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Summary : Willow is tired of the way she & Spike are portrayed in Fan Fic stories, so she does something about it.


Buffy entered the living room and found Willow sitting on the sofa. One look at the laptop on the coffee table and she understood the sour look on her friend's face. Taking a seat next to her, she sighed.

" Will, didn't we talk about this? " she said, her voice gentle, yet twinged with a parental tone.

" Why do they do it? " Willow angrily clepped, avoiding the blonde's eyes. " Why do they write it? "

" Why do you read it? " Buffy countered. " You know how upset it makes you. I thought we agreed you were going to take a break. "

Willow lowered her eyes. " I can't help it. I..I need it. "

" No, you don't. "

" You don't get it, Buffy. "

" Uh, hello much? Need I remind you of my days as, Fic Chyc? "

" That was different. "

" How? Enlighten me, Oh-One-Of-Redness. "

Willow tried to think of a reason to justify her statement. After a minute of silence, Buffy grinned knowingly.

" Fine! " Willow threw her hands in the air. " There is no difference! " She turned to the Slayer. " But you're way stronger than I am, Buffy. You fought it and won. "

" You can too, Will, " Buffy assured her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "It just takes discipline, that's all. " Willow looked at her and Buffy frowned. " My so very the bad choice of words. "

" Why, Buffy? Why does every fan fic about Spike and I have HIM as the dominant and ME as the submissive? "

Buffy sighed deeply, knowing what was coming and wanting to kick herself for her choice of words. Willow got up from the sofa and paced the room. The Slayer rested her head against the cushion behind her and waited. She didn't have to wait long.

" I am not submissive! K, sometimes, but not always! We take turns. Yes, sometimes I am the naughty little waitress, or, on occasion, secretary. And yeah, there's that whole, Red Riding Hood thing..and the prisoner getting interrogated game...but.. "

Buffy fought to keep the visuals away, as her friend continued her rant. Despite all of the practice she had had, it was still somewhat difficult.

" And then, there's bad boy who has to stay after school, the naughty librarian and Spanky the Cowboy! So see, sometimes Spike is the sub! "

She looked at Buffy, who was desperately attempting to rid herself of naked Spike images.

" Librarian? " she coughed. " Will, that is so more than I needed to know. Hello? Giles? " The look that crossed the redhead's face sent a chill of fear through Buffy. " Uh, Will, " she began, her voice eeirely soft. " Please tell me that this game does not involve Spike dressing up like Giles. "

" My point, Buffy, " Willow replied, ignoring her. " Is that Spike and I are equals. Fifty, fifty. "

Buffy closed her eyes and mentally chastised herself for her current visual. Then, taking a deep breath, she opened them and looked at Willow.

" Will, people are funny. They see Spike as The Big Bad, so naturally he's going to be the dom. "

" But that's just..stupid. You can never judge a book by it's cover. Hello? Anyone remember my vamp twin? "

" Unfortunately. "

" Hey! "

" Sorry, Will, but she scared me. "

" She liked you. "

" That's what scared me. The girl wore way too much leather. I prefer, soft, fuzzy Willow. "

Willow smiled. " Ah, you're so sweet. "

" Look, Will, you know the truth about you and Spike. Forget what everyone else thinks..or writes. You have the real thing. Nothing else matters. "

Willow returned to the sofa and hugged Buffy.

" I kinda love you, " she whispered.

" I kinda love you too, Will, " Buffy said, embracing her.

When the hug was finished, Buffy looked her in the eye.

" So, no more fan fic? " It was more of a gentle order than a question.

" I am not going to have time to read, " Willow noted, an evil smile forming on her lips.

Recognising the moods of her best friend, Buffy chuckled.

" Something tells me that poor Spike is in for a spot of dom when he gets back from L.A., " she purred.

Willow sighed. " And afterwards, I'm going to write my own little story. "

Buffy laughed, then stopped suddenly. " Uh, Will..this isn't going to be one of those, naughty librarian ones, is it? Cause, I'm thinking that would be..bad...on so many levels. "

" Honey, I'm home! " Spike dropped his bag on the floor, along with the black duster and looked around for Willow. " Your English Teddy is back, Red, and he brought you a present.  The poof sends his best, as do all his little goody goodies. "  His baby blues scanned the crypt in search of the woman he loved, finding nothing but furniture. Furrowing a brow, he glanced toward the floor, where the door to his ' bedroom' lay shut. Smiling, he went to open it.
" I know you're down here, pet, " he mused, making his way down the ladder. " I can here your heartbeat..smell your luciousness...and your Chanel. What are you up to, Luv? "
He stepped off the last rung, turned around and was met with a vision from his dreams. He swallowed hard, as he took in the sight before him.
Willow was stretched out across the bed, her slim body dripping in black lace, leather thigh high boots hugging her long legs. Her green eyes were highlighted by a trace of dark eyeliner and her lips were ruby red and begging to be kissed. He felt his jeans tighten to a most uncomfortable fit and opened his mouth to speak. He wasn't given the chance.
" You're late. " He was taken back by the tone of her voice, which carried a hardness that was new to him. Sure, she had been strict before when they ' played '.  He smiled, mentally reliving a few of their games. However, never had he heard  her like this. He liked it.
" Sorry, Luv. Ran into a bit of trouble on the road. Need to get that oil changed. "
" Did I ask for an excuse? " she snapped, getting up from the bed.
His eyes nearly removed themselves from his head as he got a better look at her. The black, lace gown hung just above her leather clad thigh, dipping low at the swell of cleavage below her throat. Her nails were polished blood red and in her hand, she held a small, wooden paddle. Suddenly, Spike felt extremely overdressed.
" You've been gone for two days, " she stated, swaying towards him. " Two, long, lonely days. Then, you show up late. " She was now eye to eye with him. " I don't believe that I deserve to be lonely, do you? "
He felt his body jump as her sweet breath warmed his face.
" No, you don't, pet, " he replied, on what voice he could find.
Willow stepped around him, so his back was to her, and smiled. This was so going to be fun!
Leaning in, she brushed her lips over his ear. " You have been a very bad boy, Spike. " She slowly licked his lobe.
" Yes, I have been, " he breathed, closing his eyes. " Very, very bad..the baddest...bad, Spike. "
She teased him a few seconds more, then pulled away, much to his dismay. Trying to hide her own joy at their new play, she slipped into her game face, hiding her smile behind a stern, serious facade.
" This must be properly seen to, " she said, sliding a hand down to his bum. " I will not tolerate such behavior. "  He groaned low in his throat as she squeezed. " You do understand, don't you? "  Her words flooded him and he nodded with ghusto.
" Yes, I understand, Luv. "
Suddenly, he felt a small sting on his backside and yelped. How had she managed that? Of her many wonderful attributes, physical strength wasn't high on the list. Sure, she could open a jar, but swing hard enough to make him yelp? Something was up. Maybe the Slayer had been helping her work out. He reminded himself to thank her, if that was the case.
" That's Mistress Red, " Willow cooly noted, taking a handful of his blonde hair in her free hand and gently tugging.
His jeans were ready to explode.
" I understand, Mistress Red, " he said, in a voice barely above a whisper.
Willow allowed her smile a brief appearance, then continued. Walking back around, she moved her green eyes to his jeans.
" It appears that you are even more of a bad boy than I thought, " she mused, trailing a finger over the bulge between his legs. He moaned lowly and she looked at him. " I was going to get rid of these, but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps it would be worse punishment to make you leave them on. "
Spike closed his eyes as she pondered, teasing him while she did. This was killing him, in the best way. What had happened while he was in L.A.?
" Hmm, I believe I will start with them on. If you're a good boy, I may allow you to take them
off. "
He took an unneeded breath. If this went on much longer, they just might remove themselves.
" Follow me, " Willow ordered, heading for the bed.
 Spike did as he was told, placing himself across her lacey lap when instructed. Inhaling deeply, he closed his eyes and swam in her scents. A mixture of leather and Chanel no.5, combined with pure Willow, in control and definately enjoying it. It was enough to make his cool, undead body burn.
" You will count after each one. " It wasn't a request.
" Yes, Mistress Red, " he softly replied, the anticipation of what was about to happen, consuming him.
Willow smiled, then began. With each smack, Spike's husky voice filled the air, his body pressing into Willow's with a throbbing ache. She reminded herself to keep it together. She had a plan and she was going to stick to it.
" Seven, Misresss Red. "
It wasn't easy. Her own body was more than ready to stop with the games and move on to the lovin'.
After ten, she paused. " You were very good. You may remove your pants. "
Spike stood up, as best he could, ignoring the twinge of his bum as he quickly lost the jeans. He then looked at her, waiting for instructions. It took everything she had to not jump him then and there, as she drank in the sight of him. Those jeans so did not do him justice.
" Turn around, " she said.
He did and she examined his backside. She didn't want to hurt him. They didn't play that way. There was a fine line between playfulness and pain, and it was one they had agreed not to cross. She felt a bit guilty using magic for the extra jolt on the paddle, but knew that Spike, being a vampire, would not be hurt. She just wanted to make him sting a little.
" Back on my lap. "
He gladly returned to his former posistion, causing Willow to let out a tiny yelp of her own as he pressed snuggly against her. Smiling, Spike closed his eyes and breathed her in.
It took a moment for Willow to regain her focus and once she did, she tossed the paddle aside and ran her hand over his smooth, slightly red skin.
Abstractly Yours,
(  To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It''s not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it. - I Only Have Eyes For You )

Spike shivered with lust as Willow's nails raked gently over him. Closing his eyes, he pressed his mouth onto her thigh and drug his tongue slowly over it. Willow forced back the moan that was threating to escape from her lips, choosing instead to remind him of their positions. Spike yelped, more out of surprise, as her hand fell down on his bare, slightly pink bum.
" Did I give you permission to taste me? " she snapped.
" No, you didn't,pet, " he replied with a mischievious smile, purposely avoiding, Mistress Red.
Willow smiled. So he wanted to play, did he? Muttering a few words under her breath, she repeated her previous action. This time, when her hand met his backside, the cry that echoed throughout the room was one of pain. There was that bloody strength again!
" Did I give you permission to taste me? " she repeated, her voice hard, even though she still wore her smile.
Spike felt himself trembling with desire.
" No, Mistress Red. " He spoke quietly, then licked his lips.
" That's better. " She glanced down at the handprint that decorated his pale skin and her smile grew.
" I was lonely for two days, " she mused, tenderly stroking him. " You have only been punished for one. Does that seem fair to you? "
He swallowed hard. His entire body was already a bloody bonfire and she was only halfway done? Willow felt his arousal grow and bit her lip, mentally ordering herself to hurry it up.
" No, Mistress Red, it does not seem fair, " he answered, pressing ever so lightly against her. If he was going to suffer, so was she.  
He was good. Too good. Willow tried to keep her cool, but it wasn't easy. The only thing between them was a rather sheer pair of black lace panties that were, no doubt, less than dry. She took several deep breaths, regaining her composure. If he wanted to play, she would play.
" You will count out, just as before, " she ordered.
" Yes, Mistress Red. " He closed his eyes and braced himself.
Willow felt no guilt as she spanked the vampire, even though she had used a bit of magic for extra strength. He had been teasing, rubbing against her, pressing his delicious self into her. Oh yes, he was most definately being a bad little boy and she was going to give him exactly what he deserved.
" Twelve, Mistress Red. "  Spike bit down on his lip, his bum now feeling the full effect of the redhead's talented hand. " Thirteen, Mistress Red. "
Willow noticed the shakiness of his voice and decided to stop at fifteen. She knew he would keep going as long as she wanted, and despite the magic, she knew that she wasn't really hurting him. Still, she knew their limits and was in no way going past them.
" Fifteen, Mistress Red. "
She looked at his bottom. It was now a lovely shade of red that nearly matched her hair.
" Do you think that your punishment is over? " she asked, smoothing her hand gently over his warm behind.
Spike's smile nearly lept from his face, as he realized just what she meant. Finally!
" No, Mistress Red. "
" What else do you think you deserve? " she inquired, her fingers slipping between his legs.
He sucked in an unneeded breath as she caressed him ever so lightly.
" I should have to make it up to you, Mistress Red. The time that you were lonely. "
It was Willow's turn to smile.
" Yes, I believe that you should. You may get up. " He removed himself from her lap and she slid back onto the bed, her eyes never leaving him. As they took him in, she made a mental note to definately play this game again, sure that he would have no objections. " Remove my boots. "
He wasted no time, moving to the bedside and easing the leather off of her. Putting them aside, he turned back to her, ready for the next order.
" You may start pleasing me. "
That's all it took. Crawling onto the bed, he began a trail of soft kisses up her leg. Willow gasped, his cool lips sending a warmth through her, closing her eyes and resting her head against the pillows behind her. Spike slowly made his way to her inner thigh, his tongue flickering back and forth, teasingly slipping under the black lace panties, then pulling out. A barely audible moan fell from Willow's lips and she reached out, her fingers grabbing hold of the silk sheets.
Spike inhaled deeply. It was addictive, her sweet scent, her arousal overpowering all perfume and leather. He had to taste it, taste her. She heard the material tear, then all around her faded as his hungry mouth began to feed.
Abstractly Yours,
(  To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy.'s not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it. - I Only Have Eyes For You )
( Is that why you're always cleaning your glasses? So you don't have to see what we're doing?
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Her knuckles now white, Willow gripped the black silk sheets with all she had as she felt her body give in to Spike's gifted mouth. The satisfied moans spilling from her lips flooded his ears and he reluctantly removed himself from her, knowing that there was still more to do before he allowed himself the same sweet release. Moving up the bed, he fixed his soft blue eyes on her face, enjoying the sheer ecstacy that resided there. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, with her flame red hair and porcelain skin, and eyes that, athough were closed at the moment, were as brilliant as priceless emeralds. How had he gotten so lucky? To think that this incredible creature had given her heart to him! He had lived many years and seen many things, but despite all, he remained amazed at that one, simple truth.
Willow stirred slightly, a sign that she was coming back down to earth, jarring Spike out of his thoughts. Leaning in, he placed a tender kiss upon her lips, making a path down her smooth flesh to the nest of cleavage that was whispering his name. Willow gasped as she felt his cool tongue gently lap at her aching breasts, her hands finding his hair, fingers twisting in time with his sweet licks.
He was amazing, there was no doubt about it. He not only knew her body, but he took great pleasure in taking care of it. He knew exactly what she desired and had no trouble seeing that she received nothing but. How had she ever lived without him?
" Oh..yes...mmmmm, Spike. "
Her raspy moans made it nearly impossible for him to continue. His body wanted nothing more than to place itself atop hers and show her just how bad a boy he truly was. Using every ounce of willpower he had, he tempered himself, focusing on the task at hand with the promise of sweetness still to come.
Sliding his hands underneath her, his fingers lightly kneaded her soft bottom as his mouth slowly brought her, once again, to the edge of heated abandonment, only to send her over with one final flick of his electric tongue.
Willow swam in the frenzy of undescribable ecstacy that was swallowing her. The sheer pleasure that shook her body to it's very core was unlike any she had ever felt before, and she embraced it as if it were life itself. Spike rested his head on her chest, the sound of her beating heart, a symphony of desire that played only for him. Her breath was his. He needed to feel it, to touch it, to taste it, or he knew he would surely cease to exist.
Her breathing returning to normal, he carefully placed himself atop her. She felt him and moved to accommodate, giving him the access he so desperately hungered for. Spike smiled as he eased into her and she welcomed him with a husky growl, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close. He started slow, a steady, gentle pace, but she wanted more. Digging her nails into his back, she gave him one, final order.
" Faster. "
His smile grew. " As you wish, Mistress Red. "
Doing as he was told, he quickened his movement, devouring her body with his own, every inch of him savoring her sweetness. She was with him all the way, arching her back to meet his every thrust, her nails raking across his pale back. The room rang with husky cries and deep moans, all ending in a single, earth shattering wail of unison as both the redhead and the vampire surrendered all to each other and the love that bound them.
" You sure I didn't hurt you? "
Spike pulled Willow close. " I'm fine, luv. Really. "
Willow cocked a brow. " Then why are ya lying on your side? " she asked.
" So I can look at you, Mistress Red, " he replied, with an evil grin. When she continued to stare at him, he sighed. " I'm a vampire, pet, remember? Superpowers and such. " He paused, then added,
" But seeing as how we're on the subject, when did you get so bloody strong? "
" I knew it! " She sat up, concern on her face. " I did hurt you! Oh, Spike, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to..I didn't use that much magic...I only wanted to make ya sting for a minute. "
He took her hand in his. " Red, you didn't hurt me. You just made it sting for a bit longer than a minute..and in case you weren't paying attention, I didn't mind at all. In fact... " He slid her hand under the sheets, between his legs. " I rather enjoyed it, as you can bloody well feel. "
Willow couldn't help but smile as his appreciation for her new game made it's presence known in the palm of her hand.
" So, it was magic, was it? " he mused, closing his eyes as she tenderly caressed. " Thought you'd been working out with the Slayer. " He smiled as a visual formed in his head, " Mmm, wouldn't that be a sight to see. Sweaty Red tumblin' around with the sweaty Slayer. "
" Thinking about my best friend, are you? " Willow playfully growled, scraping her nails over his sensitive flesh. " Sounds like somebody didn't learn his lesson. "
Spike opened his eyes and looked at her, grinning from ear to ear.
" Sounds like Mistress Red still has work to do. "
Abstractly Yours,
(  To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy.'s not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it. - I Only Have Eyes For You )
( Is that why you're always cleaning your glasses? So you don't have to see what we're doing?
- All The Way )

Willow watched Buffy as she read, her green eyes studying the Slayer's face.
" Oh my, " Buffy muttered, her hazel eyes wide. " Oh.. Will? "
Willow blushed, but kept her eyes on her friend. A few more ah's, several oh's and a handful of wow's later, Buffy  closed the folder in front of her and turned to the redhead.
" Well?  " Willow softly said.
" They always say to watch out for the quiet ones, " Buffy replied, stone faced. Then, recognizing the look of terror on her friend's face, she smiled. " It's fantastic, Will. "
Willow's brows shot up. " Really? You really think so? You're not just saying that, cause you're my best friend and all? "
" Really. You got a way with words, girl. " Buffy raised a brow. " Among other things. "
Willow felt the blood rush to her face and was sure that she was now tomato red. Buffy's smile grew as she stared at her.
" Don't get all, blushy there, Will. It doesn't work on me anymore. Now I know the real you, " she teased, enjoying making her best friend squirm.
" I shouldn't have sent it in, should I? What if someone finds out I'm the one who wrote it? Oh my gosh! What have I done? "
" Breathe, Will..or should I say, Mistress Red? "
" Buffy! "
" What? "
" That is so not even funny. "
" Who's trying to be funny? I just don't wanna end up across your lap. "
Willow caught the mischievous glint in the blonde's eye and took the bait.
" It might do ya some good, Slayer, " she purred, with a wicked grin.
They just looked at each for a few moments, then broke out into giggles. After a few minutes, Buffy spoke.
" I don't think anyone's going to catch on that it's you, Will. I mean, how many Reds are there out there? "
Willow sighed. " That's true. "
" So, no more worry? "
" No more worry. "
" Good. Now, let's go get pizza, Mistress Red. "
Buffy lept from her chair and took off running.
" I am so gonna lay the smackdown on that slayer ass! " Willow yelled, hurrying after her.
In the crypt, Spike took a sip of his warmed up blood and clicked Willow's laptop on. Within moments, he was typing away.....
                      [ Spike shoved Willow onto the bed, his dominating presence sending chills of hot desire throughout her entire body. Climbing on top of her, he held her hands down. ]
" Wait 'til Red sees this one! I won't be able to bloody sit for a week! "
He laughed loudly as his fingers moved over the keyboard.
The End
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(  To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy.'s not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it. - I Only Have Eyes For You )
( Is that why you're always cleaning your glasses? So you don't have to see what we're doing?
- All The Way )