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Jake K. Hannon, 48

METROPOLIS, KS – Mr. Jake K. Hannon, 48, died from injuries suffered in an automobile accident on Tuesday, August 24. A teacher for 23 years at Excelsior Preparatory Academy—

“Mr. Luthor, stay after class, please.”

“Yes, Mr. Hannon.”

—Mr. Hannon received several honors and awards for excellence, as well as having created the Youth Rewards program that many other schools have adopted—

“There’s no reason for us to remain so formal, Lex. You may remove your tie and untuck and unbutton your shirt.”

“Sir, why did you want me to stay?”

“There are few rewards for being a teacher, but you’re one of them.”

“One of what, sir?”

“A reward. You’re a wonderful prize of a student that I wish to spend extra time with, to get to know better. Why, I hardly know anything about you at all, other than you’re very smart and studious. I’d like to change that. I want to know you inside and out. For instance, tell me what color was your hair?”


“Red? I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.”

“I still don’t believe you. I know of the accident that had taken the hair on your head, but has it grown anywhere else?”

“Yes. A little.”

“And it’s red?”


“I think you’ll have to show me proof of that. I would’ve sworn you had brown hair.”

“No, it’s red. See?”

“Hmm. Not really. Your trouser button is in the way. Here, allow me.”

—His hard work, dedication, and hands-on approach was an inspiration to many in the educational profession—

“Mr. H-Hannon, what are you doing?”

“Has anyone touched you here before, Lex?”


“It’s okay. There’s no reason to be afraid. I’m a teacher.”

—Those from Excelsior Prep mourn his passing and shed tears of sorrow with the loss—

“Don’t cry, Lex.”

“It hurts- it hurts- it hurts- it hurts—”

“It’s supposed to hurt the first few times. That’s how you know you’re becoming a man.”

“I don’t want to be a man. I want to stop. Please, I want to stop. It hurts- it hurts.”

“We can’t stop now. Just lay still and it will all be over soon.”

—He is survived by his wife, Amelia, 43, his two children, his fellow educators, and all the students that he’s touched over the years.


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