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The Sound of His Name
Rodney rarely called him by his first name and never in that tone.
Rated PG-13
Counting the Days
The third day, John eyed the roll of duct tape with longing.
Rated NC-17
The Many Likes of Ronon Dex
Bacon was delicious.
Rated PG
Hint of Ronon/Teyla, McShep
H.M.S. Atlantis
Stargate! Stargate! We're going through the Stargate! Stargate!
Rated PG
Musical!Atlantis, light McShep


Rodney McKay and the Crazed Gay Yenta
McShep, NC-17

The Birds and the Bees and the Bats and the Robots
McShep, Rated PG-13

A Team is Borne
Gen, Rated PG

The Best Things in Life are Free
HS!McShep, Rated PG-13

Working Doubletime on the Seduction Line
McShep, Rated PG-13

Accidentally in Love
McShep, Rated NC-17