Here, Suck On This

by Tj Goldstein

Suck the breathe right into him. He can feel the stinging of his throat and windpipe as the acrid smoke travels all the way to his unnaturally working lungs.

Draw back hard on the little piece of filter, relishing the taste of menthol rolling around on his tongue. The odor soaking into each pore of his pale body. Smoothing over his body and holding tighter than cling wrap over a salad bowl.

Breathe the pale cloud back out of his mouth and watch it dissipate into the atmosphere of the room. For a bit of variety, he's going to let flow through his nose next time. Blow a smoke ring after that.

Breathe it in.

Feel it flow into the body...and hold.

Breathe it out.

Breathe it in.

Feel it flow into the body...and hold.

"You know..if you really want to suck on something..I'm sure that I can give you a better option"

Spike sat quietly on the couch, eyes closed and his mind relaxed. He was enjoying himself. It was his own time for him, his 'personal' time. Nothing was bothering him. Nothing at all. No-one was talking to him because he was alone.

Breath it in.

Feel it flow into the body...and hold.

"You.. (snigger).messed up. You were supposed to breath out not start again..(giggle)"

Breath it out.

Breath it in.

No, he really was alone. The steadily annoying voice coming from the other side of the room was really an illusion. There was no brunette human sitting in the chair opposite him. This was pure bliss..smoking to his hearts content. Spike wriggled slightly, placing the tip of the cigarette filter in his eager mouth again.

Oh yeah..this was good...this had to be heaven. Drawing a breath, he continued with his mantra, scrunching his eyes shut tighter.

Breath it in.

Feel it flow...

"Stuffed up again you Bleached Moron. Remember, breath in..hold..breath out. I think that peroxide has bleached your brain (snigger)"


Fucking breath it in.

Feel it sodding well flow into the body...and hold the cunt in.

Breath the bastard out.

"Ooooh look! You got it (laugh) right that time...well done but when did growling become necessary to smoke a (snigger) carrot stick?"

"If you don't sodding well *piss off* boy, I'm gonna use this bit of carrot stick to rip your tit ring out" said Spike softly, eyes closed because there really wasn't a boy hankering for a spanking standing next to him. It was obviously the devil...Old Toby making himself known before Spike went to play with him forever. And because there was no-one standing next to him, there was no way he was smelling arousal. It wasn't possible for the delicious scent to be tickling his, that was really menthol in disguise.

Breath it in.

Feel the nudge of something a hell of a lot bigger and blunter than a cigarette filter sweep across his lips.

Breath it out as he opens his mouth a little wider, allowing the space to get filled with a shaft a lot tastier than a soggy bit of week and a half old carrot.

Breath the enticing aroma in while he encloses vastly experienced lips around a hard organ.

Feel the veins running the length of the hot cock, scraping his teeth along the soft covering as it's slowly drawn from his protesting mouth.

Breath the whimper out as he reaches a tentative tongue forward in a search for what has so recently vacated his cool mouth.

Breathe the taste right into his lungs as he is teased with a finger running along his bottom lip.

Feel the slide of the precum along his tongue as the throbbing shaft eases its way back inside, his throat relaxing automatically to take it as deep as he can.

Breath the first resounding purr out from deep within his t-shirt clad chest as the head of the warm cock comes to nestle at the back of his throat.

Breath the first, second, third thrust in as his hands grip around well shaped hips, fingers brushing along the smooth skin covering the small of the back.

Feel the thrusting get harder as he swirls his tongue around any bit of flesh he can.

Breath the purr out as it morphs into a growl as his ridges rise.

Breath the warm salty liquid in as it flows down the back of his throat.

Feel the limp shaft withdraw from his overly wet mouth.

Breath the disappointment out from the feeling of loss as his hands are gently removed from their favourite place.

Breath in the warm tongue sliding into his mouth, filling his mouth with yet another flavour that bears no resemblance to menthol.

Feel the warm lips leave his aching for more as they move away.

Breath it out.

Breath it in.

Feel it flow into the body...and hold.

Breath it out.

Shifting in his seat again, Spike reached a hand down and scrabbled in the bowl resting on his jean clad right thigh. Object found, he sighed and stuck another carrot stick between his lips...only it wasn't a carrot stick because it was really one of his favourite brands of cigarettes. No, Willow really hadn't made him give up smoking because it was bad for the baby.


"Went well I smell"

"Yep..damn you're a sneaky bastard Deadboy"

"Gives great head whenever he has to give up for a you that extra sucking he's trying to suck you right down into his lungs"

" many times have you made Spike go cold turkey?"

"This would be the ninth time and trust me...each temper tantrum is worth it...he'll start to have them in a day or so. You've got holiday's due...arrange to take them"


"In about two day's he's going to be desperate to keep his mouth and hands occupied and lets face it..carrot sticks only do so much and..."

"And he can put his mouth to much better use? are currently my favourite vamp"

"Ahhhh..experience my boy...experience and deeply ingrained perversion. You know...I've always liked to see him's so sensual"

"Ummm Angel?"

"Yes Xander?"

"Here's a much would a tongue stud keep his mouth occupied?"

"Been talking to Wesley?"

"Yep and apparently Wills has been on the phone to him again about some more body modifications, rang me to warn us that she's getting ideas....I mean if one us got it done...that'll keep her happy won't it?"

"Keep his mind off smoking...keeps Willow happy if we make it look like it was his idea all along...we get a new experience. What's there not to like?"

"Soooo, first thing tomorrow night?"

"Yeah Xander..gotta love my boy's enthusiasm for new things..ohhh, how cute...he's looking for a new carrot stick and I do believe I have one down my pants (snigger)"

"Go on...go help your boy look (giggle), I'll call Wes and tell

him his Granddad is coming for a visit"

Looking at each other, the two brunettes sniggered as the both left the hallway just off the living room and went to do their best to keep Willow happy.