Mouse: A Definition


Clark didn't think he'd get home fast enough. The road seemed to stretch out forever, a black scar cutting through the fields of browns and greens. The sky was as black as the road, lit every few minutes by lightning streaking to the earth. The clap of thunder that followed reverberated deep in his bones.


Lex glanced over at him. "What?"

"Stop. Stop the car." Lightning flashed, illuminating the interior of the automobile. "Now."

It was an order, not a request, but Lex did pull off the road. Clark barely waited for the car to come to a halt before throwing open the door and scrambling from the vehicle. The rain was cold, stinging. His hair was plastered to his head within moments, his clothing being drenched.

Clark's features were lit in stark relief as another lightning bolt streaked through the sky.


Lex. Yesss.

Clark turned slowly. Lex had moved to the passenger side of the car and was watching him through the open door. The car's hazard lights blinked steadily.

The thunder rolled.

It was nothing to lift Lex from the car and carry him a short distance into the field. Toss him to ground with disregard for injury. Hold him prone, face pressed in the rain-soaked earth.

He struggled. Clark smiled predatorialy.

Lightning flashed.

Lex choked out Clark's name as he was partially bared to the elements, his black slacks and boxers around his knees. Clark licked a long stripe across Lex's pale buttocks, collecting droplets of rain with his tongue. His wet jeans were bunched on his thighs, exposing his turgid shaft, the cold rain hissing as it hit hot, hard flesh, mixing with the mucus-like substance seeping from the small pores on his penis.

Thunder clapped.

Clark sat on his boot heels and hoisted Lex onto his lap, back to chest.

Crack of lightning directly above.

Clark impaled Lex on his cock.

The ground exploded around them as bolts of pure electricity shot from the heavens.

The sky was a cacophony of sound and light as Clark fucked Lex hard. Alien strength lifted and lowered Lex like a piston, Clark's hips thrusting up to meet every downward slap of Lex's body against his own. Lex's fingernails dug into Clark's hands, smooth head lolling forward.

Rain continued to beat down upon the mindless rutting with its icy nettles.


Clark's thoughts were devoid of coherency. He could hear everything around them: the slick collision of skin against skin, the crackles of energy dancing along his body from the lightning as it continued to crash around them, the organic suction sound of the secretions mixing with rain and sweat. Lex was grunting softly, riding the bucking strokes as Clark pounded into him, syllabic approximations of Clark's name that the alien was too far-gone to acknowledge.


Their scents were mingling in Clark's nostrils: burning ozone from the electrical strikes, slick sweat and musky sex on a clean icy wind, and that odd scent of something that Clark had never smelled before.


Sensations were fighting for acknowledgement in his brain: the shivering of Lex's skin contrasting with the tight hot heat that surrounded his cock, the clench of Lex's ass, the nails digging into his hands and temporarily denting his skin. Icy rain was pelting down on them both, but that was the least of the sensations that Clark acknowledged as he fought to push himself harder and deeper into Lex's body.


His climax hit without warning, brilliant white heat like a flash of lighting inside his body. He slammed up against Lex's ass once, twice, and tensed completely, muscles trembling, as he crashed into ecstasy.

Lex's hand was working fast between his thighs when Clark returned to the here and now. His fingers tensed on Lex's hips and he could hear the creak of bone beneath the raging weather. He jerked his hands away, earning a stifled cry of distress.


Clark saw Lex start to topple, unable to hold his balance alone, and Clark's hands returned to steady him, holding him far more gently than he had before. He nuzzled into the back of Lex's neck, watching over Lex's shoulder as his lover jerked himself off, meeting Lex's thrusts back with a forward rock of his hips as Lex came, seed spilling over his fingers. Clark's cock still pulsed occasionally in Lex's ass, and he felt the other man tensing and trying to move.


Clark jerked him back down, hissing and holding Lex against him. His hands roved over Lex's body, half in possession and half checking for injury. His touch found knotted muscles and tense cramps, but nothing outwardly injured. His x-ray vision clicked on instinctively and he swept Lex's body with his eyes, checking internally. The creaking of Lex's pelvis had worried him, and he scrutinized the area before satisfying himself that Lex was physically unharmed. They were both soaked to the skin, however, and Lex was still shivering.


"Clark." Lex's voice was raw and throaty, as though he'd been screaming. Which maybe he had been and Clark hadn't heard over everything else. Lex tried to twist around and see Clark's face. Clark's response was a baring of teeth as he hissed again, hands clutching Lex close.


Lex blinked slowly, raindrops clinging to his lashes in profile. There was a slight hint of question in his eyes as he finally turned to stare at Clark. "Clark," he repeated.

Clark didn't respond, however. His spine stiffened as he heard something--another car driving down the road. His mind was still a jumbled mess, but he did know that Lex had left the hazard lights blinking, which meant the second car would most likely stop.

Lex grunted as he was set on his feet after Clark stood. Quick, sure movements, and both of their clothing were back in place. Possessive, bruising kiss to Lex's mouth, and Clark put his arm around Lex's waist to lead him from the field.

Clark had just settled Lex in the passenger seat when the approaching car slowed. Clark closed the car door, rounded the vehicle, and jogged up to the passerby. "Hey, Mrs. Fordman."

"Hi, Clark, is everything all right?" Mrs. Fordman, Whitney's mom, asked. She eyed the expensive car with trepidation.

"Everything's fine, Mrs. Fordman. Just a flat, which I finished changing," Clark lied.

"All right. If you're sure."

"I'm sure." Clark stepped back.

"Okay. Have a good night." Mrs. Fordman closed her window, put her car in gear and continued on her way.


As soon as Mrs. Fordman pulled away, Clark yanked open the driver's side door and got in the car. He rested his hand on the stick as he drew in deep breaths. "I'm driving."


"Clark... are you sure you're okay to drive?"


Clark noticed that Lex was shifting slightly in the seat. "Fine," Clark said shortly. He suddenly hauled Lex over the console between them and ground another bruising kiss onto Lex's mouth. The rain pattered heavily on the car as the dark skies rolled over them. "We're going home."


Lex was still--on pause--staring at Clark with swollen lips and inscrutable eyes. Then, he nodded slightly. "All right."

Clark let go of Lex abruptly, turned the key in the ignition, shifted into gear, and peeled away from the roadside. The Ferrari fishtailed on the slick pavement, but Clark kept control. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lex fasten his seatbelt. Clark laughed.

The castle loomed ominously, the storm creating the perfect setting for it. The few lights burning in the windows were not welcoming at all. Clark parked the car in front of the stone steps leading up to the main doors. No valet came out to greet them, but if someone had, Clark would have ignored them. He had no intention of leaving the car just yet.


Turning to Lex, Clark almost ripped the seat belt off him before remembering to press the release button. Once Lex was unbuckled, Clark hauled him over the console again. Lex's temple clipped the rearview mirror, elbow knocking against the steering wheel, his feet tangling with the gearshift, before he managed to spread his thighs over Clark's waist, right knee jammed between the seat and the door. Clark drew in a deep breath, scenting Lex carefully, a new smell to memorize, and then kissed Lex once again, hard and deep, as his hands tightened their grip on Lex's waist.

Lex put his hands on Clark's chest, pushing back slightly and freeing his mouth. "Clark. What is going on with you?" He lifted one hand to touch his friend's face softly, not sure what he expected.

Clark's brow furrowed, reality warring with the strange, intense need. "I- I don't- I want- chose you." He grabbed Lex's hand, pressing a wet kiss on the palm before releasing it. "Chosen. I choose you."

"You choose me," Lex said, voice calm, as if speaking to a skittish colt. "Why? And for what?"

Inside Clark's mind was a garbled mess. "I don't know," he whispered roughly. He was obviously running on instinct, his body telling him that Lex was who he wanted, who he needed to... mark?, before someone else claimed Lex.

Banging his elbow on the driver's side door, Clark suddenly tore Lex's trousers apart at the center seams, leaving them to fall loose around his thighs. Lex jerked at the abrupt movement, thumping his head on the ceiling of the car. With a burst of speed, Clark unbuttoned his jeans, lifted his hips, and pushed them down far enough to free his slick, throbbing erection. He manhandled Lex without hesitation, pulling him up higher, his knees on either side of Clark's ribs, pushing on his torso until his back hit the steering wheel, the car horn beeping upon impact as Clark's cock speared into Lex.

Lex bit off a cry, right hand slapping against the driver's side window and the other latching onto the gearshift. Clark thrust upwards as he pulled Lex onto him, grinding his pelvis against Lex's ass. Lex spasmed around him, body protesting the blunt intrusion so soon, the secretions on Clark's penis the only source of protection from the rough treatment.


As Clark pushed himself into Lex, his hands cradled the other man's lower body, pulling it against his own. The horn blared with Clark's every thrust into Lex as he drove his lover back against the wheel. Lex's palm squeaked against the window as he tried to balance out the hard fucking he was taking.


Noises coming from Lex, harsh and gasping, and Clark thrust harder, feeling the tight clutch as he pushed in deeper and deeper. A rumble of pleasure built up in Clark's throat as he scented Lex, now smelling his own scent mixed with Lex's. He knew, deep down inside, that this was the scent that Lex should always carry--his.


The thought that Lex was marked, chosen, pushed Clark over the edge for the second time that night. He clenched his teeth hard, his jaw popping, and slammed up against Lex a final time. Pleasure blinded him as he came, static vision.

Lex was panting when Clark's sight cleared, dancing on the knife's edge of his own climax. His cock lay heavily against Clark's abdomen, throbbing with need. "Touch me," he ordered in a raw whisper. "Jack me off."

The dominant tone, even with the whisper, rubbed Clark in the wrong way... and a right way. "No. Beg."

Shock was chased quickly by anger over Lex's face. "I will not beg."





"Worthy," Clark declared in a low rumble, leaning awkwardly forward to kiss Lex brutally. When he tasted blood in his mouth, he none-to-gently lifted Lex off, a sloppy wet sound underscoring Lex's sharp inhale.

Clark forced Lex into contortions, partially standing him on the seat, feet jammed on either side of Clark's hips. Lex's back was pressed against the ceiling and he was half hanging into the back, over Clark's head, as Clark engulfed Lex whole.

The hot length weighed against Clark's lower lip and tongue, sliding easily into his throat even without the secretions, like he'd done this a thousand times before. His throat muscles clenched around Lex's cock, tongue rubbing against the vein running along the shaft, as he sucked like he would on a straw. Lex had stopped making sounds all together, except for his fingernails scraping on the leather of the seat. It was possible he wasn't breathing, but Clark could hear Lex's heart pounding in sync with the pulsing of his cock.

Without warning, Lex orgasmed, and Clark swallowed repeatedly until Lex started trying to pull free.


Clark thought about not letting Lex go until he heard Lex's voice ringing in his ears. "Let me go, Clark. *Now.*" Even hoarse and throat-sore, Lex's voice still demanded obedience, and Clark was content to let Lex have his way. For now. His eyes watched as Lex slowly pulled himself together, over the seat, then over the console to carefully settle into the passenger seat with only a slight flinch. "Now, would you like to tell me exactly what's going on?"

Instead of answering, Clark breathed deeply, ingesting the mixed scents of their sex. "You were chosen... found worthy... claimed." It was the only explanation Clark was capable of, and he knew it would make little sense to his lover. "Marked."

Lex fingers gingerly probed the red suction marks on his throat and chest from Clark's mouth, and licked his split lip. "I'm going to need a little more explanation than that, Clark. In fact, I'm going to need a lot more explanation as to why you dragged me out into the middle of a field, fucked me there, and then brought me back here to do it all over again."

A dangerous thrill ran through Clark as Lex tried to assert control over this situation. "Worthy," he said hoarsely again.


"You said that already," Lex said sharply. "I want an explanation *now*, Clark."


Lex's eyes narrowed into slits. "Get out."

Clark stretched languidly, bowing his back in the restricted confines of the driver's seat, a silky smile gracing his lips. "Make me."

Lex said nothing. Mouth in a tight line, he opened the passenger door, got out of the car, and slammed the door shut. Clark let Lex go, and watched as he held his ripped trousers up and stormed through the rain to the castle.

Clark was in front of him before he reached the door. Lex reared back, startled by Clark's sudden appearance. Clark grabbed Lex's shoulders, staring intensely at him. The wind picked up. The rain pelted them, turning to hail that stung as it hit. The scent of the air changed. Cleared.

Clark's senses slammed back into him. His head jerked up, and he looked around wildly, his hearing picking up a strong train-like sound. A healthy dose of Kansas-raised fear slid along his spine, snapping his rational thought back into place. Wide-eyed, he dropped his gaze to Lex and his breath whooshed from him. "Tornado."


Without another word, Clark wrenched the front door open and shoved Lex inside. "Stay. Don't come out. Tornado coming." He grabbed Lex's shirtfront and hauled him close, kissing him softly, instinctively. "Stay safe." His mind was jumbled with images of what he'd done to Lex, images of Lex's forceful acceptance, his demands and Clark's reactions. "I--Lex--." Cold rain and hard hail was streaming down on both of them, and Lex's dress shirt was nearly translucent against his skin. Clark shoved his friend into the house. "I'm sorry, Lex." He slammed the door in Lex's face and ran. He was at the end of the driveway when he heard the call of his name.

He spun around to see Lex silhouetted in the open doorway, hand braced on the doorframe. He heard his name again, but Clark shook his head. "I'm sorry!" he shouted, leaving his apology to be carried on the wind as he ran towards home.

And then, not even home. The storm cellar, and his ship. Clark sat on the floor behind his spaceship, head resting on the cool metal. His face was hot, the metal soothing, and his thoughts twisting back on themselves.

What had he done? What... what did he do to Lex? Clark clenched his fists and slammed them against his legs as he remembered. Couldn't help but remember. The taste of Lex's blood in their kiss. The feel of Lex's body as he'd thrust in, over and over again. The smell of his semen marking Lex. Instincts he didn't know, didn't understand, didn't *want.* One word flitted in his mind, over and over again. Rape. He had all but raped Lex, but somehow... he knew he hadn't.

He knew that Lex had gotten off, had wanted it--maybe not that way, but definitely had wanted Clark, he hadn't protested--and God, how he'd felt when Lex had come down his throat and he could still feel the heat coiling in his belly, could still taste Lex in his mouth. Could still feel Lex in his arms, and it made him feel... so lonely now not to have that. Closing his eyes, Clark let his head drop onto his raised knees, burrowing back against his spaceship in confusion and despair.

He must have slept, because his eyes were gritty when he opened them again and his dad was crouched by his side. "Clark. The tornado's passed, son," Jonathan said.

"Okay," Clark said quietly. He didn't move to stand.

Jonathan frowned. "Is everything all right?"

No, everything wasn't all right, Clark thought. He forced himself on his best friend twice without explanation as to why. He had been out of control. Alien.


"I'm- I think I'm going to stay here awhile, if that's okay?" Clark said.

Jonathan misunderstood. "The tornado was a couple miles south of here, Clark. There's no reason to be afraid."

"I'm not afraid. I just..." Clark looked away, and lightly tapped his head on the ship. "I need to be down here."

"Clark, did something happen?" Jonathan asked worriedly.


"Yes... no... I don't know." Clark rubbed the back of his head against the ship. "I don't really want to talk about it."

"Did... someone get hurt?" That was Jonathan's worst fear, Clark knew.

"Maybe. I don't think so." He knew he hadn't physically hurt Lex, except maybe his... well, except for *that.* But he also knew there were other ways he could have hurt Lex, and those he truly didn't know about. "Nobody got hurt."

"Clark... son... what happened?"

"What do you want to hear, Dad? That I maybe hurt somebody, maybe screwed them against their will, then threw them in a car and drove them back to their house and dropped them off? Just... nothing happened, Dad, all right? I just... want to be alone right now."


Jonathan looked like he wanted to say more, but changed his mind. "All right," he said. "Your mom and I just got back, so there's a few things to do before we go to bed. If you need anything..."

Clark nodded and dropped his chin. He heard his dad sigh before leaving.

Clark closed his eyes and let his mind play over the events of the evening. He wondered if things would ever be okay again.

He couldn't help but be curious as to how Lex would feel about him after this. What Lex would think of him. He didn't understand any of it--well, much of it. The only thing that he knew was that he needed and wanted Lex --also in ways he didn't understand--and that he was now probably out of Clark's reach forever.


Sighing, Clark let his head drop back to his knees. Sometimes... sometimes he hated everything about himself. His gifts, his alienness, everything. Sometimes he just wanted to be like everyone else, and this was one of the times, because he was pretty sure that a normal person wouldn't have done what he did to Lex.


Clark wished there was someone he could talk to about this. Someone who had the answers. His parents - the Kents - were great and all, but they were at as much of a loss as Clark was about what he was and where he came from. If E. T. could ever phone home, now...

Clark laughed a bit hysterically before his throat clogged with tears. He thumped his head back against the ship that dumped him on earth without a clue. Why couldn't he be just the tiniest bit normal? And when was he going to stop developing into a total freak? When he grew antennae?


Clark felt the hysterics threatening to overwhelm him as he tried to picture himself with antennae, like The Tick. Would that make Lex, Arthur? Or would that be Pete?

As soon as the hysterical laughter trickled off, Clark found himself drained emotionally and too physically exhausted to move. He curled around the base curve of his spaceship and slept.