Xander/Cordelia Stories

Dammit, Xander, what is going on? Who died and made you Elvis?
-Cordelia, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

A Broom With A View

A closet interlude between Cordelia and Xander.
I Hated You Because... Interlude
(Rated NC-17)

Never Send A Psychotic To Do A Lunatic's Job (7 pages)
The Council of Watchers find a way to vanquish the demons of the world.
The trouble is, if they do that, they'll destroy everything.
Post Checkpoint/Blood Money
Answer to Eternal Nightcap Challenge #1
Angel/Spike, Xander/Cordelia, Willow/Oz/Tara, Drusilla/Lilah, Buffy/Spike, Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)

Christmas in Sunnydale
Post Innocence (Rated G)

The First Time
The title says it all.
Post Go Fish (Rated NC-17)

Hush, Cordelia
Xander and Cordelia get into a fight. Is this the end?
Post Innnocence (Rated PG)

The Towel Incident
NC-17 naughty story.
Post Dead Man's Party (Rated NC-17)

The Masque
A masked dance at Sunnydale.
Post Revelations (Rated NC-17)

Secret Agent Man
Xander's under a spell. He thinks he's John Steed!
Post Homecoming (Rated NC-17)

Primal Instincts
Xander and Oz's primal urges come forth.
Post Dead Man's Party
Some Willow/Oz (Rated NC-17)

Fairy Tales
Buffy and Co. end up in an alternate universe.
Post Becoming
Buffy/Spike, Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia. (Rated R)

Treasure Island
The gang get hijacked and set adrift in the ocean, ending up on a deserted island.
Sequel to Nice To Meet You, Pinocchio
Season 4/Angel implied
Angel/Spike; some Cordelia/Xander (Rated NC-17)

Beltane has come again, and Willow brings Buffy to join the circle for the celebration.
Season 4 implied
Willow/Angel; Buffy/Spike; Cordelia/Xander; Amy/Oz (Rated NC-17)
Sequel to Melissa's Beltane Fire (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Simply Forbidden
A prophecy where the gang has to act out their most repeated fantasies.
Season 4/Angel implied
Challenge response (Rated PG-13)