"Rupert, you have to read something that was published after 1066."
-Jenny,"School Hard"

This is a page dedicated to all those fan fiction writers who write something that made me laugh or made my cry. Either way, I loved it enough to post it here.

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"....Pizza. The perfect food, more proof that God loves us."

-The Chosen, by Annamarie

"No, I came here to kill you." Angel stalked around Buffy, moving quietly. "You see, I've had a thought--"

"Is it lonely?"

-Forfeit, by Sam McCullah

His sire smiled and pushed back his chair as he rose to his feet, "I'm not denying anything, Spike. I love Willow. But she doesn't love me. Why should she? I never even considered her that way before I left Sunnydale. You're the one who discovered her. I never saw what she really is until I looked at her through your heart. She belongs with you. Considering the hell that's been inflicted on you, I'd say you deserve her."

"Me? Deserve Willow? Hardly. I'd say the only thing I deserve is the hell that's been inflicted on me."

Angel's eyes darkened angrily as he rounded the desk, "I do not _ever_ want to hear those words out of your mouth again. I don't give a damn if you are a demon. What those bastards did to you is more barbaric than anything you've ever done. What you are was not of your choosing. You are what I made you. You're my childe. If they wanted to crusade against evil, I could hardly fault them for that. But they aren't crusading against it. They _are_ evil. Tampering with the existence of beings that can't help what they are. Stripping them of their means to survive and then sitting back to study exactly how they'll suffer before they eventually die. But you didn't die. You won't die because I taught you better than that. I knew when I chose you that you'd be a childe worthy of eternity, but even I never realized just how worthy you'd become. I shove aside my demon, most of the time. Slap it down, shut it out, ignore it, as often as possible. But my demon is damned proud of what you are, and there's no one else on earth, in all my centuries of existing, that I'd rather have by my side. So don't you _ever_ let me hear you demean yourself like that again."

Spike stared back at him, speechless, not bothering to brush away the red tears that rimmed his eyes and slowly spilled over onto his cold skin. Angel's expression softened as he took in his childe's stunned reaction, and he cupped the younger vampire's face in his large hands and thumbed away the wet traces on his cheeks.

"When I helped you, I wasn't just fighting for Willow," he continued, his eyes holding Spike's. "I was fighting for you, as well. Because you need her, just as much as she needs you. And I love you. That's never changed. Even when we hated each other, I loved you. What my childe needs, he'll get. If you can't get it for yourself because of what those pricks did to you, I'll get it for you. I don't want to lose you. I won't come between you and Willow. I'm handling this. I will handle this."

Spike nodded silently, and Angel leaned forward and let his lips gently brush against his childe's before releasing him and stepping away.

"We've said what needed to be said. We won't ever have this conversation again," his sire spoke quietly as he returned to his desk chair and sat down. "Go to bed. Willow needs you."

Spike remained still for moment. He opened his mouth as if to say something, then closed it again and started for the door. He turned back as he passed over the threshold and looked back at Angel.

"I love you, too," he said softly before disappearing around the corner.

-Fettered Heart by Ruby D

For some reason, his demon almost seemed drawn to her. It seemed to like the same qualities in her as he did. Plus it seemed to think she had a really cute ass.

-Time Stopped Still, by Emmangel

Angel couldn't prevent the tears that welled up in his eyes as he once again took the redhead in his arms. "The spell worked, Willow. The spell worked," he whispered over and over as he held her, rocking slightly back and forth.

Willow held on tightly as the vampire began to cry harder. She realized he was completely overwhelmed at the moment, and she simply held him and stroked his hair gently as he rode out the tidal wave of emotion that had hit him. She, too, was crying, although she was doing so quietly, tears simply slipping down her cheeks. The redhead couldn't believe that she had actually succeeded. Willow had always dreamed of one day anchoring Angel's soul permanently, but it had always been a 'someday' type of a dream; she had never really dared to believe that her dream would actually come into being.

No more Angelus. No more Angelus. No more Angelus. The thought ran in circles through Angel's mind as he sobbed, his face buried in Willow's shoulder. He was free. Free from the demon, free to be around people without worrying that he would lose control, free to fall in love... free to give himself in love without worrying about the consequences.

And that realization made him cry all the harder. He could find happiness, true happiness, with someone he loved, and it would no longer destroy him.

Willow clung to Angel even more tightly as the vampire continued to make his way through the emotional storm that had hit him. Her own tears began to fall more rapidly, and she wasn't at all surprised when a gentle rain began to fall.

It seemed only appropriate that the sky should cry tears of happiness, too.

-The Road I Never Chose by Karen

"I believe the word you're searching for is vampire."

"Right, they don't exist. You don't exist."

"You're right, I'm just a figment of your imagination. I'm a six foot rabbit and you're Jimmy Stewart. Feel better now?"

-As Time Goes By by Saone

"Good'. Very good' so' perfect health' that means you're' just as healthy as before you got pregnant?"

Buffy smiled and rolled her eyes. "Yes, I can have sex, Angel."

"I wasn't just wanting to know about that!" Angel replied, feigning hurt, before mouthing 'yes' in triumph. Sex! He loved sex! Sex with Buffy! Sex with Buffy was heaven.


Buffy pulled back so she could look at him and gave him an amused smile. "So, since you have an answer to everything' what are we going to do about little Jacob-Henry if we have a' romantic romp in bed and he begins to cry?"

"Well, did you forget Spike's Christmas gift to us?"

Buffy shook her head. "But Spike just left town."

"What? When?"

"About twenty minutes ago. He is heading across the country' his main goal is to go to some concert, but he says he needs to spread his wings for a bit."

"He did this on purpose! So I can't have sex with you!" Angel exclaimed.


Buffy was dabbing at the spit up stain that was all over her shoulder from courtesy of Jacob a few hours earlier. Looking at her husband strangely, she replied "Angel, I have baby puke on me, I haven't showered, my clothes are covered with drool and vomit and ketchup!"

"So' you're still the most beautiful woman in the world!" he answered honestly.

Buffy gave him a tired smile. "I love you."

Score one for the horny husband.

-Six Weeks, by Pamela

Spike, however, did not care about Angel's misery; he only wanted to know how Angel did his hair.

-Angel and the Seven Slayers, by Jet

"But nothing was working... the late job, the dinner, the electricity, the toilet." Angel intoned the last word with pure hatred. "The only thing that could make it worse is if'"

Doyle tore open the door without knocking. "Vision!" he panted, clutching the doorframe and his stomach.

There was a beat, and then Angel's legs buckled slightly and a look crossed his face indicating that he would either shift to game face or have hysterics.

But Xander, in one quick, steady movement, grabbed Angel by the shoulders and pulled him forward. And into a kiss.

Angel responded immediately, without even thinking. His arms wrapped around Xander's waist. Soon the moment stretched into seconds... a minute...

Doyle stared dumbly from the doorway. "That wasn't my vision," he muttered, amazed.

-Everything Happens to Me, by Jet

"What kind of signs?" Buffy asked. "I'd like to have some warning, if it's at all possible."

"I can't really tell...." Willow handed the book to Giles. "What do you think?"

"It *is* rather vague....." Giles read a bit, then spoke. "There's something about the 'confusion of dreams' and the 'end of illusion.'"

"That's just great...." Buffy grumbled. "Just once, I wish these prophecies would say 'Go to the corner of Main and Third. Stick a tire iron in the big demon's stomach. Wait for death. When demon turns blue, apocalypse has been averted."

-Life Is But A Dream, by Lightles

"Not quite. It will slaughter people there, quite messily actually, until it has enough power to um, call down eternal winter on the world."

There are expectant silences, ones that occur when a group of people look at each other and realize that they and they alone can save their entire species. This was not one of them.

It was Xander who broke it. "Does anyone else remember when that would have freaked us out?"

Willow nodded. "I know what you mean... It's a bad thing, a *really* bad thing, but..."

-When I Fall in Love, by Ash

"We get a cross on a probably blood-stained map and away we go to make the world safer for bus passengers everywhere."

-Spike & the City of Angels, Ep 1: A Soul, byJohn

Giles knew he would be up late tonight researching, but that was tonight. "I'll try not to die Buffy, at least not anytime soon."

"Just don't try using the way round it I did." Buffy smiled. "Turned Watchers? Do they get any special powers?"

"Yes, they can annoy you forever........"

-Spike & the City of Angels, Ep 1: A Soul, byJohn

Slowly, Angel hung up the phone and turned to face Cordelia, who had just come downstairs. He had the 'deer in the headlights' look, but Cordelia was too consumed with her son's burning desire to eat the fuzz off of the carpet to notice.

"Gabriel, remember when Mommy said that the carpet wasn't food? And I thought Uncle Angel was watching you."

Gabriel looked up at her and grinned. The sight of the dark curls and dimples did her in, and with a sigh, she said, "Well, I guess it *is* fiber..."


She looked back at Angel and saw Gabriel teething on the vampire's fingers. "Oooh!" she squealed. "Come kiss Aunt Buffy," she said, reaching down to snag the baby, pressing kisses into his hair. "God, Cordy, he's so big!"

"It's the carpet fuzz," Angel pointed out. "It has extra nutrients or something."

- Altar Bound, by Lex

"This sucks." Xander whispered, his whole demeanor saddened. "I mean, not that I had anything to do, but I certainly didn't anticipate spending my weekend hanging with the G-man and you guys. No offense."

Buffy looked at him questioningly. "What did you anticipate spending your weekend doing?"

Furrowing his brow, Xander sighed. "Spending it with you guys and hanging with Giles."

Willow smiled at them all. "Well, I think it's bound to be good. In a bonding way or something. I mean, it doesn't seem too dire or else we'd be running really quickly. Into the fray."

"Why do we always have to run into the fray when everyone else is hightailing it the opposite direction? I get confused about that sometimes," Xander asked.

Oz grinned. "Lousy sense of direction?"

-Summer Vacation, by Laura Smith

Disgustingly eagerly, in fact, Angel reflected. Xander had been getting more and more obnoxious lately. His animosity toward Angel had never been a secret, but ever since Buffy's undead beau had recovered from his not-so-brief stint as the demon Angelus, Xander's commentary was reaching an unprecedented new level of sarcasm. Buffy referred to it as Xander's "innocent- bystanders-run-for-cover-cause-this-flame-war-is-about-to-turn-one-big-city-into-lots-of- little- tiny-ashes" mode and was considerably annoyed, but there was really nothing to be done except hope that Xander would eventually grow up and stop looking at Angel as if he had a neon sign over his head reading "Park Your Stakes Here!"

-What's Mine Is Yours, by Catoninetails and Ayelle

Her tragic sigh, directed at nobody in particular, wordlessly asked, why-am-I-surrounded-with- these-morons? Her mandibles clicked slightly. Pouting grotesquely at the stone floor, she absently picked up and shredded a passing rat. "What about the rest of your mission? Did you find the love loonies?" she asked, mouth full.

The vampire cleared his throat unhappily. "We found them."

The demon didn't look up as she chewed meditatively on a rodent skull, perhaps imagining it belonged to a spell-transformed Slayer. "And?"

"They, uh, he said they wouldn't touch you with a stick. Only he used more words. And, uh, a stick."

-What's Mine Is Yours, by Catoninetails and Ayelle

'Sex with Angel now. . .' she trailed off. 'Was sweet, and a lot about caring, and a lot about healing pain, but still about domination.'

'Is sex always about domination?' Willow asked, curious.

'With me? Yeah. With Angel? Not necessarily. I think I just bring out that side of him. It's because I'm a demon, and he has a demon, and they like to play Demon of the Hill,' Gabe said.

-Forever Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be, by Carla

'Angel's. . .ummm. . .is he. . .built?' she asked, stuttering and turning red.

'You want to know about Angel's dick?' Gabriel asked, eyebrow raised.

Willow nodded, blushing an even brighter red.

Gabriel laughed. 'Well, if he was a horse, he'd be a Clydesdale.'

-Forever Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be, by Carla

Spike stood in the closet, and waked out into the small dorm room. He was completely in sunlight and nothing was wrong. He smiled widely. Suddenly he looked down at himself. In a pastel pink shirt and underwear. The smile disappeared. Not only were his clothes missing, so were other parts of his anatomy. He looked wildly about the room, as if he were expecting to find a stray penis lying about, and caught sight of Buffy standing behind him in the mirror.

Another Freaky Friday in Sunnydale, by Raleigh

Spike suddenly grinned. 'Oh, nothing's wrong, pet. Just found something I'd been looking for,' he said with a pointed look down south at the sudden hardness pressed against him.

Another Freaky Friday in Sunnydale, by Raleigh

Spike glanced at his other self and watched his jaw clench and unclench. Sighing, he grabbed his arm and tugged him off to the side. "He didn't hurt her," Spike said softly. "I think Willow just needed to be reminded that my sire is not her Puppy."

His double rolled his eyes. "She is a little obtuse sometimes. I bloody well knew the first time I met him." He shook his head-watching Spike carefully. "I don't think you feel it-because he's your sire or something-but he's fucking strong, Spike. Stronger than our Angel. Don't cross him or you'll end up blowing in the wind."

- Willow and Spike's Wild and Wacky Adventure, byLisa

Giles obviously thought otherwise. He looked Angel straight in the eyes, and his tone was deadly serious. "You don't seem to understand, Angel. You weren't 'attracted' to Buffy. Despite the fact that she is a teenager, she didn't have a 'crush' on you. The two of you did not flirt. You...were...in...love. You are not comprehending the magnitude of the love you shared. Think Romeo and Juliet, Catherine and Heathcliff. Try to comprehend the most painful, illogical, impossible, tempestuous love affair you can think of. You won't come close to what you had with the girl who is crying in my office.

"The word soulmates is inadequate to describe the irresistible bond you had with her. You saw her die, and come back. She sent you to hell herself, and saw you come back. You have saved each other's lives more times than I can count. Obsession does not begin to describe what you had for that girl. If your soul made you stop doing evil, she is what made you start fighting it."

-Omitted, by Morgan

Willow noted all these facts absently since the majority of her attention was taken up by the sheer incongruity of him being there. It didn't seem real somehow. You fought the villains in the streets, caves and cemeteries and they never let up. They came at you from the back, from the front and from the ground below you but they didn't *ring your doorbell* first. They certainly didn't come to your house and stand on your porch, a silver and black etching of death come to call on the quiet suburban neighborhood.

"Hello again." Spike's voice dropped into the depthless silence.

She had the vague feeling that he was about to whip out some sort of brochure and explain to her the many benefits of becoming an Amway distributor

-Potential, by Ash

With a glare Giles banged the chest closed and glanced at his watch. "Twenty minutes to go for you two. Are you ready?" Spike shrugged. "Xander?" He nodded. He turned to Ethan and ordered, "Redo the circle."

Ethan started doing the circle and Spike said, "You're going to do some heavy magic shit then?"

"No, I just like having arcane circles on the floor."

-Broken Shield II, by Surnia

Angel's face took on a twisted leer. "So now I go north to visit with el gringo norte americanos and bathe in their blood".

*It'll stain mate, and dry cleaning won't get it out*. Spike absorbed more nicotine then a point struck him. "What's Pike gonna do with the Hellmouth, pack it full of dynamite and press the plunger?"

"Open the Hellmouth?" Angel spluttered, smoke had gone the wrong way and he'd forgotten he didn't need to breath. "Release the old ones, thousand year old demons who'd kill all the people and treat us how?"

"Like shit". Spike answered, "We'd be the bloody rank and file, so what's the point about the visiting vamps and demons? What's he gonna, do build a theme park? If so, can I run the Ferris wheel?"

-One Wild Ride by John Cope

'How do I look?' Buffy asked.

'Like a tramp,' Willow replied, 'What about me?'

'A complete hussy.'

'Thank you, Buffy.'

'Me?' Xander said.

'A man who wants to get laid,' Willow answered.

'Good then, mission accomplished.'

-Just Want To Be Loved,by S.T. (Jane) and Octavia (Octamercur)

She blushed at the compliment and sat down. "So, how did it go with Drusilla?" she asked in a motherly fashion. "Buffy said you'd gone to find her and get her back."

"Badly," Spike admitted. "She was with that chaos demon again and I lost my temper."

"Did you beat him up?" Joyce asked jokingly, knowing her guest's love of violence.

"Naw, he got away. I cut Dru's head off, though," he said brightly, smiling at Joyce.

She closed her eyes and shook her head in mock disapproval. "Spike, it's unlikely that she's going to forgive you after something like that."

-One Watcher, Weighed and Found Wanting, by Theory Queen

How many times am I going to make this mistake? Why do I keep going back, and going back, playing a game I'm bound to lose? Why do I risk my life to be with a man I don't even like? A man who is the epitome of everything I hate? And why do I continually talk to myself?

I know why. I mean, I know about Spike, not about why I talk to myself.

A Dangerous Liason,by Cassandra

"It's a double standard," Wesley said quietly.

"It's not fair."

"That's by and large the definition of double standard."

-Unexpected Likeness, by Cathryn

Faith could be heard asking Giles in the hall, "If I find a nude vampire on patrol can I keep him?"

-Individual Stories: Lost Then Found, by Lady Sirona and Jill

Don't knock on Death's door. Ring the door bell and run away. He hates that.

Sherlock Spike, found on the bottom of a dollar bill.

"First rule of Slaying - just like the boy scouts - be prepared..." Angel chuckled. They turn into the Hilton. "With Giles you learn that real quick," Buffy finished.

"Good," Angel said.

"Good what?" Buffy asked.

"I'm glad Giles keeps good care of you, I know it can be a pain in the ass baby, but it keeps you alive."

"Well, if you don't learn rule number one - he beats it into you with a quarterstaff," Buffy replied. He chuckled again. "What - you think I'm kidding?"

-Buffy's Dungeon: Weekend in LA, by Lady Sirona and Jill

Oz slipped back into reticence; he was pretty sure he was close to his word quota for the day.

-Temptation & Frustration, by Cristen Blanding

"Yeah. I mean, what happens if she kills him? Or if he kills her? Do we all have to die, then? That's not exactly fair, is it?" Cordelia spoke her thoughts on the matter.

Oz responded, "Yeah. That's why I live on the Hellmouth. Because unlike the rest of the world, life is fair here."

-A Certain Level of Trust, by Theory Queen

"Oz, uh... hello. What can I do for you?"

"Thought I might try that reading and research thing. If you'd like some help with that prophesy, that is. I mean, I did go to the trouble to learn how to read. Might as well use the skill sometime."

-A Certain Level of Trust, by Theory Queen

A bizarre thought struck him and he grinned. "Can it still be called a living room if the person who uses it isn't alive?"

-A Certain Level of Trust, by Theory Queen

Time, it seems, is a master of disguise. It sneaks by us without us noticing its passage. Time distorts our wounds and allows them to be hidden from our view. Wounds that can never heal are pushed to the backs of our hearts, while more pressing daily tasks are consumed by that master; time.

-Rest and Be Thankful, by Kaz (unknown link)

"If there's one thing I've learned from living on the Hellmouth, it's there's no such thing as a coincidence," said Xander. "That and if a sign says to stay away from the Hyenas, stay away."

-Buffy Joins the Math Club, by Earl

Angel asked the question that Willow had been waiting for. 'So, who am I in the grand scheme of your twisted version of the Hundred Acre Woods?'

'Easy. Eeyore!'

Angel's jaw dropped, 'Little girl, are you calling me a depressed jackass?" He started tickling her, unmercifully.

-Parallels, by Lorelei

But it was Christmas, and Angel needed to get it right this time. This was the first Christmas he'd planned for in hundreds of years, and to say he was a little rusty would be like saying Christmas had gotten a 'little' commercial. He sure hoped he'd get points for doing his best. Buffy was bringing her mother over to the mansion for Christmas Eve - and the idea filled Angel with absolute panic. What could he possibly have to say to Joyce Summers? "Hi, Mrs. Summers, gee... sorry I stalked your daughter, made her desperately unhappy, told you I slept with her, threatened you, threatened HER, then came back from HELL and tried to pretend it all never happened... hors d'oeuvre?"

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, by Eliz

"Xander, between Giles and I trying to save the world and you and Cordelia trying to rid the universe of hormones, when was the last time we all just hung out?"

-When Stars Collide, by Serindipity

Buffy weighed her options. Spike was as different from Angel as night was to day, that was a 'good' thing, right? And his human face wasn't really hard on the eyes. He had a personality, didn't brood too much, liked a good time. So he had trouble sitting still, so what? Just a vampire with ADHD. She could handle it, couldn't she?

-Desperate Measures, by Lynx

Spike stepped out from the shadows. Or rather, his body did. His brain was still back in the shadows screaming at the sight of what his body was doing.

-Tossing and Turning, by LightLes

He'd never had such a long conversation with a mortal. Who was he kidding? Most conversations he had with mortals began with "Boo!" and ended with "Needs more salt."

-Tossing and Turning, by LightLes

There are many types of scream. Screams of physical pain, screams of anger, screams of jubilation, screams of joy. All of them sound different. But none of them are as unmistakable as a scream of soul-felt heart-wrenching agony. So it was on that dark night that all of Sunnydale briefly stopped. For a simple moment in the passing of time, everyone heard a soul crying into the darkness. A scream of agony that split the very night, and even the stars trembled.

-Lost Angels, by Star Hawk

"What's the deal?" Buffy asked, pointing to the crowd, which was starting to break up.

"New girl." He replied, with a grin.

"I sense Xander is in linolium mode." Buffy teased.

-Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Angel

A shipment of Nordic treasures was arriving next week and Giles' great fear was that Loki, the trickster, would think Sunnydale was a party kind of town. Well, that was more of a Xander explanation. Giles' had contained mostly polysyllabic words.

- Sleigh Bells Ring, by Laura Smith

[The] Bronze was a vessel in which both creatures existed uneasily. Diverse and confusing emotions of the tormented. It was no wonder its inhabitants fa'ade of their mistress's veering moods. Sometimes she was mischievous, it's patrons like minded. Young and nimble youth crashing about the dance floor, seeking first chaste, then unchaste kisses. Sometimes she was cruel and dark, every face pale, shrouded in the dark garments of mourning. It wasn't a safe place to be when that happened, and the Slayer came in handy. Other times, she was wild and careless, and heavy metal blared from 5000 dollar speakers. And sometimes, ...introverted, a mix of soul and blues working to soothe deep wounds. Asking forgiveness and, just for this night, given without question.

-Killing Me Softly, by Nate

'There! Gotcha, you son of a bitch!' I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was half tempted to throw one last sucker punch at my dreaded enemy just out of spite. I'd been battling it for the past hour, and I'd *finally* managed to beat the damned thing...




"ARGH!" I screamed in frustration. It was as if the flashing little numbers were personally mocking me. Two hundred and forty three years old, and I was being bested by a damned VCR!----

"Problems?" Willow asked as her eyes danced with mischief and humor.

"Nothing that a sledgehammer wouldn't fix," I grumbled.

"Welcome to the twentieth century, Angel," she laughed. "You've now joined the other hundred million Americans who believe that it's always twelve o'clock."----

"You know," I called out conversationally, "I just hope my demon didn't take notes tonight. Otherwise, the next time I end up in hell, I'm gonna spend eternity being forced to set the clocks on an endless stream of unprogrammable VCR's. Now that would be sheer torture."

-The Road Back From Hell, by JR

Biting her lip softly she pulled a dusty volume from it's hiding place. She set it carefully on the bed in front of her. She eyed it suspiciously, wondering if it would bite. < oh, yes Willow invasion of the vampire books, Get a grip >

-Knightout, by Brenda Cooper

Victor looked at the locked door in front of him and then shrugging, walked through it. Being a powerful wielder of arcane sorcerer gave several special benefits, one being the fact that locks posed little problem to you. That and half the price off of tickets at the movies.

-Willow's Child, by Lady Seraph

The slayer nodded and walked to biology. 'Careful..I was careful in the hellmouth..and I died...

MIKE: Well, if by "careful" you mean "marched alone into prophesied death in an underground tunnel", then yes, you have a point there.

and if it weren't for Angel and Xander...I'd still be in that puddle of water.'

CROW: Oh, it's not that bad, Buffy. I'm sure by -now- the Master would have had you stuffed and mounted, hanging from some wall of the palace as he continues his worldwide reign of terror and bloodshed.

-A Fear of Love, A Fear of Battle (MST3K/Buffy Crossover),by Bryan Lambert (unknown link)<


"Angel, it's Giles, Rupert Giles.

TOM: How many "Giles" does Giles think Angel knows, anyway?

You and Buffy need to come to the library right away."

"We'll be right there." Angel said worriedly and hung up.

"Who was that?"

"Giles he wants us to meet him at the library."

CROW: Rupert Giles?

Buffy brushed off her clothes'. "Here wear this it's cold." he draped yet another soft leather jacket over her shoulders'. and they walked hand in hand to the library. They walked in to see Giles hoovering over a book with his usual cup of tea.

TOM: That'll get the dust off of those books. Though how Giles uses his tea as a vacuum cleaner I'll never know.

CROW: Must be a Watcher thing.

"What Giles?" Buffy asked annoyed.


-A Fear of Love, A Fear of Battle (MST3K/Buffy Crossover), by Bryan Lambert (unknown link)<

"You ready?" Angel said putting on his white shirt and leather jacket. Buffy nodded and got some stakes. Angel took her hand and they both walked towards the graveyard. As they sat on the grave Buffy heard a loud growl behind her. She snapped into slayer mode and staked it.

CROW: She staked the low growl, but the vampire it came from killed her. The end.

-A Fear of Love, A Fear of Battle (MST3K/Buffy Crossover), by Bryan Lambert (unknown link)