Power Play

by Saber ShadowKitten
Abracadabra (Alternate) 14

"Willow, just remember, a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was."
"Well, actually...."


Willow's plan was coming together quite nicely. Pretending to be a vampire wasn't that difficult, especially with her magick to aid her, giving her the strength and appearance of being one of the undead. She still could hardly believe that just a few short months ago, she learned she was a descendant of a powerful line of witches, had Hunters after her, fell in love with Angel and now was the only defense between Sunnydale and a new Master vampire.

Which was where her plan fell into effect. She had been captured by him and forced to choose between death and becoming a vampire. However, she chose a third option, faking her vampiric status through her powers to become a member of the pack. But in order to stop this new Master, she would need help, for she learned that the vampire community was set up through the basic tenant of domination.

In order to get high enough in the structure to learn the Master's plans, she would have to become a supreme dominatrix. But the thought of sex, which was a part of being domineering, with all those different vampires revolted her. She needed someone to climb the way to the top for her, then she only had one person to dominate. She needed not her love, Angel, but his soulless counterpart - Angelus.

Angelus had done just as she had predicted, rising quickly to the top of the pack through domination. She actually admired him for his quick success and was glad she'd thought to bring him back to aid her rather than having Angel pretend to be without his soul. She honestly did not think the General would have been able to pull it off, not with the amount of bloodletting and sex- play with other vampires involved.

It was quite thrilling to watch Angelus work. His mind was sharp as a tack, cunning and devious. He was stronger than most vampires, being close to 250 years, and those he could not overpower directly, he tricked until he got them into a position where he could dominate them. Many nights she would pass by his room to hear screams and pleas coming from inside. Part of her would be aroused by this, part of her would be horrified and, most loudly was the part that eagerly awaited for her to make Angelus scream.

Perhaps living with the pack of vampires for over a month and a half, acting as one of them, becoming involved in the structure of this small community was having an adverse affect on her. She made sure to thank the gods and goddesses often for her magickal abilities that helped her continue the charade, but she also enjoyed the newfound freedom that came with having the strength and confidence to blend in with the group.

Going to the Bronze was a huge part of her night. She entered the club sometimes with the other lower vampires, sometimes alone and it was like the place became hushed around her. Guys went out of their way to just get a look at her, and some lucky enough would be graced with a dance or be permitted to buy her a drink. She loved the effect she was having on them, but the best was what she was doing to Cordelia's old sheep. The looks on their faces whenever she passed or when guys bypassed them for her made her giddy with revenge.

But tonight she had other things to do than to make the men of Sunnydale melt in her presence. Angelus was the ‘top dog' of the pack, just under the Master, and it was time to make her move. It was time to make him scream.

Willow checked the rings she magickally set in the ceiling and floor, then double checked the one already above the bed. It wouldn't do her any good to have him break free, even thought she could overpower him easily.

She looked around his room, making sure everything was easily accessible. She reread her list once more, nodded her head in satisfaction, then went to get changed. She had half an hour before he was due to return and become owned by her.

The fun was about to begin.

Part One

"Come," Angelus called through the door at Willow's knock. She smothered her naughty grin and opened the door. As she entered, she saw him standing next to the tall, metal bedpost similar to the one in her room and mentally thanked the fates for putting him in the perfect position.

"Hello, Angelus," Willow said in a low purring voice. She shut the door by leaning back against it, her hands behind her.

She watched as he slowly ran his eyes down her body, taking in the sheer, metallic silver top similar to the one she wore two Halloweens ago, the super-short leather skirt and knee high, laced, leather boots. Her red hair was pulled back in a single braid, with her eyes done up in heavy charcoal liner and her lipstick the same blood red as she'd worn before.

"Well, little girl, what can I do for you?" Angelus asked, his eyes predatory.

Willow slowly walked towards him with an exaggerated sway of her hips. When she was less than a foot away, she raised her head and licked her lips. "I was wondering," she said, reaching her hands forward and running them gently up his shirt. "If I could have a minute of your time."

"Depends on what for, little girl," he answered, looking down at her.

"I have a name, you know," she said with a pout. "It would be nice if you used it."

"And what will you do if I don't?" Angelus asked with a sneer.

Willow curled her hands around the shirt, her lips curving into a sly smile. "This," she said, then twisted her body with all her strength, ramming his head into the metal pole as she let go. She jumped up on the bed behind him and grabbed the back of his hair and smashed his head three more times before he slumped unconscious. "I'm sorry, General," she said, pulling him onto his back on the bed. "I hope you forgive me when this is all over with."

She quickly and efficiently stripped all his clothing from his inert form, then locked the metal shackles to his wrists, a thick, magickally reinforced chain about a foot and a half long attached to both bands. She hooked the chain to a longer, free one, then tossed it through the ring in the ceiling. Pulling on the other side, she raised Angelus to a standing position, his arms stretched above him and hooked the loose end.

Stepping back, she ran her eyes appreciatively over his nude form, then shook her head. Opening the chest which she had filled to her liking earlier, she removed a riding crop that had a small, leather tail at the end.

Angelus moaned slightly and she dropped the lid, then grabbed the chair and sat it near the ring on the floor. She magickally locked the door so as not to be interrupted, then leaned against it, arms folded, riding crop held loosely in her hand.

When he raised his head to her, his eyes opening, she let an evil smile cross her face. "Welcome back, Angelus. You had me worried."

Angelus immediately snarled at her, pulling at the chains. "When I get my hands on you, little girl, you will be sorry."

"I told you I had a name," Willow said, walking forward. She brushed her body along his left side as she made her way behind him. "Why don't you say it?"

His bark of laughter was all she needed to get started. She raised her arm and hit him twice with the crop across the shoulders, then stopped and waited. "Is that all you got, little girl?"

She did it again, this time lower on his back, then stopped. "Fair warning, I will continue until you say my name."

"This is child's play. From a child," Angelus said over his shoulder. Willow smiled and raised her hand. This time, the blows were rapid and punishing, her superior strength aiding her as she started back at his shoulders and continued down his entire back, over his buttocks, then down the backs of his legs. She stopped again when she reached his heels, and walked to the front of him.

Tilting her head, she looked up into his still human face. "What's my name?"

"Little girl," he sneered. She ran her eyes down the front of him, her lips curling when she saw his erection.

"Did you like that, Angelus?" Willow asked, running the crop lightly over his cock. "Say my name, and I'll let you cum." He ignored her, the mocking sneer still on his face. She raised the crop again and brought it down hard against his chest, marking it with red lines as she continued over his stomach and abdomen. He winced with each blow, his shaft growing even harder.

"What's my name?" Smack. The blows continued down one leg, then the other including the tops of his feet. "You can say it, Angelus. I know you can."

By now, he was panting from the abuse, his game face prevalent. Welts and rivulets of blood criss crossed his body as he snarled at her. She ran the crop over his erection again. "My name?"

"Never," he growled. She smacked the underside of his shaft, then waited. No answer. She did it again, this time on the tip and he growled loudly, his whole body pulling back away from her, yet he still didn't answer.

"Say it," Willow demanded, raising his cock out of the way. He pressed his lips together. She flicked her wrist and hit his sac. "Say it." She did it again, three times in quick succession, cutting into his nuts and making him scream out in pain. She looked up at him and smiled, bringing the crop between his legs. "What is my name?"

Angelus started down at her with his yellow eyes reflecting he was on the breaking point for this round. She shook her head. "Very well." With that, she snapped the crop up with all her might, cutting into the underside of his balls and the super sensitive area between the sac and the anus.

"Red!" Angelus screamed, his voice hoarse and distorted from pain. Blood flowed freely, dripping onto the floor between his legs.

Willow took a step away from him, letting go of his shaft and watching as the erection throbbed and twitched. "Very good, Angelus. You know my name. However, I want you to call me ‘Lady' from now on, is that understood?"

He nodded, but didn't say anything. Willow knew that this was far from over. She only made a small impact on him, that he would try to overcome her as soon as he could. But she was ready.

Tossing the crop to a corner, she unhooked the large chain, then kicked him sharply in the back, causing him to fall forward onto the floor. She hurried forward and pressed a knee in the back of his neck as she removed the longer chain from the shackles. With her mind, she levitated a shorter one out of the chest and attached it to the ring on the floor, then once again to the chain separating the shackles before getting up. He was able to maneuver about two feet, but not do much else. She then sat in the chair, legs crossed.

"I think my boots need to be polished, don't you?" Willow asked sweetly, bouncing her one leg in front of his chest. "Lick them."

He glared at her, not moving, so she shot her foot up and kicked him under the chin. His head flew back with a snap, the chains preventing him from falling backwards. She waited a moment, then kicked him again, the sharp tip cutting into him. She smiled at him when he returned his gaze to her. Slowly, he bent forward and began to lick her boots. Mentally, she congratulated herself. Having him acknowledge her and putting him in a subservient position was exhilarating.

When he was done, she smiled and patted him on top of the head. "Good boy." She then reached to undo both buttons holding her shirt criss crossed over her breasts, then pulled the material apart. "I still remember that night you came home. You left me very unsatisfied." She bent forward and unhooked the shackles from the chain to the ring. A dangerous, but necessary move. "Fondle my breasts, but don't bite, or you'll pay," she instructed, leaning back in the chair.

Angelus knelt between her legs and leaned forward, capturing one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck on it, flicking his tongue over it and rolling it between his teeth. She groaned, her body tingling with excitement as he moved on to her other breast. Suddenly, he struck, just as she knew he would, sinking his fangs into her and grabbing her waist.

Willow grabbed the back of his hair, forcefully lifting him up and away from her breast, then stood, his hold on her waist no match for her spell cast strength. She threw him to the floor by the hair, snatching the short chain and stomping over to him. He had turned over and lashed out with his feet, but she dodged, grabbing the shackles and hooking the chain into place. She pulled him up with her left hand at the same time she struck out with her right fist, catching him across the face, dazing him. She quickly reattached him to the ring on the floor.

Moving to the chest, she picked up the cat-o-nine-tails, then returned to his side. "I warned you," Willow said in a sing song voice, before whipping him repeatedly across the back.

He hissed in pain, shrinking forward against the blows. She rained down on him ten times in rapid succession, then stopped, watching in fascination as blood started to run from the wounds. He was almost prone on the cold floor and, with an evil grin, she brought her arm down, catching him across the backs of his legs.

Angelus growled loudly, pulling himself forward by the ring on the floor to which he was chained. Willow walked to the front of him, waiting until he raised his head. When his eyes met her, she smacked him across the face with the whip, leaving long, bloody tears on his cheek. "You are not to meet my eyes, Angelus," she commanded. When he didn't respond, she used the whip on the other cheek, making his head fling to the side, marring him. "Do you understand, Angelus?"

"Yes, Red."

Her foot shot out and caught him on his breast bone, jarring him backwards. "Repeat that?"

"Yes, Lady Red."

Willow nodded and walked away from him to the chest, dropping the cat-o-nine-tails back into its depths. She unearthed a thermos of blood. "Feed," she said, tossing it at him. It hit his arm and began to roll away until it as nearly out of reach. He didn't move. With a shrug, she mentally unlocked the door and left. Now, she would let him stew, chained to the floor in his own bedroom until he was really angry.

Then he would be all the more in her power when she dominated him.

Part Two

Willow showered and dressed in a deep green, zippered, leather tank and matching short skirt. Her feet were encased in knee high, laced boots with thick heels on them, making her taller. Her red hair was braided once again, her lips lush and painted blood red. With a wink in the hand held mirror after finishing her green eyeshadow, she put her toiletries away and stood.

It was time to go play.

She'd left Angelus locked in his bedroom for close to sixteen hours, letting his anger fester. She wondered briefly if he was able to reach the thermos or not, then dismissed it. She needed to be hard and uncaring, just as he had been with the others and with her back in the beginning when he'd returned to Sunnydale sans soul.

While she slept, she kept thinking of the vampire she was in the process of breaking. When he had lost his soul the first time, she'd been a high school junior, terrified of him. She'd watched as he systematically tried to destroy Buffy by hurting her friends, which included a still shy Willow. But she'd never told anyone that she fantasized about the viscous male who taunted them; fantasizing on how she would be the one to tame the beast; the one who was his superior in every way; the one who had him on his knees, crawling behind her like a whipped dog; the one who was his mate.

Shivering in anticipation, she let a slow smirk come over her face, her green eyes blazing with unearthly power. She opened the door to his room and stepped inside, not turning to look at him. She closed the door with an audible click, then magickally re-locked it. Walking over to the chest, she opened the lid and proceeded to study its contents, the room filled with tension coming from Angelus in waves.

She took out a new whip and examined it. It was short, like the riding crop, and made with a steel rod covered in leather. The end split into three separate pieces, each one embedded with small, metal shards. She put it casually on her shoulder, and faced him. "Hello again, Angelus? Did you sleep well?"

Angelus was sitting as close to the wall as he could get, his body tense, ready to strike. She saw an empty thermos on its side halfway across the room, probably thrown because of his temper. His cuts had basically healed, with only a few red lines here and there. His face was back in the human mask, and he was staring at her defiantly, a small sneer on his lips.

Willow arched her brow, staring at him intently. Then slowly she walked over towards him, waiting for him to make his move. She was almost right next to him when he did, his legs shooting out to trip her within his reach. However, she anticipated his actions and jumped to his other side, grabbing him by the hair and slamming his head back against the hard wall.

She lifted her booted foot and shoved him, making him fall heavily onto his side, the chains stretching his arms painfully. She raised the whip in her hand and brought it down across his upper thigh and hip, the sharp barbs ripping his skin. He snarled, his face shifting to that of his demon as he struggled against the chains. She hit him again higher up on his side, cutting into the tender flesh.

Moving between him and the wall, she pushed him on his stomach, then began to rain hits on his back, buttocks and legs. His snarling and growling increased until she suddenly stopped, dropping the whip to the floor. She went over to the chains and unhooked him, dragging him up to a kneeling position. His yellow eyes blazed at her and she smacked him across the face.

Using her enhanced strength, she yanked him across the floor, mentally levitating a second short chain from the chest to her. She turned quickly with the new chain in her hand and slammed it across his jaw, his head flying back with the power of the blow. Lifting, she threw him onto the bed, then scrambled up and chained him on his knees to the ring above the headboard on the wall before he came to his senses.

Jumping back off the bed, she stripped off her tank and skirt, leaving her naked save for the boots and pulled out a strap on dildo from the chest. The fake cock was huge, ridged and curved slightly upwards. "You are going to learn who is in charge, Angelus," Willow snapped, attaching the sex toy to her body. She climbed up behind him and grabbed his hips as he tried to squirm away. Holding him steady in her punishing grip, she rammed the unlubricated prick into his tight hole, the nob by her clit rubbing against her.

Bolts of pleasure shot through her body as she pulled out and rammed forward again and again. She delighted in the sensations that wracked her body with each thrust. She sped up until she was pounding into him with fury, the cock now wet with his blood as she moaned in excitement. Suddenly, she exploded into orgasm, pushing the toy as far into him as she could as she writhed on the button. Her whole body shook until she collapsed back onto the bed, coming out of him as she panted.

Looking at his backside, she noted the tender, flaming flesh and the blood that trickled out of his anus with an evil grin. She straightened and knelt on the bed, moving until she was near his head. "Angelus, suck the cock," she commanded.

Angelus turned his face towards her, his eyes blazing yellow with hatred. She grabbed his hair and yanked him towards the sex toy, his body twisting like a contortionist as his arms stayed chained to the wall. She held his mouth in front of the cock dripping with his own blood and waited. After less than five seconds, she jerked her hips forward, the hard tip of the plastic butting painfully against his lips.

He opened his mouth when she leaned back to do it again and the toy slid inside. She thrust in and out several times to the hilt, making him deep throat it until it was glistening with his saliva. She let go of his hair and stopped moving, making him do it on his own. She bubbled with evil glee when he began sucking it like it was real. She let him go on for a few minutes, then patted his head like a puppy. "Good boy," she repeated like the night before and pulled away from him, climbing off the bed.

Willow removed the strap on and dropped it to the floor. She went over to the chest and took out two more toys. Watching him give ‘her' a blowjob had aroused her again, and she was itching to have his mouth sucking her clit instead of the plastic cock. She walked back to the bed and slowly pushed one of the objects into his anus, two white wires running from it to a remote she held in her hand. "Turn over," she instructed.

Angelus turned over onto his rear, his arms stretched above his head. She noted that he avoided looking directly at her, instead his golden eyes burned a hole in the wall behind her head. A slow, wicked smile crossed her face when she saw his huge, throbbing shaft, weeping with pre-cum, begging for release. "Ah, Angelus, what a big cock you have," she said mischievously as she attached the cock and ball ring to him as well as a third wire that ran from the remote and ended in a padded clip which she clipped to the skin of his sac.

"You are not allowed to cum, Angelus. Not until I give you permission. Understand?" Willow asked, running one hand lightly over his cock and up abdomen, the other holding the remote.

"Yes," Angelus answered, his hips lifting uncontrollably, seeking her touch.

She pressed the button on the remote and he arched up off the bed with an unbidden scream as an electric current passed through the mechanism into his body through the white dildo in his ass and the clip on his sac. She flipped the switch to off and tilted her head. "Yes what?"

"Yes, Red," he said, somewhat defiantly.

"Wrong," she replied with an evil smile. She hit the switch again and watched as he pulled himself by the chains on the wall, screaming in pain. His legs were shoving against the bed as he tried to force the object out of him. She turned it off and stared him down. "Yes, what?"

"Yes, Lady Red," Angelus said, panting from the pain.

"And who do you answer to?" Willow asked. She waited for two seconds, then hit the button again. His howl of pain rend the silence of the room to shreds before she pressed off.

"Lady Red," he gasped out, his chest heaving.

"Very good," she said. She crawled over his body and straddled his face. "Pleasure me, Angelus."

Willow groaned as his tongue flicked out and hit her clit, which was throbbing agin. He ran it along both folds, then inside her and her muscles clenched around it. He went back to her nubbin, lavishing it several times before latching onto it. He began to suck, using his jaw in a repetitive pattern as she slowly started to rub against his mouth. Her second climax came suddenly and she threw back her head and yelled in pleasure.

After she had calmed, she moved down his body and over his shaft. "Angelus."

"Yes, Lady Red?" Angelus asked, his eyes cast downward, his face glistening with her juices.

"Are you going to cum, Angelus?"

"Not until you say, Lady," he hissed, his sharp teeth clenched tightly together.

She nodded her approval and lowered herself on his hard cock. He let out a deep growl of pleasure, his hips thrusting upwards to meet her. When he did this, she pulled off of him and hit the remote, sending him howling. As quickly as she turned it on, she pressed the off button and impaled herself on his shaft again. "Did I give you permission to move?"

"No, Lady," he replied, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes.

"Are you going to move?"

"No, Lady."

"Good boy," she said patronizingly, wiping at a tear with her thumb. Slowly, she began to grind against him, moving her hips in a circular motion, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. She dropped the remote, then cupped her breasts, flicking her thumbs over her pert nipples making her moan.

She watched Angelus as she rode him. His eyes were now shut tightly, his fangs biting into his lower lip. His arms were stretched above him, the muscles in his arms coiled and he held the chain in his powerful grip. His chest was heaving unnecessarily as he tried not to cum. Pleased, she sped up, dipping her hand between them and rubbing at her clit again. Her power over him was exciting and arousing her again into a frenzy, and with a final rub, she fell over into her third orgasm of the night with a loud scream.

Willow literally collapsed on top of him, her entire body going limp from the pleasure. The leather boots were sticking to the sweat on her calves as she lay there in the afterglow. After a few minutes, she rose up off of him and grinned. He hadn't cum. "Excellent, Angelus," she purred, removing cock and ball ring, as well as the wired dildo and clip. She tossed them off the bed and looked down at him. His eyes were stills squeezed shut and he was panting with the exertion of following her orders.

She reached up and undid his shackles from his wrists. She lowered his arms, then lay on her back, legs spread wide. She stayed silent, watching him to see what he would do. He did not move, did not even open his eyes. His cock was swollen to painful proportions and blood trickled from his mouth because of the bites in his lower lip. After a few minutes, she spoke. "Angelus, look at me."

Angelus turned his head and opened his yellow eyes. When he saw her position, a low growl rumbled deep in his chest, his shaft twitching. Yet, he did not move. "Yes, Lady?"

Willow smiled. *Perfect,* she thought. "You may fuck me."

He was on top of her in a flash, slamming his huge shaft into her body, one arm under her hips, the other supporting his weight by her shoulder. She wrapped her legs around his waist, granting him easier access as he thrust in and out savagely. "Permission to speak, Lady?" he grunted near her ear.

"Yes, Angelus?"

"May I cum, Lady," he got out with a growl.

"No," she said.

"Yes, Lady," he grunted, still pistoning in and out of her body.

She counted to one hundred, which was almost impossible to do, then spoke again. "Angelus, stop." He stopped in an instant, his entire body trembling from non-release. "Go stand by the ring in the floor."

Angelus did not look at her as he pulled out of her body. He climbed off the bed, his cock dripping with her juices, and walked over to the ring. Once there, he stood in all his naked glory, head bowed, his hands clenched into fists.

"What is my name?" Willow asked, standing.

"Lady Red," he answered without hesitation, his voice rough.

"Who do you answer to?" she continued.

"You, Lady Red," he said.

"Stroke yourself, but do not cum," Willow told him, sitting down in the chair by his side, her eyes now level with his crotch.

He grabbed his still slick cock in his hand, slowly pulling upwards from the base until he almost let go, then pushed back down. Fascinated, she saw that he tightened his grip with each downward movement and the way he held the base tightly every few strokes, preventing his orgasm. She licked her lips, then looked up to his face. His eyes were partially open, rolled back into his head and he was panting through his open mouth.

A little voice in the back of her head told her that she was being cruel now and she sighed. Standing, she returned to the bed and laid upon it, spread eagle once again. "Angelus, stop and look at me."

Angelus dropped his hand and opened his eyes. When he saw her, he staggered slightly and she saw a wild gleam in his gaze. "You may cum in me as well as drink from my wrist," she told him, one finger beckoning him over.

He was inside her in less than a second, slamming against her body only five times before he roared loudly in long denied release. He buried his fangs into her wrist and sucked hungrily, his entire body quivered with the intensity of his orgasm. He fell against her, his weight pleasant on her chest as he let go of her wrist.

She absently stroked his dark hair as he trembled from the force of his climax. He lay atop her, lapping at the puncture wounds. "Angelus, please move next to me," Willow instructed when he became too heavy. He did as told, pulling out of her and laying on his stomach. He still held onto her hand, his tongue tracing patterns in the blood on her wrist. Then, he began to purr.

Willow couldn't believe her ears. *He's purring,* she thought in amazement. *I made Angelus purr.* A smile spread across her face as she thought of the implications. They lay together for awhile until Willow began to feel sleepy. She forced herself to sit up and finished what she started out to do. Gently, she moved her hand out of his grip and left the bed. When she did this, he stopped purring and she thought she saw a pout on his face.

*This is where I get to see if I am completely dominant over him,* she thought as she slid on her clothing. She picked up a magickally reinforced leather collar with a four foot magickal silver chain attached to it. "Angelus, come here."

She watched as he rolled to his feet from the bed, all six feet of pure masculinity. He walked right up next to her and stopped, his demonic features hidden once again behind his handsome human mask. "Kneel," she instructed.

Angelus did not hesitate. He knelt down on the hard floor, his head bowed in submission. Willow grinned as she snapped the collar around his neck. *Yes! I did it! This is so cool,* she thought excitedly. Something not-so-deep inside her laughed with maniacal glee.

She moved to his dresser and pulled out a dark red, velvet shirt and a pair of pants. She draped them over her arm, grabbed his boots, soap and a towel, then took up the end of the leash. "Crawl," she said as she led him out the door. No one met them in the hallway as she brought him to the bathroom.

She turned on the shower and set the soap down on the wall mounted dish. "Angelus, you may stand and shower," she told him.

Angelus stood, head still bowed and stepped into the shower, the long chain extending to her hand. She watched appreciatively as he soaped his body , washing away the dried blood and secretions. When he finished, she handed him the towel, then his clothing. After he had dressed, she allowed him to walk back to her room.

Once inside, she looped the chain around the metal canopy pole. "Kneel," she commanded the vampire. He knelt at the end of the bed and Willow grinned. Without another word, she got her own shower stuff together and left the room.

When she returned, she found him in the exact same position. She dressed in her chosen night clothes, then unhooked the chain from the collar. After she had climbed into bed, she called him to her. "Angelus, crawl around to this side of the bed."

Angelus did as told and stopped beside her, waiting for her next command. *Wow, I think I may have really broke him,* she thought. *I guess I'll find out when I wake up later.* She reached out and ran her fingers over his cheek, the marks from her whipping him across the face almost gone. "Strip, then by my feet, Angelus," she instructed.

He quickly stripped down to nothing, then climbed up on the bed and curled up by her feet like a big cat. His back was still heavily marred by the barbed whip and she frowned, a bit of guilt creeping up on her for doing this to Angel. *Angelus,* she corrected in her mind. Still, she felt somewhat badly as the two nights activities played out again in her mind.

She leaned over and turned out the light, then moved down the bed to reach him. She gently began to run her hand through his hair in a soothing gesture and soon he was purring low in his chest, his game face coming forth. In the dim glow from beneath the door, she could see that his eyes were closed and that he almost looked content. If she didn't get attacked by him while she was asleep and he was still submissive to her when she awoke, she'd have to see what was going on in his mind.

Yawning, Willow stopped petting him and lay back onto the pillow, falling into a deep sleep.

Part Three

When she woke up the next evening, she opened her eyes slightly to see Angelus studying her without hatred. In fact, he looked sort of confused, still curled down by her feet, naked save for the leather collar around his neck. Deciding now was a good of time as any, she let her eyes fall shut again and cleared her mind. After a few moments, she pictured a door the same color as Angelus' eyes and opened it. In her mind's eye, she stepped through the opening and into his mind.

The first thing she noticed was the colors. His mind was like a rainbow, blending together to form pictures of his memories. She went slowly forward, afraid she was going to see death and destruction, but none of those came towards her as she traversed the planes of his thoughts. She found his soul center and was surprised to see it was still there. Confused, she walked up to the bright, white pulsating glow and put her hand on it.

"Hello, Angelus," she said in mind-speak.

"Hello, Willow," his soul center greeted.

"You know who I am," she said, not too surprised. Amy's soul center knew who she was, too.

"Of course," it replied. "You are my mate."

"I'm confused," Willow said. "I thought that when a vampire is made, the soul center disappeared."

"No," it told her. "The soul center can never be taken from a person."

"Then why did I preform a spell to restore your soul and another to take it away again?"

"The curse you performed was one of guilt, that is all," Angelus' soul center told her. "A vampire needs to be free from that emotion in order to survive."

Willow turned her head to look where she would find the colors of the various human emotions. The color that represented guilt was no longer present in the scheme. "So everything that you do is something you would have done when you were still human?"

"Other than outright killing unless threatened, yes," it answered.

She pondered this statement, then realized it was true. Everything she had done to Angelus over the past two nights had come from her, and she had the guilt emotion. She remembered the way Angel liked to play games, like the commando hunt in the mall; the way he easily killed the Hunters when they raided the school; his fierce possessive streak. All these things were so very reminiscent of the guilt-free vampire, she knew that was the human he had been.

"Why did you try to open Acathala?" Willow asked after a few minutes of thought.

"I was being a show-off," the soul center replied.

"What about the people you tortured? Like Giles or Drusilla," she inquired.

"Dominance," it answered simply.

"And the vampire community is centered around dominance," she summarized. "It's how you learned to live. Talk about supporting the nature versus nurture theory."

She turned to go when she thought of one more question. "When did I become your mate?"

"This past wake cycle before the sleep cycle," it replied.

"Oh...oh!" Willow exclaimed. "Wait, why not before?"

"The love emotion is very strong for you, Willow, but you did not fulfill all of the necessary parts that make up my being," Angelus' soul center told her. "I have been a vampire for over two hundred human years."

"That whole dominance thing again," she said. She looked over at the wall of emotions, noting that love and tenderness were much larger than that of the negative emotions. She recalled how Angel had spoke of Spike, the beautiful picture he'd drawn, of their conversation afterwards. "Angel and Angelus are the same person," she stated. "What would happen if I reinstated the guilt curse?"

"That emotion would overpower all the other emotions except for love," the soul center replied. "Creating an unbalance that would hide the true Angelus."

"Oh, ok," Willow said. "Well, thanks." She removed her hand and started back towards the mental door. After a few moments, she was back in her own mind, the door to Angelus' closed. Stirring, she opened her eyes and looked at the vampire who lay at the end of the bed in a tranquil state, which is what normally happened when one traveled the mindscape.

She sat up and stretched, then climbed out of bed. When Angelus didn't move, she decided to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. When she got back, the big lazy cat had turned over to face the door, one hand curled under his handsome face, his sheer presence making her heart catch. "Good evening," she greeted.

"Good evening, Lady," Angelus replied, his eyes lowered.

"You may look me in the eyes now, Angelus," she told him. When he raised his gaze to hers, she saw a burning desire of lust and love for her shining out of them. Her lips curved up in a smile. "Get dressed. There's work to be done."


Willow laughed to herself as she walked back home to eat human food. It wouldn't do her any good to zap some over to the old school where the pack lived because that would give her secret away. That was the only pratfall she'd found thus far pretending to be a vampire. She wasn't even bothered by the voracious, dominating appetites of the other members of the pack, which reminded her of the scene she'd just left.

She could barely contain herself when she looked at the expressions on the other vampires faces when she'd come into the main rec room with Angelus and had him kneel at her side. She had felt a bolt of sheer exhilaration when she came to the realization she was the top banana of the bunch. She snickered at her own pun, getting a strange look from a woman who passed her.

Before she had left, she'd taken Angelus off the leash and let him reassert his position in the pack She had curled up on the end of the couch like a queen and watched as he brutally commanded the vampire just under him in position, Richard, to suck him off in front of the others. After he'd beaten Richard to near unconsciousness, that was. The others watched, terrified that they would be next, but she'd left before she'd seen if he'd done anything to them. Not that she had wanted to go, she actually was enjoying being a voyeur - which was why she had left.

Frowning, she tried to puzzle out why shy, compliant Willow liked what had happened at the lair, why she enjoyed mastering Angelus and watching him master the others. And she did thoroughly enjoy it. But was that such a bad thing? She'd touched Angelus' mind and saw how close he was to the ‘ensouled' Angel. He had enjoyed himself, too. Maybe this was a side of her she'd unconsciously kept hidden until the time was right, just like her magickal abilities.

Deciding to push off her thoughts on that matter, she turned to the problem that caused her to ‘become' a vampire to begin with, the new Master, Jonathan. She'd learned, through Angelus, that he was planing to infiltrate some of the major companies in Sunnydale, thus taking control of most of the town. She's also learned that he was a bit off his rocker when it came to his need for surrounding himself with beauty, which made for him creating new fledglings far and few between.

But what was she going to do about it? And why did a part of her not care anymore?