Buffy spanking Spike

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Spanking Spike
Buffy feels left out.
Buffy/Spike, Giles
by Tzutzane

Spike Wins a Bet
Spike wins a bet, and Drusilla taught him the joys of being submissive.
Buffy/Spike (Spike/Dru)
by Pyre

Spike's Mishap
Spike fails at babysitting Dawn.
Part 1
by Jenna

Exacted Consequences
Spike suffers the consequences of having the demon eggs in "As You Were".
Part 2
by Jenna

Bipity Bobity Ow!
Spike helps Dawn use magic after she's forbidden to do so by Buffy.
Part 3
Buffy/Spike, Dawn
by Jenna

After the destruction of the Initiative, Buffy decides Spike needs to be taught a lesson
by Shapinglight

Finders Keepers
A series of fics set in BtVS season 6 in which a Buffy who is very much not herself dominates a broken Spike
Part 1
Buffy/Spike, Spike/Angel, Buffy/Angel
by Shapinglight

The Spanking of a Man
Interlude between parts 3&4 of The Making of a Man
by Evenstar