April's Fools

by Constance
Sequel to Spring Fever

Part One

"I want my own room."

Two heads snapped up to stare incredulously at her. "WHAT?" they demanded.

Willow paled as she realized that she had spoken aloud. "For…for my computer, studying and stuff."

Angel looked at Willow, his heart going out to her as he realized how new everything was to her, and the adjustments that she would have to make… now, and in the years to come. She had seen a lot on the Hellmouth, but for all of her experience, she was still innocent in many ways. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "I think we can arrange something, Willow. This place is big enough and a woman should have her own rooms."

Willow placed her hand over Angel's, then turned to look at Spike. "Spike?"

[Bloody show off, what's your plan? You think Willow won't ask for me, be with me? She will. She has no choice, unlike Dru.] "Anything my princess wants." Spike buried the hurt he felt deep inside. Why did he have to be stuck with Angel again? She and Dalton could have discussed books at least, but Angel, that wanker was determined to ruin his love un-life.

Willow arched her back and pointed her toes as she stretched like a cat. "Mmm. I don't know if I can walk."

They grinned at her -- smug, satisfied matching expressions on their faces - and helped her sit up. Willow tried to arrange her clothes in a more decorous manner, her body aching pleasantly.

Spike offered her his hand, helping her from the table. "Come on, let's go see what's on the telly. I think the matinee movie is starting soon."

Willow laughed. "I think you mean the Late, late show." She suddenly felt very awkward and nervous. It was one thing to wake up between the two, to tumble exhausted into sleep between them after spent passion, but to consciously climb into bed with them was daunting.

She managed to make it up to the bedroom, but watching them as they stripped and pulled back the sheets made her lose what little nerve she had. She hesitated by the chair, staring at the floor.

Spike noticed her hesitation and walked over to her. "Everything okay, pet?"

Willow shook her head, staring at her feet. "No, it's not okay. My life has been turned upside down. My friends are angry and hurt, I can't tell my parents, and this is all really new and strange to me." Willow sniffled and wiped at the tears coursing down her cheeks. "I've never intentionally gone to sleep with someone. Until the other night, I've never gone beyond… well beyond much of anything. Now…" Willow's words trailed off.

Angel had walked up to her as she was speaking and rubbed her back, gently. "It will be okay, Willow. Xander and Buffy just need some time to adjust, just like you do. Sleeping with us isn't so bad, once you get over Spike stealing the covers, and tossing and turning."

Spike snorted as he picked up the electric blanket she had asked for earlier. "Peaches here snores. If I steal the blankets, it's because I'm trying to get away from all that racket. It wakes the un-dead." He set the blanket down on the chair behind her. He signaled Angel with his eyes and a tilt of his head as he finished unbuttoning Willow's blouse and slid the material off her shoulders. "Shh, it's okay, pet." He felt her trembling beneath his fingers.

Willow smiled at their attempts to ease her nervousness. "Well, I'm betting that you both have cold feet."

"Safe bet, luv." Spike smiled at her taking the pale green satin nightgown that Angel had picked out and sliding it over her head. His fingers undid the zipper on her skirt and let it fall to the floor as the nightgown swirled after it, falling to cover her to her ankles. "Give your friends some time, pet. They'll come around."

Willow sighed. "Time, something I have plenty of now, and they don't."

Angel and Spike picked up the electric blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders. "You've got us Willow. We're not leaving you."

Spike rolled his eyes and mock growled at his sire. "We're supposed to be comforting her, not scaring her." [Me. She's got me. I won't leave her, like you left Dru and me. I'm not going to lose her, too.]

Willow giggled and sighed as she leaned against them. "Warm, fuzzy," Willow murmured, the emotional and physical exhaustion taking over. She leaned heavily on them as they escorted her to the bed and tucked her in between them.


Willow tossed restlessly in her sleep, her brain conjuring up dreams, re-living the earlier events, twisting them into a nightmare.

"I want my own room."

Two heads snapped up to stare incredulously at her. "WHAT?" they demanded.

Willow paled as she realized that she had spoken aloud.

Angel shook his head. "No. You'll warm my bed. Your life is mine now, and you won't be needing your computer anymore."

Spike snarled at his sire. "Like hell!"

Willow quickly tried to diffuse the situation. "For studying, homework …someplace where I can go…" She trailed off as she realized they weren't listening to her.

Angel sneered back at his childe. "Why not? I am your maker; she belongs to me just as you do. You just want her to have her own room so you can sneak in there, like you did while I was out shopping."

"Maybe I just wanted some time alone with my mate without you sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong."

Angel ground his hips lewdly against Willow. "Spike, you never did learn your physiology. It's not my nose I'm sticking where it belongs."

Willow was furious, how dare he treat her like that! She shoved Angel roughly, taking him by surprise so that he stumbled back, and she rolled off the table. She smoothed her skirt down and held her blouse together with one hand.

She looked at them as they glared at each other across the table. Trembling with fury, her other hand reached behind her and gripped a vase. She flung it with all her might, watching it shatter between the two vampires. Not satisfied, she quickly flung another. Tears streamed down her face as the full impact of how her life had changed hit her. "Stop it! Both of you!"

Startled after the first vase had crashed between them, they stared at her.

Tears streamed down her face. Shaking her head at the futility of the situation, she uttered an inarticulate cry of rage and ran from the room. Her frustration was compounded by the fact that it was too late to go home. She was stuck at the mansion.

Her dream switched perspective and she saw herself run from the room.

Spike shook the shards of glass from his hair and clothes, and launched himself across the table at his sire. "You idiot! You ever treat her like that again and I'll stake you out for the sun! She's not your creation… she's not Dru!"

Angel sneered at his childe. "You never learn, do you? They're all mine. You will always be second best, a poor substitute." He grabbed Spike and tossed him to the floor.


Willow bolted upright and stared around her wildly. [No! It hadn't gone like that, they had worked it out!] She stared down at her two mates as they snuggled against the warmth of the blanket. Did Spike feel like that? She had sensed some tension from him, before he had covered it up. What had really happened between Angel, Spike and Dru? Where was Dru now?

She couldn't help it; the dream scared her. She could so easily be torn between them… lose herself. She got up from the bed, careful not to wake them. It was still dark outside as she made her way down the stairs. She had seen some instant Hot Chocolate in the cupboards and decided that was just what she needed to relax.

Willow sat in the kitchen, deep in thought, her hands wrapped around the coffee mug.

"How careless. Leaving food to run loose around the house, must be my lucky night."

Willow spun, sloshing hot chocolate over her hands. She saw a vampire standing by the back door, eyeing her hungrily and licking his lips.

Willow screamed as he flew towards her.

Angel and Spike found themselves snuggling closer to the heat as they slept. They woke as a loud scream rent the air and shattered their sleep.

"Ugh!" Spike threw himself across the bed as he realized he had been snuggling closer to Angel.

They threw on their jeans and raced down the stairs to find out what had made Willow scream.

Willow was pinned against the wall by the vampire. She had her hands wrapped around his throat, trying to keep him from her neck, her feet kicking uselessly.

With a feral roar, Angel pulled the vampire off of Willow and flung him across the room. "How dare you enter my home and attack my guest!"

The vampire cringed. "I didn't know she was yours, Master Angelus." He looked between Spike and Angel and cringed again. Judging by the state of their undress, he had interrupted his master just when he was entertaining himself with his first childe. "Hunting was bad tonight. The slayer, she was in a rage. I thought the girl was fair game."

Angel looked down at the submissive, cringing vampire. "You thought…now that surprises me." He turned to see Spike talking to Willow and escorting her to the living room. Angel grabbed the fledgling's hair and wrenched his head back so he could look into his eyes. "You will ask for forgiveness, and beg for mercy."

The fledgling fought to keep his eyes down not wanting to further provoke Angelus. "Yes, of course master."

Spike soothed Willow, rubbing her shoulders as he escorted her out of the kitchen. "Here we are, luv. Just take a deep breath and relax, it's alright." He hovered protectively as they walked out of the kitchen. When they reached the living room, he sat on the couch, and pulled her onto his lap.

Willow buried her head into the crook of Spike's neck. "What was he doing here? Will there be more vam…more… running around, trying to kill me every time I'm not with you? Also, how come most of the vampires are always Grrr, but you and Angel aren't? Buffy said that the Master, even Darla was mostly… well, you know… Grr."

Spike stared at her and cocked his head in confusion [Grrr?] "Don't worry, we'll take care of it, pet."

Angel dragged the vampire into the living room and flung him to the floor in front of Willow and Spike.

Willow cringed, sinking further into Spike's embrace. Angel was acting too much like the one in her dream.

Spike growled as the fledgling abased himself. "I'm sorry to have disturbed your play with Master Angelus, Master Spike."

Angel kicked the fledgling in the ribs. "Not him, her. Our marks are on her, she is ours."

The fledgling's eyes widened in surprise, noticing for the first time the possessive air about Spike, and the marks on the girl. He knew that his number was up. There was no forgiveness here, and the best he could hope for was mercy.

Angel did indeed grant mercy as he quickly staked the fledgling. He glared hard at Spike. "Only an idiot would make someone that stupid a vampire."

Spike tried to hide his smile, but whom was he trying to kid? "Yeah, and only a bigger one wouldn't recognize someone he made." Spike laughed, then sighed. "He was just obeying his instincts and coming to you. Did you have to stake him?" He paused. "You know, if you're not careful, I'll have to start calling you slayer." He turned to Willow. "Now then, what were you doing up and about at this indecent hour, when all good little vampires are asleep?"

Willow felt irrationally irritated at how they had handled the situation, and that, combined with the bad feeling from her dream, made her voice more snappy and shrill. "Indecent hour? It's almost 5 in the morning! Is this kind of thing going to be happening a lot? Because if I'm going to be staying here, we're going to need a few rules, like I'm not on the menu. No offense, but I really don't want a bunch of vampires running around. Well, other than you two. I'm also going to need to go shopping for some stuff."

Angel groaned. "Not more grocery shopping."

Willow frowned at the dismay in his voice. "Once I get my computer set up, I can take care of it over the Internet, but no munching on the delivery person."

Spike grumbled. "Only a wanker won't hunt for his own food, it's half the fun."

Willow gave him a strange look. She was about to reply when she felt her body tingling and warmth between her legs, almost as if she had an orgasm.

Whatever Angel had been about to say in reply was cut off. His back straightened and his eyes glazed over.

Behind Willow, Spike also stiffened, and his nostrils flared as he tested the air. "Time to go back upstairs, luv." He picked up Willow and practically ran for the bedroom, Angel close behind.

Part Two

"Wha…" Willow started as she was placed on the bed and Spike and Angel quickly removed her nightgown. "What are you…. Oh!"

Growling softly at each other, they spread her legs and buried their heads between her thighs.

Willow gasped as she felt their tongues lapping at her core. Her back arched and she spread her legs as wide as she could, to accommodate both of them. To her surprise, she heard their growls turn into purrs as they stroked her with their tongues. She'd never considered vampires purring before.

Angel glanced up at Willow, licking at his blood stained lips, then quickly covered her now throbbing clit.

Realization hit Willow and momentary horror surged within her. "No," she whispered. She tried to get up, but they held her down, and the pleasure of their attentions took over.

Spike's tongue lapped eagerly at the blood that had begun to seep from within her. He could taste the residue of his and Angel's seed on her, as well. Angel's cheek was pressed against his as they sought her blood.

Angel moved up to Willow's nubbin, rolling it with his tongue and lips, heightening her pleasure and bringing forth more of her menstrual blood as she climaxed. He switched places with Spike, purring as the rich flavor coursed through his mouth. He almost came as his body remembered the pleasure of feeding on warm blood.

Spike latched onto her throbbing clit, flicking his tongue over her. He eased her through the last of her orgasm and into another.

Willow writhed on the bed, her hips rocking against their faces, her hands gripping the sheets to anchor herself as her second orgasm ripped through her shaking body. She panted, keening non-stop at their attentions. She could feel the vibrations of their purring surge up her thighs to her core. Willow screamed out her pleasure as she blacked out, her mind splintering.

Angel and Spike looked at each other from either side of Willow as she passed out, and their heads moved slowly towards each other. Their tongues snaked out, licking the blood from each other's lips and chins, savoring every drop. They continued purring as their tongues danced.

Spike's game face slipped to the fore as he lost control of his raging emotions, and Angel deliberately raked his tongue across the sharp fangs. "Miss me?" he whispered before thrusting his tongue into Spike's mouth and letting his childe taste him again, after so many years.

Spike whimpered as his sire's blood flowed into his mouth. For a childe, there is no better reward or pleasure than to taste the sire's blood. Spike sucked greedily on Angel's tongue; it had been a long time since he had tasted his sire.

Angel slowly withdrew his tongue and sat back as Spike nervously wiped at his lips. [Bullocks! The sod can still get to me.]

Human mask still firmly in place, Angel stared at his trembling childe. "Spike."

Spike's eyes closed as his name left his sire's lips. His body was wracked with pain. His cock had never been so hard. The combination of Willow and Angel's blood coursed through him, driving him beyond blind passion. His desire warred with his stubborn will and refusal to submit. Slowly, he leaned forward until he was supported on his knees and one hand. He reached up and ran a nail down the side of his neck, baring it to Angel.

Angel licked at the trickle of blood from his childe's neck before fastening his lips over the wound.

Willow slowly came to and saw Angel at Spike's neck. She saw Spike shaking, and sensed his torn mind as a tear coursed down his cheek from his tightly shut eyes. She scooted down the bed and freed his aching cock. "Spike," she whispered. She brushed her lips over the head, moistening them with the pre-cum that weeped from the tip. Her tongue swirled slowly around the head before she took his length into her mouth.

Spike's eyes shot open wide as he felt Willow's warm lips on him. It hurt him for her to witness this small show of submission, but he couldn't stop himself. He rested his head on Angel's shoulder as Angel continued to slowly suck on his wound. It was a show of Angel's control that he could continue to do so while keeping the demon at bay. Spike hated and fought against the memories and feelings that resurfaced. He wouldn't go back - couldn't go back- to the way things had been between them, so he kept his hands clenched tightly on the sheets.

Spike's hips rocked, thrusting gently into Willow's throat as her hands ran freely over his body. His body tensed and shook, and a moan escaped his lips as Willow took him over the edge.

"Spike," Angel whispered over Spike's neck. He could feel the division in his childe. He didn't want to completely dominate him as he had long ago. He wanted his childe back, his friend. When he felt Spike begin his release, he shifted into game face and slashed his own tongue. Re-opening the half-healed wound, he grabbed Spike's head and thrust it roughly into Spike's mouth.

Spike groaned as Angel's tongue roughly penetrated his mouth, filling him with blood as he filled Willow's mouth with his seed. He whimpered again as his control broke and his hands reached up, holding Angel to him. He bit hungrily at Angel's lips and tongue, shaking uncontrollably as the blood threw him into another orgasm, his body aching from the force of it.

Willow was surprised as Spike again emptied himself into her hungry mouth. Her tongue stroked the sensitive underside of his shaft as her lips milked him dry. She cooed soothingly to him as he finally relaxed.

Spike stretched out on his side after kicking his jeans the rest of the way off. His eyes closed as Willow's fingers caressed his brow, smoothing away the demon features. Her gentleness and compassion calmed the torment in his mind.

Angel slid his jeans over his hips and down his long legs as Willow watched him. He lay back on the bed, watching as Spike curled up on his side and fell into a deep sleep.

"Will he be okay?" Willow asked, letting Angel pull her over him. She straddled Angel's waist and lay her head on his silent chest, her hands caressing his shoulders and arms. She could feel the twitching of his cock as it sought her warmth. She playfully bit into his nipple before sliding her hips back and letting him enter.

Angel lay beneath her slight weight, aching with the force of his own need. "He's going to sleep for awhile and he probably won't be hungry for a day or two. My blood is very strong now. The rest depends on him." He moaned deeply as she bit him and encased his throbbing cock in her heat. "Willow," he whispered, as his hands traveled up her body to cup her breasts. He let her set a slow pace, his body moving with hers. His thumbs lightly brushed over her nipples, feeling them harden beneath his ministrations.

Willow's head fell forward, the ends of her hair brushing over his chest as she thrust on him. She sighed softly as his length filled her. She moved slowly on him enjoying the sensations and the tingling in her nerves, his hands on her breasts.

Angel thrust slowly into her, burying himself deep, enjoying the sensation of her muscles clenching around him, trying to hold him within her. He allowed her to grab his wrists and hold them up by his head. He wanted her to know the power she had over him. He could be himself with her; she wasn't the slayer, and there was no question of her loyalties. "Kiss me."

Willow teasingly brushed his lips as they sought hers, before kissing him deeply. She breathed her soft moans into his mouth as she felt her body tighten. She leaned back, releasing his wrists as she maintained her slow pace. "Keep your hands there, " she breathed, enjoying the look on his face as he struggled to comply. She brought her hands up as she tossed her hair over her shoulder and pinched her nipples, cupping the weight of her breasts in her hands. Her body moved with a sinewy grace that had been hidden mere days before.

Angel watched her, his eyes traveling over the sight of his cock disappearing into her, the taut muscles of her stomach, and the hardness of her nipples as she played with them. "I want to touch you."

Willow enjoyed the power he gave her. She didn't fully understand what had happened between him and Spike, but she knew she had to assert herself, or be lost. "No." She brought a finger to her mouth and licked at it before trailing it down her body to her sensitive clit.

Angel's eyes locked on her finger as she touched herself and he groaned, desperately wanting to touch her. "Willow, let me make you come, let me touch you."

Willow smiled, enjoying his hypnotized gaze as he followed her finger. She increased her pace, bouncing on his cock, pinching her nipples, and stroking her throbbing nubbin. "Watch," she commanded. "Ooh, Angel," she breathed, as her body started to shudder.

Angel's eyes nearly popped out of his head as she called his name. He could feel the trembling of her body, her muscles clenching tightly around his shaft as she neared her climax. He groaned and clenched his teeth, his head driving back into the pillow as he strove to bury himself in her. "May I come, with you?"

"Yesss," she hissed, giving herself over to the sensations ripping through her body.

Angel grabbed her hips and pulled her down, as his hips thrust up into her. He slammed into her, grinding her throbbing clit onto his bone, intensifying her orgasm. He roared as his seed shot into her, coaxed by the spasming of her muscles. His toes curled as her wetness flowed over him and she collapsed, breathing hard onto his chest. He held her tightly, stroking her hair and back, covering her face with kisses. He whimpered as a shiver raced down her back and her muscles convulsed around him again.

"What did you mean by the rest depends on him?" Willow asked between kisses, once she had calmed down.

It annoyed him that she was thinking of Spike while in his arms. He sighed. "It's a confusing situation, Willow. More than what we were able to talk through earlier. I'm Spike's sire. He was mine -- in every way - a long time ago. Sires reward their childer with their own blood. Spike wasn't rewarded much." He added with a soft smile as he glanced at the sleeping Spike, "He was head strong and independent."

"Was?" Willow drawled, laughing.

Angel gasped as her laughter made her muscles clench around him. "Don't do that, or I won't be able to explain," he admonished. "Spike is your primary mate. He was the one who answered the ritual, but since I am also your mate - and his sire - he feels very hurt, confused. He thinks it will be Dru all over again, except that I was Dru's primary, and she wasn't a virgin like you."

Willow leaned back to look at Angel. "She wasn't? But… but I thought..."

Angel shook his head sadly. "No. There's a reason she always called me daddy."

Willow paled. "But neither of you are with her now. What happened to her? Will you leave me, too, one day?"

"Hush." Angel held her tightly. "We won't leave you." [Can't leave you.] "What Spike doesn't understand, yet, is that we are bound to you, not you to us." Angel sighed. "Dru met the sun shortly after Spike went after her to try to win her back. He told me he couldn't stop her. So you see, he's also afraid of losing you."

Willow glanced over at Spike. No wonder he had been so hurt before, when he had thought she was rejecting them. Then, to rally himself like that and ease her fears, when his own were so strong, and to share her with his sire. He was very much like the Spike in her dream. She sobered and looked Angel in the eyes. "He's mine now. You are mine, too, but he is mine alone." When she had sensed that he had acknowledged her claim, she continued. "You rewarded him?"

Angel nodded. "I want him to know that I'm not his enemy this time…not a threat. It will take time, but maybe someday he'll understand."

Willow took a deep breath. "Will you … I want…I want him to wake up, with just me here." She looked into his eyes, begging for understanding.

Angel couldn't deny her after his pretty speech, even though he wanted to hold her tightly and never let go. "If you wish. Just don't tell him that I understand…I like giving him a hard time."

Willow smiled at his gruff voice. "I won't." She kissed Angel deeply. "How long do you think he'll sleep?"

Angel grinned wickedly. "Long enough. Now, no more talking." He pulled her head back to his and kissed her until he knew she was thinking of him and only him.