Buffy/Angel Stories

Well, it's totally okay. I figured there are all kinds of
things vampies can't do, like, you know, work for the telephone company,
volunteer for the Red Cross. Have little vampires.
-Buffy, "Bad Eggs"

Strawberries, Peaches and Cream
Buffy has a naughty dream.
Post Season 4
(Rated NC-17)

Everything Has Its Place (4 pages)
Angel and Cordelia head to Sunnydale to rescue... Spike?
Post A New Man/The Ring
Buffy/Angel/Spike; Buffy/Riley undertones (Rated NC-17)

Blessed, Blessed Silence

What if The First had broken Angel during Amends?
Takes place during Amends
Warning: Character Death

(Rated NC-17)

Christmas Music
Challenge response: A little romance, someone has a cold
and a Weird Al song.
Season 4/Angel implied
includes Spike/Drusilla (Rated PG)

Based on rumors of the Buffy/Angel episode 8 crossover.
(Rated NC-17)

What I Was Trying To Tell You
Angel had wanted to tell Buffy something...
Season 4 implied (Rated NC-17)

A surprise at a get together for Angel about Buffy.
Season 4/Angel implied
Buffy/Angel (Rated PG)

All The Kings Horses
Buffy wants to commit suicide, neither Spike nor Angel want that to happen.
Season 4/Angel implied
Warning: Deals with death, violence and other non-happy stuff.
Buffy/Angel/Spike (Rated NC-17)


A tape is sent to Angel
Season 4 implied
Lyrics used: Bananarama (Rated PG-13)

The Hardest Thing
Angel is leaving, and this is one way Spike comes to Sunnydale
Takes place during The Prom
Lyrics: 98* (Rated PG)

Not With Me
Angel's thoughts
Season 4 implied (Rated PG)

Fed Up
Angel is fed up with Buffy's on again, off again relationship with him.
Post Enemies (Rated NC-17)

Buffy reacts to the events of Enemies in a very interesting way. (Rated NC-17)
Post Enemies
PG-13 Version
What if it were Angel, the Puppy that came instead of Evil Willow in Dopplegangland? (Rated PG-13)
Takes place during Dopplegangland
Important! The Faith/Mayor scene does not happen. No one is after Willow.

Go to the Puppyverse to see other authors sequels to my story.

Little Bit (2 pages)
Angel can't have a daughter, can he?
Post Consequences(Rated PG-13)

-image of 'Little Bit' created by Sai Lane

If I Had Only Known
Buffy thinks of Angel with the support of Xander and Willow. Lyrics by Reba McEntire, 8 Seconds Soundtrack. (Rated PG)
Takes place after Innocence

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Angel is leaving, but there is time for one last dance. Lyrics by Patty Smythe. (Rated G)

Short story. Post Dead Man's Party. (Rated G)

Angel's Return
Buffy's secret is no more. This is what could have happened in the episode "Revelations." (Rated PG)

Return From Hell (2 pages)
Angel returns, and an emotional trip is undertaken by all. (Rated NC-17)
Content Warning: Contains issues of rape and violence
Post Dead Man's Party
PG-13 Version

In Friendship and Love (2 pages)
Sequel to Return from Hell
Buffy and Spike help each other heal in the aftermath of Angel's demise. But is he really gone? (Rated R)

Challenge fic: Buffy, Spike and Angelus are locked in a room with a pair of handcuffs.
Buffy gets mad. Wackiness ensues.
B/S/Aus (Rated PG-15)

Buffy, The Immortal Vampire Slayer
BtVS/Highlander, The Series Xover. (Rated PG)

Buffy, the Immortal Vampire Slayer II
Buffy is still around and ready to help rescue a fellow Immortal. (Rated PG)