"You are my sweet...my little Spike."
-Drusilla, School Hard

Christmas Music
Challenge response: A little romance, someone has a cold
and a Weird Al song.
Season 4/Angel implied
includes Buffy/Angel (Rated PG)

Spike is forced to preform for Angelus in order to stay with Drusilla.
Part of Laure's Alpha Series set soon after Surrender.
Spike/Drusilla; Spike/Angelus (Rated NC-17)

I Will Always Love You
Songfic; Lyrics: Whitney Houston
Post Lovers Walk (Rated G)

Five Years of Changes (3 pages)
Five years can bring about a lot of changes.
Post Becoming 2 (Rated PG-13)

Blood and Fire

Spike thinks about how much he misses Dru.
Season 4 implied
Lyrics: Type O Negative (Rated PG)

Angel hears a nursery rhyme that invokes memories of his first meeting with Spike.
Post S4/S1
Warning: Dark Fic.
Angelus/William/Drusilla (Rated PG-13)