Mouse: A Definition


"Um... who's Kal-El?" Clark asked, looking around at Lex, Martha, and Jonathan. "And what--who--are you?"

"Kal-El is the infant son of Jor-El, one of Krypton's premiere scientists and his wife, Lara. Before the destruction of planet Krypton, Kal-El was sent from Krypton to Earth in order to preserve his life. You are Kal-El, for this program has been activated by your DNA coding."

That answer had done nothing but leave Clark with a *lot* more questions than had been answered. "What is Krypton?"

"Krypton is the planet of your birth, Kal-El. It is zero-point-three-two light years from the planet earth. Krypton is remarkably similar to earth with the exception of differences in atmospheric solar radiation and a pull of gravity three-point-two-four times that of earth."

Clark looked helplessly at Lex. "Help?"

Lex stared back, appearing a bit off-kilter. His eyes were a tad wider than normal and somewhat dazed. His mouth hung open slightly and... it didn't look like he was breathing. Clark waved his hand in front of Lex's face. "Lex?"

Lex blinked once. Twice. He took a half step towards Clark. He took a full step back. He stepped forward again, raised his hand, and hesitated, before touching Clark's cheek. He blinked again, three times fast.

"Um, Lex?" Clark questioned. "What are you doing?"

"I think he believes, honey," Martha answered in Lex's stead.


"Lex?" Clark asked softly, holding his lover's hand against his cheek. "I'm still me, Lex."

Lex looked at his hand, then back up at Clark. "I'm--sorry, Clark."

"It's all right." Clark wrapped his arms around Lex, needing the close contact and solace as much as he wanted to offer reassurance to Lex. "Do you still love me, Lex?" he whispered into his friend's ear, so that no one else could hear. "Because... because I love you."

Lex laughed suddenly, weakly, the sound tinged with an emotion Clark couldn't name. Lex's hands were caught between them and he clutched at the material of Clark's shirt. He dropped his forehead to rest on Clark's shoulder, still saying nothing.


Clark held Lex against him. "Lex? Come on. We're going to be all right." He pulled Lex away from the ship, until he could sit on the steps and wrap himself around Lex, PDAs be damned. The hologram was still blinking on the platform, and that was the least of the things on Clark's mind. Lex was distressed and that was all that mattered to Clark. His hand slid up to cup Lex's head, and watched his fingers blotting out the multi-colored hues. "Lex... you know, you were right. It's still me, no matter what we learn. I'm still *your* Clark." All this was said softly, so only Lex could hear. Clark looked over at his parents. Maybe they were the reason Lex was acting weird. "Do you mind if we have some privacy?"

"Forget it," Jonathan said.

"No, of course not, Clark," Martha contradicted. She gave Jonathan a hard look, grabbed his arm, and practically dragged him past Clark and Lex out of the storm cellar.

Clark waited until he heard the house door slam in the distance before nudging Lex's chin up. "Hey," Clark said with gentle coaxing, as if talking to a skittish animal. "What's going on in that brain of yours?"

"I want to cut you open and see how you work."

"*What*?" Clark never expected *that* to be the answer.

Lex pulled away from Clark, turned to face the ship, and leaned his elbows on his bent knees. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I want to cut you open and see how you work," he repeated. "I want to know what your abilities are, how they work, how to stop them, how to duplicate them. I want to experiment on you, dissect you, use you to get my name in the history books. Use you to show up my dad, to make my name more powerful than his."

Clark started in horror at Lex. "You- you- you-"

"I think I might have to actually kill myself," Lex said conversationally, "because if I can do all that to someone that I love beyond reason, imagine what I could do to the rest of the world."

Clark's record of horror changed tracks. His voice was a scratchy whisper as he laid his soul bare. "I would rather you cut me open than spend one second in a world without you in it."

Lex laughed harshly. "Spoken like a fifteen-year-old in love."

"No. Spoken like an alien who's chosen his lifemate."

Without warning, Clark had a lapful of Lex and was being kissed savagely, blunt teeth biting, scraping, tongue plundering his surprise-parted mouth. Lex's hands fisted in Clark's hair, pulling brutally. Clark followed the pull, lying back on the worn, wooden steps. Lex ground his pelvis against Clark's, continuing the noisy, sharp, wet kiss.

Clark was inflamed, his body coming alive, tingling all over. He cradled the back of Lex's skull, diving into the kiss with full passion. The hands in his hair were now in his lap, frantically fumbling with the catch of his jeans, which were stretched tight against his arousal. Clark stopped the kiss, moving back far enough to see Lex's wild, nearly black eyes, nostrils flaring at the scent in the air.

Clark moved so quickly, Lex didn't seem to move at all, only now he had no pants. Clark's jeans were down around his ankles, cock straining in the open air, pores lubricating. There was no protest when Clark pulled Lex onto him, though in the back of his mind he knew it had to hurt. Any concern was forgotten, however, when Lex sprawled forward, engaging him in another untamed kiss. Fingers dug into his shoulders, and Lex began to move, rocking hard and fast, the scrape of his bare knees audible against the wood slats of the steps.

Clark's hands rested on Lex's hips, gripping tightly as he pushed up, meeting Lex's rocks against him. His tongue fought with Lex's, pushing and licking as his teeth nipped and bit at Lex's lips. His hands squeezed Lex's hips as he pushed up, grinding his cock into Lex as Lex rode him.

Lex's nails dug into Clark's shoulders, seeking traction as their bodies started to slide together, dragging one hand down to rake over Clark's nipples through the shirt he still wore. Clark's mouth tore away, grunting as he felt the stimulation and sinking his teeth into his lover's iridescent skin, lapping at the sweat that pooled in the base of his throat from the fierce, frenzied mating. Lex pinched savagely, twisting and pulling through cloth before Clark batted his hands away and licked down the collar of Lex's shirt, chin popping one of the buttons and baring more skin.

Lex leaned back far, staring sightlessly at the ceiling, panting sharply through his open mouth. Clark followed him, supporting his arched spine, keeping the fast rhythm going. A second and third button popped, and Clark scraped his teeth down the shimmering swath of skin exposed. Strong hands gripped his biceps as he licked a long stripe up the center of Lex's chest, dipping into the hollow of his throat, up the arch of his neck, over his Adam's apple to his chin. Lex swallowed, Adam's apple bobbing, and Clark had to gnaw on it. A guttural sound spilled into the cellar. Clark responded by fucking Lex harder.

Lex's knees banged repeatedly on the steps as he was roughly taken, Clark thrusting up strong enough to bounce him. Clark bit and sucked at Lex's skin, adding dark bruises to the swirling colors. He reached between them, intending to jack off Lex, only to find Lex moderately soft. He squeezed and stroked the semi-flaccid flesh, and Lex whimpered in discomfort, even as he thickened in Clark's palm.

Clark felt electricity pool at the base of his spine and in his balls, and he knew he was going to come at any moment. He released Lex only long enough to turn them both, laying Lex back on the steps. Lex grabbed on to the wood stair even with his head, fingers tightly gripping the edge. Clark supported Lex with one hand under his lower back, holding him off the steps, legs hanging uselessly in the air, and continued to fuck him. Clark wrapped his other hand around Lex's dick, jacking him, and felt the rush of orgasm when Lex's face contorted in pain.

Spent, Clark pulled out quickly with a slick pop, and the scent of spunk and sweat and sex burned his nostrils. He dropped to his knees on the cellar floor, lowered Lex onto the step and slid two fingers into his spasming hole. A cheat with the x-ray vision, and Clark watched Lex arch off the steps with a choked howl as Clark massaged the solid gland inside him. The length in Clark's other hand pulsed, spitting small globs of white, sticky semen. He smiled satisfactorily.

He licked his hand clean as he withdrew his fingers, and he looked down at Lex in pure, smug satisfaction. Lex was spread on the steps, panting and moaning softly because of Clark. Clark pulled up his jeans, swiftly buttoning them as he moved beside Lex, fingers tracking the trail of bite marks and love marks on Lex's throat and chest before buttoning the few buttons remaining on his shirt. "Lex, are you all right?" Lex's slacks were over to the side, and Clark had run to get them and was back before Lex blinked. "I know... God, are you okay?" He kissed and licked Lex's throat hungrily as Lex moved, wincing as he maneuvered into his slacks and slid them up. Briefs had been shredded, and Lex sighed softly.

"I... I think I'm okay. But Clark... God." He ran his fingers over Clark's cheeks. "I'm not indestructible like you."


"I'm sor--" Lex leaned up and swallowed the rest of Clark's apology in a kiss. When he pulled away, he gave Clark a stern look. Clark bowed his head. "I know. Stop apologizing for everything."

"Very good," Lex said. With a grimace, he struggled to his feet, batting away Clark's assistance. "I'm not an invalid."

"But you're hurt," Clark said worriedly.

"I've been fucked raw five times in less than fifteen hours. Pain is to be expected."

"Oh." Clark stuck his hands in his pockets and peered at Lex from beneath his lashes. "I guess that means we can't go back to the castle and have sex again, huh?"

Lex goggled at him. "What are you, some sort of alien sex machine?"

Clark's brow creased. "I don't know. Maybe."

"Why don't you ask your ship?"

The hologram of Jor-El was still patiently waiting on the projection pad. "Uh, Jor-El?" Clark said, feeling weird about talking to a computer projection. "Why can't I seem to have enough sex?"

The hologram flickered briefly, and answered, "An analysis of your biological development indicates that you have reached your cycle of adulthood sixteen-point-three-four hours ago, and as a result, you are a male in heat. As a male in heat, your instincts urge you to chose a worthy female to bond with for your lifetime and you will be compelled to mark her as your chosen one by expelling your semen into her vaginal cavity repeatedly. Her skin will become iridescent for two full revolutions. It is during this period any challenges for your claim on her will occur."

Clark looked at Lex. "I'm in heat."

"And I'm apparently a female," Lex said dryly.

Right. "Jor-El, what if my instincts caused me to chose a worthy *male*?"

"The number of homosexuals on Krypton is less than two percent," Jor-El informed them. "The biological imperative to copulate and produce offspring is instinctual, however, in every system there is an aberrant."

"Hey, guess what, Lex? I'm a gay alien aberrant!"

"Clark, I'd rather you be an aberrant than to have you think I'm a *girl.*"

Clark slipped close to his lover and wound himself around Lex's body. "Trust me, Lex." He briefly skated his palm over Lex's crotch. "A girl is the least of what I think you are." He nibbled at Lex's throat. "I could get used to this freak thing."

At that, Lex pushed him back. "You are not a freak, Clark. Alien, yes."

Clark gestured lazily at the hologram. "It even called me an aberration."

Lex raised an eyebrow at Clark. "Am I a freak?"

"No!" Clark growled. "And I won't let anyone say it."

"I'm bald, I'm gay, I've got the world's most dysfunctional family relations, and I have an alien lover."

"But you are not a freak," Clark repeated stubbornly.

"Well, then, neither are you."

"Okay." Clark continued his nuzzling. "I'm--that I hurt you." He left out the word, but Lex swatted him anyway.

"Ask how long this will last?"

"Jor-El? How long will I... be in heat?" Clark asked, blushing slightly.


"Two revolutions, when the iridescent marking fades," Jor-El answered.

"I suppose that means two days," Lex surmised. He leaned back against Clark, letting him support Lex's weight. "I don't know if I'll survive."

"Survive sex?" Clark questioned naively.

"I'm only human, Clark," Lex chided. "Despite your apparently self-lubricating prick, my ass feels like raw hamburger. I don't want anyone touching my dick anytime soon, either."

Clark was dismayed. "Why didn't you stop me?"

"I seem to recall that I initiated our little tryst on the steps," Lex said.

"Well, why'd you go and do something stupid like that, if you're hurt?" Clark said, irrationally angry at Lex.

Lex was quiet a moment, his head lowered. "I wanted you back," he answered slowly. "I didn't really believe that you were an alien until Jor-El confirmed it, and then all I could think of was that you're the scientific find of the century." He blew out a tense breath. "I wanted you to be
Clark Kent again, not the alien discovery."

Clark lightly brushed his lips across the bump on Lex's skull. "And am I Clark Kent again?"

Lex turned in his arms, looking up at Clark. "Yes, you're Clark again, excessive horniness notwithstanding."

Clark laughed softly. "I won't always be excessively horny like this. It'll only be for another... what, two days? Then I'll be back to my old mostly normal, perpetually horny teenaged self."

"I can't wait." Clark looked down, expecting an upturn of his lover's lips and finding only serious intensity instead.

"Lex, what you said before... if you want that... I'll let you. I want--*need*--you to be happy. And if that is what you need... I gave myself to you, Lex. When you claimed me, I gave myself to you, and... I'm yours." He rubbed his cheek against Lex's. "I can't ever be without you."

"What do you mean, Clark?"

Clark let out a quick, fearful breath. "Cut me open. See how I work."

Lex tore out of his arms, almost stumbling in his haste to get away. His face was flushed with anger, the colors a molten riot on his cheeks. His eyes were like sharp daggers that pierced Clark to the bone. "Don't you ever, *ever* say that again."


"So help me, Clark, I will walk up those stairs and out of your life forever if you continue this line of conversation."

Lex was serious. Clark felt a different kind of fear, that of abandonment, in the pit of his stomach. He nodded in agreement. "I won't mention it again."

"Good." Lex looked over his shoulder at the ship, then back at Clark. "I've had enough for today."


Clark walked over to his lover. "Lex... God. I'm sorry. Yeah. Let's go." He turned to the ship. "Jor-El, how do I turn you off?"

"Removing the activator pad will deactivate the hologram. Removal of the keypad from the outer hull will deactivate the ship. To reactivate, replace the keypad and activator pad in their proper positions."

Clark leaned over and pulled out the tablet, and the hologram of Jor-El disappeared. Wrapping it in the soft cloth again, Clark slipped it into his pocket, and then touched the key. As he touched it, it clicked and spun in place once, and then ejected the keypad so that Clark could take it also. He studied the key, and then placed the key in Lex's hand. "You keep the key. I'll keep the tablet. I... trust you, Lex."

Lex half-smiled and gave the key right back to Clark. "I don't need the key to know I have your trust. You hold on to both, so you can access the hologram anytime."


"But--" His protest died nearly unspoken. Lex was accepting his word. "Okay." He leaned forward. "But... I want--need--to give you something so that you always remember that."

"I don't need it," Lex repeated stubbornly.

"But I do," Clark answered, just as stubbornly.


"Trust isn't tangible, Clark," Lex said, bypassing Clark and heading for the steps. "If it's any consolation, until now I trusted no one. Not even myself. Score one for you."


Clark caught Lex's arm, and stopped him before he could leave. "Lex. Stop it. I just need to know that you always have something to remind you how much faith *I* have in *you.* This isn't about trust being a commodity or anything else, it's about *me* making sure *you* know every second how I feel about you."


Lex smirked wryly. "I think my ass already knows it."


"Claarrrk." Lex patted Clark on the chest. "I don't need anything, Clark. Just like you didn't need a truck, okay? So drop it and take me back to the castle."

Clark really tried to pout, but the sunny smile that spread across his face stopped the pout in mid-moue. "All right. Um... let's just go. Cause if we try and talk to Mom and Dad, we'll never get out. I'll just... call them from your house and tell them that I took you home."

"I think that's a very good idea. I don't think I'm your father's favorite person right now."

"Well, my dad can just get over it. I love you, Lex, and nothing that he can do is going to change that." He picked Lex up, burying his face in Lex's throat and scenting deeply. "God you smell good. Okay. We're going." Clark tightened his arms around Lex's waist. "And we're gone."

~ * ~ * ~

The castle looked... bright. Welcoming. Like something out of a romantic fantasy novel, where the beautiful princess sang songs with the birds as she waited for her prince to come sweep her off her feet. Although, in Clark's fairy tale, the princess was bald, and the word 'fairy' was literal.

Clark snickered and earned a questioning look from his passenger. "Don't ask," Clark told Lex, as he parked the car in front of the castle. The Ferrari was gone, Lex's staff most likely having returned it to the garage, and Clark was not going to blush at the thought of some chauffeur sitting in the same seat where Clark had sex with Lex. He was getting aroused again, though, at the memory. "Lex..."


"I want you again."

Lex's look was almost comical for a brief instant in its desperation. "I'm sorry, Clark. There's just *no* chance."

"I know. I don't want to hurt you. Just... I want you." He twisted in the seat, leaned over and nuzzled Lex's throat, his tongue snaking out to lick the ripples of color on his lover's skin. "Touch me?" Clark whimpered softly, reaching down and freeing himself from his jeans. He brought Lex's hand to his groin to touch him, and then caught himself before Lex's skin touched him. "No!"

"Clark?" Lex's voice was muffled as his head was tilted back.

"I might... hurt you. Be bad for you. Make you sick. Something." Clark was trying to clear the need out of his brain so he could think coherently.

"You've fucked me five times already, Clark," Lex pointed out. "My skin looks like a pearl. It's a little too late to be thinking about not hurting me."

Clark paled drastically. "Oh, God."

"Hey, hey!" Lex touched his cheek. "I'm sure it's fine."

"What if it's not?" Clark said, panicking. "What if I'm poisonous? A slow-acting virus carrier that will kill you?"

Lex appeared a bit less confident, but still composed. "Why don't you go ask your ship? Just to make certain, though I don't think there is anything to worry about."


"Right. And if there is something wrong... I'll find out the way to fix it. I swear." He kissed Lex, stroking his hand down Lex's arm. "I love you."

He checked for both key and tablet, got out of the car, and then just... ran. Worries for Lex overtook his mind, fearful of the possible outcomes, praying to whatever deity that listened to teenaged aliens in love that nothing would happen to Lex. Completely bypassing the driveway--and the house and his parents--Clark cut through the back fields and vaulted over the fences as he headed for the storm cellar again. He nearly ripped the doors from the hinges in his haste to reach the ship, and with superspeed on high, he dropped the key and the tablet in their appropriate places and waited for the hologram to appear. When it did, Clark was ready with his questions.

"Jor-El, are my... body fluids dangerous to humans?"

"Your bodily fluids are completely non-toxic. There is a point-zero-zero-zero-zero-four percent possibility of allergic reaction but toxicity would have been fully realized within the first six to ten hours after contact."

"So, if it hasn't happened yet, then it won't happen?"

"Please redefine the parameters of your question, Kal-El."

"Never mind, I just figured it out myself." Clark's worries faded. "Jor-El, are there going to be any more surprises as far as sex goes?"

"Please redefine the parameters--"

Clark shut the hologram off by jerking the tablet off and shoved it back in his pocket along with the key. He flew back up the stairs, locked the cellar behind him, and then ran back to the castle. He burst through the front doors, x-ray vision leading him straight to Lex's bedroom and to his
lover. "You're fine," Clark said as he skidded to a halt, panting softly as he wrapped his arms around Lex's shoulders.

"Gommnnf--" Clark mouth descended over Lex's, cutting off the words. He slipped his tongue between Lex's parted lips, aggressively sweeping the inner contours of his mouth. Clark leaned in close, his erection rubbing against Lex's hip, craving friction.

Clark felt Lex pushing back against him, hands pressing urgently at his chest as he kissed Clark fiercely in return, letting his mouth be devoured by his eager, relieved lover. "You're fine, you're going to be fine, I didn't hurt you," Clark breathed as he broke away, peppering kisses onto Lex's throat between his words. "You're going to be okay."

Lex threaded his fingers through Clark's hair and pulled him back. For the first time, Clark noticed that Lex was bare-chested, with bare feet and a towel around his waist, and Clark realized he'd interrupted Lex's undressing. "Clark. Breathe. Deeply, in fact, and then *calmly* tell me."


"I'm not poisonous or anything," Clark said, eyes raking over Lex's slim form. His arousal shot up a notch. It took little effort to take Lex's towel away. Iridescent skin from head to toe, pearly white with a sheen of sliding colors where the light hit.

"You are so beautiful," Clark breathed, uncaring about the peeved expression on Lex's face. Clark touched his finger to the hollow of Lex's throat and slid it downward, snaking back and forth across the shimmering skin. "I want you."

He dipped his head to lick Lex's throat, large hands sliding over his lover's smooth skin, rubbing pebbled nipples with his thumbs. He moaned against Lex's throat, the vibrations causing Lex to tremble and the colors to ripple beautifully. "Oh, Lex... when you move like that..."

Lex put his hand on Clark's chest. "Step back."

Clark didn't disobey, and was rewarded with the feel of Lex's palm pressing down firmly on his cock. Lex's nimble fingers unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down, and then Clark jerked as Lex's fingers wrapped around his length. "Lex. God."

"Clark, this is... a surprise," Lex said, and Clark felt his lover's fingers stroking the slick secretions that covered him, making the light jacking motions easier to do. "And the hologram said they were safe?"

All Clark could do was nod, the feeling of Lex stroking him stealing his ability to speak.

"No wonder I didn't bleed," Lex murmured, more to himself than Clark. A corner of his mouth turned up suddenly, and he released Clark. "Strip and on to the bed with you."

Clark wasted no time in doing so. The bed was a simple queen-sized one, covered with a plain navy comforter. He lay back on the pillows, watching Lex with hungry eyes. Lex picked up the towel and walked over to the bed, the muted daylight from the window sending rainbows skittering over Lex's skin.


Clark watched as Lex knelt over him, leaning over to kiss him, angling so that his cock slid into the hollow of Lex's hip. He whimpered as Lex moved against him, the secretions of his cock sliding along Lex's skin, slicking it as Clark moved in complement to Lex's motions. "Be still," Lex whispered, sliding his mouth over Clark's chin and down his throat. "Don't move." He moved his hips again, letting Clark's cock slide against the groove of his hipbone.


Clark grasped the comforter on either side of him, holding as still as possible, when all he really wanted to do was pounce. But, human. Lex was human. Clark had to keep that in the forefront of his mind, even as the pleasure began to build.


Clark felt Lex's tongue slide down his throat and lap at the base, nipping his Adam's apple and then laving the slope of his shoulder blade. His biceps stood out from the force of his clenched fists, and Lex's tongue traced the tendons and muscles as they stood out, peppering light kisses over Clark's forearm and kissing his wrist, licking the sensitive inside and nipping at the small protrusion of his pulse before slowly working Clark's fingers open, sucking and swirling each one in his mouth.

Clark moaned deeply, imaging that sucking on his cock. Lex continued on, moving along the outside of Clark's arm, nipping at his elbow, kissing the edge of his shoulder. Lex dragged his tongue along Clark's collarbone, dipping in the hollow of his throat, and sliding up the other side. Clark's toes curled when Lex repeated his ministrations on the other arm, mumbling
guttural nonsense when Lex sucked on his fingers again.

A nip to the elbow, a kiss to the shoulder, and Lex was making his way slowly down Clark's torso, tracing the dips and ridges of muscle and bone, biting lightly at dark nipples, pressing his lips firmly over Clark's heart. Eyes flicked upwards, catching Clark's heavy-lidded stare, and a second gentle kiss was brushed over his heart.

"Lex..." Clark loosed his hold on the comforter, cupping his hand around Lex's bare, hued skull. Wicked grin, and a sharp bite to his stomach, right above his navel. He hissed and writhed a little, then a little more, as Lex lay siege on his navel.

Lex's tongue slipped into his navel, fucking it with wet slippery strokes as his teeth worried the skin around it. Clark arched up, trying to get his cock to Lex's attention, and his lover grinned. "Impatient?" He pressed one kiss to the slick head of Clark's cock and then proceeded to ignore the hard shaft as he licked the crease of Clark's thighs, and then nipped down the broad, tanned thighs until he reached Clark's knee. Kissing Clark's kneecap gently, Lex's tongue slipped behind and licked the ticklish flesh, sucking and nibbling at it as Clark bucked under him. His hand pressed Clark's hips down, stilling him as Lex licked back up the left thigh, skimmed a light trail over the wiry hair that dusted Clark's groin, and then treated the right thigh the same way, ending again as he licked and kissed Clark's knee.


Clark thought, finally, that Lex was going to get to the better part, but the teasing bastard crawled down to the end of the bed, picked up Clark's foot, and began to massage it. Clark made a sound of discontent, warring with himself about that no-pouncing thing and cursing Lex's humanity that kept him flaccid. It was unfair that Clark had to suffer while Lex played with no urge to hurry.

Strong thumbs slid up the center of Clark's foot, circling outward on the ball and sliding down the outsides before meeting at the heel again. Long fingers slipped between his toes, rubbing the muscles between them. A heel of the palm, massaging the top of his foot, the other hand cupping his heel, kneading, moving up his ankle-- "LEEAAHHH!"

Clark levitated off the bed, body arching impossibly, orgasm ripping through him like a freight train. Hot spatter of semen splashing across his chest, and Clark saw colors that rival Lex's iridescent skin.

Lex's fingers brushed affectionately across the back of Clark's ankle, and a second orgasm was torn from Clark's body, his cock twitching as it spit. Raw throated cry of pleasure so intense it bordered on pain.

Lex stroked the top of Clark's foot gently, watching the tremors of the second orgasm die out of Clark's body. "This is interesting, Clark," he said, and Clark turned his gaze onto Lex's smiling face.

"It's... God, Lex. Intense." Clark's voice was throaty and rough. "Almost... almost hurts."

Lex closed his eyes briefly, and then lifted Clark's foot, head angling to bite sharply over the seemingly innocent spot that triggered Clark's orgasm.

And watched in wonderment as a third and seemingly final orgasm ripped through Clark's body.

Clark's eyes felt close to bursting as the third wave tore through him. His back was torqued to almost breaking, his hands were nearly shredding the bedsheets, and he saw stars behind his eyes as he bit hard on his lip. Finally, it was over and he reached for Lex. "Oh, fuck. Lex."

Lex grabbed the crumpled towel, wiping off the rivulets of semen and sweat that covered Clark's chest and stomach. "Well now... at least we learned something new. And Clark--I believe I've just developed a foot fetish."

"Oh, God," Clark groaned, gathering Lex to him. "And here I thought I was invulnerable."

Lex tiled his head up to smirk at Clark. "I guess you have an Achilles heel."

Clark stared at Lex a moment, then dumped him off the bed.

"Clark!" Sputtered laughter from the floor.

"First, there's a R.O.U.S. in your house. Now, I have an Achilles heel." Clark made a pitiful sound. "Why didn't someone warn me that you were a punner?"

A shimmery, hued wrist and a hand came into view from the side of the bed, and Clark got the bird. Clark chortled. "Mature, Lex. Really mature. Are you sure you're 22?"

"When I'm not acting fifteeeaaaahhh!"

Lex sprang up almost vertically off the floor, scrambling to get onto the bed. Clark shot upright, heart pounding, looking around for danger. "What? What?"

"There's a goddamned mouse under my bed!" Lex scowled angrily. He'd probably look more foreboding if he didn't look like a naked pearl.


"A mouse-mouse or a R.O.U.S.-mouse?" Clark didn't feel sick, so he chanced leaning over the edge, lifting the hem of the comforter, and looking beneath the bed. A small set of green-tinted eyes glared balefully at him.

"You have a baby mutant R.O.U.S." Clark straightened and looked at Lex. "I guess that would make it a R.O.S.S., a Rodent of Small Size."

A corner of Lex's mouth quirked. "This is where I would normally say something disparaging about your friend Pete..."

"Do you want to end up on the floor again?"


Clark sighed as he dragged his fingers through his hair and went to peer at the little mutant mouse under the bed again. "Well, Willie... you want to come on out?"


"Steamboat Willie. Mickey's first cartoon. There's a couple of nephews he's got, Mortimer is one of them I think." Clark was still hanging over the edge of the bed. "Okay, you can be Willie, Mortimer or Snerd, little fella." All three names got hisses. "Okay. Mortimer it is."

"You're insane, Clark. And you watch entirely too much television."

Clark pulled himself back up onto the bed. "At least I didn't let out a girlie scream." Then he smirked. "So what are we going to do about Morty?"

"I don't know and I don't care, just as long as it's gone from under my bed and out of my house."


Clark giggled and dangled himself over the bed once more. "You know, I bet this little fella would grow up to be a R.O.U.S."

"Whatever gave you *that* idea, Clark?"

"Jerk. I just thought that--aside from the fact that it would make me sick--it might be nice to keep him around a while. I mean, you're a scientist, Lex. Maybe you could figure out how it got mutated. Figure out how to stop the meteor rocks from mutating other people and other animals. Maybe figure out a way to stop them from making me sick all the time, so I could help people better." Clark held his hand out. "Come on, Mortimer... come to Uncle Clark."


Mortimer chomped Clark.

"Yeow!" Clark shot up quickly, mutant baby mouse dangling from his finger by its freakishly strong jaws. Its teeth didn't break the skin, but it kind of hurt.

"Serves you right." Lex said from halfway across the room. Clark looked at Lex, looked at the empty bed beside him, and wondered when Lex developed superspeed.

Lex put on his pants. "If you're that attached to the thing--"


Flat look. "--I have someone already looking into the meteors."

"Dr. Hamilton?" Clark surmised. He shook the mouse, trying to get it to detach from his finger. It flopped around, but didn't let go.

Lex appeared surprised. "How did you know?"

"Because you don't lie, you just skew the truth," Clark replied, tugging on the mouse's tail. "I've learned to hear what you don't say."

Lex's fine brows arched. He crossed his arms, skin shimmering as he did so, and looked pointedly at Clark. "Then what am I saying right now?"


Clark beamed a toothy smile. "That you love me."


Crooked grin. "Ah, well, I guess that does go without saying."

The baby mutant mouse suddenly let go of Clark's finger, swung downward, Clark still holding its tail, and chomped the nearest bit of flesh.



"Huh, apparently mice really do like to gnaw on wood."




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