One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk Til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover


Dusk Til Dawn

Was released by Hollywood pictures as a product of Dimension Films.

Involved in the project were A Band Apart and Los Hooligan Productions

Characters stolen were portrayed as follows;

Seth Gecko: George Clooney

Kate Fuller: Juliet Lewis

The Story was by Robert Kurtzman

The Screenplay by Quentin Tarantino

The Director was Robert Rodriquez.

The film's a vampire movie and not to far distant, so I assume I only need to give you guys the briefest of idea's how this goes. If however you found the vampire myth only due to the delectable cast of BTVS read on.

Two brothers, Seth and Richie Gecko, on the run from a bloody escape from the authorities at Abilene, kill some people in a liquor store just East of El Paso. We then find them in a Motel in a bedroom of which Richie rapes and kills their female hostage whilst his brother is checking the border.

Returning to find his brother's crime, Seth, despite initial rage, forgives him but knows that they now need new hostages.

Then the Fullers drive their Mobile Home onto the Motel Lot, a father a son and a daughter they are heading south on a very long vacation the mother of the family having died in an auto wreck.

The Gecko's imprison them and force them to smuggle them over the border, they then drive to the Titty Twister the club in which Seth will meet his contact who will take the brother's to El Rey where for 30% of their loot they will receive sanctuary.

It's a Strip Club, of course, the brothers whack the hell out of the doorman and walk in the Fullers behind them, they drink a little then the main show begins, Santanico Pandemonium (played by Salma Hayek) strut's some very sexy stuff.

Then the doorman walks in and complains to the proprietor, the club bouncer and he approach the Gecko's table guns are drawn and the Mexican's are shot down. In the battle Richie is stabbed through the hand and the smell of blood fills the air, Santanico is standing on the table behind them and unable to control herself Morphs and jumps onto Richie's back sinking her fangs into his neck.

Seth shoots her, then looks round in horror as all the club's employees turn into vampires and the shot Mexicans rise.

To say all hell breaks lose is an understatement, at the end of the film only Seth and Kate will be left alive both coated in their own and other peoples blood.

Kate wants to go with Seth to El Rey but he refuses to let her, he gives her Richie's share of their loot and drives away leaving her standing in the desert in front of the burnt out Titty Twister.

Wild Bunch

The film the Wild Bunch was released in 1969 by Warner Bros-Seven Art's

The Characters used in the Crossover where portrayed as follows;

Pike: William Holden

Dutch: Ernest Borgnine

Angel: Jaime Sanchez

ScreenPlay: Walon Green and Sam Peckinpah

Of a book by: Walon Green and Roy N Sickner

The Film was directed by: Sam Peckinpah

I'd recommend you see the film guys but if you'd rather not then;

A town in South Texas in 1916. A small detachment of United States Army cavalry ride in past a temperance meeting and dismount down the street from the local Railroad's office's. A number of men in the town already move into position some in uniform some not.

A group of around eight enter the office and quickly overpower the employees the outlaw's leader Pike ordering his men to. "Kill anyone that moves."

Unfortunately for our anti-heroes the roof tops around them are occupied by railway detectives it's only the fact that Angel,(The only hispanic in the group), spots rifle barrels that prevents the robbers from walking into a trap.

The temperance rally begins a march up the street with a hail of gunfire the Wild Bunch break out of the offices outlaws detectives and civilians are shot down to left and right.

Somehow Pike manages to get some of his men away, there are just five survivors.

Pike Bishop

Dutch Engstrom


Lyle and Tector Gorch

With the detectives (a ragged bunch of border trash) along way behind them the outlaws cross into Mexico and meet up with Old Man Sykes who has secured remount's for a large group of men and see's only 5 arrive.

They prepare to share the spoils, Lyle and Tector argue that as whites they should receive a larger share than Angel but find he is a far faster draw with a .45, as the group prepares to break apart Sykes comes up behind the brothers with a .50 Sharpes. Pike then imposes his will telling the brothers the shares will be equal after all whilst he spent his stake on setting up the venture they had just been running whores.

They open the bags to find them full of metal washers. A stunned silence is broken by Sykes hysterical laughter as he inform's them how they have been taken for fools by the railroad.

That night over a bottle of whiskey Dutch and Pike try to figure out what to do, both men intended this to be their last job.

Next day Pike heads the bunch south he will stop of at Angel's village and then try to find a side in the Mexican Civil War that will buy his spare horse's. When they get there they find that the Regulares have raided the village killing Angel's father and 4 other men and stealing all that there was of value.

To make matters worse Angel's women went with the soldiers and willingly she is now with the General Mapache the man on whose order's Angel's father died.

The Wild Bunch head into the town Mapache has occupied as his base and find it crammed with his men. There Angel see's his woman in Mapache's arm's, unable to control himself he shoots her. Surrounded by enraged soldiers demanding to know why their companero tried to kill the General it is with difficulty that the spanish speaking Dutch talks their way out of it.

Two Anglo's are sat with the General they are in fact two officers of the Imperial German Army a Colonel and his aide. The Colonel notices that both Pike and Dutch are carrying Colt .45 Calibre semi automatics, guns whose production was then restricted to the military. He asks them how they feel about their government's policy of not selling weapons to either side in the war. Pike responds that he doesn't agree with many of his government's policies.

For $10,000 dollars in gold the Wild Bunch are contracted to steal a train carrying US army weapon's on a line near the border. Pike tells the Mexicans that he will need Angel and reluctantly they let him go. Later that night Angel lectures Pike, Dutch and Sykes about the evils of putting guns in Mapache's hands, it is agreed that if he gives up his share of the gold he may have a case of rifles plus ammo for to arm his people. Meanwhile the Gorches amuse themselves with three women the General's officers have provided.

The Wild Bunch go north and as the engine is stopped to take on water they uncouple the passenger carriages containing the military escort and drive the train away.

What they don't anticipate is the fact that the railway 'Detectives' are also aboard. The men are led by Thorton an old partner in crime of Pike turned to law enforcement as a means of escaping Yuma prison. He recognizes the signs and quickly gets his men to horse and after the train. The raw recruits of the Military are left far behind.

The outlaw's unload the rifles and a machine gun onto a pre deployed wagon and head for the river, they cross an old bridge even as the detectives come within rifle range. Gunfire breaks out and one of the wagons rear wheels goes through the bridge planking under fire the Wild Bunch manage to get the vehicle free and moving forward.

The army arrives and one of the many doofuses that Thornton command's fires at the soldiers. A three sided gunbattle begins but the outlaws get off the bridge and begin to gallop away. Pike turns his horse to watch the detectives come after him and they pause in the middle of the bridge whilst Thornton draws a bead on his old friend with his Winchester. Pike takes his hat off and waves it even as the carefully fused dynamite explodes and dumps Thorton and his men in the river.

(This was 1969 I don't know what the rules on animal welfare were but those poor horses).

Meanwhile aways south Mapache's army is running before Villa's, he needs his guns. Even as he reluctantly retreats he receives word that the Gringo Norte Americano have succeeded he hastily despatches some cavalry to trick the Americans into handing the weapon's over for free.

Surrounding the site of the exchange the Regulares are amazed to find themselves facing not just a machine gun but a man who has wired dynamite to the wagon he is sitting on. Still they outnumber the gringo's heavily and are preparing to attack when Pike lights the fuse.

Realizing they have underestimated Pike the Mexicans agree to pay.

The outlaws each go in to town and receive their share of the $10000, the weapon's left where Mapache's men can find them Pike ease's the General's anger by making him a gift of the machine gun. All goes to plan until Angel and Dutch go into town to collect the last instalment.

The General's officer's inform Dutch that the gun's they have received are a case short on the shipment and that Angel must have stolen it, the Mexican tries to ride clear only to have his horse lassoed beneath him. He is disarmed and struck by Mapache's men.

Dutch unable to do a thing about it faced as he is by an army rides away.

Pike and the Gorches agree on how much they admire the Mexican for not telling how they collaborated in the theft of the guns but agree they can do nothing. Sykes has gone off to scout and as he is riding back is ambushed by Thorntons remaining men badly wounded he leads them away from his friends.

Faced with a stark choice Pike decides to take his surviving gang members back into town hoping to persuade the General to send some of his men after Thornton.

The town is in fiesta, Angel is being dragged behind the General's automobile round and round the Plaza. Declaring it a sight he hates to see Pike tries to buy his friend back with half his share $1,250 but the General's aides warn him not to make the General angry and to go and drink and take advantage of the 'Senorita's Bonita's' available in the town.

Later with Dutch sat outside whittling a stick Pike sits on their bed of the prostitute he has just had sex with listening to the Gorches in the next room arguing with their girl, despite just obtaining $5000 between them they inform her that they considered the price she quoted to have been for both of them not each.

Pike throws some coins to his girl and throwing back the curtain to the next room says simply. "Let's go."

Both brothers know what he means and get up to join him without any hesitation, they go out into the street and get their rifles or shotguns from their saddle holsters and together the four men walk up toward the Generals Hacienda to rescue their Companero.

The General and his staff are drunk and when the four heavily armed Gringo's arrive and inform Mapache that they have come for Angel it is treated as a joke. Mapache stands and leads the badly beaten Angel towards his friends promising to free him.

Then cuts his throat.

Pike and Dutch tear Mapache apart with shotgun blasts.

Nobody moves as the two friends and the Gorches smile at one another. The General's officers and the two Germans are gathered round a table on an open balcony overlooking a courtyard packed with the Generals soldiers their hands start itching towards their guns. The Machine gun has been set up as a trophy on the table.

Pike has too choices perhaps he and his men could still get clear but he knows what he must do. He shoots the German Colonel.

The officers draw their pistol's but are drunk and shocked the Wild Bunch tear through them with just light wounds. Tector man's the Machine gun and tears into the troops in the courtyard whilst his brother and the other two try to cover the doors leading out from the hacienda. Dutch adds to the carnage with grenades he took from the train.

Outnumbered fifty to one the four die fighting, Tector then Lyle then Dutch and finally alone on the machine gun Pike.

Then the Railway detectives arrive even as the shattered officerless remnants of the Regulares stream away. They take the body's off back towards the USA to claim the reward.

Thornton stays behind however knowing what will happen, shots combine with thunder over the nearby hills.

Later Sykes rides up with some men from Angel's village to find Thornton by the gate. He tells him his men are dead, Thornton tells him it's why he sent them back.

Even as the Peon's carry out the machine gun and other weapons the two men agree to work together.

And that was that till Lyle and Tector arrived in Sunnydale......

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Takes place several years after the gang graduates from high school. All events up through Consequences happen, however, Faith does not go to work for the Mayor, said Mayor did not do the Ritual of Imperviability, and Amy is no longer a rat.

Seth Gecko after a time spent drinking his sorrows away in El Rey began to fight vampires in Mexico, torturing one he was told about El Boca Del Inferno firmly deciding that he was now on the side of good he went back to the USA and there inevitably met the Slayer.

He lied about who he was and was accepted as an effective vampire killer and despite the age gap began to grow in the Slayers affections whilst she earlier than in the series distanced herself from Angel.

He arrives before Bad Girls, Fitch is still killed by Faith but Wilkins mysteriously disappears leaving behind a signed confession to his none supernatural crimes of graft.

Horrified by this, Joyce Summers decides to run as an independant anti-corruption candidate and wins!

During the campaign, Synder fearing for his job decides to pass Buffy's appaling school record to the press. He suffers an accident before he can do this.

His allies having gone Trick does not throw caution to the wind and emerge to find the Slayers, he just carries on with increasingly desperate measures to try to destroy them.

Joss Whedon and the WB own Buffy and friends, I also admit that were it not for Mr Whedon's use of the Gorches, the Wild Bunch would not have come to Sunnydale.

I wish to thank Senora Editora Saber Shadowkitten for her help with this fic, Blessings be upon her!

A) She steered me away from making Faith a complete psyco, Season 3 hasn't been shown in Britain yet.
B) She corrected my frankly crap punctuation and spelling.
C) She is very kindly allowing me the space on her site to bring this production to you.


And now, the story