One Wild Ride

by John Cope
Buffy/Dusk ‘til Dawn/Wild Bunch Crossover

"Ow," Spike flinched as Buffy forcefully prodded the swollen flesh around the wound in his back. "That hurts, Slayer!"

"Big baby," he heard the blond girl mutter. "It looks ok though, you've a nasty bruise on the back of your neck by the way."

"It's where that git Angel whacked me with a pistol whilst my back was turned."

"Angel? Why on earth would he have..."

"That's the Mexican ponce Luv, not the Irish one...ow," he looked round at a pouting Slayer who had probed the wound again. "What the hell was that for?"

"I know you have a history with Angel, but don't dis him in front of me," the pout disappeared a little. "And in return, I won't dis Dru."

"Alright I suppose." Spike laughed as a thought occurred to him. "You know my history with Angel gives us something in common." He dived out of the way thus avoiding the punch Buffy threw in his direction. "That's right Pet, he's had us both!"

Buffy had been kneeling behind him on the bed now she got up and headed for the door, "Ok Spike that's enough for tonight. I'm going home now."

The vampire didn't make any move to stand in her way but he did hold up a hand. "I can't possibly let you leave without checking your wound first."

"My wound." Running her fingers over Spike's torso had left Buffy with a serious need for air, a cold shower, and if totally necessary masturbation, she had forgotten all about the flesh wound she'd suffered. "I'm a Slayer, a wound like that will be healed by tomorrow, and anyway there's no way I'm taking my pants off in front of you."

She looked at him standing there half naked and *Toned!* and felt herself begin to flush. "No, sorry, I'll look after myself thank you."

"That's hardly fair, is it Luv?" Spike saw her flushed face and noticed the change in her breathing, he moved a little closer. "I just want to make sure your ok, after all, I let you look at mine."

"So it's an ‘I'll show you mine if you show me yours' situation." Buffy wished vampire's could blush but had to be content with seeing Spike's jaw drop. She looked back behind her at the curtain that ran down one side of the bed. "Get on the bed and draw the curtain."


"Do as I say Vampire, or I'm out of here," Buffy kept a straight face even as Spike rushed to obey orders, she was surprised he didn't tear the curtain of the rail he pulled it so hard. *Ok girl time to run.*

Buffy headed for the door and had her hand on the handle when she paused. She knew what would probably happen if she stayed here with Spike and suddenly found that she wanted it to. He knew her deepest secret and despite the fact that he could have led her into a trap and become as a result the right hand vamp of the Hellmouth's ruler had stayed true, he had gone against his own people to save her.

Of course, Angel had done the same but he had a soul an excuse so to speak. Spike had done it for love, of that she was certain now. *Can I Love him? Should I?*

Slowly Buffy took of her coat and laid it on the sofa one of the few items of furniture Angel had left behind, she took Mr Pointy out and laid him beside the coat then sat down and began to untie her boot laces.

"How you doing Kitten?" Emerged from behind the curtain.

"Don't you be trying to rush me, Mr Tom Cat,"

Spike smiled, *She hasn't run.*

Her boots hit the floor one by one with loud thuds then her socks were balled up and thrust into them, *I'm grimy and I stink of sweat hardly the kind of situation I'd pictured having sex in.* Not she suddenly realized that she had ever pictured herself having sex with anyone other than Angel for such a very long time.

Hesitantly her hands went to the fastens of her pants and she stopped for a second, *Why are you doing this, is it just to prove your alive and that Angel doesn't matter anymore?* But then she undid the button and the clip and letting the zipper down slid her trousers quickly to the floor. *No, it's because you've found someone else who knows who you are and loves you for it.*

The wound looked nastier that she thought it would, dried blood flecked her skin. *That won't be a problem for long.*

"Are you ready Buffy?" a hesitant voice came from behind the curtain the timbre of it sent a shiver up Buffy's spine, she could hear the passion there.

"Not quite." The Slayer had as usual pinned up her hair for action, now she reached up and freed her blond tresses and shook them free wishing that she hadn't left her bag in the Library and could run a brush through it. "Ok".

Spike put his hand on the curtain and wondered if he should tell the girl to go, he was a vampire his demon growled within for him crying out to taste a Slayer's rich blood. The urge to morph came over him and he repressed it harshly. *NO! I'm going to love her just like I loved Dru.*

He threw the curtain back, she was beautiful her face might be streaked with tears and cordite still and fragments of upholstery still caught in her gold hair but standing there in just a black shirt that came down to mid-thigh, she was the most perfect sight that he had ever seen.

He climbed down from the bed and walked the few feet that separated them, she made to put her foot on the sofa so that he could see her wound but he said, "I'll manage as you were, Pet."

For a few moment's she didn't understand and then her worst enemy,(Former), dropped to his knee's in front of her. A cold hand almost shaking with tension gently traced the wound. "You're right Kitten, it's already almost healed over, still I better clean it up for you."

"Oh!" Buffy closed her eyes as Spike's cold tongue lapped up the course the bullet had taken skillfully removing the dried blood, her left hand stroked through his hair even as he ministered to her, she wanted more.

"Spike," he didn't stop, she took as tight a grip on his short blond hair as she could. "Spike, look at me."

Blue eyes locked with her hazel, she felt arousal flood through her and knew what she needed. Angel had done it to her just a little promising that in the morning he'd do it some more and let her try stuff to, but there had been no morning, not for them. Her hand went to the hem of her shirt and drew it up to her navel revealing the black thong she wore. "Spike, please do it for me."

Without hesitation, the vampire moved his right hand up and pulled her panties gusset to one side exposing the nest of blond curls hidden behind it. He knew he had her now, but took no chances. Gentle once more, he opened her with two fingers and softly licked the opening folds of her womanhood.

Gasping with pleasure Buffy folded her hands behind the back of her lover's head and pulled him closer, arching her hips forward even as she did so. The vampires tongue penetrated her fully and she was amazed at it's length, "Oh god yes."

Thankful that he didn't have to breath, Spike took charge licking her thoroughly then flicking his tongue against her clit before softly capturing her nubbin between his teeth and sucking it, the girl's juice dripping from his chin only serving to spur him on to his goal.

Buffy felt like every nerve she had was on fire, her knees felt like they might give way at any second, "Spike, oh baby if you don't I'm going to I'm gonna...", Spike's response was to grip her ass hard and pull her tighter to him. "..Come."

Then she cried out as orgasm swept her senses away, Spike felt the rush of her emissions pour out of her and gulped down as much of the nectar as he could. Her hands went to his shoulder's as she tried to hold herself up. He pulled his face away from her mound and smiled as he looked up at her flushed face. "Was that what you wanted, Kitten?"

"Yes, Mr Tom," she panted surprised she could still speak. "There's a bed over there, let's use it."

"Yes please." Spike let her go as shakily she walked over he contemplated how he was gonna stand without his cock tearing clean through the crotch of his pant's. *Somehow I think I'll manage.*

The Slayer sat on the edge of the bed, smiling she watched Spike walk over to join her unbuttoning his pants on the way, there was a very interesting looking bulge in the material. "Are all vampire's so big?"

"Certainly Pet." he smirked male ego boosted. "We're notorious for it."

"Good." Buffy raised her hips a little as he took the elastic sides of her thong in his hands. "So give me what I need."

The undergarment removed, Spike hesitated for a second, she seemed so small and he didn't want to hurt her but she looked up at him and smiled. "Don't worry, just go slow at first, now please Spike."

"Certainly Kitten." Spike gently opened the girl's thighs and dropping his pants freed his cock. He was ready willing and able and finding her entrance and her fingers there to guide him gently began to penetrate her hot core.

Buffy tried to relax her muscles, but still she felt herself stretched almost to the limit at first, but then as her inner muscles adapted a grimace turned to a smile, "Wow that feel's good."

"Oh baby, you're so tight," Spike felt her grip him as he stood there sheathed by her, his Slayer, she was looking up at him fiercely now and then her legs locked around his hips as he pulled back.

"Where are you going?" she asked pulling him back firmly.

"Nowhere," he gasped. "Specially not if you break my back."

The major grip eased and Spike began to work up a rhythm, he leaned forward and she rose up a little their lips meeting, his tongue thrust into her mouth even as his cock did in her vagina. She tasted herself on him as she relished the feel of his cold flesh.

Spike broke his mouth free as his demon rose, he had avoided indulging himself at the roadhouse and his passion was at a high level, he thrust harder as he morphed his clawed fingers wrenching up the Slayers shirt he exposed the black sport's bra she was wearing and squeezed her breasts.

Buffy bit her lip to stop herself from crying out from the pleasure he was giving her, she let herself tighten around him and then relaxed in time with his thrusts. Suddenly remembering there was no- one to hear, she cried out, "Spiikeee!"

Spike threw back his head and repressed the urge to taste his lover's blood, he felt like howling as his orgasm neared.

Bringing her fingers down between them Buffy rapidly squeezed and stroked her clit and then felt for the second time in her life cold semen rush into her womb, the sensation sent her over the edge and she cried out even as the vampire roared above her.

Eyes closed, Buffy felt her lover draw back a little then felt the bed sag as he fell forward but held himself up to avoid crushing her. She opened her eyes to see a fully game faced vampire above her, "Oh look I just fucked a demon."

Spike's yellow eyes widened at the statement and he was even more amazed as Buffy brought her right hand up and traced the ridges on his forehead with her finger tips. "Why didn't you put your mark on me lover? I thought that's what vampires did to their mates."

"I didn't want to scare you, Kitten," Spike felt his strength returning, carefully not wanting to cut the girls lips, he kissed her again. He found her tongue thrust forcefully into his mouth and tasted her blood as his fangs grazed it.

"Your not such a nasty old Tom after all," Buffy wriggled a little his erection had returned within seconds but she wanted to try something else before they did that again. "Swap places."

Easing himself clear Spike stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed watching as the Slayer stripped off her shirt and bra. "Like what you see?" She asked him boldly.

"Yes Luv, your my blond goddess." It came out naturally there wasn't even the faintest attempt to compare her to Dru in it. "Come back here to me."

Buffy could feel the vampire's cold secretions beginning to trickle down her thighs mixed with her own juices. She felt wicked and wanted more and she wanted to try some of the 'Other stuff'.

Spike was stunned as the Slayer knelt in front of him and began to untie his Doc Martins. "There's something I've always wondered about you."

"What's that Luv?"

"Do you paint your toenail's the same shade of black?" before he could answer she yanked a boot off and looked up at him with a hint of disappointment in her face. "No, you don't."

Spike laughed and his human face returned. "Sorry Pet, I'm not that sort of boy," his other boot came off and then he was almost pulled off the bed as Buffy nearly tore his trousers off. "Hang on Luv."

"Sorry," the Slayer caressed his thighs and then her small hands closed round his cock, she bent her head forward and gently flicked her tongue over the glans. "Does that make it up to you?"

"Oh Buffy, oh it does." He looked down at her hoping to god she wouldn't stop but still feeling he had to ask. "Are you sure Kitten?"

"I'm way sure," and without further hesitation Buffy took him in her mouth.


"Ow," Giles flinched as Karen delicately pulled another fragment of metal from the wound in his arm.

"There there, I think we're almost done," dropping the fragment into the dish she was using Karen leaned across and kissed Giles on the cheek. "Whose been my brave soldier."

"Oh," Giles was startled and forgot the pain. "I am trying to be."

He looked at her as she put the tweezers away, not only was she intelligent and charming and quite lovely but he suddenly realized that unless he was very much mistaken she actually liked him, and as more that just her school's librarian. *Well well!*

Karen got a piece of sterile gauze dressing she'd already cut and some lengths of medical tape and began to cover the wound. "So if I hadn't already known, what would your excuse have been?"

"I beg your pardon?" Giles adjusted his glasses. "I'm afraid I don't follow."

"Your wound," Karen took of the sterile glove's she'd worn. "It's hardly an A-typical librarian injury, what would you have said if I didn't know the truth?"

"You know I hadn't thought about that," Giles wracked those sections of his brain that weren't cursing him for not noticing Karen sooner and then from somewhere it came to him. "Blast Camp, that's it, I'd say it happened at Blast Camp."

"You and paintball!" Karen laughed as she pictured it. "Rupert, they don't use real guns. I should know I've tried it in other towns whose schools I've worked in. It's fun and I take it you've never tried it."

"No I've never had the time," Giles had a few requests to go along with colleagues back in England but with both a job and Watcher training to attend he hadn't been able to.

"Come with me then," Karen noted his expression of not disdain, perhaps fear of being shown up. "Oh Rupert, say yes, you know what they say all work and no play make Jack a dull dog."

*It would appear that I'm being asked on a...a date by an American girl again,* he didn't hesitate ant longer. "Karen, I'd be delighted to accompany you."

"Oh Rupert I'm so pleased," Karen had to restrain herself from hugging Giles. "It'll give me a chance to show you some moves."

"Show me some...", Giles shook his head baffled. "What on earth do you mean?"

"For when I come and slay vampires with you," she saw a look of horror cross his face. "Buffy said I could."

"Did she really.....".


Finally Willow managed to get a grip on the bullet that held and pulled it from Angel's chest, he gasped with pain even as the forceps came out. "I got it," Willow gasped sweat pouring down her forehead.

Relieved, Cordie, her muscles aching from trying to hold Angel still, let go of him and stepped back, her hair was matted to her face and her upper body glistened with moisture. "I so need to shower."

Angel sat there still as Willow hastily patched his wound. He needed to shower to the feel of Cordelia's soft hand's gripping his shoulders had been bad enough the fact that her silk coated breasts had from time to time accidentally brushed his back had only made thing's worse. First though he needed to feed.

"Willow, can I have the blood bags?"

Willow had the extreme ickiness of having two bags of blood about her person to contend with, trying to bring them up to body temperature. It was not an experience she would be in any hurry to repeat. "Here," she said handing them over. "I'm gonna go wash up, you do what you got to do."

Cordelia stayed though Angel heard her pacing behind him, he looked round even as he drained the first bag, she'd put her blouse on but hadn't buttoned it up the sight of her black silk covered breasts made him look away in haste. He didn't feel comfortable with the thoughts they provoked.

"Here you are wounded and all and where's Buffy?" Cordelia suddenly asked the sound of her footstep's stopping. "I would have thought that she would have been here with you."

"She's with Spike," it was all he could think to say, he prayed the brunette would let the matter rest there.

"SPIKE!" Cordelia shouted it. "But he's a vampire, ok your a vampire but you're a vampire with a soul, how come she's with Spike? Did he get a soul, too?"

"No," Angel might of known, this could go on for hours. "He got a conscience."

Cordelia detected the pain in Angel's voice and being sensitive to other's needs limited herself to a heartfelt. "Bummer," before continuing with. "So you going back to LA or are you going to hang here and keep an eye on her?"

Angel thought about it hard, he considered that for the time being at least his Childe was in full control of his demon and he didn't want to see him with Buffy. "There isn't anything left for me here Cordie, so yes I'll go back to LA."

"Good!, you can take me with you."

Looking round sharply Angel noted the set determination on Cordelia's face. "Oh no, you're staying here with your family. I don't have time to look after you."

"Angel, I'm going to LA anyway, I've decided to take up acting so I'm Hollywood bound." Cordelia looked around her distaste for Sunnydale writ all over her face. "But I seem condemned to have my life blighted by the supernatural so I might as well help you fight it, Im certainly not staying here with the dweeb's and doing it. I don't think there's anything left here for me either."

"With just the two of us, it'll be really dangerous. I don't have time to nursemaid you."

Cordelia tossed her head back angry at him. "I'm gonna be there whether you like it or not, I can learn to fight, ok not stuff I couldn't do without a face guard cause cosmetic surgery's so expensive, but you could teach me Crossbows and some martial arts stuff."

She buttoned her blouse and turned to go. "I'll see you in LA Angel," and before he could attempt to say another word she was gone the door's swinging behind her.

"Damn." Angel put on the remnants of his own shirt and headed for the nearest access to the sewers, he'd see about that. Cordelia might well find herself tied up on the first bus back to Sunnydale but still it might not be to bad having a familiar face around, even if the personality that went with it grated so badly.


Surprised to find the other's gone Willow stood lost in the Library doors. "Oh great, they didn't even hang to say goodnight," she looked at her watch. "Or for that matter good morning."

Morning, that meant! Willow rushed to the cage to see not her Werewolf but her Oz lying there sleeping. Quickly she went over to the table and retrieved the key to the cage as quiet as she could she unlocked the door and getting down beside Oz hugged him to her.

Oz woke from a dream to find Willow's arms around him, *This feel's better that any dream,* then he remembered what she had gone off to do the night before on reflected on how glorious it was to have her here alive. "Hi Willow, are you ok."

"Yeah," was all she said as she tried to snuggle closer her hands roaming just a little over her boyfriend's bare chest.

"The others, are they cool?" he squirmed a little. "Hey no tickling."

"Faith and Wesley died," Willow pressed her face against Oz's shoulder as she said the words. "The others are all more or less ok."

"Oh that's a sad thing," Oz tried to think of anything good to say about Wesley but couldn't. "Faith was really just a lonely person the kind of life she'd had."

"Yeah." Willow felt Oz take one of her hands in his and squeeze it gently. "We should have done things differently, but it's to late to change it now."

She kissed his back. "Oz I nearly died tonight, if you'd been with us you could have died, Oz I don't want to wait anymore."

He tensed. "You mean you want to..."

Flushing and glad she couldn't see his face Willow whispered. "I want to make love with you Oz, we can go up to the AV room and no one will disturb us."

"I'd like that," Oz smiled there was nothing he loved more in the world than Willow Rosenberg. "But we have a problem not anticipating this I don't have with me."

"Oh," Willow hugged him a little tighter. "Damn!"

Then her hand freed itself from his and began to drift southwards. "But there's other stuff we can do isn't there?"

"Yes there is I guess." Oz arrested her hand's progress. "The AV room sounds good to me."

"It should look good to." Standing quickly Willow held her hand for her boyfriend cum lover to take. She smiled as Oz stood up and took it in his.

"Willow, you have the sweetest smile," and with that Oz kissed her deeply before they walked away up into the stacks.


Spike lay in the darkness, after awhile they had drawn the curtain cocooning themselves in their own private realm the rest of the world forgotten.

The vampire was pretending to be asleep, the blond girl he held protectively to him, her naked body warm against his cold one was he suspected doing exactly the same. Though in truth he felt tired enough to sleep his wounds and the stress of the last few days catching up with him plus the exhausting experience of being laid, relaid, *trelayed?* and finally parlayed by the Slayer.

*The Slayer, well mate you did it you won her but now what where does it go now?* He knew that was the question that they were both avoiding asking each other.

"Buffy," he said softly. "Are you awake Pet?"

"Spike, you know I am." She kissed his shoulder. "Are you thinking the same as me?"

"What now?"

"Well the Hellmouth's gonna be quiet for a few weeks at least," Buffy felt like shouting for joy at the prospect, instead she kissed one of the few vamps left in town. "And with Giles back in charge I can make use of the month I have before College to take vacation time."

"Kitten you want to leave me already?" Spike tried not to let the hurt sound through knowing from what she'd told him earlier how bad her summer had been.

"No," Buffy pouted just a little. "But you'll have to set up in the mansion and get any furniture you need." She looked at him wondering how he would accomplish that feat, then remembered the plastic and the found money. "I was thinking a couple of weeks at Dad's and then maybe on up to Frisco."

*While I just move house, won't that be fun.* He tried hard not to look like he was sulking. "I hope you have a lovely time, Kitten."

Planting a kiss on the end of his nose Buffy smiled and replied. "I intent too, you see two weeks from now a certain handsome, blond vampire is gonna arrive in his big old car in LA to drive me north, and when we get there I'm gonna spend my night's with him and anytime during the day, when we're not in bed together, I intend to be on the beach."

"Oh Buffy, I like the sound of that," He kissed her hard, then laughed at a thought that occurred to him. Buffy looked a little puzzled so he added. "After we get back, you can go to College while I take care of business here."

"I beg your pardon?" Buffy was confused at what he meant.

"When Angel goes back to LA, who'll be the only Master Vampire in town?"

"You, I guess."

"Indeed, and thanks Luv I couldn't have achieved it without you."

"Don't mention it. Now what the hell do you mean?"

"It means, any new vamp's turn up, they leave town with the toe of my boot up their arse, anyone comes here gang-handed and we do them together."

Buffy pictured how her grades could improve with the extra study time. "Ok, but don't you dare be trying to steal my job."

"Move your leg just a little higher Slayer and you'll find I've got totally the wrong equipment to be the Chosen One."

Moving her hand instead Buffy ran her fingers up and down Spike's length. "You ready again lover?"

"Well Kitten, I did say I could shag all night."

And with that Spike set out to prove his boast to Buffy's ultimate complete and total satisfaction.


Carlsbad, Southern California, Three weeks later.

Brian De Silva's bad luck was to own a van and live near Interstate Five he was unlocking his vehicle just after sunset ready to drive into Oceanside when he heard gravel crunch on his drive, wheeling round he found himself looking down the barrel of a gun held by a smiling Mexican.

Angel aimed the M16 easily. He had acquired it in the barrio's of LA where the people of his village had reluctantly sheltered him during his recuperation.

"Buenos noches, Senor, Por favor you will drive my companeroes and I to the border."

"No way, just take the keys and the van but....", his protest's died in horror as Angel morphed.

"You will drive, Senor."

Dutch, Eduardo and Chico followed out of the nearby wood's they to now carried assault weapon's. The surviving bandit's wore grin's soon they would be able to show off their new weapons to the boys who had stayed behind, show them who had become el mucho hombre.

Dutch called into the darkness behind them. "Come on, you lazy bastard, we don't have all night."

"I'm coming, Mr Engstrom," Pike tried not to laugh as he and Joy followed burdened down with pack's. He'd enjoyed a little holiday with Dutch and Angel making the decisions, but once they were south of the border, he would soon reimpose his authority. He and his girl, though she'd been everyone's by now, followed the other vamp's into the van.

Dutch checked around, no one had witnessed the hijack. He nodded to Angel and said, "Let's go."

The End