I can handle that.' Spike grinned. 'You can handle anything you like, Love!' Angel gripped the material and hauled it up over Spike's head, feeling the rush as his childe's body was exposed to him once more. He's so perfect, Angel thought. Clean lines, broken only by hard nipples. I want to eat him all up. Unable to resist, the dark vampire pulled Spike into his arms, stretching his hands round the narrow back, meeting the firm mouth with his own. Spike kissed him hungrily. It always seemed too long between Angel's caresses, and cool tongue brushing against his own was a little taste of Heaven. Or Hell. He didn't really care as long as he was with Angel. His arms tightened around Angel's back and Spike could feel the pressure of his lover's erection bucking up against his hips. He pushed back, the friction of material suddenly too much. He was done with patience, and although he wasn't bored, Spike wanted more. He dropped his hands away from Angel's back and reached for his own belt, only to be beaten by larger fingers. Spike looked up into that sexy half-grin and welcomed the vampire's assistance. His pants fell away quickly, pulled off as Angel tossed them onto his own clothes. Spike groaned hard as he pushed against Angel again, naked hips pressing deeply into those of his lovers. Angel tried to urge the vampire down onto the bed, but Spike was having none of it. The younger vampire pulled Angel down on the ground, grasping at the blanket and succeeding in covering them both. Spike drew Angel on top of him, limbs tangling as each vampire strove to get closer, to cover every inch of flesh with their own. Spike rocked his hips hard at Angel, feeling the soft foreskin pull back, rubbing deliciously against Angel's own. He reached out and made a grab at the bottle of Baileys which had dropped onto the blanket, bringing it underneath the covers and trying to open it with one hand. Angel laughed hard as Spike tried to concentrate, taking his mind off unscrewing the lid with every caress of his fingers. When Spike started growling in frustration, Angel pulled the bottle off him and flicked off the top. 'This what you're after?' he asked casually, pouring a heavy draft into Spike's mouth. The younger vampire nodded and pulled Angel closer, kissing him and transferring the creamy liquid. 'Yeah,' grinned Spike, 'But you're the one who's going to use it, Pet.' Feeling the heat against his tongue, Angel moved rapidly down Spike's body, his tongue occasionally flicking out and touching the heat to Spike's belly. He reached the throbbing column and considered ignoring it and moving to his balls, taking each one his mouth in turn and lathing it with his tongue. But Spike kept thrusting his hips, needing something, wanting to feel Angel's mouth around him. He didn't waste any more time, swallowing the mushroomy head into his mouth, pleased as Spike growled deeply. The Baileys felt so smooth and warm on his cock and Spike felt a low purring coming up through his body. He just wanted to push and push until he'd come in Angel's mouth, but he couldn't. He wanted something more than that. Angel felt the purr reverberating through Spike's body and grinned, Baileys leaking either side of his lover's cock. He felt Spike thrusting harder, the head hitting the back of his mouth under the pressure. And then, he seemed to ease off, and the Angel felt him hold off his orgasm. He knew why, knew what was coming and found, for the first time since Cribb, that he didn't dread it. Sliding his way back up Spike's body, Angel swallowed the heated liquid and kissed his lover gently. Spike savoured the kiss eagerly, before filling his hand with a good splash of Baileys and reaching between Angel's legs. He cupped Angel's balls in his hand and let them sit in the liquid, teasing the globes with his fingertips. As his fingers strayed back a little, Spike paused and looked hard at Angel. The older vampire nodded. 'I trust you.' Spike grinned. 'I know,' he said slowly. While the fingers inched towards his ass, Angel planted kisses all over Spike's face, feeling the warmth of the alcohol rubbing against the puckered opening. When Spike pushed past the tight ring of muscle he tightened, unwillingly giving way to fear. But it was Spike's mouth that brushed over his cheeks, Spike's hand that held him against his body, and Spike's finger that slid warmly into his ass. As he grew used to its presence, Angel searched for his lover's mouth, his tongue flickering over taut lips, reaching inside it's relative warmth. As his tongue probed deeper into Spike's mouth, he felt the liquid slick finger push in and out of his ass. And when Spike started stroking the back of his neck, Angel felt a second finger join the first, feeling warm and so right, inside him. Spike crooked his fingers and Angel groaned, moving away from Spike's mouth and burying his mouth against his neck. And when Spike removed his fingers, Angel groaned deeply into the hollow between his lover's neck and shoulder. 'Mine,' he growled. 'Yours,' said Spike and pushed forward, filling Angel's ass in one swift movement. Both vampires cried out, and Spike felt Angel's fangs sink into his neck, relishing the feeling of owning and being owned. They belonged together and if meant that he was no longer the vicious, human hating bastard that he had been a year ago, then so be it. Course, he thought briefly as he thrust up, if he ever got hold of someone that deserved to die, then it was human kebabs all round. Angel sucked down harder and Spike groaned, pushing deeper inside his lover's body, before clamping his own fangs into Angel's neck. It felt so good to be like this, and when Angel pushed down, Spike let out a howl, tasting the coppery tang as if flowed into his mouth. He could feel the throbbing cock pressed between them and shifted his hands, encircling the head with his finger and thumb, teasing Angel's foreskin up and down, rolling his own hips harder, feeling ever closer to orgasm. His balls slapped up against Angel's ass and Spike could feel his blood flowing into Angel's mouth, the fangs a sweet pain. it would take much more, and, fuck.........he was going to cum deep in his lover's body. Fuck Cribb, it was all gone, all passed and Angel was his again. Nothing, not even that fuckin.........ahhh, oh shit, not even Angellus could stop this. He growled again and found words passing through his head, not knowing or caring what they were. < Bonded in blood and in dark, we walk the night as one > Spike cried out, releasing Angel's neck as heat flooded him, his body shuddering as he spilled into Angel's ass. He strained hard, growling and grasping, Angel's mouth relinquishing his neck as his own climax flushed his body. Sticky liquid coated their bellies and Angel collapsed, Spike's cock slipping out of his ass. For a moment, they didn't move, blood and cum a heady smell heavy in the air. 'I'm glad you killed Cribb,' said Angel. Spike wrapped his arms round the vampire and pulled him tight, the blankets creating a warm cocoon against the world. 'I'm glad you're not Angellus,' he grinned. Angel laughed dryly and licked away the last remnants of blood at Spike's neck. The wound was healing already. 'You drive me insane and yet, you're the only one in the world I can lose control with.' Spike grinned wickedly and slid one hand into Angel's hair, ruffling it and watching with pleasure as Angel scowled. 'Sleep, Pet. We can wax lyrical tomorrow.' 'I'm sticky,' pointed out Angel. 'So am I,' said Spike, closing his eyes, tired after the past days' events. 'You can shower me tomorrow.' 'I'll do more than that,' Angel said with a wicked promise. But Spike was already asleep, dreaming of nothing, content within his lover's arms.

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