The Clockwork Vampire

by Spirit

Cordelia yawned. She hadn't been sleeping well since this whole thing started, days ago. So far,
Xander had spent one night in her room, watching over her whilst she slept. In matter of fact, she
hadn't been able to sleep at all, and they'd talked well into the small hours, remembering things
from childhood which were innocent, and events from their teenage years which weren't. She'd
actually enjoyed herself, despite the fatigue, and was disappointed when the sun had come up
and Xander had finally fallen asleep. The following night had been spent in Wesley's company,
and they'd both spent the time looking embarrassed when she acknowledged she was awake, and
a bored silence when she didn't.

Tonight, Doyle was taking his turn to watch over her, and Cordelia sensed that this was make or
break time, when they'd have to face what had happened and deal with it. Not having slept in
over forty eight hours, Cordelia had entered a kind of zone in which sleep was no longer part of
her world, and , despite the headache that accompanied it, she'd reached some kind of clarity.

So what if Doyle had kissed Wesley. Didn't everyone explore their sexuality at some time? Even
if it wasn't in such a physical way. Okay, so she had never given a thought to going down a
different road - people don't elect gay prom Queens, but Doyle had told her it was before they'd
dated, so technically, it was of the ago. She could deal with that, and although it might give her a
major eww factor when dealing with the Englishman, Cordelia believed that she and Doyle could
get past this.

Now all she had to do was tell him.

Outside Angel's bedroom, Wesley was reading yet another volume on Spiritual expulsion. The
major problem they'd all had with finding a cure for the predicament, was that most of the
researchers hadn't seen any bad side to being courted by an Incubus. Or rather, a succubus, since
most of the authors in question were male. The Incubus was considered a minor difficulty, seeing
as the sexual highs it brought were believed pleasurable. That it devoured sexual energy, (cue an
eww from Queen C) seemed to be a minor side effect.

Wesley was once again staring at the book, waiting for inspiration to hit. To date he'd only found
a vague idea of how to rid Cordelia of the demon, and that had comprised of befriending another
spirit, a familiar in a 'loving relationship'. Angel had looked uncomfortable at the idea, and Spike
had pointed out that Cordy was already having sex with one of these buggers, why bring a
jealous second? It was a valid point, and if Wesley had been thinking about it, he might have
come up with his idea sooner.

Doyle sat down in front of him, watching the intense gaze on his flatmate's face. Wesley trusted
in things with a passion that Doyle didn't believe he was capable of. When this problem had
arisen, the ex-watcher was certain that a solution could be found. After three days research, he
was still studying the books, certain that the answer lay somewhere. Despite Spike's lascivious
suggestion that they gave the Incubus someone else to play with, Wesley hadn't wavered, and
Doyle was sure that if an answer existed, his lover would find it.

Whoah, wait a moment, Doyle thought. Did I just say lover? He looked at the frown lines etched
across the Englishman's forehead, deep in concentration, trying to find a cure for Doyle's
girlfriend. The half-demon guessed that Wesley must be jealous on some level, okay, he knew
Wesley was jealous. How could he not be? Cordelia had been his lady fair up until she'd
discovered that Doyle had shared smoochies with the man. He guessed, from the way she'd been
acting around him, that she was willing to give them both another try, although she hadn't yet
said anything specific.

Which might explain why Wesley had been wearing such a forlorn look as Doyle's watch

Time to set the record straight.

'Hey Wes,' said Doyle, trying to catch his attention. 'Found anything yet?'

Wesley blinked, and looked up at Doyle.

'Not as yet,' he sighed, 'Unfortunately every article so far has been written by a scholar almost
completely celibate.'

'As in the no sex variety?'

'Precisely,' said Wesley. 'They don't see any problem with the demon.'

'Ah,' said Doyle. Seeing that Wesley was about to read again, he leaned forward and lay a hand
on the Englishman's knee.

'About me and Cordy.........'

'No need to explain,' said Wesley, looking down, 'You have things to talk about. Every
relationship has its ups and downs.'

Doyle blinked, registering that Wesley was preparing himself for another defeat.

'Ah for Gods sake man, would you just let go for a change?'

Wesley looked up into Doyle's sparky eyes. 

He almost wished he didn't imagine them so often - when Doyle looked like this, he wasn't
capable of rational thought.

'Doyle, you and Cordelia have to talk. I understand that. I wouldn't expect you to.........'

'To what?' asked Doyle, getting a little angry. The man could take chivalry too far.

Wesley took a deep breath.

'To accept mistakes were made and move on.'

Doyle leaned back.


'Yes,' said Wesley solemnly. 

'Like you and me, you mean,' said Doyle. 

Wesley paused, hurt flitting through his expression.

'If you believe it was a mistake.'

Doyle looked at the man, wondering how anyone who was so intelligent could be so dumb.

'Wes, man. Sometimes you just got to do what feels right, you know?'

Wesley nodded.

'I know.'

Doyle shook his head.

'I don't think you do.'

He leaned forward and touched Wesley's forehead, smoothing the frown lines out.

'This feels right to me.'

'My forehead?'

Doyle smiled and kissed him gently.

'Do I have to beat it into you?'

There was a flicker of a smile in the Englishman's expression.

'Can I take it you didn't mean my forehead?'

Doyle kissed him again and wrapped his hand round Wesley's neck.

'I'll take your forehead.........and the rest of your sorry English ass with it.'

A definite smile this time and Doyle wondered, not for the first time, if Wesley actually realised
he was an attractive man. He was all shades, shadows which only made sense when you took
them all together. He wasn't like Cordelia, her presence easily and quickly announced. Wesley
was more of an enigma, a puzzle to be carefully unwrapped and tasted.

And Doyle seriously wanted to taste.

'Go on,' said Wesley, 'Go talk to Cordelia.'

Doyle winced.

'Now that's something I'm not looking forward to.'

Wesley smiled again.

'It's your turn. You don't weasel out of it that easily.'

Doyle grinned, kissed Wesley on the cheek and got up, closing the bedroom door behind him.
Wesley paused, took a deep breath and turned back to his book, unaware of the pair watching
him from the recesses of the kitchen.

Spike took his hand of Xander's mouth and pulled the whelp into the hallway. The boy looked
halfway between shocked and stunned, the difference between amounting to a dropped jaw and
raised eyebrows.

'I didn't just see that, did I?' he asked the vampire.

'What? The mick and Weasly getting it on?'


'Nah,' said Spike, pulling out a light and patting his pockets for his smokes. 'Figment of your

'Really?' said Xander, 'Cause I'm getting pretty worried about that if I can see them kissing with

Spike grinned and located the cigarettes.

'Shock you did it?'

Xander nodded.

'Yeah, I mean, okay I can believe Wesley. There's all that strict boys only school thing, but

'What about him?' said Spike, lighting up.

'Isn't he dating Cordy?' said Xander, reaching for Spike's cigarettes.

'Hey!' said the vampire. 'You don't bloody smoke, mate!'

'I think I'm about to start,' said Xander, picking one out and chasing Spike's light with a wobbling

He breathed in, breathed out and started coughing.

'You actually do this for fun?' he managed to say to Spike, who was laughing hard.

'It's not as if it's going to ruin my health, Pet,' said Spike, taking the smoke off him. 'Might knock
a few years off yours though.'

'Oh great,' said Xander, 'And since my life expectancy is practically nil whenever I get involved
with you guys.........'

'Pretty much,' agreed Spike.

Xander leaned back against the wall.

'I'm screwed. Give me the cigarette.'

Spike shrugged and passed it back to the boy. Xander tried to inhale again. This time, the
coughing didn't last as long. He tried it a few times, then passed it back to Spike.

'Is it something to do with LA?'

Spike stubbed out the Xander sucked cigarette and looked, confused at the teenager.


Xander shook his head.

'The gay thing. I mean, am I going to have to watch out for needs of another nature as well?'

Spike chuckled.

'Now what would make you think that, Pet?'

'Well you, for a start,' said Xander, 'And Angel. I mean, there was a whole "Drucilla is my crazy
love puppet" thing, and Angel and Buffy.........'

'Things change,' said Spike abruptly, 'And sometimes they change back.'

Xander stared at him a moment, realisation sinking in.'

'Oh God, you mean you two were always.........'

He trailed off, his mind now full of all the vampires he'd ever met, shagging their way through

'Okay, now I'm officially grossed out.'

'By what?'

Xander shrugged.

'Well I'm fine on the gay issue, but the undead hunt the sausage game makes my bile rise.'

Spike chuckled.

'You'd prefer it if we shagged humans then?'

Xander reached for the can of coke on the side.

'Well, I mean, technically - doesn't it feel really cold?'

Spike chuckled.

'Been thinking about this a lot, haven't you?'

Xander nodded.

'More than I'd really like to admit to.'

'Well ten.' Said Spike, edging nearer the boy, 'You haven't had much luck with birds lately.'

Xander raised an eyebrow at him.

'Meaning what?'

Spike grinned ferociously.

'Maybe you're looking at another option, Pet.'

'Huh?' said Xander, suddenly aware how close Spike actually was. 'What was that?'

Spike leaned in, face kissing distance away.

'You never know until you try, Ducks.'


They turned to see Angel, brown carrier bag in hand, looking at them both quizzically. Xander
gulped and tried to get away from the vampire.

'Angel, Thank God.........and there's a phrase I never thought I'd say.'

Angel didn't look in the least bit amused.

'What were you doing with Spike?'

Spike ran his finger along Xander's jaw line.

'Ease up, Love. Just seeing if Xander here has potential.'

Xander slapped Spike's hand away, much to the vampire's amusement.

'Get away from me you freaky, undead, oversexed bad guy!'

Angel frowned.

'You telling me that he's not good enough for you?'

Xander looked between Spike's bemused expression and the anger which was crowding on
Angel's face.

'I never said that.'

'Oh yeah,' said Angel, 'What did you say then.'

Xander looked at them both again, gulped.........and ran from the room.

Spike laughed hard as the anger dropped on Angel's face and the older vampire moved in close. 

'And you call me cruel, Pet.'

'He'll get over it,' said Angel, nuzzling against Spike's neck.

Spike turned slightly, running his tongue up over Angel's jawline.

'You get all the stuff Weasly said we needed?'

Angel nodded and opened the bag.

'All the protective herbs I could think of.'

Spike looked at the massed amount.

'Which is a fucking lot, apparently.'

He sniffed.

'Doesn't smell too bloody bad though.'

Angel grinned and nipped at Spike's ear.

'Haven't lit any of it yet.'


Doyle closed the door behind him. Somehow, he'd skipped through this little conversation every time he thought about it, as though the whole thing went, 'Cordy, I want to be with Wesley', 'Okay, that's great,' end of story. He couldn't see it happening that way. Especially now that Cordelia was wearing that negligee. 'Hi Doyle,' she purred. 'Princess,' he said as greeting, sitting down on the chair and keeping a careful distance from the woman he'd so recently been dating. She edged over to his side and smiled at him. 'I forgive you for not telling me,' she said. 'Okay,' said Doyle, looking for the catch, 'I guess that's okay.' She sighed. 'Is that all you're going to say, because I planned our big reunion to be a lot more interesting.' Doyle swallowed hard and looked at her. Cordelia was watching him with that almost exasperated grin that he'd dreamt about long before she'd actually become his girlfriend. For some reason, it didn't seem to appeal the same. Was that because of Wesley? Or was it just guilt weighing hard on his heart. God, I have so much to atone for, he thought as he steeled himself. 'Cordelia.........Princess,' he took a deep breath. 'We're not getting back together.' She blinked, words passing through her head like wildfire - intangible, difficult to even see the spark for the flames. 'What?' she asked, 'What was that?' Doyle breathed in again, letting it all out in his next sentence. 'We're not a couple anymore.' She heard him that time, but the look of confusion was still there. 'I don't.........I don't understand,' she said, wrinkling a near smooth forehead. 'I've said I forgive you.' Doyle couldn't help himself. 'Well excuse me, darlin'. But I'm not seeing there's an awful lot to forgive.' She drew back under his sudden anger. 'You didn't tell me,' she wanted to say firmly, but it came out like a whisper. 'And I don't care.' She gazed at him. 'I miss you.' Doyle shook his head. 'You should care, Cordy, cause it's not over.' 'Us?' she asked. He could almost feel Wesley's quiet faith in him, and shook his head again. 'No sweetheart. Not us.' Cordelia shifted, drawing the blanket up over her body, her unconscious realising what he'd meant even before she asked him to explain. She'd seen her world fall apart before - Willow and Xander; The IRS taking away everything she'd ever owned; Finding out that Hollywood didn't favour her. She'd seen all that, survived it, but it didn't compare to the low ache in her belly, the one that threatened to overpower her and make the tears come. Not for anyone, her soul whispered, you cry for no one. Doyle stared at his fingers, searching for answer she would accept. 'I don't know if I've ever been.........a woman only man.' 'You're gay?' she asked, hearing that whisper again and bearing down. Doyle looked up quickly. 'Don't think I've ever said it out loud, but I might be.' Cordelia could feel a slow tear threaten to leak and resisted the urge to wipe it away. 'You never wanted me?' Doyle sighed and stretched his hands out. 'Oh I wanted you Princess. I dreamt about you, would have died for you.........' 'Would have?' He offered her a gentle smile. 'Still would.' She swallowed hard and tried to resurrect her wounded pride. 'But you don't want me anymore.' 'No,' he said shortly, biting down on everything that threatened to spill from his throat. I wanted you, I always wanted you, he wanted to say, but I have to choose, and you're not the one. It doesn't feel right. I spent so long wanting that the reality didn't work. We don't feel right. Cordelia nodded and reached for her robe. 'So, what now? We just pretend like nothing's happened and I watch you go make out with someone else?' 'I'm not going to rub anything in,' said Doyle. He shrugged. 'Kinda hoped we could be friends, Princess.' 'Don't call me that!' He drew back. 'I'm sorry. I didn't think.........' 'No, that's just it, Doyle, you don't think,' said Cordelia, 'You just go on instinct. And it hurts.' 'I know,' said Doyle, 'But hurting you, wasn't something I ever thought about.' 'There it is again!' said Cordelia, tying the belt round her waist, 'You don't think.' She turned away and Doyle guessed she wouldn't let him wipe away the tear sliding down her cheek. Let her rant at him for a while, he deserved that at least. But she was wrong about the not thinking - he'd never thought about anything harder than this. 'You know what hurts most? That you never even gave me a second chance.' That did it. 'What?' She shook her head. 'I needed some time and you didn't even give me that.' 'You told me we were through,' said Doyle. 'And you believed that?' said Cordelia in disbelief. 'Yes?' offered Doyle. 'What kind of man are you?' 'A good man,' said a calm voice. Neither of them had heard the door opening, but they turned their heads to see Wesley standing in the doorway, a sad look across his face. Cordelia was the first to recover. 'He's leaving me for you. Isn't that just ironic.' Wesley met her stare, then looked down to the note book he was holding. 'I believe I've found a way to rid you of the Incubus.' She scowled at him. 'Is that all you can say?' He offered the book to Doyle and moved to leave the room. 'What else do you expect me to say?' 'Well something would be good.' Wesley turned back to look at her. 'I can't say anything that would please you, Cordelia. I'd only be adding fuel to the fire.' Cordelia glared at him. 'And what are you going to tell Megan now that you're playing kissy ass with my boyfriend.' Doyle stood up, bridging the distance between Cordelia and Wesley. 'Enough, okay. We can do this some other time. Let's just get rid of Cordelia's problem. 'You're my problem!' she yelled, feeling a second tear storm down her face. 'Everytime I think I've got it right, I'm betrayed!' 'I never betrayed you Cordy,' said Doyle, 'I never wanted.........' 'If we're discussing betrayal, Cordelia,' said Wesley sharply, 'Shouldn't you look at yourself?' She shook her head. 'What are you talking about?' Wesley moved inside and stood next to Doyle. 'How did you react when you first learned that Doyle was half Brachen?' 'I.........I accepted it,' she managed, trying to think back. 'Eventually,' agreed Wesley, 'But how close were you to killing him?' 'I would never,' she began, trailing off as she remembered how scared she had been. 'He didn't tell me! How else was I supposed to react?' 'A little compassion?' said Wesley, 'Something you seem to lack.' 'Enough now,' said Doyle, laying a hand on Wesley's arm, but the tall man was not to be stopped yet. 'Cordelia, I am sorry you've been hurt, but I can't help thinking that you bring situations upon yourself.' 'I made you gay?' she said, wiping way the salt streaks. Doyle looked between them, finally seeing why he'd chosen Wesley. 'No, Cordy,' said Doyle, 'You made me look at why I hadn't told you.' 'And why was that?' she said, the answer yet another statement she didn't really want to hear. 'Because, Princess,' said Doyle, 'I knew you wouldn't understand. You hadn't before, and I knew you wouldn't now.' She dried her eyes and looked at him, aware he was telling the truth, aware that things weren't right. 'I loved you,' she whispered. 'No,' said Doyle gently, 'You loved who you thought I was. Anything that didn't fit in, you ignored.' 'That's not fair,' she said solemnly. 'Life isn't fair, Cordy,' said Doyle. 'But you have to make choices.' She let the tears go then, feeling their cool wetness down her face. 'And you choose him,' she said, then repeated it to herself, accepting the truth that was both hard to take, and unwelcome. Doyle sat down next to her on the bed and wrapped his arm around her. Wesley looked at them both and moved quietly to the door, closing it behind him. 'I guess I have a lot to learn,' she said, snuggling against his chest. 'We all do,' said Doyle with a low laugh. She nodded. 'I don't.........I don't know if I can deal with this all now.' Doyle nodded. 'That's okay.' He smiled gently at her, 'I'm not sure I 'm dealing with it all, yet.' She laughed then, and Doyle wished it hadn't sounded so like a sob, but he held her anyway, wishing he could take away the pain, knowing he couldn't. She dried her eyes on his top and sat up, her strength coming back. 'You should go now,' she said. 'Tell Wesley.........I don't know, tell him something.' Doyle nodded. 'I think he knows, Princess.' He stood up and moved to the door. 'Do you want me to get Xander?' She snorted. 'Yeah, sure. Bring on someone else who did the dirty with me.' Doyle looked down for a minute, but there was precious little bitterness in her voice. 'You want me to get someone else?' he asked, risking a look back at her face. She shook her head. 'No, it's okay, ask Xander. I could use some of his dumb jokes right now.' He nodded and put his hand on the handle. 'Doyle?' He turned back to Cordelia, some of the light returning to her eyes. She smiled at him and a part of his heart thawed. 'I like Wesley better than Willow.' He smiled again, and this time it felt right. Doyle closed the door behind him and didn't look back again. * 'Remind me again,' said Angel, 'Why are we sitting in my car?' Spike wasn't looking at him, fiddling with the wheel on the side of the seat, trying to work out how the thing moved up and down. He'd been at it for five minutes now without success and it was beginning to get on his nerves. He knew he could ask Angel for some help, but his sire took great pleasure in lecturing about the proper use of things, and that was definitely not what Spike had in mind. 'Because you offered out our bloody bedroom for LMC and her resident bloody demon!' Angel leaned back. 'I take it you don't mean Doyle.' Spike gave the wheel a final yank and the entire seat fell backwards. Angel chuckled as the vampire screeched obscenities at the car's bloody mindedness. He helped the vampire sit upright and grinned at him, Spike's thunderous expression too enjoyable to miss. 'So, not Doyle then?' Spike shook his head, aware that he couldn't lean back on the seat. 'Nah, the kid and I saw him and Wesley snogging before you came home.' 'Snogging?' asked Angel. 'Yeah,' said Spike. 'You reckon Motor oil's worth a try?' Angel shook his head and thought about their friends. 'What?' asked Spike, opening the glove box and pulling out Angel's mobile phone. 'You never use this bloody thing, I don't know why you keep it in here.' 'Stops Cordelia nagging me,' said Angel. 'What do you mean, what?' 'What've you got that brooding look on for?' asked Spike, trying to unlock the phone's password. 'Stop messing with that,' said Angel, taking it off him. 'You never use it!' 'Well, I might figure it out someday,' said Angel, absently typing in the password. 'There.' He put it back in the glove box and looked at his child. 'Did you smell them?' 'What am I? A perv?' Angel grinned. 'I thought that went without saying?' 'Hur, hur hur,' said Spike, picking up the phone again. 'Yeah I smelt them. So what?' 'Didn't you get a whole load of.........emotional stuff?' 'Hard and frustrated,' said Spike, 'Yeah, I smelt that. So?' 'So,' said Angel, suddenly feeling uncomfortable, 'Do you think.........' 'What?' said Spike, trying to remember a phone number. 'Do you think they know what to do?' said Angel finally. Spike snorted out loud. 'You've got me alone in a car and you're wondering if Weasly and the mutt have worked out what goes where?' 'I've got you messing with stuff,' said Angel, 'Would you put that back? Now!' Spike chuckled and hit one last button. 'You're such a bloody stickler, mate.' He started tapping out a rhythm on the dashboard and Angel shook his head. 'So do you?' 'I always do!' said Spike, leaning over and kissing Angel, who responded hungrily, before remembering what he'd asked and pulling away. The younger vampire raised an eyebrow at him. 'You're really that interested?' Angel shrugged. 'There's something.........interesting about a first time.' Spike chuckled. 'Bloody voyeur!' 'I'm not,' protested Angel, 'I was just.........curious.' 'Yeah, right,' said Spike. 'Any minute you're gonna ask the pair of them to come and watch and you'll give them a "how to" demonstration.' Angel raised an eyebrow at him. 'That's not what I meant.' 'No?' said Spike. 'You're telling me it doesn't turn you on?' 'What?' said Angel, dimly aware that he'd started breathing, that his pants were already feeling too tight and uncomfortable. Spike leaned in and started tracing his fingers up Angel's arm, his cock throbbing and in need of some attention. 'You're telling me that you don't think about it?' 'About what?' said Angel, his flesh tingling with every brush of Spike's fingers. Spike grinned and drew his hands down Angel's arm, crossing over to the firm chest and finding the hard nipples that he couldn't see, could only feel. 'Doyle sliding his shirt off onto the floor, human flesh shivering as the air hits it.' Angel looked into Spike's eyes, half wishing that the light was better here. He couldn't quite read the expression there, could only guess. But he could smell the vampire's arousal, and since it matched his own, didn't object when the fingers slid through the opening of his shirt and started teasing his skin. 'He's all hair, matted across his chest with the sweat that's building up. He's never done this before.' Spike licked his lips and looked hungrily at Angel's own. Not yet, he thought to himself, not yet. 'Wesley reaching out them long fingers and touching him, feeling how soft he is.' Angel felt his breath catch. 'And Doyle, hands trembling a bit, undoing Wesley's shirt,' he started unfastening Angel's own, 'Wondering if he's as firm as he looks under them smart clothes.' Angel's skin glinted slightly in the half-light, the sweat starting to create a thin film across his chest. 'He pulls it off and slides his hands up Wesley's back, all them muscles twitching under his fingers.' He matched the action to the word, pulling Angel closer, his sire so tempting, so close. So wait. 'And then Wesley's feeling a bit he slides his hands down over Doyle's belly, finding the fastening on his pants and slowly, ever so slowly, pulling the zip down.' Spike moved his fingers back round, finding the fly on Angel's jeans, grinning as he realised it was a button affair. He moved deftly, springing the straining metal and releasing Angel's cock to the air. Angel moaned slowly and closed his eyes. 'And he's never felt another man's cock before. Only his own, so he starts to have an explore. Touching the length, wondering if the head's as sensitive as his own.........' Spike ran his fingers slowly around Angel's cock, grinning as he felt it twitch beneath his hand. All the warmth had left other parts of Angel's body for here, blood pulsing so close to the flesh in his cock. They hadn't eaten all that recently, and Spike knew that his own body would be as cold, knew that Angel wouldn't care. 'And when it pulses in his hot little hand, he looks up, and finds Doyle's shut his eyes, trying to keep some kind of control.' Angel instinctively reached out for Spike's neck, pulling the vampire in close. We are not the same, you and I, Angel thought, I regret what I was, you regret what I could never be. If you had your freedom, you would bite, killing everything within sight that caught your eye. We would be safe, our family, but everyone else would be fair game. Is that what it has always been Spike? Has it always been about the game? Would you kill if there was an easier way? Would you spare their lives if I told you the hard way was worth it? When I lose control, people die. Is it the same with you? If something happens, if somehow we find a way to get that damned chip out, would I have to kill you? Part of him said it could never be so, that there was no way in Hell he would sacrifice his childe, his love, whatever happened. But Angel didn't entirely belong to himself and there were some places he hoped they'd never have to cross. 'Angel?' The vampire blinked and looked at Spike, whose grin he could sense, even in the darkness. 'You brooding again, Pet?' Angel smiled softly. 'Maybe a little.' 'Well bloody stop it,' said Spike, 'you're buggering up my story.' Angel grinned this time, stroking the back of Spike's neck and wishing they were wrapped up in his bed. 'Sorry,' said Angel, 'I was just wondering if I should have done more to help you.' 'Help me?' said Spike, for once completely in the dark. 'With what?' Angel kissed him gently, pressing his forehead against Spike's. He seemed to think better that way. 'Nothing,' he said quietly. Then he smiled. 'I love you, Will.' Spike grinned and leaned back into his seat. 'Come and prove it then,' he challenged. Angel did.