JM: Hello.

Much cheering...a brief standing ovation.

JM: Thanks. (Accent) How're you doing, baby?


JM: Oh my god. It's a miracle. Hey, cool hair. Cool hair. Did you dye that man? Did you just dye it? Oh you did. Awesome. So I guess, um, I like to come and do these- and um- and- basically, um, I just like to open up the floor to questions. Yeah, and uh, if anyone has a question, I guess, just raise your hand, I have microphone and you don't, I guess. So scream or something. Yeah man?

Q: What was it like to help Sarah (inaudible)?

A. It's good. Yeah, yeah. Sarah does a lot of these and they work really well. Yeah. She's a- no she's a cutie and I get to do a little more of that. Tuesday night. You guys are not going to believe what they are doing to my character, which I can't tell you about.

ALL: Awww.

A: I can't, Joss will kill me.

A: Huh? We'll he'll dust me! You know, stake me! So yes, somebody (inaudible). So yeah?

SSK: What's the current episode that you're filming?

A. Number 11. I can't- I'm serious- I um, I can't really say anything about, if Joss knew anything cool happens, it won't happen if you let it out. He's like this maniac with privacy. In fact, he didn't want anyone to know that I was in the cast, so I'm not in the main title until this week. So I tell my friends I'm on Buffy and they're like, oh yeah right, you know. My publicist is like mean to me about it.

Q. Are you in the title?

A. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool. Anybody else? In back, scream.

Q. Are you going to stake Harmony?

A. I already did. I already did. You don't like Harmony?

ALL: No!

A: She's a sweetheart! She had her heartbroken. No, no, I'm not. No, Harmony is still- still with us now. (Makes a face) I shouldn't even say that to you!


A: I swear to god. Yeah man?

Q. How old are you and how long have you been acting?

A. 28 and since fourth grade.


A. I'm that- I'm that guy who's been talking about anything acting, acting all my life. Yeah?

Q. When are you going to shag Buffy?


A. (Big grin) Oh, I wish I could tell you. Man, other than that- but, I'm having so much fun right now (leers).

Q. What do you like best about your own character?

A. Yeah. Yeah. Really. No, which is true. But being able to be bad and enjoy it . And being no rules about it. Yeah.


A. What?

Q. Did you really bite Willow?


A. Only if she lets me.


Q. Have you visited any of the goth clubs to see what the whole vampire scene is like?

A. Have I ever visited goth clubs and stuff? Um, no. I used to bartend at a Hard Rock, before that I liked to go out and party all the time and after like a year and half of that, I have never- I don't go to bars anymore, I don't go to clubs anymore, I just can't- just scream over the music and I like to be able to talk. But I hear it's cool. I've got friends- I've got friends who are- who are in goth clubs, but I've never been to one. Yeah, man?

Q. Hi. Me and my friends are really big fans of yours and we made you a little something. Can we come give it to you?

A. Sure.

(Someone gives him something)

A. You're going to give me a stake? Oh, don't give this to Sarah. Oh man. Okay.... But if this happens I'm out of a job...(inaudible) Sarah is...there she is (faces life-size cutout of SMG behind him on the stage). Hello babe. (To audience) I love Sarah. Sarah got me a good job. I wanted Darth Maul, too. Cause he's cool. But I didn't steal him. I would have to steal him. Someone would have been pissed off. Yeah, what's up?

Q. (Inaudible)

A. Uh, I don't know if I'm going to be dancing with everybody, but come up and talk about it and we'll see- okay, this is what happened. I worked 20 hours on Friday, I got home and had like- like two hours at home and then got on the flight. I think I slept on the plane, but I don't really know about that. So I just had like four hours of sleep in the hotel room, but I am beyond- this is at the end of a week, for like- Buffy is like 12-20 hours every day. And we start the tech- we start at 4:30 in the morning on Monday. And then like they're so long hours and they have to give you a certain amount of time off between calls, which is like mandated by law, or else they'd call you 24 hours a day. And by the end of Friday, it's 4:30 in the morning on Friday before they're- before we were done, so you only really have like a day and a half off. So yeah. It's a great job. It's a great job. But the hours are so hard and I'm so burned out. But- but I'll be- I'll be really delirious and come out and party.

Q. Can I come up and give something to you? (Dare)

A. Come up. Sweet. (Dare give him Zero's Redmoon business card). I saw this! This is good. Official site- the, uh, official site, uh, this one's clubs and stuff, you know what I mean. (Dare gives him the shirt from Zero that read's Don't Kill Me) Oh! I wanted one of these for the first season (holds shirt up).


Dare hugs and kisses him and grabs his ass for Lynn. Cheering

A. Bad, bad girl. No this is true, you guys probably heard about this. I wanted a tee-shirt like this. I was going to make one that says Don't Kill Me on the first season because I was suppose to die.

Laughter. Clapping.

A. In the back?

Q. Yeah. Now that Angel has his own show, do you think it will succeed?

A. Uh, yeah right. I want Angel's show to do so well so that a) he will not come back to Buffy.

Laughter. Cheering. Applause.

A. For the only reason that if he comes back to Buffy, there will be no oxygen for anybody else, you know what I mean? David is the- David is the greatest guy in the whole world, you know. Spike hates Angel. But just, you know, career wise if he comes back on the show, we're all drowned. You know, Nick and I are like "Angel go baby!" (Holds up thumb Fonzie-style) Nick's getting some, you know, I mean.

Laughter. Applause.

A. No, uh- no they haven't mentioned anything for Spike, but yeah man- would I say no?

Q. (Chelle) I was robbed at Seaworld. Can I tell you (inaudible)...?

A. Is it short? Because it's going to be really, really hard. Oh, okay. If we start- it's going to go- we're going to go over this, okay? 'Cause- 'cause if there's a mob scene and everything it can get a little bit weird. But, uh, you know, I like people and come up here.

Chelle goes up and give him hug. Clapping.

A. I hate to do that, you know. But I'll- mean like- I've been- a couple of things in town, one minute everybody's like yeah, yeah, yeah, and then- and then it kinda got sticky for a second. But now I park inside. Yeah?

Q. In the hallway?

A. You took him in the hallway?


Q. (Maryann) An overweight, elderly, redheaded woman who has (inaudible) made you something, would you take it from me too?

A. Yeah, come on.

Maryann gives him a mug.

A. Thank you.


A. She said something to me. You're really talented. And thank you. I had a- I once- I came from stage and I went to Los Angeles and a casting director who was a friend of mine said James, you are a really talented actor, you are really good. And that's a plus. A plus.


A. Yeah- yeah, so, I'm so glad they made my hair look pretty and gave me a long coat. Because I didn't die. Swear to god.

Q. Any plans for a Buffy movie?

A. You know people keep talking about the Buffy movie, everybody except Joss. You know, everybody wants to, uh, and, uh, I've never heard Sarah talk about it.

Q. Well, go write it!

A. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think, uh, I think if Sarah wants to do it, it'll probably happen. Though I don't know. I- yeah- I would- uh- I would think so. Maybe. Maybe in the next like three years. I- I don't see the grounds for a movie. I get that- I was actually joking with David, uh, like- I was like, who's gonna play you in the Buffy movie when it's made 25 years from now, you know, like who would play us. You know, and so- all then we try to name like who, and they're not born yet.


Q. How old are you on Buffy?

A. No, I'm trying to think. Because I said it recently. I keep the date- the date keeps waffling around. I thought it was 150, but I think I'm about 120. 125. No, no, oh, oh, I let a secret out. (Sing-song) Joss is gonna spank me. Yeah?

Q. What is the most embarrassing moment you've ever had in your entire life?

A. No!


Q. Come on!

A. Um, well that's my problem is that I'm so rarely embarrassed that I- that I- you know- it's too far the other way. You know what I mean. I'll try to think of one and get back to you. Man, embarrassed. I've not been embarrassed in a long time. I've been mad. Okay, um, yeah, I hit David Boreanaz really hard.


A. At the end- at the end of um, uh, the first season after I get out of that damn wheelchair and he was like macking on my girl and everything. And uh, so you- they gave me a soft club, which is not soft, but it's not like a metal club to beat with someone. It's like made out of really hard plastic. And, uh, they were suppose to pad David and they didn't. He thought that I was just going to use like a metal prop and then not hit him, like mime-hitting and stuff, and um- so and I decided Spike would just nail Angel. Hard as he could. And he was surprised. Yeah man?

Q. I just wanted to know if that's your natural hair color?

A. I don't know, what do you think? No, no, no. No. It's not my natural hair color. It was when I was a kid. I had white-blond hair as a kid for a long time until I was 13, but- They dye it. Okay, does anybody else have dyed-blond hair? Come on? (Someone does) Dude, looks good. Yeah. Um, uh, does it hurt? Sometimes it used to kill me, man. It stings, uh, like- I just have to tell everybody that like four separate packs of Sweet & Lo in that dye solution and you will not feel it. It's like- yeah, I'm like the messenger of Sweet & Lo.


A. You can buy something else at the store, but it's like really expensive.

Q. (Inaudible) Joss and others have posted at the Bronze, (inaudible)?

A. I don't have a computer.

Q. (Inaudible)

A. Thank you. And I, you know, I- I've enjoyed- uh, like online interviews and, uh, stuff that I've done. I've climbed on once at Todd McIntosh's house. He's the guy that's the makeup person. And that was really fun. Um, but I don't have a computer yet. I, uh, um, I haven't bought a computer yet. I have no excuse. I don't have email. Yeah?

Q. What are you doing when you're not doing Spike?

A. What do I do when I'm not playing Spike? Uh, um.

Shout: Sleeping!

A. Yeah! That's really-- lately, lately really sleeping because there's only ten hours between the time you get off and the time that you're called again, so, uh, I do a sleep a lot. But- okay, I live very close to the beach and I love to go down to the beach, which is like a natural wonder of the world, right? And like so many people don't live near the beach, it's like, rent's not even that high. I can't figure it out. You know, like I would think everybody in LA would come in and move. But I have a nice little tiny, um, apartment that's like built in the 30's and it's got lots of plants and everything. I hang out with my girlfriend. Sorry guys. She's really cute guys, you'd like her. She's good. She makes me happy. She's like the reason I got Spike, 'cause I met her like- I met her like- three weeks before and I was just being- I was just uh, you know, the shi- um, yeah. Yeah. But yeah she's cute. Yeah?

Q. Would you ever consider, um, making a lady over 50 immortal?

A. I told you we can't go there. We can't. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. But um, uh--

Q. Do you have any pranksters on the set? Who are they and some of their best pranks?

A. Yeah pranks. No, um, nope. No pranks. No one would do that.

Someone: Liar.

A. No, I'm not lying. Or at least no one's played a prank on me. So, yeah, but do people play pranks? Have you guys heard? No, no. Uh, there's so not enough time to make a tv show and a week in a half. There's so not enough time. And anything that would blow a take would be ground into (inaudible) right away by the whole crew...it would be one of those things that people hate to blow a take. Yeah. It's exciting though. It's exciting. The work's so- television guys work so fast, you film so much in one day, but that's good. I can- I like it. Yeah?

Q. Welcome to Orlando and Vulkon, James. We're glad you've come to see us.

A. Thank you.

Q. Um, I understand you're going to make it to the dance tonight. Are you going to get a chance to check out the costume contest, too, because we have some really great costumes here and some very entertaining people.

A. I'll have to talk to Paul (JM's liaison at the Vulkon convention) and see what's up.

PLUM: I have a little thing for you too. (RWP goes up on stage)

A. Hey sweet. Oh cool.

PLUM: You're a Spike Girl.

A. I'm a Spike Girl?


A. Sweet. I'm a Spike Girl. (Plum takes out a stake) Get that away from me! Okay. I can stake Angel. I'm going to go through the airport with this thing.


A. Yeah, that's sweet. I like that. Thanks a lot. (JM plays with the stake, using it as a pointer, until he gets a bottle of water)

Plum leaves stage.

A. I'm a Spike Girl. (Grins amusingly) Anybody else? Yeah man?

Q. What's up with Dru?

A. What's up with Dru? Yeah, we've been trying- we've been trying to get her, uh, and she's been busy making movies. And, um, so, yeah, it's- it's- it's not like they've been trying- they've tried two or three times and she's like really, really busy. And, uh, I think that- I don't know man, I think that would happen, why not? Eventually.

Q. You can't go back, she hurt your feelings man!

A. I want to kick her butt!


A. Kind of have to have use for her to get back on the show.

Q. But when you were crying in the car and you've seen Buffy...

A. You like that pathetic episode? I didn't beat anybody up and you know, like--

Q. But you made everyone break up and it was so sad...

A. Thank you. Thank you. You hope people feel that way. When they make for half of the season, they like set up as the cool guy and then- and then you're in a wheelchair, man, I was so mad. What?

Q. She left you!

A. Yeah I know. She broke my heart. I'm bitter now. Oh my god. You want to be my next girlfriend now? No, I'm- I'm a mean- I was mean to her. I thought people- they gotta love her cute. What?

Q. How long does the makeup take to become a vampire?

A. How long does the makeup take to become a vampire? Oh about hour and half, two hours. And sometimes, uh, it's done for a, uh, 15 second shot and they take it back off you and keep going. Yeah, it's brutal. But really, when- when it's early in the morning, you can sleep in the chair. In fact, Todd, the guy- the- the Emmy award-winning makeup artist, he won for Buffy, but he- he prefers people to sleep. He tries to put you to sleep. You don't- you don't twitch, you don't talk and he can work. He like- he hates it if you squirm around. I love him. He's great. Good dude.

Q. Do you know how to do all that karate stuff?

A. Um, I know Judo. Which his not directly applicable, but I've also done stunts for stage all my life. Well, since I was a boy. (Laughter in voice) We used to take, when I was- when I was a kid, I would like, I would like just take a fall off a bike at a high speed just to see what the little girls would believe. I don't get hurt, you know. That's- that's the thing about stunts, you do get hurt. Oh my god. But yeah, so, I do- uh- uh- I do- it's all stunt work, it's not actual kung fu, it's a highly stylized kind of, uh, theater. Yeah. You know. But I like to do as many stunts as I can and I basically if my feet are- if my feet are on the ground, it's me. If it's just like- if I'm just waving my arms around (flails arms), that's me. But if I have to, like, you know fly off a cliff. Or if I have to go up against a wall and land on my head? If I have to take a big crash into a coffee table, it's Steve. Steve is the best. Steve, my new stunt guy, he came- he comes from Hong Kong. I saw his reel. He's like a big dude in Hong Kong, uh, action pictures. So fast. He's- he's- he's amazing. And he's always joking like I have to let him in. See, he thought he was going to have a bigger job.

CHELLE: On the Angel crossover, your opening monologue was amazing.

A. It's the best, my opening monologue for anybody. I- I- I thought it was so great. Because they- because they put every criticism you can make about Angel potentially and just put it right in the mouth of the villain.

Q. What I was wondering was how many takes did it take you to land that without laughing?

A. One. One because it was the last shot of the night. I was just so tired.

Q. It was great.

A. Thank you. Then- I practiced it very much. Did anyone notice the subtle piece I did with that? Each one is impersonating Angel I did in a cockney accent. I did that all by myself.

Q. What's my favorite episode of Buffy?

A. What's my favorite episode of Buffy? Uh, uh, I would have said School Hard up until, uh, what we just previously, the crossover. I thought that was some of my best- my better stuff. But I like School Hard because I got an actual real body count. I got to be the real bad guy. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but I haven't killed enough people. I haven't killed very many people. You know? I- I have like the most anaemic body count of any vampire on Buffy. Most guys take out six people.

Q. You're sweet, that's all.

A. What?

Q. You're sweet, that's all.

A. Yeah, but it's all strange, you know. I mean, it's so bad. Yeah?

Q. In the Angel crossover--

A. You know, start screaming at me if I do that, you know and like- I like leave you hanging for years, because I've been staring at everyone. I'm sorry, go ahead.

Q. Okay, the part after Angel tortured and your hair is set on fire? How was that done?

A. They lit Steve on fire. They mixed it with computers and- put the fire- Steve had to undergo and put that on my head. It's a good job. Steve, by the way, is a mad man, even for a Buffy set, which is- which is, you know, a bunch of mad men stunt guys. I like stunt guys. Man, they're the best. He wanted, uh, he took a fall out a window, and he wanted to go straight down with his head, without arms, into the cement, except that he- he would glance off the bush and that would flip him over. And that's his own thing. I mean, he was going to fly and he did decide to do that he's like, he missed the bush and they're like "what was that?" "Well, I don't know." But they're great. They're excellent. I love them. Dude?

Q. You started in the fourth grade. What did you start on and what kind, what type of stuff was the best part?

A. As far as theater, what have I done? My first role was Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh.


A. And I got- I got really on fire on acting when I was in sixth grade when I did, uh, musicals. Then I- and then I did a bunch a musicals because that was the only theater- the only theater in town was musical Bye, Bye Birdie and all that stuff, which is really fun, but then you try to do Shakespeare and it's like Baaah. It's hard. Then I took off in the- and, uh, it- I did the, uh, Conservatory, PCPA, which is based out in Santa Monica, north of LA, and, uh, you just watch good actors work. And it's the best- the best training I've ever had was go and do it, and there- and there happened to be an apprenticeship program, so I didn't have to pay very much to do it. And I just lived there. And then I went to Julliard and had a horrible time, they kicked my ass out. I was really- I was so rebellious, oh man, it's not even funny. The Brits hated me and the Americans got (inaudible). So then I started to do professional theater- uh- I was working in the Goodman theater in, uh- uh- uh, Chicago, which is like a great place and Northlight and Chicago, professional- went to-went to Seattle and did theater there. I started a theater company and ran that for four years, then came to LA. Yeah. Regional theater is great. But man, you know, I- I met, I was talking to my favorite actor in the world and he, uh, he has problems fixing his car. And I was like Michael you're the best, his name is Michael Winters. He's so cool. And he, uh, he was- he was like 50 years old and he didn't have a new car and I was like "Michael you're the best, you can work anywhere in America," and he was like "James I will never make more than you do right now," which is like $550 a week. Which sounds great at my age, but when you get to his age, this is like the last (inaudible). So he went to LA- and Michael Winters is going to LA- exodus. And you know, so...If you ever want to be an actor, I think theater is a great place to start, man. Because in Los Angeles, there's not enough time- you don't work enough to develop yourself as an- as an actor just doing film. That's a danger, you know. Got me going on acting, see, I'm boring myself. Thank you. Who haven't I picked yet. You, in the back?

Q. How long did it take for you to get the accent?

A. How long did it take for me to get the accent? Uh, too long. Because you know in School Hard, although I loved it, I found my accent was terrible. What was it "You were there." (In School Hard's accent). That was like a Southern plantation owner. Uh, but- but- uh- uh- to- to audition, I got it over in one night. I was- I was doing- actually I was in a play with a guy from North London and that was the accent that was available to me. And he was like a nice, dirty low accent. And, uh, uh, so I made him read my lines, you know. At which points he's like (in accent) "You know, what's this whole- what's your agent and how can I get in on this audition?" and I'm like (in accent) "fuck off, get away." I was pretty- I was mean about it, because he was- I don't think he would have gotten it. We were different types, but he was a really radically good actor. He was from North London and I was just going to take my chances.


A. Yeah man?

Q. Are you going to be on more now?

A. Yes. Am I going to be on Buffy more now? Yes. Starting this week, uh, coming up.


A. Um, I'm- I'm in the show. Ta-da! Every week. I'm a cast member. I have a trailer!

More cheering.

A. In the back.

Q. How did you get the job? How many auditions did you go through? Or did you know anybody?

A. No I didn't know anybody. They do- how did I get the job of Spike? Uh, I, uh- they'd been looking for Spike for a long time and they- they- uh- looked at like big guys and medium- you know, everybody. And I was kinda new to town. And they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.


A. I'm serious. No. They had their backs up against the wall and I came in with a good accent. Really, they didn't know who I was. I hadn't been in town very long. I'd only been in town for like six months so, uh, I, uh- uh- um- auditioned for the casting director's assistant. I, uh, we play- she was great. She was in theater, too, and we talked about theater. So I was like "oh cool." And so we just let loose and I did Spike in a bunch of different ways. I did it with a bunch of different accents and did a bunch of different readings and stuff, and then, uh, she called me up for, um, for jobs and I did a reading for all the producers and writers and um, that was with Juliet and after that they gave me the job. After two auditions, which is rare. Usually for a role like that they would make- you do like four or five. Yes?

Q. I want to ask you, I didn't get to see what they did to you on Tuesday. You were talking on top of the roof. Did they electrocute you?

A. Yeah, yeah, those commandos nail me, man.

Q. You were talking real cool and all of a sudden. I didn't see how they attacked you.

A. Yeah, yeah. Yeah- no, they tasered me. They actually- that was cool night, because they were actually firing stuff into me, they were firing stuff into my padded back and were shooting me. I thought that was cool. It's like a boys fantasy, this thing. I get with shot with projectiles and (inaudible) with all this stuff. It's beautiful.

Q. What's your greatest fear?

A. What?

Q. What's your greatest fear?

A. Fear. Yeah, what's my greatest fear? Um, see again, with embarrassment, there's the lack of fear problem. That's because I'm stupid. So my biggest problem is that I've been stupid. But, you know what I mean. So I'm not- I don't have enough fear. No, what am I most afraid of? Not getting everything done, I guess. Yeah. But otherwise, yeah. I gotten knicked and cut and broken over issues and not been afraid. Yeah. So, I- yeah.

LUCY: Um, I know you've mentioned you've acted in musicals today and I know that you sing. What type of music do you sing, and what voice part do you sing, and will you sing something for us?

A. No, because I- su- I- you know what? Never smoke cigarettes guys, anyone who's thinking about it? You never meet a smoker who wants to do that. Seriously. I'm smoking and my voice is as bad, it's like--

Q. Why are you smoking?

A. (Whiny) I don't know. I'm weak, you know. No, uh, uh, in my defense, I got the job at Buffy and after like six or seven years of not smoking, the character is smoking, and so I started smoking. I'm like the character. It's a stupid excuse.

Q. The Cancer Man/Smoking man smokes and he doesn't really smoke. On X-files.

A. Yeah, I know. So, I'm bad. I have discipline over everything else. I just- it's my last thing. I don't drink, I don't do anything. I drink coffee and I smoke cigarettes. That's it. I'm better now. Yeah, what's up?

Q. Okay, tell us about Sarah.

A. Sarah. Sarah's cool. Sarah's very cool. And if- if- I- and really, if, uh, someone were really not cool on the set, I probably wouldn't tell you. But having said that, I'm serious, Sarah really is cool. Uh, uh, everybody is. It's the weird thing. We all pull together. We go through- we go through- you know- the demanding- the demanding schedule of Buffy is sometimes wracking and we all pull together. I was having big problems, I was all mad, and everyone came around and said "what's- what's- you know, what's up?" and they wanted me to talk about it. So we talked about it. And, uh, uh, Sarah's great. She- she- she, uh, extends herself on behalf of other actors to make sure they're comfortable. Like when I didn't have- like last season, I didn't have a trailer. I was stuck in this little, tiny like coffin-like room, with unfortunately a toilet in it. You know, right in it. Uh, uh, uh, and um- and Sarah like, uh, got me a trailer for that week, which sounds strange, but, uh, but like it's just little things that can kind of help you out. And, um, she knows her lines all the time. The only thing that makes her mad is when other people don't know their lines. Because she does and she has like four times as much as anybody. Right, so, uh, um, I just love her to death, that's it. I love it when she kicks my ass. But seriously that's another good thing about the job, it extends all the way across the board, the whole- everybody on Buffy is nice. I mean really nice. They're not- you know, you don't want to mess with all of them, but if you don't, you're professional, you show up on time and know all your lines, they're a great group of people. And it's not always like that. Usually, you know, one out of ten people have too many issues to be nice, but- but they- they hire good people.

Q. What was your reaction to meeting the cast for the first time?

A. They all came running up to me. They- they wanted to see who Spike was. And they were just like- uh, um- like a bunch of schoolkids. Really, excited, running out in the sunshine from their trailers. (High voice) "Hi, how are you doing?" I'm just like, I'm in Candyland. I thought- I thought I was in Los Angeles, the mean, back-stabbing, horrible, you know, big star actor stuff, you know. I thought they were all going to be like- you know. So, I don't know- but they were just totally nice. It was totally nice. They completely welcomed me with open arms the whole time. Yeah, I was- I was- I was, um, freaked out by that.

Q. Have you ever done any film?

A. Uh, yeah I did two. I did, um, House on Haunted Hill which I had a really great time.

Someone: There you go.

SSK: You scream like a great woman!


A. That's what I wanted. I wanted to do exactly, you know- cause you know, the guy just loses it. The guy is psyched out. And then Winding Roads. Which is like, uh, doing film festival around here, it's like an Independent Film.

Q. What's it about?

A. I have no idea. I- the guy won't show it to me. Someone told me it was playing, and I still haven't seen it. The guy, the director never called me to watch his movie. I'm like everyone's seen it but me. But that's- that's it. Yeah, basically I came to LA and started doing Buffy really quick.

Q. I loved you on Millennium.

A. Millennium, thank you. I had a good time doing that. I um, uh, yeah, I learned about the secret of- of faking tears. I- I- I did, uh, the Buffy- I was all proud of myself because I- uh, um, uh- I was able to cry when I was suppose to cry, Spike was suppose to cry. And, uh, and during Millennium I was suppose to cry again, but I- I was too tired, because I was- I was in Canada and I had filmed a movie and I was really tired. I didn't want to summon the tears. And they faked it, they put this little menthol in my eyes and the scene is much better when I faked it. The scene is incredibly better because I'm able to act everything else and not just like can I cry. So anyway. Millennium was great. Got my butt kicked by another girl. That's like- that's my type.