He Wants to Fuck Me

by Tinkerbell
Companion piece to I Want To Fuck Him

He wanted to fuck me the second I walked through the bloody door.

I didn't realize it, of course, because I was too fucking nervous at the thought of seeing him again to even think that my sire might want to slam me up against the wall and pound into me.

When I saw him, standing there in the lobby, my mouth immediately went dry and I forgot what I wanted to say.

Stupid bloody arrogant poof always does that to me, and I fucking hate it. I felt like I was still a tot being dandled on my mother's knee.

And then all of a sudden I could smell him, could see in his eyes what he was thinking. Shocked me so bad I backed up a step, and blinked.

He wanted to fuck me and it was radiating from him in waves.

I had no fucking clue what to do. I could only swallow tightly and watch in fascination as he stared blatantly at my neck, and when I saw the flash of his fangs, the bolt of his desire went straight to my own damn cock.

But he wasn't going to do anything, I would have laid a bet on it, Angel never gives in to his own wants or needs, and I started to say his name in question.

The goddamn idiot slammed his mouth down on mine before I even got the first letter out.

I couldn't think, it wasn't what he was supposed to do, it was so uncharacteristic of him that I started to push away but he had me so tight by the hair that I couldn't budge.

Even after I understood what the hell was going on, what Angel was doing, what Angel was *planning* on doing, I still stood like a mute moron in his grasp. In an instant he had torn his mouth away from mine, and I thought now would be my chance to speak, but no, he whirled me around with that hidden strength of his and forced me flat up against the white, painted wall.

Shit, he's strong.

I fucking hate that he's so strong.

My jeans were forced down around my knees and I realized that when I was standing there like a dumbshit letting him kiss me, he had jerked open the fly without my noticing it.

He wasn't letting me talk, and it was pissing me off. Stupid bugger was always lording it over me, and I wasn't about to let him treat me like a child, and goddamn if I wasn't going to say something.

As soon as I tried, he smacked me on my bare ass.


I started to rage at him, and all that came out was a very manly squeak. I could practically *hear* him grinning behind me.

What came next should not have been a surprise, but it was, because I was still brooding over the smacks.

I'm an idiot.

He drove that huge cock of his so deep into me that I could hear the skin tear, not to mention feel it burn like a motherfucker, and I let out a snarl. It wasn't like Angel to cause unnecessary pain.

I liked it.

The blood from the tears in my ass he created lubricated him quickly enough, and he gripped me so tight that I knew there would be bruises later. His rhythm was fast and hard, the way I knew he liked it, and good thing I didn't need air because he had me so tight against the wall that I would have suffocated, had I been human.

I hate him.

I hate him a lot.

I hate that he's so strong and so quiet and so soul-having, and I hate that he feels so damn good inside of me and I hate that I missed him so much for so long and I hate that he left me, and I hate that now he's back and he's fucking me and I hate that he's making me love it and want more and making me roll my eyes back in my head and just whimper because there's nothing else I can do.

I hate to love him and want him and need him.

And I especially hate that he heard me bite back a cry and reached around to take my throbbing cock in his hand and stroke me. I hate it because he'd known I'd be hard for him, wanting him.

Thank God he did it or I would have died.

It took about one millisecond for me to shoot my load all over the wall like a teenager and immediately I was pissed off all over again that he made me come, but of course *he* hung in there like a champ and gave no sign of his orgasm even being close.

He kept at it, the fucker, kept thrusting deeper and deeper still, until I thought he would rip me in two, and I just know he was trying to show me up. But then I forgot whatever the hell else he was doing because he used a hand to pull my head to the side, and he bit me.

Just like that.

I've never felt anything like Angel's bite, and I never will again.

I tried, I tried so hard to hold it back, but a whimper broke from my throat and I knew he heard it because he began slamming harder and harder as I felt my blood spurting into his mouth, and I wondered briefly what emotions of mine he was tasting.

Then he came, and I heard someone screaming.

Two someones.

Him. And me.

He climaxed forever, and damn, it felt so good on the raw tissue of my ass.

I was too shaky to move, not to mention stunned, so I just let the wall hold me up, and waited.

When he finally withdrew his cock from my hole, a million years had passed. I heard him fixing his pants.

Then the smug asshole just stood and waited.

Fuck, I can't stand him.

I pulled up my own jeans with jerky, short motions to let him know I was pissed, and stood staring at the wall.

I would not turn around.

I was not going to turn around. No fucking way was I going to turn around.

Even though, Satan Almighty, I was still *hard*.


But no, huh uh, I wasn't going to tell the big tosser that I wanted to do it--

"Again?" I asked.

Damn it!

Christ, I didn't even have the time to regret it because he dragged me, like the bloody caveman he is, into his office and shoved me straight into the door.

Thank God, because if he hadn't, I would have hated him even more.

Angel tore at my clothes in a frenzy and I was about to tell him that I'd paid a pretty penny for them and was he planning on giving me the cash?

But I didn't.

I didn't because he was devouring me with those dark eyes, staring at me like he wanted to slurp me up and I was furious all over again because I wanted him to.

Then we were on the floor and he was doing that dominance thing he does, and I didn't care one whit, I didn't care what he did to me as long as he just fucked me.

And he did, and I wanted it, and I wanted *him*.

He knew it.

He's always known it.

Bugger all.

I groaned out loud when his sure hand wound its way around my dick again, I couldn't help it.


I waited this time, held out as long as I could, determined to outlast him no matter what delicious things his hand was doing to my cock and his shaft was doing to my welcoming hole.

Lord, delicious didn't begin to describe it.

I made it, though.

Angel came first.


I let it go right after that, shooting white come all over his floor.

He kept holding me.

What the fuck...?


I got even more suspicious when he curled his solid body around mine and hauled me up against him, so my back rested against his chest.

I lay against him, rigid. Silent.

Then he darted out his tongue to swipe against the back of my neck, and it was as if someone cut my strings.

I melted into him.

When he buried his face in my hair, the sound rose unbidden from my throat.

I purred.

It just felt so fucking good, being there with him, and for the first time since the Initiative had turned me into a freak, I felt safe.

I was with Angel, and I felt safe.

It was why I had come here in the first place.

To find him.

To find *me*.

And, bloody hell, he was hard again.

Gentler, this time, almost...tender?

He slid in so smoothly and softly that I could barely feel him moving. I only felt...full.

Full of him.

My purring never stopped, only increased in volume as he fucked me for a third time.



He didn't seem in any hurry this time to touch me, so I did it myself, stroking my throbbing cock to fullness and keeping it that way.

When he shifted behind me, I knew he could see what I was doing, so I gave him a show.

I closed my eyes.

I pulled on my shaft, making sure I bumped my ass back into him with each thrust he gave.

It lasted forever. I don't even know who came first.

Maybe me?

Probably me, because Angel is made of goddamn concrete and can last for eternity.

Who cares.

He lay sleepily behind me for a long minute before rising to his feet.

I swear to all fuck, I didn't want to look up at him.

I had to.

I did. I looked.

He studied my face for a long time. I don't know what he saw there, I don't want to know what infantile expressions might have been written on my face.

Finally, he held out his hand, and something blossomed in my chest as he helped me to my feet.



Door closed, and locked.

I still kind of hate him.

There's no way I was going to get in bed with him, even though he stood there calmly with the covers turned back.


No. Something pulled. Some force pulled me toward him, and I walked over cautiously.

Not 'cause I wanted it.

And then, the stupid big idiot grabbed me and chucked me down on the bed like I didn't weigh anything and started to fucking tickle me.


I started to fight him, for fuck's sake, I didn't want to be rolling around on the bed with him like we were all a big happy couple or something.

But then I laughed, I couldn't help it.

It was funny. And I felt good.

Because the loneliness had faded, momentarily.

And I was tired. Suddenly, I didn't want to go anywhere. I wanted to just lie there and sleep for a thousand hours.

I would be fine, because Angel was right there, and just before I really drifted off, I caught a gleam in his eye.

I knew that gleam.

He still wants to fuck me.