Bad, Bad Spike

Red :

B/S in a non-sexual context. R

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Summary: Spike made Willow cry. Buffy makes Spike cry.

Dedication: To my muses, whoever they may be, and Watcher one and only beta!


The cool breeze blew through the Slayer's short blonde hair as she made her way across the cemetary. Even though she was moving as fast as she super humanly could, it wasn't fast enough. At least, not as far as she was concerned.

She was mad and she needed to do something about it, now! Seeing the familiar crypt up ahead, she felt a sudden extra bolt of speed and, gripping the canvas bag in her hand, ran faster than even she thought possible.


Spike stared at the green sweater on his lap. How could he have been so bloody stupid? He was in love with the girl! What had he been thinking? He didn't blame her for storming out. Hell, he wanted to join her. But it was impossible for him to get away from himself now, wasn't it? He had no choice, He couldn't run away.


" You bastard! "

Spike didn't flinch as the door of his crypt flew open and a very angry slayer burst in. In fact, he was surprised it had taken her this long.

" How could you? " She stomped over to the worn, black sofa where he

sat and yanked him up. " I warned you, when you professed your love to my best friend, " she growled, slamming him against the wall, " that if you ever hurt her, I would kill you! "

Spike lowered his eyes. " Do it. "

Buffy shook her head. " Oh no, you are so not getting off that easy! Besides, " she noted, loosening her grip on his collar. " Will is still very much in love with you, despite my many attempts to cure her of it. She is my best friend and for that reason alone, you're not a pile of dust. "

She released him and he fell to the floor.

" I didn't mean for it to happen, " he said, his voice barely above a whisper. " I love Red. The last thing I want to do is hurt her. "

" Really? Cause, that's exactly what you've done. She came home at four o'clock this morning in tears. It took me over two hours to calm her down enough to tell me what had happened. Then, when she finally got it out, she broke down completely. She just fell asleep a few minutes ago. Dawn stayed home from school to keep an eye on her while I came here. She's a wreck, Spike. "

" Don't you think I bloody well know that? " he snapped, looking up at her. " I feel like shit for what I did! I'd give anything to take it back! I love

her! "

" And nothing says I love you better than calling out your ex-lover's name while making love with your new one, " Buffy sarcastically snarled.

The vampire jumped to his feet. " I love Willow! " he defensively cried, getting in Buffy's face.

" Then why did you call out Drucilla's name? " she seethed, their eyes locking.


" Well? " Buffy baulked, glaring at Spike.

He felt the lump in his throat swell and shook his head ever so slightly.

" I don't know why. " His voice was so soft, she barely heard him.

" Not an acceptable answer! " she snapped.

" Well it's the only bleedin' one I got, Slayer, " he sadly replied, lowering his eyes.

Buffy just looked at him, her heart and her brain fighting a silent battle. Her brain was telling her that he deserved no mercy. Her heart, on the other hand, felt almost sorry for him. Although she hated to admit it, she knew that he honestly did care about Willow. Alright, he more than cared. He loved the redhead, a fact he had proved on more than one occasion. However, despite all the love he had for her best friend, he had still hurt the worst way..and there was no way she was going to let him get away with it.

Turning around, she walked over to the door where she had dropped her bag. Picking it up, she returned to the vampire. He looked at her.

" What's in there? " he asked, raising a brow at the bag.

" You're punishment, " she said, reaching in and coming out with a piece of wood.

Spike's other brow shot up. " Exactly what do you think you're going to do with that? " he inquired, his blue eyes staring at the large paddle in her hand.

" You've been around a long time, Spike. I think you know. "

" Look, Slayer, I love Red. She's the only one I play with. Besides,

I thought she was your best mate? Not being much of a friend now, ay? "

Buffy didn't flinch. " I'm not here to play, Spike. I'm here because Will is my best friend. You made her cry, I make you cry. Two plus two, William. "

He closed his eyes and nodded. " Touche, Slayer. "

Taking an unneeded breath, he reopened his baby blues and stepped over to the slab of cement in the middle of the room. With his back to Buffy, he bent over, placing his hands on the top. Buffy tossed the bag onto the sofa, then followed him.

" Take off the jeans, " she ordered.

" Nothin' on under them, " he noted.

" Don't touch the jeans! "

A small smile formed on his lips, disappearing quickly as he felt the power of the Slayer cracking the wood down hard on his bum. He couldn't help but yelp.

" You say her name, after each one, " Buffy ordered. " Say it loud. I want to make sure that you never forget who it is that you love. "

She slammed the paddle down again.

" Willow, " he said,

" Loud! " she snarled, whacking him again.

" Willow! " he cried, closing his eyes.

Another hard smack.

" Willow! " And another. " Willow! " And another. " Willow! "

The Slayer didn't hold back, every ounce of her strength going into each swing and the vampire felt it, tears falling as the fire on his backside blazed. He was being punished, and not in the cute little way that he and his Red played. He had hurt his precious Red and was now paying the price. A price he knew that he deserved to pay. Willow had been nothing but wonderful to him since they had been together and what did he do? How did he repay her? He betrayed her.

It was the equivalent of a stake through the heart. He had been making love with her. He had called out Dru's name. It was worse than a stake through the heart

" Willow! " He knew he would never make that mistake again.



Buffy's arm felt as if it were going to disconnect itself from her shoulder.

As she massaged the elbow, she took comfort in knowing that Spike was in much greater pain. Looking at him stretched out on the sofa, lying on his stomach, she smiled. It would be awhile before he would be able to get comfortable any other way. And, she doubted that he would ever make her Willow cry again.

" I suggest that you give her a few days, " she said, stuffing the paddle back into the bag. " Then, I suggest that you do something truly spectacular. I'm talking more than roses and candy here. She loves you, Spike. She's more in love with you than she's ever been with anyone. She'll forgive you. She'd even forgive you if she didn't, that's just Will. But me, I'm not so forgiving.

If I ever see my best friend in the shape she was in this morning, and you have anything to do with it, you'll pray for me to set your ass on fire. "

With that said, Buffy left. Spike closed his eyes, trying to ignore the massive pain that was once his bum, and started planning his spectacular plea for his Red's forgiveness.