Strange Bedfellows

by Tinkerbell
Series: Wounds Invisible 5

So Buffy died, and Angel moped around Sunnydale for two weeks. Or so I thought. Turns out he only moped for like a day, then spent the rest of the time having sex. *With Spike!* They messed around together and did the whole vampire bisexual thing, and then Spike trailed him like a puppy back here, and --

Sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me just tell you how I found this out, and what I saw...


I was glad when Angel came home and opened up the agency. Not like I missed him or anything, but it was kind of boring just sitting around. I went on auditions and stuff, but they must not have my right phone number 'cause I didn't hear anything.

So when Angel came home, I was glad. And he seemed glad too, at least, he hugged me. Which he *never* does. And I hugged him back, and it felt good. Strange, but good. He's family, sort of.

I watched him for a couple of days, wondering why he wasn't doing the whole broody fireplace act. Not that I minded. Angel and brooding bores me to tears. But he was almost...happy. Lighthearted, at least. Funny, because when I had left him in Sunnydale, I was a little nervous about leaving him alone. Thought he might try for a suntan or something.

But then came Spike.

Spike and Angel, Angel and Spike...peas in a pod, those two, even though one's supposed to be all soulless and stuff. He looks at Angel with those eyes full of worship, and Angel pretends not to notice.

Wait, wait, I'm skipping around again.

So Angel came home, and then, three days later, there was Spike. When I opened the door to his knock, I screamed out loud and tried to slam it shut again. I caught his hand in the door and he let out a howl which brought Angel running, and there we were, the two of us screaming our heads off, and Angel shouting at me to shut up.

I took a deep breath, and stopped yelling. I tried to gesture with my eyes toward the door, but he didn't get it.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked me, wrenching the door from my grasp. "You slammed someone's hand in the door, Cordy, for chrissake."

"No!" I protested, as Angel opened the door. "Bad!"

He stared at me. "Why are you using words with only one sylla -- hello, Spike."

Spike grumbled and pushed his way past both of us, baring very sharp fangs to me and making me let out a very unladylike screech.

I looked wildly at Angel, hoping he had a stake or at least a toothpick hidden up his sleeve, and he was ready to use it. "Get him, get him!" I gestured with my hands, hopping from foot to foot.

Spike plopped down in my (*my!*) swivel chair and used his foot to slowly revolve himself in a circle. "Yeah, Angel. Get me." His voice was soft and mocking, and he winked at me.

I could just feel my mouth drop open. I stared at Angel, waiting for him to do something. He did something, all right. He stood there and stared at Spike with the goofiest looking half-smile I've ever seen.

Spike, in the meantime, looked me up and down like I was the most delicious thing he'd ever laid eyes on, and I had no doubt he would try to taste me at any second.

"Hello, love," he practically purred at me, in that seductive slinky voice he has.

I glared back while noting that he had changed somewhat since I had last seen him, over five years ago. I mean, I know he was at the funeral and all, but I chose to ignore him because I was too busy not paying attention to Xander. So obviously I missed the fact that Spike was bigger and broader through the shoulders, and his biceps nicely filled out the sleeves of the snug black t-shirt he wore. His hair was still that ridiculous bottled blond but it was slightly longer, barely brushing the back of his collar and just beginning to curl.

I looked up to find him still watching me. "Like what you see, darlin'?" he asked obscenely, somehow turning the words into something dirty.

Insulted, and still bewildered as to why Angel was just standing there like an idiot, I snatched the nearest stapler off my desk and lifted my arm to hurl it at his head.

Angel was at my side in a millisecond, grabbing my wrist and dragging me into his office. I could hear Spike chuckling to himself, the bastard.

"It's all right," Angel said in a low voice. "He's different."

I laughed, glancing back toward the outer office. "Looks the same to me."

"He isn't. Cordelia, listen to me."

I looked pointedly down at where he was still gripping my arm. He let go with an apologetic glance and rubbed the red spot for me.

"He won't hurt you. He can't hurt you."

I just narrowed my eyes and tapped my foot.

"Just believe me. He had something implanted in his brain a few years ago. It causes him excruciating pain to even attempt to bite a human."

My eyes must have lit up or something, because Angel got right in my face and sounded upset, though he was trying not to.

"Cordelia, just leave him be. He won't bother you, and you just leave him alone, understand?" His eyes were angry and it kind of hurt. I mean, Angel and I were friends.

"Fine," I snapped. "Whatever."

I whirled away from him and dodged his attempt to catch my wrist again. Sauntering into the outer office, I tried to put a sway in my hips as I sashayed up to Spike, who was still twirling slowly in my chair.

"Hi, baby," I cooed at him, pushing his legs apart with my knee and standing over him. He narrowed those blue eyes and cocked his head.

"You want something, ice princess?"

I tilted my head, letting my hair spill down over one shoulder and I ran a finger up and down my neck, as if I were trying to think of something. Leaning down, aware of Angel storming into the room, I whispered in his ear, "I want you, Spike. I'd love to have you. I'd love to feel your teeth --"

It worked, he lunged at me with fangs flashing, then suddenly he was crouched on all fours howling in pain. Angel pushed me away and knelt down on the floor next to him with this weird concerned look on his face, and it was then I started feeling that something was going on with them that Angel wouldn't tell.

I got confirmation of it when Angel glared hatefully up at me and snarled, "Why the fuck did you do that? I told you what would happen."

I did feel kind of bad, because Spike obviously was in a lot of pain. But I felt worse when Angel looked at me with those accusing eyes, so without another word to either of them, I left.


I went back later. I couldn't sleep, that damn ghost that won't leave was getting a huge kick out of turning my light on and off. I could almost hear him laughing his invisible head off. I thought I'd make nice to Angel and he'd let me sleep on his couch. He'd done that before when Dennis got too out of hand.

There were no lights on in the apartment, so I thought he'd gone out hunting or something. Good. I'd go to sleep on the sofa and he'd never be the wiser.

Only when I crept into the living room, there was a noise. Damn. Angel was home. Now I'd have to tell him I was here, and probably apologize or something. I hate doing that.

Dropping my bag on the couch, I moved toward the bedroom and stopped in the doorway. There were no lights on in there either, but strangely enough, a single candle was burning on his nightstand. I rolled my eyes. He sure likes to brood, that boy, and I guess brooding by candlelight gave it a more 'Wuthering Heights' kind of feel. You know, Heathcliff and all that? The brooder of all brooders?

Oh, sorry, sorry. Off topic again. Let me think a second....

Okay, got it. So I was looking in, and the candle was making weird patterns on the wall and giving everything this eerie glow. One of the patterns caught my attention and I watched as the shadows on the wall seemed to move together and then away again, molding and mixing into each other, and then all of a sudden I realized that not only was Angel in bed, but Spike was too. Coulda knocked me over with a feather, I tell ya! I remember Angel telling me once a long time ago that vampires didn't really have a sexual preference, that they just liked sex for sex and took it for the sheer pleasure, but for some reason I didn't think he was talking about himself.

I was wrong, apparently.

Way wrong, because there was Spike, naked as the day he was born. And Angel was too, and I don't mind telling you that looking at two highly incredible bodies like that was a real turn-on. And that was before I even saw them doing stuff to each other. They were just kissing, it looked like, and I wondered why I didn't think it was gross. Maybe because they're both so masculine, I kind of liked it.

I'd die before admitting *that*, though.

Anyway, they were kissing, then I watched as Angel reached blindly out to the drawer of his nightstand and retrieved a tube of what was probably lubricant, all without tearing his mouth away from Spike's. I bit my bottom lip as he unscrewed the cap and squeezed an amount into his hand, reaching between the two of them to spread it generously over Spike's cock.

And, wow! Spike's cock! I've seen a few in my time. Not too many, don't think that. But enough. And Spike's was simply...awesome. He was long but not too thick, and from where I stood he looked hard as stone. I got kind of interested in the foreskin, not having seen one before, and watched as Angel used a firm hand to slide it up and over the top of Spike's shaft and then down, easily falling into a rhythm that Spike obviously liked.

I shifted from foot to foot, feeling a tingle start, in disbelief at myself that I was watching them and becoming aroused by it. *Me*, the ice queen. But it was just so erotic...

I followed Angel's hand with my eyes, watching him stroke Spike firmly, and then watching Spike as he began to thrust his hips off the bed and into Angel's strong hand. I could hear as the lubricant Angel had used slid thickly over the two of them, I could actually *hear* the thrusts as Spike strained toward him, seeking release.

Angel seemed to know when it was exactly the right time, because he sped up his hand motions and moved directly over Spike's mouth, and then I jumped as Spike snarled like a panther and sank his fangs into Angel's neck. At the same time, a thick, ropy strand of semen shot from the tip of Spike's shaft, falling on Angel, the bed, everywhere. Another strand followed the first, and though it felt like my eyes couldn't get any bigger, they did, because Angel grabbed his own cock in his hand and pumped it once, twice...and then he was coming too, growling like I've never heard, his fangs glinting in the yellow candlelight.

It seemed to go on forever, the whole erotic tableaux, and I was frozen to the spot. After many minutes, the two of them seemed to come down from their high together, their regular faces sliding back into place. Spike nestled (yes, he *nestled*) his face into Angel's shoulder, heaving this big huge sigh of contentment, and Angel murmured something to him that made them both chuckle. Then there was silence.

I tiptoed away from the door, creeping quietly to the couch and laying down on it, my mind whirling. Remember when I said that I got this feeling that Angel was hiding something?

No wonder.