Whose Reality?

by Saber ShadowKitten
Abracadabra (Alternate) 16/Crossover


"Hi Buffy, hi Spike," Willow greeted the couple, her red hair tightly braided against the stiff wind. The thigh-length, black leather jacket she was wearing blew open, revealing a pair of black leather pants and a tight, dark grey shirt. "Kill any of mine tonight?"

"Nope," Buffy shook her head, her blond hair flying loose from her ponytail. She hugged her burgundy, calf-length coat closer to her, and wished she wore warmer clothing than her short, black skirt and long sleeve, burgundy top. "We haven't seen anyone at all."

"That could be because your mouth was around my-" Spike began, only to be cut off when the Slayer yanked hard on the leash that was attached to a leather collar around his neck. He dropped his head as the wind kicked up, making his own long, leather duster fly out behind him, buffeting against his normal black jeans and t-shirt.

"Has he been bad recently?" Willow asked with a quirk of her lips at the blond vampire's predicament.

"Very," Buffy replied, giving the redhead a wink. "He tried to claim dominance again a couple days ago. As you can tell, it didn't work."

"Naughty, naughty Spike," Willow tisked, walking up to him and running a red nail under his chin. Her four inch, thick heels made her the same height as him and she used that to her advantage. "Buffy, may I?"

"Go ahead," the Slayer nodded, loosening the leash. "Spike, obey Willow."

"Look at me," Willow commanded. She waited a moment, then dug her nail into the soft skin under his chin. "Look at me." Spike raised his head and met her eyes, but said nothing. "Did you try to dominate Buffy?"

"Yes, Lady Red," Spike answered, his voice quiet and subdued.

"Did it work?" Willow continued her questioning.

"No, Lady Red," he replied.

"Will you try again?"

"Not anytime soon, Lady Red," he said, a twinkle in his blue eyes.

Willow forced herself not to grin. "Will you tell Angelus of your attempt?"

"Not unless you say so, Lady Red," Spike replied.

"You know, we haven't seen you around the lair in awhile," Willow said. "I know Angelus has missed you."

"Sorry, Lady Red," he said. "Lady Buffy has kept me...on a short leash."

A rakish grin crossed his face and Willow couldn't keep her laughter in. "Buffy, your mate is horrible," the redhead giggled.

"I know, isn't he?" Buffy said, standing on her toes to give Spike a kiss on the cheek. "But he's all mine."

"Are we still on for dinner on Sunday?" Willow asked. "Cordy and Xander should be here around lunchtime. I told them I'd meet them at the library -- once I tie up the General for the day, that is - and Amy and Jonathan should be there, too."

"We're on," Buffy answered. "I'll be at school, anyway, trying to make teams for next week's gym classes. I swear, I never knew so much work went into being a PhysEd teacher."

"Try being the leader of a pack of vampires," Willow replied. "And run a multi-billion dollar company at the same time. Then we'll compare stress."

"Yeah, but you have your magick to help you," the Slayer said. "If one of yours gets out of line, you can make him lick your boots. I can't do that with the students at Sunnydale High, though there are times I am sorely tempted. Luckily, I have Spike here to go home to every night. Now him, I can make lick my boots."

Spike arched his eyebrow at that statement, but refrained from speaking. He was hoping to have a little fun with his sire later that night, but wouldn't be able to if Buffy decided to punish him. Although that prospect wasn't that undaunting, he hadn't been with Angelus for a couple of weeks, and he missed the male companionship.

Lightning lit up the cloudy, night sky and the wind kicked up even further, wheezing loudly through the trees in the cemetery. Willow grabbed the edges of her jacket and pulled it closer around her. The witch had to yell to be heard. "I think I'd better get going. If you see Angelus, tell hi-"

A bolt of blue-white lightning struck the ground directly between the three, blinding them with its brightness as it engulfed them.

Part One

"Slayer, are you ok?" Spike asked, his hands moving frantically over Buffy's body as she lay on the hard ground.

Willow sat up and moaned, holding her head. "Ouch, that didn't feel too good," she said. She concentrated for a moment, and the pain disappeared as she healed herself.

"No, Buffy, don't you dare be anything by ok," Spike growled, his voice tinged with panic.

Willow quickly scrambled over to the couple and pushed the vampire out of the way. She was checking Buffy's pulse and breathing when the Slayer groaned. "Damn, that hurts," Buffy hissed upon returning to consciousness.

"What does?" Willow asked, barely preventing Spike from yanking the blond woman into his arms. "Let me heal her first, Spike."

"My head," Buffy told her best friend. "I don't think it appreciated being smacked on the ground." Willow laid her right hand on Buffy's head and worked her magick. When the pain was gone, the Slayer grinned. "Thanks, Wills."

"You're welcome, Buffy," Willow replied with a smile. She gestured to Spike, who immediately pulled Buffy into his lap and held her close. That's when she noticed the wind had stopped. "Um, guys. I think we just had a Hellmouth experience."

"What do you mean?" Buffy said, her voice muffled by Spike's duster against her face.

"What happened to the wind? And the lightening?" Willow asked, looking up into the clear night sky. Not a single cloud was in sight.

Buffy looked up as well. "You're right. Muy wiggy. Looks like a trip to the Watcher."

"You think he'll be at the library on a Friday night?" Willow said as she stood.

"Yeah," Buffy replied, getting to her feet, then offering a hand up to Spike. "Giles told me earlier that he was going to catalog a new shipment of books after he dropped Cindy off at the airport."

"The Second Slayer is going on a trip?" Willow asked, as the trio started towards the high school.

"Don't sound so excited, Will," Buffy said sarcastically. "And yes, she's going to be gone for a week, so your pet vampires have a reprieve. Well, unless I find them."

"Slayer," Spike said, playing with the leash in his hand which Buffy had dropped when the lightning had struck. "I'd rather not go see your Watcher..."

Buffy shook her head and grinned. "You just want to go find Angel, don't you?" she said as she reached up to unclip the leash from the collar around his neck.

"You know me too bloody well," Spike replied, a grin on his own face.

"Go on," Buffy told him. "Have fun. I'll tell Willow when I want you home." Spike gave her a quick kiss on the lips, then turned and walked in the opposite direction.

"Great, now I won't see the General until sometime tomorrow afternoon," Willow grumbled fakely.

"After six years, you should be used to those two by now," Buffy said, wrapping the leash around her wrist, then linking her arm through Willow's. "Besides, Angel will probably share Spike with you, like he always does."

"Yeah," Willow grinned unabashedly. "One of these days, the four of us will have to get together again for a night of sinful pleasure."

"You are a wicked, pretend vampire, Wills," Buffy said, giving the hacker a wink. "I can't wait."


Spike let his meal fall to the ground, his face returning to its normal, chiseled planes. He stepped over the body and sauntered out of the alley, his keen eyes searching the throng of people walking from the theater for his sire. The movie that had just let out was a popular foreign, art-house film, something that Angelus would attend in order to feed on the lust-filled blood of the patrons.

Growling softly as an extremely tall couple paused to make-out in front of him, the peroxide- blond debated whether to rip their tongues out when he caught sight of the dark-haired vampire further down the street. With an expectant grin, he practically bounced around the couple and caught up to Angelus, as his sire had started walking away.

"Angelus, Angelus, Angelus," Spike tisked. "What's a vampire like you doing out here all alone?"

Angel came to a halt at the sound of Spike's voice. The last time he'd heard it had been back in December, when the peroxide-blond had returned to Sunnydale and kidnaped Willow to do a love spell. "Spike," he hissed, his hands clenching into fists. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you," Spike replied. "The girls went off together and turned me loose for the night." At his sire's surprised face, he added, "I know, I know. Bloody stupid, eh?"

Angel's shock had diminished and was replaced by confusion. Spike was speaking to him as if they were...friends. "What do you want?" he finally asked.

Spike shrugged. "Don't care. I got until Red sends me home. Thought maybe the Bronze for a bit, then whatever."

Angel only half-heard Spike's words, because he was too busy staring at the thick, leather collar around the other vampire's neck. The meaning was obvious and had his mind reeling. If Spike had been dominated by someone and was here in Sunnydale, undoubtably that someone was in town, too. Which meant to the ensouled Angel, whomever had dominated Spike was extremely dangerous. He needed to tell Rupert, fast, but he also needed to keep close tabs on the blond vampire.

"Bronze it is," Angel said, falling into step beside Spike as they headed for the club.


"Hey Giles," Buffy greeted cheerfully as she and Willow entered the library.

Giles looked up from a book he was checking in behind the counter. "What are you doing here?" he asked, his eyes widening slightly at the sight of the hacker.

Willow giggled and Buffy rolled her eyes. "I think Cordy's starting to rub off on you, Giles," the Slayer replied. "We had a possible Hellmouthy situation and wanted to tell you."

"It was strange, Giles," Willow said. "That storm that has been brewing all day decided to shoot a lightning bolt to the ground right between us."

"Good heavens, were you hurt?" Giles asked, concern overriding his confusion. Last time he'd looked, there hadn't been a single cloud in the sky. Then again, he hadn't left the library since lunch.

"Just some major head smackage," Buffy replied. "But the wicked witch fixed me up."

Willow rolled her eyes this time, and continued. "That wasn't the weird part, Giles. After it hit, all the clouds and the wind vanished, like there never was a storm to begin with."

"I suppose that is rather odd," Giles said. "I shall-"

"Have to consult your books," both girls finished together.

"Er, y-yes," Giles stammered.

"Well, call if you have something," Buffy told him. "My worse half is going to be gone tonight, so you don't have to worry about interrupting anything." She gave him a devilish smile.

"And if you need me, send an email," Willow said, taking Buffy's arm again. "Have fun researching, Giles. If you don't call, I'll see you Sunday when Cordy and Xander arrive."

The two girls left the library, arm in arm, leaving a confused Watcher behind. Giles briefly reflected on Willow's attire, wondering if perhaps the doppleganger that the witch had summoned to this world had left behind some clothing, then shook his head. "Buffy must have chosen Willow's clothing," he said to himself as he went to start researching.

Ten minutes later, the library door swung open and Buffy walked in. "Giles, I had a wiggy meeting just now," the blond Slayer began. "I was in the cemetery with Faith, and we met this demon, who looked a lot like a leprechaun, and he offered us the Books of Ascension."

Giles gave her a curious look. "Weren't you wearing your hair up?"

Part Two

"Let's do something," Buffy said as she and Willow headed away from the school. "I don't want to spend my Friday night in the house."

"Where do you want to go?" Willow asked, her arm still linked with her best friend's.

"How about the Bronze?" Buffy suggested.

"What about your students? Willow said with a grin, having had this same conversation many times. "Won't they think it's skanky for their teacher to be there?"

"What about your pack?" Buffy retorted with familiarity. "Won't they call you traitor for hanging with the Slayer?"

"Yeah, but I've had sex with the Slayer," Willow replied, giving the blond a wink. "And your mate is a very feared vampire who isn't part of my pack."

Over the years, the relationship between Buffy and Willow had changed, including their roles on opposing sides. Willow controlled her pack with an iron fist; keeping them in line, and not allowing them to create unnecessary violence and bloodshed. Buffy, in return, ignored those specific pack members activities, unless she caught them feeding. Then it was everyone for themselves. The arrangement worked well, more because the vampires under Willow's care feared the redhead because they thought she controlled Buffy. Which the hacker did nothing to correct.

"Oh sure, use the sex defense," Buffy teased as they came to the Bronze. "Fight dirty."

"How about we dance dirty instead?" Willow suggested when she heard the music pounding from the club. There was no cover and the two girls quickly made their way through the crowd of teens. They dropped their coats on a large pile, then made their way to the dance floor, knowing that over the six years, the teens did not think the best friends naughty behavior was strange.


Angel and Spike were standing on the catwalk, leaning on the railing, and watching the dancers below. They'd been there for roughly half-an-hour, but Angel had no success in getting any information from Spike about who had dominated him because of the loud music. While they had been there, however, he learned that Spike did indeed think they were good friends, maybe even more, by his body language and the expression in his blue eyes.

Rage in the cage
And piss upon the stage
There's only one sure way
To bring the giant down

Defunct the strings
Of cemetery things
With one flat foot
On Devil's Wing

Spike suddenly latched onto Angel's arm, making the dark-haired vampire look at him in question. He saw Spike's nostrils flare, his eyes trained out onto the dance floor. "Cor, Angelus, look," he hissed, his hand on Angel's arm tightening.

Crawl on me
Sink into me
Die for me
Living dead girl

Angel had no trouble finding what Spike wanted him to look at. Swallowing heavily, his eyes drank in the scene below. He remembered seeing Buffy dance with Faith a few weeks ago, but it was not even close to how she was dancing at that moment with her female partner.

Then he realized that partner was Willow.

Raping the geek
And hustling the freak
Like a hunchback juice
On a sentimental noose

Operation filth
They love to love the wealth
Of an SS whore
Making scary sounds

Willow's black leather pants looked painted on, the grey shirt she was wearing tight across her body, emphasizing her breasts. Her heels made her several inches taller than Buffy, which she was using to her advantage. Angel wondered if perhaps vampire Willow from the other world did not get sent back, but then why would Buffy be dancing with her?

Buffy looked edible to Angel, as well. The burgundy top she was wearing screamed for him to look at what it covered, and her skirt was nice and short. But what really caught his attention was the knee high, laced boots. He closed his eyes for a second, and he saw the blond Slayer naked except for those boots. His cock pressed painfully against the zipper of his pants as he quickly opened his eyes.

He should have kept them closed.

Crawl on me
Sink into me
Die for me
Living dead girl

There was a crowd of boys around the two, leaving enough room so they could watch as Willow danced around behind Buffy. The Slayer leaned back against the redhead, and the two moved their bodies together, rocking their hips from side to side in an erotic pattern. Willow ran her hands up Buffy's sides as the blond weaved her hands above her head.

Angel's eyes about popped out of his head when he saw Willow's hands brushed over Buffy's breasts, then travel up past them along her arms to link hands with the Slayer. Buffy turned to face Willow, their hands now pressed palms together and they writhed on the dance floor.

Psyclone Jack
Hallucinating hack
Thinks Donna Reed
Eats dollar bills

Goldfoot machine
Creates another fiend
So beautiful,
They'll make you kill

Angel was suddenly dragged across the catwalk towards the stairs that led up to the manager's office. His eyes were torn from the two females, his demon flaring up because of the disruption, and he was about to backhand Spike for his action. At least, he was until he found himself slammed up against the wall by the stairs, where it was semi-dark, and found Spike's mouth smashed against his.

Crawl on me
Sink into me
Die for me
Living dead girl

Blood on her skin
Dripping with sin
Do it again
Living dead girl

Lust flaring up, Angel grabbed the back of Spike's head and held the younger vampire to him as their tongues warred. He knew it was wrong, but at that moment, he didn't care. After seeing that movie with Buffy, then seeing Buffy dancing with Willow, his hormones were haywire. And Spike seemed quite willing to make that problem go away, as the blond vampire rubbed his lower body against Angel's throbbing erection.

The dark-haired vampire broke away, his eyes flashing gold before returning to a blazing brown, and he growled, "Let's go."

Blood on her skin
Dripping with sin
Do it again
Living dead girl

Blood on her skin
Dripping with sin
Do it again
Living dead girl


"We haven't been here in awhile," Spike commented, as he followed Angel into the mansion. "Didn't know you still had it."

Angel shrugged, removing his coat and throwing it on the couch. Spike's duster followed suit, and the ensouled vampire watched as his childe looked around curiously. After a few minutes, his hormones and his aching cock couldn't take it any longer. He grabbed Spike and shoved him into the bedroom.

"Wondered how long it would take," Spike chuckled, as he kicked of his shoes and socks as his sire did the same. With a gleam to his blue eyes, he licked his lips in anticipation. It really had been too long since he'd last been with the dark-haired vampire. Angel growled at him, which only made his smirk grow. "What's wrong, mate? Did the girls' dancing get to you?"

"Shut up, Spike," Angel growled again, grabbing Spike's t-shirt and yanking it over his head.

Spike undid his jeans and let them fall to the ground, freeing his own throbbing shaft. He then reached out to unbutton Angel's shirt, but the older vampire brushed him off as he stepped backwards. Angel slowly ran his eyes from Spike's feet up to his face, pausing when he hit the unremovable leather collar fixed around the blond's neck. The younger vampire felt his skin burning where Angel's hungry gaze had traveled, and he knew he was in for an excruciatingly pleasurable night.

Angel hadn't seen this much of Spike since he'd lost his soul, and back then the blond vampire had been unable to stand. Now that he stood before Angel, his cock hard and erect with only a collar around his neck, lust and hunger slammed into the dark-haired vampire for his childe like never before. Angel wanted him and, despite the confusion marring his brain about Spike's return to Sunnydale, he was going to have him.

With a low snarl of desire, Angel stepped forward and claimed Spike's mouth in a punishing kiss. The younger vampire got his hands between them to unbutton Angel's shirt, then ran his nails lightly over the ensouled vampire's skin, before shoving the shirt off of his broad shoulders. As the material dropped to the floor, Spike moved to undo Angel's pants, but was prevented by his sire shoving him roughly onto the bed.

Angel descended over Spike, biting and licking the blond's neck around the collar, then down his body. Spike hissed when he latched onto a pert, male nipple, sucking it until it formed a hard peak. He then repeated his action on the other one, relishing in the sounds Spike was making deep in his throat. Continuing his exploration, Angel moved further down Spike's torso, outlining each of the muscles on the blond with his tongue.

When Angel got to the thatch of dark hair surrounding Spike's manhood, he inhaled the scent of his childe's arousal deeply, his own cock pulsing under his pants. He licked both creases along Spike's inner hips, causing the blond to jump. With a lust-filled smirk, he allowed his fangs to elongate and sunk them into Spike's thigh.

Spike growled loudly, grabbing Angel's hair and pulling him away from his thigh. He then forced the dark-haired vampire's face at his cock, making his wants clear. When he felt the cool tongue run along his shaft, Spike hissed again, his hips thrusting up uncontrollably. He loosed his hands from Angel's dark hair and instead grabbed the sheet on either side of him as his sire took him fully into his mouth.

In the game of dominance, rarely did one vampire freely go down on another, but in this instance, neither vampire cared. Angel sucked and bit and rubbed his tongue over Spike's shaft, bringing the blond to a near frenzy with his ministrations. He hadn't given anyone a blow job in a very long time, but by Spike's snarls and groans, he had obviously not forgotten how. And when his childe exploded into his mouth, Angel swallowed the cold semen greedily, milking the younger vampire until he was dry.

Angel rose up Spike's body, pulling his childe into a searing kiss, allowing him to taste himself on his sire's lips and tongue. When he broke away, his eyes met Spike's intense, blue gaze, making him thrust his hips against the blond's thigh. He quickly stood and removed his pants, watching as Spike's eyes immediately dropped down to his aching erection. With a gesture, the younger vampire was on his knees and had his mouth around it, causing Angel's head to drop back as he let out a sharp hiss.

Spike used all his training and experience to bring as much pleasure to the dark-haired vampire as his sire did for him. Seeing his mate so wantonly dancing with Willow had brought not only his cock to attention, but also images to his mind of the last time he and Angelus had watched the girls in bed together. His mind drifted as he sucked on expertly on his sire's cock to the picture of Buffy's face buried into Willow's red pussy, her own naked ass high in the air, legs spread wide enough to give him a perfect view of her dark, dripping curls. Spike felt his shaft grow achingly hard again.

Angel felt Spike's attention drifting and he grabbed the blond's hair, pulling him up, then shoving him back on the bed. With quick, jerky movements, he opened the night stand drawer and grabbed the bottle of lubricant he was extremely intimate with after every time he'd been around Buffy. Slathering his cock with the slick substance, he maneuvered Spike to the edge of the bed and put the younger vampire's legs on his shoulders. With two fingers, he prepared his childe's puckered opening, reading nothing but desire in Spike's eyes. He absently filed that information away to be dealt with later, as he pushed the tip of his cock into the blond.

With a snarl, Angel thrust into Spike, his eyes rolling up at the intense pleasure surrounding his cock. It had been too long since he'd been with anyone, and there was no way he'd last. Bending down, Spike's hips arched upwards as his legs were pressed back towards his shoulders, allowing Angel to penetrate more deeply. The dark-haired vampire captured Spike's lips again, thrusting into his tongue into Spike's mouth as he did his childe's body.

His orgasm went on and on, but Spike didn't seem to care as the younger vampire bared his neck for Angel. The blood flowed into his mouth like honey, giving Angel a taste of something sweet and utterly forbidden. Eventually he managed to stop shuddering and remove his fangs from Spike's pale skin, licking at the twin puncture marks above the leather collar to get the last drops of the coppery fluid. He could feel his childe's erection trapped between them, and pushed himself up to see Spike grinning at him.

"My turn," Spike said, his eyes dancing in hunger and anticipation. Angel nodded, his face dropping back into its handsome planes, as he moved from Spike. The younger vampire patted the bed before practically bounding to his feet. "Arse in the air, Angelus. It's been too many weeks since I gave you a good buggering."

Angel frowned as he climbed onto the bed. It had been well-over a century since Spike had last done what he was about to do. Thoroughly confused, he was going to ask what the hell the younger vampire was talking about when he felt Spike's fingers enter him. Groaning at the intrusion, he buried his face into the sheets and gave into the combination of pleasure and pain as his childe replaced his fingers with his cock.

"Fuck, Angelus, you're so bloody tight," Spike growled, thrusting into the dark-haired vampire's anus. Grabbing his hips, Spike began a hard pace, his eyes crossing at the muscles contracting around his shaft, squeezing him. He didn't know why his sire was so tight, considering he'd been having anal sex with him for six years, but all his thoughts scattered as his second orgasm took hold of him.

Collapsing onto the bed next to his sire, Spike let out a sigh of contentment, then looked at Angel with a grin on his face. "Next time, let's not wait so long, eh, mate?" he said to the older vampire, who was lying on his stomach. Running a finger along his collar, Spike winked at Angel and added, "Of course, my mate has to let me off the leash first."


Buffy and Willow giggled as they turned the corner onto Buffy's street. They'd spent a few hours at the Bronze, playing with each other and ignoring the boys who attempted to join in. There had been a few vampires in attendance, none that Willow had recognized, and the Slayer easily dispatched them in the alleyway. Now, they were heading back to Buffy and Spike's empty house to have some ‘girl time' together.

"You have to see what I did with the magickally enhanced chains you gave me," Buffy said. "Spike had no clue what hit him."

"I swear, Buffy, you're worse than I am when it comes to being a dominatrix," Willow said. "If Giles knew how you really spend your nights, he'd blow a gasket."

"Blow a gasket?" Buffy teased. "I think you've been hanging around Jordan...too...much..." Buffy's words trailed off slowly as her eyes lighted on her house.

Or rather, where her house was suppose to be.

Willow gasped, her eyes widening at the large, empty lot before her. "Buffy, your house is gone!"

"My house is gone," Buffy echoed in a small voice.

Shaking out of her surprise, Willow took control of the situation. She cast a quick search spell to determine if the house was there and invisible or if a spell had been cast over the two of them preventing them from seeing the house. Then she walked across where the lawn was suppose to be to visually check if there had been a fire which demolished the large house or tire tracks to point to foul play. She found none of the above.

"I don't know, Buffy," Willow called over to the Slayer, who was still frozen in her spot staring dumbfounded at where her house used to be. "It's just not here. It's almost as if it had never been here."

"But...my house," Buffy squeaked, gesturing helplessly towards the open lot.

Willow stood and straightened her coat, then walked over to the Slayer. "Let's go back to the lair."

Twenty minutes later, Willow stood with the same expression on her face as Buffy had on hers. The wind kicked up, blowing Buffy's burgundy coat open, as well as the hacker's leather one. The old boarding school, where Willow made her home with Angelus and the rest of her pack, along with her master, was nothing more than an old, rutted building.


Angel was on his way back from the shower when he heard someone calling his name. Dressed in a loose pair of running pants, he rubbed the towel over his hair as he entered the main room. "Faith, hi," he said. "What can I do for you?"

"Angel," Faith said, her eyes running over his muscular, bare chest and the play of muscles as he used the towel. "Um, can I talk to you a sec?"

"Sure," Angel replied, gesturing to a side room. He followed her in and sat across from her, dropping the towel off to the side. Patiently, he waited for her to begin.

"You know how you told me that once you kill someone, it changes everything?" Faith asked. She held out her hands. They were covered in dark blood. "It's not human, but..."

"Are you ok?" Angel asked softly, concern reflecting from his eyes.

"Angel, I'm so scared," Faith said, her voice choked up. She scooted forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him to her.

"Shh, everything is going to be fine," Angel comforted, rubbing her back. Faith released him slowly, pulling back so she was staring into his eyes. She leaned in to kiss him and he veered back sharply. "Woah. Faith, I can't...I mean, I can be here for you, but not like that."

"Because of Buffy," Faith said.

"A late night snack, Angelus?"

The two brunettes looked up to see Spike lounging shirtless in the doorway, a casual smirk on his face. He ran his fingers absently up and down the center of his chest, the bite on his neck above the leather collar still glaringly visible. He watched as Faith's eyes practically devoured him, making his brow quirk up in amusement. He straightened and circled around her, then positioned himself behind his sire. "Looks tasty. Are you going to share?"

"Spike, get lost," Angel growled.

"Am I interruptin' something here?" Faith asked, gesturing between the two men.

Spike flashed her a smile, one of his hands sliding over Angel's shoulder and partially down the older vampire's chest. "Oh, I think your interruption is quite timely, pet," the blond replied.

Angel grabbed Spike's wrist and yanked him down so he could hiss in the blond's ear, "Spike, enough. Go take a shower. "

"Fine," Spike sighed, flashing another devilish smile at Faith. "But I'm going to tell Red that you won't share your toys anymore." He straightened and sauntered out of the room, adding over his shoulder, "Maybe she'll take pity on a bloke, and let me play with her."

Angel gave Faith an embarrassed smile. "Sorry about that."

"You dog," Faith chuckled. "Hot damn. The King of Purity is hiding the salami with another guy. Wait ‘til B gets an earful of this." She stood and shook her head, a grin on her face. "I never pictured you for a rainbow. Guess that whole ‘curse' thing is a ruse, eh?"

Stepping around Angel, who was trying to come up with a proper defense, she said, "Have fun with your boy-toy, Angel." Then she quickly left the mansion.

Angel sighed and rubbed a weary hand over his face, then turned and wandered away, missing a light blue jacketed Buffy standing on the other side of the boarded up garden doors with a stunned look on her face, having heard what Faith said.

Part Three

"Giles!" Buffy yelled, banging on her Watcher's door. "Giles!"

The door opened, revealing a robe-wearing Giles, squinting sleepily at Buffy. "Buffy? Wh- what..."

"My house is gone!" Buffy exclaimed, pushing passed him and into his place, followed by a stunned-looking Willow. "Willow's, too!"

"I beg your pardon?" Giles asked, shutting the door.

"My house. Poof. No more. All gone. Buh-bye," Buffy said, pacing back and forth in front of the couch.

"A-and Willlow's, as well?" Giles said.

"It's like I never lived there, Giles," Willow said softly, not really paying attention as she tried to get her brain to work. "I checked for magick and foul play, but found nothing." Her eyes suddenly shot to Buffy. "Oh goddess, the sun. It'll be up soon. Where are-"

"I'm sure they'll find a place to crash, Wills," Buffy interrupted, sitting down next to her best friend and pulling her into her arms.

Giles rubbed his eyes and asked, "Do you suppose this is related to-to that storm incident earlier?"

"Two strange things in one night, I'd have to say a big Hellmouth-yes to that question," Buffy replied, then yawned. "Willow, we should try to get some sleep."

"Yes," Willow sniffed. "Problems are always less of a problem after you sleep."

"Giles, do you mind...," Buffy said.

"Oh, of course not," Giles replied. "If-if you girls don't mind sharing the bed..."

Buffy gave him a half-grin. "Since when have we minded?" She stood and escorted Willow towards the stairs. "‘Night, Giles. We'll meet you at the library when we get up."

"Very well," Giles said, watching them ascend the stairs. Then he realized he forgot to ask about Joyce and Willow's parents. "Best wait until later," he told himself, heading into the kitchen to make some tea.


"He's what?" Willow asked, astonishment written all over her face.

"Gay," Buffy replied, curling onto the end of her best friend's bed. The afternoon sun streamed through the French doors of Willow's bedroom, warming the Slayer's back.

"No way," the redhead shook her head. "You must have misheard. Maybe you mean gay in the happy definition of the word."

"Nope, I heard right," Buffy sighed, somewhat angrily. "Angel is a closet homosexual."

"Don't you think he'd tell you something as important as that?" Willow asked. "Or-or maybe it's some weird vampire thing. Remember, the-the other me? I...I mean, she kinda went both ways."

"I don't know," the Slayer whined.

"Well, what did he say when you talked to him?"


"Buffy," Willow said. "You won't know the truth unless you talk to him first."

"Fine, I'll go over there later...," Buffy said.

"No, now. I give you leave to go," Willow said haughtily, pointing towards the door.

Buffy rolled her eyes, then stood. "Thanks, Will. I'll see you later at the library."


Wearing one of Giles' shirts under her burgundy coat, Buffy rang her mother's doorbell, hoping she still hadn't thrown out her old stuff. Then again, it had been only a few years since she'd moved out. "Buffy?" Joyce said, surprised, when she opened the door.

"Hey Mom," Buffy greeted with a smile, standing on her toes to give her mother a kiss as she entered the house. "I need to raid my room for something to wear and to let Willow borrow. You would not believe the wonderful things that have been happening to us. Be right back."

As Buffy ran up the stairs, Joyce frowned in puzzlement as she shut the front door. Why would her own daughter ring the doorbell when the front door was unlocked?

A few minutes later, the blond Slayer came down with an equally confused look on her face, dressed in a pair of running tights and a loose, green silk blouse under her burgundy coat, and carrying a bag of clothes for Willow. "Mom? I thought I left less clothes than that in my closet. Am I losing my mind?"

"I think the clothes multiply while you're gone, honey," Joyce replied with a smile.

"Oh, well, never mind," Buffy said. She gave her mother another kiss on the cheek. "Love you."

"I love you, too, Buffy," Joyce said, surprised once again. Her daughter wasn't normally so forthcoming with affection.

Buffy grinned and headed out the front door, pausing to add, "One more thing, don't try to call, because I seemed to have misplaced the house. Bye," then closing the door behind her.


"Angel?" Buffy called out as she entered the mansion. She shoved her hands in the pockets of her yellow coat, nervously clenching and unclenching her fists. "Angel?"

"Buffy," Angel said, pulling a shirt over his head as he came out of the bedroom. "Is anything wrong?"

"What? No," Buffy replied. "Nothing's wrong. I, uh, just stopped by to..., er..., ask you i-if you..., um..., h-heard about the Books of Ascension?"

"The Books of Ascension?" Angel said sharply. "What about them?"

"Some demon is trying to sell them," Buffy replied.

"Buy them," Angel told her. "As quickly as possible. Those don't need to fall into the wrong hands."

"What are they?" she asked.

"Cookbooks for making extremely powerful demons," he answered. "I'll meet you at the library as soon as I can, to help translate the books once you get them."

"Ok," Buffy said, turning to go.

"Buffy, be careful," Angel warned. "A lot of nasty things that can happen if someone else wants these books.

"I will," she replied, then left.

Angel quickly made his way back into the bedroom to finish getting dressed. As he sat on the bed to put on his shoes, his guest woke up. "What are you doing up already, mate?" Spike asked, not even opening his eyes.

"There are some things I need to do," Angel replied.

"She's got you hopping, eh?" Spike said, a grin crossing his face. "Maybe I should lend you my collar-"

"Shut up, Spike," the dark-haired vampire said. Spike chuckled as Angel left the room, then let himself fall back to sleep.


"How about the Hall of Records?" Oz asked, looking up at Giles. The former Watcher had filled them in on the information had given him about what the demon had said in regards to the Mayor and the Books of Ascension. "They should have some information on the Mayor."

"Excellent idea," Giles replied. "Wesley, why don't you go with them and see what you can find out."

"Um, excuse me, but isn't Wesley the Watcher?" Cordelia said in her normal caustic manner.

"That's quite alright, Miss Chase," Wesley said. "I-I also think it is an excellent idea. Shall we?"

"I'm going with Wesley's group," Cordelia announced, standing.

"There is only the one group," Giles sighed.

"Yes, and I am in it," Cordelia replied, then headed out the door with Wesley at her side, Oz trailing behind.

"Do you mind if I stay here and help you?" Xander asked Giles.

"Not at all Xander," Giles replied with understanding.

In the hallway, the trio heading out of the school met up with Willow coming in. "Hi," she greeted Oz with a kiss on the cheek. "Where are we going?"

"Hall of Records," Oz informed her as he took her hand. He took in her heavy, brown coat. "Cold?"

"It's freezing out there," Willow replied, pretending to shiver. "Brr."

"We could always snuggle close together, share body heat," he suggested. Then added with a sly smile, "Pretend we're Eskimos."