Willow/Angel Stories

Uh, Angel? If I say something you really don't wanna hear,
do you promise not to bite me?
-Willow, "Lie to Me"

The Magic Of Computers (3 pages)
It's the year 2009, and Angel unknowingly hires Willow's company to design a website for Angel Investigations.
Post Season 4/Season 1
Willow/Angel; Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)

Elaisias (8 pages)

Buffy, Spike, Willow & Angel get sucked into a computer game.
Post Pangs/Hero
Buffy/Spike; Willow/Angel; Spike/Angel (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version(8 pages)

Beltane has come again, and Willow brings Buffy to join the circle for the celebration.
Season 4 implied
Willow/Angel; Buffy/Spike; Cordelia/Xander; Amy/Oz (Rated NC-17)
Sequel to Melissa's Beltane Fire (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Journey to the Mind, Conversation Kills
& Master of Puppets (multiple pages each)
Part of The Game Series. The duo get kidnaped along with Buffy and Spike, and are forced into playing the games.
(All Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Versions available through the Buffy/Spike page.

Angel's Sigh
Sequel upon request to The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game. Includes some Buffy/Spike. (Rated R)
PG-13 Version

Willow's Touch
Willow is an Immortal who has been gone for many years. This is also a Xover. (Rated NC-17)
Pg-13 Version

One Wish
What would Willow wish for if she had the chance? (Rated PG)

Family Dinner
Guess who's coming to dinner? Includes Buffy/Spike. (Rated G)

Abracadabra Series

Friendship Building
Willow is on a mission. Is Angel ready for her? (Rated PG) - The 'famous' General story!!

Winter Break
The party continues... (Rated PG)

Jingle Bells
Buffy returns from Mexico to find a big change. (Rated PG)

Jump, Jive an' Wail
A songfic interlude for Angel & Willow
Lyrics used: Brian Seltzer Orchestra (Rated G)

The gang is attacked at the school. Will they escape alive? (Rated PG-13)

In The Morning
Willow wakes up in a very intersting position. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Research Party
The gang turns their research party into a slumber party. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

Willow the Witch
Willow finds out why the MIBs were after her. (Rated PG-13)

The First Time I Loved Forever
Angel thinks about the woman he loves. Poem by Melanie from Beauty & the Beast: The Series. (Rated G)

Senior Prom
Willow asks Angel to the prom. Lyrics by the Beatles and Chicago (Rated PG-13)

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Angel has to go to dinner at the Rosenberg's and Spike is still in town. (Rated PG)

A little revelation at a graduation party. (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (3 pages)
Willow has to stop a new Master's plans, and she needs Angelus to help her.
Content warning: Deals with the idea of Dominance/submission (Rated NC-17)
PG-13 Version (2 pages)

End Main Series

Abracadabra Power Play Alternate Dimension

Power Play (4 pages)
Alternate Ending to What I Did...
Willow learns what it is like to live as a vampire...and she likes it!
Content warning: Deals with the idea of Dominance/submission (Rated NC-17)

What Buffy Did All Day
Because you wanted to know what happened.
Takes place immediately following Chapter 11 in Power Play
Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)

Whose Reality (4 pages)
Willow, Buffy & Spike get sent to a different reality - Joss's Buffyverse!
Crossover: Abracadabra-Power Play/Joss
Occurs during the episode Enemies
Lyrics: Rob Zombie
Warning: Includes some BSDM (Rated NC-17)

Cemetery Dalliance
Buffy & Willow allievate their boredom in the cemetery.
Abracadabra Alternative Line
Buffy/Willow (Rated NC-17)

End Series