One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk ‘til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover

Chapter 6.1 -Don't Turn Your Back

During the day vampires tend to relax it being their time for sleep. The roadhouse however was still noisy and boisterous, the cellar was well stocked with booze and the fridges with blood and up to 30 fresh vampires had arrived to keep the Hellmouth's new owners busy.

Spike had got back to the roadhouse minutes before sunrise, the place had been in Bedlam and hadn't improved much since. He was sitting on a chair across from the stage his feet up on the table and three blood bags empty on the floor below him, eyeing up the stock earlier he figured if he could get rid of Pike fast enough he wouldn't have to ask the wanker Angel for help anytime soon.

The stage was occupied once more, several piles of ash marked where vampires had been taught valuable lessons about answering back, some in various stages of undress where cowering in a group with banditos around them their sharpened machete in hand, others were being used even as he watched. A select few had however been accepted not that this was he suspected ultimately going to do them any good.

He'd arrived back expecting to have to report his findings to Pike but the master vampire was asleep. He'd been surprised till he'd seen Joy parading round nude save for her stilettoes showing off to the less favored, she'd winked at him pointing out a healing bite on her neck, the mark of the master.

He'd worried that he was gonna have to betray Buffy with her if she insisted on showing her gratitude, commit adultery before a relationship had even started. It was a disturbing fact to find he was thinking so much like a human these days. Knowing turning down sex with the vampiress would be regarded with extreme suspicion, he had considered violently taking the vampiress there and then to try to recover something of his old self.

However noting that none of the banditos touched the girl and even Dutch and Angel just sent her admiring glances, he realized el jefe's woman was off limits anyway. Currently she was up on the stage, she'd spent the last half an hour using a whip on a black haired vampiress who must have offended her at some time now her marked and bleeding victim was kneeling and using her tongue on Joy who leaned against a pole ecstacy all over her face.

*Make the most of it girl*, he thought, *Ever Buffy will get you or Pike will get tired of you, and if that happens your gonna be busy with these boys".

Spike settled down and tried to drift off to sleep his efforts not helped by Joy keening out her orgasm to the applause of a grateful audience.


Aside from enhanced strength, rapid healing and a natural ability to detect vampires, Slayers are also imbued with a capacity to get by on a minimum of sleep and despite difficulty in falling asleep with all her worries from the day before, Buffy didn't look too bad when she arrived at the library after just a couple of hours rest.

She'd rung Giles earlier to find out what Wesley had said, (assuming correctly from not being paged that Giles had confirmed he was still alive), the Watcher had reportedly seen nothing, she hadn't been surprised.

The two men where sat at the reading table, Giles was going through a stack of books his replacement as Buffys guardian was impatiently drumming his fingers on the table. He looked ragged like he'd been out all night, Buffy had been convinced that he must have slacked off home early from his sentry duty, *Well maybe not*, she thought grudgingly.

"Ms. Summers", Wesley looked at his watch face his sour expression typical of the man. "Finally you arrive after keeping me waiting here, and as usual I receive your arrogant summons through the medium of Mr. Giles who has no business with you anymore. I am your Watcher now kindly do me the courtesy of accepting the fact".

Giles looked up from his book about to express his disgust that Wesley should speak to Buffy like this in front of witnesses, however the broad smile that crossed Buffy's face stilled his tongue.

She walked straight over, blue cotton blouse tucked into a short skirt with sneakers on her feet, she halted just inches from Wesley and bent forward to face him, not unaware of how his gaze immediately drifted. "Mr Wyndham-Price, what exactly were you doing last night?"

"I was um, I was watching the Roadhouse of course". Wesley noticing the disrespectful tone in which he was being addressed tore his gaze up from Buffy's cotton covered breasts. "And as I suspected all along, this whole story is a fabrication aimed at your drunken murderous friend Seth Gecko. I will waste no further time on this matter. Inform Mr. Gecko to leave town immediately. Now unless you have anything to report I'm Going home".

Expecting his ward to step back, he started to stand up only to have Buffy, with just one hand, slam him back into his chair. "How dare you lay your hand on me". He snapped then made the mistake of looking into her eyes. They were deadly but in an amused way he hadn't seen before, plenty of vampires had.

"You really are the worse idiot ever to leave your country", Buffy tried to keep a straight face but couldn't. "Yesterday you were the main man with the threats, today your ass is mine".

"What on earth are you babbling about girl?" Wesley tried to rise again but couldn't, Buffys finger nails were digging into him as if they were some vampires claws. "Speak English", then wincing added, "your hurting me".

"Oh dearie me", Buffy tightened her grip making her Watcher grimace in pain even more. "Your negligence may well get me killed, which pisses me off. Putting all my friends lives at risk make's me want to hurt you badly", the Slayers voice lowered to a growl Spike would have been proud of. "Risking my mom's life makes me want to kill you".

*She's gone mad*, Wesley looked in alarm at Giles, he expected assistance but got none, Giles was disturbed by Buffy's behavior, but doubted that it didn't have some justification behind it. He waited to see what it was.

"What did you really do last night Wesley?" Buffy moved round behind him, bringing her mouth down beside his ear she whispered into it. "I know you weren't watching the roadhouse, you see, you can't have been".

Remembering what he had been doing Wesley began too worry, there had been what sounded like shooting, but *This is the states after all and vampires don't use guns, do they?*. He decided to brazen it out. "I don't know what your talking about, I watched the roadhouse nothing happened ther..."

A stunning slap across the back of his head silenced Wesley, "Liar, liar, pants on fire", Buffy gently said, silencing a protest Giles was about to make with a look. Her former watcher was almost as shocked as Wesley at the blond girl's action.

"Tell me Wesley, were you alone?" Buffy might not be the sharpest knife in the Slayerettes box but she wasn't the dumb blonde Wesley assumed she was either. Resuming her grip on his shoulders she added. "Were you by any chance watching fr

om a Red Chrysler, licence plate Queen C?" "Please..", he began but turned it to an "Ooow", as Buffys nails dug in again.

"So you smooched with Cordy whilst the following happened". Letting go of his shoulders Buffy slapped him again. "Trick died", another slap, "a new vampire took over the Hellmouth", a third slap, "all Sunnydale's vampires drove past you to pay homage to their new master, you oh so nearly got Cordy killed".

Looking round to see Buffys hand raised again Wesley cried out, "Please Buffy".

Giles low voiced disgusted by his replacements laxity but not wanting him badly hurt in the school added, "Buffy enough".

"Yeah, your right Giles, he's not worth it", She brought her mouth down to his ear grabbing his head when he tried to cower away from her. "Your reports to the Watchers Council are full of lies I know, well hey guess who's gonna be sending your stuffy English friends her own reports from now on".

She whispered now too low for Giles to here. "I hope you and I go on the vampire trail together, off round the world, think of all the fun I can have without actually killing you".

Then she leg go of him and pushing his chair over sent him crashing to the floor. "Now get the fuck out of here, I need to talk to my Watcher".

Unable to move with the shock of what had befallen him for a few seconds Wesley just lay there, then he got up and ran.

Picking up the chair from where it had fallen Buffy set it upright and sat down, she was conscious of the disapproving looks that Giles was giving her, but resisted the urge to try pouting in response. "Well I think we can call that a confession, don't you?"

Giles nodded but still said, "Yes certainly. Wesley stands guilty of dereliction of his duty, but Buffy don't you think you took things a little far?"

"I've had a bad week", the pout was there now. "I shouldn't have to put up with that jerk, so I came on a little strong".

"Wasn't it fun when he ran though?" she smiled hoping for a similar response.

*A little strong*, Giles didn't smile. "I believe once our difficulties are over we must persuade Seth Gecko to leave Sunnydale, he seems to be having the most appalling bad influence on you. The way you just acted was most out of character, if I didn't precisely know your, er, cycle I'd swear that it must be, er..."

"PMS" Buffy interrupted the glass fiddling,*I'm over the embarrassment of keeping an English Librarian updated on my periods, why does he still blush and stammer?* "Come on Giles, stop trying to blame Seth for everything. Are you telling me you've never roughed up a suspect?"

"Only in the most dire situation", Giles took his glasses off. "But I don't think I've ever enjoyed it as much as you seemed to just know. It's a shame the USA isn't a police state".

"Why?" the Slayer had a fair idea of the 'joke' that was coming.

Giles smiled for the first time that morning. "Your future career difficulties would be solved, you could just join the secret police".

"Ha ha ha", Buffy got up and walked round behind Giles, "So do you tell me what you found out about Pike, or do I shine a light in your eyes and beat it out of you?"

Giles sat back in his seat, "Let me think, well I suppose I'll confess. Sit down and I'll fill you in".

"Firstly I must say its a pretty bare record, but here goes. Pike's a curious fellow from what I can gather, not very vampire like at all. He runs his affairs in a rather comradely fashion though he's very much in charge", Giles adjusted his glasses and began to read from prepared notes."Apparently he died in 1916 fighting a General Mapache during the Mexican revolutionary war, he was an outlaw before that a bank and train robber to be exact born in 1868. The fact that from the mid 1920's onward he and a growing number of followers ruled the night in northern and central Mexico is therefore strange in the extreme".

"You say he died, as in was turned", Buffy shook her head confused. "Or did he die of natural causes".

"If you class severe lead poisoning as a natural cause then yes, nobody knows how he was turned but if infected blood is put into wounds and mixes then the cause of death is irrelevant".

He returned to his notes, "Anyway we know that the Gorches ran with him for a good deal of time and some other members of his bank robbing gang were turned as well. We know he has up to 100 vampires at his call and has some humans who serve him for money too". He folded the sheet of paper leaving a puzzled Slayer.

"Jeez that's it", Buffy had gotten used to a virtual autobiography of her opponents. "How come we have so little on this guy?"

Sighing Giles reflected on people who show no appreciation for people who arrive at libraries at five in the morning and do the research, then explained. "Pike has tended to operate south of the Rio Grande, which unfortunately marks the point below which Slayer activity has been minimal, western Europe, America and the richer parts of Asia are the main centers for our activities, staying in the developing world is a good way to avoid Slayers. It is fortunate that vampires tend to be stupid enough to sooner or later be drawn to places like the Hellmouth which is were we come in".

"Peachy", was all Buffy had to say about this stunning piece of good news.

"Anyway he's certainly our problem now", Giles took off his glasses and rubbed tired eyes. "Wesley is technically in charge of our endeavors, he's liable to want revenge for this morning humiliation and that may entail some suicidal scheme to get you or your friends killed. We must have a plan to put forward, a fait accompli".

"I was thinking of something along the lines of violence". Buffy had never known it to fail yet.

"It has its merits", Giles scratched his head. "We could mix in a modicum of arson, the only difficulty being the close proximity of an interstate highway to our intended target".

He was surprised to see the Slayer look 'bummed' at the suggestion. "Is there a problem Buffy?"

Having always considered that Giles should be spared knowledge of stuff he didn't need to worry on Buffy had been holding back, now of course was the time to come clean. *Oh well, here goes*, she blurted out "How do you suppose I found out about Pike?"

"I'd assumed that Angel told you", Giles began to experience a sinking feeling, "I take it he didn't".

"If I tell you something that your really not gonna like", Buffy had a pleading tone in her voice, so different from how she had spoken to Wesley just minutes ago. "Do you promise not to get mad?"

"No", was her ex-watchers fearfully calm response.

"Well your right in thinking it was a vampire told me", Buffy smiled helpfully then frowned at his stern expression. "Just not that particular vampire".

"So we are operating on the word of a soul less demon here", Giles reached for the black book, his first port of call for the details of the undead. "Which one?"

"Err, Spike", Buffy expected an explosion, it didn't come.

"Err Spike!", Giles took his hand off the book he'd been about to open.

"Yeah, you know", the Slayer gave serious consideration to a pout, but no she was eighteen now,*maybe later*. "Blond dude, handsome...,wears a big leather coat, aka William the Bloody, hails from your neck of the woods".

"Yes I know who Spike is", Giles began to feel Ripper stirring, he suppressed him. "You have based an assault on your Watcher and your entire story about Tricks death and Pike's takeover on the word of a killer like Spike".

Doubt, confusion. They weren't unknown emotions to Buffy and put like that. "Ye..yes, I think he told me the truth", she remembered the sincere expression of love and the kiss. "He's a totally reformed character, he's way on our side and totally telling the truth".

"He's 'way on our side'", Giles looked at the Slayer and wondered how she had survived so long, *instinct*. "Alright if that's your gut feeling I'll go with it, just for now, but why do you object to us firebombing the building...good lord Spike isn' he?".

"He's spying on them for me". Buffy noted Giles expression of horror. "Hey he volunteered, I tried to get him to stay over but he wouldn't".

"Stay over", having the feeling he knew what that meant Giles resisted the urge to bang his own or Buffy's head on the table. "As in at you and your mothers house?"

"I set ground rules", Buffy wilted a little before Giles horrified stare. "He said he likes us both", that didn't seem to cut it either.

"Vampires have been known to lie to get invited into houses", the Englishman said it slowly as if to a child. "I'll have Willow come round and cast the relevant repealing spell."

*Damn*, Buffy repressed a very serious frown, "Ok", she answered thinking, *Invite him in again real subtly so he doesn't get offended thinking that I don't trust him*.

"Not only to put your life at risk Buffy but your mothers as well", Giles moved his seat nearer to her. "Really I begin to believe that all the work Wesley has had you doing, and the stress of our difficulties with Faith, have caused you to take on a terribly devil may care attitude to your own safety".

Concern was written all over his face and Buffy began to feel really bad, criticism from Wesley she was used to and could handle, Giles was a different matter. What if this was all some plot, or a belated vampiric April Fool, but no *the look in his eyes was so sincere*.

"So what do we do now Buffy, now you have allowed this situation to develop?" Giles could see an obvious course of action but didn't think that the Slayer would agree. "Really we should set fire to the building today, in the light, and condemn every vampire in it to the flames".

"Well I told Spike we might have to do it", Buffy couldn't help but admire the resolve on his face when she had told him, how bravely he had taken the news. "He said to look for him in the cellars, he'd do his best to survive".

Giles could only wonder at this, but still what other way was there. Then addressing Buffy, he said, "Whilst I admire his courage, you realize that if we don't strike then we may have gun battles on the streets of Sunnydale tonight?"

"I don't think so". Buffy gently put her hand on Giles arm, "Spike tells me Bishop ordered him to tell all Sunnydale's vampires to go and see their new master, from what you've told me of vampires er 'Social Habits' that's gotta be a tiring experience, plus there's a lot of hard booze in there".

Giles though calmed by Buffys touch still wasn't sure, "You may be right but its still a risk".

"All I need is today, then I get Spike out and first thing tomorrow morning", she removed her hand and mimed flicking a lighter. "Boom".

Wanting desperately to change the subject Buffy asked. "So how did the crossbow training go?" she glanced at some chip marks on the plaster were the target was normally hung. "Did you forget to put up the safety backing?"

"No, I always put that up", Giles was glad in a way that the new Principal knew his secret, surface damage like that would take some explaining otherwise.

"Gee and she missed that as well", looking again at the widely spaced marks she shook her head. "A hearts a small enough target to hit are you sure she's ready for this kind of action".

Giles having faith in his own teaching skills just responded. "Her aim improved with practice, and frankly we'll need all the help we can get".

"Well I guess the frontal assault plans firmly dead", Buffy hadn't liked the idea that much on reflection 30 or 40 vampires seemed a tall order even with missile weapons, now that the odds where nearer 7 to 1 *forget it*.

"Winchester rifles, even after all these years, are enough to give a chap pause for thought, so yes it's now become a very desperate last resort". Knowing full well the near impossibility of avoiding fatalities on their side in such a battle Giles dreaded the idea. "We'll have to see what your new ally can accomplish to even the odds".

"Score one for Spike already", Buffy suddenly remembered another part of her conversation of the night before. "Joy Du Clonvive is your vamp who likes a boinkfest before a feast".

"What a quaint way to put it", Giles again opened the black book, "Any clues as to were she comes from and her age?"

"Louisiana, she is or was a creole, she's supposed to have been turned around 1939", not able to resist Buffy asked the question. "Say she could be one of Lest..."

"He's a work of fiction". Giles interrupted, not even looking up. There was no way that debate was getting started up again, *Interviewing vampires indeed*.

Buffy feeling ignored pouted just a little, she'd always wanted to meet one of those frilly cuffed dudes but so far no dice, even the master had gone large scale for the leather look. Not like she wouldn't stake the guy straight off anyway even if he did look like Tom Cruise.

"Found her", Giles smiled. "Can't think why I didn't put her on the short list though, to be honest, she's tended to run with the pack up till now. She was born of a good family apparently, antecedents quite unknown in the vampire world".

"Well I'm told she's white trash now". Her attention had drifted to the cage and its contents. "I guess I'll have to tote one of those damned shotguns tonight." The Slayer hated the idea, and having to wear a conspicuous long coat on a hot summer night to conceal it to.

"Yes and Seth and Angel with the same weaponry will have to go with you". Giles would be left with the fourth shotgun, and didn't much like the idea. "The rest of us will stay here to ride to the rescue if paged".

Whilst Giles didn't like Seth much but had to admit he was useful for sometimes. "Ask Mr Gecko if his source of supply can urgently get us a couple more pump actions".

Knowing that half their current arsenal was formerly the property of the Sunnydale PD, she knew Seth would be round the donut stands waiting for two doofuses in uniform to leave their vehicle unattended. A very frequent occurrence still despite Mayor Summers efforts at reform. "Ok, I'll ask him, anything else he or Kate can do".

"I'm going to get Willow to run up some flyers on the dread machine telling potential customers that the 'girlie bar' won't be opening. Seth and Kate are both over 21 and can distribute them for us".

"You don't trust a lush to do that on his own", Buffy regretted the harsh sounding comment, Giles had every reason to distrust Seth who had patrolled half cut more than once, but with Kate last night he had seemed so different. "I think he'll be okay".

"Where is Willow anyway, she's usually here by now?" she asked.

"I advised her to take her time this morning", Giles glanced at his watch. "Knowing full well that there would be a confrontation between you and Wesley, I didn't want any of the Slayerettes to witness it, bad for their morale I think to see that sort of thing. I failed to anticipate your approach and its swift conclusion".

"Violence, it can be real effective". Buffy shrugged. "And it worked as it often does".

"As a result of it Wesley will be on his third or fourth trans-atlantic phone call by now", Giles carried the secret volumes of vampire lore over to the cage. "He'll be reporting that Sunnydale has another rogue Slayer, namely you".

"So they send over the heavy mob", Buffy wasn't in the least bit scared. "Their nothing that we can't handle, and we can tell them some very interesting stuff about him".

"Which they might believe", Giles noted how Buffys attitude to authorities had declined since she met Seth, now with Spike as well,*god forbid*. "Something which he won't want to happen".

Another dreadful thought occurred to him. "Should it come to a full scale battle with Pike, whatever you do, don't turn your back on Wesley if he has a loaded gun in his hands".

Buffy let that sink in for a few seconds but her face showed a firm resolve as she answered. "Don't Worry Giles, I won't".