Mouse: A Definition

Slowly his vision cleared, and he found himself on the ground with Lex in his lap, the streaks of Lex's orgasm drying on his shirt. Lex was panting softly. Clark kissed and nipped Lex's jaw. "You okay?" Lucidity came faster this time, and Clark was unsure why. Maybe it was Lex still in his arms or maybe it was Lex's participation. Either way, Clark felt saner than he had last night, didn't feel the insistent drive to claim again and again. Well… that was a lie, but he could take a short break. He scented Lex again, almost purring in satisfaction.


"You seem… pleased with yourself." Lex's voice was not entirely happy, but not as disapproving as it could have been.


"Why wouldn't I be?" Clark murmured, nosing at Lex's jaw. "You are a beautiful, worthy match."

"Match for what?"

"For me."

Lex leaned back slightly, looking down at Clark. "For you?"

Clark met his gaze steadily. "Forever."

Lex paused, not blinking. "Clark, are you trying to say that you... like me?"

Clark didn't break the eye contact. "Like you... Lex, this is so far beyond liking you that I just don't have the words to describe it. Like, need, want, desire... pick one." He studied Lex's reaction. "Maybe more."

"Maybe?" Lex's eyebrow rose. "You have me half naked in your lap, cock still up my ass, and you're not sure how you feel about me?"

"I'm sure, Lex." Clark's eyes darkened slightly. "I know that I'll never let you go, never let anyone else have you as long as we live. I know you'll *always* belong to me."


The second eyebrow joined the first. "And what if I don't *want* to belong
to you?"

In a split-second of time, a million knives sliced into Clark and his soul screamed in agony. The feeling was gone as fast as it came, and a snarl pulled at his lips. "I will fight you, Lex Luthor. I will fight you for possession of yourself, and when I am done, you will *beg* to belong to me."

Lex's nostrils flared, his muscles clenching around Clark's shaft, and Clark re-hardened instantly. He flipped them over, cradling Lex's iridescent skull in one hand, the other under Lex, lifting him to meet Clark's downward thrust. "I am not human, Lex," he hissed, face twisted almost angrily, eyes boring into Lex's. "I don't play by your rules."

"A Luthor never loses," Lex ground out in challenge, arms and legs wrapped around Clark's body, grasping tightly.

"But you, Lex, will," Clark rumbled in promise from deep in his chest.

Lex's whole body shivered once, hard, and grasped even tighter. "And I thought your innocence was a turn-on."


Clark snarled as he lunged into Lex. "I will *never* let you go," he promised, pounding into Lex with savage, bruising strokes. "You can be turned on by anything you want, but I will never let you go." He held Lex down, twisting himself and Lex both to fit their bodies together. There was only one thought in his mind and that was to utterly possess Lex, to defy the challenge that Lex had issued and make Lex his own.


Rutting right on the open driveway in the morning sunlight, claiming a lover at the beginning of a new day. Clark surged into Lex, staking his claim with his cock, marking Lex in the most primal manner. The rainbow sheen of Lex's skin rippled in the sunlight and sharp gasps fell in counterpoint to the slapping of Clark's pelvis against Lex's body.

There was a brief moment of clarity when Clark was about to come, and he stared down at the man he'd chosen. "Lex," he breathed, the name like air on his lips, and then the world shattered into crystalline shards as he climaxed.

Lex appeared shattered, too, gulping for breath, his heart hammering wildly in his chest. Glazed eyes stared sightlessly at the sky, and he petted Clark's shoulder almost absently. "You win, for now," he croaked, and groaned when Clark shifted above him. "I am not going to be able to move for months."

Clark rubbed his body along Lex's. "Good," Clark growled quietly. Lex had said the magic words: you win. He curled up on top of Lex, pinning him down. "I'll take care of you." Clark buried his face in Lex's neck.

Lex said nothing for long moments, sliding his arms around Clark. When he finally spoke, it was with a light tone. "Would you mind letting me breathe?" Clark rolled just enough that most of his weight was off Lex's slightly smaller frame. "Thank you."


Pet to Clark's hair. "If I said I believed you, would you let me up?"


Clark blinked the post-orgasmic flowbees from his mind at the question and cursed vehemently as he rolled completely off Lex. He threw an arm over his eyes as his brain made an unwelcome return from la-la land. "Swell. I did it again. I'm turning into a goddamned alien rapist," he said, self-loathing dripping in his tone.

"You're not a rapist, Clark," Lex said. Clark snorted in disbelief. Lex grabbed Clark's arm and pulled it from his face. "Did you hear me once tell you no?"

"I didn't give you much of a chance," Clark said.

"Believe me, if I was against it, you would have known," Lex stated. He sat up, almost hiding a wince as he did.

Clark sat up, too, quickly tucking himself away and reaching for Lex. "Are you okay?" he asked, guilt swamping him again.

"Never better," Lex replied, brushing Clark's hands away. He stood slowly, dignified even though he was literally butt-naked, iridescently shiny, and in pain. "I'm going to clean up and then we're going to talk."

Clark jumped instantly to his feet, hands going to steady Lex as he stood. "We'll talk about anything you want." There was a part of him that couldn't believe this beautiful, strong and *worthy* man belonged to him now. "I'll take care of the carcass, and then I'll meet you inside."

Lex snorted softly. "Clark, in case you haven't noticed, you're in need of more than a little cleaning up yourself."

Clark looked down and for the first time noticed his sad state. "Right. Um. Yeah. How about I take care of the mutant mouse, run home, get clothes, come back and shower and then we talk? If I take the time to shower at home... there's just going to be all kinds of questions that I don't think I can answer."

Lex turned a level gaze on him. "And you don't think you'll find those here?"

Clark flushed again and dropped his eyes. "You're different, Lex. You'll get anything that you want."

"We'll see," Lex said. He stepped back, away from Clark's hold, and started towards the side door by the garage.

Clark waited until Lex was inside before slumping, dragging a hand through his tangled hair. The alien strikes once again. Thankfully, Lex didn't seem too upset by the fact that he'd just been ridden roughshod by a horny teenaged freak.

Clark tended to the blackened corpse, and then took off for home, running at superspeed. He knew his parents would be waiting and wondering about Lex, but now wasn't the time to talk with them. He leapt up to the eaves beneath his bedroom window, pushed open the sash, and climbed inside. A millisecond later, he was running through the fields again, change of clothing tucked under his arm.


The wind felt wonderful blowing through his hair as he ran, and Clark almost wished it could blow the cobwebs out of his head. He knew that Lex was going to be asking him.... a lot of things. Questions. The thing he'd tried to avoid all his life, being questioned by someone. Now, he was being questioned by Lex. The one person his father told him to avoid at all costs. The one person out of everyone on the planet that he had somehow chosen to belong to him.

Confusion was the least of Clark's worries by the time he skidded to a halt on the front steps of the castle and quietly slipped into the house. He knew where Lex's bedroom was, generally, and as he got to the top of the stairs, he followed the only noise in the silent house--the sound of water bouncing off tile--and he sat on the floor, across from the open door of Lex's bedroom. He folded his clean clothes into a neat pile beside him and drew his knees to his chest, waiting for Lex to come out.

Lex eventually emerged, wearing a soft-looking terry cloth robe in a shade of hunter green. His skin reflected the dark color, creating a shadowy mist in the iridescence. He caught sight of Clark and gestured for him to come into the room. "Go ahead and use my shower. I'll meet you downstairs in the study."

Clark nodded, grabbed his things, and hurried through the bedroom into the bathroom. He didn't waste time gawking at the opulence around him. After a quick shower and toweling dry with a sinfully fluffy towel, he was dressed in clean jeans and a blue t-shirt and ready to face Lex again.

He shoved his dirty clothes under his arm, not wanting to leave them in Lex's bathroom or bedroom. When he came out, there was a canvas bag on the bed, obviously for his use, and Clark crammed the dirty clothes into the bag, dropped it by the door, and sped down the stairs.

Lex was dressed in casual black slacks and a soft purple pullover that brought out the violet and indigo in his iridescent color scheme, and Clark had to smile softly. He leaned his hip against the door as he studied Lex, watching as Lex turned the chair all the way around so that he was facing Clark directly and the only thing between them was the desk. "Clark."

Clark shivered. Lex's voice was quiet, but firm. "Yeah?"

"Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be." He dropped into the chair opposite the desk. "Where do you want to start?"

"With a question for my ego. Do *you*, Clark Kent, want *me,* Lex Luthor? Or am I just a convenient outlet?"

Clark shook his head. "You're not just an outlet, Lex. You're mine."


Fine brows arched imperiously. "I'm not a possession."

"No, you're not," Clark agreed. "But you're still mine. No one else can have you."

"What makes you think that I wish to be yours, no matter the definition of the word?" Lex said.

Clark paled. If Lex didn't want to be with him, then he really did sexually attack his best friend. He swallowed and asked in a thready whisper, "Don't you?"

Lex picked up the gold Monte Blanc pen on his desk and rolled it between his fingers. He lowered his eyes, admitting almost tersely, "Yes, I do, and have for awhile, but this scenario is nowhere near how I had pictured 'us' happening."

Clark let out the breath he had been holding. "You... pictured an us?"

"Yes," was the repeated admission, and nothing more.

"So why did you say that? That you didn't want to be?"

"Because, Clark... this is nothing like I imagined, and to be painfully honest with you, I'm not sure what I think about... this. I need more answers, Clark. And more than just, 'I don't know, Lex.' Because that just isn't going to cut it anymore. Not now. Not with... this."

This. Clark hung his head. "I'm--sorry. I don't mean to always complicate your life."

"Complications I can live with, Clark. But I have to understand them first." Lex still toyed with the pen, tapping it against the fleshy pad of his thumb as he thought, keeping his eyes turned away from Clark. "I have to know everything before I decide."


"If us... if this thing... is going to continue."

Clark felt his throat close at that. It had to; he had to find a way to make Lex see that. He didn't know what he would do if Lex rejected him, but already he felt twinges of panic and fear. "What do you want to know?" Clark asked quickly. "I'll tell you everything. I'm an alien. I have weird abilities. There's a spaceship in my cellar. My parents are going to kill me for telling you. I think you're beautiful with your skin all funky. I'm scared that you won't want me in your life anymore--"

"Clark!" Lex interrupted. "Calm down. Let's just start with why you didn't just tell me you liked me, instead of... physically demonstrating, and go from there?"

Clark bit his tongue, refraining from saying that he didn't know. He *didn't* know, but he could take a stab in the dark. "I knew I liked you as a person, but I didn't know I liked you in that way until yesterday. I don't kn- I'm not sure, but I think some alien part of me has turned on and
is making me want to, you know, with you. Only you, though."


"All right." Lex continued to twirl the pen in his hands. "Do you know--you said you think that I'm beautiful with my skin like this. Do you think that it's safe to assume this is because of your... because of you?"

Clark nodded. "I guess. I mean... I know it's not the mouse because you didn't touch it. So... yeah. I think it's me. Doing that to you."

"This... is going to present a bit of a problem if we do continue this relationship."

"Can anyone else see it? Or just... us?" Clark hesitated over us, as though he wasn't sure if it was all right to use the word or not.

"Let's find out." Lex picked up the telephone receiver from the set on the desk, pushed a button, and ordered the person who answered to come to the study. He returned the receiver to its cradle, folded his arms on the glass-topped desk, and watched the door expectantly.

Clark half-turned on his chair when the study door opened and the houseman entered. The houseman did not seem stunned, merely politely questioning, waiting for the requested task that had called him to the study. Clark didn't know if that was a good sign or not; Lex's employees were trained to show no emotion.

"Tell me," Lex addressed the houseman, "what color is my skin?"


Clark was again surprised at the man's emotionlessness, though he did catch a glimmer of surprise when Lex asked the question.

"Sir, your skin is multi-colored. Shimmering."

Clark's eyebrows shot up in panic as he looked at Lex, who made a small gesture with his hand, calming him. "Thank you. Repeat this conversation to no one."

"Yes, sir."


Clark waited until the servant had vanished. "Oh, crap. What are we going to do now, Lex?"

Lex steepled his fingers. "We're going to lie."

Clark blinked. "Lie?"

"You do know how to lie, don't you?" Lex said drolly. Clark flushed in embarrassment. Lex chuckled, though not with amusement, and continued. "The lie is simple: the mutant rodent bit me, I've been affected by the venom, and the rodent has been sent off to the labs to develop an antidote."

"Oh. That makes sense," Clark said. "You came up with a plausible story really quickly."

"One of the few things I'm proud to have learned from my father," Lex said. "Now, I can't very well stay cooped up in the castle until my skin is back to normal--"

"If it turns back to normal," Clark mumbled, guiltily hoping that it would not.

"--but I'll try to limit my outside activities in the meantime," Lex went on as if Clark hadn't said anything. "We will tell your parents the truth, however. Or some semblance of it. I'd rather not get my ass kicked by your mother for despoiling her baby."

Clark cringed. "Oh yeah. That's going to be a fun conversation. ‘Mom and Dad, I just thought you'd like to know that your son turned into some kind of alien sex machine, fucked his best friend without his permission, and now he looks like a walking ad for gay pride.'" He rubbed his forehead. "That's really gonna make their day, Lex."

"Oh, come on now, Clark. Just think of your father's expression when he finds out that it's me."

"This is not the time for humor, Lex."

"Who's being humorous?" Lex's expression was carefully bland as he looked at Clark.

"Lex, seriously, what *are* we going to tell my parents about... this? Us?"

"I think we'll go with the mildly conventional 'boyfriends,' assure them that it is a mutual relationship, and then question as to why they think you have the sudden desire to... copulate often," Lex said, tone still unemotional, as if he were discussing the weather rather than just basically announcing that he wanted Clark as more than a friend. Unless...

"Boyfriends? For real?" Clark said warily. "Or is that part of the lie?"

"Would you like that, Clark? Being 'boyfriends?'" Lex asked, eyes steadily watching him.


A lump lodged in Clark's throat. He couldn't tell what Lex wanted or not, and it was spooking him. "I--yes. I would. I'd like that... a lot. Even... even if it wasn't... this. I don't want it to be part of the lie." He hoped like hell that Lex was... something. Able to read him better than he was reading Lex right now. "I really do, Lex. I want--I mean, when I went home last night... I just... I felt so bad and guilty for what...happened. And it was worse because I hurt you. Hurting anyone would be horrible, but hurting *you* just... made me want to die inside or something."

Lex's face was still carefully blank, and Clark imagined that he could see flickering behind Lex's eyes, as though it was harder and harder to maintain that blank facade. "Clark, this isn't... just something to say you want, and then change your mind in a few weeks or whatever."

"I know, Lex. Believe me, I know. I--can't ever not be with you. You--you're mine. My friend. My--boyfriend, maybe, if I'm lucky and you can forgive me. My... lover, even. You mean--I always wanted us to be friends, even when we're old and gray, and this... can't you feel that this is *right* for us?"


"I... yes. I do. I'd wished..." Lex closed his eyes a moment, inhaling and exhaling slowly, as if it hurt to make the admission. When he opened his eyes again, the habitual mask had cracked and Clark could see that Lex's emotions ran far deeper that he'd imagined.

"What, Lex? What did you wish?" Clark wanted to step closer, feeling the intense *need* to comfort and protect his lover. He had to. He stood, crossed the space separating them, and crouched on the floor beside Lex, arms going around Lex's waist. "Tell me and I'll give it to you. I swear."

Lex put the pen on the desk and rested his hand on Clark's head. "I wish that you had come to me *yourself.* Not... like this. Because--" Lex physically bit off the next sentence.

"Because why? Lex, tell me." He *had* to hold Lex, and his head rested against Lex's stomach. "Please?"


Fingers stroked through his hair, and Lex exhaled with a sigh. "I just thought it would be different," was all he would say, no matter how much more Clark prodded.


Clark eventually gave up, conceding to the fact that Lex had closed up tighter than a clam. Instead, he concentrated on the comforting feel of Lex petting him, though Lex could be doing it for his own comfort rather than Clark's.


Clark moved to nestle closer, and for a brief instant he felt Lex's fingers tangle in his hair and hold his head still, as though Lex didn't want him to move, and then he was released. Clark's arms tightened around Lex's waist as he pulled himself closer to Lex, his head moving to rest between Lex's ribs and his stomach. He inhaled Lex's scent deeply, and made a quiet, rumbling noise. Despite the turmoil of Lex's emotions, Clark was happy like this. "I want you to be happy, Lex. Can you be happy with us?"


Lex didn't answer verbally. He lightly grasped Clark's chin, prompting him to lift his head. Stormy eyes studied Clark's own for a moment, and then Lex leaned forward and pressed his lips to Clark's.

Clark's hand slipped up and gently stroked the back of Lex's skull as they kissed. His mouth opened willingly under Lex's. His fingers gently rubbed and massaged the back of Lex's head and neck as he tentatively slipped his tongue into Lex's mouth.


Lex met him halfway, guiding him into a deeper kiss. Their tongues tangled sensually, arousing and calming at once. Clark fell headlong into the feeling of rightness to be kissing Lex and wondered why he hadn't done this before now. Other than the fact that he was an idiot.

The kiss was like the first spoonful of ice cream after not having any for months, sweet and smooth with a hint of bite. Clark was reluctant to have it end, and he tried to follow Lex as he started to pull away. A soft sound of protest escaped from between Clark's lips when Lex succeeded and leaned back in the chair, forcing Clark to lower his arms.

Lex rubbed his thumb along Clark's moist lower lip, and murmured, "What am I doing?"

"Choosing me?" Clark said tentatively, hands resting lightly on Lex's knees.

Lex shook his head. "I have no choice. It was made for me the moment you returned the truck, yet still wanted to be my friend."


"I... I still want to be your friend, Lex. I want to be everything with you." He turned his face up to Lex, licking his lips and teasing Lex's thumb. "I--God, Lex. That just... I was an idiot. That felt right. Should have done that a long time ago." He blushed lightly, skin burning under Lex's scrutiny. "We really need to be together, Lex. Say you choose me, too, please. Choose me... because you want to."


Lex smiled softly, the corners of his mouth curving up. "Very well, Clark. I choose you."

Clark's face lit up brightly, and he reached up to cup Lex's hued face in his hands, chastely kissing the smile that graced his lover's lips. "I... wow, Lex. I... I'm yours now. And you're mine." He rubbed his face against Lex's, scenting his lover and just watching the shimmering play of colors across his skin. "I'm so lucky to have you."


"Say that again in a few years," Lex said self-deprecatingly. He encircled Clark's wrists, pulling Clark's hands away from his face. "For now, I want to talk with your parents, preferably your mother, and I want to see this supposed spaceship of yours."

"Okay," Clark said, ignoring the 'supposed.' He stood, rotated his wrists so he could grasp onto Lex, and pulled the other man to his feet. "There's no market today, so they'll be at home."


Lex studied Clark carefully. "You…you're surprising me, Clark. Not many people do that."


Clark paused. "Surprising you?"


"Yes. I didn't think you'd be so… calm, about bringing me home to the parents and showing me… everything." He was careful to tread the line between disbelief and outright insult. "You seem almost enthusiastic."


Clark tried not to let his smile falter. "Why wouldn't I be, Lex? I'm telling the person who--who means the most to me, everything about me. That's exciting and scary and wonderful all at the same time… and especially because it's you."


"And yet, just yesterday you wouldn't tell me anything," Lex said. "What's so different between then and now? Other than the fact that we had sex?"


"We... we claimed each other," Clark tried to explain something he really didn't understand himself. "You chose me. I chose you. That's what's so different. We belong to each other, Lex. And that means... that means you get to know stuff. You get to know everything because now I can't even think of you not being in my world."


"Ah, okay, 'just because.'" Lex shook his head in defeat. "The logic of a teenager. How can I argue with that?"

Clark growled with frustration. "It's *not* ‘just because.' It's because we're not you and me anymore. We're us, and *that* is what makes the difference." Clark's hand fell to Lex's shoulder. "You don't believe me. I don't blame you. You'll see, after you talk to Mom, you'll see."


Explaining intuition was never Clark's strong suit, though what he was trying to convey to Lex was the truth. You shared secrets with the partner you were going to spend forever with, holding them back would make the relationship full of tension and anger, rather than being a happy, loving one. Clark and Lex had chosen forever, and now the secrets could, and should, be shared.

Lex was still somewhat humoring Clark as they left the castle. Clark could see that Lex was extremely uneasy by the time the drive to the Kent farm was over and they were pulling into the driveway, but only because he knew what Lex's smoothly controlled movements and expressionless face meant. "They're not going to bite, you know," Clark told him.

"Who said I was worried?" Lex said, turning off the engine.

"You don't have to hide from me. I know you too well," Clark replied with a smile.

Lex's return smile was not nice. "Clark, you might think you know me, but you don't. Just be happy that I'm here and I'm willing to talk to your parents, despite looking like a freak, because I want you in my bed and in my life."


Clark's smile fell. He couldn't blame Lex, but… it still hurt that Lex didn't trust him. "I'm sorry, Lex. For everything." He understood, in a way. And in a way he didn't. Lex was… being Lex. "I'm just sorry." He swung his legs out of the car and pulled himself out, heading for the house. Clark wrapped his arms around himself as he jogged up the steps to the front porch.