The Clockwork Vampire

by Spirit

'The Powers that be... well I don't know exactly where they are.' Said Doyle when Angel asked, ushering him along the tunnels. 'But you could ask the Oracles. Not that they'd be all that helpful,' he added, 'they're not known for helping lesser beings.'

'Like vampires?' asked Angel as he stalked the sewer walls.

'Like anyone who's not them,' finished Doyle. 'Just don't blame me if you come back as a frog or something.'

They got to the outer room and Doyle began the ritual that opened the way.

'Do I have to do anything? Say anything?'

'Don't know,' said Doyle, 'I've never seen them, just be polite and be careful.'

The light shone at the far end of the room.

'Go on, through there,' pointed out the half-demon, a look of fear evident on his face. But Angel noted that he was not afraid for himself, but concerned about what they might do to Angel and was grateful.

'I'll be careful,' he reassured and walked through.

There was light and then...

Two figures, a man and a woman, strange and yet familiar walking toward him.

'Where is your offering?' asked the male.

'A what?' asked Angel, 'Doyle never said anything about' he paused, seeing the unimpressed expressions and pulled off his watch, 'Here.'

'Why have you come?'

'My curse,' began Angel, 'I'm not supposed to be able-'

'And now that you are you complain?' asked the female.

'I'm what,' blinked Angel, 'I'm allowed, what... how did this happen?'

'The witch never intended vengeance in her incantation. If the implication was not there, the will was not done.'

'I don't have a curse?' asked Angel as he struggled to make sense. They talked so fast.

'Your curse is your cause, the reason you fight.'

'You fight for us, for the good fight. But your solitude has weakened you, even the presence of your companions has not tempered your demon side.'

'Spike is no longer an adversary, he may be of some use.'

'You must learn to care for those you protect.'

'Humanity is not something inherent, but a tract to be learnt.'

'He is more human than he knows.'

Angel shook his head, scarcely able to acknowledge the freedom inherent in their words.

'My soul is?'

'Secure, your penance makes it so. Go now, ask us no more.'

With that he felt himself thrust back through the portal and smashed into Doyle.

'What happened? They wouldn't talk?'


'You were only gone a second, look at your watch.'

'Interesting point,' said Angel with a growl, 'Remind me to take a gift next time.'

He got up and dusted himself down, his head still spinning from the Oracles.

'So what did they say? Are you going to turn into bad ass Angel again or what?'

Angel stopped and looked at his friend. The concern there was tangible and he discerned what the Oracles had said. < You must learn to care for those you protect. >

I do, thought Angel, I do.

'I'm Angel for now,' he settled on, 'They said because Willow didn't intend the same thing as the Romanis, that my curse was my cause, or something. If the will was not there, it was not done.'

'Willow didn't want you to suffer?'

'Something like that.'

'So, you can be happy?' asked Doyle, a faint grin touching his lips.

I can be happy.


'I gotta go.'

'What? They just said you could be happy!'

'I know,' said Angel as he moved swiftly back down the tunnels, 'I've got someone I have to tell.'


'So, you can't bite me under any conditions?' asked Cordelia of the semi-clad vampire.

'No.' said Spike flatly.

'Not even if I like, bared my neck for you and said, "Come and bite me"?'

'No,' said Spike, pitching his cigarette and searching for another. Nothing.

'So I could do this,' said Cordelia, standing up and pulling her hair away from her neck, leaning over the now fuming Spike. He could hear the blood flowing, the vein throbbing, the sweet smell of her blood and he...

...couldn't do it.

'No!' he yelled and stood up, before noticing that the blinds were half undone and sunlight shone in. He growled in pain as his fingers smoked briefly, then sank back down again. 'I need a drink.'

'Oh right,' said Cordelia pleasantly, 'Well, Angel keeps it in there,' she added, pointing to the freezer.

Spike swung open the door hopefully, but only bags of pig's blood stared back at him.

'I meant,' he said carefully so that the silly bint would understand, 'A drink, you know, alcohol?'

'I thought you were a vampire?'

Give me strength!

'I am!'

'Well,' she said with a satisfied smile, 'How am I to know anymore, hmm? Cause you can't bite and you're looking for alcohol, not very vampire things at all.'

Couldn't he take the pain, just this once? Couldn't he just grit his teeth and tear her silly head off?

As she bent down to search through the files, Spike tried to change and attack. He just wanted her to shut up. To stop asking him anything.

He howled at the throbbing that shot through his head.


The blond vampire turned, his hands firmly pressed against his skull as the terrible pain dissipated. Angel stood there, framed in the doorway looking as horny as Spike had ever seen him.

And he was smiling.

Before Spike could ask anything, his sire turned to the girl.

'Cordelia, I don't want to be disturbed today, I'm going to be busy, so could you tell anyone who calls that I'm unavailable.'

'You're unavailable? Oh,' she looked at Spike, 'Oh, unavailable. Okay. But try to keep it down, I do have to work here after all.'

Spike looked at him, his eyes glued to the vampire who had suddenly taken happy pills, noting how he stood so damn tall. He allowed himself to follow the shape of his body, tracing each line with loving detail, noticing and thrilled at the large lump where his cock usually hung. He could feel a build up of drool at the side of his mouth and grinned massively at the easy expression on his sire's face.

'You coming' asked Angel provocatively.

'As many bloody times as I can,' he answered, licking his lips.

Angel grinned and held his hand out.

'You shouldn't smoke, it's bad for you.'

'Yeah, it'll kill me one of these days.'

'Maybe,' said Angel flirtaciously, 'Maybe I'll just have to tie you up so that you can't get to your smokes.'

Spike chuckled.

'Promises, Peaches?'

An exasperated groan came from Cordelia.

'Just go already!'

Spike tore the vest over his head and tossed it at her.

'Wash this would you pet?'

With that, he pushed past Angel and strode happily down the stairs. Angel shrugged at the indignant girl and followed, the grin never leaving his face.

As they reached Angel's bedroom, Spike turned to the handsome vampire and grinned.

'So I take they said it was all right?'

'They said I wouldn't lose my soul.'

'See, you should listen to me more often,' said Spike, grasping the front of Angel's coat. 'If you'd have listened to me back in France...'

'Yeah, I know, we wouldn't have eaten that girl with scabies.'

They both mouthed ick noises and laughed.

'So,' asked Spike, 'Do I have to say pretty please?'

Angel shook his head.


He bent down and pressed his lips against Spike's, tasting the smoke and blood and passion, a feeling that was so familiar and yet so far away. As his childe's hands slipped up around his neck, he tried to slip his duster off, reminding himself that he didn't have to worry, that he could love Spike, that he could do this without fear.

It was so hard to do though.

But then, so was he.

Sliding his coat off, he felt Spike's arms tighten around his neck, pulling him in for a deeper embrace. God but it felt good to let go with him. Angel kissed back, his tongue thrusting into his childe's mouth, wanting more, eager to possess this creature of the night who was, ironically enough. His soulmate. Only Spike didn't have a soul. As the thought crossed his mind, the slender hips he had been thinking about pressed up against him and the throbbing proof of Spike's desire pressed into him. He doesn't need a soul, Angel mused, he's human enough.

Reaching down to caress his ass, he was overcome by want, picking him up and slinging his well muscled thighs around his own. Spike groaned against his lips and pulled away slightly, resting his forehead against Angel's own.

'I'm not a girl you know.'

Angel grinned and squeezed the firm ass.

'I know.'

'Then why are you holding me like one?'

'Because,' said Angel, nipping lightly at his lover's mouth, 'Then you can't piss me off before I do this!' And he rushed him backward onto the bed.


Spike crashed down, feeling the older vampire's weight pressed onto him. It felt so good and the pressure against his thigh told him what he already knew. Angel was letting go, was actually managing to enjoy himself.

'You're having fun,' he accused playfully.

'Trying to,' admitted Angel.

'But you know what?'

'What' kissed Angel, moving his lips toward the sensitive area behind Spike's ear.

'This could be a whole lot more fun without those bloody clothes on!'

Angel sat up, wasting no time in complying with his childe's wishes. He tore the shirt off with uncustomary abandon and ripped his vest off.

'You're ruining your threads there, mate.'

Angel slipped down his chest and nuzzled at a sensitive nipple.

'I don't care.'


The dark vampire swirled a tongue around it, illiciting a groan that was far from painful.


Angel licked and suckled his way from one nipple to the other, tasting the saltiness and sweat that rose from Spike's body. He used his fingers to match his tongue, playing with each one in turn, his desire rising as his childe undulated beneath him. Angel struggled to shed his pants, cursing the vanity that made him buy them so snug. They slid halfway down his leg, his boxers following suit. He started to nip and lick his way down Spike's belly, his teeth catching on the elastic of the silk boxers he'd given him earlier. If I have my way, he thought to himself, he'll never wear underclothes again.

Make that any clothes, he added with a lust-empowered grin.

Spike groaned at the delicious attention he received and pulled at the wall above his head. He didn't know what was better, feeling Angel making love to him, or being able to watch the pleasure on his sire's face as he did so. It was a close run race, but when Angel snagged the elastic on his pants and started to pull them down, he couldn't help but watch, fascinated at the predatory grin that covered his lover's face.

'That's good.' He managed.

'Really?' said Angel wickedly, easing the silk material over the head of his protuberant cock.

Spike growled softly.

'I can take that as a yes.'

He drew the boxers down and off, leaving them on the floor as he worked his way back up his lover's body. He took his time over the ticklish instep of each foot, making his lover giggle and bite it down as his hard cock bobbed against his belly with every movement. Angel worked his tongue with increasing slowness over the firm thighs, wanting to prolong the moment, wanting Spike to call his name, wanting to be his lover, his only.

He reached the space between his ass and his balls, smiling as Spike's thighs parted to give him easier access. His tongue stretched out and he felt the pulse as the younger vampire twitched. Encouraged, he pressed in harder, feeling Spike's fingertips reach down to caress his naked shoulders. At each long lick, the fingers pulled more desperately, urging him upward to the thick column that throbbed with need. Angel grinned and pulled away, kissing his thighs as he waited for the familiar growl.

'Bloody Hell Angel, suck it !'

Angel nipped on the sensitive area between his legs.

'You didn't say please' he said, adding a firm nip with every word.

'Please, you wanker!' gasped Spike.

Angel stood up, to the dismay of his lover. He pulled off the remainder of his clothes and leant back up to Spike's face.

'Now that wasn't very nice.'

Spike rolled his eyes and reached down to grasp the erection Angel had just pressed against his thigh.

'All right then mate, if you're not going to play fair, then I suggest we share.'

With that, he swung round so that his thigh was pressed against Angel's head, his own cock pushed against his lover's mouth. That was easy, thought Spike with a grin, now all I've got to do is make him use that educated tongue. Hmm, wonder if this helps.

He laid the flat of his tongue along the large length of his sire's cock, tickling the underside of the head lightly, grinning as Angel pushed unconsciously forward. He repeated the act, hearing the sigh, feeling the faintest pressure being applied to his own erection. Experimentally, he ran his tongue around the tip, feeling Angel mimic the action moments later. He groaned, then started long sweeping strokes along the entire length, waiting with bated breath he didn't own, as Angel copied him, sweeping his wide tongue up and around the head, before sinking it's spongy tip into his cool mouth.

Spike groaned heavily and fed the heavy cock into his own mouth, nibbling and sucking his way down until he could feel the ripples in Angel's belly. Lying there, his mouth suckling his sire's cock, his own buried deep in Angel's mouth, Spike wondered how on Earth they were ever going to find time to feed. And then the thought was gone as unbearable pleasure pulsed around his erection, tearing his brain away and thrusting his desire into the front.

Hips bucking madly, Angel caught hold of his childe's smooth ass, pulling him deeper into his throat, wanting Spike to come for him, only for him and he so wanted to hear his name on Spike's lips. He almost grinned as he realised that Spike wasn't likely to be saying anything, but the heat, the desire was so strong and he pushed harder at the welcoming mouth, feeling the onset of orgasm. The cock that throbbed in his mouth twitched and moved faster and he realised to his overwhelming pleasure that he'd made him come again, willingly, happily and there was no fear, no threat of anything but each other and he wanted to scream Spike's name, tell him he loved him, tell him he was his and oh... oh.... now!

He wrenched his mouth away, cum coating his throat and dripping from the tip of Spike's spent cock.

'Will!' he yelled and came violently, all other feelings gone, only the knowledge that he loved and loved freely and there was nothing else - a pleasant oblivion for a moment. He was dimly aware of Spike crawling up his body to lie in his arms, stretching out with the little energy available at that instant to love him. Spike cradled his head pleasantly into the crook of Angel's shoulder and smiled, his present erasing the uncertainty of the recent past. They stayed perfectly still for over a minute before the restless vampire sat up.

'Okay,' he said, 'I'm waiting.'

Angel wrinkled his brow.

'For what?'

Spike reached down to Angel's side table and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from the hidden drawer.

'How did you... waiting for what?'

Spike grinned and lit one up, taking in a few deep mouthfuls of lung rotting nicotine before turning his face to Angel.

'I'm waiting Peaches,' he continued pleasantly, 'For you to decide that it's all horrible and world threatening and start all that bloody "Oh I don't deserve any happy time" crap that you're so fond of.'

Angel raised an eyebrow.

'You really know how to set a mood.'

Spike puffed some more and Angel saw the frown that belied the grin. He really is worried, thought Angel. He really thinks that I'm going to leave him or worse. I don't have to worry about my soul any more, but I still have to try and make up for everything I did. I'm not going to just leave him, not now, not after all this. And he doesn't know that. Does this ever get easy? Is this what the Oracles meant, when they said I had to learn to be more human.

Am I really so unapproachable?

'See,' said Spike, 'That's the face I was waiting to see.'

Angel sat up and plucked the cigarette from his childe's mouth.

'Hey! I was smok-'

'Spike, the Oracles said I had to be more feeling, more caring, more...' Angel broke off, unsure how to put it.

'Human?' asked Spike, 'Well you're asking the wrong person if you want lessons in that, mate.'

He moved to get off the bed, but Angel caught his shoulders and brought him face to face.

'I'm not asking for lessons, I'm asking you to stay with me.'

'What, for good?' asked Spike, a little puzzled.

'Yeah,' said Angel, 'What can I say, I miss having you around.'

They both smiled a little at that. Spike ran one hand gently up Angel's face and caressed his hair lightly.

'Are you asking me to be your... I don't know, what's the bloody politically correct term for it this week?'

'Boyfriend,' said Angel with a grin, 'But no, I wasn't. I was asking you to stay here, live with me. Help me.'

Spike looked away, he was a demon after all and saving the very humans he'd rather eat pulled against his worst nature. But it was Angel who'd asked, and he knew he would do almost anything for him.

Especially now.

Ah well.

'Well all right, I'll stay here, but I'm not going out of my way for any wankers who happen to think that walking outside at night is safe.'

'Right.' Said Angel with a relieved smile.

'And I'm not answering the phones with that silly bitch upstairs.'

'Well she manages to mess that up all by herself,' Angel admitted, 'Besides, I can't see you saying "we help the hopeless".'

'We could eat the hopeless. They are hopeless after all,' suggested Spike. Angel frowned and the younger vampire chuckled. 'Well, it was worth a try. But I am not, repeat, I'm not going to save anyone's life.'

There was a scream from the office.

'Cordelia,' said Angel with a start, pulling his pants on as he ran out.

'Wait, let her deal with it,' said Spike, 'With that bloody tongue of hers, she'd probably talk them to death!'

Angel shook his head.

'I can't let her get hurt.'

'You'll get yourself killed!' shouted Spike.

He ran out, his pants clinging to his well-defined body.

The beautiful body which could provide so much pleasure.

The body which now more or less belonged to Spike.

'Fuck!' muttered Spike before pulling on his boxers and running out after him.


Cordelia shrieked and tried to press her body against the back of the table, unconsciously trying to make herself as small as possible. The big icky demon that had burst through from Angel's office didn't look like any of their regular clients and despite the weirdness that was often the norm around here, she was scared.

Make that very scared.

'Angel!' she screamed, very aware that this thing was big enough to kill her in one blow. Why had she said she would be fine alone in this office? Why hadn't her career taken off yet, the only other thing she could see doing anything to get her out of Angel's employ. The only thing that could take her away from.


Big horrible scary demon types!


'I'm here.' Said the barely dressed vampire, 'What?' he saw the green creature salivating and looking incredibly deadly, 'Oh, right. Bad client.'

'Yeah, very rude.'

The demon turned to look at the new arrival, its drooling face concentrating on the new threat. Angel started to spin the axe he'd picked up on his way through, absently wondering if it was going to be enough. This thing looked like a born predator, something even his vampiric strength was going to have trouble dealing with. Its face was a permanent growl, the ruby-like stone in the centre of its forehead casting an eerie glow over already fearsome features.

'What do you want?' he asked, wishing he had a better knowledge of these things, wishing he'd read up on more demon types instead of switching back to his favourite book. Wishing he knew how much pain he was going to have to take before he killed this thing.

If he killed this thing.

The demon didn't answer, lunging towards him instead, its size making the vampire seem small. Angel swung with the blade and the thing howled before hitting him hard and knocking him to the floor. He groaned, rolling over to try and get up again.

'What the Hell are you?'

He was briefly aware of a body moving quickly past him and the axe being lifted cleanly out of his hand. He reached out to grip it back, but Spike kicked back at him.

'For fuck's sake Angel stay down!'

There was a vague shattering sound and the demon fell to the floor with a grunt, the fight seemingly taken out of him. It was a moment longer before Angel realised it was dead and that Spike had perched on the edge of his desk, axe in one hand, cleaning cloth in the other.

'What was that?' half cried Cordelia as Angel got up, unsure about the situation.

'Mohra demon,' said casually, trying to keep the smugness out of his voice, 'big ugly and nasty. Takes offence if you break the jewel.'

'Offence?' asked Angel, suspecting he already knew the answer.

'Collapses and dies,' confirmed a cheerful Spike, 'One came after Dru once. Took us weeks before we worked out how to get rid of it.'

He put the now cleaned axe down on the desk and grinned as Cordelia shuddered.

'Is that the crisis cleared up precious,' he asked the girl, 'cause the Boss and I were in the middle of something.'

Cordelia blinked and looked round.

'The window's broken.' She said eventually.

Spike grinned. Hitting that demon had felt so good, brought up the old adrenaline like nothing else he knew. He looked down at Angel's impressive bulk and winked. Well, almost anything else! So he couldn't kill humans anymore. He was still the big bad, was still a force to be reckoned with and he had kicked Mohra ass here, no one could deny that, not even the annoying girl with the big gob. Maybe working with Angel could be more fun than he'd thought. As long as he didn't actually have to rescue anybody, that was. He could feel his cock throbbing hard as he felt his ego return.

Hard as fucking nails!

Right, best not to let it go to waste!

He looked at Angel and saw, along with the slight bewilderment at not being the knight in shining armour, that he was impressed. More than impressed - that bulge in his pants wasn't just a pair of socks for the ladies. He grinned his biggest, cheesiest grin at his sire and hoped it got the message across. Angel seemed to recover some of his wits and got slowly to his feet, noticing the glass on the floor of his office.

'Cordelia, get someone to fix that.'

'Fine, but you're going to have to sweep that mess up,' she said, gesturing to the remains of the demon, 'There's no way I'm going to touch that, eww, dead, loser demon.'

Angel and Spike looked at the sunlight that shone straight onto the corpse. Cordelia followed their gaze and sagged, before opening the closet and pulling out a bin bag.

'Fine, don't pick him up, but I am so not going to explain to anyone why there's a dead guy on the floor. I don't get paid enough for that.'

She laid the bag over the top half of the demon and sat back down at the desk, flicking through the magazine to the page she'd been reading. Spike snorted and went back towards the stairs. Angel caught his arm.

'We can't just leave him there.'

'Why not? He isn't making any trouble now.'

Angel sighed and tried to explain.

'Because you don't leave dead demons on the office floor.'

'Well I'm not getting my arse fried so that Princess doesn't have to trip on her way to make coffee.'

Angel frowned at him, but Spike wasn't about to cave now. Angel might have had a firm hold on his body - and boy, did he want him to have a firm hold on his body, but clean-up the supernatural wasn't this vampire's job ANY day of the week.

'Is this some fancy type of floor rug then?'

'Hey Doyle' said Cordelia without looking up.

'Doyle' said Angel, his gaze still locked with Spike's.

'Doyle,' said Spike, the grin on his face widening. 'Be a duck and get rid of the Mohra demon would you?'

Doyle walked in over and lifted the bag. Not pretty.

'What's a Mohra demon?'

'That,' said Cordelia helpfully, 'It's icky, Spike killed it.'

The half-demon let out a laugh.

'On the side of the angels already then?'

Both vampires turned to glare at that and Doyle held his hands up, taking in the battle of wits and semi-naked bodies.

'Mohra demon, right!'

Spike raised an eyebrow and walked back down the stairs. Killing that demon had made him feel really good, made him feel more of a man again and what he wanted now was to feed and fuck and sleep. Getting into the office politics Angel was obviously so involved in was not part of the plan. He could hear him now, asking the little Irishman nicely to tidy it away, making apologies for him. Being sorry about Him!

No one felt sorry about Spike, ever.

He pulled open the freezer and pulled out a bag, tearing it open with his teeth and sloshing it into a mug. He slammed it in the microwave, realised he was drumming his fingers and pushed his hand down flat, annoyed at how irritated he was.

Angel came down the stairs, a patient look on his face.

He's going to be fatherly to me!

Fuck that!

'You know,' began Angel reasonably, 'Doyle isn't bad. You could have been'

'Nicer to him?' snarled Spike, 'Don't give me that crap, I said I'd live with you, not ponce about and pander to your lackeys. And if you didn't notice, it was me who saved your arse up there!'

'Yeah I know. Thanks,' said Angel, aware that it sounded insufficient.

'Thanks? Right, you just sound sooo grateful!'

He opened the microwave and slugged a huge gulp, yelping at the heat. When Angel reached out to take it off him he pulled away, aware he was acting petty and not caring. He wasn't Angel's pet and the sooner his lover got used to that, the easier it would be on both of them.

'Spike, what do you want me to say, that I'm grateful you killed that thing, because I am, but there's more to do than just save the day.'

'The day? We can't even go out during the day! Why on Earth should we try and save it?'

He slugged the rest of the mug back and sat down at the table, reaching for the pack he'd been smoking earlier and slinging one in his mouth. As he lit up, he was aware of Angel stepping away and pulling his clothes back on.

'Maybe this was a bad idea.'

Spike thought he could actually hear his heart sink.

'Yeah, right.'

'Maybe,' said Angel as he fastened his shirt, 'You should learn to fend for yourself and leave here.'

'You're chucking me out?' said Spike, hiding the hurt, 'Because I wouldn't say please to Doyle?'

Angel paused.

'I'm helping people here. And you don't want any of that.'

I want you, was on Spike's lips, but he refused to let this big bloody Poof know.

'Yeah, you're right, I don't want to help. I'll get my clothes and go.'

He stood up, refusing to let anything he felt appear in his expression. Angel looked so impassive, how could he ever have thought that he could feel anything? He may have a soul, but he doesn't know anything about love. If he did, he'd be, he'd... he'd say something!


'Right then, I'll be off,' said Spike.

'Right,' said Angel, looking away, 'You can take supplies if you want.'

'Nah, I'll be fine without you.'

He reached for the dirty jeans and pulled them back on, his heart breaking as he dressed. Angel just stood there, he could have been a bloody statue for all he moved. I was so wrong, thought Spike, he doesn't know how to love, he doesn't want to know. I don't need him. I'll just go somewhere and start again, beat the crap out of demons, hide this, this thing they did to me and lord it over

Oh God I hate that I love this bloody bastard!

He stepped toward the door, closing his eyes as he passed Angel. At least he was doing the leaving this time. That made a difference, didn't it?

Yeah, right, just keep believing that, it might actually feel true in a couple of hundred years.

He wasn't prepared for the hand on his shoulder.

He wasn't prepared to hear the almost silent sentence.

'Don't leave me.'

It wasn't really much more than a whisper, but Spike could have heard it if he'd been a world away.

'What was that?'

Angel closed his eyes, fighting the tears that threatened.

'Don't leave me, Will.'

He turned to face his childe and Spike was touched at the anguish he could see. There was pain there and not just his usual angsting about everything he'd done as Angelus. He was in real pain, suffering at the thought of loss. His loss.

Angel wanted him.

But Spike couldn't do this again and again every time he did something that was in his nature. Every time he acted with the demon within, he couldn't be forced to choose. Spike couldn't live with that. He wasn't some unfeeling creature. He knew that in many ways he wasn't like other vampires, he'd always chosen to see his ability to feel as a strength, giving him an insight and bond that they didn't have. Angelus hadn't cared about much more than himself, but Angel could learn - he'd loved the Slayer hadn't he?

'Angel, I,' he paused, trying to spell it out carefully, 'I'm a demon, I can't change that.'

Angel shook his head.

'I know that, but you've always been more than this... this thing that wears our faces. You're more than that.'

He stroked the side of Spike's face tenderly and the younger vampire leaned instinctively against the caress.

'I love you, Will.'


Spike's head sprung up at that, checking Angel's face for confirmation. The handsome features reflected his own fear of being unwanted, but there was no sign of teasing or anything else that he'd worried about. Angel smiled faintly.

'Are you going to ask me to repeat everything I tell you?'

'Only the stuff I like hearing, the rest of the time you can be quiet as you like.'

Angel raised an eyebrow.

'The rest of the time?'

Spike grinned, 'Aye, like now.'

He reached up and felt Angel move forward, lips touching with a sweetness that he wouldn't have been able to predict. As Angel's mouth claimed his, his tongue slid inside, the taste of blood evident and he felt Angel slip unconsciously into game face as the life giving nectar slipped down. He could taste the edge of Angel's fangs and groaned as one grazed the edge of his lip, feeling the blood slip out and into his sire's mouth, feeling it slip back and into his own. Angel pushed his own tongue up to Spike's sharp incisor and felt the well of liquid, his sire's own life force flood into his throat.

They were bound beyond anything a mortal could know.

Spike slid his hand up Angel's arms, travelling the muscular pattern under his shirt, aware of the strength that lay beneath the skin. He could feel the silk slipping past his fingers and reached his collar, pulling it away from the vampire's neck, baring the supple skin below it. He could feel Angel's hips pressing into him, his desire stronger than Angel was aware of. Spike pulled his lips back from his sire's kiss, baring fangs that had torn and rendered more people than either could remember, lips that had brought Angel his greatest pleasure and a hunger that his sire could not deny.

He nodded and Spike groaned as he sank the sharp teeth into Angel's neck, throbbing with his entire length as he felt Angel's fangs bite down a moment later. He could feel the life force flowing easily down his throat, replenishing that which was lost to his lover. The world had been simplified to the connection between the two vampires, the thundering passion which urged a more satisfying release and the blood, the endless lifeline which sustained them.

Angel withdrew his fangs, Spike's blood warming his lips, warming his body in a way the pig's blood never could. This was more than just an affirmation of bloodline, it was his pledge to Spike, his promise that he accepted the demon and the man. He loved the vampire body and misbegotten soul, knowing that however the future turned, he had to find a place within it for his childe. He could still feel the liquid seeping into Spike's mouth, feeling the throbbing in his cock grow with each suckle at his neck. He groaned, needing more, pulling at his childe's hips, wanting to feel the hardness there naked against his own.

Spike reluctantly forced his mouth away, a deeper need and passion driving him. He panted as Angel pulled at his coat, almost ripping the leather in his urge to strip Spike. They tore at one another, vampire side to the front, wrought by love and desire, a statement against the dark that consumed them both. Buttons rolled, zippers tore and shredded material flew over the room, as Spike and Angel struggled to consummate their passion.

As the last of their clothes was shed, they clung to one another once more, mouths alternately biting and kissing and sucking as they worked their way up and down taut flesh. Spike groaned, wishing he was taller, so that he didn't have to stretch so hard to meet the mouth of his lover. As if he sensed his need, Angel leant back, falling onto the mattress and pulling Spike on top of him. They crashed down hard, oofing and grinning as demon faces shifted, revealing the smooth complexions of their human sides.

Spike slid his thighs over Angel's, letting out a deep moan as his cock rubbed against that of his lover. He could feel the friction as his foreskin brushed against his lover's, knowing that had they been born later, they'd miss this pleasure. It rubbed deliciously as Angel pushed back, both eager for further caresses, for each other. The hunger, never far away was back, only this time, he wanted to feel the stolen warmth of Angel's body.

He groaned as Angel's fingers caressed his lower back. Dru had never touched him there, her focus always on the most obvious. It was probably all her addled mind could cope with. But he urged forward, practically burying his cock into Angel's belly. The dark vampire moaned, feeling the blunt end of Spike's cock pressing in deep, wanting to give his lover some release, needing to have him shout his name out, needing to know he had made him cum.

He shifted, caressing Spike's back and squirming, so that the younger vampire slid backwards, allowing Angel to lift his thighs. He rested the backs of his knees against Spike's shoulders and saw the half-lust driven, half-fearful look on his childe's face. This isn't done, Angel thought, a sire never offers himself to his childe. It's not the lore. And the last and only time we did this, I left him for over a century.

'I will never leave you again.'

Spike looked down at him, aware Angel had read and understood his thoughts, aware he'd been given the answer he needed. He leant forward, letting Angel's legs slip down so that he could kiss him, bending his mouth to taste the slick warmth of the vampire. He dipped his head toward the healing bite on Angel's neck and sucked hard, drawing both blood and a deep groan from the recumbent vampire. As he sat back up, he drew Angel's legs back onto his shoulders and slid the slick fluid onto his hand, easing the moist fingers against the tender opening.

'Sssss!' hissed Angel as Spike slid the digits inside, feeling the tight muscle straining against the intrusion.

'Like that, pet?' asked Spike through clenched teeth, wanting him open, ready to take in the pulsing cock which ached for release. Angel's only response was to moan and push back against the straining fingers, his eyes closed with the effort. The warmth they could both feel would not last long, staying only as a reminder of the blood they consumed.

Angel groaned and reached for his own cock, wanting to rub against something, needing to feel the pressure on its sensitive ridges. Spike covered his hand with his own, easing the slippery foreskin up and down with a bloody hand. He withdrew the slippery fingers from Angel's ass and pressed his cock against the opening, looking down at his sire, waiting for permission, for the consent that he so badly wanted. Angel's eyes met his and he saw the smile etch out, filling lines that were barely noticeable on his face. More smiles less anguish, thought Spike, I'll get rid of those frown lines if it's the last thing I...


Angel had pushed upwards, enveloping the painfully hard cock with his body, moving his fingers up and down on the delicate skin beneath his grasp. He moaned, feeling Spike tighten his grasp, the slickness of his fingers causing ripples of pleasure with each movement. He gripped the younger vampire's frame with his knees and used the momentum to start making love to his childe.

'Fuck me!' yelled Spike, as his cock was massaged by the tight ass within his grasp.

'Thought I was,' murmured Angel with a grin.

He saw Spike roll his eyes and then...

They were both lost, pushing and squeezing and pumping at each other, desperate for release, desperate to make the other cum, to feel the shared pleasure of desire. Angel could feel it's presence, so close, so near and yet there was something else he wanted, needed to hear before he could succumb to the paradise that he knew Spike could give.

'Say my name,' Angel panted, his lungs functioning in sex as they had once done as a human.

Spike closed his eyes, his control barely available to him at all. He could hear, could feel his lover, but all his senses were taking him to orgasm, knowing that he could and would do this again. That they would have to work through the rest because they belonged together.

That Angel loved him.

That he loved him back.

'Angel love you.' He managed and screamed with abandon as the surge came, flooding his balls and travelling out from his cock, spreading its pleasure over his entire body. He shuddered three times as the semen shot deep within his lover, before falling forward, the legs slipping from his shoulders, Angel's own cum squishing under his chest as his head lay on Angel's neck. He could smell the wound there easing up and healing.

Angel's arms wrapped round him and he felt his sire's soft lips press against his hair, his fingers tracing gentle patterns on his back. Spike chuckled softly as he realised they'd followed the sweet manner of making up that human's considered the norm. How would most of them feel, he wondered, if they knew two vampires did the same thing?

'What are you laughing about,' murmured Angel, his voice more relaxed than Spike had heard. He shifted so that he could look Angel in the eyes and grinned.

'We're a pair of old poofs, you know that?'

Angel shrugged.

'I don't think I care.'

Spike nibbled his lips softly.

'About anything?'

'Spike,' Angel admonished.

'Fair enough Love, just checking that you weren't going to change your mind again.'

'Never again,' whispered Angel and kissed him.

Spike smiled and then shifted, feeling the stickiness beneath him. Normally he wouldn't care, but it suggested something rather pleasant to the vampire.

'Fancy a shower, Peaches?'

Angel flashed a rare smile.

'Only if you'll scrub my back.'

'Do more than that Love!'

Spike leapt up, giddy for once and suddenly horny again. Angel looked down at the mess and groaned.

'We are going to have to find something else next time, I can't get blood out of these sheets.'

'Next time,' said Spike, flicking a cigarette into his mouth, 'There's going to be a next time?'

He winked at Angel, puffing away cheerfully.

Angel raised an eyebrow, grinned and got to his feet.

'Get in the shower, you.'

Spike blew smoke at him.

'Make me.'

Angel grinned, a predatory look back on his face.

'I was hoping you'd say that.'

Episode 5