Casual Observers

by Tinkerbell
Series: Wounds Invisible 6

"Jesus, Spike, you could have hidden these a little better," Angel muttered to himself as he stared in disbelief at what he had found sticking out from under the mattress.

He had only wanted to change the linens. Was it a crime to want clean sheets every week? If he left the job up to Spike, he'd be sleeping in filth.

Which he had actually been doing, unbeknownst to him. Angel held the magazine by a corner and eyed it with distaste. Jugs A' Plenty? What kind of idiotic name was that for a porn magazine? He shook his head. No creativity. Well, he supposed that it was reassuring to know that even after several months of living with Angel's influence, Spike was still....Spike.

A moment of curiosity struck. Glancing surreptitiously over his shoulder, Angel sat on the edge of the bed and thumbed gingerly through the pages, frowning with concern at the rather contorted positions of the models. No girl he knew had ever been able to put her leg there...oh, wait, there had been that one circus girl from Russia. He grinned slightly.

Sighing, he flipped to the next to last page, ready to replace the magazine back beneath the mattress and try to forget he had ever seen it. He would have missed the picture entirely if he hadn't glanced at the page, and when he did, he paused.

She was pretty, this girl, in a wholesome way that the others had tried for and failed to achieve. Angel squinted at the fine print. Audrey, her name was, and she liked kittens and sunsets and cotton candy. He snorted. How unique. But still, she was pretty. Nice breasts, firm but not fake. Straight, even teeth. Long torso that showed off her taut stomach. Tight ass with an easy curve to it, and what looked to be lots of silky skin.

Good Lord, was he actually getting hard? Angel felt himself stir to life inside his jeans, and he shifted as his cock began to press uncomfortably against the zipper. He continued to eye the girl that was staring lustfully at him from the confines of her photograph. His gaze traveling lower, Angel noted with approval that her pubic hair had been trimmed neatly, exposing the soft petals of her sex, and that she held her hand temptingly close to her moist folds. He tilted his head as he began to picture her sliding her finger into that wetness, keeping her eyes trained on him, delving deeper and deeper as he watched.

Yes, he was definitely hard. And it hurt. Throwing another cautious glance behind him, he looked back down at the picture. *Come on,* Audrey whispered to him. *Just do it. You know you want to.*

Yep, he wanted to, all right. What the hell, no one was home. Leaving the magazine open on the bed, he sat back further and reached for the drawer on the nightstand. The bottle of cinnamon lubricant was within easy reach and he palmed it, flicking open the button on his pants and lowering his zipper with one practiced hand. A small sound of relief escaped him as his erection sprang free.

Angel kept one eye on Audrey and the other on his shaft as he squeezed several glistening drops of the clear fluid onto his fingers. He lowered his hand immediately to his cock and gripped it, coating it liberally with the lubricant in one gliding motion. His eyes fluttered closed of their own accord as he stroked, reveling in the perfect pleasure that only he could give himself. It wasn't quite the same with another person, though he had taken pleasure many times from others. Spike, for example. Buffy. And even Cordelia, once...a long time ago.

But the knowledge of his own pleasure was by far the most intimate.

Angel pumped himself slowly, drawing out the intensity of it, opening his eyes every now and again to glance at Audrey. She was smiling at him, encouraging him, and he could tell any minute now she was going to move her hand lower and dip a finger into her --

"So, you took a fancy to Audrey, did you?"

Angel's eyes flew open and his head jerked toward the door. He groaned inwardly. Spike's timing was impeccable. Stupid little shit.

Spike stood with his arms crossed as he leaned a shoulder against the doorjamb. He raised his eyebrows. "She's a lively one, that Audrey," he said, nodding toward the magazine. "Always good for a toss or two. Or ten," he grinned, his eyes going toward Angel's jutting shaft.

Embarrassed, Angel glared at him and began to tuck himself into his jeans, but Spike spoke softly to him.

"Oh, by all continue."

Angel looked at him, ready to be angry if his childe was provoking it, but he only found encouragement on Spike's lean features. He paused.

"You mean it?"

"Oh, yeah."

Angel arched an eyebrow. "Will you?"

Spike considered. "After you."

Without a word, Angel sat back on the bed and resumed his position. He left room for Spike, who crossed the floor silently and joined him on the bed.

Ignoring his childe for the moment, Angel began to stroke himself once again, making sure that Audrey was still watching. He smiled inwardly, remembering from long ago when he had performed this way for Spike. Spike always had liked to watch.

And he was watching now, Angel noted. Through slitted eyes, Angel observed him as he continued to slide his aching cock through slippery fingers. Spike had let his tongue poke out just slightly between his lips, his fascinated gaze drawn to the angry head of Angel's hardness. Spike's eyes had begun to gleam in the darkness of the bedroom, his own excitement becoming evident, but Angel pretended to notice none of it as he concentrated only on himself.

He began to grip himself more firmly, increasing the rhythm, lowering his head and squeezing his eyes closed. He did not need to see Spike to sense his desire, Angel could smell it growing in the air and it was heady. It made the sluggish blood in his own veins gather heavily in his groin and pulse with a steady motion that matched the rhythm he was setting. His fangs began to lengthen and he let them, easily sliding into the face of a demon.

Funny how his demon was so eager for pleasure. He chose not to think about it.

The pad of his thumb caressed his sensitive tip each time his fist rose and fell over his shaft, making him shake his head slightly with the keen pleasure of it. It was almost over, he could feel the pressure behind his balls. There was always the choice, of course, to stop at the peak and prolong the pleasure, but he usually saved that for days when he was feeling self-tortous.

Which would be most days, actually...

But today, no. He wanted the gratification, and wanted it now. And he knew just what to do to get it, he had worked himself over many, many times before. The fact that Spike was watching him, sitting there just inches away, made him hunger for release even more.

Angel gritted his teeth, reveling in the feel of the slickness beneath his palm. The friction was just right, the lubrication doing its job nicely. Pre-ejaculate began to glisten at the slit in his cock, spilling over like crystal and trying to ease down his shaft but being wiped away with each pump of Angel's fist. He jerked his hand harder, straining, feeling the explosion begin at his base and shoot upward until his climax hit with a force that made him snarl through his fangs and throw his head back. His semen arced upward before falling back to the bed, landing on both his own hand and Spike's, who was watching the scene with flaring nostrils.

Angel continued to stroke for several seconds, still twitching, until his hand fell away limply and he felt the need to take a deep, shuddering breath to steady himself. After a long moment of heavy silence, he glanced up.

"You." Angel motioned with his head toward Spike.

Spike did not bother to answer, merely sprang the fly of his black jeans and let his own stiff shaft jut forward. He pushed the confining pants down and away, scooting back to rest against the wall in order to be perpendicular to Angel's position.

Angel watched him languidly, his climax leaving him sated and lazy. When Spike closed his yellow eyes, Angel gave a half-smile at the seductiveness of the picture his childe painted.

Spike was beautifully made, from top to bottom, and Angel took it for granted. Most of the time. Sometimes, like now, Spike's beauty was stark and apparent, and Angel growled low in his throat in approval of it.

Spike cracked open one eye to look at him, then closed it again as he began to lightly stroke his velvet skin with a gentle touch. Softly at first, then a little harder, and just as Angel was wondering if he should pass Spike the small bottle of lubricant, Spike opened his eyes and reached out for Angel's softening cock.

Angel started in surprise as Spike's hand snaked around his shaft, then relaxed as he realized that his childe was coating his hand with Angel's glistening semen to use as lubricant. It was something he had always liked to do, Spike used to say he preferred it over any kind of manufactured liquid.

"What can I say," he would grin, "I'm into organic food."

Spike's features changed suddenly as he spread Angel's come on himself, the feelings in his cock springing to life with the friction he made. He could feel Angel's serious eyes boring into him, through him, and it made him hard as rock beneath his own hand to know that his sire was watching him give himself pleasure.

He stroked hard and fast, preferring it that way, but able to draw it out for a very long time. Spike kept the same rhythm Angel had, sliding himself through his fingers, using his thumb to flick over the head and tease the tip. His cock grew red with someone else's blood as he grew even harder and thicker, and Angel heard him begin to snarl softly to himself in time with his grip.

Angel watched him closely, lifting his head slightly to scent the air, knowing when Spike's orgasm was approaching simply by instinct. He listened to his childe's low growls begin to get louder, and when Angel saw Spike bare his teeth, he lunged forward and pressed his wrist against Spike's mouth.

Without hesitating, Spike kept one hand on his cock and grasped Angel's wrist with the other, holding it tightly to his mouth. He pierced the skin easily, his fangs sliding deep, and when he felt the blood hit the back of his throat, he jerked in response to the automatic climax that rocked him.

Childe fed from sire for what seemed an eternity, snarling and growling against Angel's wrist. His semen had fallen across both of them in the same way Angel's had, and Spike continued to pump himself and shudder violently. Angel watched without taking his eyes away.

Spike was done, finally, withdrawing from Angel's wrist and his human features sliding back into place immediately. He looked almost shyly at Angel, then away again, ducking his head.

"What's the matter, Will? Not playing the coy maiden, are you?" Angel said it seriously but there was a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"Fuck off," Spike said easily, twisting his body to lay down next to Angel.

"We did," Angel said, and Spike let out a short bark of laughter.

"That we did. Damn, that chit Audrey does it to me every time."

Angel snorted. "Hide those disgusting things better if you're going to bring them home." He glanced sideways at Spike, who was drowsily lighting a cigarette. "Or at least...get some better ones."

Spike grinned.