Spring Fever

Sequel to Mad As A March Vampire

Part One

Willow shivered in her sleep; she couldn't seem to stay warm. Slowly consciousness came back to her. Her body cried out in protest as she tried to move. Why was she so sore? Her body ached and felt sticky and she groaned as she tried to move. She was trapped between two cold hard objects. Her sleep addled mind tried to trace the events of yesterday. [I went to get some thinking done. I must have been attacked and rolled down the bluff and gotten trapped between some rocks. I'm lucky to be alive. Oh my god I'm still outside!]

She opened her eyes and saw a ceiling. [OK good, not outside, but why am I so cold?] She turned her head and saw that she was lying between Spike and Angel. She looked at them again. They didn't move and their cool bodies seemed to suck the warmth out of her. [Oh goddess! I killed them! No, they're Vampires they don't have body heat, or need to breathe.]

Willow blushed as she realized why she felt so sticky and sore. [Oh. Oh! March, ritual, Vampires, Spike, and Angel.] Willow slowly brought her hand up to cover her eyes, [and I thought my next big rebellion would be riding the escalator without holding onto the handrail. The next time I go to get some thinking done it's going to be high noon and in a very public place.] Willow shook her head, trying to find the guilt that should have plagued her. She, the good little girl, had succumbed to a mating ritual with Vampires.

Was she a Vampire? Is that why she was so cold and felt no guilt? She didn't remember them turning her, but she had taken Angel's blood and they had bit her. Her hands drifted to the bite marks on her neck and breast caressing them. She gasped as desire rose within her. No, she still needed to breathe, so she wasn't a Vampire. Her body started to tingle.

It had felt so wonderful to be with them. She liked the way the moon had shone in Spike's eyes and Angel had been so nice. He had calmed her fears and eased her confusion about the mating urge and the feelings it had invoked. Angel's gentle maneuvering, combined with her own driving need, and had left her powerless to resist. What else could she have done?

Willow felt heat rush through her that had nothing to do with embarrassment as she thought of how Angel and Spike had removed her clothes and caressed her. Lying between them she relived the feeling of having their hands and mouths on her. Their bodies pressed against hers in passion. Out under the stars, the only light coming from the quiet town below. Pressure built within her and she felt a tightening begin in her stomach, as the wetness pooled between her legs again.

She glanced at Spike, [Mine.] she turned her head and looked at Angel a little confused, [Mine…too?] Slowly, her rational mind slipped away as the mating urge took control of her body. She needed to consummate the act with them again, reaffirm the bond. She could figure it all out later; right now she just needed them - both at the same time.

Her body writhed sensuously between them, demanding contact. Her fingers pinched her nipples and ran down her body. Her hips thrust back into Angel as her mouth sought out Spike's nipples. She raked her fingernails down his chest. Her rational mind retreated before the demands of the Mating urge. Willow raised her head till she was nose to nose with Spike. She stroked his cock, running her nails lightly up its length and stared intently at him, waiting for him to respond. "Mine." She said when his eyes opened.

Spike's eyes snapped open when he felt her nails leave welts over his chest and her hands grasp his cock. He heard her claim him and groaned with need, as he scented her arousal. He silently acknowledged the claim, [Yours. Cor, what a way to wake up.] His took her lips in a fierce kiss, his fingers finding her center and stroking her.

Angel awoke his cock painfully at attention. He could feel Willow writhing in front of him and he groaned when her hips thrust back into him. He reached around her and caressed her breasts, rolling her erect nipples between his fingers, and grinding his hips into her; teasing himself with the friction. He bit lightly at the nape of her neck.

Willow turned her head around seeking Angel's lips. "Mine." She declared again.

Angel teased her seeking lips with his. "Yours." He confirmed before plundering her mouth with his own.

Spike raked his teeth over Willow's exposed throat, nipping and sucking at her skin. His fingers teased her clit until he could feel her shaking with need. He plunged two fingers inside her wetness and marveled at the strength with which her muscles clamped down on him. He pumped them into her keeping her on the brink, but not letting her go over. His thumb teased at her throbbing clit, brushing too lightly for her to come. He heard her whimper.

Willow's hand reached back and grasped Angel's straining cock, stroking both of them. Her fingers traced the contours of the heads and ran down the lengths of soft skin. She broke off the kiss with Angel and threw her head back. "I need…" she begged. Her body continued to writhe in torment at Spike's denial of her release.

A look of understanding passed between the Vampires and they moved Willow so that she was straddling Spike again. Angel moved behind her after getting something off the nightstand.

Spike held Willow's hips, keeping her from plunging down on him. He ran his shaft between her folds lubricating it with her moistness. He took her trembling lips in his as he felt her jump. "Easy baby."

Willow trembled between them with anticipation. She jumped in surprise when she felt Angel's hands spreading the cheeks of her ass.

Angel had squeezed some lubricant onto his fingers and smoothed it onto his shaft. He let his fingers trace the outline of her puckered opening before inserting a finger into her tightness. His eyes almost crossed as the muscles in her tight channel clamped down on him. He leaned forward over Willow. "Willow." He breathed in her ear, "Relax Willow, we'll take care of you."

"I need." Willow whimpered against Spike's lips. Her hands pinched his nipples, hard, her hips moved in desperation trying to get Spike's cock inside her. She could feel Angel's finger sliding into her slowly and she shuddered as the discomfort was replaced with pleasure.

Spike's back arched up off the bed as she pinched his nipples. "What do you need Willow." He whispered, continuing his slow torment and not letting himself plunder her depths.

Willow groaned as she felt Angel insert another finger and move within her, preparing her for him. "I need you both inside me." Her eyes were glazed with passion, her breath coming in short pants.

Angel removed his fingers and replaced it with the head of his cock. He eased slowly into her tightness and pleasure shuddered through him. "You heard the lady Spike." He managed between clenched teeth.

Spike raised his hips off the bed sheathing himself with the same slowness as his sire. He sucked Willow's tongue into his mouth and caressed it with his. His fingers traced along her hips in a circular pattern.

Willow gasped as she felt her inner walls stretched, and she sighed as the pleasure washed through her. The sensation of the two Vampires entering her, their bodies pressed against hers, was what her body wanted, what it demanded.

Spike pulled her hips down slowly, driving him, and Angel, deeper into her depths. Spike could feel Angel's cock sliding into her through the thin membrane separating them. The added friction and almost impossible tightness, combined with her heat, drove him wild.

When they were both fully buried to the hilt within her, they paused, giving Willow a moment to adjust to having them inside her.

Willow nibbled on Spike's lips reveling in the sensation of having them in her. She braced her hands on Spike's shoulders and slowly began rocking her hips between them. She moaned as she felt them sliding out of her.

Angel gently pulled her up against him as she continued to rock her hips. His hands slid around her waist to finger her throbbing clit.

Spike pinched her nipples and rolled the erect buds in his fingers. He watched as Willow's head fell back on Angel's shoulder. He admired her lithe frame and the way her breasts pushed themselves into his hands. He liked the taut lines of her stomach that led down to her nest of curls. He watched as his sire fingered her, guiding her movements with the thrusts of his hips.

Willow was nearly blind with desire as her body started trembling. She could feel the shudders of her orgasm begin to wrack her body. She quickened her movements driving her self onto their cocks and Angel's fingers. She cried out, a tear falling from her closed eyes her breathing erratic.

Angel quickened the pace of his thrusts, driving into her harder. His fingers drew out her orgasm, and as her muscles clamped down on him, he let out a soft growl as he shot his seed into her.

Spike felt her muscles clenching on him and he thrust up into her as she continued to shake. He threw his head back and roared as he arched into her. He could feel his sack tighten and he emptied himself into her, her muscles milking him.

Willow reached back and cupped their heavy balls in her hands, gently kneading them. She was still shaking and keening her pleasure as she collapsed on top of Spike.

Angel leaned over her back and kissed her shoulder. He could feel her body heaving with the effort of drawing in oxygen.

Spike ran his hands up her arms, stroking her softly. He kissed the side of her face. "Easy pet." He whispered in her ear. He caressed her hair and licked at the tear track on her cheek. He growled threateningly as Angel drew her out of his arms.

Willow trembled in fear as she heard him growl. [Here it comes.]

Angel picked up Willow and ignored Spike's growl. "You're not impressing anyone Spike, I'm just going to take her to the bath."

"I'll take her you wanker." He grabbed her hand and held onto her.

Willow, afraid of being torn in two, interrupted them. "Set me down. I'll walk!"

Angel set her feet gently on the ground and Willow promptly sank to the floor as her knees buckled beneath her. She was weak and shaky from her orgasm. She lay there from the physical exhaustion of the past night and this afternoon.

"You idiot! You dropped her!"

"I did not, you sad excuse for a Vampire."

"Shut up both of you and help me up!" Willow yelled from the floor, annoyed with their boyish posturing.

The two Vampires dropped their petty argument, glaring at each other, and moved to her side. They helped her to the bathroom as she leaned heavily on them. Angel ran the water in the bath as Spike held Willow against him.

Spike got in the large sunken tub behind Willow and pulled her back against him. He massaged her shoulders and nuzzled her ear.

Angel got in front and rested his head on her chest, sighing He knew they would have to try and explain things to her and he wasn't looking forward to it. He picked up one of Willow's feet and massaged the instep.

"I want to know what this ritual is all about." Willow took a deep breath and continued. "Am I pregnant?"

"No pet, Vampires can't have children. The March fever is Life Mating. It's a way for Vampires to find a mate; make a true childe, not have children in the human sense." He felt Willow tense against him.

"Life mate? I'm not a vampire, I breathe."

"That you do." Spike watched as her chest expanded to take in air. "The Hellmouth at work again."

Willow relaxed into him as he continued to massage her shoulders. "What do you mean?"

[Bloody Angel is going to make me explain it all.] He sighed. "Usually it's sort of an introduction, here is good mate potential. Every spring, the bond formed between them grows again, until she is turned or dies, but when the woman is a virgin, the bond becomes permanent instantly. They are tied together for eternity." He paused to let that sink in. He let his hands cup some water and let it wash over her neck.

Willow sighed as the hot water coursed down her skin. "Permanent like marriage?"

Spike laughed. "Something like that luv. Only in our case, Angel boy spoiled it."

Willow snuggled her head into his shoulder. "Spoiled it, I don't understand. " The hot water was relaxing her sore muscles and making her brain sluggish. She let one hand play over Angel's chest. Her fingers traced small designs on him as he lay against her. Her other hand reached up and guided Spike's lips to her neck.

Spike obliged her by kissing and nipping at her soft skin. His tongue traced the path of her pulse, his teeth lightly grazing her skin.

Angel had finished with the first foot. He let his fingers trail up her legs to her thigh before massaging her other foot. "I got drawn in too, when you bit me and we both bit you. The rite was consecrated in blood; Spike took your innocence as we shared blood. We are bonded."

Willow couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You mean I'm married? I'm eighteen, and not only am I married, but I'm Life-Mated to two Vampires? Aren't there laws against that?" She heard them chuckle.

"No pet, The Life-Mating urge doesn't care how it is settled, as long as it is obeyed. Being a virgin tied us to you instantly."

Willow looked down at Angel, "What about your soul?"

Angel smiled, "I was in hell with it, so Spike and I figured I would have lost it when I was released, if I was going to lose it again."

Willow considered his words. It made sense. What could make a soul more happy than being released from hell? "But I'm not a vampire, I won't live forever."

Angel squeezed her foot gently, "That's part of the bond Willow, you will live forever, at least as long as we do."

Willow shook her head, "What about Oz, College, My life?" She heard them both growl at the mention of Oz's name.

"You belong to me pet…"

"Us, she belongs with us."

Spike glared down at his sire. "You won't be seeing Oz anymore. I may have to share you with Nancy boy, but that's it. You can have your life and College, but your nights are mine."

Angel grinned. "Ours."

She sighed. [What do I tell Oz? Oh my goddess, what about Buffy? What do I tell her?]

Spike frowned at his sire, the bloody sot was always horning in on his action, first with Dru and now with Willow.

As if she could hear his thoughts, Willow spoke. "What about Dru?"

Spike reluctantly mumbled. "She's still with that slimy Chaos demon."

Angel surprised everyone as he let out a loud laugh. "Dru left you for a Chaos demon? That must hurt!" His body shook with laughter that he didn't bother hiding.

Spike's hand shot around Willow and grabbed his sire by the hair. "Want to make something of it?"

Willow yelped in surprise. "She only did it to hurt you, and now you can have the last laugh and leave her there, Spike. Angel, shut up and be nice!"

Slowly the tension eased from the room. Willow could still hear a low growl coming from Spike and felt Angel at least try and control his mirth. If this is what eternity was going to be like with these two, she wanted her own room. Willow tapped Angel on the shoulder, "Time to get out, I'm turning into a prune."

Before the guys could argue over who was going to hand her a towel, Willow grabbed one and wrapped it around herself. Without looking back, she headed towards the bedroom. Spike and Angel glared at each other again and followed her. Willow tried not to notice the way their towels hung low on their hips.

Willow paused by the bed, she was still tired, but she figured they would get more accomplished if she were dressed. She looked around for her clothes. "Where are my clothes?"

Spike and Angel exchanged a glance, this time of embarrassment. "Yeah Angel, where are her clothes?"

"What do you mean? I thought you grabbed them."

"Now, how could I do that if I was carrying her, I thought you cleaned up and brought everything here."

"Cleaned up? I was too busy making sure that you didn't run off with her or hurt her." Angel snarled back. They were standing nose to nose, growling at each other. Their fists were clenched at their sides.

Willow grabbed each one by the shoulder and tried to pry them apart. "Enough!" She bellowed. "Are you two telling me that you managed to leave my blanket and clothes up on the bluff?"

Without taking their eyes off each other, they slowly nodded.

"Great. Just what am I supposed to wear?"

The two vamps turned their heads towards her and smiled.

Buffy stood on the bluff looking out over Sunnydale; tears running down her face. Clutched in her hands were the clothes that Willow had worn to school.

Part Two

Willow padded quietly around the upper story of the mansion, waiting for Spike and Angel to return. She looked into the mostly empty rooms before heading back to the master bedroom. "If we live here, I'm going to need a safe haven. I… I mean a computer room, a study." Willow sighed; she'd been right the first time.

After more arguing between Spike and Angel - neither had wanted to leave her alone with the other - she had convinced them to go shopping. She needed clothes, food and an electric blanket. She refused to get hypothermia from sleeping with them.

Willow sighed as she returned to the master bedroom. She curled up in a big chair and grabbed a book off the nearby end table. Willow wiggled in her chair; she loved the way Angel's satin shirt caressed her skin. It seemed that Vampires didn't believe in underclothes. Willow felt bold and sensual, it was a new sensation for her.

She read the title of the book. [Hmm, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Angel reads fairy tales?] Willow shrugged and started reading. [Sleeping Beauty was okay as stories went, but how come the princess didn't get a choice? To have to marry the prince who woke her up, and the three good fairies? Please!]

Willow's pulse accelerated as she read the book. This was a version she had never dreamed of. A deep blush suffused her face as she put the book down in her lap. Briefly she wondered if anyone had written a story where Wendy made Peter Pan grow up, and then punished him for listening in at her window.

As she heard a soft chuckle, Willow jumped from the chair, sending the book flying across the room.

"And what might you be reading that's got you all flustered?" Spike leaned casually against the door.

"Spike, I didn't hear you both come in." She looked around. "Where's Angel?"

"Oh he's still out shopping like a good boy." His eyes traveled over her, noting how the black shirt accentuated her pale skin.

Willow was a little nervous. Except for the time he had kidnapped her, she had never been alone with him. She fidgeted on her feet, her hands twisting nervously as she stared back at him.

Spike walked up to her slowly trying not to frighten her. "So what naughty book has Angel been leaving around?"

Willow blushed. "How do you know it was naughty?"

Spike just cocked his head and shot her a knowing glance.

Willow hung her head in embarrassment. "It wasn't what I was expecting." She looked up at him and smiled shyly.

Spike laughed, his eyes shining with merriment. He cupped her chin and brushed her lips with his. He could feel her body trembling against him. He wanted her. He wanted to be with her without his damn sire there. He was tired of sharing with Angel.

Willow tried to maintain some rational thought. "What did you mean, that I would live as long as the two of you? Will I die when I'm 200?" She still had a lot of questions and had trouble comprehending the entire situation.

Spike tucked her hair behind her ear, his fingers trailing down her cheek. "No, pet. The ritual, combined with the blood, has made you immortal." His fingers traced over the gentle swell of her breast, teasing her with the soft material. "Since we're alone at the moment, why don't we get to know one another better?"

He led her over to the chair she had vacated and sat her on his lap. He could feel her nervousness as he calmly stroked her hair. They sat in silence as Spike waited for Willow to calm down. He wanted to get to know this woman who had become his mate. He'd been intrigued that she had stood up to him at their last encounter. Annoying Angel by being alone with her was a plus; she was his mate anyway. He answered the call; Angel had just gotten in the way as usual.

Spike smiled as he felt her begin to relax against him, and chuckled softly when he heard her stomach growl. "Half a sec, pet." He shifted her on his lap and pulled a candy bar out of his shirt pocket. "Here you go."

[Chocolate!] Willow smiled. "Ooh! I love Three Musketeers Bars." She unwrapped the candy and took a bite, savoring it. "I don't suppose chocolate gets all hot and melted in your pocket, does it?"

Spike laughed. Sometimes, Willow reminded him of Dru. "Not so much." He sighed. "They were Dru's favorite. She was convinced that they were made with real Musketeers."

Willow shared his smile. "Thank you." She shifted on his lap so she could look at him. "Will it be very hard for you to share me with Angel?"

Spike looked away for a moment and sighed. "Yeah. I really hate that bastard." Spike turned to look at her again as he felt her slip off his lap. Bloody hell. He forgot that Angel had been her friend. His hands reached out to stop her and explain, when he saw her kneeling in front of the chair. There was an intoxicating, mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Well, he's not here now." She said with a wicked grin. She ran her hands up his thighs and brushed over the hard bulge in his jeans.

Spike sat lower in the chair and helped her remove his pants. He took off his shirt as she watched. [Gods below, but she can be a vixen!]

Willow stood before him and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. She left it on, her movements allowing him teasing glimpses of her body as she knelt between his legs. She ran her hands up the inside of his thighs as her tongue dipped into his navel, causing him to jump. She smiled against his cool skin as she discovered another kind of power. She looked up at him as her tongue wet her lips, and smiled again as he groaned softly. Slowly, keeping her eyes locked on his, she lowered her head and ran her tongue on the underside of his engorged shaft from base to tip.

Spike shut his eyes as he felt her warm tongue and breath move over him. Her innocent exploration was killing him. He felt his hips jerk in response to the teasing flicks of her tongue over the head of his cock.

Willow licked at the contours of the head before wrapping her lips around him, drawing him into her mouth. She marveled at the softness of the skin. She had never imagined that it could be so velvety and smooth. She loved the way he responded to her; she felt so in control for a change.

Willow's head moved up and down his length as her lips gripped him. Her hands caressed his balls and inner thighs as Spike restrained himself from thrusting up into her too deeply.

Spike ran his fingers through her hair as she took him deeper. He fought to control the urge to shove her head down all the way on his cock. Time for that later. The heat of her mouth was intense - he could feel his release building as her suction and pace increased. Her mouth was just too talented. "Easy there, luv… I don't want to come just yet." He gently lifted her head.

He kissed her deeply, stroking her tongue with his own. His hands tangled in her hair as he drew her up into his lap. He stood and carried her to the bed and lay her down gently. Slowly, he kissed his way down to her breasts. He suckled on a nipple, rolling the hard bud with his tongue.

Willow whimpered with need as she clasped his head to her. She arched her back off the bed, offering herself to him.

Spike made his way down her body, lightly nipping at the muscles in her stomach. His hands caressed her thighs and spread them wide, opening her to him. His tongue laved at her core and flicked across her throbbing clit. He breathed in the heady aroma that called to him. His lips separated her slick folds and tasted her sweetness. He groaned softly, pressing his hips into the mattress as her juices flooded into his mouth. He could feel her body tense as her muscles clenched on his probing tongue.

Willow's head thrashed on the pillow as his tongue teased her. Her fingers clutched at his shoulders, her nails drawing blood. "Spike."

Spike sat up slowly and gazed at her. Her face was flushed, hair wild - she was a vision of passion. He moved over her, placing her ankles on his shoulders as he placed himself at her entrance. His cock slid across her wet folds before he buried it deep within her in one stroke.

Willow cried out as she felt herself stretched to accommodate him. Her back arched and she pushed herself farther onto him. She had never dreamed she could feel him so deep. Her breath caught in her throat as the new sensation washed over her.

Spike grabbed her wrists and held them at her side as he slammed into her. He watched as his cock was sheathed in her warmth and tightness. He penetrated her with strong even strokes, fighting through the tightness and warmth to bury himself in her.

Willow writhed on the bed as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her muscles gripped his cock as she shuddered and soaked him. A continuous moan escaped her as he continued to thrust forcefully into her.

Spike let go of her wrists and grabbed her hips as he frantically plunged into the woman beneath him. He allowed her legs to slip from is shoulders and leaned over her bracing his hands by her shoulders. His pubic bone rubbed against her clit, adding pressure where she needed it. He panted, even though he knew he didn't need the breath; he wanted her to come one more time before he did.

Willow grabbed his shoulders and arched up to meet his furious thrusts. Her mouth found his and she bit at his lips. Her keening grew to a fevered pitch as her body, still heaving from the first orgasm, was sent spiraling to a new plateau of another.

Spike broke off the kiss and buried his face in her shoulder. "That's it baby, come for me." He felt her body go rigid beneath him. Her channel so tight it was almost impossible to move. He felt himself pushed over the edge as pumped his seed into her. He growled softly, as he kissed her feverish skin, and lay exhausted on her.

Willow gasped for breath, clutching Spike to her as her body continued to shake uncontrollably. Tears fell down her cheeks as she kissed Spike's neck and shoulders, her fingers kneading the taut muscles on his back.

Spike lay on her, taking most of his weight on his arms. He nuzzled her ear before covering her face with kisses, licking at the tears. "You okay Willow? I didn't hurt you… did I, luv?

Willow shook her head and smiled at him through her tears. "No, you didn't hurt me. It was just so…" She shook her head, unable to finish. She caressed his face and smiled when he placed a kiss on the palm of her hand.

Spike slowly, reluctantly, withdrew from her and moved to lie next to her. He pulled Willow into his arms. "You're amazing." He whispered into her hair, pulling the sheets over them and settling her head on his chest.

Willow could barely move; the lassitude of her body made it difficult to even stay awake. She felt her lids dropping and she sighed contentedly as sleep over took her.


Giles, Cordelia, Xander and Buffy sat in the library. There was a conspicuous hole at the table in front of the computer. Willow's clothes lay in a heap on the table.

They sat numbly, staring at what remained of Willow, their friend. Buffy cried silently and cursed herself for failing her friend. Xander was lost and angry; Willow, his best bud was gone. Giles mourned the loss of such promise. Cordelia tried to offer what comfort she could to Xander.

They turned as one towards the door when they heard Oz enter. "Hey, everybody!" He paused and looked around. "I thought I smelled Willow in here."

Buffy listlessly raised her hand towards the clothes. "Oz, I'm so sorry." She managed to choke out.

Oz cocked his head in confusion as he saw the empty clothes. "Is Willow a rat?" He closed his eyes and scented the clothes. "I don't smell fear, or death. Where is she?"

Giles' eyes widened in surprise when Oz said that he could smell Willow. "You - you can smell her?" This was going to be one for the journals! "What exactly do you smell?"

Oz stepped closer and again closed his eyes as he concentrated on shifting through the scents that assailed him. "Vampires, and something else… it's interesting. Kind of like an exciting perfume, or something."

Giles covered his eyes. "The ritual, how could I have been so stupid?"

All eyes turned towards Giles. "Spill it G-man, what is it? Where's Willow?" Xander raged. "What ritual?"

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose. "Willow and I came across a reference to March Vampires."

"A big what?" Buffy interrupted.

"Do be quiet and let me finish!" Giles stood and paced mumbling to himself. He turned towards the group. "Every hundred years in March, several strong vampires are called by a woman. It's their way of finding a mate. I thought we had a couple of years before it was that time again. " Giles turned towards Oz. "You did say you smelled something nice?"

Oz nodded. "It's very subtle. Attractive in an intoxicating way."

Giles sighed and cleaned his glasses. "I suppose Willow called them to her."

"Willow is a vampire?" Buffy asked, dreading the answer. How could she kill her best friend? She had been prepared to stake the Vampire Willow from bizarro world, but that had been to save Willow's life.

Giles sank into his chair. "There is a small hope. " He shot a quick glance at Oz. "I'm not exactly sure how it works but, if Willow was still a virgin, then the Vampire might not turn her. Instead, the vampire is bound to her for life, unless of course blood was exchanged. Then she gains a degree of immortality and they're bound for eternity. But the likelihood of that happening is infinitesimal."

Oz whistled softly. [The chances are pretty good then, here.] He paled and sank into a chair. "I've smelled the Vampires before. It's Spike and Angel."

"No!" All eyes turned towards Buffy. "I… I mean Angel probably found Spike attacking Willow and stopped him. He wouldn't do anything to turn back into Angelus. I know he wouldn't."

"I'll kill them." Growled Xander, a manic light in his eyes. "The dead boys are dust!"

Giles sighed. It was hard to admit, but Xander could be right. "Xander may have a point. It's a pretty powerful urge. Angel may not have been able to stop Spike, or himself."

"Angel, Spike, and Willow? Umm, ewww. " Cordelia contributed.

"I'm going to the mansion to find Willow and talk to Angel." Buffy jumped up and raced for the door. Everyone followed.


Angel cursed Spike for ducking out on grocery shopping, while at the same time glad that he wasn't around. They had argued about how to drive, where to park, what clothes to buy, the color of the blanket, everything. In two hundred and forty some odd years, Angel had never had a migraine, but he was damn close now. At least Spike had left him the keys before disappearing, presumably to hunt.

Angel wandered though the aisles of the grocery store, completely at a loss. What did he know about food? He tried looking at the contents of other people's baskets. He saw a can that claimed it held cheese, but how did you get the cheese out? He sighed. At least fruits and vegetables looked the same.

It was quiet at the mansion when he finally pulled up. He figured Spike must still be out hunting as he unloaded the purchases. He hoped Willow appreciated what he had to go through for all of this.

He grabbed an array of fruit, bread, cheese - that looked the way he remembered - a bottle of orange juice, and headed up the stairs to surprise Willow.