The Clockwork Vampire

by Spirit


'What? You've cheated.'

Spike looked down at the board, seeing the few red pieces dispersed around the edges. His King was surrounded by two white knights and a rook. It was annoying, was what it was. And it didn't help any that Angel had laced his hands in that patient way of his, waiting for Spike to realize the inevitable, that he had won.


He let out a sigh.

'I'm not playing you again, you're too boring to beat.'

'Right, Spike.' Said Angel impassively and moved to put the pieces away.

Spike sniffed and picked up the cig he'd been smoking. He was feeling a whole lot better, his body had healed nicely, and with the exception of a dodgy patch on his belly, he was as healthy as an undead guy could be. The problem was that he was restless and Angel refused to go and beat demons up for fun. No one had come in the office in days and Cordelia had hinted in dayglo letters that she wanted some time off to go visit some friends. Angel had consented given the lack of business and Doyle had eagerly offered to accompany her. Spike had offered the little Irishman pointers on getting her knickers off, grinning like mad when he walked away, stumbled over the waste bin and half-fell out of the door.

Chat up lines from the undead - known to cause clumsiness and red cheeks.

Worth knowing.

The upshot was that he and Angel had been left alone for the weekend, whilst Spike supposedly finished healing and Angel got some... well you could just leave that sentence hanging there as far as Spike was concerned. After the whole Beacon thing he'd been unable to act on want as much as he would have liked. Which for the most part meant that he'd been suffering with blue balls for days, unable to get himself off and Angel, worrying about interrupting the recovery process, refusing to indulge in anything too heavy.

The thing was, Angel was also walking around with this great big hard on. Spike knew for certain that he'd done nothing about it, whether out of some penance or because he wouldn't get any satisfaction out of his own hand. In some ways, Spike could understand that. It was like wanking off when you had a perfectly good lover there who was more than willing to do it for you. Only his lover, wouldn't.

So they'd been playing board games and pretending not to be thinking about shagging, Angel being better at it than Spike, but not by much. Spike had purposefully let his bad mood sweep over everything. He'd insisted on Angel letting him listen to an English radio station, only to discover that it only played easy listening. He'd managed a whole hour's growling over that until Angel had tired of listening to him complain and switched the damn thing off. Which left them with the games.

Angel had finished tidying away the chess board and had reached for the paper, no doubt looking for something, anything that would take his mind away from the irritated childe that sat in front of him. He was reading every line with such concentration that Spike was sure he wasn't even seeing the words. He needs to lighten up, he thought, but then, when wasn't that true? Surely there was some way that Spike could convince that big hulk of a vampire that spending these few days shagging their brains out was an absolutely brilliant idea?


Angel studied the line in front of him - Cops find suspicious packages in boiler room - and still couldn't get his mind to actually think about it. Not that it was important or anything, but there had to be something to take his mind off fucking Spike. Ohhh, he really wished he hadn't thought that. His cock was beginning to throb again. Not that it hadn't been hard since he woke up... and all of yesterday too. He had to be able to think about something else. He didn't even have Xander's excuse - he wasn't a teenager, he should be able to just not think about it. Just read the paper and.not think about the way Spike's body had felt pressed against his own whilst they slept.

And there had been another problematic time. The injuries Spike had sustained had been deep and, whilst they had both known they would heal, Angel had been concerned that any pressure he applied to his lover would result in reopening something and it taking even longer before he could sink his cock inside that wonderful firm flesh. And thrust in and out and... oh man! He really had to think about something else. Why on Earth was Spike grinning? Oh, that's okay, he's just found some cards. That's all right. We can play cards. I do a great poker face after all. As long as it isn't strip poker. He wouldn't do that would he? What am I thinking about, this is Spike and I know he's as horny as I am, of course he's going to play strip pokerwhich means that he's going to wind up naked. That's bad, right? Spike getting naked is sooo bad.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Angel put his paper down and then watched in amazement as Spike started to build a house of cards. His mouth dropped open in surprise and before he could shut it again, Spike glanced up and grinned innocently.


Angel shook his head and bent to pick up the paper again.

'Nothing, I was just..'

'Just what Pet?'

The grin on Spike's face could have melted even the cleanest thoughts and the amount of will-power that it took Angel not to say "please fuck me now" was admirable. He opened the paper again and started not to read about suspicious packages. Spike chortled and made the house up to three stories high before he got up and walked over to the kitchen area. Angel refused to look, but he could hear him clattering around, searching in cupboards for whatever it was. After a few moments, he started to hum, which grew to singing level very quickly.

'You'll always find us out to lunch oh we're so pretty oh so pretty we're vacant, yeah!'

Great, more Sid.


'We're so pretty... what?'

'What are you looking for?'


Okay, but the blood was where it always was.

'What kind of food?'

'Chocolate syrup.'

Oh man. Angel had never actually tried the whole chocolate syrup shebang, but was vaguely aware that humans used it for waffles and sex. Though presumably not at the same time. He had no idea if they had any in - he didn't eat it at all, but Cordelia had put various things in his cupboards since he started feeding them after an all nighter. Plus Spike had asked for some fairly obscure things when he was completely laid up. He wished he hadn't just said laid. It was possible that he could have asked for a bottle. But for what purpose?

His cock twitched.

Why do I keep asking these questions?

The cupboard door banged shut and Spike came back into the living area, where the man formally known as Dead Boy didn't read the paper.

'What are you going to do with that?'

Spike sat down and knocked the cards down with one hand, picking them up and shuffling them deftly. He watched Angel's body position carefully, noticing that the vampire was trying to detract attention from the thumping great hard on which practically begged to be sucked. And he was obviously not going to mention it until Spike forced him. And the idea of forcing Angel to beg him to suck it did appeal, but Spike had a devious mind long before he had been turned and there were ways and means to bring this particular vampire to his knees.

And whilst he was on his knees...

'Thought me and you could play a game, Peaches.'

Angel raised an eyebrow, trying hard for adult and serious.


Spike snorted.

'No thanks Love, you've got stoic face down to a tee. No, I was thinking more along the lines of snap.'

'Snap?' asked Angel, recalling the name, but unable to remember the game, 'Isn't it a children's game?'

Spike tilted his head mischievously and blew smoke out at his sire.

'Depends how you play it.'

'Spike,' warned Angel.

'Give over Peaches, you're just dying to get that seen to.' He gestured to the hard bulge under Angel's jeans.

'You're injured,' said Angel uncomfortably, more aware of the urge to fuck Spike.

'And you're hard. So am I. Let's just play.'

He pitched the cig and started to deal out the cards, wondering if it would be more fun to explain the rules to Angel, or just let him learn as they went along. Angel just watched, trying not to think how many articles would come off Spike before he'd have no choice but get down on his knees and make the man come hard enough to shut up for a while.

'Right,' said Spike when he'd finished, 'What you do here Pet, is to put your cards down in turn, you then me, on top of each other and when two are the same, you say "snap".'

'That's it?' asked Angel, wary that he was going to sound stupid.

'Aye love, it's that simple.'

Angel sighed and picked up his cards.

'It doesn't sound very taxing.'

Spike snorted again.

'It's supposed to be a game, Love! Anyway, when did you get this highbrow about stuff? Back in the old days..'

'Back in the old days I didn't give a shit about anything. Now I do.'

Spike held his hands up.

'Someone's feelng touchy.'

Yeah, that's right Spike, touch me. Please.

He put down the first card.







'Snap!' yelled Spike.

He grinned and picked up the cards, putting them to one side. He looked up at Angel with a grin.

'Right, Peaches, take something off.'

Angel frowned.

'You never said anything about this being strip snap.'

'I never said exactly how I was going to use the chocolate syrup either, Love, but I'm sure you're just dying to find out. Strip.'

Angel waited a moment, letting Spike register his annoyance at the way he was caught, then kicked a shoe off.

'Doesn't count.' Said Spike, that shit eating grin plastered on his face.

'Oh come on!' said Angel, 'You wear it - it's got to be classed as clothing.'

'Nope, it's a shoe. Take something else off.'

Angel growled softly and removed both shoes and one sock.

'There, happy now?'

'Not yet Peaches,' said Spike through yet another puff of smoke, 'Give me an hour.'










'Snap!' said Spike gleefully. 'Other sock, love.'






'Snap!' Spike chuckled, 'You're not very good at this are you?'

'It's a kids game,' sulked Angel, 'I prefer poker.'

'Tough titty,' grinned Spike, 'Something else, please.'

Angel rolled his eyes and pulled his sweater over his head. If it hadn't been for the look of appreciation on Spike's face, he would have got up and left. But his cock was playing a different game and growing more insistent by the second. If he had to get down to his boxers before Spike took a single thing off, the English vampire would know that he wasn't wearing any underwear and that all the veins in his cock were standing as prominent as they could be. And then... he didn't think his hard on could cope with and then.

'Problem Love?'

'Just deal,' said Angel, ignoring the come-to-bed look that Spike was wearing. Well it could be classed as come-to-bed, but it was a lot closer to let-me-shag-your-brains-out.



'Snap! Ha!' said Angel triumphantly, 'You take something off!'

'With pleasure' said Spike and stood up with the cig clamped between his teeth. He pulled his T-shirt over his head and flung it onto the kitchen table. Muscles rippled beneath the pale skin and Angel saw to his ever-aroused pleasure that he was healing quicker than he'd thought. Spike took the cigarette out and stubbed it out in the ashtray before leaning over and kissing Angel hard on the lips. Angel closed his eyes and tasted... chocolate syrup. He could feel that shudder all the way down to the souls of his feet. He'd had no idea that the sticky substance could be so erotic.

Spike sat back down, picking his cards back up. He grinned at the slightly stunned and pleasantly aroused look on his lover's face.

'Come on, Love, anyone would think you were distracted or something.'

'Snap. Right.' Said Angel and leant forward, determined to win.





'Snap!' 'Snap!'

'That was too close,' grinned Spike, 'We'll both have to take something off.'

He stood up, unembarrassed, and undid the button-fly of his jeans, easing them down over lean hips and the thick stony cock that bounced happily in its freedom. He kicked the denim off and watched as Angel slowly stood up and unfastened his own jeans. His eyes met Spike's and the wary lust that was visible was reflected eagerly there. He felt the denim being pulled gently down his legs and he kicked them off, wondering how he'd had the strength not to do this days ago.

Spike stood back up, naked and happy, pressing his lean length against Angel's and feeling the throbbing cock pushing against his thigh. Angel almost seemed to be shivering, his fear of hurting Spike as responsible as his desire. Spike inclined his head against the firm shoulder and felt some of the tension in Angel's body leave, but the dark vampire worried too much about everything to relax so completely.

Okay, so hugging is out for the moment.

Maybe I should bring on the syrup?

Grinning at Angel, seeing the obvious discomfort there, Spike led him back toward the kitchen. His sire followed silently, seemingly content for Spike to take the lead and for the moment, that suited the would-be punk perfectly. He brought Angel to the kitchen table and tested its strength before pressing the backs of Angel's hips against it. The older vampire bucked at the sudden pressure and in the instant he opened his mouth, Spike caught the back of his neck and slid his tongue deep inside Angel's mouth.

Angel moaned, feeling the intensity of his lover, the pressure around his thighs now unbearably good. He lifted his arms to hold Spike, feeling the defined shape of his spine as his broad hands covered the sleek back. His cock was rubbing blissfully against Spike's, velvety texture sliding up and down, tenderness and tingliness interchanging as his hips tried to buck. But the table wouldn't let him, restricting his movements until he was so desperate to fuck that he grabbed Spike and whirled him.

Well that was the plan.

Spike anticipated the moment when Angel could hold on no longer and stepped back, watching as Angel's face shifted and he was staring down yellow eyes. A low growl in his throat, Spike morphed and picked up the syrup, squirting a long line down Angel's chest and belly, stopping just at the tip of Angel's now dribbling, penis. As Angel growled and reached for him, he stepped forward and lay the flat of a long tongue at his chest. The older vampire howled and Spike grinned, teasing his way across firm pecs, lowering his mouth and fags around erect nipples, swirling sticky syrup across untithe howl had dimmed to a prolonged groan.

He drew his tongue lower and lower, reaching his flat belly, sticking the tip into his navel, tickling the first of the tiny dark hairs that grew there. Angel's hands were on his shoulders and he could almost hear the pleading he was certain was taking place within that tortured mind.

'Say it,' he hummed by the sticky tip.

'What,' managed Angel, 'Say what?'

Spike looked up, his tongue flickering millimetres from the pulsing column.

'You want me to suck it?'

Angel growled softly and his face shifted between its human and vampire version, unable to settle. He nodded.

'Then say it,' exerted Spike, allowing a drop of saliva to drip from his tongue onto Angel.

He moaned.

'Suck my cock Will.'

'The magic word?'

'Fuck, Will! Please?'

'Well I was going to say now, but if you're feeling polite...'

He traced the tip lingeringly and then slid its long length into his mouth, feeling Angel lean forward, unable and unwilling to pull away from Spike's mouth. He eased his lips further and further down the velvet skin until it hit the back of his mouth. Feeling Angel's hands tensing, wanting to push further, but not wanting to hurt him, Spike moaned and let it slide past the natural resistance of his throat. No point not having to breathe and not making use of it, he thought cheerfully to himself. Angel groaned hard and pushed forward, his body needing some escape, his cock being devoured willingly by this beast with the educated mouth. His hands slid up to Spike's hair and held him, letting the vampire ease up and down the pulsing length, feeling the intoxicating sweetness as the other hand came up and started to gather the sticky syrup that slid down his balls.

Spike eased the coated fingers against Angel's ass, feeling him push faster into his mouth as the digits slid around the puckered hole. He started to pick up the pace, feeling the blood in Angel's cock pulse harder, his balls rapidly tensing and starting their job. And all the time his fingers sought access to the tender flesh inside Angel's ass. As his index finger slid suddenly up to the knuckle, Angel yelled and Spike thought he actually felt the cum travelling up the length of his cock as it spilled deep inside his throat. His hips bucked after each load throbbed from the tip, pressing back madly on the finger that stimulated his prostate. It felt so damn good and he just wanted to come like that forever, feeling Spike's mouth round his cock and his finger up his ass.

When he was spent, Angel drew his lover up to his face and started to kiss him eagerly, human face to the front, tasting himself on Spike's fangs. It was a delicious pleasure and he groaned as he felt Spike's hard cock pressing against his semi-wilting one. Only semi-wilting, because the presence of his lover, combined with his vampire's endurance allowed for almost immediate recovery. Spike growled and pushed at Angel's elbows, needing his own release, wanting to put into practice the idea he had come up with earlier.

Angel willingly turned round and was unsurprised when Spike bent him over the wooden table. He could feel his lover's erection press against him briefly and then the syrup was back, the sticky substance sliding slowly down his spine heading towards the firm cheeks of his ass. He was slightly less prepared when he felt the nozzle edge against the opening and the warm liquid fill his body.

'Oh God!'

'Don't think God does this Love,' came the mischievous answer and then Spike's tongue was on him again, licking up the syrup and chasing quickly down to his ass, sucking as Angel's body pushed dribbles out. Angel moaned hard and tried to push back, but suddenly Spike's mouth was away and he moaned, wanting to feel that slick moveable probe inside him. Instead of sliding in and out again, the vampire moved up slightly, tracing the last of the syrup across the cheeks of his ass, licking and sucking before suddenly, before Angel had any suspicion what he was up to, Spike sunk his fangs deep inside the firm cheek and sucked.

The dark vampire howled again and bucked backwards against the mouth, needing more... something he wasn't quite able to quantify. He pushed harder, his cock back up to full mast and the table not providing enough friction. He could feel the blood flowing from his ass into Spike's mouth and he growled deeply, his demon face ready to feed, his cock needing something, his ass ready for Spike's cock, needing, needing

Got to ask, Angel struggled to think, he won't do it until I...


'Keep your hair on Love,' grinned Spike and then, Oh God, he was sliding the bulbous head against his ass and with less than three circles around its opening, he was inside, slick past the tight muscle, Angel pushing back at the same time, moving fast as Spike moved and pulled and throbbed inside his body. He could feel the hand creep round the front, grasping Angel's hard cock, starting to massage it, pumping its length along with his fucking. Spike grunted and growled and thrust as deep as he could inside Angel's body, sensing that Angel needed more and lifting his wrist to Angel's mouth, urging its veins against the fangs.

Angel felt the soft skin against his mouth and bit down, realising that he was drinking from his lover, not caring about anything else, anything he had ever been, but this moment when he could feel the link between them. He was sire and lover, a match for the vampire inside his body, a slave to the passion which drew them here. Everything was in focus and he screamed loudly as he came, spilling semen over Spike's hand, feeling the blood trickle down his throat. Spike shuddered against his back and as his fangs finally withdrew, Angel felt his bowels fill with the vampire's cum.

They collapsed forward, both unable to do more than lay there, not breathing. Spike's cock finally softened and slid from his body and Angel was a little sad to feel the connection broken. He kissed the wound at his lover's wrist and Spike chuckled lightly at his shoulder.

'What? What are you laughing at?'

Spike lay a gentle kiss on the tattoo and grinned.

'Well, you're not treating me like an invalid any more Love. I take it that you won't mind a good shag whenever the mood takes from now on?'

Angel snorted in amusement.

'I guess so.'

Spike nipped the skin.


'Just guess?'

Angel rolled over with difficulty and lay down on the table, pulling Spike on top of him. He smiled and kissed his lover tenderly, fangs forgotten for the moment, love remaining.

'Yeah, we can fuck whenever we feel like it.'

Spike raised an eyebrow.

'Language, Peaches!'

Angel rolled his eyes.

'And this is coming from you!'

Spike grinned and kissed him lightly.

'Yeah, but I've got an image to keep up.'


Bang Bang Bang

'Hello! Is there anybody here! I've got problems! Paying problems!

Both vampires moaned.

'No rest for the wicked,' sighed Spike.

'No, there never is,' said Angel slipping into suspiciously broody speech.

'Hey! None of that,' said Spike, 'You're not being morose on my time.'

'Hello!' said the voice from upstairs again. 'Is there someone here?'

Spike rolled off Angel with unwilling ease.

'Go on, go pay the bills.'

'Hmm, easy for you to say.'

'Why's that?'

'Hey! Anyone here,' came the voice, 'I'm looking for the vampire with a soul!'

'Well,' said Angel, pulling his clothes back on, 'You don't have to deal with a client whilst chocolate syrup leaks out of your ass.'

Episode 7