One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk Til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover

Chapter 5: What, no flowers?

Spikes breath seemed to catch in his mouth as Buffy walked towards him, it was a difficult feat for a vampire but somehow he managed it. He could see that she had her right hand behind her back, and the look on her face was familiar, too, it was the last thing a lot of vampires had ever seen. *Careful now mate, this could turn very nasty otherwise*.

He sometimes forgot that mortals could change, Buffy had grown even more beautiful in the months since he had gone off to try with Dru again, but at the same time even now as she gave him the look he saw there was a sadness in her. *Angelus you wanker*, he thought, *Why did you ever have to come here? Couldn't you have sniveled somewhere else?* She looked so good that it was with difficulty that he forced out his words. "Hullo Slayer".

"Why William how are you?" Buffy asked all mock concerned. "Sober I see, and you've gone up in the world".

"What Pet?" Spike was puzzled and his planned speech went out of the window.

"Cigars, just as carcinogenic, but hey your dead", Buffy crossed her arms bringing her stake into plane sight. "And about to be a whole lot deader".

"Please Slayer", Spike replied not stepping back as Buffy drew to within just a few feet of him. "I've come here to help you, to warn you".

Buffy stopped she adopted a fighting stance, left fist up, stake hand low. "After what happened the last time, after it cost you your Skanky Ho do ya expect me to believe you?. What do ya want Willy? Want to try the love spell again?"

"Don't fuck with me Slayer", Spike flared. "I've come along way to help you, if your gonna call Dru names and take the piss out of me, I'll just bugger off back down south and leave you to it".

He crossed his own leather clad arms and just stood there looking up at the stars, then he started to whistle.

"Spike", Buffy was trying hard not to laugh. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm waiting for you to ask me what the problem is pet", Spike gave her a quick glance and noticed a smile. "For you to ask what I'm helping you with".

"Ok I'll ask", Buffy was becoming aware that she was talking to a guy on a well lit street in the dead of night. And a guy who was cute enough (well very cute actually) to get her neighbors tongues wagging. Her reputation hadn't been used against her Mom in the Mayoral elections but all the same she didn't want to wind up in the Sunnydale Press.

"But not here", Buffy set off past Spike and walked on towards her house, *Yeah turn your back on a vampire, way smart*.

She walked up the path blond vamp in tow at the steps to the porch she turned, "No biting me, no biting my mom, agreed?"

"I promise luv", Spike held both his hands out in a 'look no crossed fingers gesture'. "I certainly wouldn't hurt your mum or you".

"Good", amazed at how sincere he sounded Buffy walked up and unlocked the door, "Well come in then".

Spike followed her into the house. "Is your mum home then pet?"

"Woof", the Slayer giggled at his expression, "Sorry thought I was your doggie for a second. No mom's at a town council meeting. They tend to run on".

"I pictured you as rather more of a kitty cat than a doggie", Spike teased, "And when did your mum get herself on the town council, isn't she real busy with her gallery?"

"Meeoowe", Buffy said low and seductive, and not believing what she was doing. "Since she got elected Mayor she gave the gallery up, of course with the level of salary Wilkins got himself that she took over she's better off anyway", her smile disappeared. "Just so long as her only daughter doesn't disgrace her that is".

Spike had two lines of thought running through his head, one was dim and involved the Slayer dressed like Selina Kyle, the other screamed at him in the voice of his new companero Angel. "Then the Mayor disappears, and the town elects an honest incorruptible woman in her place..." . He starred at Buffy shaking his head, "You let her get herself elected Mayor! Bloody hell, luv, the two of you must have gone insane! What about the secret identity?" Spike turned and slammed his hand against the door in anger. "What about your mums safety? How could you let her be so stupid?"

*Lectures from a vampire, just what I need to end today*, grabbing Spikes shoulder and wheeling him round to face her Buffy answered. "Hey she did what she thought she had to do, and yes I told her she was putting us at risk and so did Giles, but she's a stubborn woman when she doing what she thinks is right. The things Wilkins confessed to before he ran made her really angry and she ran for the office".

Reality hit her, *Amazing how easily you lie, Wilkins didn't run Seth killed him*, so it was with unnecessary harshness that she added. "Call my Mom stupid again and I'll stake you".

"Slayer", Spike answered gently. "There are people who've arrived in town tonight who intend to kill you and your friends. Now they've a reason to kill Joyce as well. I don't want anything to happen to her, kitten, I like her".

"People? What people?" Buffy frantically pulled her pager from her waistband, yes it was charged up, and there were no messages.

*Oh god is Wesley dead, did they catch him there?*

Reaching a decision Spike ran up the stairs."No time to explain now", was all he replied over his shoulder.

Hearing him throwing open doors a startled Buffy ran after him. She found him in her room, in her closet, dragging her clothes out in bundles and throwing them on her bed.

"Where are your suitcases pet?" he asked not even pausing in his actions.

"My what!?" Buffy was pissed, a vampire who she suddenly remembered she didn't really like very much was in her closet. "I'm not going anywhere, but if you don't stop that you will be, straight to hell".

Spike carried on throwing clothes out. "You and your mum are leaving Sunnydale tonight, you'll die if you don't".

Having your worldly goods slung around, and creased, by a vampire is not a pleasant sight. Buffy therefore punched Spike next time he stuck his head out. He hit the floor hard and on his back and found Buffy standing over him, Mr. Pointy in her hand and she was giving him 'the look'.

Spike rubbed his aching jaw and said calmly. "Now now luv, let's not do anything I might regret".

"Why would I want to leave?" Buffy didn't relax from the fighting stance she'd again adopted. "What people? This wouldn't be part of some scheme of Tricks would it, some way to distract me?" The toe of Buffys right boot suddenly pressed down on Spikes chest. "Spill William, I don't have all night".

Close proximity to a pair of fine leather clad legs caused Spike to forget how easily he could flip Buffy to the ground, so he stayed where he was and answered. "Ever heard of a guy named Pike Bishop pet?" No lights lit up, so he continued. "He's a vampire, one of the hardest and best organized I've ever met. Tonight he tricked Trick and the blokes now the contents of a dust pan".

Buffy shook her head, "What are you talking about, has this got anything to do with the roadhouse, with the strippers?"

"The strippers!" Spike almost laughed. "Don't tell me you guys fell for that load of old cobblers as well? Trick did and he's dead, you're next and your mates, then the Lady Mayoress, your mum. Call me twisted but I don't want to see you or Joyce dead. I like you both. So let me up and help me pack".

The Slayer made no effort to remove her foot. "Oh really? You think I can't handle this guy, you think I'm gonna run and leave my friends to die, one sneaky vamp kills Trick so I quit and go hide? You don't know me at all!"

Despite the emotions that raged through him Spike spoke with an icy calm, "Pikes not alone, he's got FORTY!, forty fang picked vamps with him". Spike knew he wasn't getting through, the look of defiance remained in Buffys hazel eyes though she was frowning now. "These blokes rode with Villa, they carry guns, that's right Pet guns! They'll be none of your nice clean fist and fang work from them, they'll shoot you down in the street and think nothing of it".

His voice rose as he begged her, "You can't face them and win Slayer, please pack your things and come with me".

Offering him a hand up, the Slayer calmly answered. "You run away if you want to Spike, but this is my town, the people living in it are my responsibility and I wont run out and leave them". she sighed, "But I'll pack my mom some things and you can help me talk her into leaving till this is over".

The blond vampire could only see one ending, there was a note of pleading in his voice as he tried again. "Please Luv at least call your Watcher and ask him about Pike", the words came out without thinking. "Buffy I love you, I don't want to have to watch you die".

Looking at him sternly, Buffy responded "I told you, you don't have to. Leave Sunnydale, knock down an exit sign on the way out".

Then she paused, "You know they say confession is good for the soul". She looked at Spike and smiled. "Not like you have one, but hey fess up, what did you drive here in and did you just say you love me?"

Spike knew that he had reached the Rubicon, but he knew the Slayer was bound to put two and two together in a few seconds and whatever Buffy might think about it the Slayer was bound to be pissed at his vampire transporting activities.

Looking at him whilst he hesitate Buffy thought, *Handsome in a vampiric kind of way, certainly well built, no girl a vampire ex-honey should have taught you. 'Never mix business and pleasure'*.

"I've come back because I do, love you that is", Spike almost mumbled the words feeling for the first time in centuries an emotion that he could only identify as shyness, *Pull yourself together son*, part of him cried. "I went after Dru and she wouldn't come back to me whatever I did. Then I realized I didn't care". Now his voice grew in strength and he smiled at her, "Cause Buffy, I realized I'm in love with you".

*A rebounding vampire, all I need*, Buffy however did put Mr Pointy down on her bed but then crossed her arms and looking the vampire in the eye repeated. "What did you drive here in", and added, "and were from, and I know it wasn't a car".

*Shit*, Spike knew he had no choice and fessed. "Look luv I know you'll be pissed with me but I drove up from Mexico in a truck". He tensed to avoid any blows.

"And were you on your ownsome or did you have company?" Buffy locked her arms behind her back giving Spike the kind of looks that he remembered from that night at Sunnydale High nearly two years before, and distracted him as her cleavage deepened. Not like he didn't have enough on his mind.

"Slayer, there were dozens of the buggers and I was on me todd" He went pure London in this moment of crisis. "If I hadn't of driven them, they'd have scragged me for sure".

He looked at the carpet as his provisional one true love glared at him. "I came to warn you as soon as I could, and I won't run and leave you, pet".

"Huh", the Slayer snorted. "What an innovative way of impressing a girl, were they out of flowers? Couldn't you find a candy store? Hey I know lets get her a nice bunch of vamps that can kill her or her friends". Buffy shook her head contemplating violence but instead she grabbed a handful of black tee shirt and pulled him to her, hazel eyes locked on blue as she went on. "I should stake you for this Spike, but I'm not gonna".

"Not gonna", Spike smiled winningly. "Does that mean...".

"No", the word Spike had been dreading was spoken gently enough. "You're a vampire. I'm a Slayer, we're incompatible". Buffy didn't let go of his shirt or stop looking at him. "Can you control your demon Spike?"

Spike's demon was currently chanting, *take her, take her, take her and turn her to the night..*, but he found he didn't need to listen. "Yes pet I can, I more or less always have done".

*Ok so he killed two of my predecessors and tried to kill me, not his demon, that's real cool*. Buffy let go of him, she moved enough of her scattered clothing to make a space to sit on her bed. She sat and patted the space next to her, Spike needing no second invitation and trying not to stare too hard at her crossed legs joined her.

"Ground rules first". She counted them off on her fingers. "No feeding on the living, I find you've killed anyone around town I have a sharp stake and its faster than you, rule two you work for me whilst you live here, any attempts to betray me to demons other vampires et cetera see rule number one".

Spike nodded, not having any real choice whatever his demon screamed at him.

"Good", Buffy put her hand on Spikes arm, he nearly fainted. "In return, I'll get you fixed up with accommodation, Angel's old place, if you don't mind, and get your Sire to tell you were to find blood around here that you don't have to kill for".

"Angelus", the vampire sounded pained. "Do we have to drag him into this? He'll not believe a word I say, and the git can be really jealous. You know I remember one time he thought I'd shagged Darla and he..."

"I don't need to know this, Angel and I are done and through", Buffy interrupted him, standing she walked towards the door. "Rather than remembrances of the skankier events of yours and his unlives, I'd like to hear everything you know about Bishop and his amigos. Come on after me we have to pack my mom enough clothes for a couple of nights out of town, and I've got to call Giles and have him make sure that prat Wesley isn't dead".

*Knowing Joyce, there's gonna be blood up the walls over this*, Spike thought picturing a major mother-daughter argument, *And who the fuck is Wesley?* But still his place had been established so he followed dutifully beginning with, "Slayer do you remember the Gorches..."

Spike was beginning to look nervously at the clock by the time they were done, he was eating his way through darkness at an alarming rate. Then Joyce arrived home.

"Buffy if you think I'm going anywhere your mistaken", had been her response to the overnight bag and the suitcase that awaited her.

"Mom please!" Buffy had pleaded, "This is a real dangerous situation we're in here and I'd be so much better able to deal with it if I didn't have the extra worry of you".

"This is good coming from a girl who took nearly two years to tell her mother that she was living on an actual Hellmouth". Looking at Joyce's face Spike knew they were wasting their time and listened to her add. "You're also the girl who keeps inviting vampires into the house".

"No offence Spike", Joyce smiled at the Blond.

"None taken", he was after all technically a cold blooded killer, and even the blood wasn't his own.

"Please tell her", Buffy looked at him pleadingly.

"Buffy's right, you know. This is a good time to leave town", Spike tried his best but just got an angry look from Joyce for his pains.

"And the times that she saved the world, was I advised to run for cover then", Joyce shook her head. "Are you telling me you think my daughter will fail, that she'll die?"

Undetectable demons, 600 year old vampires, Angelus they all flashed through Spikes mind and Pike a smart guy with a lot of manpower, but manpower with guns. "If we all stand with her she'll win, but still she shouldn't have to worry about you if this goes wrong".

"Fine then", Joyce picked up the suitcase and carried it back upstairs. "If you recall Spike, I'm a mean hand with a fire axe myself".

"No way", her daughter shouted after her. "You are not getting involved in this. I don't have time to worry about you while I fight".

"I know that Buffy", putting down the suitcase Joyce descended a few steps and hugged her daughter. "But if, god forbid, anything happens to you, somebody will have to defend Sunnydale", and now the stubborn streak shone through as in a voice that brooked no argument Joyce went on. "And despite all your efforts to dissuade me, I am the Mayor".

"Look ladies", the vampire didn't want to interrupt the tense mother daughter moment but time marched on. "If I'm gonna make it back to the roadhouse before daylight, I'm gonna have to head back to my truck now".

"You're going back", Buffy was shocked, she had assumed the vampire would spend the day in her basement. "Isn't that gonna be risky?"

Spotting an opportunity to look noble in his (new) true loves eyes Spike used it. "Yes Pet if they suspect me, I'm dust, but it will give me a chance to find out their plans and I'll find a way to let you know them".

Buffy suppressed an impressed *wow*. "It's gonna be awful dangerous, are you sure?"

"Yes Slayer, I am", she was looking at him like he was some kind of hero, it gave him the best feeling he'd had all year. "Look pet, I've got to go".

"Its ok Spike. I'll drive you over to wherever you've parked", Joyce got the impression her daughter might want a little more time with the vampire. "Come out once you've finished talking".

"So", Buffy began, desperate to think of a subject to discuss. "There's this vampiress going around having sex with guys then killing them, any clues you can give me".

"Joy", the blond vampire responded, seeing he needed to add to his comments. "Joy Du Clonvive, a creole girl originally quite high class once but now just your typical 17 going on 77 trailer trash. She tends to like to satisfy her other needs ahead of eating". Noticing the look Buffy was giving him he added. "Look luv I've never touched her, I was always faithful to Dru..."

"And now that didn't work out you want to latch onto me". Thinking that this was just typical of a rebounding guy Buffy set her back to the door in case her mother decided to come back in. "If you want to get into my cool book you'll make with the knowledge about how to find her".

"At the road house with all the other Sunnyhell vampires". Spike suddenly saw a pit open before him, *oh fuck*.

"Oh", the Slayer suddenly remembered that she had left Mr Pointy upstairs. "And what are they doing there?"

Grudgingly like some naughty school boy Spike answered, "The sods are paying homage to Pike."

"And they know he is there, how?"

"Cause I got sent out to tell them Pet", shuffling his feet a little Spike wished he was deader.

Running her hand gently over the door behind Buffy reflected on how many nice stake sized splinters it could be kicked into. "So lucky old me, all the vampires are now in one place. Go get in the jeep".

"Buffy", Spike looked at her pleading for a smile. "I'm sorry..."

The Slayer just threw the door back open and pointed. "The jeep".

*God she's beautiful when she's angry*, Spike reflected as duster clad shoulders bowed he headed for where Joyce waited.

There was little conversation on the journey, when Joyce got to the old factory the Slayer and the vampire got out alone.

"Nice rig", Buffy walked round Spike's new transport. "Do you plan on keeping it?"

"Dunno Luv", Reaching into his pockets for the half smoked cigar he'd stubbed out earlier Spike pondered. "I suppose I could take up trucking as a means to gainful employment, do you see me as a teamster pet?"

"No, I think they had enough to put up with, with Jimmy Hoffa".

This was a part of Spikes past which he wanted to forget, *Still least they never found the body*, "So off I go then Pet".

"Be careful", Buffy got so close his sensitive nostrils could smell the shampoo from her pre-Angel patrol shower. "If we can't think of any other way we may have to burn their hidey-hole down later".

Spike hadn't thought of that but it was just one more risk, "Ok look for me after nightfall then, if there's a cellar, I'll be in it".

He gently stroked her cheek, she flinched with shock but didn't back away. "Kiss for luck, Buffy?"

A kiss on the cheek was all he'd expected so it was a shocked vampire who seconds later was frenched by a Slayer, Buffy's tongue was in and out of his mouth before he had chance to recover and respond. She was back out of his reach before he could grab her and have another go.

Walking backwards towards her moms car Buffy waved, then thinking about it shouted, "See you tomorrow night then, one way or another. Oh yeah, catch!".

And to Spikes astonishment blew him a kiss.

He caught it, then frantically waved back. "Goodnight Buffy see you soon", and quieter. "Thanks for giving me back my hope for a future".

Knowing that he was lost to his old life, but not yet fully sure of the new, Spike scrambled back into his truck. *Well mate she luvs you, she luvs you not. It'll be bloody good fun finding out which*.

Buffy was silent as she was driven home. *Kissing vampires again. Murdering robbers and guys who're technically corpses girl you should be ashamed of yourself*. Then she smiled deciding that she deserved a treat after the day she'd had, and Spike sure was cute.

*One kiss, its not like I'm gonna fall in love with the guy from one kiss...*