One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk Til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover

Chapter 7.3 - A Vampire Like You

When Willow got to the Library she found that Giles and Buffy where so deeply involved in their plans they barely seemed to notice her until she said, "Its quiet out there, too quiet".

"Well it is", she went on when faced with in her opinion a fairly humorless reaction. *Somebody had been bound to say it, it was traditional*. She held up the computer disc that held the mornings downloaded weirdness. "Rest of the world had undead business as usual Sunnydale absolute nada, zip, its as if the undead are holding their breath, or they would be if they had breath to hold".

"I suppose their hiding, vampires and demons both, hiding from Pike as well as Buffy", Giles was partly grateful to Pike for doing such a thorough job of getting all the bad guys in one place allowing them all to be taken down in one go. "They'll be ready to pick up the pieces though dependant on who wins".

There was a silence following this, everyone considered the 'who' part of Giles comment.

"The only thing newsworthy here is that Harmony's parents reported her missing 3 am. They're frantic with worry". Willow sighed and suddenly added. "You know, I wish my parents weren't on vacation, I wish they were here. Well I'm glad they're away from the danger and all, but I really wish I could say goodbye to them tonight, just in case".

Silence followed broken finally by Buffy, "Will, you don't have to go with us, none of you do if you don't want to".

"How can you say that Buffy?" Willow looked shocked and a little angry. "I may not be chosen but this fight is as much mine as it is yours, I'm not scared!, honest I'm not!"

"I didn't say you were", Buffy was dreading having to tell her Mom goodbye, and having to face her friends parents and not be able to tell them how their kids had died if she lived and they didn't. "I'll admit I'm scared, being chosen doesn't make me any less human that you".

"We can still do it the other way", Giles said slowly adjusting his glasses as he spoke, "We can..we can still burn the roadhouse".

"What 'the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few'?", Willow saw her Star Trek reference go right over Giles head. "Sacrifice Harmony, I never liked her, she never liked me but it wouldn't be right to just leave her, or Spike for that matter, to burn to death".

Willow had a brief flashback to a broken bottle, she hadn't been happy with some of the things Buffy had shared that morning on the phone but had decided to trust her friends judgement.

"No way, Mr. Devils Advocate, do we let Harmony die", Buffy was vehement. "She's one of our own not some stranger, she may already be dead, or worse turned like Jesse was but we have to give her a chance, we must give her one".

"Ten lives for one". Giles adjusted his glasses, "Willow please look over the plan we've prepared I'd like your feed back, Wesley will be here in an hour if we present a united front we may be able to avoid suicidal schemes like the one he proposed last night".

"Xander will be here with the snack food before then, you can here what he thinks, too", Willow began to read, her expression didn't get anymore cheerful during the process.


Spike, door sabotaged to the best of his ability, tried to sleep. He needed to be at least a little rested for dusk because at that time it was his intention to take any opportunity that presented itself to grab Harmony and run.

He knew Buffy didn't want the vampires running round lose outside but he had seen Pike's preparations. A barricade had been constructed from the torn down stage and some of the tables, machetes where good tools for disassembly and now anyone running through the door would face a line of protected riflemen and the volley fire that had killed Trick, he didn't think much of Buffy facing that.

Sitting as he was with his eyes closed Spike didn't know that Angel was standing over him until the Mexican coughed, he looked up quite without trace of guilt at his betrayal, vampires find it difficult to blush. "Hullo mate, I'm surprised to see you up and about after what you got up to this morning, I thought you'd be shagged out till sundown".

Angel kept his own emotions cloaked as well. "It was fun amigo, she is a hot little number, I will keep her till something better comes along". The vampire smiled as he thought of Harmony. "Then if she won't willingly embrace the night, I'll stake her out for the boys to use till she begs me to turn her".

"Well it's one way to do it". Spike tended to just turn people regardless of their feelings on the matter, and driving a girl insane prior to the act was the sign of a sick mind. He'd loved Dru, mad though she was, and poor Harmony reduced to a similar condition wasn't a sight he wanted to witness. *Now you really must get her out*.

Keeping up the pretext that very thing was sweetness and light however Spike all good natured vampireness asked "What can I help you with then mate?"

"It's more of a favor to you my friend", Angel smiled back in apparent good fellowship. "As soon as the sun sets, we'll go out and move your car, there might be gunfire outside and it could get damaged". The Mexicans face looked like it might crack. "After all after having it brought all this way it would be a pity if it got bullet holes in it".

"Yeah mate I'd be real pissed off if anything happened to it." Spike was puzzled by this gesture, but, "You know, I wouldn't put it past that Angelus to run a knife along the paintwork, just the sort of thing a tosser like him would do".

*I don't like the look of this*, Spike thought, *Does he know?*

"Exactly Senor, a traitor like that is capable of anything". Angel maintained the smile,*He is a smart one, but can't be certain that I know*. "I'll come and get you when its time to go, you rest now though".

"Alright old son, I'll do just that". Spike watched Angel as he walked back towards his seat. *Well what's your game, do ya think he suspects, no why should he?*


Buffy tried to decide which old black jacket to wear, which one wouldn't she mind bloodstains and bullet holes in if tonight went badly, not that it would make much difference to her post mortem.

The subdued colors of the black tee, combats and boots she was wearing weren't for the vamps benefit, they would see her whatever her dress but as camouflage against cops and civilians who might see her approaching the roadhouse. An intensive gun battle wasn't likely to draw the Sunnydale PD at any speed, but when the Slayerettes fire bombed the place post battle she expected them to come running.

The plan had been formed, they would split into two groups, one to in through the door the other to break in through a duct in the roof and attack the vampires from above, or if the first team died bloody pick off as many vamps as possible as they tried to leave the building.

It had been Willow who had pointed out the 4 feet of loft space above the suspended ceiling of the club, "We get in there we can kick ceiling panels through and cut them down". Of course the vampires might fire back but it had been decided that this provided a better chance of survival that everyone trying to rush the doors at once.

When Xander had arrived with the snack food he had been burdened down not just with carrier bags, but a large grey holdall.

So after helping him with the take away Willow couldn't resist asking. "What's in there?"

"A weapon", he replied looking mysterious, "Something to really give the vamps a wiggins".

"Xander tell me you haven't been in the armory again", Buffy envisaged a posse of MP's suddenly bursting through the library doors. "I don't want to see an M16 come out of there".

"Your right, it's an assault weapon". Xander unzipped the bag and reached in, "But I got it at a toy store".

"Huh?" emerged from three people at once as Xander pulled out a Super Squirter water rifle.

"Whaddya think of this big baby?" Xander began running a few action poses by them, "Quite the mean mother, isn't it?"

"It's different", laughing at his Starship Trooper impressions Buffy felt her morale lift.

"It's a really good idea", Willow really wished her friends smarts had been easier to judge academically. "I'm sure glad your here and not at Camp Pendleton".

Xander nodded thank you but waited for the G to pronounce his verdict.

"Well done Xander", Giles looked thoughtfully at the 'Weapon', "What's its range?"

Xander worked the action and sent a stream of water almost as far as hardback fiction. He looked down at Giles upturned face and its expression. "Ooops, sorry G-man. I forgot it was loaded".

"Then its probably for the best then that you didn't break into the armory". Giles repressed the urge to rush and check the books for water damage. "Please be more careful in here and don't call me G-man ever again".

"Certainly sir". Xander snapped to attention and shouldered arms. "Permission to speak sir".

"Yes Xander what is it?" Giles asked resigned to his fate, the girls laughed as Xander maintained a stoical silence until Giles added. "Permission to speak granted".

"Sir, holy water sir, do you have any sir?"

"There are a few pints in the cage". Giles had begun to get the feeling he should petition the school board for a bigger cage the stuff he had crammed in there.

"Well I think this thing works on liters but I'll see what I can do." Xander did a sharp right face. "I'm just off to empty all the ordinary water from this baby". Whistling the Marine hymn he quick marched out of the Library.

"Do you think he really knows how dangerous this is gonna be?" Buffy asked Willow, she had briefed Xander by phone that morning and had still been in receipt of the usual wisecracks.

"Yeah he knows". Willow smiled, "But don't forget he laughs in the face of danger, that's his tough guy face your seeing he's really as afraid as the rest of us but he wont run from it".

"I never thought he would", Buffy turned to the ex-watcher who was still staring at where the bullet holes would have been. "Giles do you think that'll work unless you introduce them to a real lot of it Holy Water doesn't kill vamps does it, it just burns them and makes them go all smokey?"

"I think it would prove distracting, they can sense it coming you see". Giles suddenly stopped caring about his library,*What the hell they'll most likely be looking for someone to replace me by Monday anyway*. "I should think it would spoil their aim".

"Don't we have a few bottles left from the our petrol bomb factory", Willow was now keyed in with the components for urban guerrilla warfare. "If we fill them with Holy water couldn't we throw them like grenades, only they'd be better cause Harmony's Holy water proof", Willows face fell, "Assuming she hasn't been turned into a Grrrrrh".

"In which case her folks will never get to know what happened to her", Buffy hated having to dust people whose bodies hadn't been found and buried. She sometimes had to watch parents putting up notices or handing round photos of missing kids, it tore her up to have to say, "No sorry, I haven't seen him/her", when all the time she knew where the ashes lay. *At least if they just feed on a person the bodies found, they can bury their child mourn properly. Or is it better not to know to still think of their child alive?*.

"If we told them they wouldn't believe us", Giles wished he could provide the answers but there were none, "Its a good idea Willow we'll toss them in from the ceiling".

"Just be careful not to hit any blond vampires with them". The Slayer did not like the though of her?, *Friend? Honey?* running round the middle of a warzone. Particulary not with Faith and Wesley on her side.

Then Wesley walked in, all conversation dried. Ex-Watcher and Watcher exchanged cold glances. Buffy looked away refusing to even acknowledge Wesley whilst Willow just wondered what on earth she could do to maintain the peace.

"So according to your plan Buffy, Faith, Seth and myself in the main assault party with Willow, Amy our new friend Kate and Alexander going in through the roof". Wesley nodded. "An excellent set of proposals Rupert".

"Hey, if you can actually read you see Angel with us and Giles with the others", Buffy looked sharply at her 'Watcher' "What are you suggesting that they stay home?"

"I feel that Rupert has as usual been overly modest", Wesley smiled back at her not in the least bit put out by her tone of voice. "He'll come in with us Angel can lead the kids on the roof instead".

*So this is how he's gonna do it*, Buffy suddenly thought, *Ok he's at the exact same risk but he wants Giles to die and he's putting all our lives at greater risk too*.

She would have made an angry reply but Willow beat her too it. "Your wrong, Angel is the best fighter we have besides Buffy, he has better self control than Faith and he's more bullet proof than Seth, what are you trying to do, get Giles killed?"

"Willow", Giles looked across at the red head then at Buffy. "I'll go in there alongside you old man, after all I can't have it said I let the side down".

"Bu...", Buffy began and stopped as she caught a look from Giles it said plainly 'not in front of Wesley', he had a set determined expression on his face.

"Excellent old man, so glad to have you aboard". Wesley could barely believe his luck, he made haste to get out of the library before Giles changed his mind, leaving three very silent people behind him.

"Good morning Alexander", he said as he passed Xander returning to the library as he shot through the doors of the school.

"How could you be so dumb?" Buffy stood up and threw her hands in the air. "He wants you dead, he wants to put you at the point of maximum danger and your helping him. Why Giles?" She looked at him pleading. "Don't I have enough to worry about?"

"I'm curious why you should feel no concern for your Watcher, he's at the same risk", Giles took his glasses off and loosened his tie. "I couldn't do it, I couldn't to his face to say no, to have him call me a coward, I won't do it".

"You wouldn't want to look like a chicken would you?" Willow angrily threw at him. "Your masculine pride will get you killed".

"You fems won't understand it, but Giles can't just back out in front of something like that", Xander had overheard enough of the conversation too realize what it was about. "Sometimes a mans gotta do what a mans gotta..."

"Could you be any dumber", Buffy snapped. "Do you think this is a fucking movie people are going to die tonight?"

"Buffy please don't say that", Willow got up and gently put her hand on the tensed up Slayers arm. "We don't know what's gonna happen".

*I do though*. Buffy flashed over the images from her dream. Her shoulders sagged a little as she tried hard to erase the pictures of Giles dead.

Xander looked at her and realized that he wasn't looking at some super hero but a tired scared lonely girl who would face death tonight without hesitation. "Buff what do you want me to say?"

"Its ok Xander, and I'm sorry for calling you dumb", She picked her bag up from the side of the table. "I have to book now, I've got stuff to do, but you", she looked straight at Giles, "You're not gonna change our original plan, I promised somebody today that I'd do my best to keep you alive, I'm gonna keep that promise".

With that she was gone the door swinging behind her.

"I wonder who she could mean?" Giles put his glasses back on. "I think that we should leave it there don't you, Willow Xander I'll see you around sunset".

Giles went to get his jacket he had letters to write and other affairs to place in order, just in case.

"Oh", was all Willow could think to say. "Well what do we do now?"

"Will maybe you should go see Oz", Xander tried not to let the hurt sound through. "With him being werewolf tonight you should make the most of your time".

"Ok", Willow tentatively got up, "Will you be ok, what if Faith comes in, maybe I should stay here".

"No Willow just go", Xander didn't want to hurt Willow anymore than he already had. "I'll call Amy ask her if she wants to come over to protect me. You go be with Oz for as long as you can".

"Well..bye then" Willow went out and Xander looked around the room. *Well one bright spot, nobody touched a morsel of the takeout which leaves it all for me*.

"So here it is the last day of my life potentially and maybe I'm the only one who won't have anything to miss", he picked up the Super Squirter and went to find the Holy water. "We're gonna lick their pointy toothed heinies, or my name's not Alexander LaVelle Harris".

The remaining hours had passed quickly for Buffy, first she'd come home for cleaning products then gone to Angel's old basement apartment and given it a good wash and brush up. It would make a temporary home for Spike until Angel moved back to LA and they came to some arrangement over the mansion. Somehow she hadn't cried as she changed the dusty old sheets the memories of what had happened in that bed where still there though like open wounds on her soul.

Then she had gone to the mansion, let herself in and talked to Angel. They weren't about to let Giles die.

Finally deciding on an old black denim jacket Buffy slipped Mr. Pointy into her waistband and after some hesitation opened the draw of her dresser and extracted one of the brass knuckles she kept there. Dropping that in her jacket pocket she set off for battle.

Joyce was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. "Oh Buffy, oh my baby". Joyce said as she hugged her daughter. "You take care".

"Mom if you don't hear from me by four tomorrow morning, you know what to do", Buffy pulled back a little to look her Mom in the eye. "If we fail its up to you".

"You wont fail", Joyce Summers said the words with determination. "I didn't raise you to fail, but if I don't hear I go to the Police Station and then to the barracks we shoot the vampires in the head or the legs then stake them. I guarantee you Buffy, there won't be a vampire left in Sunnydale by Sunset tomorrow if I have any breath left in my body".

"Good Mom, I know everyone will be safe with you here", Buffy hugged her mother again. "Just don't ever tell Giles what we planned, we're supposed to keep vampires secret".

"I love you Mom", she said as she walked through the door.

"I love you too Buffy", Joyce stood on her porch and watched her daughter walk away, then went to get a stake.


"Come on amigo, it is time", Angel tapped Spike lightly on the shoulder waking the blond vampire from a dream about Buffy in a cat suit with a big bowl of cream, it had just got interesting too. "Lets go and move your car".

"All right mate, hold on while I light up". Spike found his fags and lighter solved his nicotine needs and followed the other vampire out onto the lot. The sun had only just descended and true night hadn't yet properly begun. Angel was stood there with two of his fellow Mexicans, they were finely dressed like Vaqueros, vampirism had taken them along way from the white cotton shirts and pants they had worn the day they joined Zapata.

"Evening lads", Spike nodded to them wondering what the hell was going on.

"Eduardo and Chico want to have a look at your car", Angel smiled reassuringly, "They want to learn to drive and be good Americans".

Spike joined in the resultant laughter. "Well its an American Classic, come on then lets go put her out of sight".

"I really want a car like that Senor, I will cruise round town getting the pretty senoritas to drive with me and then", Eduardo smacked his lips at the thought. "America is the land of opportunity".

Chico grunted, "Don't let the Dutchman hear you say that. I think he wants us to round up horses and go cattle rustling. It will be fun I think".

"You've gotta adapt to survive", Spike began to philosophize. "I mean do you see me traveling about in a coach and four, no I moved on. I tell you..."

His words were cut off as Angel suddenly smashed the barrel of his peacemaker across the back of Spike's head. He slumped to the ground and lay motionless. Angel worked the action of his pistol a couple of times as he looked down at his victim.

"Patron are you going to shoot him?" Eduardo asked his Sire. "A stake is cheaper than a bullet".

"Hitting a hombre with a pistole can throw out the cylinder or bend the barrel". Angel answered. "Pick him up and carry him to the car".

"Why don't we take him inside and fuck him with the others?" Chico asked as he carried Spike along.

"Because estupido, the Patron says not to", Eduardo answered. "And you know what you have been told to tell el Jefe".

"Nothing", Chico replied as they dropped Spike by his car. "So the Patron doesn't look like an idiot".

"Gracias Chico you can go now", Angel shook his head, Chico had his uses but scarce two brain cells to rub together.

He patted down Spikes pockets and found his keychain, he unlocked the trunk. "Help me lift him up".

Grunting with effort they deposited Spike in the car face down. "Give me the rope".

Eduardo handed over a length of rope with which Angel proceeded to tie the comatose vampires wrists. "Go and get me two minions, one of whom at least can drive".

"Si Patron", once Eduardo was out of earshot Angel turned back to his victim.

"Positions reversed you would probably kill me real slow in front of everyone, but Pike and Dutch trusted you on my word", he looked down at the .45 that lay by Spikes feet but didn't make any move to pick it up. "And I like you and I know you only do what you do for love".

"So I give you a chance to live", he patted Spike gently on the head. "Your punishment is to lose the girl, even if you escape she will be dead and this building will be her funeral pyre".

"But you will not come back a vampire like you, you will know you have been defeated and move on, so go back to your own country, if I see you again it will be guerra a cuchillo". Seeing Eduardo bringing up two bruised battered candidates he walked forward to meet them.

"Senors, you know Spike don't you?" They nodded fearfully, after what following Spikes instructions had put them through in the last few hours they certainly knew his name. "He is in the car, take it, drive it to LA and when you get there stake him".

Eduardo handed each vampire a length of sharpened wood and Angel tossed the driver the keys. "If I hear you have done anything to him before you reach LA you will find my reach is long, do you understand?"

They nodded again so relieved to have escaped the Mexicans clutches that they were speechless. Even as they scrambled through the cars doors Angel went and put his hands on the open trunk lid.

"Adios Amigo, it was fun to drive with you". He smiled, then slammed the lid down.

Chapter 7.4 - Hullo, Mate

The weapons locker was wide open and the Slayerettes where arming themselves. Crossbows, shotguns, Kukris, petrol bombs and the new patent holy water bombs they were all piled on the library table prior to Oz's incarceration in the cage.

He was stood in there now not yet transformed, (that wouldn't happen till the moon came out more fully), the door was still open and he was stood there gently holding Willow, the others tried not to look to give the couple privacy and because the sight was tearing at their own hearts.

Buffy strapped on the Kukri Giles had given her, the Gurkha battle knife was their answer to the oppositions machete, her jacket pockets bulged with shotgun cartridges, she was ready and wanted to go, to get it over with.

Angel was sat to one side of her similarly armed and silent both of them wishing that Faith had picked somewhere else to sit than at Buffy's right.

Burdened by crossbows, quivers and bottles of Holy water Amy and Kate chatted very quietly waiting for Willow to say her goodbyes. Giles, Seth and Wesley were on the school parking lot checking the vehicles.

Xander was a breed apart unlike his black clad friends he was wearing cams, a mix of dark browns and greens over an olive drab tee shirt. The point however that really got peoples attention was the bandanna he'd tied round his head, a length of black cloth.

"Xander what are you trying to do?" Giles had asked him. "Look like Rambo".

"Wow, you actually heard of him", Xander had been shocked to have Giles come up with a pop culture reference. "But let's face it G-man, with your attitude to tonight you might as well be wearing a white bandanna with a red circle in the middle".

The G had huffed and gone off to find an aircraft carrier.

Buffy had just looked Xander up and down, "Inconspicious, huh".

"Its just a one off spur of the moment thing Buff", Xander had replied defensively. "I just didn't read the invite or black doesn't suit me, don't worry though I haven't gone all psycho on you or joined a militia".

"Best not", she'd replied as she went to get her shotgun. "I'd hate to have to kick your ass".

*Good decision not to use the cam cream*, Xander thought as he'd observed Willows raised eyebrows but fortunately she'd been too busy with Oz to say anything.

Buffy watched Faiths hands as they gripped her shotguns barrel, the knuckles were white, the girl was lightly chewing on her lip. "Faith you ok?"

"Huh", Faith looked round sharply. "Whadda you care B?"

"We're probably gonna die together, I'd like us not to be enemies", Buffy held out her hand. "Truce?"

"Much as I was looking forward to beating on you after this, truce". Faith shook on it. "For now".

"Ok kids and real old guy are we ready", Seth had come back in to pick up the Englishman's shotguns and his own.

The real old guy stood up, "As we'll ever be", Angel turned to Buffy. "Shall we".

"Yes, come on Willow, it's time to go". Buffy and Faith began to walk to the doors shotguns under their arms.

"But Cordelia isn't here yet", the red haired witch clung onto Oz. "Shouldn't we wait for her?"

Gently Oz broke the embrace, "Its ok Will, just lock me in I'll be alright".

"But", she began then looked into those soft green eyes. "Ok".

Even after turning the key she couldn't walk away. She placed the palm of her hand against the wire, Oz reciprocated the gesture from his side of the cage. "Come back to me Willow", he whispered softly.

"Somehow I will", Willow promised. "I promise you Oz, whatever happens I will".

As he watched his friends walk away Oz could do nothing but watch and curse the fate that had befallen him, he wished he could go with them.

Late as ever Cordelia met them in the corridor, she pulled a face at the weaponry and tried hard not to laugh at Xander but all the same amazed them with. "Take care and come back safe", then with the usual twisted honesty, "I'm only saying that to you guys cause I hate funerals", and looking at Xander added, "Especially cheap poorly catered ones".

"Wouldn't it be tragic if this is all a subtle trick and their really planning to sneak out and attack the library?" Xander bit back, then observed the many people staring at him. "Sorry, cheap shot". "It's so you", Cordy set off for the Library determined to spend no further time with the geek squad, but Buffy caught up with her.

"We've left you a crossbow and four bottles of holy water in there, if we fail its up to you to defend yourself and Oz".

She was surprised by how resolutely Cordy replied, "Don't worry, they wont get him, but if you don't come back..."

"Go to my house at first light, my Mom will need you", Buffy smiled. "You know how to slay".

"God help me, so I do", they didn't exactly kiss like sisters as they went their separate ways but both girls had an understanding they would each do their part.

As Giles and Wesley organized the troops Seth sidled up to Angel and whispered, "So do we let the motherfucker get his way?"

"No", Angel shook his head. "I'm going with you and Giles goes with the kids, if Wesley wants to die that's his affair, but only Slayers, Vampires and the criminally lucky are gonna have the speed to get to cover with those Mexicans armed and ready".

"How you gonna tell him?" Seth could see Kate waiting by his Chrysler and wanted to go join her, but needed to make sure of the vampires resolve first.

"Buffy's gonna get the front seat in the Gilesmobile and I'll be in the back", Angel replied. "Don't worry we'll give him a good working over on route".

"Take a rubber hose with you", Seth walked off to join his girl.

"You cool?" was all he asked her.

"Provided you promise not to run out on my after this is over like you did last time, I'm cool". Kate looked up at him as he grimaced.

"You know I can't risk staying her much longer Kate", Seth hadn't wanted this conversation. "You don't want to join me in a life on the run, shit girl your going to College".

"As Gwyneth might put it, 'Whither thou go'est there go'est I', Kate hugged him to her. "Screw college we'll find a place where nobody wants to hunt you and I'll study there".

*There is no such place kiddo*, Seth brooded as he hugged her back. "In the car kid, lets go".

Once all the Slayerettes were loaded up Giles turned to Buffy, "Would you like to sit up front with Xander?" it had been decided that provided he lost the bandanna Xander would drive.

"No", Giles received a look that told him she would brook no argument. "Angel and I are riding with you".

"But your Watcher's in the van", Giles responded gently, "You should travel with him".

"Fuck him", was all she said as she walked to the Gilesmobile where Angel was already waiting.

"I'd honestly prefer not too" Giles shrugged and followed his friend, Wesley Wyndham-Price would for once have to figure things out for himself.