One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk ‘til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover

Chapter 8.2 - Knackers

Even as Buffy brought up the lighter to fire the fuse on the petrol bomb, Angel unwillingly held a powerful shock rocked the building throwing her forward and sending the Zippo spinning from her hand.

The wall behind the barricade on the right hand side of the building from Buffy exploded inwards in a welter of brick and timber and a huge silver grill work slammed through the wall followed closely by the cab of what Buffy recognized when she looked up to be Spike's truck.

A good deal of wall and roof collapsed, the six vampires who had been creeping down towards where Faith's body lay didn't know what hit them as they where suddenly pinned to the ground by debris, they lay there coughing in the dust unable to move and praying for their leader to come get them out.

The hispanic Angel had heard the roar of the truck a second before the vehicle hit he was just about to follow his companeros and was right by the point of impact. He shouted, "Madre Dios" even as a cloud of dust and debris struck him, flung onto his back arms outstretched he tried to scream in agony as a heavy beam crushed his legs but pressed to the floor he had no breath, then mercifully he blacked out.

The middle section of the barricade collapsed on Pike even as a flying brick struck the wind from him, the vampire was left laying beneath the woodwork stunned.

Dutch looked up in shock as a heavy metal frame knocked loose from the wall spun across the room and straight through four vampires who spliced apart detonated into dust clouds, being further back he had time to throw himself down but had his shotgun torn from his hands as the mental sailed just over his head to bury itself it the wall behind him.

Vampires, both Mexican and Sunnydale minions, lay around reeling with shock as ceiling tiles rained down.

The ensouled Angel looked up as the roof creaked above them, "What the fuck?" he glanced over the top of the sofa. "Do you think that's Giles?"

"No", Buffy positively beaming replied. "I think its Spike".

Concentrating his weakened senses, Angel focused on the Cab, "Hell yes it is", he grabbed up his shotgun. "Get ready to cover him Buffy".

"I'm already there", the Slayer responded aiming at the damaged barricade, "Come on Spike get out of there".

*He's alive I thought I'd lost him but he's alive, maybe I still get to gain a friend today after all*.


Scrambling back onto the roof the Slayerettes surveyed the damage, the formerly flat surface sagged now towards the far corner where a buckled container was slammed into it. Running across to the hole he'd been cutting Giles found it had widened and grabbing up the axe swung hard opening it up further as weakened planks snapped.

"Ok Giles its big enough", Willow handed her crossbow too Xander, "I'm go in".

"Will, you can't go first", Xander began even as the Witch carefully began to climb in, she found a metal beam to take her weight.

"Why not, Im smallest and lightest?" In the hole up to her chest Willow held her hand up for her weapon. "Thanks", she said and ducking down disappeared from view shouting as she did. "Let's go get the Motherfuckers!".

*They've all spent far to much time with Seth*, a disapproving Watcher thought.

She found the roof space cramped and constrictive and the roof beams ahead of her buckled and twisted. "Thank you goddess for the light", fallen tiles had let light shine up from the roadhouse below. Missing her footing a little Willow felt a roof tile sag beneath her weight and stepped back. "This is a bad idea".

Giles had pushed Xander back to go next as he crawled along an old prayer came to him, *Lord though knowest how busy I must be this day, if I forget thee do not thou forget me*. He heard the others follow him even as he tried to keep Willow in sight. "Slow down", he called after the witch.

Then firing erupted below them again and moving as speedily as they could the Slayerettes worked their way forward.


As the truck had impacted, Spike had been thrown forward hard by the force narrowly avoiding hitting his head on the steering wheel as he did so. The rapidly deceleration sent him slamming back into his seat and he hung in the seatbelt harness limp for a few seconds.

Opening his eyes, Spike took an out of focus view of a badly cracked windscreen, "It held together", he'd seriously feared having to greet Buffy with a badly shredded face, he reached down for the release button on the seat belt harness pressed it and freed himself. Grabbing his pistol he pulled hard on the handle of his door but found it wouldn't open.

"Bugger", he shouted struggling with it his mind still confused then his wits returning he crawled across to the passenger door and he dropped through into the tangled mass of debris and vampires.

"Fuck", his pistol free left hand was in something soft and squishy, "Vampire guts just what I need".

Not having a stake to finish the badly mangled vampire, Spike left him and springing up looked for Buffy, to his right was the remains of the stage, to his front a large numbers of shocked but recovering vampires, *She's round the other side then*. He moved round and a whole lot of stuff started happening at once.

"BASTARD", someone shouted, Spike saw a minion charging at him a baseball bat held aloft. A shot too the head threw the minion back.

Then the blond was spun round by a forceful blow to the ribs, he turned looking for who had kicked him but instead saw a Mexican aiming a smoking pistol at him and about to try again. He brought his own gun up and fired, the bullet aimed at the head went lower and broke the vampires arm.

Feeling borrowed blood begin to trickle down the side of his ribs, Spike forgot his mission and went to kick the vamps teeth in but a powerful shout drew him back to the point.

"Spike get over here!".

"Daddy", the vampire shouted turning to run towards his Sire. "Is that really you?"

*Asshole", Angel cursed to himself as he fired over Spike's head. His mood wasn't improved when Buffy laughed beside him. "Come on, god damn you!"

Suddenly another figure was behind the blond machete raised and closing on the wounded slightly stunned vampire. Neither Buffy or Angel had a clear shot, despite the danger the Slayer stood up aiming straight at Spike she shouted, "Get Down!"

Spike hit the floor and Buffy fired a whirling machete loose from a dusted hand buried itself quivering in the floor just in front of Spikes head. "Fuck that was close", he scrambled up again.

Pulled forcefully down herself Buffy turned an alarmed gaze on Angel, "Are you trying to get yourself killed for him?"

"He just saved our lives", Buffy looked up Spike was just about to jump over their so fortuitous cover but a familiar line of heads were coming up over the barricade. "Spike!"

Dutch aimed carefully preparing to rip Spikes spine open with buckshot then suddenly stopped, "What the?" he noticed just in time that the foresight wasn't where it should be, in his shocked state he realized why, the barrel was crushed he'd narrowly avoided blowing his own head off. "85 years, 85 fucking years I've had that gun".

Bullets however still ripped round Spike's head as he jumped and even as he cleared the sofa a powerful force twisted him round in the air as a bullet slammed in below his left shoulder blade. He fell heavily but safe. "Ow".

"You ok?" Angel asked really sounding concerned, then got pissed off as Buffy grabbed his Childe by the shoulders and pressed her face to his.

"Oh god Spike, I thought they'd killed you", she kissed his forehead then his lips.

Spike brought his left hand up and gently stroked his fingers through her hair, he could smell the blood on her. "Pet you're wounded and so am I, best to get off me. We don't want an accidental turning do we Luv?"

"Good call". Buffy shuffled back over towards a very brassed looking Angel. She raised an eyebrow as if to ask 'and your problem is', but he just started to reload disgusted with the way things were shaping.

Spike suddenly sat up and tore off his duster. "I am bloody bleeding! all over a coat I've worn for nearly 50 years".

*Bullet holes!* his mind screamed. Rearing up despite return fire he emptied his Colt in the direction of the bandits shouting, "I'll cut your bloody knackers off for that".

"Is he always this demonstrative?" Buffy asked her disgusted ex-honey.

"Always", was all Angel could be bothered to reply, Spike was his Childe and a terrible burden on an already overworked conscience the Slayer's obvious affection for the vampire only made things worse.

Dropping the empty pistol, Spike looked at his Sire paying particular attention to his hairline, "How are you baring up old fellow?" he grinned then held out a hand. "Give me another gun".

Resisting a strong urge too check his hair for damage, Angel tossed the vampire a shotgun. "That's Gecko's, he wont need it anymore".

Spike looked at the fallen robber. "You are getting old, the blokes still got a heart beat and a strong one".

"He's alive!". Buffy was about to go check the mans pulse when suddenly a new roar of gunfire erupted and she brought her mind back to the fight.

After sitting there looking at the broken shotgun for a few seconds Dutch snapped out of it and looked round him. "Sixteen is that really all we have left who can fight". He didn't count the cowering group of minions or the banditos too badly wounded to go on.

The six vampires who had been tasked with striking down the left flank were as good as gone, the ones that would have gone down the right had tumbled back demoralized. "Where are Pike and Angel?" he shouted. "Where are they?"

A general shrugging was his answer then Joy suddenly scrambled towards the center of the collapsed barricade "He's under there".

Pulling the vampiress back before she could do something stupid like throw herself into the Slayers line of fire Dutch turned to his remaining companeros. "Eduardo Chico with me they rest of you lay down some cover".

As the rifles began to roar Dutch and the two selected vampires plus Joy darted across the gap.

Seeing Pike's legs Dutch grabbed them firmly and pulled sliding his boss into safety beside him. Chico meanwhile stared under the truck, "Why don't they turn to dust?" he asked his friend pointing to the twisted remains of two vampires who lay beneath the rig.

"Their heads are there and no wood has gone into their hearts". Eduardo looked and wished he hadn't. "I can feel our Sire's presence", he looked at the pile of rubble beside the truck. "Come on let us dig".

"Pike", Dutch slapped Bishops face, "Come on, Mr. Bishop, god damn you wake up".

Pikes eyes opened, "What the hell happened?"

"Spike drove the goddamn truck in here". Dutch looked around. "We have sixteen of the boys and around the same number of minions left". Dutch looked at Pike damned glad he was still there to decide. "What do we do?"

Sitting up the vampire leader struggled to concentrate his scattered wits. "Send the minions over and enough of the boys down the side to finish it. That's what we do".

Leaving Pike to recover his strength and getting the rifles firing again, Dutch ran back towards the minions, cannon fodder was needed and that was exactly what they were.


The roof space was a nightmare to negotiate debris had been projected upwards and some of the beams were weakened beyond carrying the weight of five people but still the Slayerettes persisted till finally too thirds of the way along the roof Willow found a hole to look through.

"Yikes", the red head loaded her crossbow hastily, "Guys get ready", she whispered and as they lined up prepared to kick down some more tiles.


"Spike something's been puzzling me".

"What's that Pet?"

"What exactly are knackers?"

"Balls luv".

"Sorry, I just asked".

"Can you two try to take this seriously?"

"We're not going out there to die", the largest surviving minion boldly informed Dutch. "We're not scared of you anymore look how few of you there are left".

His fellows edged away from him as Dutch smiling pulled out his peacemaker, "Aren't you now?"

The pistol roared and the vampire flew back shot between the eyes. Turning to a nearby bandito who was putting a fresh clip into a Mauser Dutch pointed at the vampires machete and ordered, "Matalo".

The surviving minions took in the dust and the machete and then headed for the barricades gap. Dutch had 10 companero's ready to rush down the side of the sofa whilst he and four others fired over the top. Eduardo and Chico who had the unconscious Angel almost free would lay down fire from the flank along with Pike who still seemed preoccupied with Joy rather than the battle.

"Get ready", he ordered, *When this is over things might well have to change regarding Mr Bishop*.

With fire superiority once more established by their enemies Buffy and her vampire cohorts sat waiting for the attack. Occasionally they sent an unaimed round over towards there enemies. "Where are they?" she asked aloud. She hadn't wanted her friends in here to face the full force of Pikes army but around now their help certainly wouldn't go amiss at all.

"I saw them on the roof, Pet. I expect their having problems", Spike fired a shot over the top of the rapidly decaying metal plate then reloaded. "But I hope they sort them soon".

"Maybe the petrol bombs after all", Angel was certain Giles would get in if he could, but now with three armed vampire killers, Buffy's earlier plan didn't seem too suicidal. "Get them to come at us".

Buffy glanced up and then ducked down as bullets flew over her head. "That's not a problem".

A roar went up and 14 vampires charged, they weren't armed except with a few stakes, they came on in the old fashioned way but when they blocked the line of their covering fire they found themselves faced at close quarters by three desperate individuals who were playing by the new rules.

Spike had been pistol whipped, tied up and shot twice that day and his earlier qualms about slayage had disappeared, he cut down three with rapid shots.

Angel, resouled as he was, never even hesitated as he slew a similar number.

Buffy had begun firing a second before her comrades hence her score of four vamps dusted.

The survivors were just about to leap the sofa and die in a hail of cordite driven stakes when Spike suddenly became aware of the Mexicans on coming charge. He switched point of aim and began to scream, "BUFFY LEFT FLA..". Then the lead vampires pistol flashed.

The bullet aimed at Spikes head went wild and just scraped the left side of his neck but the shock sent him back off his feet and straight into Angel, the two vampires sprawled in a heap and the minions were over the sofa and at them.

Angel fired straight up into the torso of the first vampire to jump over it's dust covered him as it fell, the next to cross kicked the shotgun from his hands and dived upon him stake raised.

Pinned to the ground, Spike used his shotgun to hold up a heavy dark haired vampire who was trying to stake him, but in his weakened state the stake gradually pressed down.

Roaring round the corner the last minion stared down the barrel of Buffys shotgun, "Hi", she said and pulled the trigger.

The vampire flinched but didn't die, "Try that with a loaded one next time", and charged forward claws outstretched.

"Thanks for the tip", the Slayer laughed even as the vampires claws closed on her shoulders the butt of her shotgun swung up into its jaw. Landing on his back the vampire lay stunned. Buffy drew Mr. Pointy and plunged it into his chest.

Grappling with a vampire slightly smaller than him, Angel should have had no problem, but two bullet wounds had weakened him and the minion was on top. The master vampire brought his knee up hard into the minions butt sending him forward their heads met for a second and Angel's fangs sank into his opponents face, screaming the minion pulled clear breaking a hand free to clamp it to the wound. Concentrating his full strength, he broke the stake clear of the vampire's right hand and used it to slay the creature.

Trying to spit out a mouth full of dust, Angel saw the line of banditos bearing down on them, "Oh shit". He knew he didn't have time to retrieve his gun.

Buffy drew her kukris and went to the aid of Spike, she ignored the wild firing that came her way and struck down severing the vampires right arm the limb exploded even as the vampire screamed. Pushing it forcefully back, Spike fired point plank into its chest, the last minion died instantly.

Looking round, Buffy saw a smiling bandit pistol in hand looking at her from 10 feet away nine more of its amigos waited behind confident of their victory. "So Puta now you die", it said as it brought the gun up slowly, too slowly.

A rapid over arm throw buried the kukris in the creatures chest, but metal wont kill vampires unless it dismembers them, though the vampire was in agony it continued to try to aim. Buffy waited for death.

Then the vampire looked to its left shoulder at the arrow flights that had appeared there the bolt angled down had pierced its heart a second later pistol and kukris hit the floor.

In the excitement nobody had notice the sudden flurry of ceiling tiles and it was only when Giles shot gun went roaring into action BLAM!,BLAM!,BLAM!,BLAM!,BLAM from above them that the vampires realized their peril.

"Thank you goddess", Willow said joyful over her well placed shot having saved her friend life. She reloaded her bow hastily whilst watching Giles fire destroy three more vamps in short order.

"Wow, just like that", Amy shouted as her first shot fired in anger hammered home the vampires dust settling on the ground below.

The last vampire in the column looked at the crossbow bolt in its chest and crumpled leaving four open mouthed survivors.

"Ducks in a gallery" Xander quipped even as he squeezed off a jet of Holy water, "Weak line I know but the best I can do in the circumstances".

White smoke billowed up as the vampires turned to run their faces burning.

Spike, though a little dazed, opened fire dusting one fleeing vamp before rifle fire sent him diving for cover. Angel too was driven back down even as Giles claimed a fourth victim.

The other two vampires dropped behind the sofa's cover even as Xander unleashed the super squirter on the vamps behind the barricade.

"God damn", Dutch screamed as he dived to avoid the jet his companeros followed just in time. "Pike!" he shouted pointing at the source of the incoming fire.

Buffy grabbed Faith's loaded shotgun and rolled round the corner of the sofa, two vamps were crawling as fast as they could go for the far end and the barricade. Lying on her belly the Slayer grinned as she aimed at the vamps butt then fired and dusted. A rapid slide movement saw the second vampire dust as well.

Pike drew his .45 semi auto and aimed it at the ceiling, he couldn't see the Slayerettes but fired anyway.

"Yow" shouted Kate as bullet holes appeared behind her.

As Buffy crawled forward to get nearer her enemies, a vamp suddenly stepped in front of her rifle poised, they fired together his bullet ripped a chunk of plaster from the wall her stake slammed into the vampires right lung. Both reloaded to try again.

Willow leaned out a little and fired, her bolt took the vampires life.

Trying a little nearer to the row of holes, the Slayerettes were firing through Pike loosed off the last round in his clip. It tore through the tiling and struck one of the metal beams holding up the roof.

"Damn", Giles grabbed his right bicep his upper arm had been peppered by the shrapnel from the bullet, Amy brought her hand up to her left cheek she felt like she'd been stung and her fingers came away bloody. "Xander".

"It's not too bad", Xander spared her no more that a glance as he exhausted the water in his gun. His hand went to his haversack even as the four surviving barricade vampires rose guns pointed at them, he pulled out a Holy water bottle and pitched it down.

Dutch had enough and ran across to join Pike even as the bottle sailed through the air. Angel's shot missed him but a second round dusted the vampire whose arm Spike had broken with a .45 slug earlier in the fight as it tried to follow Dutch.

Sprayed by Holy water and glass the three remaining Companeros dropped their weapons screaming at the pain as the water burned their skin. Spike fired methodically killing two and only failed to get the third because Kate beat him to it with a well aimed bolt.

"Mr Bishop", Dutch sat grim-faced beside his boss, just five of them left now, the still comatose Angel, Eduardo and Chico and the almost hysterical Joy. "Do you think they'll accept a white flag?"

"No" was all Pike could reply.

"We can't see them from here Giles", Willow complained to the injured Watcher, "I'm going to the next beam and kick another hole".

"Be careful", Giles responded watched Willow step out and disappear.

"GILES, XANDER", Willow screamed as she hung by her fingertips from the beam she'd missed with her foot she had plunged through the ceiling as a tile gave way beneath her only by the grace of the goddess had she avoided plummeting 12 feet to the floor below. Xander moving quickly jumped across to grab her wrists and tried to pull her up.

Smiling Dutch, Eduardo and Chico all took aim, two of the Slayerettes plain in their sights then Pike spoke up.


"What?" Dutch turned snarling at his boss. "Mr Bishop".

Pike just smiled and shouted. "SLAYER, lets cut a deal".

*Fuck*, Buffy was almost at the corner of the Sofa just about too roll round the side of the barricade and blast the bad guys. Their lives for Willow's, she knew the drill it took her a second to decide. "What are the terms?"

"We go out through the wall here and you don't follow", Pike looked at Dutch, the vampires game face disappeared and he nodded. "Your red-haired friend lives and so do we".

"Fine, but you go back to Mexico", Buffy shook her head, *So close*. "So get out now, before I change my mind".

"Get your Patron", Pike said to his two surviving servants. "Joy you get out with them".

Eduardo and Chico dragged Angel under the truck and out through the hole Spike had left, Joy after hugging her "Sugar Daddy" followed.

Nodding to Dutch, Pike watched him go.

"Well little Lady, I'd like to say this has been a pleasure but it wasn't. I'll be back here but don't worry we immortals have some advantages, I'll just sit on my ass in Mexico and wait for you to die. Your a brave kid I'll tell all my enemies to come visit with you".

"ADIOS", and with that Pike crawled out and away into the night.

Chapter 9.1 Your girl!

For a few seconds the roadhouse was quite. Then Spike ran to Buffy grabbed her and lifted her up in the air. "Fuck that was intense", he let her down to her feet and bending forward kissed her on the forehead. "We're alive though, aren't we Kitten?"

"Well I am", Buffy suddenly remembered her other problem aside from Pike, the besotted vampire that stood before her,*This could be tricky*, she smiled at him anyway. "Technically you aren't".

"Well that's a philosophical argument Slayer that could keep us going for days". Spike leaned back against the sofa and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "After all I walk, I talk, I require sustenance to survive and as I'd be quite happy to prove to you Pet I can shag all night, so I reckon I can call that life".

Looking at him open mouthed Buffy tried to think of a comeback but was saved by a tentative shout from above.

"Guys, when your ready, HELP!", Willow was still hanging from the ceiling and looking up could see Xander starting to sag under her weight.

"I'll second that", virtually on his knees Xander felt his grip begin to weaken.

Game face gone, Angel walked across the room, he was unable to believe what he was hearing from Buffy and his Childe but first things first. He stopped under Willow. "Let go of her Xander, I'll catch her".

"Dead boy you drop her and I'll.." Xander let Willow go.

Falling Willow opened her mouth to scream then Angels hands grasped her hips firmly and she landed on her feet light as a feather. "Wow, Angel, that was kinda fun", Willow looked up at a relieved Xander. "You think I could do it again?"

Then Willow looked around and her smile died, "Where are the others?" Then she saw Wesley lying in the doorway. "Oh Goddess".

She looked up at Angel and asked plaintively, "Faith and Seth?".

"Faith's gone and Seth's badly hurt", the Vampire was feeling weak from blood loss and his voice showed no emotion but he put his arms round the girl and held her gently.

"Faith", Willow didn't know what to feel, she had been hurt (despite Oz) over what had happened between Faith and Xander and even before post the sex thing there had been the killing of Fitch the assault on Xander and the horrible way she'd treated everyone, Buffy especially, since then had only made matters worse. Still Willow decided she'd do her best not to think ill of the dead.

Suddenly the second part of Angel's comment hit home,*Seth*, she stepped back. "We're standing here hugging whilst he's hurt, were is he?"

"Over there", Angel pointed weakly at the bullet riddled sofa, for the first time Willow took in the dark red patches and the ragged holes in his shirt under a layer of dirt from dusted vamps, "You're hurt, too," healing spells began to run through her mind as she ran to help Seth. "Come with me".

Before Angel could follow Giles shouted from overhead, "You couldn't possibly go and get us the ladder could you?" Angel looked up and smelled more blood, his demon growled, Giles was standing above him his left hand bloody as it clutched his arm.

"Hold on Rupert, I'll go get it", Angel forgot his own wounds and looked round for Spike and Buffy, he was startled to see they were still 'Spike and Buffy'. They were stood staring at each other as if unaware of what else was going on.

"Spike!", he shouted, commanding Sire to Childe.

"What the hell does he want?" Spike reluctantly tore his gaze away from the Slayers hazel eyes. "What now!?"

"Get over here and help me fetch the ladder", Angel expecting his childe to follow headed for the door.

"Yikes", Buffy suddenly realized she was standing ogling a vampire when she still had work to do.

Picking up her shotgun, Buffy went to finish off the wounded vamps then stopped and looked down at the weapon in her hands. Suddenly to Spike's surprise and concern, the Slayer began to frantically work the slid until all the shells were emptied and then she threw the gun aside.

"Are you alright Pet?"

"No", Buffy looked back around the room at the numerous bullet holes in the walls, "I don't ever want to have to carry that again or have to even think about using a gun".

"I know Luv", Spike hugged her to him and patted her shoulder, "I don't want too either".


"All right keep your hair on Bwana", Spike wandered off ,pissed at the discovery that having Buffy for his girl was going to potentially entail social contact with someone he really didn't like.

Left alone, Buffy felt for Mr. Pointy but found she'd left the stake at the scene of her recent hand to fang combat, breaking a two-foot length of plank from the barricade to take its place she went too work.

"You alright mate?" Spike asked his sire as they walked out of the building, "You look a little peaky."

Looking at how pale his Sire had gone Spike added, "I know where there's some blood going after this is over, that's if those hogs didn't drink the lot".

"Thanks, and thanks for saving our lives", Angel said the hated words but the harshly asked his Childe. "Now what the fuck's your plan, your angle, what are you trying to do to my girl?"

"YOUR GIRL!", making no effort to conceal his scorn Spike laughed. "She's not your girl anymore, you ponce, you blew that deal months ago".

Somehow Angel fought down the urge to hit his Childe but snarled, "You'll kill her the first chance you get, you'll bide your time then you'll torture her like you did the others".

The railroad spike, what he had done with it and how the Slayers had begged for their lives and their screams all flashed across Spike's mind and he paused fighting down nausea before answering. "You're really jealous aren't you mate, not just of me and Buffy but cause I got my conscience back all on my own. Unlike you I didn't need some gypsy curse to do it and I'll tell you now I'm not gonna do that kind of stuff anymore and that's that".

Spike headed resolutely for the ladder, Angel stayed where he was for a few seconds stunned by his Childe's response then shaking his head followed but shouting. "Who the hell do you think you are then, the Forever Knight?"

"Eh?" the blond stopped as he tried to figure that out, then recollection hit him. "Yeah, or maybe, only without all that tortured by my past crap that you specialize in".

"So your just gonna give up the hunt". Angels temper snapped and his game face began to return. "You wont last a month, you'll break and you'll kill someone and Buffy will destroy you, I only hope I'm here to see it".

"You know something mate, you're not the vampire you were", Spike got to the ladder and lifted it down. "I mean when you lost your soul what did you do, you came to the factory to shoot your mouth off at Dru and me, the old Angelus would have gone back in and given Buffy the seeing too of her...."

Angelus leapt at him fangs bared but Spike slammed him back up against the wall with the ladder and pinned him there. Struggling Angel snarled, "You bastard Spike, how dare you talk about her like that, you're gutter trash and you always will be".

"No, I've come a very long way from where you found me", Spike wasn't smiling though when he added. "You're right in one point though. I shouldn't talk about my girl like that, especially not in front of you, if I'm gonna be a knight, then Buffy is my Lady".

Slowly Angels human features returned, "She can't love you".

"You've spoiled her for mortal boys, they're just kids to her they don't have our depth of character", Spikes smile broadened. "But she can't have you what with that nasty old curse problem and all, if I behave myself its just a question of time".

He stepped back and released Angel, "Your mates are stuck. Do we take them this ladder or not?"

Still wanting to kill his Childe but knowing Buffy wouldn't forgive him for it Angel took hold of the other end of the ladder, "Come on then", he spat and the two rivals headed back to the doorway.