One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk Til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover

Chapter 1- Slayer Central and a Lovely Tan

Buffy swung by Willows house on her way from the College to Sunnydale High, she found her as usual logged on the net researching a problem for Giles. "Hi girl, what's he got you checking the 'Dread Machine' for this time," Buffy asked brightly.

Willows response was subdued, "Oh, you know, Vampires, Demons, Impending Apocalypse how the Harlequins got on last weekend. Same old same old."

Remembering the great "Rugby, football, rugby, football" toughness debate. Buffy smiled happily but grew concerned when she saw Willow wasn't sharing the happy. "What's the matter Will, a problem shared."

"Is a problem two people worry about," Willow rallied a tentative smile but was plaintive as she continued. "I finally told my folks about Community. They haven't shouted yet, but they sure are glaring."

"Want I should say hi, thus allowing them to glare at me too?" Buffy hung her head a little, "It is kinda me you're doing this for. Its touching and all but are you sure Will, your giving up so much."

"Hey, I'm doing this for me too," Willow smiled in her usual cheery way. "I may not be chosen, but my folks live in this town so the forces of darkness are my business too, and I won't have to leave my friends, or Oz." She blushed a little at that last part even after all this time having a guy who was boyfriendly felt like a new deal. "Maybe you could do me a favor though."

Buffy nodded,"Yeah, I'm feeling totally flavorsome, owing you as I do big time."

"Speak to my parents in your capacity as Mayor's daughter, explain civic duty, yadda yadda yadda," Willow laughed.

"My favorsomeness just evaporated." Buffy mock snarled before sitting on the carpet by her friends desk. "Even my friends mock me for my choice of Mom." **Now I know how Chelsea feels, actually cancel that, I don't.** She stretched out her denim clad legs. "She's doing a good job though, littering and jaywalking under control, graft taking zero tolerance off to a flying start. Pity about the new shoes I was hoping to buy with my share of the kick-backs."

"Xander was so disappointed about that." Willow began too download her retrieved files to disc. "He was hoping that we could help your Mom launder her ill gotten loot."

"Maybe if he'd been a nicer to Seth he could have helped him with some of his". Buffy couldn't resist saying, at which Willow's face took on the startled expression usually worn by those who narc on bank robbers. The smile on Buffys face revealed that *damn she got me again*. Down load complete she logged off and shut down her computer.

"Being a gangsters moll is so the new you". Willow might have mumbled, but she said it out loud instead. "You are certain he's not robbing banks out of town aren't you".

"I skim the tri-county papers". Buffy stood up as her friend went to get her bag. "It's bars I worry about more than banks, he still cuts loose, can't forget about what happened to his brother. Somebody says the wrong thing to him and bam, there's teeth on the floor".

"Oh", Willow was trying to empathize like a good friend, but finding it way hard. * Good thing I never told her what Richie was wanted for*. The guy was dead price paid, she hoped the vamp responsible had remembered to floss. Picking up her disc, "Come on, let's follow the bright new trend of graduates hanging out in their old school library".

"Yeah, who set that trend?" Buffy replied as she stood up. "Oh yeah, it was us. Think Wesley might consider letting us have that traditional vacation time thing".

Willows reply was brief as they headed through the french windows. "No".

The two friends chatted away as they headed round to the High School, the janitors and security might look askance at the constant back and to but Giles was on the staff and had the new Principal, Miss Kochanski, hanging on his every word (not like he noticed). "Picture Synder's face if he'd caught us coming into the building like this", Buffy said as they breezed past some painters, the halls otherwise empty. "I'd rather not, I hear it was kind of flat after he hit the concrete". Willow replied, "Why on earth would he have wanted to lean out that far from the balcony anyway?"

All Buffy could do was shrug, the Troll was gone the new Principal much,*what was the word* oh yeah, Flutier. Pity the accident had happened so late in the school year, but hey, at least the sufferings of children following her would be less. Then again this was the High School on the Hellmouth.

The two girls slipped through the double doors of the library to see crowded round the reading table Giles, Xander, Oz and Seth Buffy assumed immediately that her so-called new Watcher must be off schoozing after Queen C again . Seth Gecko wasn't a sight she was accustomed to seeing in here, usually they now just met to patrol. Then she picked up what they were saying.

"Yes Seth, I do understand, arms ripped out heads torn off". Giles was wiping his glasses absentmindedly as he spoke. "And you're positive this isn't just Trick sending you a personal ‘get out of town' message".

"Hi guys". Buffy noted that everyone's attention was riveted by a sheet of printed yellow paper and she and Willow has achieved surprise. A glance into the open cage revealed that 4 pump shotguns and several boxes of Seth's patent 'Vampires Surprise" ammo had appeared in the arms locker. "So are you guys planning a heist?"

"Can I drive the car?" Willow quipped, exchanging a hug with Oz before she caught sight of what the guys were looking at. "Hey Buffy, check this out".

Buffy snatched the flyer up of the table. Her eyebrow arched and she looked around her mock coy."Planning a little field trip guys? Gee Wills, guess who they won't be inviting".

"Us". Willow was trying not to laugh, their faces Xander was sending her his 'this is nothing to do with me look' loud and clear.

Giles put his glasses back on. "The band name Santanico Pandermonium is a connection to the large group of Mexican Vampires Mr. Gecko thought he had destroyed in a pitched battle at a charming hostelry called the Titty Twister". Giles positively beamed at the ex-bank robber. *Odds of 4 to 1 Buffy's never heard that name before*.

*Nearly killed in a surprise attack on an all night Cantina* Buffy thought. *And once again chapter and verse turns out to be just plain chapter*.

*Goddamn Limey fink son of a bitch....* Seth rallied his forces. "Willy the Snitch, currently concussed in his rat hole of a bar, tells me I might appreciate the show at a new out of town venue. I see the name, freak, slam the guys head on the bar and tell him if he fucks with me he dies".

Buffy heard Giles tut-tutting as she pondered the .44 approach as opposed to her own tried and tested hit him till he squeals. Easier on the hands perhaps but picture the effect of a heavy pistol on the line of your clothes, na stick to what you know best girl.

"So the snitch rats out Trick, seems Wilkins prior to the mystery disappearance granted permission for Trick to open a girlie bar just on the town limits. You guys curious why nobodies here's heard about it, why there's no big neon sign anywhere? Well, that's cause the motherfuckers got the likes of Willy doing his advertising. From what I found out later, there's a lot of interest amongst the hard drinking set".

"Aren't we so fortunate one of its members chose this moment to join us". Xander chimed in, "With the G-man our resident over 21 never setting foot in such places we'd have been all unsuspecting of Tricks little plan".

Having already detected the faint whiskey/mint combination Seth wore around her so often, Buffy tensed to intervene and prevent injury (to Xander), but the ex-robber just flashed the teen the finger and went on. "Anyhow, if these fucking Mexican Vamps are anything like the last bastards I came up against the words 'world of hurt' are a fucking understatement. These guys and girls aren't tidy eaters".

"Arms ripped out, heads torn off. Caught that part on the way in". Buffy said, she had the 'not on my watch' look in her eye. "So the blood bath's scheduled as a three night event starting a week on Thursday, nine days to rain on Tricks parade".

"Actually", Buffy added. "They must have some really good cleaning products on order with the kind of blood stains we're talking here".

Giles nodded at this."I'd pondered on that one myself. I think that they'll let trade build up then have the 'main event' on Saturday". He put a map of Sunnydale on the table. "The locations the old abandoned Road house, out on I-17, a mile from the beach. Seth's already been and checked it out".

"They done an absolute job on the place". Seth produced a very rough sketch. "All the windows covered by steel shutters, the fire escapes bricked up, building commission bought and sold. The doors solid steel, locks on the outside".

"Sounds kinda like the Sunset club". Willow mused, then looked at Buffy hoping she hadn't raised memories of Billy Fordham.

"Yeah Wills". Buffy responded unfazed. "But with the Vamps waiting inside this time".

"Ok, so we fire bomb the place in daylight. Vamps burn or get a permanent sun tan and no party". Xander nodded towards the ex-watcher. "We have an expert on the subject stood with us".

Seth pondered oblivious to the sudden silence. "Not a bad idea kid, but Trick had some guys watching the place. They weren't vamps and they were packing heat". He looked around him. "Now I say fucker takes a Vamp's money does deserve to live so..." Then he caught Buffy's eye.

"You think that, we don't". The Slayer didn't smile. "Anymore suggestions?"

"We can assume they'll be coming here by road, docks are too easy to cover". Oz spoke in his usual slow laid back way. "I figure a group of four or five, maybe roadies, plus the 'girls', maybe thirty vamps. We find out the vehicle their using take it out, end of problem".

"Take it out?". Willow asked. "How exactly".

Oz smiled "Well, we still don't have cable".

"Oh no, we don't do we". Seeing her friends looking at her to explain the cryptic clue, Willow explained. "Oz means like how we destroyed the Judge".

Seth began "The who..."

"The Judge". Oz clarified.

"Invincible demon", Giles added. "No weapon forged could destroy him".

Willow saw an opening. "Xander thought of a plan though".

Xander nodded thank you. But credit were its due. "Buffy did the actual slayage".

Seth tried a "How..".

"Rocket launcher". Buffy looked at her nails, modesty forebode.

"It was real loud". Oz added.

"And I'm truly amazed that it didn't make the papers". Giles still remembered how fearfully he'd opened the Sunnydale Examiner over the following days.

"Our moment of glory lost to eternity". Xander sighed.

"Thank god!"Giles murmured.

Seth realized they should be talking about the matter in hand, but didn't want to anymore. "So were the fuck did you guys get a bazooker from anyway, somebody's granddaddy bring it back from the war".

"No, it was factory fresh". Buffy looked up from her nails, "tax dollars well spent in my opinion".

"Xander and Cordy stole it from the Sunnydale Armory" Willow added.

Xander winked at his friends. "But you and Oz were in the getaway van, and helped with the carrying".

Seth was having difficulty with what he was hearing. "So do you kids steal weapons from the army a lot?"

Willow and even Oz collapsed into almost hysterical gales of laughter. Willow just being able to gasp out "Well we don't have cable, we have to make our own fun".

"Oh, I see, hence Oz's original reference to cable" Giles looked at his watch, god how time flies. "Right before Wesley gets back. Sorry Oz but no even if we can identify the vehicle its the kind of sight people comment on. Recent high school graduates blowing up trucks".

"Spoil our fun". Buffy said mock petulant. Giles eyebrows rose to the heavens.

"Ok, but say we can identify the vehicle far enough south to be able to get them in daylight". Seth said scratching the tattoo on his neck he gave Buffy the kind of look that used to almost melt her, before Willow chose to share. "The Slayer and I pull the truck over, we cap the driver and take the big bastard off to some quite spot where we back it up on a sunlit spot and throw the back doors open. Then its just whose turn is it with the vacuum".

"Not bad". Buffy nodded. "'Cept of course for the part you missed".

"Which baby is?" Seth looked at her.

She looked straight back. "Which baby is, when some passing Dudley with a cellular rings the cops, you die in a hail of lead, I go to jail, my Mom disowns me, and doesn't get re-elected".

"So not all bad news then". Xander said, then thought and wished he hadn't.

On the other hand, Seth was pissed Buffy was apparently prepared to let the highway patrol kill him, so replied maliciously. "Shit kid, with your strength and speed, you'd be head bitch of your block in a week".

"Oh thanks Jesse James", Buffy shot straight back. "Was that your role last time you were inside?"

"Children". Giles interceded, "This isn't helping". He sighed *Oh god where's that utter prat Wyndham-Price when he might be of some bloody use, at least everyone's united in their hatred of him*. "Seth, good plan, Buffy good point".

Giles knew the time had come to give his colleagues a plan to work with, shame he couldn't think of anything slightly less suicidal. "We have to deal with the vampires before Trick can put his plan into operation, and I'd suggest that we strike before opening night".

"So we do dust them on the road", Buffy had the urge to glare at Seth who was smirking at her.

"If, and only if, we can identify their vehicle in time to get them ". Giles leant back against a bookshelf. "Otherwise, we storm the building the night before the show opens. Asking no quarter, and granting none. Questions anyone".

"Sums it up for me". Buffy broke the deathly silence. "But when did you become Action Jackson".

Giles just glared, some days he longed for that greengrocers.

Xander raised a hand. "Can we wear black camouflage and balaclaves?"

"If Tricks gonna have his minions watching the road, how do we get to the place?" Oz asked.

"Its right by the coast, we can strike from the sea". Xander was beaming.

"I just knew you spent too long with that Marine recruitment sergeant", Willow had been the one who'd had to point out to Xander that enemies foreign and domestic walked the streets of Sunnydale every night.

Xander just smiled, Willow had so easily secured to his master plan after all he didn't want his friends thinking he'd voluntarily taken a job at the Peach Pit.

"Ok, so now we're Seal team 5". Buffy shrugged, black might not be her color but what the hell. "Who goes and who stays?"

Oz sighed, "Trick's getting Trickier, he's scheduled the three nighter for the full moon. So that's me out".

Willow looked at the flyer. "Damn that's me out too, I can't leave you alone in the cage".

"Sorry Wills". Buffy shook her head. "We can't spare you, watching Oz will have to be a Cordy detail this month".

"Tough call". Xander looked sympathetically at his lupine friend. "We'll make sure we put the water and the biscuits in there, Cordy won't think of it, guaranteed".

"Thanks man. I appreciate it". Oz was a forgiving soul, Xander was his friend still, adultery forgiven cause Willow had his heart.

Giles nodded to Buffy, part of his (forget Wesley) Slayer's strength was her ability to lead and inspire. Let her do that now. "So Buffy who goes?"

"Faith, since we can't trust her out of our sight", Buffy noted that Xander had the decency to blush. "Xander, Willow , Amy and Seth plus you and me. Seven is a lucky number last I heard".

"What about your watcher?" Giles hated saying the words even more than Buffy did hearing them.

"Wesley Wyndham-Price, please do we have to?" Buffy knew when to turn on the pout.

Giles wished he could too, sometimes being grown up sucks. "Yes, he's a trained man, ok he leaves me to do all the training, but all the same, this is a desperate situation. He's number eight".

Xander couldn't believe he was saying it. "What about Dead boy?"

"Yeah Buffy, Angel's a fighter too. Why haven't you mentioned calling him?" Willow felt bad for her friend but in this need the devil drove.

Buffy's feeling's on the matter had been simple, Angel was going to LA permanently now at the least sign of trouble we ring him, no way. But it wasn't just her life on the line, so "Okay we'll call him, he'll be number nine".

"9 against 30 or 40, long odds". Seth didn't look afraid, after all what did he have to lose, but these kids were different. "Can you think of anyone else we can use".

"Meet a girl at community today, I was checking courses". Buffy noted the proud look on Giles face she felt good her academic success had so pleased him. "Well, collided would be more accurate. Anyway her shoulder bag hits the floor stuff flies, I help her to pick it up and oh look stake".

"So she know's about the Hellmouth". Willow shrugged, secret what secret. "Or she's crazed".

"Did you catch her name". Giles asked.

Buffy felt an "Oops" coming on but concentrated and the answer came "There was a Kate in it, Kate Fuller, Yeah that's it".

Seth jumped up, "Fuck, are you sure of that?" He reached out as if to grab Buffy's arms.

She pulled back shocked by his reaction, there were a chorus of "Hey man" and a "Now really", from the rest of the Scooby gang.

"Fuck, yes I am". She replied almost dropping into a fighting stance.

"Well its a small god damn world". Seth sat back down. "You just met the only other survivor of the Titty Twister".

Buffy's jaw dropped. "Whoa there, other survivor?" She couldn't believe this, "What was she, a customer, a stripper. What?".

Seth replied without thinking. "She was just my hostage okay, her and her folks".

There was silence, *Oh shit* was Seth's reaction. Giles spoke first "You took a family hostage and brought them into a nest of Vampire's?"

"I didn't know it was...."

Buffy slammed her hands on the table before him. "You didn't know, gee that's swell for you. How many were there in her family? How many more innocents do you have to account for?"

"There were three, and I didn't kill them". Seth didn't raise his voice. "I was gonna let them go in the morning, but instead the vampires attacked and we fought them, fought them hard and everybody died ‘cept me and Kate".

Sorrow filled Buffy but it wasn't for Seth. "Is that it then, is that everything? I don't want to have this confession talk ever again. So, if there's anything else your hiding spill it now".

He looked up at her eyes filled with pain. "Now you know it all, everything I've done in a rat bastard life".

Xander whispered, "Suddenly I miss Dead Boy".

"What's she like?" Willow's voice was gentle, she needed to do something to end this before it tore them apart. "Kate, I Mean".

"She has a set of brass balls". Seth began, "She was scared at first, we all were. But she showed such courage such a fire. Hell, she had to do stuff that was hard as it comes. But she did it".

"Then I suppose you went to El Rey and left her". Buffys hands were still in front of Seth, they were delicate and beautiful. But Seth had seen them deal death to the undead and the evil. He answered honestly.

"Sure, but cause I had to, El Reys a hellhole". He looked into Buffys blue green eyes and felt his world close in, now it was just her. "I gave her Richie's share of the money and I left her there. I couldn't come back to the states with her, she'd have died in Mexico. Call me a bastard, but I left her there".

"We have to move on". Willow stood up and drew Buffy back to a seat. "What do we do now?"

"Seth take Buffy out and show her the building". Giles got the show moving. "The rest of us will look stuff up. I'll check the records of vampire activity in Mexico. Willow, will you please search the public records for blue prints of the roadhouse and see if you can track their vehicle. Oz and Xander, we may need a boat. See what you can find for hire".

The team got to work, "Come on Seth, time we booked". Buffy picked up a stake or two (not knowing if they'd be back before sunset), Seth stashed a shotgun in a long canvas shoulder bag, dropped some shells in his jacket pocket. This was another point of argument since Seth couldn't do the martial arts than he resorted to firearms, Vamps were steadily learning the same lesson, it was getting hairy.

Plus a half a dozen times she'd just been getting into the pre-stake banter when, Boom, Boom, Boom, no vamps to joke with and dust in her eyes, it so took the fun out of it. *Wait, am I thinking fun, that's it I've had this job too long*.

As they were leaving, who should walk through the door but Faith, in crop top, mini skirt and stilettos. Could she look less like a hooker? "Hi Seth, how's it hanging". the brunette sashayed past the bank robber with her hips swinging, the way her breasts moved suggested strongly NO BRA, Seth smiled "Hi Faith, it's hanging very well girl".

"Bye Faith, we're just leaving". Buffy grabbed Seth by the arm and ran him out of there, *so now she wants to get Seth as yet another notch on the bedpost. He may not be mine but he sure as hell ain't gonna be hers*. "We'll stop of at my place on the way out of town, mom will be in a meeting and I need to change and grab a few things".

"Ok kid, whatever you say."

Buffy fumed *Kid, boy I didn't realize how I'd let things slip, he's a scumbag, but he's my scumbag *. A plan formed because on the one hand Seth wasn't exactly Mr Right. But on the other he was all the guy she had, time to get a little interest from her investment.

Seth sat in his ringed Chrysler outside an empty house a few doors from Buffys, no right thinking cop in Sunnydale would look twice at it, despite Mayor Summers best efforts, the SPD saw no evil. He glanced at his watch what was keeping the girl.

Then she came out lugging a picnic basket, a drink cooler and a large canvas holdall. *Ok, so anyone seeing this is now thinking "gee the Summers girl is strong".*

Turning the ignition Seth drove up the street and quickly popped the trunk before getting out to help. All he had chance to do however was open the trunk up before Buffy had the items stashed. "Thanks". she said, "they weren't heavy".

"Hey don't mention it". Seth hoped one day to get the opportunity to explain to Buffy how guys sometimes like to carry stuff for girls, so far the chance had eluded him. She looked great though, still in the jeans but she swopped open toed shoes for boots and her blouse for a pale blue jacket with a v neckline her hair was pinned up revealing her neck, wow no wonder vamps sometimes seemed to be lined up for a bite.

Buffy treated Seth to her brightest sweetest smile, "What are the chances you'll let me drive?" She leaned in a little giving him a whim of perfume as she looked up into his eyes.

Seth had occasionally given her a little bit of practice behind the wheel, so he secured easily enough, after all he wanted back into Buffy's good books and, on a scale of one to ten bribery and corruption wise, this was a high mark. "Ok Slayer, the driver's door's right there".

"Oh you're so good". Buffy kissed him on the cheek and almost skipped round to the door. Seth felt like a sleaze *Jesus, you're old enough to be her father* but it didn't stop him from contemplating the fact that he could still win her heart. So he got in the passenger seat and buckled up. "Go on then, Buffy. Off to the beach we go".

They arrived in one piece. Seth was impressed, if he ever needed a get away driver Buffy would be top of his list, it was her enhanced Slayer reactions he assumed that allowed her to turn that kind of speed and keep full control of the vehicle. So it was a slightly shaken Seth who helped Buffy empty the trunk.

"There's a good view from up that hill there". So they set off Seth leading a bad mistake as he was struggling by the time he reached the top with the Slayer right behind him scarcely out of breath.

"Let me help you with that". Buffy took the cooler he'd insisted on carrying from him, there was a pitying 'poor old man' look on her face that he found irritating.

The sun was behind them Buffy could see the roadhouse clearly and the clearly non-vampiric activity. Several guards were patrolling the fences surrounding the place. Unzipping her holdall Buffy removed a blanket and spread it on the ground then took a bottle of sun tan oil from the side pocket.

"What are we doing here". Seth asked as Buffy unbuttoned her jacket.

"Keeping our eyes on the bad guys" The Slayer removed her jacket to reveal the upper half of a dark blue bikini. "While working on my tan".

She sat on the blanket smiling up at him while she rubbed a little of the oil onto her well toned arms, he was looking straight down her cleavage and liking the view. With blood cells rushing up from his legs *probably shouting "Yippee"* he sat down hastily her laugh revealed to him she knew exactly what effect she'd had on him.

He looked at her an eyebrow raised, "You taking off the pants, too?"

"No, you think I want my legs ripped by briars if we have to go down that hill in a hurry". She lay on her stomach chin resting on her left hand she looked back at him through the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen, with her right hand she extended too him the bottle of tanning oil "Be a sweetheart and do my back".

Seth let a little oil drip onto Buffy's shoulder blades. "Hey silly, undo the bow first, it'll be a lot easier".

With a lump in his throat as well as his pants, Seth pulled the string and flicked the two pieces of cotton to left and right, Buffy raised herself up a little so if he chose to he could catch a look at the sides of her breasts, from a barely suppressed gasp she guessed he chose, she smiled *gotcha.*

Seth took a firmer grip on the slippery bottle and squirted a few warm dollops of the amber fluid onto Buffy's tanned toned back he watched it trickle down into the groove of her spine it looked so good. Then beginning at her shoulders he began to massage the oil in. Buffy tried to be nonchalant about it picking up a pair of binoculars and studying the building below them but he was turning on a fire in her, her plan to just keep his interest aflame was going badly wrong, her sex was slick with the evidence of her arousal. She was so glad she hadn't taken off her jeans or she'd have been lying there now with her legs apart, looking back at him and saying "Go on, I'm yours" .

As his hands moved downward his thumbs sending messages of lust shooting to her brain, she was forced to bite her lip to keep from moaning aloud, *Please god I can't take much more of this*.

Just as Seth got to the small of Buffys back and began to go to work on that erogenous zone, salvation came for Buffy three vans drove up to the gate, the guards opened it and admitted them. *Salvation* was all Buffy could think. "Oh looky, Sunnydale Pharmaceutical Supplies". Buffy handed the glasses back to Seth. "Whadda ya think their up to?"

Seth moved to get a better view, Buffy hastily refastened her top and moved back up to her knees. The crotch of her jeans might be a little damp, but she'd survived.

"They're lifting boxes out of the back, refrigerated ones".Seth said handing her the glasses back, he noted her flushed face *damn another minute and she'd have been all over me*.

Buffy looked again, this looked familiar, she remember stake outs at the hospital, "Oh look, Vampire fast food and plenty of it, nasty old Trick and his ready money triumph again. Guess this is how he stops his new recruits from running into town and into me before the main event".

She though about it posters up all over campus at community and just before the summer break at school Give Blood, Save A Life, and all for Tricks sake?. "You know after this is over, I think you or Angel might get let off the leash a little regarding a certain company's CEO".

Her suggestion was met by a smile, "Sure have Willow look him up, but don't forget who has the conscience, do ya think soul boy's man enough".

Buffy winked, "Oh I know he is, but I'm feeling kind, so you, baby, can have first crack. Now take off the jacket and the waistcoat".

"Huh". Seth stared at her open mouthed.

"Hey don't you wanna catch some rays, god boy your almost as overdressed as Giles", Buffy was looking him straight in the eye the activities at the club below forgotten. She gave him an appraising up and down look. "Strip, to the waist, and lie down, let me have my turn".

Her intended victim rapidly complied, scattering pistol cartridges from his waistcoat po

ckets in his haste. Sweeping his clothes to one side he lay down resting his face on his hands. Behind him, Buffy took the tanning oil in her right hand and pondered how to go about this. It could have been the warm sun or the horny devils Seth had stirred but she though *What the hell*. She straddled his buttocks gripping his hips with her legs she dripped the stuff on his back and went to work. *After this we'll bake for a while, eat the picnic, drink the coke, then I'll kiss him just enough to persuade him to let me drive home*.

She smiled to herself and her fingers did her talking.