Divine Retribution

by Gills

Spike knew there was someone in his crypt before he was even fully awake. Cautiously, he didn't move but sniffed silently. Not human, not demon, but very familiar. When he realized who it was, he couldn't hide a grimace of distaste and discomfort. He should have guessed. "Go away."

“No, I don't think I will." Angel said, standing over him grimly, "We need to talk."

“Oh, god, you’re incredible." Spike muttered in anger. "You come in here, wake me up, then act like you’re going to bloody break up with me."

“Maybe just break you up." Angel replied pleasantly, sitting down on the edge of Spike's tomb. The younger vampire scrambled off, positioning himself on the other side of the room, looking at his grandsire warily.

“Sure.” Spike sneered, "You're too much of a good guy to do that." Still, he wasn't too sure; had Angel finally come to get his revenge? "What do you really want?"

“Can’t a man come and visit his Childe every now and then?"

“Not after two years, I don't think so." Spike glared at him. "If this is about that time in L.A., don't you think you're a bit late? Not to mention obsessive, coming all the way here just to beat me up?"

“Don’t flatter yourself." Angel looked at him coldly. "I'm here for Buffy. Her mother died.”

“Yeah, I know." Spike's anger faded slightly, "That's…Nice of you. To come and all. She's taking it hard.” His face hardened again, "And you just couldn't keep yourself from bothering me?"

“Like I said, we need to talk." Angel looked his Childe in the eyes, "A good, long talk."

“Well, I don't feel like talking. Get the hell out of here, Angelus." Spike turned away, picking up a hairbrush and fixing his hair as well as he could without using a mirror. Angel rose and spun him around with one hand on his shoulder. "The time for talking is over.” Even in a disadvantaged position, Spike couldn't resist getting one dig in, "If you wanted to talk, you'd have done it back in L.A.”

“This isn't about then." Angel shook his head in frustration.

“What, you’ve forgiven and forgotten?" Spike asked, “How very noble of you."

“It was worth it. You didn't get the ring, after all." Angel shrugged. "Marcus didn't live long enough to enjoy it." He nearly smiled. Spike glared at him furiously.

“So help me, if you say 'I told you so', I'll kill you." He warned.

“Oh really? Do you really think you can?" Angel smiled patronizingly, “I told you so."

The ensuing fight was short and ugly. Spike lunged at Angel, punching and kicking blindly. Angel had always been the stronger and faster one. Spike, being smaller and more agile, might have given him a short run for his money, and being a dirty fighter, managed to get some good punches in, but the outcome was still pretty much predictable. Angel didn't mind. He figured Spike needed the release. Also, he had neither forgiven nor forgotten that day in L.A. two years earlier. About three minutes later he was sitting on Spike's chest, pinning his shoulders to the floor.

“Nice to see you haven't gone rusty from lack of practice,” He said lightly, "Only one hears you're practicing against vampires and demons now." Spike turned his face away, breathing hard.

“Not you too. You fight demons all the time." He responded, and added "Poof" under his breath. “Where does 'one' hear these things, then?"

“Let’s see…” Angel showed no intention of letting Spike up, and the younger vampire was waiting silently for his hold to weaken for a moment. It didn't, and he waited, biding his time. "It started last year, when I came for a little visit at thanksgiving.”

“I remember that. Buffy was seriously pissed off." Spike nodded.

“So, I saw you sitting with them. Tied up, of course, but still, I wondered why they hadn't killed you." Angel continued, ignoring Spike's flush of shame and anger at the memory of last year’s embarrassment. “When I got back home, I called Willow and asked what was up with that. She explained the chip situation, and that you’d come to them for help. I figured they were safe, and you were safe, because they wouldn’t kill a harmless creature.” The vice-grip on Spike’s shoulders slackened for a moment, but tightened again before he could try to escape. He struggled for a second, then relaxed, waiting again. “I’m not letting you up, so don’t try,” Angel warned him. “Next time I was here, I didn’t think you’d want to see me all that much, so I didn’t visit. I was too busy hitting Buffy’s boyfriend.”

“Yeah, and good for you, mate.” Spike said happily. “Stupid wanker’s gone now. Went to find himself in Africa, or something.” Angel’s hands moved to his neck, squeezing hard.

“Shut. Up.” The older vampire gritted out. He took a moment to calm down, then went on. “Now, all this time, Willow and Cordelia have their little phone-conversation once a week, and we get info updates on all of you. Some of them are, for example, 'All of us nearly died yesterday because Spike set us up’, or, ‘Did you know Buffy had a sister?'. The one right before 'Buffy's mom died, you might want to come’ was that there was a rumor someone had a crush on the Slayer." His voice was cold, the words lashing out, "So I just had to come and see for myself.”

Spike closed his eyes and groaned. "I'm not in the mood to talk about that. Especially not with you, Angelus.”

“Don’t call me that." Angel commanded coldly. He paused, "It's true, then?”

“What does it matter?" Spike did his best to shrug, which was kind of difficult to do while lying on the floor. He’d known this moment would come, but why so soon?

“Is it?" Angel barked, shaking him.

“What if it is?" Spike nearly grinned at the look of open horror on his grandsire's face. Then Angel backhanded him, and all thoughts of smiling fled with the stinging pain. He tasted blood and enjoyed the flavor for a moment, then looked at Angel defiantly. "Nothing you can do about it, mate."

“I could kill you, 'mate'.” Angel snarled at him.

“Go ahead. I'd welcome it. Kill me if you want. It's more than she’ll do, that's for sure." Spike replied bitterly. He used Angel's shock to his advantage, tossing him off and rising quickly. "Now that you know, get the hell out of my house."

“Oh no. I don't think we've quite exhausted the subject; not yet. We have much to discuss."

“Fine.” Spike decided to distract Angel for as long as he could, "How was Dru the last time you saw her, by the way?" He asked casually.

“Absolutely glowing, why?" Angel made no effort to deny what he knew Spike already knew.

“You really did it, didn't you?" Spike asked incredulously, “You really set her on fire?"

“She annoyed me." Angel shrugged. Spike's eyes narrowed, and he stared at Angel hard.

“You’ve still got your soul…So what happened to make you turn mean suddenly? Haven’t had any in too long?" He leered at him.

“I got tired of your little friend Drusilla. She survived.”

“I know. She came here.” Spike said flatly. “Then she left again.”

“With her tail between her legs, I know. Smooth moves there, by the way.” Angel smirked. It looked very odd on his normally somber face.

“Oh, shuddup.” Spike replied. “You wouldn't have done it better."

“I wouldn't have gotten myself into that situation.” Angel stated. "Let's get back to the subject here, what do you think you're doing with Buffy?"

“Absolutely nothing, granddaddy dearest. Nothing at al."

“Like hell." Angel advanced, slamming Spike against a wall in a move to fast to follow. "Whatever ideas you have, lose them. Fast."

“Whatever ideas I have," Spike replied tiredly, "will remain my fantasies forever, probably."

“At least you're aware of the truth. You're pathetic, getting a crush on a Slayer."

“You’re one to talk! And it's not a 'crush'. I love her." He explained, "I don't know why or how, but I do.” A small voice in his head told him that sharing his feelings for Buffy with Angel was practically suicidal, but he was that anyway. "Still, I'm not good at lying to myself. She’ll never feel the same way about me. I'm willing to satisfy myself with an extended lease on unlife, for now."

“Your lease could unexpectedly end if you say the wrong thing." Angel threatened.

“I know. I don't care. Stop talking and just do it already.” Spike looked at the older vampire desperately, “You know what it's like. Something that just can't be."

“Don’t you dare compare what Buffy and I have to your sick little perversions, boy.”

“Don’t you mean 'had'?" Spike asked, aware that it might bring another dose of nastiness. Sure enough, Angel shook him again, hard. "Well, she's definitely moved on, after you pushed her away, that is. You two are doomed to circle each other forever, while I sit on the sidelines and laugh. Until she dies, at least.” He said the last words hesitantly, reminding them both of the unpleasant reality.

“Something tells me you haven’t been doing too much laughing in the past weeks, boy.” Angel said, gentle suddenly, “And Willow says you’ve been helpful. Watching out for Dawn and such. That’s nice. Almost…” An edge sneaked into his voice, “as if you have a soul.”

“I don’t.” Spike grumbled, “Don’t worry, you’re still the only souled vamp in the world. Sucks to be you, if you ask me.”

“Then why? Only to win Buffy’s favor? It won’t work, you know.”

“A guy can hope. Besides, I like Dawn. She’s a sweet girl, and I can say that without even tasting. I was bored sitting in my crypt all day, and they needed help. They’re just kids.”

“Yes, they are. They don’t need a bad influence like you around.” Angel said.

“Oh, that’s rich, coming from Mr. ‘Shag-The-Slayer-And-Kill-Everyone’. I bet you were a worse influence that I’ll ever be.” Spike almost smiled, but just talking about Buffy made him feel conflicted. Vampires weren’t supposed to feel those things about people. “How did you deal with it?”

“With what?”

“Falling for a girl who was supposed to kill you.”

“I didn’t fall for her. She fell for me. That’s the one major difference between us, boy, she loves me back, and since I had a soul, she didn’t have to kill me. It’s a whole lot easier to deal with a mutual affection.”

“You know something, you’re a real bastard sometimes.” Spike growled. “Fine, you came, you threatened, you rubbed my face in it, now leave.”

“I’m not done yet.” Angel said stubbornly.

“Fuck you, Angelus.” Spike said, “I really, really hate you.”

“Great. I’m glad to know it’s mutual.” Angel replied neutrally. “Hate me if you want, but I’m not going anywhere until you tell me why.”

“Why what?”

“Why do you love her?” Angel had to make an effort to say the words without choking on them.

“You need to ask?” Spike laughed, a short, cynical chuckle, “You of all people should know why. Also, I can’t explain it. I have no idea. The Powers That Be are having a little joke at my expense, the point of which only they know.”

“I should have known. You’ve always had this thing for women you can’t have.”

“Yeah, and I usually ended up killing them. I would’ve done the same thing to Buffy, if I didn’t have this bloody chip thing.” Spike shrugged. “I really don’t know why, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“You could stop.” Angel suggested.

“Stop loving her? Just like that? Not really, I can’t. It’s not that easy, you know. It’s not something I can control.” Spike sat down and buried his head in his hands. He looked up to see Angel smiling. “What’s so funny, mate?” He asked.

“Buffy said something very similar to me a while ago, when I told her to stop loving me and move on. I guess you’re both right. But you still won’t ever get her. Never.”

“I. Understand. That.” Spike said very slowly, “Now if you mention that ever again, I’ll have to try and hit you again.”

“She’s just a child.” Angel argued.

“You’re a lot older that I am, old man, and you still went after her like a morbid bunny in heat. I was just a child when you killed me.”

“Hey, that wasn’t me. Drusilla’s responsible for you, in every way.” Angel put his hands up in defense, “And you were at least twenty.”

“Just short of it.” Spike admitted, “But that’s besides the point. The point is, I don’t need your permission to try.”

“Just so you know, if it were up to me, you’d get her over my twice-dead body.” Angel repeated. Spike didn’t even feel his hand clench and his arm move until his fist collided, in quick succession, with Angel’s face and with the wall of the crypt-solid marble. Both vampires grunted in pain, the stared at each other in silence as Angel wiped blood off his face, and Spike shook his hand.

“I think,” Spike said after a while, “I just broke a few fingers.”

“I think,” Angel replied, “That you also just broke my nose.”

“You’ll heal."

“So will you."

The two stared at each other quietly. Afterwards, neither one could say who started it, but suddenly they were both sitting on the floor, laughing like madmen. After at least five minutes, Angel regained the needed level of concentration to reset his nose. He gritted his teeth and hissed in pain, but felt it start to mend immediately. Spike looked at him, worried. Angel reached and ruffled the younger vampire’s blond hair with one hand. “I’ll be fine, William.” Spike ducked away, frowning.

“You haven’t called me that in years. Why now?” He asked.

“It felt right..” Angel shrugged in response. “I really feel sorry for you. She’s going to break your heart, you know.”

“Oh, she’s done that already. Several times. And I don’t need your fucking pity.” Spike slumped against the wall, “You can gloat all you want, though. I don’t care anymore.”

“No. I’d hate to see you get hurt.” Angel looked at him earnestly, almost…Lovingly? No, Spike thought, no way. Angel’s next words nearly made him change his mind. “You’re still my favorite Childe, you know, torture and portals to hell aside. We’re still connected.”

Spike drew away warily, unsure. The way he saw it, Angel might still change his mind and decide to take revenge. “I thought you just said I was all Dru’s.” He said sullenly, “Not one bit yours.”

“Your creation, William, not your vampire persona.”

“That’s all mine, you stupid git.” Spike glared at him. There was no way he was going to let Angel take credit for Spike being what he was.

“I taught you, boy. You’d never have turned out so well on your own. There is quite a bit of the true you in the mix, yes, but I was the fire that boiled the pot.” The older vampire said that without pride, just stating the facts as he saw them.

“You’re very poetic today. Most poofy of you.” Spike glared at him.

“And you’re very crabby and nasty. Angel replied, “You’re not too old to be punished by your Sire, you know.”

“Don’t go there, Angelus. Just don’t. We can’t have the good old days back, and if you even try I’m going to fight back.” Spike held Angel’s eyes steadily, “I’m not a fledgling anymore, and I’m not your Childe any more than I ever was.”

“You’ll always be my Childe, boy.” Angel reached for him again, but Spike flinched away from his touch. “And right now, you need someone to talk to.”

“Well, it certainly ain’t gonna be you, old man. I’m not stupid. Talking to you about Buffy is like…Like talking about Cordelia around Xander, or saying something about Giles’ cute girlfriend-the one you killed. I don’t have that big a deathwish.” Spike shook his head. “Just go away and leave me alone. Please.”

“Nope.” Angel shook his head and smiled slightly, and slid closer to Spike on the floor. Bending the younger vampire’s head with one hand, he bit his neck lightly. Spike shuddered with something between disgust and pleasure, but didn’t m. He knew his Sire’s spontaneous love bites could turn painful in the blink of an eye.

“Stop. We can't." He said quietly, "Leave me alone."

“Oh, come on," Angel taunted, “You’re enjoying it, just like you always do."

“I do not." Spike denied forcefully, but relented after an unbelieving glare from Angel. "Okay, maybe I enjoy it a little, but not now. Not like this. This is the last thing I need right now." He tried to move away, but Angel followed, "I said hands off, you wanker!" He shouted, rising up from the floor, glowering.

“I wouldn’t need to wank if you’d just do the thing you know you want to do." Angel said reasonably, standing up as well.

“Don’t think I don't know what yer trying to do, you git." Spike growled.

“Really? And what, William, am I trying to do?" Angel asked in amusement.

“You’re trying to remind me that you'll always be in control, always first in Buffy's mind and heart…” Spike’s voice cracked slightly, "That you're still in charge of me. Of both of us."

“Has it occurred to you that I might just miss your company?" Angel asked, hurt.

“Not really. You haven’t missed it for over a century. Why would you want to hang around a monster with your holier-than-thou attitude, if not to remind me that you'll always be better than me. You'll always have everything I don't." Spike really wanted a drink, but found that movement was difficult. He didn't want to break the moment, and told himself he could get that drink later. He went back to staring at Angel in anger and hatred.

“Pity party, table of one." Angel rolled his eyes, "Table of one, yes? I'm not joining you. You want to feel sorry for yourself, go ahead. I just came to warn you that if you ever hurt Buffy…”

“I can't." Spike tapped his head, "Remember?”

“You can still hurt her feelings, or hire others to do it for you." Angel replied coldly, "I know you, William, you’re very creative. If I hear that Buffy’s hurt in any way, and I can connect it to you, however indirectly, then favored Childe or not, I’ll cut you into tiny pieces, soak them in holy water, and hang them outside in the sun to dry." He threatened. Spike smirked at him.

“Now who's being creative?" His face fell. "Don't worry. I'd rather die than hurt Buffy. Really."

Angel shook his head, looking at him, "You really have it bad, boy. Go ahead and try. If Buffy accepts you, she probably deserves you."

“Oh, so if Buffy ever develops feelings for me, that would make her less worthy in your eyes?” Spike spat angrily, "You're a fucking hypocrite."

“Maybe I am. I just wanted you to know that you can try, for all I care. If I know Buffy, you really have a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding."

“Fuck you. Don't make me hit you again.” It was Spike's turn to threaten. "You threatened me, warned me off, it didn't work. Now get out."

“Can’t. It’s nearly noon, and I left my trusty umbrella in the car. I think I'm stuck here until tonight." Angel smiled seductively, “I can think of several nice ways to pass the time…”

“No!” Spike nearly screamed at him. "You can't come here, threaten me, hit me and then expect me to just forgive and forget. Get out and I hope you burn!”

“You did the same to me last year. This is no different, except that you hurt me physically and I just hurt your ego. You need the release.” Angel moved faster than was humanly possible again, trapping Spike in an embrace he couldn’t, didn’t want to, escape. “Come on…” He whispered against his Childe’s lips.

“I really hate you, Angelus. Fuck you.” Spike sank into the kiss.

“No,” Angel whispered, “Fuck you.”

The sun was shining brightly outside, but the two vampires, safe and sound inside an old crypt, weren't bothered by its burning rays. Somewhere in the short kissing session, both had lost their shirts. They broke apart, panting. The older vampire broke the silence.

"Are we safe here?" He asked.

"Not really." The younger replied. "The gang know I'm usually asleep during these hours, but if there's some kind of crisis they won't bother to knock. And if Dawn just wants to talk, she might burst in at any moment."

"They're burying her mother today, Spike." The tall brunette reminded his Childe, ‘I don't think she'll visit, at least until later tonight." Spike blinked and bit his lip in consternation.

"I should be there for them now. So should you, really. Too bad they don't have night-time funerals, eh Angelus?" He muttered quietly. "Still, we'd better go downstairs. We'll be more comfy there."

"Oh? You are…prepared?" Angel raised an eyebrow.

"Not really, but there's more space down below. Cooler, too." Spike shrugged, then added hesitantly, "If…If you still want to do this."

"Of course I do." Angel said softly. "Let's go." Draping one arm around the blond vampire's shoulders, Angel led the way downstairs, knowing it instinctively. Crypts were all alike. Probably a conspiracy formed by moviemakers to save on sets, he thought.

The lower room was less Spartan than the one above it. Although it didn't have a television set, it had a large comfortable-looking bed, a small fridge and a microwave. Spike headed for the first, grabbing two bags of blood and setting the second to warm them up. "I only got O neg.. Hope you don't mind."

"Human?" Angel cocked an eyebrow. He had lived on animal blood for so long…He accepted his bag and sniffed appreciatively, "Wonderful." He sighed in contentment.

"Yeah. Better than that shit Willie sells. I get mine fresh from the blood bank, I do." Spike said proudly. "They give me all the tainted samples, wonderfully nice people that they are. This one," he pointed at Angel's bag, "Has a touch of Hepatitis, while mine has the oh-so-unique flavor of the flu."

"Give you?"

"Alright, so maybe I pay them for it." Spike admitted ruefully. "It's still good." He sucked on his own bag happily, distracting himself from what he knew would come soon. Vampires had two ways to reassure each other of love and family bonds- violence and sex. There had been quite a bit of violence earlier, and yet Spike wasn't reassured, and Angel knew it. Thus- sex was the next thing. Spike knew he would enjoy the next few hours, but there was still some fear in his heart- what if Angel changed his mind at the last moment? What if even that wasn't enough? What then?

While Spike was pondering this, Angel wandered through the room, inspecting the corners and the walls. He discovered the pipes with the chains attached to them, and smiled slightly at the fact that his grandchilde was still as playful as ever. Like a child, really…His nose caught a new, very familiar scent, and the smile disappeared immediately, exchanged by his game face as a wave of rage washed over him. He sniffed one last time, just to be sure, and turned to Spike slowly. The younger vampire looked up questioningly at the yellow eyes fixed on him.

"You…Had…Her…Here." Angel snarled coldly, stressing each word and making Spike wince.

"I can explain, mate…" He started, raising his hands defensively. Angel crossed the room in three strides, and grabbed his grandchilde by the neck, dragging him with him to the makeshift posts.

"You TIED her UP!" He bellowed at him. Spike pushed him away angrily.

"It was the only way to get her to listen to me!" He protested. "I didn't hurt her!"

"But you threatened her. You nearly let Dru kill her." Angel argued. "I knew they were both here at the same time, but not like this!" He sniffed again, and his eyes widened in surprise. He knew that Spike and Drusilla had no regard to the traditional Sire/Childe hierarchy, but this was too much. "You tied your own Sire up!"

"I think that's 'Dam', mate." Spike grinned at him, showing neither remorse nor fear, "And she didn't seem to mind. Rather enjoyed it, I imagine. She always liked it. Was disappointed we didn't take it any further."

"You ought to be punished for that, boy." Angel's eyes sparkled with mirth, now that he was reassured that neither woman had been harmed. Now it was time for him to play. With one hand still on Spike's neck, he dragged him closer to the pipe. "Don't you think?"

"No, I don't!" Spike retorted, "Hands off! I thought we were going to have fun!" He whined.

"We are. But first, I am. And stop whining. It's not very respectable at your age." Faster than Spike could resist him, Angel tightened the manacles around his wrists, and attached them to the chains above his head. Ignoring the younger vampire's protests, Angel hugged him from behind, bare chest against bare back, and kissed his neck. When Spike arched his back into his grandsire's body, Angel reached forward, caressed the blond man's chest and deftly unbuttoned his black jeans and slid them down slightly. Spike jerked in surprise.

"Hey! Hey, what the bloody hell are you trying to do?"

"Getting ready to punish you, you dolt." Angel replied, moving around and pulling Spike's pants completely of. He was delighted to discover that underwear was still only optional for his sometime-lover. As he surveyed the perfect marble-white body in front of him, Angel mused back to the first time he'd comforted Spike.

It had been nearly three months after Dru had turned him. Just long enough for him to feel comfortable with his new strength, but not even close to long enough for him to feel like he belonged in Angel's family. After her interest in a new plaything had worn off, Drusilla had entered a violent manic stage. Darla and Angel knew well enough to stay away from the flying china and other household objects, and let the insane girl calm down in her own time. Young William, however, had never experienced anything like it before. Innocently, he had tried to talk to Drusilla, calm and comfort her. She pelted him with Waterford crystal for his efforts, screaming insults and gouging deep scratches in his face. Angel had found him cowering in the corner, blood and tears streaming down his face. He had held the fledgling until he had cried himself to sleep, and taken him to his bed. In the morning, Angel had done what came naturally when there was someone in his bed. William, to his surprise, found that he enjoyed it almost as much as he had with women. They continued their on/off relationship, often sharing Drusilla and then each other. Even when Angel and Drusilla had been busy with each other, one of them always found some time for William. That had been the first time the boy had felt he belonged anywhere. It had been a good time, Angel remembered, that had ended after the Gypsies cursed a soul back into him.

Spike's enraged snarl brought him back to the present, and he shook away the memories. "You gonna leave me here all day, or are you going to get on with it?"

"Why, William! I could almost think you are eager for me to hurt you." Angel smirked. He knew that Spike enjoyed being hurt, as long as it wasn't too hard. His grandchilde had never been good with pain. "I know you have some toys somewhere around here. If you could just tell me where, we'll get started right away. This is going to take a while, so get as comfortable as you can…Not that that's much, the position you're in." Spike glared at him.

"I don't have anything here. Harm took it all when she left."

"Harm?" Angel questioned.

"Harmony. A really stupid cow, but she was an easy catch for a desperate man." Spike shrugged as best as he could. "She shacked up with me for a while. Had a good time. She likes pain even more than I do." He grinned.

"You turned someone without permission from your…Dam?" Angel frowned.

"She wasn't mine." Spike shook his head slightly, making the chains rattle. He then did it again just to hear the sound they made. "Some other idiot made her and got dusted soon after. She was completely clueless. Had to teach her everything. She found ways to thank me, so it became an arrangement, you know? I helped her out and she just lay back and enjoyed it." He smiled. "It sort of ended after I moved here. She said that hanging out with a neutered vamp was bad for her rep. Ungrateful bitch."

"You still lived with another Sire's Childe. You'll be punished for that as well."

"I didn't know it was against the rules!" Spike argued. Angel smirked at him.

"You're tied up, William. I make the rules here. If I say you're going to be punished, you are."

Spike looked down meekly, "Yes, Sire." He then looked up again, meekness gone. "Where are you going?"

"To find something to use on you, my boy." Angel stressed the possessive word, "This is going to be much too long for me to use only my hand."

"Do me a favor?" Spike asked in a bratty tone.

"It comes with a price." Angel shrugged. Spike nodded.

"My nose is itchy." He said. Angel scratched it for him, then walked behind him and blazed a solid smack against each of his buttocks. Spike fidgeted slightly, but didn't seem to mind too much.

"You'll never grow up, will you William?" Angel asked rhetorically. He smiled when Spike glared at him.

"I already have, thank you very much." He huffed.

"Like hell you have, boy. You were a spoiled child, a pampered adolescent, then a vampire. You never had to grow up. Human rules never really applied to you. You're a very lucky child, but a child nonetheless." Angel didn't wait for Spike to respond, but went upstairs and found a nice thick belt he could use as a strap. He was glad Spike still had a taste for good quality leather, in clothes as well as in other things. "Now we can start." He announced, walking down the stairs.

"Good. My arms are starting to hurt." Spike complained. "Hey, not that one!" He protested when he saw the belt in Angel's hand, "I like it, and you're going to ruin it."

"I liked the shirt you punched full of holes in L.A., boy." Angel replied coldly, "Now we'll be quits. In all ways. You should be glad I couldn't find any pokers."

Spike was starting to get worried. Angelus's punishments had always been brutal, but ranged from playful torture before sex to savage beatings when he was really angry. Those were almost never followed by sex, but only because he'd only stopped when William was unconscious. Angelus usually had a good reason to punish his childer, even if it was fabricated. This was different. He had never been punished by Angel before. The older vampire had lost interest in their little games after his soul returned. This was new territory, and he felt a small thrill of fear start in his stomach. He heard Angel double up the belt in his hand, and swing it. He gasped at the strip of pain across his lower back. "Watch it, mate." He warned.

"Silence!" Angel thundered. He put his entire body behind the next lash, not holding back one bit. It hit Spike across the shoulderblades, and he bit back a scream as he felt wetness run down his back. The next blows concentrated on his lower back and on his buttocks, turning them into a mess of blood and bruises. He cried out once or twice, felling his member harden despite the agony he was in, or perhaps because of it. Angel stopped for a moment, and moved around to face Spike. The younger vampire looked at him through tear-filled eyes.

"What'd you stop for?" He gasped, "Get it over with." Spike understood revenge. He knew that Angel needed it, and that the fact he was punishing him and not killing him meant that he really cared. Pain equaled love in his mind-Angel's love, anyway.

"I'm letting you heal some, William. It hurts more if I cut the skin again every now and then." Angel explained. He gave the other a cursory glance, and noted his growing erection. "In a hurry, are you?"

"Hey." Spike blinked away tears and got a clearer look at Angel and at the growing bulge in the front of his pants. "Take off your pants." He asked. "'S not fair that you're the only one who gets a view."

"I'm standing behind you, William." It was always William during these sessions, never Spike. "Unless you want me to move to the front for a while?" He suggested. Spike shook his head hurriedly, but Angel just smiled at him. "I think I will anyway." He swung the belt and struck three times before the pain sunk in and Spike howled. "You've always had a low pain threshold, boy. Too bad about it. Had enough?" The younger vampire shook his head. He wasn't ready to grovel yet, despite the welts and bruises. Angel moved to his back again, covering every inch from his shoulders to his knees with red stripes. The screams very satisfying. Angel stopped to rest his arm, and Spike growled at him. His true face had appeared, and his dick was as hard as a rock.

"Please…" He whispered, "Angelus, please."

"Not yet, boy. You don't deserve to come yet, and I'm not nearly done. You can come down from there, though." Angel reached up and unlocked the chains, and Spike slumped to the floor, breathing hard. He looked up hopefully, and saw Angel turn away from him. Cold rage filled his eyes, and he rose and glared at his sire.

"If you don't want me, you bastard, you could have said so." He said angrily, turning away himself. Angel looked at him and sighed. He should have known. William had always been so impatient, so reckless. Angel knew that Spike was willing to play by his rules, but only as long as he was satisfied quickly. Every gesture of the younger vampire screamed betrayal and hurt. He went to him and gathered him into a hug. Spike struggled away from it, and turned on Angel with blazing eyes and flying fists. If he wasn't going to get sex, he'd get satisfaction another way. Angel caught the first punch, and the second, and held both of Spike's hands tight. He then looped one leg around the other man's knees and sent them both to the floor in a heap. Spike was about to say something, but Angel silenced him with a kiss. He then shook his slightly.

"Listen to me, you foolish boy. I do love you, I do want you, and I will have you, but right now you're being punished. Do you understand?" He ran his hand through bleach blond hair. Spike pouted.

"It's not fair."

"Not much in life is. Or in unlife. Get used to it. Come on." Angel turned the younger vampire so that they were facing each other on the floor, and slipped out of his pants. "Do you have any lubricant?"

"Nope." Spike smirked at him.

"Well, then, you'll just have to do it yourself, wouldn't you? Unless you'd rather I tore you up?" Angel smiled back. Spike moved his head obligingly down and took Angel's growing manhood in his mouth. Angel lay back and closed his eyes, purring in pleasure as Spike proved that he still remembered everything he was taught. The younger vampire worked his tongue and teeth, carefully kept blunt, over the length of angel's dick, circling the tip with tiny, delicate flicks that set his entire body on fire. Angel felt his true face slide in as his control slipped for an instant, then reasserted itself. He arched his back as he came soundlessly, cold penis shrinking in a cold mouth. Spike wiped semen of his chin and glared at him again. Swallowing, he mumbled, "What about me?"

"You're being punished. Your turn comes later, boy. Besides, you don't look too neglected. Took care of yourself, as usual." And indeed, Spike had stroked himself to a climax while sucking Angel. "Without permission, again. You disobedient brat. You'll pay for these misdemeanors. I'm teaching you lessons your father should have taught you over a century ago." The script was familiar- Angelus used the same words every time he punished Spike. He didn't bother to wipe himself off, knowing that Spike had licked him clean. He rose gracefully, and pulled the younger vampire into his lap, face down. "The flogging was for that day two years ago. This is what Drusilla would have done, as punishment for tying her up like that. Next time, think before you do these things to your Sire, boy." He explained over the sound of Spike's curses and protests. These quieted as Angel started to spank Spike with his hand, turning his still healing butt a dark shade of red. Spike struggled and gasped in pain, kicking futilely until Angel trapped his legs with his own. He could feel Spike's renewed erection press into his thighs, and his own dick grew again.

"Come on…Angelus…" Spike whimpered after nearly thirty minutes of hard smacks, "Haven't you had, OW! Enough yet?" As hard as he tried, most of his gasps came out as sobs of pain now.

"My William." Angel stopped and waved his sore hand. "Always in such a hurry, my boy. I may have had enough, but I don't think you have."

"Please stop." Spike begged, trying to act cowed, even though he was far from it, "I'll be good. I'm sorry I tied Dru up…The little bitch deserved it. OUCH!" Angel smacked him again, hard. "Well, she did. And she enjoyed it."

"It was still inappropriate, my Childe." Angel scolded gently. "I'm trying, < SMACK > to help you, < SLAP > curb your < SMACK > impatience so that < SLAP > you stop < SLAP > and < SWAT > think, next time you feel like tying people up.< SLAP, SWAT, SLAP > Is that clear?"

"Yeah, yeah. It's bloody clear, you poof. Now leggo of me already." It was clear that being humble wouldn't help, so Spike shed the pretence. The comment earned Spike another thirty hard smacks to his burning ass. Angel pulled him up and threw him on the bed then, facing down.

"On second thought, I like you too much to do you dry." He said absent mindedly, reaching for his pants. Spike nearly howled in frustration and disappointment. It seemed he wasn't going to get any after all. He may have been desperate, but he did not want any more pain than was necessary, so he said nothing. He could always go outside and kill a demon after dark. He heard Angel search for something, and opened one eye, straining to look behind him without moving. "Luckily for you, boy, I have my own." Angel waved the jar of Vaseline in triumph, "Thank God for chapped lips." Spike sighed with relief. He heard Angel lather himself with the lubricant, and was slightly surprised that he hadn't been turned over yet. Then he felt Angel rub himself against his sore back and buttocks, and swore under his breath. This was going to hurt- a lot. Damn Angel. His face a pressed into a pillow as rough pubic hair rubbed against his flaming behind, and he squirmed uncomfortably. He felt Angel's cold shaft slide against the crack between his cheeks and position itself against his opening. He grabbed the sides of the bed and bit his lips hard to keep from screaming as Angel thrust himself in. He hadn't had anal sex in nearly a century, and the muscles weren't used to this rough handling.

"Shhh…Childe. Easy, now." Angel pulled himself backwards, settling his weight more comfortably against the younger vampire's back. He slammed himself deeper into the younger vampire's tunnel, rubbing himself harder against the welts and bruises. He thrusted deeper and deeper, paying no attention to his Childe's strangled gasps of pain, nor to the guilt he knew he'd feel for roughing him up later. This was pure punishment and domination. Not wanting the other vampire to suffer completely, Angel reached forward and started stroking the other's penis, drawing forth purrs of pleasure between moans of pain. They came together, crying out each other's names. Angel did not immediately withdraw, but turned both of them so the lay on their sides, spooning. He cradled his Childe as they both calmed down. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, Spike bared his neck to his grandsire expecting him to seal their renewed bond by drinking from him. Angel ignored it. Before Spike could panic, though, Angel turned him over again, and started caressing him softly all over, preparing them both for another round.

This time, the lovemaking was far less furious, a gesture of reconciliation and love, rather than a show of power. Most importantly, they did it face to face, kissing and whispering in ecstasy. Angel was slower this time, although he was still very much on top and in control. He took the time to make sure they were both satisfied. The climax was just as exhilarating, though. Angel pulled away from another deep kiss, fighting to keep his human mask on. Even at the height of passion, he had to keep his demon under control. Spike never even tried. Still lightly dazed from coming so many times in such a short amount of time, he bared his neck to his sire again. And again, Angel didn't respond.

Spike felt his heart crack, and a burning started behind his eyes. I am the Big Bad, he thought, The evilest creature this side of the Atlantic. I am a Master Vampire, damn it all to hell, this shouldn't be happening! And it was. Angelwas completely unaware of his act of submission, or maybe he didn't care. In any way, it was clear he didn't want to complete the ritual. I'm a badass vampire. Spike thought again. I can't let him get to me like that. I'm not some souled poof! Why, why do I let him crush my heart like this every time. He's Angelus. I hate him. He started to glare at his sire in anger for manipulating him, but was stopped by a sudden thought. No. He's Angel. He hates me. Angelus may have been violent and scary and cruel, but at least he loved me. Angel doesn't love me. He loves Buffy. And I can never have either one of their loves. It's just not fair. It's not fair!

"What isn't fair, Childe?" Angel's question snapped him out of his reverie and back into the painful reality. He must have said that out loud. Damn.

"Nothing, Sire." He replied with difficulty, controlling his voice carefully. Angel's hand in his hair tightened around blond strands, pulling painfully.

"Don't lie to me, William." Angel said gently, "Tell me what's so unfair."

"It's not fair," Spike started forcefully, "That Dawn's the bloody stupid key and that she has a sodding hell-goddess after her. It's unfair that Buffy'll never love me back." He choked, "It's…It's unfair that J…Joyce died. It's not fair that I have a damned chip in my brain that keeps me from hunting." The pent up frustrations of the past two years, his grief over Joyce's death, compassion for Dawn he didn't know he had; all those, combined with the afterglow of sex and the terrible lonely feeling in his unbeating heart found their way out in the form of two tears, which Spike wiped away quickly, hoping that Angel hadn't noticed. There was no way he was going to shame himself by crying in front of his grandsire.

"Is that all?" Damn that all-knowing tone. He wasn't going to let it go. Spike took a shaky and unnecessary breath, and went on in a rush.

"An' it's not ruddy fair that you don'tlovemeanymore!" He wailed, curling up and fighting a losing battle against tears. Screw his self-respect, he was in pain! His heart was breaking, and the poof was doing nothing about it! He sobbed once, quietly, then settled for a steady but soundless stream of tears. Angel's hands tightened around him, comforting him in a way he hadn't felt in years.

"What would make you think that, my boy?" The older vampire whispered, torn at the sight of his favorite Childe hurting like that, but unsure about how to help.

"You…You…" Spike was by now crying so hard he could barely get in enough air to talk, having given up on stopping. He would have time enough to feel humiliated about it in the evening- right now all he was aware of was his anguish and the strong arms around him. "You didn't drink. I asked you, you bastard, and, and you ignored it. You don't want me!" He stopped trying to talk as well, and simply let everything out, certain his Sire would finally understand now.

Angel understood, and felt his own eyes fill up with remorse. He hadn't thought that the situation was that bad. He turned the younger vampire to face him. The tear streaked face and haunted eyes almost broke his heart. "Shhh…I didn't mean to hurt you," He crooned, "I didn't want to hurt you. I couldn't let the demon out. Angelus…He would have hurt you, William, much worse than anything I do. That's why I didn't drink. You are my Childe, and you'll always be. I need no further proof of your submission."

"Please? I…I need to be sure…" Spike looked so miserable that Angel just had to kiss him. He then shifted into his game face and moved down to Spike's bared neck. The blond moaned in pleasure as fangs pierced his skin, and Angel sucked deeply. He then opened his eyes and did something he very rarely did. He bared his own neck to his Childe. This was the ultimate act of trust and bonding. Spike hesitated, then sank his fangs into his Sire's neck. They clasped each other as two bodies became one circulation and one blood, their minds as one.

An unknown time later, Angel pulled away and motioned for Spike to do the same. They lay together, neither one wanting to break the moment. Finally, He whispered, "Have I told you lately how beautiful you are, William?"

"Not in the last century or so, Sire." Spike smirked slightly, sleepily.

"Well, you are, my boy. You are the most perfect specimen of vampire or human I've ever seen. I keep forgetting to thank Drusilla for making you." Angel looked at his Childe with love, and renewed lust, and kissed him gently. Spike rumbled against his chest, and snuggled down more comfortably.

"How long 'til sunset?" He yawned, worn out by emotions and energetic sex.

"Bout two hours." Angel lay back and stretched himself. Spike nestled against him.

"Good." In seconds, he was asleep. Angel looked at him fondly. They would always be Sire and Childe. Even if he didn't quite love him as his unsouled self had, he could probably learn to. If I don't stake him first, he thought as Spike kicked him in his sleep. To keep him from moving, Angel wrapped an arm and a leg across his Childe's respective parts. The younger vampire started purring quietly.

"Mine." Angel whispered as he, too, dozed off, holding his favored Childe.