My Favorite Smallville

Categories are subjective and reflect how I view the stories.
Multiple stories by the same author are grouped together by category and marked by a dash.

These are my own personal favorites. Be sure to feedback the authors if you do read the stories. Updated 7/18/15.

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Drama/Romance Humor/Romance  Alternate Universe All Stories 
-That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy
-Can't Be 
Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar! The Lazarus Gap Shrift
Unexpected -Asset Management
-The Scientific Method
-Las Vegas Honeymoon
Just What I Needed Ximeria's Lair
A Luthor Christmas Don't Cry -Corner of the World
A Thousand Churches
-Blow Your Mind
-Easy Tonight
-Feel Everything
Sister and Brother Games Series Beth
Patterns -Ice
-The Middle of Nowhere/The Road Home
Altville Mako
A Nice, Friendly Game -Fetish
-Resident Alien
Identical Series Kitty Fisher
-Lex, Not Luthor
Cookie Dough & Candy Hearts  -Last Buns of Krypton
The Bunny Farm 
Memoirs Of An Alien Who Fell To Earth Spandex-Wearing Lunatics Godsford Snark Nymph du Pave   
Photographic Evidence Super Freak -Omiai
-The Sink That Ate Christmas
-Earth Boys Are Easy
-Eleven Letter Words
-Botta Secreta
-The Denny's Napkin Incident
-Please Do Not Tease the Boy Scouts
-Quietus Interruptus
Kryptobiology Wine, A Constant Proof Suzvoy
-Teen of Steel; Man of Means    
-Men of Steel
Card One- The Fool And They All Lived Happily Ever After x
Freshman Orientation Triangulation Coming Home x
Trumpets and Truck Horns -Courtship of Martha's Son
-Wedding of Martha's Son
-Lessons in Compassion
-Lessons in Cruelty
-Lessons in Conspiracy
Toe-Hold The Nourishment Series x
-Never Here
-Here To Be
-Be What May
International Diplomacy The Happenings Series x
-Not Yet
A Very Luthor Wedding x x
Convergence I Am The Cheese x x
Maybe Baby SHIFT.perspective x x
-Blue Always Knew
-Indigo Is His Own
Triplicate x x
Of Angels and Geeks New Habits x x
Chatter Naughty & Nice x x
Mornings and Nights Death By Cuteness x x
The Art of the Possible Essentials I, II, III & IV x x
Psychobabble Merrily On High x x
Angel Perfect Day x x
Watercolors Buy Tulips x x
-Ride Awhile
-The Story of Beauty
The Very Cliche Motel Fic x x
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Lana Lang, Mastermind x x
-Clark Kent Appreciation Day
-Cooking Considered As One Of The Fine Arts
Kissing Over Spilled Milk x x
-Destiny's Whore
Two Small Boys
x x
Supply The More the Merrier x x
The Journey Cow Love x x
Soul Archeology Times When Normality Is Overrated x x
A Day on the Fringes Normalcy Is a Subjective Thing x x
Telephone x x x
And Washed the Spider Out
(friendship fic)
x x x